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#116- Westward Ho! (Part 1) (9/12/78)

The Cunninghams and company visit the ranch of Marion's uncle in Colorado.

Marion and Howard carry some luggage down the stairs. Richie carries his suitcase and a basketball. Marion says Uncle Ben is in serious trouble and they can't miss the train. Howard says they are helping Uncle Ben to help run the dude ranch. Richie carries down Joanie's camp trunk, but it is staying. Howard tells Fonzie they are going to Colorado to help him run his dude ranch. The whole family is going with Ralph, Potsie, and Al. Fonzie agrees to go as he has a bike rally in Arizona. After riding on a train, everybody arrives in an extended station wagon/limousine vehicle. H.R. Buchanan, Uncle Ben's neighbor, greets Howard and everyone at the Bar A Dude Ranch. He says he will throw everyone off the ranch in 5 days (noon Friday). Howard says they will have the money in time for the note. H.R. says he has hired all their wranglers, except an ornery wrangler named Thunder. Everybody sees a beautiful blond swimming in the pool, and she pushes Ralph into the pool. She says Uncle Ben is laid up with a bad back after a bull threw him off. She identifies herself as Thunder. Al goes to cook some viddles. On the second day, Richie and Joanie talk about the events that have occurred. Fonzie arrives on his motorcycle with the help of an Indian guide, Soft Doe. Marion and Howard sort reservations. Thunder tells everybody about the annual rodeo, and they say they won't quit. Al brings in a side of beef. Richie takes some people on a trail ride. Fonzie takes some girls on a nature walk. Richie and Thunder talk about the Indian legend at the pond. Joanie rides a horse with a local boy named Bill. H.R. comes and enters some of his boys in the rodeo ($10 per person). Fonzie gets their horses to leave by snapping his fingers. Richie and Fonzie talk about Thunder, and Fonzie talks to Thunder. Later, everybody square dances. Fonzie again tries to pick up Thunder, but she stays with Richie. To be continued.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Walter Kempley
Guest stars: Jason Evers as H.R. Buchanan, Ruth Cox as Thunder, Brad Wilkin as Phil, Jerry Young as Hank, and Jeannie G. Allyson as Donna.

Fonzie ate at a Howard Johnson's.
Thunder's horse is named Licorice.
They square dance the Virginia Reel.
In the ending credits, "Rodeo Cowboy" Music and Lyrics by Ron Rose and Anson Williams.

#117- Westward Ho! (Part 2) (9/12/78)

Further adventures for Fonzie and the Cunninghams in Colorado.

Howard greets everyone to the 7th Annual Bar A Rodeo, sanctioned by the Colorado County Cattleman's Association who also provided all the prize money. Marion does some tricks on a dancing horse. Some guys on horses carry in some flags. A chuckwagon (with Richie and Al) then enters the arena and Howard reads one of Ralph's jokes. Joanie rides in the arena as Annie Oakley. Ralph and Potsie enter as prospectors with Ralph on a burrow named Manhattan. Fonzie rides his motorcycle into the arena. Thunder McCoy does some bronco busting. Some other rodeo scenes are then shown. Joanie talks to Phil and says she is entering the girl trick riding contest. Ralph practices bronco busting. Howard tells everybody about Diablo, and says they are offering $1,000 for the first one to ride the killer bull. Howard introduces Billy Jenkins from the Lazy Bar Ranch. Hank Plunkett from H.R. Buchanan's ranch rides Diablo and needs to say on for 8 seconds for the $1,000, but stays on for only 1 second. Joanie does some pretty amazing trick riding for someone who just learned to ride a horse the day before. H.R. talks to Howard and Marion. Some more rodeo scenes are shown as Potsie sings "Rodeo Cowboy". Thunder competes in the final event of the day, calf roping, and finishes in 10 1/2 seconds. The official judges pick Thunder McCoy as the overall winner. Al is still cooking the side of beef. Alfredo prepares dinner and Richie makes some announcements. Marion says they are still $1,200-1,300 short when the time the note becomes due. Phil gives Joanies a flower and H.R. drives up in his car and reminds him there is only 24 hours left before he throws them off the ranch. H.R. throws a firecracker and it sends a wagon with horses and Joanie in the wagon down the road. Thunder (on her horse Licorice), Richie, and Fonzie (on Fonz's motorcycle) try and chase them down. Joanie can't reach the reigns, and Fonzie and Richie jump a ditch. To be continued.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Walter Kempley
Guest stars: Jason Evers as H.R. Buchanan, Ruth Cox as Thunder, Brad Wilkin as Phil, Jerry Young as Hank, and Jeannie G. Allyson as Donna.

#118- Westward Ho! (Part 3) (9/19/78)

Fonzie rides a killer bull.

Al writes a letter to his mama and gives a summary of the previous two episodes while previous scenes are shown. Fonzie and Richie crash after not making the jump and the horses continue on with Joanie down the road. Richie jumps from the motorcycle onto the wagon and jumps down to get the horse's reigns and stop the wagon. Thunder, Joanie, and Richie ride back on the wagon. Fonzie is left alone and says nobody wants to listen to him there. Richie, the hero, makes a speech at the dining hall before everyone. Richie thanks Fonzie. Howard and Marion go back to the pond where there is the Indian legend. Howard and Marion hear the crying, but Marion says it is just the wind. Richie and Fonzie talk about Thunder once again. Richie talks to Thunder and says they met too late and tells her about Lori Beth back in Milwaukee. Thunder tells Richie that she likes Fonzie. Marion says the ranch is lost as they are short $1,017.38 . Fonzie says he will ride Diablo for the $1,000. Joanie tells everyone that Fonzie is going to ride the bull. H.R. extends the deadline to ride the bull and allow Fonzie to ride Diablo. Thunder begs Fonzie not to ride him and she gives him her scarf. Fonzie successfully rides Diablo and then jumps in a barrel to avoid the charging Diablo. Richie plays matador and coaxes the bull out of the ring and back into a holding pen. Howard gives H.R. a certified check for $1,000 as everyone gathers the rest of the money in bills and change. Ralph and Potsie leave H.R's car in the ring with Diablo. Potsie sings a song as everyone says goodbye (in another version of this episode Fonzie, Thunder, and Richie take one final ride on their horses). Back at the Cunningham house, Marion reads a letter from Uncle Ben. Howard asks everyone to help clean the garage, but everyone runs out on him with other things to do.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Fred Fox, Jr.
Guest stars: Jason Evers as H.R. Buchanan, Ruth Cox as Thunder, Brad Wilkin as Phil, Jerry Young as Hank, and Jeannie G. Allyson as Donna.

#119- Fonzie's Blindness (9/26/78)

After getting hit on the head, Fonzie loses his eyesight.

Richie is at a table at Arnold's while Al serves some customers, Richie orders a ham and egg on toast. Potsie and Ralph come into Arnold's in UWM wrestling team t-shirts. Al accidentally hits Fonzie on the head with a metal tray. Fonzie can't see anything and sits in a booth. Richie takes Fonzie to the doctor. Fonzie comes back to the Cunningham house with some dark sunglasses on. At Fonzie's place, Richie talks to Fonzie at the table and Fonzie tells him not to leave because he is scared and says he is blind. Back at Arnold's, Ralph tells Al that Fonzie has optic neurosis according to his father and could get his eyesight back with treatment. Fonzie talks to Al and says it wasn't his fault and wants him to forgive himself. Potsie and Ralph say hi to The Fonz, but forget that he can't see anything. Fonzie goes to do the jukebox bit, but he hits Al instead. Fonzie eats dinner at the Cunningham's and Joanie helps him with his food. Richie tells Fonzie to try and adjust. Fonzie is too upset to eat, and Richie calls him a coward. Joanie reads the comics to Fonzie at his place. Richie tells Joanie that he wants to talk to Fonzie alone. Ralph and Potsie bring in his bike unassembled in many pieces. Richie leaves the parts on the floor for Fonzie to reassemble. Fonzie puts the bike back together and Richie returns to check in on him. Richie gets him his leather jacket. Richie and Fonzie got to Arnold's. Fonzie comes to the house with his cane and his sight returns although things are still a little fuzzy for him. Fonzie thanks everyone for helping him and for being part of his life. Fonzie and everyone make toasts everything. Ralph and Potsie bring in Fonzie's bike once again unassembled. Ralph and Potsie run out when they find out that Fonzie can see again.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Ron Leavitt & Richard Rosenstock
Guest stars: none

Fonzie's girl: Helen
This episode ranks as one of the most emotional episodes along with 'Richie Almost Dies'.

#120- Casanova Cunningham (10/5/78)

Richie must escort a baton twirler to a frat dance, but he tells Lori Beth that he will be out with the police on a special journalism case.

Fonzie comes into Arnold's with a fire-baton twirler (Cloris) as there is a Tri-State Baton Twirling Contest at UWM on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Ralph and Potsie (with a broken guitar) come into Arnold's and Ralph tells Richie and Fonzie that Potsie told the truth to Jennifer about going out with a baton twirler. Richie says he will tell Lori Beth that he is going out with a baton twirler. Richie and Lori Beth dance and Richie lies about his 'adventure' driving around in a police car for his journalism assignment. Marion gives Richie the cookies (with raisins) that Lori Beth left for him while he was in the shower. Richie leaves for his 'assignment' and tells Howard and Marion the truth about taking Corrine, a baton twirler, out on a date. Richie talks to Al at Arnold's, and Corrine is still at Arnold's and wants to be with Richie. Richie asks Al for the keys to close up. Richie and Corrine kiss in a booth at Arnold's. Richie waits for Lori Beth unaware that he has lipstick on his lips as Fonzie walks in. Fonzie suggests to Richie to rub mint leaves on his face to get rid of Corrine's perfume smell. Richie is in the men's room and he rubs soap on his clothing as Lori Beth arrives at Arnold's. Lori Beth says Richie is acting strange and then they dance together. They kiss in a booth and Richie tells her the truth about Corrine. They talk about when they first met and Lori Beth says goodbye to Richie as she can't forgive him for lying to her. Ralph and Potsie offer to set up Lori Beth with Richie. Fonzie brings in Richie to talk to Lori Beth. Richie apologizes and Lori Beth accepts it. Lori Beth says they can start over again like when they first met at the library. Marion and Howard watch 'Divorce Court' as the episode concludes.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Bob Brunner
Guest stars: Lynda Goodfriend as Lori Beth and Mary Margaret as Corrine.

Lori Beth has to drive her Aunt Ceil to the airport.
Corrine studies philosophy at Michigan.
Al and Corrine call Richie: 'Richiekins'.
Richie spent 3 days watching 'Divorce Court'.

#121- Kid Stuff (10/10/78)

Fonzie bonds with the son of his girlfriend, whose father had walked out on him.

Potsie and Ralph are boycotting Al because of his low pay for their music. Fonzie comes in with Bobby, Peggy's little boy. Peggy Clark comes in and kisses Fonzie and meets Richie. Fonzie says he will take them to an amusement park. Marion and Howard return from an auction where Marion wins a lamp. Joanie hears from Jenny Piccalo that Fonzie is secretly married. Fonzie enters the Cunningham's house and they talk about the 'secret'. Fonzie says Peggy's husband went out for ice cream two years ago and never came back. Fonzie asks Howard and Marion for advice on how to ask Bobby's questions. Bobby and Fonzie eat popcorn and play with a toy bridge erector set and Fonzie is the boat. Fonzie tells Bobby that his father also ran out on him when he was a little tyke, and that he never missed him. Peggy comes to Fonzie's place and tells him that she and her husband Robert are getting back together. Fonzie gives her the Fonzarelli Seal of Approval. Peggy says Fonzie can't see Bobby any more. Fonzie shows Peggy a drawing that he posed for that Bobby drew before Peggy leaves. Richie shows Howard and Marion his new mustache. Fonzie tells everybody that Bobby ran away, and he is outside at the kitchen door. Howard and Richie talk to Bobby about Robert and tell him to give his father a chance. Fonzie leaves with Bobby as Marion talks about 'As the World Turns'. Richie tells Fonzie that he thinks he is trying to get back at his father who ran out on him like Bobby's father. Fonzie meets Robert at Arnold's, but Bobby doesn't want to leave with him. Fonzie argues with Robert and tries to pick a fight with him (really just an act). Bobby says he doesn't want to see Fonzie any more, and goes with his father to the park as Robert mouths 'thank you' to Fonzie. Richie and Fonzie leave and go bowling with Ralph and Potsie. Richie, Potsie, and Ralph continue their rally to boycott Al, and Al comes out and plays his ukele.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Fred Fox, Jr.
Guest stars: John Waldron as Bobby, Karen Austin as Peggy, and Bruce Weitz as Robert.

Bobby calls Fonzie: 'Champ'.
Fonzie calls Bobby: 'Kemosabe'.

#122- Sweet Sixteen (10/17/78)

Joanie goes to a Sweet Sixteen party with the QB of the high school team.

Potsie is singing and Richie is playing the saxophone at Arnold's. Potsie calls Richie-Boots Randolph and then Ralph comes in late. Ralph brings in a boom bass. Mrs. C. and Joanie walk in and talk about Joanie's sweet sixteen party. Marion asks her is she would rather have the party in the ballroom of the Pfister Hotel, but Joanie says she grew up at Arnold's. Joanie and Al say they are going with the 'gay Paris' theme. Al says he is finished with an 8 foot ice carving of the Eiffel Tower, but Marion says the party isn't for 5 days. Joanie tells Marion that it is $12 per person. Ralph does the can-can with his new instrument, and everyone walks out on him. Marion is in the kitchen with some gifts that have arrived for Joanie, and tells Howard it is from his cousin, the Nortons. Howard opens the backdoor and sees Joanie kissing a boy, Terrence 'Tip' Corrigan, the star quarterback of Jefferson High. Joanie wears Tip's lettermen sweater and they kiss again before he leaves. Fonzie comes in some formal coveralls and tells Marion he is getting an honorary degree from the Home Study School of Auto Repair. Fonzie tells her he won't be able to make Joanie's party. Joanie talks to Tip on her phone in her room. Richie talks to Joanie and says it is only a case of puppy love with Tip and to not fall too hard. At Arnold's, Joanie sees Tip with another girl telling her she is special and calls her 'Rosebud'. Joanie is heartbroken and talks to Al. Back at the Cunningham house, Joanie comes down in her dress and says she isn't going to her party. He date Burton Fitch rings the doorbell. Burton brings Joanie some candy that he drops all over the floor. Burton gives her a flower and Howard takes a picture of them. Burton messes up the camera taking a picture of the family. At Arnold's, Potsie sings 'Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen'. Burton talks to Joanie, and Tip walks into Arnold's. Burton escorts Tip out of the party. Joanie dances with Howard and Burton dances with Marion. In Joanie's room, Howard and Marion give them their gift, a pearl necklace. Joanie receives a call from Jenny.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Brian Levant
Guest stars: Dan Spector as Burton Fitch and Ray Underwood as Tip Corrigan.

Howard sent the Nortons' cousin girl, Alice- an electric drill with four speeds.
Joanie tells Richie that he hasn't set foot in her room since 1955.
Burton calls Richie 'Dickie'.
Joanie is 16 years old.
Fonzie gives Joanie a heart shaped pink sachet just before he leaves to get his diploma and Joanie says that she doesn't have a date for her sweet sixteen party and Fonzie offers to be her date.

#123- Fearless Malph (10/24/78)

Richie writes a paper about fear using Ralph as a subject.

'Splish Splash' is playing on the jukebox at Arnold's, and Al brings Richie a deluxe sundae. Al answers the phone and Richie talks to the Professor of the UWM Daily Post. Richie is the new science editor. Richie's first story is killed. Fonzie talks to Richie in his office. Fonzie tells Richie a story about Inspiration Point and says he wants to set a new record going down the other side of Inspiration Point with three chicks on his bike. Richie gets a story idea - he will write on people's fears. Richie talks to everyone at the dining room table about his story idea - fears and phobias. Everyone talks about their fears and Richie talks to the professor on the phone. At Arnold's, Richie asks about fears to Potsie and Ralph - Ralph has every fear. Potsie tells Richie that he knows an Austrian professor - custodian at the psychology department who takes care of the lab animals. The guys go down to talk to Dr. Himmel. Richie asks the professor why people have fears. The lab mice are dancing - agitated and nervous - the professor says there is a coming disaster at 6:22PM that evening: a tornado. The barometer reads 28. The sky has black clouds. Ralph is terrified and the professor hypnotizes him and Potsie. Ralph is then fearless. Howard and Marion bring in groceries as Richie prepares for the coming tornado. Richie leaves to warn people at Arnold's and pick up Joanie. Potsie says they should warn people at the Pizza Bowl. Ralph throws The Fonz out of his office and later calls him 'Artie'. At the lab, the professor unhypnotizes Ralph. At 6:23PM, the tornado hits and everyone goes for cover under a table. Ralph saves Richie from a falling bookcase. At the house, Potsie reads Richie's story to everyone. Howard hypnotizes Ralph again as The Fonz walks in.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Walter Kempley
Guest stars: Leon Askin as Professor Himmel.

Richie is afraid of flowers after a bumblebee incident.
Joanie is afraid of the boogey man and sleeps with a Yogi Bear night light.
Marion has a fear of strange bathrooms.
Howard is afraid of worms.
A loaf of bread is 22 cents in this episode.
Howard tells Marion to call a Dr. Strock.

#124- The Evil Eye (10/31/78)

A curse is placed on Al by a little old lady.

The band is playing and singing 'Monster Mash' at Arnold's. Al looks terrified and hides in the men's room. Al tells the guys about an old lady who wants to put a curse on him. He says the DeMartino's and Delvecchio's have been fighting for years in the old neighborhood. Al talks about his Uncle Dominic who gave a DeMartino the 'evil eye' and had a curse put on him. Al gives to Fonzie's apartment and locks himself in there. Fonzie returns to his place with his Wednesday night cleaning crew. Al tells Fonzie about the witch that is after him and will turn him into a frog. Fonzie does the white glove test on one of the chairs checking for dust. Al is at the Cunningham's house, and Fonzie lets the little old lady in the door who has a little Al voodoo doll and puts a curse on Al and takes control of his right arm. Al brings for the guys: Ralph a garlic necklace, and for Richie and Potise a chocolate sundae and banana split. The guys talk about Al's curse and say it is in Al's mind. They try to avoid saying 'curse' but Al goes crazy every time someone says it. Fonzie tells them about the old 'remove the curse' ceremony. Fonzie says they will meet at Richie's house later on. It is storming outside and Richie sets up the house for the exorcism. Howard and Marion come downstairs dressed as Raggedy Ann and Andy. Richie tells them about the ceremony. Howard and Marion leave for the Leopard Lodge. Ralph comes dressed as Igor. Joanie is dressed as a pirate for a party at Arnold's. Ralph shows the 'eye' sign that he got from his father. Potsie comes dressed as Dracula with a skeleton. Richie is dressed as Merlin the Magician. Al arrives at the house with his right arm strapped in a belt. Al lays on the table (actually a door). Potsie makes the sound effects and shows the 'eye' with a fishing pole and line. The witch arrives at the door followed by The Fonz. Fonzie shows off a little Fonzie doll. The witch controls Fonzie with the doll, but Fonzie is faking it. The lady says she had the power of suggestion, and she and Al shake and make up.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Allen Goldstein
Guest stars: Mary Betten as the old lady.

Al mentions an Uncle Dominic.
Marion mentions Mother Kelp.
Al knows a Sam Zeus.
The little Fonzie voodoo doll they use in this episode was actually produced by Mego in 1976. See the 'Memorabilia' section for a picture of one of these.

#125- The Claw Meets the Fonz (11/3/78)

A gangster named the Claw wants to take over Al's restaurant.

Potsie sings a song (Maybe Baby) at Arnold's while the band plays. It is mid-afternoon and Al comes out of a meeting with a Mr. Holloway. They discuss a business deal and Mr. Holloway suggests calling the band the 'Al-tones'. Fonzie comes out of his office while on the phone with Rome. Al and Mr. Holloway shake on a deal. Fonzie also had a call from Rio de Janeiro, he wants his own page in the Magilla Book of Records - Fonzarelli: Around the World in 80 chicks. Al tells the guys that Mr. Holloway wants to invest in Arnold's. Fonzie receives a call from the overseas operator. A.D. and Mr. Holloway meet later at Arnold's, Al says they should consult a lawyer and then Leo and The Claw (with an iron claw), Mr. Holloway's boys walk in. The Claw smashes his 'claw' through a tray. Al has suitcases packed as Richie brings in a closed for sale by owner sign. Al explains to Richie that the crooks want to turn Arnold's into a booking joint. Fonzie wants to get the gang together to back up Al. Fonzie tells the gang about Mr. Holloway's history. Fonzie and Richie suggest they should make a show of force against the thugs. Mr. Holloway brings some papers for Al to sign to turn over control of Arnold's. Al tells them about his partner - Mr. Big. Potsie (the undertaker), Scarface (Ralph), Psycho Louis (Richie), and Mr. Big (Fonzie) arrive at Arnold's. Mr. Holloway says their gang is too tough and they act like they are leaving, but they turn out the lights. The claw knocks out some wood beams and then Fonzie bends The Claw's claw. Joanie, Mr. C., and Mrs. C. arrive with some cops who take the bad guys away. They discuss things at the end and Marion takes off Richie's mustache. Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Susanne Gayle Harris
Guest stars: Phillip Pine as Dutch Holloway, Arthur Batanides as the Claw, and Walter Robles as Leo.

At the beginning of the episode while Potsie is singing (Maybe Baby) at Arnold's , notice that the guitar Potsie is using is electric; yet where's the cord leading to the Amp?

#126- The Fonz is Allergic to Girls (11/14/78)

Fonzie thinks he is allergic to girls from Oshkosh.

Fonzie is in his apartment when Chachi comes in. Fonzie goes in his closet and gives Chachi his little black book. He also goes in his desk and gives him his deed to his spot at Inspiration Point. Fonzie tells him that he is stopping dating girls. At the house, Richie comes dressed in a suite to gout out on a date with Lori Beth. Joanie comes down in a towel for Jenny's (Piccalo) come as you go party. Howard returns home angry with a flat tire. They sit down to watch Jackie Gleason's first night. Howard and Marion run into the kitchen to get some food during a commercial. Fonzie makes his announcement, but nobody is listening. Ralph and Potsie bring two girls from Oshkosh into Arnold's for Fonzie to date. The girls' names are Doris and Chalrene who look similar to Potsie and Ralph and act like them also. Fonzie comes in with Richie but he backs off from the girls. Fonzie and Richie talk in his office. Fonzie says he is allergic to girls. Richie offers several other alternatives and then says he should test on some girls. Richie kisses the Oshkosh girls with no side effects. Fonzie kisses Charlene and then Doris, and thinks he is cured. Howard comes home for lunch and meets Richie. Fonzie starts sneezing when he meets Charlene and Doris again at the front door. Fonzie packs up his suitcase as Richie walks in, Richie asks Fonzie how he prepared for his date. Fonzie gets his master list from a hidden storage place in the ceiling. They go through his checklist. Fonzie puts on his aftershave (Mr. Musk) and starts sneezing when he smells the perfume setting up a chemical reaction and smoke. The family sits down to watch Jackie Gleason on Saturday night and hear Fonzie shout 'Geronimo' (#35 on the list).

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Mary-David Sheiner & Sheila Judis Weisberg
Guest stars: Scott Baio as Chachi, Patti Pivaar as Doris, and Rebecca Gilchrist as Charlene.

The deed includes Pamela and Cricket's gardening chores up there (at Inspiration Point).
Richie says he feels like Mr. Wizard after setting up the experiment.
Richie does a honor bright, snake bite middle-class oath.
Fonzie's master checklist: 1-5 shower, 6 brush teeth, 7 brush tongue, 8 proper attire, 9 set mood music, 10 lip exercise, 11 present token of affection (every girl gets 2 spurts of perfume - $8 a bottle), 12 aftershave (Mr. Musk).
Fonzie gives Chachi his address book, a large three ring binder that contains just the "A's".

#127- The First Thanksgiving (11/21/78)

Marion tells a story about the meaning of Thanksgiving.

Everyone gathers at the Cunningham house to watch the Green Bay Packers football game on tv on Thanksgiving Day. Marion reads the menu for the Thanksgiving dinner, but everyone is glued to the tv. Marion turns off the tv after everyone ignores them. Ralph and Potsie leave to go to Potsie's place. Marion says everybody has insulted the memory of their forefathers - the brave Pilgrims who began Thanksgiving Day - as a dream/flashback sequence begins. Howard brings in some apples and greets Marion. Howard is a blacksmith. Joanie kisses Howard. Marion says they should have a celebration for their first anniversary. Marion says they should call it Thanksgiving Day. Richie returns with some blueberries from up on the hill - Marion says oh what a thrill. Master Fonzie enters on his wooden bike. Fonzie gets a fire going in the fireplace. Howard disapproves of Fonzie's actions. At Arnold's, Ralph and Potsie (Wolfstalker and Bear Slayer) are trappers and trade pelts for a drink. Richie arrives and talks to Ralph and Potsie. Howard enters with Alfred's cooking pots that he fixed. Fonzie says Ralph and Potsie are trading counterfeits with the Indians. Howard says Fonzie has broken the law and Fonzie goes to the stockades. Joanie enters with a trap on her feet. Fonzie unlocks the wooden trap. Fonzie tells everybody that the Indians are not sausages. Howard offers to invite the Indians to their Thanksgiving feast. Potsie and Ralph bring chicken from the 'Plymouth Colonel' and Al the cider. Fonzie and his Indian friends arrive. They bring a kazuga (turkey). The Indians sit on the floor as Richie says the Thanksgiving prayer. Back to real time, Marion finishes her story. Marion says thank you for her blessings. Everyone finishes dinner as everyone except Mrs. C. clears the table.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Bob Howard
Guest stars: none

Inspiration Point is referred to as Inspiration Rock in this episode.
Marion watches 'Heidi' on tv.

#128- The Kissing Bandit (11/28/78)

Richie is accused and arrested for being the kissing bandit.

Potsie sings a song at Arnold's with Ralph on the piano, Richie isn't there to do the saxophone solo. Al plays his kazoo. Richie is late and two cops put handcuffs on him and take him away. Fonzie intervenes and talks to the cop. The cop says Richie is charged with breaking and entry, leaving the site of a crime, petty theft, and invasion of privacy and that Richie is 'The Kissing Bandit'. At the police lineup, the witness Miss Klausen picks out Richie, the innocent looking one. Richie talks to Howard on the phone who guesses where he is at. Richie is asked some questions, and then is taken for fingerprinting and a photo. Richie is put in a holding cell. Marion talks to a confidence man about their retirement plans in Florida and Colorado on the telephone. Fonzie bails out Richie and does his 'magic' and opens up the jail bars. Richie is being arraigned first thing in the morning. Richie is surrounded by screaming girls as he returns home from talking to his lawyer who wants him to enter a plea. Howard says they will get another lawyer. Richie receives a call from WOW Radio who wants to interview him. Fonzie enters the house and shows off a newspaper article about 'The Kissing Bandit'. Fonzie tells Richie they should set a trap to catch the bandit. Richie comes down in a black wig and dress later. Fonzie leaves the window open, and says the bandit was last 4 blocks down. Richie practices being sexy. They hear some whistling as Potsie and Ralph enter and laugh at Richie. The kissing bandit finally arrives and startles Richie. Everybody chases the real kissing bandit around the house. The bandit pulls a vase on them. Fonzie stops him at the door. The cops take the kissing bandit into custody as he kisses Marion on the way out.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Beverly Bloomberg
Guest stars: Ray Girardin as Sgt. Ryan, Charlie Dougherty as The Kissing Bandit, Richard Roat as con man, Merrie Lynn Ross as Bubbles, and Judie Carroll as lady witness.

Richie's #: Milwaukee P.D. 27686, with the date 11/5/60
Vernon: the drunk man.
Mother Kelp was once stopped at the border.
Ooops: Fonzie bought tickets for Marion, Howard, and Joanie to go to the movies. The movie he bought tickets for was 101 Dalmations. This movie was released on January 25, 1961. Earlier in the show when Richie is having his mug shot taken, you'll notice that the date listed below his name is November 5, 1960.

#129- The Magic Show (12/5/78)

After a magician drinks a glass of vodka instead of water by mistake, Fonzie is asked to perform the magic act.

Al is getting ready for a radio interview at the Cunningham house. George Fenneman and the radio station are broadcasting live. Al and Howard are co-chairman of the Leopard Lodge's annual Sunnyside Orphanage Fund-raising dinner show being held tomorrow night at the Pfister Hotel. Howard gives the information on the show as Al is afraid. The 'Incredible Crustini' will attempt the suspenseful trick, the famous milk can escape. Louise and Louie, their poster children from the orphanage make an announcement for people to come to the show. Fonzie makes an announcement. Potsie sings and Ralph tells jokes before a piece of the radio equipment blows up. Marion receives a call that the Great Crustini is in the hospital, injured while doing the milkcan escape. Fonzie tells them about The Amazing Randi who is in Chicago. Richie, Ralph, and Potsie go to Chicago to find The Amazing Randi. Ralph and Potsie play with some of the tricks. They go to the window and see The Amazing Randi hanging upside down in a straight jacket 14 stories over Michigan Avenue. He signs the contract. Joanie is dressed in a red glitter outfit as Randi's assistant. Randi coughs and Potsie gives him a glass that has straight vodka in and passes out. Howard tells some jokes and Marion tells him about The Amazing Randi. Fonzie does some tricks. He does the disappearing box trick. Fonzie and Mrs. C. do the floating woman trick. Randi is not sober yet as everyone waits for the great milk can escape. Louise and Louie beg Fonzie to do the dangerous trick. Ralph and Potsie prepare the milk can. After 40 seconds, Randi says Fonzie could drown. Fonzie completes the great milk can escape. Howard says they cleared almost $12,000. The Amazing Randi makes the radio disappear and congratulates Fonzie.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Don Safran
Guest stars: George Fenneman as himself, James Randi as The Amazing Randi, Kathi Marshall as Louise, and Scott Marshall as Louie.

Richie (Ron Howard) at the beginning of this episode: "In this episode of Happy Days, there was no trick photography used. All magic feats were done live".
Louie mentions an Alvin and the Chipmunk record.
Fonzie says the can is solid steel and is the same can that Houdini used.
James (The Amazing Randi) Randi is a real-life escape artist/magician. Currently the president of the JREF (James Randi Educational Foundation) which offers a million dollar reward to anyone who can prove paranormal or psuedience (ghosts, esp, aliens, pyschics, etc.) actually exist. He has had several specials on TV debunking this stuff as well as numerous appearances on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson several years ago. He is Penn & Teller's hero in life!

#130- Richie Gets Framed (12/12/78)

Richie is in a election race for class president.

Richie runs down the stairs looking for everybody - he needs an audience. Howard is looking for the newspaper outside while Joanie studies for a geometry test. He has a debate for class president with Fred Collins. Howard finds the paper on the porch. Howard tells Richie to shave. Joanie comes downstairs and says she is sick. Everyone sits down to hear the speech when Fonzie also comes inside the house and sits down. Richie has 22 points to his platform. Richie reads his speech at Arnold's where he argues for angled parking spaces. Al introduces Richie's opponent 'Fred Rollins' (Fred Collins). He has 2 planks: shorter classes and beer on campus. Everyone leaves chanting, "We want Fred!" Fonzie takes Richie to Edie's Massage Parlor. Richie is too tense according to Fonzie. A beautiful blond girl (Edie) gives Richie a rub down. Fred Collins and his buddy Mullett come inside and take a picture of Richie with Edie. Potsie takes a poll at Arnold's and reads the results to Ralph. Richie tells them about the upcoming scandal. Ralph suggests they find the film in Collins' room. Collins and Mullett have the film in a locked file cabinet. Richie, Ralph, and Potsie (all wearing pantyhose on their heads) 'break in' to the room. Richie answers the phone and answers Teddy Roosevelt and wins a quiz and 10 free mambo lessons. Potsie finds the magazine 'Sunshine and Health': a nudist camp magazine. They all hid and Fonzie comes through the window. Fonzie tells them what they are doing is not right and they leave the film in the cabinet. Ralph takes a page of the magazine with him. Back at the house, Richie shows everybody the school paper where his photo is on the cover. Fonzie brings Richie a framed autograph of Edie. Ralph and Potsie tell Richie that he won the election. Richie takes everyone to Arnold's to celebrate his victory. The family plays Monopoly and Howard answers the phone and it is for Richie - a man from the Board of Regents who asks about the massage parlor.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Fred Maio
Guest stars: Angela May as Edie, David Keith as Fred Owens, and Steven Richmond as Mel Mullet.

Howard once delivered papers as a kid.
Richie is a sophomore.
Richie's middle name begins with 'J'.
Joanie mentions Grandma Kelp and the Handy Man.

#131- Christmas Time (12/19/78)

Fonzie has bitter Christmas memories about his father who left him.

It's Christmas time and Marion and Joanie bring in some bags with presents through the kitchen door. They have presents for Mother Kelp (100 proof) and Uncle Ben (handkerchiefs). Joanie goes to the front door and finds Richie all bundled up and freezing to death. They take him to the fireplace to warm up. Howard brings in the Christmas tree, an artificial aluminum tree. Richie answers the door and meets a man who is looking for Arthur Fonzarelli and is carrying a package. Fonzie is at his place with some girls wrapping presents. The man (a sailor) brings Fonzie a package from his father Vito Fonzarelli. The girls leave. The man says he met his father at a bar in Singapore. Fonzie tells him that he has nothing to say to his father. Richie talks to Fonzie. Fonzie shows Richie the gifts (rings) he is giving out to everybody. Fonzie doesn't want to open the package. Richie and Lori Beth enter Arnold's arguing about the amount they were spending on gifts. Richie's gift to Lori Beth is from Pfister's Jewelry Store. Ralph and Potsie leave upset at Richie. Fonzie shows Richie a blue tie he is giving to Howard, he will give Al a green tie. Al tries to turn the lights on the artificial tree and it blows up. Lori Beth and Richie apologize to each other and Lori Beth gives him a pen set. Richie gives her a less expensive present and then they kiss. Howard brings home a real tree, and Marion also bought a tree and then Richie brings a tree followed by Fonzie and they have a small forest in the living room. Everyone opens one present on Christmas eve and Fonzie opens his from his father. Fonzie reads the letter and he identifies himself as the man who delivered the package. Richie reads the remainder of the letter. Fonzie feels great now that he understands it wasn't his fault. Fonzie receives a robe from the Orient. Ralph and Potsie bring a Christmas tree for Joanie. They bring Richie a hockey stick. Al also brings a Christmas tree.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Beverly Bloomberg
Guest stars: Eddie Fontaine as Vito Fonzarelli and Lynda Goodfriend as Lori Beth.

Fonzie hasn't seen his father since he was 3 years old.
Fonzie's girl: Ginger.
Fonzie's father was a merchant seamen when he met his ma.

#132- Smokin' Ain't Cool (1/16/79)

Fonzie tries to convince Joanie to not smoke.

Everyone is at Arnold's where Potsie and Ralph ask Richie if he wants to buy a chinchilla coat. Potsie bought two male chinchillas (Herman and Harry). Ralph tries to sell Fonzie a chinchilla seat for his motorcycle - he could be the Liberace of motorcycles according to Ralph. The Magnets come to Arnold's with Joanie and are smoking cigarettes. Richie is stunned to see Joanie smoking. Richie says she looks like a kid, an immature baby. Joanie is smoking in her room when Richie comes in. Richie says she will become a chain smoker and Joanie tells him to mind his own business. Richie covers up for Joanie in front of Howard and Marion, and they say they will take his car away from him. Joanie admits it was her that was smoking. Everyone tells Joanie that smoking is not healthy. Howard forbids her to smoke any more. Joanie says she will think about it. Joanie sneaks downstairs to smoke in the kitchen where Howard spots her before leaving. Richie and Howard talk at Arnold's and ask Fonzie to talk to her. Fonzie goes to talk to Joanie in her room, and says it is hard to do what you want to do and smokin' ain't cool. Joanie says The Magnets are cool and The Fonz is the coolest. Potsie and Ralph tell Al and Richie they are in the greeting card business. Joanie lights up again at Arnold's and says she doesn't want to smoke. Angela of The Magnets is up to two packs a day. Joanie goes to talk to Jim at the juke box and then they dance. At the house, Joanie says she has given up smoking for good. Marion receives a call from Ann Hanson who wants to know if they are going to the Leopard Lodge party at the Pfister Hotel and Howard says they aren't going even though Marion spent $37 on a new dress.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Michael Loman
Guest stars: Anna Garduno as Angela and Michael J. Dudikoff II as Jim.

Joanie is 16 years old and a high school junior.
Joanie has some Elvis Presley and Bobby Brown posters in her room.
Slogan on The Magnets sweaters: 'Magnets We Attract'.
Ooops: Fonzie comes into Joanie's room to give her a talk about not smoking. Now Joanie is smoking, keep this in mind, and on her bulletin board is a sign that says "No Smoking".
Look for the ashtray in one of the booths at Arnold's to follow Joanie around there. Every time she was in another booth the ashtray would be there and it was always there before her. I didn't see ashtrays in the other booths.

#133- Ralph vs. Potsie (1/23/79)

Ralph and Potsie write to Aunt Fanny's advice column about their roommate conflicts, not knowing that Richie is Aunt Fanny.

Joanie and the other Jefferson High cheerleaders practice a cheer for Al at Arnold's. Fonzie has a 10 minute break from working in a bookmobile and Al gets him the Hit 'n run special. Richie tells Fonzie about his new job at the Milwaukee Shoppers News as 'Ask Aunt Fanny' - an advice column for two weeks while Aunt Fanny is in Mexico getting a divorce. Richie thinks the unpaid job could lead to something big. Richie reads his first column. Potsie and Ralph (in his bath robe) come in Arnold's bickering. They talk to Fonzie and ask for some advice, he suggests asking Aunt Fanny. Back at the house, Joanie is wearing one of fat Phyllis' dresses that Marion will use as part of some new kitchen curtains. Richie says there is a bookmobile parked in the driveway. Howard brings home the newspaper and reads a letter from Aunt Fanny that he thinks Marion sent about his tootsie rolls and lack of dieting. At Ralph and Potsie's apartment, Chachi comes in to collect the rent money and brings them their mail. Chachi brings the Milwaukee Shoppers News cod - Ralph says cod means 'Chachi out door'. They read the advice that says to draw a line down the middle of the room. They flip a coin for choosing sides. Ralph can't use the bathroom on Potsie's side. Fonzie meets Trudy the librarian at Arnold's when Chachi comes in and tells them Ralph and Potsie are fighting again. At the house, Marion serves something new (apple surprise) for dinner. Fonzie tells Richie about Ralph and Potsie. Potsie tries to cook his dinner in the stove. Potsie receives a call on Ralph's side of the room, and Ralph trades the use of the phone for 2 nights in the bed. They all stand on the line (neutral territory) and Fonzie tells them Richie is Aunt Fanny. Fonzie tells them they should communicate more.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Michael Loman
Guest stars: none

Fonzie renewed his library card.
Fonzie mentions Grandma Nussbaum.
This episode was reportedly the pilot for an unsold spinoff called 'Ralph and Potsie'. From Erin Moran in an e-mail: "It is true that there was a pilot with Anson and Donny. It was done on the same set as Happy Days. If you can remember the show where Ralph and Potsie were in their apartment and having a hard time getting along with each other and they divided the apartment in half. One side was Potsie's side and the other was Ralph's. That episode led into doing a pilot with them. It didn't sell though".

#134- Stolen Melodies (2/2/79)

Richie and company and Leather Tuscadero audition for a musical talent show, and have their songs stolen from them by another band.

Leather Tuscadero is in the men's room making a tape when Al and later Richie walk in. Ralph, Potsie, and Chachi also walk in along with Maxine (Chachi's groupie). Leather and the band sing 'Moonlight Love' for a very short time. Joanie is watching tv - The National Sok Hop - she practices the twist and then Marion joins in. Richie and Leather come in with the tape they have just completed. Joanie says they could get it on Sok Hop and meet Skip Oliver - the Dean of Teens in Chicago. They want Fonzie's help. They travel to Chicago where Freddie and his band are auditioning for Sok Hop. Leather and the band meet Mr. Oliver for the audition that Fonzie arranged through Skip's maid. Skip gives them 3 minutes to audition as they sing 'Moonlight Love'. Skip says if they aren't on the charts they aren't on Sok Hop. Richie, Leather, Marion, and Howard come inside after playing some basketball back at the house. Al brings in a record with the song 'Moonlight Love' - music and lyrics by Freddie and The Red Hots. Fonzie tells them to get ready to go back to Chicago. Richie is chosen for the spotlight dance - 'The Swim' to the song Surfin' USA. Fonzie talks to Skip Oliver who knows nothing about what happened. Skip introduces Freddie and The Red Hots whose members are systematically replaced by Leather's band members. Freddie calls Fonzie a punk and a two bit hood and Fonzie takes Freddie's hair piece off. Leather and the band perform the song, 'Do the Fonzie'. Richie and Leather show Marion their record and Leather has a royalty check for $6.98. Howard comes home to practice his dribbling of the basketball.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Brian Levant
Guest stars: Suzi Quatro as Leather Tuscadero, Dick Patterson as Skip Oliver, and Fred Fox, Jr. as Freddie.

Choreography: Shirley Kirkes
"Do the Fonzie" Music and Lyrics by Jim Dunne

#135- Married Strangers (2/6/79)

Howard and Marion go to a second honeymoon to a lodge.

Joanie paints a Happy 23rd (Wedding Anniversary) that Richie helps pin on the front door. Howard and Marion will be going on their 2nd honeymoon on their 23rd wedding anniversary. Howard and Marion are upset after they took a test in a magazine and rate each other ok or average. Fonzie holds a conference with Mr. and Mrs. C. and says they are forgetting about their anniversary. Richie and company are sending them on their 2nd honeymoon - a weekend at the Holiday Shores Lodge where they spent their first honeymoon. Joanie has changed Marion's hair appointment. Howard says it is a 55 mile trip to Lake Geneva and the DeSoto has to be tuned up, but Fonzie took care of it. Howard and Marion leave for the lodge arguing about the room number. They arrive at the room where it has changed a lot since their first visit. They try to make everything in the room the same and recreate the room and mood. They go to the Blue Lagoon Room and ask a man if they could sit at their old table, but he refuses Howard. They sit at the piano bar to hear Danny Cotter (the son of the man who originally played there). Marion asks him if he remembers 'Moonlight in Vermont' and Howard gives him a tip to play it. He plays 'Moonlight Becomes You' and 'Moon Over Miami'. They order 2 stingrays. Marion leaves to go up to the room. The piano player finally gets the song right and a woman that was meeting the married man talks to Howard. Howard dances with the woman. The waiter/bellhop/busboy (named Otto) delivers room service to Marion and dances with her after she asks him. Marion says she is average, and Howard is ok. They are Mr. and Mrs. 'C'. They sit on the bed and Howard falls between the beds. A broken pipe at Arnold's has turned the Cunningham house into 'Arnold's Annex'. Howard and Marion return home to the music and dancing. The band plays 'Moonlight in Vermont' and everybody dances. Richie and Joanie tell them they love them. Howard and Marion haven't eaten, but Al is about to leave on a late date with a woman (the same woman Howard danced with at the lodge).

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Bob Howard
Guest stars: Vito Scotti as Otto, Crane Jackson as Hank, Joy McConnochie as Martha, and Bob Millard as Danny Cotter.

Marion called Howard 'Snookums' and Howard called Marion 'Babycakes' on their first honeymoon.
Marion says their room number was 325, Howard says 324 (he's right).

#136- Marion: Fairy Godmother (2/13/79)

Ralph Malph and Leather Tuscadero go to a military ball.

Potsie and the band sing 'Little Girl' at Arnold's. Al is in a hurry to close the restaurant because he has a date (with a school teacher named Evelyn). Chachi asks Richie if he can borrow his car to take two girls to Inspiration Point. Al asks Richie to lock up. Joanie and Smitee leave to go see The Big Dipper. Richie, Lori Beth, Potsie, and Jennifer leave for some Chinese food. Ralph is dateless and Richie asks him to lock up for him. Fonzie walks into Arnold's. Ralph says girls only go out with him for laughs and no one takes him seriously. Ralph and Leather are alone at Arnold's. Ralph and Leather talk about their dating problems. Ralph asks her to the military ball at the college the next week. At the house, Howard and Marion play Scrabble. Howard goes to watch Jack Parr on tv and Leather and Marion talk- Leather wants to become a woman. Marion says she should stay in their guest room for one week. Marion and Joanie help her practice being a woman. Leather breaks a heel at the last minute before the dance. Richie searches for his gold emblems and Joanie searches for a hammer. The serious Ralph Malph arrives at the house. Miss Leather Tuscadero comes downstairs in a dress. Ralph and Leather arrive at the military ball. There is a fly in the punch. During the march through the line, Richie and Lori Beth tickle the guards with the swords. Howard and Marion play gin rummy. Ralph and Leather return to the house and say they should be themselves next time they go out. They kiss goodbye. Joanie returns home from her date with Smitee. Marion beats Howard at Chinese checkers.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Fred Maio
Guest stars: Suzi Quatro as Leather Tuscadero, Lynda Goodfriend as Lori Beth, and Lorrie Mahaffey as Jennifer.

A sign at Arnold's reads: "Mr. Alfred Delveccio proudly presents Leather Tuscadero and Band". His name is actually spelled 'Delvecchio'.
Ralph mentions that Cuba is breaking off all diplomatic ties with the U.S.
Blooper: When everyone left Arnold's except for Ralph, the trays of dirty dishes and leftover soda were still on the table of one of the booths. But when Fonzie came into the dining room a few seconds later, and banged the wall to turn on the lights, that same table was clean. No trays.

#137- Fonzie's Funeral (Part 1) (2/20/79)

Fonzie discovers some counterfeit bills in a coffin while he fixes a hearse, and then disappears.

Al is dancing to 'Big Girls Don't Cry' on the jukebox at Arnold's. He receives a phone call from Fonzie who snaps his fingers and turns the jukebox off. Richie drives his red convertible to the garage where Fonzie works. Richie takes a bite out of Fonzie's jelly donut. Fonzie shows him some $100 bills and a coffin with some counterfeit money in the hearse he is working on. Fonzie says he will return the coffin to the Heavenly Slumber Funeral Home and then call the police. The Candy Man and his two partners (Sticky and Eugene) enter the funeral home. Back at the house, Richie tells Ralph and Potsie that Fonzie is missing. They check Arnold's, but nobody knows where Fonzie is at - he is still missing. Fonzie tells Howard and Marion his story back at the house and says he took $10,000 out of the coffin for evidence. Joanie makes the curfew and there is a mysterious man waiting outside. The man is Peterson from the Treasury Department. He is looking for Fonzarelli. He tells them about The Candy Man. Peterson tells him to stay away from the funeral parlor. Richie, Ralph, and Potsie search the funeral home. They all hide in the coffins. Sticky and Eugene inspect the coffins and says they should get rid of the 'dummies'. The Candy Man says he received a call from Chicago that their delivery was $10,000 short and they think it was the mechanic, Fonzie. Potsie sits on a chair followed by Ralph and they go into a secret room through the wall. Ralph and Potsie are tied up by The Candy Man. Richie asks Marion and Howard where Fonzie is at. At the garage, Richie sees a big explosion. To be continued. Richie says 'next on Happy Days' as some scenes from the 2nd episode are shown.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Michael Loman
Guest stars: Gino Conforti as Sticky, Cliff Emmich as Candy Man, Richard Moll as Eugene, and John Moskal, Jr. as T-Man Peterson.

Fonzie once dated a (bank) teller.

#138- Fonzie's Funeral (Part 2) (2/27/79)

A funeral is held after everyone believes that Fonzie is dead.

Some scenes from part 1 are shown as a recap is given. Fonzie walks out of the garage after the 'gasoline explosion'. Richie tells Fonzie they are trying to silence him as he knows too much about the operation. Sticky and Eugene release 'Ralph Cunningham' after he dials the phone with his nose to the Cunninghams. T-Man Peterson tells Richie that Arthur Fonzarelli was blown up (but Fonzie was standing behind his address book - a 64 drawer steel filing cabinet). Howard and Marion tell them about the phone call from Ralph and Potsie. Fonzie suggests they set up a funeral and say he wants to be buried in Detroit - site of their next shipment. Howard, Marion, and Richie bring in Fonzie's boots for the funeral. Marion brings in Fonzie's mother (Fonzie himself in disguise). Widow Fonzarelli looks at the caskets and suggests something in leather. The girls pay their last respects to Fonzie. Arnold arrives and meets Al and asks him how business is. Officer Kirk arrives and shakes hands with widow Fonzarelli. Carmine Ragusa dances his way into the funeral home. Lenny and Squiggy bring in a flower arrangement. Laverne and Shirley cry over Fonzie's boots. Laverne leaves her 'L' on his boots. Fonzie awakens from the coffin and confronts The Candy Man. Ralph and Potsie are found in the secret room. Fonzie takes care of The Candy Man and company. Fonzie kisses girls at Arnold's. Richie and Lori Beth and Potsie and Jennifer leave to go to Inspiration Point. Ralph takes over for Fonzie.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Michael Loman
Guest stars: Gino Conforti as Sticky, Cliff Emmich as Candy Man, Richard Moll as Eugene, John Moskal, Jr. as T-Man Peterson; Special Guest Appearances by Lynda Goodfriend, Lorrie Mahaffey, Shirley A. Kirkes, Pat Morita, Edward Peck; Laverne and Shirley cast: Penny Marshall, Cindy Williams, Michael McKean, David L. Lander, and Eddie Mekka.

Inconsistency: The size of Fonzie's address book. In "Fonzie's Funeral" he says it's a filing cabinet, and in one episode Fonzie gives Potsie his "black book" which was the size of a regular address book.

#139- Mork Returns (3/6/79)

Mork returns to Milwaukee to learn about relationships in the 1960s.

Everyone is planning to surprise Marion for her birthday at the house as she returns from Mother Kelp's. They sing happy birthday as everyone is frozen except Richie. Mork from Ork has returned to Milwaukee, he lives on earth in the year 1979. Mork mentions the president and peanuts (Jimmy Carter) and Richard Nixon (Mork says don't ask). Mork says he is having trouble adjusting to life on earth and wants to go back to a time when things were slower and hum drum. Mork asks Richie about relationships. Some past scenes are shown (Bye Bye Blackball, Officer Kirk). Mork asks him about parents, past scenes are shown. Fonzie enters and Mork freezes him. Mork gives Fonzie the finger power. Mork then gives Richie the power, Mork says they are both abusing the power. Fonzie asks Mork about 2 things in 1979: cars and girls. Mork says both are faster. Richie tells Mork about Fonzie, past clips are shown. Sometimes they had fights, past scenes are shown. True friends always make up, past scenes are shown. Mork leaves exiting by opening the door. Everyone continues singing happy birthday to Marion as they are all unfrozen. Mork calls Orson and reports on friendship from the 1950's. The clip of Al singing 'Isn't It Romantic?' from the 'Be My Valentine' episode (#108) is shown.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Walter Kempley (and many contributing writers)
Guest stars: Robin Williams as Mork, Lynda Goodfriend as Lori Beth, and Lorrie Mahaffey as Jennifer.

Notice the mysterious moving furniture/camera during the opening moments of this episode.
Richie is the science editor on the school newspaper.
If you look carefully at the family when they're supposed to be frozen by Mork, some of them are laughing and blinking and moving around.
Here is a possible inconsistency: Mork did make sure in the first episode (#109) that Richie thought it was a dream. Think about this, though: in this episode, when Mork returns, Richie says nothing about he thought it was a dream. I assume that Fonzie had forgotten the first visit, too, but as soon as he sees Mork, he immediately becomes nervous.

#140- The Duel (3/13/79)

Fonzie fights a duel with a bigoted Frenchman.

Marion is singing a French song 'Fara zaka (?)'. Marion and Joanie talk about the French fencing champion. He is touring the colleges and will be there for only two days. Richie brings Jacques Du Bois who meets Marion, Joanie, and Howard. Marion has prepared meat loaf and unscrews the cap off the wine (Chateau Swenson right there in Milwaukee). Jacques says he will skip dinner. Richie tells Ralph and Potsie how fed up he is with Jacques. Fonzie and Al talk about his girls. Richie introduces Jacques to Fonzie. Richie says they should be cordial to him. Fonzie says he once dated a fencing teacher. Jacques is putting on a demonstration at the UWM gymnasium. Kitty says yes to Ralph. At the gymnasium, Richie introduces Jacques and UWM's current conference champion and three consecutive titles: Georgie 'Thrust and Perry Smith'. The referee is the president of the UWM fencing society, Fred Brill. Jacques defeats Georgie in a few seconds. Jacques laughs in Richie's face. Richie calls him an obnoxious wimp. Jacques challenges Richie to a duel at 2PM. Jacques cancels the duel. Jacques is rude to Joanie, and Richie slaps him with the glove and the duel is on again. Fonzie asks Richie to see him in his office. Richie tells him Jacques insulted America and Joanie. Fonzie has a 'black belt' in fencing. Fonzie and Richie trade clothes. Richie is in the crowd in Fonzie's leather jacket and motorcycle helmet. Fonzie defeats Jacques in a pre-duel. Jacques and Fonzie show off their fencing skills with their swords. If Fonzie wins the duel, he gets Jacques' family emblem. If Jacques wins, he gets Paula Petrolunga. Jacques says 'Uncle Sam' and is defeated. They all leave for Arnold's to celebrate.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Fred Fox, Jr.
Guest stars: Patrick Gorman as Jacques Du Bois, Sarina Charne as Kitty Fox, and Cary Schuman as Fred Brill.

Richie is a member of the fencing club.
Richie once went to Canada.
Fonzie's girls: Beatrice, Sandy, Amanda, and Sustacia.
Cary Schuman who is the referee in this episode was a regular extra for several seasons of Happy Days, this is his only speaking part and therefore his only mention in the ending credits. He went on to became a professional golfer, and is the current world record holder for the longest drive in golf. You can visit his official page on the 'Links' page.

#141- Chachi's Incredo Wax (5/8/79)

The new wax that Chachi tries to sell destroys whatever it shines.

Chachi answers the phone at Bronko's Garage, it is Judy - his girlfriend. Richie comes into the garage looking for Fonzie. Ralph is away at his family reunion, and the band needs a piano player. Chachi says he will do it for five bucks. Fonzie walks in with Leilani who works at the Pineapple Hut. Chachi asks Fonzie for a raise, and Fonzie suggests he get another part-time job. Al wants to play the piano for the band. Chachi shows off his new amazing, miracle product: Incredo-Wax. He sprays it on a table and it shines the table very nicely. Richie and Lori Beth bring in a card table and chairs into the Cunningham house that they used the spray on. Richie and Lori Beth sit down as the Andersons as Howard and Marion practice their bridge signals. Howard deals the cards and they stick to the table. Marion goes to get a damp cloth, but they are all stuck to their chairs. At Arnold's, Al's table is steaming. Lori Beth brings in some damaged saddle shoes and Richie a bowling ball. Potsie's hair is all spread out. At the garage, Fonzie uses the wax on his motorcycle seat. Fonzie punctures his seat which had expanded like a balloon. Potsie sings 'Take Good Care of My Baby' wearing a cowboy hat. Chachi enters Arnold's with Leilani. Fonzie talks to Chachi in his office where Chachi says he was hustled by a guy named Becket. Fonzie and Richie set up a plan at the garage to trap the con man. Fonzie has a steel jacket (a hub cap inside his leather jacket) and let the con man in on half of the deal. Al comes dressed as a foreign business partner. Becket sprays some of the wax on the car. It turns out to be a police car with police officers inside. Fonzie puts the crowbar on Becket's hands as handcuffs. Chachi will work at Arnold's as a busboy to pay off his debts for the damaged table. Chachi says thank you to The Fonz.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: David Ketchum & Tony DiMarco
Guest stars: Lynda Goodfriend as Lori Beth, Al Alu as Becket, and Diana Markworth as Leilani.

Chachi is 16 years old.
Ralph (Donny Most) and Joanie (Erin Moran) do not appear in this episode. It's mentioned that Joanie is ill reportedly in this episode, but that scene is edited out of the syndicated versions.

#142- Potsie Quits School (5/15/79)

Potsie thinks that he might have flunked his anatomy course.

Potsie and Jennifer sing 'Bye, Bye, Love' at Arnold's. Richie says they still have 2 hours to study for a final exam. Potsie has to pass the anatomy exam to become a psychologist. Joanie gets her report card: 1 A (in gym), 1 B, and 3 C's. The family is set to have Chinese food for dinner. Ralph, Lori Beth, and Jennifer come over to study upstairs. Potsie then arrives and eats a spare rib. Fonzie comes through the door and tells him that the brakes broke on his bike and he had to stop with his bare feet. Joanie says Fonzie will need another pair of boots. Marion says she will call Mr. Rudi who sells boots. Everyone is ready for the big anatomy exam in two days. The teacher quizzes everybody and Potsie gets upset and says that he is quitting school. Fonzie comes into Arnold's wearing paper bags on his feet. Chachi brings Potsie to talk to Fonzie in his office. Mr. Rudi brings some boots for Fonzie to try on. Potsie says he has a mental block and the professor hates him. Fonzie tries on some more boots. Fonzie tells Potsie that he needs to relate the words to music. At school, Ralph sharpens his pencil down and Fonzie gives Potsie 2 fig newtons. Richie passes out the exam - on the heart and the circulatory system. Potsie feels confident after the exam. The professor grades the exam and Potsie answers all of the questions right. The professor thinks he cheated. Everyone plays their instruments, as Potsie sings the song 'Pump Your Blood'. The professor apologizes to Potsie and gives him an A+. Richie tells Marion and Howard the good news. Howard lets Joanie go to the dance on Saturday night. Joanie shows Howard some of his old report cards - 4 C's on one of them.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Teleplay by: David Reo
Story by: Jim Dunne
Guest stars: Lynda Goodfriend as Lori Beth, Allan Rich as Professor Thomas, Lorrie Mahaffey as Jennifer, James Millhollin as Mr. Rudi, and Delight DeBruine as Bunny.

Emily Snodgreass got 2 F's.
The lyrics to Potsie's 'Pump Your Blood' song can be found in the theme song lyrics section and an audio recording can be found in the sounds section.

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