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1983-1984 (22 episodes)

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#234- Because It's There (9/27/83)

Fonzie tries to fulfill his old goal of conquering Suicide Hill on a motorcycle.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: William Bickley & Michael Warren
Guest stars: Pat Morita as Arnold, Kevin Sullivan as Tommy, and Harris Kal as Bobby.

#235- The Ballad of Joanie and Chachi (10/4/83)

Chachi turns into a swashbuckling romantic when Joanie rejects his marriage proposal.

Everybody's dancing at Arnold's. Chachi is talking with Tommy about Joanie being late. Tommy has to go because his girlfriend is waiting for him. Fonzie comes to Arnold's wearing a pair of black paper glasses Tommy asks if he had been in a 3D movie and Fonzie starts to explain that he was in the eye doctor getting drops in his eyes, in the meanwhile Tommy leaves and Chachi goes to the same place that Tommy was Fonzie can't see very well because of the eye drops and Chachi makes faces in front of Fonzie. Fonzie accidentally goes to the ladies bathroom and quickly comes back he then touches the male figure on the men's bathroom just to make sure that he is going to the right place. Joanie comes to Arnold's. Joanie and Chachi argue because Joanie was late then they argue because Joanie can't come to Chachi's softball games. Joanie leaves angry. Fonzie comes out of the bathroom and he mistakes somebody else for Chachi and when he finds out he goes to the right table. They talk about Joanie. Fonzie sees a woman and goes after her but accidentally buts his hand on a man's shoulder. Fonzie leaves Arnold's embarrassed. Mr. C and Joanie are driving home and Joanie is sad Mr. C asks why and they start to talk about Chachi. Joanie decides to break up with Chachi. The doorbell rings at the Cunninghams Mrs. C opens the door and it's Chachi. Chachi wants to talk to Mr. C, but because he is not home he decides to wait. Mrs. C tries to find out why Chachi needs to talk to Mr. C. Chachi decides to tell Mrs. C that he wants to marry Joanie. Mrs. C goes crazy but she is happy. Mr. C and Joanie come home. Chachi and Joanie want to talk and Mr. & Mrs. C go upstairs. After a little conversation they say at the same time, Chachi says "It's time we got married" and Joanie says "It's time we broke up" after that they are both speechless. Chachi and Fonzie talk about it at Arnold's, Chachi asks help from Fonzie and he decides to help Chachi. Fonzie thinks that Chachi should do something romantic. Joanie is at her class, when all of a sudden Chachi comes throw the window with a rope wearing a pirate costume. Chachi raises Joanie on to his shoulder and tries to go back out throw the window but the teacher stops him and threatens to call the campus police. Everybody except Chachi and Joanie leave the class. Chachi puts Joanie down from his shoulder. Joanie thinks that that stunt didn't help and Chachi decides to take of the pirate costume and underneath that is a tuxedo. They hug for a while but Joanie stops hugging. Joanie wants to be Chachi's friend but Chachi doesn't want that because he still loves her. Chachi leaves the class and Joanie starts to cry. Chachi goes back to Arnold's where Fonzie still is and they talk about what happened at the class. Joanie is at home talking to Mr. & Mrs. about Chachi. The subject turns to Mr. & Mrs. C's engagement and they start to argue and Joanie leaves quietly to her room. Mr. & Mrs. C kiss and make up.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Richard Gurman
Guest stars: Kevin Sullivan as Tommy.

Chachi has his Softball games on Tuesday nights.
Chachi is on the background of Joanie's drivers license.
Chachi has a court order to stay away from the campus.
The Kelp family picked up the rice in Mr. & Mrs. C's wedding and then invited them for a Chinese dinner.

#236- Where the Guys Are (10/18/83)

Chachi, Roger, and Potsie try to ease the pain of Fonzie's breakup with Ashley by whisking him away to a swinging-singles resort.

Joanie, Mr. & Mrs. C are trying to decide where to go on their holiday. Chachi, Roger and Potsie come from the kitchen door and they're being chased by Fonzie who wants to play basketball. Chachi asks Fonzie to stop it. Fonzie goes out of the house to lift weights. Joanie says that Fonzie is acting the way he is because Ashley and Fonzie broke up. Mr. C says that Fonzie should be taken to somewhere where he can relax. Potsie says that he is going to a singles resort to Lake Whitefish. Chachi proposes that he, Potsie and Roger would go to that place with Fonzie. Fonzie comes back in and Chachi asks if he would go to Lake Whitefish for a "sport" weekend. Fonzie agrees. Fonzie goes out and soon after that Chachi, Potsie and Roger go out too. The boys are at Lake Whitefish. Chachi and Potsie are looking around and all they see are girls. Roger brings a blind folded Fonzie who has boxing gloves on to that same place where Chachi and Potsie are. Potsie takes the blind fold off. Fonzie looks around and says "girls". Potsie says that it was his idea and the minute he says that Fonzie grabs him by the throat. Chachi cools Fonzie down and says that they did it only because they're worried about him. Fonzie says that he is leaving as soon as he has done 200 sit ups. Chachi, Potsie and Roger are also thinking about leaving but when a couple of girls walk infront of them they decide to stay. Later that night Chachi comes to their room with some girl. Chachi is pretending to be a congress man. Potsie arrives to that same room with some girl and he pretends to be a doctor. Chachi says to Potsie that that room is occupied and then Roger comes in with a girl and he pretends that he has only 3 months to live. Chachi asks the girls to go to the bathroom to "freshen up" while the guys sort this out. Chachi, Potsie and Roger start to argue when the bathroom door opens and one of the girls say that there is a strange man doing chin ups on the shower bar. Fonzie comes out of the bathroom. The girl goes back in the bathroom. Fonzie decides to stay in the room and the guys don't like that and Potsie says that they have to kill him. At the next scene Chachi and Roger are being trapped in a folding bed and Potsie has a barbell in his neck so he can't get his head off the table Fonzie stands in the middle of the room. Potsie says that they didn't mean it when they said that he has to be killed. Fonzie lets Chachi and Roger off the bed and lifts the barbell off Potsie's neck. The girls come out of the bathroom. One of the girls proposes to them that they would all go to a sauna. Chachi, Potsie and Roger and the girls leave, Fonzie stays in the room. The boys take all their clothes off and go to the sauna. The girls lock them in the sauna and steal their wallets. Fonzie is walking by himself and comes to the place where the sauna is. The guys try to signal Fonzie to let them out, but Fonzie doesn't understand them and covers the window so he doesn't have to look at their faces. He goes to talk with a girl who is reading a book nearby. The girl tells Fonzie that she also didn't want to come to this place. Fonzie and Barbara talk about things and Fonzie starts to talk about Ashley and Heather. Fonzie tells her how he backed down when Ashley's ex came back and he saw how Heather looked at his father so he thought that that was the right thing to do. Barbara asks Fonzie to read a chapter from the book that she is reading. It's the next morning and Fonzie lets the guys out from the sauna. Fonzie gives their wallets back and says that the girls robbed other guys too and that they got caught. Back home Joanie, Mr. and Mrs. C are practicing Swedish and Mr. C doesn't want to practice so Mrs. C tell him something in Swedish (as far as I know Swedish she doesn't say "big fat railroad ticket"). Mr. C asks Joanie what she said and Joanie translates it to "Big fat railroad ticket.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Nancy Steen & Neil Thompson
Guest stars: Rita Wilson as Barbara McManus, Janine Turner as Debbie, Shawn Weatherly as Sissy, and Robin Klein as Lisa.

This episode is the first where they announce that Fonzie and Ashley broke-up.
The boys room is 212.
The sauna is sound proof (they are not in real life).
Fonzie is reading "Charlotte's Broken Heart".

#237- Welcome Home (Part 1) (10/25/83)

Richie returns from the army for a reunion.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Brian Levant & Fred Fox, Jr.
Guest stars: Ron Howard, Donald Most, Lynda Goodfriend as Lori Beth, Bo Sharon as Richie Jr., Walter Von as Dean and Blaine Bohlig as Monica.

#238- Welcome Home (Part 2) (11/1/83)

Richie and Fonzie come to blows over Richie's new career decision.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Brian Levant & Fred Fox, Jr.
Guest stars: Ron Howard, Donald Most, Lynda Goodfriend as Lori Beth, and Bo Sharon as Richie Jr.

#239- Glove Story (11/8/83)

Chachi enters the city boxing championship to earn Fonzie's respect, and winds up a contender against a fearsome opponent.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Fred Fox, Jr. & Rich Correll
Guest stars: Joe Nopote as Leo Epps, Sean O'Grady as Tiger Thompson, Arther Batanides as referee, Andy Steinfeld as Reginald Bandini, and Peter Steinfeld as Elijah Bandini.

#240- Vocational Education (11/22/83)

Roger becomes the principal at a tough vocational school.

Roger, Chachi, Fonzie and Mr. & Mrs. C are at the Cunninghams to hear Roger's announcement. Roger announces that he's going to be the youngest principal in the entire Milwaukee School district. Just when they are going to toast to it Roger tells them that the school which he's going to be the principal of is George S. Patton's Vocational High School and the minute everybody hears it they don't want to toast anymore and they think that it's a bad idea for Roger to go to such a tough school. Roger and Fonzie start to argue about it and then Mr. C suggests that they should go celebrate Roger's new job at the "Wiki-Wiki Room" restaurant. Fonzie and Chachi stay a little while longer at the Cunninghams because Fonzie starts to talk about that he would have been a better principal to Patton than Roger. Roger arrives at Patton and notices that somebody has been locked in a locker and then another teacher comes and lets the person out, the person turns out be one of the teachers Mrs. Shellenback. Roger goes to the welding shop with one of the teachers Freddie Bascomb to give a speech to some of the students, but they don't listen to him and then a student named Roach starts to make fun of Roger. Roger returns at the end of the day to the Cunninghams with all his clothes torn. He puts a chair against the door because he's afraid that some of the students might have followed him there. Later that night Fonzie tells Roger that he screwed up but Roger doesn't want to give up. The next morning the students are nailing Roger's car's license plate to the principal's office door when Roger comes with his bike and sees what they are doing. He wants the students to give back his car, but the students start to harass Roger, but then comes Fonzie to the rescue and the students back off. One of the students doesn't recognize Fonzie so Fonzie asks his name and then he says that he saved his brother's life by not hitting him anymore and then he remembers him. Fonzie gives Roger his car keys back and he tells him that he has fixed the car and put gas in it. Roger insists paying Fonzie for the gas, but he finds out that his wallet has been stolen also. Roach gives back Roger his wallet and Roger gives him a speech, but Roach doesn't listen much and then he kicks the books that are a replacement for a table leg and Roger who is sitting at the table falls down. Now Fonzie tries a different approach and then when Roach is listening, Roger joins in the conversation. Fonzie translates Roger's "fine" words into street talk and Roach says to Fonzie "It must be nice to be bilingual". When Roger sees how Fonzie handled the situation he decides to quit, but Fonzie talks him out of it. Roger suggests that Fonzie should be the "Dean of boys" and Fonzie accepts the job. In the final scene Fonzie says to Roger "duck" and then a yellow ball flies over there. Fonzie turns to where the ball was thrown and says "Girls".

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Brian Levant
Guest stars: Ken Osmond as Freddie Bascomb, Crispin Glover as Roach, Kathryn Fuller as Mrs. Shellenback, and Steven Baio as Joey.

Ken Osmond played Eddie Haskell on Leave it to Beaver.
Crispin Glover was in Back to the Future.
Stephen Baio is Scott Baio's brother.
The champagne that they're going to drink is from the Cunniningham's wedding.
Patton's mascot is a piranha.
Patton has a pirate flag hanging in front of the school.
Roger's license plate number is C-7259.
Roach has a '37 Ford.

#241- Arthur, Arthur (12/6/83)

Fonzie's brother who he never knew comes to visit.

All of the Cunninghams are at home and they notice that they have taken somebody else's groceries. Fonzie comes rushing in and says that somebody has been following him. All of a sudden somebody knocks at the door. Fonzie opens the door. The man asks if he is Arthur Fonzarelli. Fonzie says no and slams the door in his face. The man knocks at the door again. Fonzie opens the door. The man has something really important to tell to Fonzie. Fonzie asks what and the man says he is his brother. Fonzie slams the door to his face again. He thinks that the man behind the door is a con artist. The man opens the door by himself and tries to explain to Fonzie that he is really his brother. Fonzie doesn't believe him and he leaves from the kitchen door. Fonzie's brother starts to sing a song and Fonzie comes back inside and starts to sing as well. After that Fonzie believes him because only a Fonzarelli knows that song. Fonzie is excited and asks what the man's name is and he replies Arthur. Joanie comes down from upstairs and takes a picture of the two of them. Chachi is playing at Arnold's and everybody is dancing. Fonzie and Arthur come to Arnold's. Fonzie introduces Arthur to Chachi. Chachi goes to the kitchen to make burgers for Fonzie and Arthur. Marlene and Darlene arrive to Arnold's. They are the brother's dates. Chachi brings them burgers and goes back to the kitchen. After a little while Marlene and Darlene go to freshen up. Marlene and Darlene come back from the "little ladies room" and they are arguing about who gets to be with Fonzie. Marlene and Darlene leave Arnold's. Mr. C comes downstairs in the midle of the night and wonders what the noise is. Fonzie is making a milkshake. As they drink their milkshakes they discuss Fonzie's brother and he says that he hates his brother. Arthur comes to the kitchen and Mr. C goes back upstairs. Arthur says to Fonzie that he is going back home. Arthur wants to tell him something about their father. Arthur says that he is dead and he gives Fonzie their father's old clock. Fonzie doesn't want it. Arthur leaves the house. Mr. C goes to the bathroom in the middle of the night and almost has a heart attack when Fonzie comes from the dark corner of the bathroom. Mr. C asks what he is doing there. Mrs. C and Joanie wake up and wonder what's going on in the bathroom. Fonzie explains that he wanted to talk to one of the Cunninghams and eventually one of them would come to the bathroom. He says to the Cunninghams that his father died. They talk about it. Mr. C says that he should talk about these things with his brother. Fonzie leaves the bathroom. Fonzie is talking with his brother at the airport. Arthur gives their dad's clock to Fonzie and leaves to the plane, but turns back. Arthur asks what Fonzie is doing next Christmas and Fonzie says that he's decorating the Christmas tree with his brother. They hug and Arthur leaves. Fonzie arrives to Arnold's and goes to the table where Chachi and Joanie are and he shows them his clock. Fonzie notices that the clock is broken. Fonzie snaps his fingers and Marlene and Darlene come him and they leave Arnold's together.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Marc Flanagan & Craig Heller
Guest stars: Michael Holden as Artie, Candi Brough as Marlene, Randi Brough as Darlene, and Jay Lomack as attendant.

Fonzies's brother is called Artie by his friends.
Joanie has burned Chachi's baseball cards.
Artie lives in San Francisco.
In the Fonzarelli crest a Falcon is flying over a field of oregano.
Artie is a med student.
Artie wants to be a coroner.
Artie is a vegetarien.
In the watch that Vito wanted Fonzie to have reads: "To my first son Arthur. I may have left your life, but you never left my hart. Love papa."
The watch is genuine brass.
Inconsistency: In one of the early episodes, Fonzie says he is an only child.

#242- You Get What You Pay For (12/13/83)

Fonzie's rowdy students ruin Howard's plan to make a big killing in bathroom fixtures.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: John B. Collins
Guest stars: Wayne Morton as Dwight Mesmer, Steven Baio as Joey, and Andrew L. Paris as Shorty.

#243- Kiss Me, Teach (1/10/84)

Joanie has problems with a student when she becomes a high school teaching assistant.

Mrs. C and Joanie are putting plates on the table and arguing about something. Mr. C comes home with Chachi. Mrs. C asks Mr. C to tell Joanie that she can't do that. Mr. C doesn't know what she is talking about. Joanie explains that she has been excepted to the "Special teachers assistant" program. Mr. C is happy about it, but when Joanie says that she is going to be teaching at George S. Patton's Vocational High School then Mr. C isn't so happy anymore. Mrs. C still tries to stop Joanie from going there. Mr. C escapes the argument upstairs. Joanie asks Chachi's opinion and Chachi agrees with Mrs. C. Joanie threatenss to move to Jenny Piccalo's place. Fonzie comes through the kitchen to the living room with Chachi. Joanie is about to leave the house, but Fonzie stops her and asks what's the matter. Mrs. C explains it to Fonzie and he says that he already knows about it. Fonzie asks Joanie to sit while he calls Mr. C back downstairs. Fonzie explains that he will take good care of Joanie and that everybody should encourage Joanie for doing what she is doing. Mrs. C still disagrees. Mr. C thinks that Joanie should make her own decisions. Mrs. C agrees and they make up. The next morning Mrs. C yells at Joanie to come downstairs so that she would be late. Joanie comes down and asks how she looks and Mrs. C tells that she looks really good. Mr. C tries to give Joanie a roll of quarters for protection and she declines. When Joanie is about to leave the house Mrs. C gives her her lunch and a roll of quarters and Joanie says that she isn't going to hit anybody and Mrs. C explains that it's her milk money. At Patton, the students are throwing objects at Mrs. Shellenback. Fonzie is escorting Joanie to that class and when they come to class he introduces Joanie to Mrs. Shellenback. Fonzie advises the class to behave. Fonzie leaves the class. Mrs. Shellenback says that she is leaving for a little break, but as she is leaving she drops airline tickets to the ground and Joanie picks them up and hands them over to Mrs. Shellenback. Mrs. Shellenback leaves the class. Joanie asks for the seating chart and the students say that it's on the right drawer and Joanie opens it and out flies "jumping snakes". Joanie asks what they were doing before she came in the class and somebody says that Joey was reading, so Joanie asks if he could continue and Joey starts to read a "erotic novel". Joanie asks him to stop that. Frankie, one of the students takes the book from Joey. Joanie starts to give everybody their homework assignment, but everybody is about to leave and Joanie calls everybody back. Joanie says that she is available if somebody needs any help. The bell rings and everybody except Frankie leaves. Frankie asks for help from Joanie and she agrees. Joanie leaves the class. Later that night Mr. C is thanking Chachi for taking Potsie's place when they're going for bowling. Mr. C asks Joanie to come as well but she says no because she has lesson plans to take care of. The doorbell rings and Mr. C opens it. Frankie comes in carrying a pizza. Joanie is wondering what Frankie is doing here. Frankie explains that he wants help from her now and Joanie says why not. Chachi and Mr. & Mrs. C don't like what they see. Chachi calls up a family meeting to the kitchen. Chachi says to Joanie that guys like that only have one thing on their mind. Mr. C agrees with Chachi. Joanie leaves the kitchen to go the living room and the others follow her. Mr. & Mrs. C and Chachi leave. Frankie starts to harass Joanie and all of a sudden Chachi comes back and sees what Frankie is doing. Chachi kicks Frankie out. Chachi and Joanie discuss it and Joanie says that she can handle it. Joanie goes upstairs. The next day at Patton Joanie asks the class to hand in their book reports. Frankie asks if he can help and Joanie says no. Joanie ask why he hasn't done his homework because she only has three papers in her hand and there are four on the line. Joanie asks the boy who is sitting in the back to hand in his paper (the boy is Chachi in disguise). Joanie recognizes Chachi and asks him to step aside for a talk. Joanie is wondering what Chachi is doing there and he says that he is looking after her. Joanie asks Chachi to leave and the minute she says that a closet door opens and Mr. C leaves the class. Chachi follows him. Joanie continues to teach until the fire alarm goes off. All of the students leave except Frankie who locks the class door and starts to harass her again. Joanie screams for help and Fonzie kicks the door open. After Fonzie threatens him, he jumps out of the window. Fonzie is comforting Joanie. Joanie thinks that she has failed as a teacher, but Fonzie doesn't think so and tells her why. Fonzie and Joanie leave the class.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Fred Fox, Jr.
Guest stars: Edward Hartes as Frankie, Kathryn Fuller as Mrs. Shellenback, Steven Baio as Joey, and Anthony Thompkins as Dexter.

Mrs. C and Joanie set the table for three, so that would mean that they forgot Fonzie.
Joanie teaches Senior English in class 209.
Mr. & Mrs. C normally bowl with Potsie.
Chachi has bowled only once and got 82.
Mrs. C had a crush on a teacher named Raoul.

#244- The People vs. The Fonz (1/17/84)

Fonzie pleads "the fifth" during a school-board hearing at which he is accused of hitting a trouble-making student.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Richard Gurman
Guest stars: Nancy Steen as Mrs. Friedman, Ben Slack as Alex Johnson, Jeffrey Kramer as Martin Smith, Michael Leon as Mickey, Grant Heslov as Dennis, Joe Mays as Mr. MacKenzie, and Doug Widtfeldt as Stretch.

#245- Like Mother, Like Daughter (1/24/84)

Howard is upset when Marion's old flame comes to visit.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Robert Pekurny
Guest stars: Lyle Waggoner as Frederick and Ellen Gerken as Monique.

#246- Social Studies (1/31/84)

Fonzie reveals his secrets of the "Fonzarelli Power" to Chachi, but when Chachi's initial success with women wears off, he pays a midnight visit to Joanie.

Mr. & Mrs. C are just about to sit on the couch when Joanie comes downstairs and asks how she looks and Mrs. C says that she looks just wonderful. Joanie thinks that she doesn't look good so she decides to change again, but Mr. C stops her and says that she is only going out to play miniature golf. The doorbell rings. Joanie opens the door and it's Chachi. Joanie asks Chachi what he's doing here and he says that everybody else was busy so he decided to come here. Joanie says that she's going golfing. A car horn honks and Joanie runs out the door. Mrs. C asks if Chachi wants to join them, they are watching TV and Chachi says yes. Fonzie comes from the kitchen door to the living room and asks for oil because his bed is stuck in the middle position. Fonzie is wondering what Chachi is doing at the Cunninghams, he asks Chachi to come to the kitchen. Fonzie asks him when he has been on a date excluding Joanie and Chachi replies four years, he also says that he can get a date anytime he wants. Fonzie tells Chachi to come to Arnold's at eight and to bring a date too. Chachi leaves and then Mrs. C asks Fonzie if he would like to join them and he declines because his date is stuck in the bed and then Fonzie leaves. Chachi is sitting at Arnold's and ripping paper. Chachi decides to ask a girl in the next table if she would go out with him, but he's so nervous that he blows his chance. Fonzie comes to Arnold's. Chachi is banging his head to the table. Fonzie asks where Chachi's date is and he replies that she has jury duties. Fonzie and Chachi go into Fonzie's office. Fonzie tells the kid who is combing his hair to leave. Fonzie thinks that Chachi is afraid that girls are going to say no to him and he agrees. Fonzie says that Chachi doesn't have to ask girls out because he has the Fonzarelli power. Chachi asks how he can use it and Fonzie says that it's just in him. Chachi and Fonzie return to the diner side of Arnolds. Chachi is leaning against the counter and a girl comes up to him. The girl asks him out (the girls name is Karen). Chachi and Karen leave Arnold's. Chachi and Karen are in a car that has been parked and they start to kiss. The next day at the Cunninghams. Joanie comes downstairs and says hello to Mrs. C. Joanie tells Mrs. C how her date didn't go that well. Mr. C comes from the kitchen door with paint buckets. Fonzie also comes from the kitchen door and asks if he can borrow some paint. All the Cunninghams go upstairs. Fonzie stays and tries to find the right color. Chachi comes in and says to Fonzie that he had a really great night. Chachi leaves the Cunningham house. Chachi arrives to Arnold's with Bobby. Chachi goes to Karen's table and starts to tell what they're gonna do tonight. Karen says that he was fun, but she is not about to go steady with anybody right now and she dumps him. Karen leaves Arnold's. Chachi says to Bobby that Karen would probably go out with any bozo that just asks her. Bobby runs after Karen. Fonzie comes out of his office. Chachi says to Fonzie that he has lost his power. Fonzie says to him that he never had it and that it's more of an attitude or a state of mind. Chachi leaves Arnold's. Chachi is climbing up a ladder to Joanie's room and tries to wake her up, but it's Mr. C who is sleeping in Joanie's bed and he starts to yell at Chachi. Mrs. C and Joanie come to the room. Mr. C thinks that Chachi and Joanie are going to elope, but Joanie says that they are not going to do that. Chachi says to Mr. C that he just wanted to talk to Joanie. Mr. & Mrs. C leave the room. Chachi and Joanie talk about their relationship and then for no reason they start to bounce up and down on the bed and the strings are making a screeching noise and Mr. C yells from the other room to get off the bed now and Chachi says yes and then Fonzie sticks his head from the window and says "the man said now". Chachi leaves through the window.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Paula A. Roth
Guest stars: Harris Kal as Bobby, Denise Halma as Karen, Katherine Kelly Lang as Kim.

Fonzie has an autographed picture of Tinkerbell.

#247- So How Was Your Weekend? (6/28/84)

Marion and Joanie have a surprising confrontation with Mother Kelp.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Paula A. Roth
Guest stars: Billie Bird as Mother Kelp and Rhonda Aldrich as pizza person.

#248- Low Notes (7/5/84)

Chachi gets a job as a ballroom dance instructor.

Joanie is wondering why Mr. C is on the phone all the time and he tells her that he is trying to get tickets to a very important football game. Potsie comes in and says that he has very good news. He tells Mr. C. that he sold all the power drills and Mr. C asks how he did it. Potsie says that he sold them for $6.95 a piece Mr. C isn't very happy about it because he payed 20 dollars a piece. Chachi comes in. Potsie asks Chachi to pay the rent and Chachi says that he hasn't got the money and Potsie leaves. Chachi tries to borrow 20 bucks from Joanie but she doesn't give him that. Mrs. C. gives Chachi some money and then Chachi leaves the house. Fonzie comes in holding two tickets in his hand. They were not the right tickets that Mr. C. was looking for. Joanie says to Mrs. C. that she shouldn't have loaned the money to Chachi and when Fonzie hears this he says that Chachi is going to be dead and then he leaves the house. Fonzie arrives to Arnold's and goes to the table where Chachi is sitting. Fonzie offers Chachi a job at Arnold's, but Chachi refuses to take the job because he is a musician. Chachi leaves Arnold's. Chachi arrives to the "Jean Kelly Academy of Dance" and asks Jean about the job they were advertising in the newspaper and Jean says that they didn't need a musician because playing records would come much cheaper. Jean asks Chachi if he can dance and he replies that he can. Jean tests Chachi with different kinds of dances and then she hires him as a dance instructor. Chachi teaches the elderlies class. Mr. C. is still looking for those tickets to the Packers game. Potsie comes in and says to Mr. C. that he wants to resign and then he gives Mr. C his work coat back and he takes his "Cunningham Hardware discount card" from his wallet and Mr. C. sees that he has two Packers tickets there. Mr. C promises the five dollar raise back and his salary back and he can also take a lunch break if Mr. C. can go to the game with Potsie. Potsie agrees. Just when Potsie is about to leave Chachi comes in and pays him his part of the rent and then Potsie leaves. Then Chachi pays his loan to Mr. C. and when Joanie comes in he pays her too. Chachi tells everybody that he is a "musical entertainer". Joanie runs out to tell Fonzie about it. Chachi is just about to leave when Fonzie comes in with Joanie, he says that he is very proud of Chachi. Chachi tells a quick lie to cover the fact that he is a dance instructor. Chachi leaves the house and Fonzie says to the others that Chachi was lying and he is going to find out what Chachi is up to. Chachi is teaching his class when Fonzie shows up. Chachi still tries to tell a lie but Fonzie tells him to stop lying. Chachi tells him what he is doing for living and Fonzie says that there is nothing to be ashamed about that. Chachi asks about a job at Arnold's and Fonzie gives him a job there. Fonzie and Chachi are about to leave when one of the students asks Chachi if he's going to finish this class. Fonzie says that he can finish it and that Chachi could go home. Fonzie dances with that woman. Mr. C. and Potsie arrive at Arnold's and Potsie has some bruises on him. Chachi asks Mr. C. if they went to a fight or the football game and Mr. C. explains to Chachi that Potsie shouldn't have cheered for the Bears when he is sitting next to the Packers players families. One of the Green Bay players comes in at Arnold's and says to Potsie that the team bus is outside and that the players would like to have a chat with Potsie. Potsie and the player leave.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Al Aidekman
Guest stars: Linda Kaye-Henning as Jean Kelly, Eve Smith as Mrs. Wilson, Dolores Albin as Sylvia, and Ralph Steadman as football player.

#249- School Dazed (7/12/84)

Joanie has her illusions shattered when she attempts to help a troubled student.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Roger Garrett
Guest stars: Elinor Donahue as Mrs. Broderick, Marta Kober as Jesse, Lee Anthony as Milton Broderick, and Rick Lantz as attendant.

#250- Good News, Bad News (7/19/84)

Chachi decides to give up an opportunity to tour with the Beach Boys after he receives startling medical news.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: William Bickley & Michael Warren
Guest stars: Martin Ferrero as Omar and Neil Thompson as D.J.

#251- Fonzie's Spots (9/24/84)

Howard needs to recruit some members to the Leopard Lodge.

Mr. and Mrs. C have just come from a Leopard Lodge members funeral and Mr. C is discussing with a member named Donald about why Mr. C hasn't got anybody else to join except Potsie. Mrs. C comes to the living room with coffee. Donald leaves. Mr. C tells Mrs. C that if he doesn't get any new members he can't be a Grand Poobah any more. Fonzie comes from the kitchen door with Joanie who's hair is mildly messed up because Fonzie gave her a lift on his motorcycle. Mrs. C tells Fonzie and Joanie about Mr. C's situation. Chachi and Roger come in. Fonzie suggests Roger that he should become a Leopard. Mr. C comes downstairs and Roger tells him that the Leopard Lodge needs new members (meaning himself) and Mr. C misinterprets him and says that it would be great if Fonzie would join. Fonzie can't say no to Mr. C. Joanie, Mr. and Mrs. C go upstairs. Fonzie says to Roger and Chachi that if he is joining so will they. Mr. C starts a meeting at the Leopard Lodge, he introduces the new Leopard cubs and Fonzie, Chachi and Roger come inside holding each others tails. Mr. C says that they must obey whatever the pledge master tells them to do and that their pledge master is Potsie. Chachi and Roger are being humiliated with soda in the face and pie on the face tricks. Potsie tries that on Fonzie but Fonzie asks him what will happen to him if he gets Fonzie's jacket wet and Potsie backs down. One of the members asks to take a picture of the cubs and the camera sprays water on the boys and Chachi and Roger have to hold Fonzie down so he couldn't hit the man. Fonzie comes from Arnold's kitchen wearing a chef's hat and goes to the table where Chachi and Roger are sitting. Chachi and Roger ask where his Leopard cub hat is and Fonzie says that it's under his chef's hat. The guys discuss what they've had to do that past week. Potsie comes to Arnold's and gives Fonzie an assignment. A little bit later Fonzie comes out of his office wearing a bunny suit. Mr. C comes to Arnold's and tells Fonzie what it means to him that Fonzie wants to be a member. Fonzie bounces out of Arnold's. They're all at the Leopard Lodge and Fonzie is doing a show for the kids at Pfister Orphanage. The kids leave and the voting begins. Mr. C explains to them that if there is even one black ball in the cup then they can't join. First Mr. C shows the results for Roger's membership and there aren't any black balls, then he shows Chachi's results and he also has no black balls (he's not too happy about that). When it comes to Fonzie's turn he first does a speech and then Mr. C shows the results for Fonzie's membership. There is one black ball. Fonzie is upset and Potsie asks Donald who could the black baller be and after that everybody starts to chase Donald and they leave the Leopard Lodge only Fonzie and Mr. C stay there. Mr. C says that he put the black ball in to the cup because Fonzie was already doing all the good things that the Lodge was doing and that Fonzie didn't really enjoy of all the rest. Fonzie and Mr. C leave the Lodge. Later that day, Chachi comes out of Arnold's kitchen and is carrying two cream pies, he tells Joanie that he is going to throw them at Potsie's face. Roger comes inside and takes the other cream pie. They think that Potsie is the next person to come through Arnold's doors and they're ready to throw the pies when they see that the person entering is Fonzie and they decide to throw the pies into each others faces. Fonzie says "good choice".

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Nancy Churnin
Guest stars: David Ketchum as Donald and Penina Segall as little girl.

For funerals, the Leopards have a black stripe for their hats.
It was the 10th Leopard funeral this/that year.
Mr. C has been the Grand Poobah for 5 years.

#252- The Spirit is Willing (4/24/84)

Fonzie meets a beautiful ghost when he buys a wrecked 1955 Chevy.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Larry Strawther
Guest stars: Kevin Sullivan as Tommy, Alexa Hamilton as Nancy Haley, and Patti Karr as woman.

#253- Fonzie Moves Out (5/1/84)

The Cunninghams decide to sell their house, and Fonzie is shocked.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Nancy Churnin
Guest stars: Maggie Roswell as Joyce James, Ann Gillespie as Sharon, Stanley Brock as Maki Maki, and Julie Paris as Ann.

#254- Passages (Part 1) (5/8/84)

Joanie and Chachi prepare for their wedding, and Fonzie wants to adopt an orphaned boy.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Nancy Steen & Neil Thompson
Guest stars: Cathy Silvers as Jenny Piccalo, Pamela Dunlap as Doris, Danny Ponce as Danny, Meredith Baer as Judy, and Tom Silardi as Tony.

#255- Passages (Part 2) (5/8/84)

Part 2.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Fred Fox, Jr. & Brian Levant & William Bickley & Michael Warren
Guest stars: Ron Howard as Richie, Al Molinaro as Al & Father Delvecchio, Ellen Travolta as Louisa, Cathy Silvers as Jenny, Lynda Goodfriend as Lori Beth, Frances Bay as Grandma Nussbaum, Harris Kal as Bobby, Kevin Sullivan as Tommy, Danny Ponce as Danny, Pamela Dunlap as Doris, Bruce Gray as Mr. Hillary, Meredith Baer as Judy, and Tom Silardi as Tony.

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