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1975-1976 (24 episodes)

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#40- Fonzie Moves In (9/9/75)

The Cunnighams rent out the room over the garage to Fonzie.

Fonzie breaks the record on the pinball machine at Arnold's as his grandmother watches. Fonzie and his grandmother leave on his motorcycle. Joanie comes into Arnold's and announces that Howard has a big announcement to make. Howard announces that Fryfeld's Fish Market is going out of business, and a new hardware store (Hardware Village) is going to open up across the street from Cunningham Hardware. Richie and Marion consider getting jobs (Marion suggests she go back to be a secretary), and Marion has the idea of renting out the room over the garage (the attic; which has its own entrance, electricity, and bathroom). Arnold's gets a new pinball machine and Richie suggests that Fonzie's grandmother visit the room for rent. Mrs. Nussbaum checks out the room (they are asking $50 a month) and Richie suggests Fonzie take it while his grandmother takes his apartment. Howard nearly chokes Richie when he hears the news. Fonzie gives 3 month's rent in advance, and Howard relents and gives him a one-week tryout. Fonzie moves in. Howard learns that Hardware Village isn't going to open up and is being replace by a bowling alley. The Cunninghams think there is a fire in Fonzie's room, but Fonzie's girlfriend (Vivian) is cooking an egg on the stove. Howard tells Fonzie he is one of the family and would hate to see him him leave, and Fonzie agrees to stay.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Mark Rothman & Lowell Ganz
Guest stars: Lillian Bronson as Mrs. Nussbaum, Susan Lawrence as Vivian, and Bob W. Hoffman as Skizzy.

Tom Bosley at the beginning: "Happy Days is filmed before a live studio audience".
There is a new intro and theme music as the 3rd season begins.
There is a new interior design at Arnold's and the Cunningham's house.
Fonzie hasn't seen his grandmother since he was 6 (when he left the house).
Joanie to Ralph: "Sit on it Malph".
Howard has been in the hardware business for 23 years.
Mrs. Nussbaum calls Fonzie "Skippy".
Fonzie's Grandma Nussbaum is played by Lillian Bronson in this episode, in later episodes she was played by Frances Bay.

#41- The Motorcycle (9/16/75)

Ralph totals Fonzie's motorcycle, and Fonzie seeks revenge.

Richie and the family have breakfast. Richie goes out to get the newspaper and finds Fonzie's motorcycle in many pieces. Fonzie gets ready to go to work and then finds out. Fonzie thinks about putting the motorcycle back together and then tells Richie and Howard a speech about it. Fonzie has no insurance for the motorcycle. Ralph acts nervous when he sees the guys at Arnold's. Potsie suggests to Fonzie that he use the tire tracks to trace down who the culprit is. The next day, Ralph comes to Arnold's dressed in a suit and carrying a suitcase and plans to go west and then admits to Richie in the restroom that he was the one who totaled Fonzie's motorcycle. Ralph ran over the bike several times after a late date several times after the bike was parked in the street. The Cunninghams devise a plan, and Joanie performs a trick as a magician and the entire family ties Fonzie to a chair with rope. Ralph comes in and admits that he caused the accident and wants to make amends. Fonzie says he wants to kill him and tries to get Ralph. Ralph comes back with a new bike from Honest Ira's All-Night Bike Shop (after visiting 27 different bike shops). Fonzie says Ralph can pay off the bike by working at the garage.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: William S. Bickley & Michael Warren
Guest stars: Beatrice Colen as Marsha.

Fonzie says he was in high school for a year and a half.
Fonzie: "when your this cool, their out to get you."
The original "Nip it" pinball machine is back at Arnold's.

#42- Fearless Fonzarelli, Part 1 (9/23/75)

Fonzie tears ligaments in his leg while attempting a motorcycle stunt for the tv show "You Wanted to See It".

Potsie, Richie, and Ralph sing "All Shook Up" in a booth at Arnold's with the glasses. They get a bill for $1.50 (with a $.50 booth minimum). Arnold comes out of the kitchen and argues with the guys. Paula Petrolunga walks by and Fonzie comes into Arnold's. Fonzie tells Richie that he is in a slump and is losing his cool. He goes to start the jukebox with his hand and it doesn't work. The Cunninghams watch the tv show, "You Wanted to See It" while Fonzie stays at home that night without a date. Hoping to regain his cool and get out of his slump, he asks Richie to write into the show for him. Arthur "Fearless" Fonzarelli will attempt to break a record and leap his motorcycle over 14 garbage cans (breaking the old record of 12 set by the late Big Daddy Baylor in 1946). Burt Cons (Jack Smith's assistant) and Jack Smith come in and wish Fonzie luck and want him to sign some papers. Fonzie writes out a will and Richie helps him. Alot of guys had failed in jumping 13 garbage cans previously. Richie and Howard try to reason with him and then Fonzie opens up his closet door and there is a poster of James Dean. Arnold has his fried chicken stand set up and Fonzie comes out of the restroom in a white outfit with a white helmet. Fonzie is about to take the daring jump as the episode concludes. To be continued...

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Michael Weinberger
Guest stars: Pat Morita as Arnold, Jack Smith as himself, Joseph Bova as Burt, and Mindy Naud as Roberta (Paula Petrolunga?).

This episode features the first appearance of Arnold (Pat Morita).
Arnold has a Milwaukee Fried Chicken stand that was open for 8 months.
Fonzie mentions the movie, "High Noon".
Fonzie has a poster of James Dean on the inside of his closet door.
Fonzie calls Joanie "Shortcake".

#43- Fearless Fonzarelli, Part 2 (9/30/75)

Fonzie stays at the Cunnigham house and drives Mrs. C. crazy.

Fonzie gets set to make the jump (flashback to the previous episode). The jump is successful, except that he crashes into Arnold's chicken stand. His first words after the jump are "Am I dead?". Fonzie is ok except for a hurt leg. He does an interview with Jack Smith and then Arnold makes an appearance and promotes his chicken. Fonzie is taken to the hospital in an ambulance. The doctors tell Fonzie that he has torn cartilage in his (right) knee and that he needs an operation. Fonzie and Richie debate whether or not he should have the operation. The operation is scheduled for 8 o'clock the next morning. Fonzie is given some sodium pentathol (a truth serrum) and acts delirious when Richie and Howard visit him the next morning. Sister Katharine also visits Fonzie. The next day, Fonzie sits on the couch and the doctor visits. The doctor tells them they are waiting on the Fonz too much and that he is taking advantage of them waiting on him hand and foot. They try to trick him by telling him that his motorcycle is on fire, but the Fonz is not easily fooled. Fonzie wears some pajamas and Richie invites all of his girls over to the house hoping they will motivate to get him up and walking again. After the girls leave, Fonzie walks and tries to regain his cool. Everyone watches the jump again as it is repeated on the show, "You Wanted to See It".

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Bob Brunner
Guest stars: Pat Morita as Arnold, Jack Smith as himself, Peter Hobbs as doctor, Peggy Doyle as nun, Susan Lawrence as girl #1, and Kristine Greco as girl #2.

The tv station is WZAZ.
Fonzie mentions James Dean.

#44- The Other Richie Cunningham (10/7/75)

Potsie goes on a blind date with the daughter of one of Howard's business associates instead of Richie.

Joanie watches a horror movie on tv on the couch and Richie comes home. Richie plays a joke by pretending that he brought a girl (Rhonda) home and going upstairs, and then he hides behind the couch and pops up when Joanie gets up to go upstairs to watch. Howard (wearing a hat that is shaped like a nail) and Marion come home from a hardware convention. Howard tells Richie about George (a business contact in bathrooms) and Henrietta McKinnie from Nebraska. Howard asks Richie to go out with George's daughter, Winnifred "Winnie" McKinnie to close a business deal. Richie has a double date with Ralph with twins for the next night though. Ralph argues with Richie and then Fonzie comes in and asks why he is giving up a date with Laurie Glass, and Fonzie suggests Potsie be "the other Richie Cunningham". Richie, Ralph, and their dates come back to Arnold's to see "Richie" (Potsie) at Arnold's with Winnie where everybody knows him by name. Potsie takes Winnie up to Inspiration Point where she tears her dress trying to get out of the car to avoid him. Howard and Richie talk about his evening and Richie doesn't admit to anything. Fonzie brings Potsie to the house and he admits it was him that tore the dress. Fonzie tells the guys about women and says "women are not real people". An enraged George and Winnifred come over and "Richard" (Potsie) apologizes to her. Joanie comes and calls Richie "Richie" and George admits to Howard that he isn't the "Prince of Porcelain" and has an even smaller store than Howard. Everyone eats breakfast and Howard says he shouldn't have used Richie's social life for his business deals.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Perry Grant & Dick Bensfield
Guest stars: Ned Wertimer as George McKinnie and Sherry Hursey as Winnie McKinnie.

Richie was once a Boy Scout.
Ralph, Richie, and their dates see the movie, "From Here to Eternity".
Richie sings "Blueberry Hill" (for the first time?)
Potsie was paid $10 to take Winnifred out.
Ooops: When Richie tells Ralph he can't go on the date, he responds by saying something like "Aw, Rich, how could you let a friend down, after all we've been through! Remember when we used to play marbles when we were little, and we used to eat those awful ____ your mother made..." Well Richie and Ralph only got introduced by Potsie when they were in high school. So, they couldn't have gone through all of that as kids. Remember the episode where Potsie says "I'd like you to meet one of my friends - Ralph Malph..."

#45- Richie Fights Back (10/14/75)

Richie is picked on by two hoodlums until he learns some self defense from Arnold.

Everyone dances at Arnold's to "Hound Dog" at Arnold's including Joanie and a young kid. Potsie makes a sarcastic remark and Joanie tells him to sit on it. Ralph plays some pinball before Frankie and Rocko come in and push him out of the way. Richie and Stephanie Honker come in with a picnic basket. The two hoodlums make Richie move out of his parking place at Arnold's, embarrassing him in front of his date and crush his thermos. The bells on the pinball machine don't work and Mr. Parking Lot (Richie) is forced to imitate pinball-machine noises while they play a game. Fonzie comes into Arnold's and then scares them off. Richie is upset and does some damage to the men's bathroom and thinks he looked like a coward. Ralph saw an ad in the mail from a Matsuo Takahashi who gives juditsu (judo) lessons at Arnold's on Sunday nights. Joanie comes home from a date with Alan Lumpkin after punching him in the lip. Richie tells Howard that he wants to learn how to defend himself and take juditsu lessons. Howard offers to teach Richie and then gives him the $20 for the lessons. Arnold is the one who is teaching the class and Richie, Joanie, Potsie, and Ralph show up. Arnold flips Potsie and then Ralph. Joanie flips Richie. Richie comes up to Fonzie's room at the house and he is kissing Vivian. Richie considers quitting juditsu and Fonzie teaches him the secret to being tough: intimidation. Richie tries to intimidate Frankie and Rocko, but it doesn't work. Richie goes crazy and slams Frankie's coat down and scares them off. Stephanie takes Richie home, and Howard tries to get out of Marion's chokehold.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Arthur Silver
Guest stars: Pat Morita as Arnold, Ken Lerner as Frankie, Jeff Conaway as Rocko, and Susan Lawrence as Vivian.

Joanie dates an Alan Lumpkin.
Richie asks for $20 from Howard for the lessons.
Howard was a cook in the army.
Arnold's real name is Matsuo Takahashi an he changed his name to Arnold because that was the drive-in name.
Classic quote: (Fonzie to Richie) "Cunningahm, with that Howdy Doody face you can only be so tough".

#46- Jailhouse Rock (10/21/75)

Richie and company challenge a curfew that is being enforced by Officer Kirk.

Richie comes in to talk to Potsie and Ralph at Arnold's. Richie has Howard's Leopard Lodge hat washed while he is out of town in Cleveland at the Greater Midwest Putty and Plaster Symposium. Officer Kirk comes in and announces a 10:00PM curfew after windows were broken at the high school the night before. Richie suggests breaking the curfew and taking it to court. Fonzie tells the guys about Elvis' train (Elvis was drafted and the train that is taking him to the army will pass through their town) for a place to meet depressed chicks. Howard returns home and Richie tells him about their plan and demonstration against the curfew. The elections for Howard to be Grand Poobah are in two days. Richie and the guys talk in the restroom and Richie says he has to back out of the plan. They see that Arnold installed a pay toilet to recoup some of his lost business and the lights go out and they are locked inside Arnold's. Richie tries breaking into the jukebox with a butter knife to make a call on the pay phone and Kirk walks in. Ralph throws the change from the pay toilet box up into the air when he sees Kirk. Arnold drops the robbery charges, but Kirk still has them on the curfew law. Kirk also arrests Howard for wearing a funny hat and puts everyone in jail. Fonzie visits after taking Marion to the jail on his motorcycle. Kirk releases them, but Richie and Howard stay to fight the curfew. Marion visits and then leaves. Fonzie tells Richie about the Elvis' train and Howard doesn't win the election.

Directed by: Art Fisher
Written by: Bob Brunner
Guest stars: Pat Morita as Arnold, Ed Peck as Kirk, and Jack Perkins as drunk.

This episode features the first appearance of Officer Kirk.

#47- Howard's 45th Fiasco (10/28/75)

Howard celebrates his 45th birthday, and thinks he hasn't done anything important in his life.

Howard says he is 43 years old, but Marion says he is 45. He was 31 when Joanie was born and Joanie is now 14, so he is 45. Howard goes to work, brings home ice cream, and the family sits him down in his chair. Richie has a book called "This is Your Life, Howard Cunnigham". His best friend Potsie is introduced. Next his 3rd grade teacher, Miss Florence Prism comes out to see Howard. Ralph Malph stands in and does the voice of the bandmaster Wilhelm Schmidt. Howard dresses up in his old band uniform and plays the tuba. Florence leaves to watch "Have Gun, Will Travel". The former Marion Kelp comes out next while Potsie sings. All the way from upstairs, Fonzie is introduced next and reads a speech written for him. Next, Richie reads a listing of things Howard almost did. Howard thinks his life is not worth looking back at and goes upstairs to take a bath. Richie comes home from helping Howard at the store. Howard is nowhere to be found. Fonzie comes in to borrow a can of beans. Fonzie realizes Howard is hiding out in his room when he finds some phone messages for him. Howard is waiting for a phone call from the airline because all the flights to Tahiti are booked. Fonzie makes Howard realize how different his family's life would be without him. Howard tells Richie what he is thankful for as Richie falls asleep and Marion overhears him. Fonzie talks to the airline lady on the phone as the show ends.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Frank Buxton
Guest stars: Pat Morita as Arnold and Mary Treen as Miss Prism.

Joanie is 14 years old.
Howard once wanted to go to Tahiti to be a painter.
Cookie Cunningham- what Howard was known in army mess halls.
Howard knows a Lester from the lodge and Jack from the store.
Howard's mother lives in Florida.
Howard has a cousin named Lawrence.
Howard's first words to Marion: "What's a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?".
Marion: "Being deserted and left with two little children isn't nothing". No mention of Chuck???
Fonzie's father left him when he was 4 years old (this is an inconsistency with episode #26 as far as the age).
Howard's store opens up at 9:00AM.
Marion once studied archaeology.

#48- Fonzie the Flatfoot (11/4/75)

Fonzie helps the police stop a gang fight.

Fonzie sets up the photos of his girlfriends in the shape of a diamond because they are gems and Richie comes in and tells him that Officer Kirk was looking for him down at Arnold's. Fonzie quickly packs up some of his belongings in a suitcase. Howard looks out the window and turns out the lights and Officer Kirk stops by and asks him about his parking tickets and the loading zone he wants in front of his hardware store in exchange for him getting Fonzie to become a policeman. There is a rumored rumble between Fonzie's former gang (The Falcons) and The Dragons. The police department wants The Fonz to talk them out of it. Richie, Joanie, and Howard eat breakfast and Fonzie comes in his uniform and Joanie laughs at him. Fonzie talks about setting up a softball game and gives Howard a summons for leaving the lids off the garbage cans. Fonzie comes into Arnold's and Ralph and Potsie make fun of him. Lefty and The Falcons soon come in later and Fonzie and Richie try to talk some sense in to him until Fonzie learns The Dragons said: "Fonzie, sit on it". Fonzie lifts some weights and Fonzie tries to change his mind at the Fonz's place. Richie takes the police hat and belt and goes to Arnold's. The Falcons and The Dragons arrive and the Fonz shows up and says The Dragons will get the hangout the first part of the week, and The Falcons the last part of the week. Fonzie sends the guys home and dances with Roberta at the end.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Teleplay by: Marty Nadler
Story by: Arthur Silver
Guest stars: Jeff Kramer as Lefty, Beatrice Colen as Marsha, Ed Peck as Kirk, Mindy Naud as Roberta, and Ken Lerner as Frankie.

Fonzie mentions his girlfriends Norma and Maria.
Fonzie has a box of engagement rings that girls have given him.
Kirk's car number is 48.
Fonzie has been out of The Falcons for three years.
Fonzie mentions The Lone Ranger.
Richie is in a softball league.
The name of the new hangout for the gang is Iggy's Drugstore.
Ralph mentions Burt Lancaster and the movie From Here to Eternity.

#49- A Date with Fonzie (11/11/75)

Richie and Fonzie go out with Laverne and Shirley. Note: first appearance of Laverne and Shirley.

It's Valentine's Day at Arnold's, and Potsie sings Great Balls of Fire while the band plays. Ralph and Potsie want to take a break to talk to some girls, but Richie doesn't feel confident talking to a girl. Fonzie takes him into his office and he plans on taking Richie to the best place in Milwaukee to meet girls: the supermarket. Fonzie goest off to do some shopping and Richie acts confused to a girl as The Fonz suggested. An older man tells Richie to take the direct approach by knocking over a woman's cart. A woman talks to Richie and shoplifts while he blocks the store manager's view. Richie blindly sends his cart into Fonzie's thinking he was a chick. Fonzie's next plan is to have a double date with Laverne DeFazio and Shirley Feeney. Howard and the rest of the family leave the house with suitcases to go to Aunt Bessie's. Laverne and Shirley meet Fonzie and Richie at Arnold's at 8PM the next night. The girls go into the restroom and start fighting over Laverne's crude remark over Richie's hanky. As they go back to the house, Richie gets locked out and has to climb through the side window and knocks over a lamp and tears a hole in his pants. Fonzie and Laverne leave very shortly after arriving and Richie gets his cufflink caught in Shirley's sweater. Richie goes into the kitchen to get some chips, pretzels, and beers and as Shirley is talking about her fight with Laverne she winds up and accidentally punches Richie as he comes from the kitchen. Shirley kisses his boo-boo as Howard and the family walk in. Shirley says she will go out again with him if he calls her. Richie tells Howard what happened that night, and Howard doesn't believe him.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Mark Rothman & Lowell Ganz
Guest stars: Cindy Williams as Shirley Feeney, Penny Marshall as Laverne DeFazio, Suzann Arnold as girl #3, Laurie Walters as Susan, Sheila Sico as girl #1, Kit McDonough as girl #2, and Bob W. Hoffman as old man.

Fonzie's girlfriend: Ramona.
This is Laverne and Shirley's first appearance on Happy Days.

#50- Fonzie the Salesman (11/20/75)

Fonzie quits his job at the garage, and starts a job as a door-to-door salesman.

Richie sees a guy taking down Herb's Auto Repairs sign down with Bronko's Auto Repairing and wonders what is going on. Herb is planning on retiring and selling the shop. Fonzie doesn't like Berkeley Van Alden from the time he meets him. Berkeley gives Richie a $1 and wants Fonzie to be his head mechanic and organize the shop and keep it clean and have new, vinyl uniforms. Bronko gives Ralph $2 and Ralph asks for his Ferrari. Bronko tells Fonzie short hair is neater and gives him a $1 for a crewcut. Fonzie quits because he doesn't work for creeps. Mr. Phil Hunsberger, a loan officer and fellow Leopard Lodge member, comes over to the Cunningham house to talk about a $10,000 business loan for Fonzie. Mr. Hunsberger asks Fonzie some questions about the loan. Fonzie goes out to other garages looking for a new job and then comes to the Cunningham's for dinner with his hair uncombed. Howard tells Richie a story about him wanting to start his own restaurant and the day his toilet overflowed and walked into a hardware store to buy a plunger and knew hardware was his calling. Fonzie says he want to go in the hardware business with Howard, but then decides against it. Fonzie gets a job selling encyclopedias door to door. He is unsuccessful at the first door and meets an attractive woman at the next. His next job is as an ice cream man in a truck. Richie tells Bronko about an offer from Dirty Bernie of a $50 raise a week, but he is making it up. Fonzie tells him about his requirements for the job and becomes the head mechanic. Bronko and Charles leave the shop, and then Richie and Fonzie leave. Richie, Potsie, and Ralph take encyclopedias over to the woman's apartment before The Fonz comes and kicks them out.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Dave Duclon
Guest stars: Dick Van Patten as Hunsberger, Richard Stahl as Van Alden, Bella Bruck as housewife, Heather Lowe as pretty lady, and Bob W. Hoffman as middle aged man.

Fonzie mentions Charleston Heston in The Ten Commandments.
The woman's apartment number is 704.
This is one of the rare episodes where there is a scene where Fonzie's hair is uncombed.

#51- Three on a Porch (11/18/75)

Richie and company rent a cottage at Lake Whitehead for a week's vacation.

Richie and the gang look depressed as Fonzie comes into Arnold's. They wonder what they will do over Easter vacation and Fonzie suggests that they go up to Lake Whitefish for the week to meet girls. Convinced that the owner would never rent to teenagers, they try to pass themselves off as adults when Richie calls Uncle Tom's Cabins. Richie is told that it will cost $75. Richie tells Howard about the "nature retreat" and asks him for $25, but he is turned down. Howard says that it is ok if he can raise the money himself, Ralph is also turned down, and Potsie gets the $25 from his parents who are anxious to get rid of him. Richie loans a guy his letterman's sweater for the weekend for $2. Ralph and the guys plan a rummage sale to raise the money for the rental fee. They sell everything for $.50 and come up $15 short until Fonzie sells kisses to the girls for a $1 each. Richie leaves the house as an adult businessman. They find out their cabin is an unfinished porch from the man, but they take it when they are find out that they are sharing the place with three chicks. They try to act foreign and Richie says they are from Tunisia and the girls invite them to dinner at 8PM. Marcia, Linda, and Karen give them apple pie and ask them if they want to make out. A police officer brings Fonzie to the cabin because Fonzie was riding his motorcycle without a license. Their cover is soon blown and the girls leave for the Fisherman's Dance. The girls return and asks the guys if they want to take a walk around the lake. Fonzie tries to take a nap and tells the animals to cool it.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Bobby Boswell & Tiffany York
Guest stars: Anne Lockhart as Marcia, Robin Mattson as Linda, Diane Harper as Karen, and Sandy Kenyon as Uncle Tom.

Ralph is 17.
Richie ran the mile in 7 minutes to get his letterman's sweater.
Richie's foreign names: for himself (Ricardo), for Potsie (Pootsie), and for Ralph (Quinnem)
They tells the girls they race camels in Tunisia.
Richie is also 17.

#52- Fonzie's New Friend (11/25/75)

Fonzie's new friend, Sticks Downey, comes to Milwaukee.

Richie goes to ask Lois about coming to his Welcome Hawaii to the Union party, and Fonzie tells him he found a drummer, Sticks Downey, before he goes to get a rebuilt crankshaft. Lois agrees to come to the party if Richie can get a date for her friend, Meralee. Sticks Downey, who is black, comes in and Ralph says they should play some basketball. Fonzie and Cunningham go into the office and talk about the situation, and Sticks is cool with everything. Sticks agrees to come to the party if Richie can set him up with a date. Fonzie calls Frederick out to talk to him, but he left Arnold's for a better job at a delicatessen (sp?). Arnold comes out and agrees to talk with Frederick. Kathleen's aunt, Rosemary Stevens, comes to meet Bill Downey, Jr. to check him out. She says Sticks is ok and asks some questions and wants to talk to Howard and Marion, who are chaperones of the party. Mrs. Stevens agrees to let Kathleen come to the party. Fonzie calls Diane and asks her to the party. Ralph and Potsie go to Fonzie's place and tell him no one is coming to the party because Sticks is colored. Fonzie comes down to Arnold's and everyone raises their hand when he asks who is going to the party, but their parents have told them not to go. Sticks and Kathleen show up and Ralph tells them no one is going to show up. Arnold comes to the party and Potsie and the band sings "Honeycomb". Joanie does the limbo and Fonzie does it even lower than her.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Sid Arthur & Artie Laing
Guest stars: Pat Morita as Arnold, Vivian Bonnell as Rosemary, John-Anthony Bailey as Bill, Kathy O'Dare as Lois, Carol Williams as Meralee, Jerii Woods as Kathleen, and Neil J. Schwartz as Bag.

Richie is Protestant.
Sticks, is called Sticks because he is skinny.
Frederick is the cook at Arnold's who is 6'5".
Marion was the president of the PTA, Howard is a veteran, they like bowling, give to the NAACP, and they've seen the (Al) Jolson Story twice.
This is Sticks Downey first appearance.

#53- They Call It Potsie Love (12/2/75)

Joanie has a crush on Potsie.

Joanie comes home from her date ice skating with Tommy Fletcher early because he is a goofball. Joanie goes down to Arnold's to get Richie to help Howard shovel snow. Potsie and the band are singing when Joanie walks in. Potsie sings "Put Your Head on My Shoulder" (a Paul Anka song) as he looks Joanie in the eyes. Joanie is fascinated by Potsie. Richie and Ralph want to practice next week, but Potsie says he can't because he wants to sing at his cousin's wedding. Ralph calls him a nerd, but Joanie says he is not a nerd. Ralph comes back to help Potsie put the equipment away. Joanie watches a Kathryn Hepburn/Cary Grant movie on the couch and falls asleep and has a dream where Potsie (dressed in a white suit) is cool and Fonzie acts like a nerd and Potsie and her are getting married. Joanie wakes up when Marion and Howard return home. Joanie asks Fonzie what he likes in women and tells her mystery gets his blood up and about a secret note he received from Vivian. Potsie finds a note in his hamburger, coat pocket, and in a book addressed to Dren. Potsie gets a note telling him to go to Arnold's, push H14 on the jukebox, turn around and she will be there. It turns out that Joanie is the mystery woman and says that Potsie is just the opposite of a nerd- and nerd backwards is "Dren". Richie and Ralph show up to see Potsie and the mystery date while Joanie hides under one of the booth's tables. Richie knows Joanie is there because he finds coat in one of the booths and he leaves Arnold's with her. Marion and Joanie talk and Marion gives her a jar of peanut butter as the episode concludes.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Marty Nadler
Guest stars:

Joanie skates at the place on Green Street.
Fonzie mentions the Polaskey Twins.
The shop is Herb's Auto Repairs.
Joanie is 14 3/4 years old.
Fonzie mentions a Vivian.
Joanie likes smooth, not crunchy peanut butter.

#54- Tell It to the Marines (12/16/75)

Ralph considers joining the Foreign Legion.

Richie and Potsie talk about who they are taking to the Goalpost dance that night while Ralph brings in a book called Lady Chatterly's Lover, but it turns out to be a fake book and snakes pop out. Ralph puts on some funny glasses and a nose and talks to Olivia who he has been going out with for 2 weeks. Olivia Hunsecker breaks up with him and Ralph goes into the office and tells his problems to Fonzie and tells him he is joining the French Foreign Legion. Ralph tries to become more sophisticated like Rex Harrison as Fonzie suggests. The new Ralph takes Olivia outside of Arnold's to talk and Ralph goes back to his old self and starts telling jokes. Ralph again says that he wants to join the French Foreign Legion, but instead enlists with the U.S. Marines. Richie tries to talk Ralph out of enlisting in the kitchen, but Ralph leaves to sign up. Richie goes to talk to Fonzie at Arnold's (it is Sunday, but Arnold gives him one day a year to take his Christmas card pictures) to get him to talk Ralph out of it. Potsie stays at the house and aggravates Howard. As Fonzie takes his Christmas card pictures with some girls, Richie talks to him. Potsie comes into Arnold's and says Ralph's father wouldn't let Ralph enlist but he would run away to Chicago in order to enlist. Ralph writes Fonzie a note and plans on leaving his car at the garage and then he and Fonzie talk. Fonzie tells him that he was wrong when he told him to join the Marines and that he would miss him because he is so funny.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Sid Arthur & Artie Laing
Guest stars: Amy Irving as Olivia

Ralph does his Arthur Gottfried impersonation: How are you, how are you...I still got it!
Ralph was going to college to become a dentist.
Ralph has posters of W.C. Fields, the Marx Brothers, and himself.

#55- Dance Contest (1/6/76)

Marion and Fonzie enter a television dance contest.

Marion prepares Richie and Joanie's lunches and Howard gets ready to go to work. Marion tired of the monotony around the house asks Howard if they can enter the Harvest Moon Dance Contest at WZAZ-TV this year and everyone laughs at her. Marion talks to Fonzie about being her dance partner. They discuss when and where they can practice together and Fonzie suggests using Arnold's before it opens up. Marion tells Howard that she is going to Mother Kelp's to cook for her and Joanie is eating at Wanda's. Joanie orders Howard some food from Arnold's and Howard talks to Arnold who reveals that Marion and another man are meeting early at Arnold's. Howard calls Mother Kelp to talk to Marion and he becomes suspicious of her actions. Howard comes down the next morning and hears Marion on the phone (probably talking to Fonzie) talking about the dance that night at 8:30. Potsie talks to Ralph about seeing Marion coming out of Fonzie's garage at night while they eat Richie's lunch at the table. Potsie and Ralph go upstairs to Fonzie's place to ask him about Fonzie and Marion and what is happening between them. Fonzie tells them about the dance that night. Howard comes down to the television station and appears upset until he finds out they were just dancing together. Richie and Joanie also show up and are angry at Fonzie. Marion just want to leave, but The Fonz wants to dance. Marion and Fonzie dance the tango and everyone applauds them.

Directed by: Norm Gray
Written by: Bob Howard
Guest stars: Pat Morita as Arnold, Rance Howard as Announcer.

Joanie's allowance is $.50 a week.
Potsie (Anson Williams) wears a white bandage on his chin in this episode.
Marion and Fonzie are dance team #6.
The announcer is Rance Howard who is Ron Howard's father.
Fonzie paid $18.50 to rent the suit that he wears to the dance contest.

#56- The Second Anniversary Show (1/12/76)

Features flashbacks of previous episodes.

Everyone gathers at Arnold's to have a surprise birthday party for Fonzie. They turn out the lights and everyone shout happy birthday to him as he walks in. Marion reminisces when they showed the apartment to Fonzie's grandmother. Howard tells how he enjoys his quiet nights as more clips from previous episodes are shown. They share more memories like when Fonzie teaches Richie the secret of being tough: intimidation. Potsie asks about when Fonzie and Richie went to the supermarket and went out with Laverne and Shirley. Some Joanie clips are then shown and Potsie tries to start the jukebox like The Fonz is able to do. Some clips of Fonzie and girls are then shown. Fonzie leaves for the bathroom to comb his hair and Ralph talks about Fonzie's weirdest girlfriend: Richie dressed as a girl for a dance. Fonzie says thank you to everybody and blows out the candles on his cake as the episode concludes with some "sit on it" clips.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Bob Brunner and Arthur Silver; numerous contributing writers
Guest stars: Cindy Williams as Shirley Feeney, Pat Morita as Arnold, Penny Marshall as Laverne DeFazio, Ed Peck, Darrell Fetty, Jeff Conaway as Rocko, Susan Lawrence as Vivian, Ken Lerner as Frankie, Manuel Padilla, Jr. as Squirt, and Tom Ruben as Milton.

At the start of the opening credits, an announcer says: "Welcome to The Happy Days 2nd Anniversary Special".
There are no standard closing credits. People are dancing in the background and the gang is at a booth as the credits are rolled.

#57- Football Frolics (1/20/76)

Richie and company start a babysitting operation to raise cash to attend an important football game.

Richie, Potsie, Ralph, Howard, and Fonzie watch a Cardinals vs. Bears football game as the Bears win. Marion waits impatiently in the car and then comes in to get Howard to go to a meeting. Richie and the guys really want to go to the game and Fozie says he can get them tickets if they take his nephew Spike. Fonzie and the boys are in his office with Spike and Arnold shows them the $10 football tickets. Arnold asks them for $80 ($20 a ticket); Spike gives him $20, but Arnold gives the guys until Monday to get the money. Marion mends Howard's Julius Caesar costume (his Mardi Gras costume) and Richie asks him for the money, but Howard turns him down. Ralph comes up with the idea with babysitting 15 kids (volume babysitting) on the night of the Mardi Gras to raise the funds. There is a Camp Cunningham sign on the door and Shirley and Laverne drag in Booker Brown that they were supposed to babysit, but they have a double date. Richie charges them $3. Booker tries to leave out the back door, and then Laverne and Shirley take his shoes. Richie says they should do the Hokey Pokey and a fracas breaks out. Richie goes up to Fonzie's place to ask for some help and some kids throw some water balloons at them. Fonzie meets Booker Brown again and then an obnoxious kid named Myron shoots him with a water gun. Fonzie brings Spike over to keep everybody in control.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: James Ritz
Guest stars: Cindy Williams as Shirley Feeney, Pat Morita as Arnold, Penny Marshall as Laverne DeFazio, Danny Butch as Spike, and Christoff St. John as Booker Brown.

The Macker Sisters are mentioned as are the Lombardi triplets.
The next game is the Bears vs. Lions with the winner playing the Giants in the championship.
Howard last went to a Bear game in 1939.
Fonzie calls Spike his nephew and Spike calls him Uncle Fonzie.
Ralph wears a Camp Yukamunk sweatshirt.
This is Laverne and Shirley's 2nd appearance.

#58- Fonzie the Superstar (1/27/76)

Fonzie learns to sing so he can perform at the school dance.

Fonzie comes into Arnold's and says he is going out of town for a few days to the Powder Puff Derby and be a part of Pinky Tuscadero's pit crew. Potsie comes into Arnold's and tells the guys his rich Uncle Wilbur wants him to go up to his alma-mater Notre Dame and he will be gone for the weekend and the band won't have a singer for the Saturday Senior Dance. Richie discusses several alternatives with the family before they leave to go to a movie (Psycho or Mr. Roberts). Arnold makes a phone call to get a new singer, and Ralph and Richie say Fonzie will sing for the band. Fonzie returns with a trophy from his trip and is upset with Ralph and Potsie when he learns their plans. Ralph and Potsie try to talk The Fonz into singing, but declines when Potsie offers singing lessons. Finally, Fonzie agrees and Potsie gives him a singing lesson at Arnold's. Laverne and Shirley come to the practice and are The Fonz's background singers. Fonzie gets nervous and doesn't want to sing before the big audience and talks to Richie. Richie tells the crowd Fonzie will be unable to sing because he slipped in the bathroom and hit his head on the sink. Arnold starts to sing By the Light of the Silvery Moon with Laverne and Shirley as The Fonz comes out in his white costume. Fonzie sings Heartbreak Hotel and the crowd goes wild. After the performance, Fonzie comes out with fringes of his costume torn off, and Laverne and Shirley keep some fringes. Richie puts on Fonzie's jacket and a helmet and Fonzie puts on Richie's Jefferson sweater and goes out the back door and Richie goes out to the girls.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Arthur Silver & Barry Rubinowitz
Guest stars: Cindy Williams as Shirley Feeney, Pat Morita as Arnold, Penny Marshall as Laverne DeFazio, John-Anthony Bailey as Sticks, and Jillian Kesner as Patty Petrolunga.

This is Sticks Downey 2nd appearance.
This is Laverne and Shirley's 3rd appearance.
Classic quote: Joanie: "We're going to see Psycho" to which Ralph says: "Tony Perkins is his own mother". So they decide to see Mr. Roberts, to which Ralph says: "I cried when he died". So they decide to see Cinderella, to which Howard asks Ralph: "Did you see that one too??" Later on Ralph says, "The shoe fits!".

#59- Two Angry Men (2/3/76)

The Cunningham's roof caves in due to Fonzie's birds.

Fonzie has some pigeons in his apartment and Ralph and Potsie bring some wiring to build a coop on the roof. Fonzie talks about the Marlon Brando film, On the Waterfront, to Richie for his reason why he wants to raise pigeons. Richie tells him he should talk to Howard first about the idea before a pending blizzard. Fonzie names one of the chubby pigeons Mr. C. Howard returns to the house during a blizzard and hears a loud noise coming from The Fonz's apartment. Richie, Mr. C., and Mrs. C rush upstairs to find that the roof has caved in due to the blizzard and Fonzie's pigeon house. Howard calls a carpenter, Arnold's cousin Marvin, and Arnold (as a translator) and Marvin give him an estimate on the roof: $400. Fonzie and Howard argue over who is going to pay for the roof. Howard plans on taking Fonzie to court, but he doesn't want to scar Joanie. He plans on talking to The Fonz who is staying at the Wiscons Inn, but Potsie brings him a summons from Fonzie to appear in court next Tuesday. Fonzie represents himself and waives his opening statement. Howard countersues and his attorney, Mr. Taylor, gives the opening statement. Fonzie calls Richie as his first witness. Howard questions Richie and then calls Fonzie to the stand. The judge finds in favor of Howard for the $400 because Fonzie misled him about the pigeons. Howard agrees that the roof is old and will pay for half. Ralph says he will get the rest of The Fonz's share from the kids. Fonzie plans on taking the pigeons home with him that evening, but Howard wants to keep them and get frisky with Marion.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Joe Glauberg
Guest stars: Pat Morita as Arnold, June Lockhart as Judge MacBride, Bob W. Hoffman as Ernie, Robert E. Ball as baliff, and Lloyd Kino as Marvin Lee.

Richie is still 17 years old in this episode.
The roof on the Cunningham house is over 30 years old.

#60- Beauty Contest (2/10/76)

Richie and company host a beauty contest and rig it so there is no winner.

Richie and the guys are at Arnold's and talk about cheerleaders. Ralph tells the guys about a dream where he is judge in a beauty contest. Richie asks Cynthia, who is a cheerleader, on a date to a drive-in movie, but is turned down and then they go over to talk to Fonzie at his place. They tell him they are in a dating rut and nobody had ever dated a cheerleader. Fonzie tells them they should hold a beauty contest and offer a trip to Hollywood to the winner. Fonzie tells them they should plant a girl they can trust who won't accept the prize. In addition to the trip, the offer lunch at the Brown Derby with Ephrim Zimbalist Jr. Richie wants to back out of the contest, but reconsiders when Cynthia signs up. Richie and Cynthia go out as she tries to persuade him to vote for her. Ralph comes over to the house and Howard talks to them about the beauty contest. After the talent show at the conest, Mr. Elizabeth Bopton- the mailman's wife, plays the piano. Fonzie arrives and tells the guys the girl he had planned on showing up wouldn't be coming to the contest. The girls come out in their swimsuits, and the three finalists are announced: Bunny Showalter, Cynthia Miley, and Ann Louise Milligan. Richie suggests asking questions to know which girl to pick. They pick Ann Louise Milligan as Miss Arnold's and Potsie sings The Most Beautiful Girl in the World. Ann Louise wants the prizes and then the girls go after them. Fonzie changes the prize to a month of dates with him. Howard asks Richie if it was worth it at the end, and Richie broadly smiles.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Michael Warren & Bill Bickley
Guest stars: Pat Morita as Arnold, Jane Alice Brandon as Ann Louise, Janice Heiden as Cynthia, Patricia Joyce as Bunny, and Marjorie Marshall as piano player.

Ralph had a dream of meeting Gene Autry.
The title of the contest is The Miss Arnold's Beauty Pageant.
Another prize that the guys offer is a co-starring role in Tony Curtis' upcoming picture.
There is no scene with Joanie (Erin Moran), she is not even mentioned. Atleast in the syndicated episodes, she is nowhere to be found.

#61- Bringing Up Spike (2/17/76)

Fonzie watches Spike for a week.

Fonzie talks to Richie and tells him that his nephew Spike is coming to stay with him for a week because his aunt has a reserve meeting at the Great Lakes Naval Station. Fonzie asks Richie to do a favor for him and watch him for the week, but Richie is going to Chicago for two weeks for a journalism class at Northwestern. The Fonz loans Richie $20 for the two weeks. Howard drinks some warm milk and eats fig newtons while he waits with Marion in the kitchen for Joanie to come home. Fonzie comes over and Pike asks for a key to The Fonz's place. Howard talks to Fonzie about setting rules for Spike. Fonzie says his rules are: "Live fast, love hard, and don't let anyone else use your comb". Howard tells Fonzie that someone should play the role of a father for Spike. Fonzie comes home with his date Gigi only to find Spike is home. Spike wants to talk with Fonzie about something important, but he is brushed off. Richie talks to Ralph and Potsie from Northwestern on the phone. Arnold wants to close up and he goes to clean the bathrooms. Spike comes into Arnold's through a window and opens the door for Moose and Bobo who steal some money from the cash register. Arnold runs after them and catches and tackles Spike. Fonzie comes to talk to Spike about the robbery while Arnold cooks them some hamburgers. Fonzie calls Mr. C. to get him to talk to Spike. Howard waits in Fonzie's office while he talks to Spike. Spike tells him he likes flower stores and tells him it was Moose and Bobo who made the robbery. Ralph and Potsie chased the guys for 10 blocks and get the money back for Arnold.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Joe Glauberg
Guest stars: Pat Morita as Arnold, Danny Butch as Spike, Clint Howard as Moose, and Susan Lawrence as Gigi.

This is Spike's 3rd appearance.
Fonzie has been out on the road since he was 6 years old.
Fonzie is Spike's cousin. He calls him Uncle Fonzie because he is bigger than him. Fonz is an only child.
Fonzie: "When they made the Fonz, they broke the mold!".
Spike calls Howard "Ace".
Clint Howard is Ron Howard's brother.
Mr. C. makes a comment before he goes in the bathroom on a Nick at Nite version of this episode that isn't seen in local broadcasts, but Spike says something to Fonzie during their talk at Arnold's in local episodes that are cut out on Nick at Nite.

#62- A Sight for Sore Eyes (2/24/76)

Fonzie is told he needs glasses, but he does not want to wear them.

Arnold wants Fonzie to open up the bathroom door and Fonzie says he is having headaches. Fonzie had been reading a How to Fix Foreign Cars book. Ralph thinks Fonzie might need glasses because his father is an eye doctor. Howard tries to close a window and Fonzie stomps his foot on the ground and it closes. Fonzie is suffering from headaches and Joanie asks him for help with Geometry (Richie is in Chicago). Marion makes an appointment for Fonzie with Ralph's dad. Ralph's dad likes to tell jokes like Ralph. He puts on some funny glasses and tells more jokes. Fonzie can see fine with his left eye, but misses some letters on the eye chart with his right eye. Dr. Malph writes him a prescription for eye drops before his eyeglasses are ready. Dr. Malph tells him that the weakness in his right eye is causing an imbalance that is leading to his headaches. Fonzie doesn't want to wear glasses and then Ralph and his father go home. Richie talks to Mrs. C. on the phone in Chicago. Fonzie is in an accident and rides his motorcycle into Lake Michigan. The next night is the April Fools Dance where Potsie is nominated for King Fool. Richie returns from Chicago and talks Fonzie into wearing the glasses. Fonzie comes out of his office and puts on his glasses to read the name of the winner from a card. Last year's fool is this year's fool as Potsie wins and ge gets a $25 savings bond, a tricycle, and a date with the Queen of his choice (Debbie Peterson). Richie and Fonzie talk about Lulabell, a girl from Texas, that he met in Chicago as the episode concludes.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Dave Duclon
Guest stars: Pat Morita as Arnold and Jack Dodson as Dr. Malph.

This is Jack Dodson's first appearance as Ralph Malph's father, Mickey Malph.

#63- Arnold's Wedding (3/2/76)

Arnold wants Fonzie to be the best man at his wedding, but "the Fonzie Curse" looms.

Fonzie reads Hot Rod magazine at a booth at Arnold's while Ralph and Potsie argue over football. Arnold announces that the drive-in will be closed next weekend because he is getting married to a Japanese girl named Momo Okamoto. They had been exchanging letters and pictures. Arnold asks Fonzie to be his best man, and Fonzie doesn't appear excited about it and he tells Richie about the Fonzarelli Curse (he had been best man twice and both were disasters). Momo and her chaperone Terukazu come to the Cunningham house to stay. Arnold thinks Momo hates him because he is not a successful American businessman. Marion suggests that Arnold bring her to the restaurant to show her what a success he has become with Arnold's. Momo runs out of Arnold's crying and then calls the wedding off. Momo thinks she is still very Japanese and would hold Arnold's career back. Marion tells Fonzie to talk to Arnold and he listens. Fonzie gets Arnold together with Momo at the Cunningham house to talk. Arnold says he was raised in the oriental culture and wants to marry an oriental wife. Richie gives Fonzie the address to get his kimono (sp?) for the ceremony. The wedding is the next night at Arnold's. The Cunningham's meet Aunt Sumi. Potsie sings a song that he wrote and Aunt Sumi tears it up. Fonzie finally arrives in his kimono. Fonzie reads a welcome message (in English and Japanese). The wedding ceremony continues as the episode concludes.

Directed by: Frank Buxton
Written by: Bob Brunner
Guest stars: Pat Morita as Arnold, Nobu McCarthy as Momo, Richard Lee-Sung as Terukazu, Kimiko Hiroshige as Aunt Sumi, and Rollin Moyiyama as officiate.

Richie says Paula Petrolunga became a nun.
Arnold plans on putting a pizza oven into Arnold's.

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