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1974-1975 (23 episodes)

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#17- Richie Moves Out (9/10/74)

Hoping for more privacy, Richie moves in with his brother, but discovers it ain't paradise.

Richie reads to Gloria about turtles and reproduction to Gloria on the couch. Marion comes down to look for a Readers Digest and then Howard comes down to look for his reading glasses. Richie complains about his lack of privacy the next morning at breakfast. Chuck comes over and drops off his laundry and announces that his roommate is moving out. Richie wants to move in and he visits the "garage apartment". Richie gets a job at Arnold's as a busboy to pay for the rent. Potsie and Ralph show Richie their keys to his apartment. Richie comes over to the house for a visit and eats a brownie. Richie brings Gloria over to the apartment and then Potsie shows up with Trudy and Ralph brings Susie. Finally, Fonzie shows up with Cloris and Chuck shows up with his basketball team members for a meeting. Gloria plays charades with the gang. Richie discovers that bachelor living is not all it's cracked up to be and moves back to the Cunningham house.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Ben Joelson and Art Baer
Guest stars: Beatrice Colen as Marsha, Linda Purl as Gloria, Randolph Roberts as Chuck, Misty Rowe as Wendy, and Tita Bell as Trudy.

This is the first appearance of Randolph Roberts as Chuck.
Fonzie's girlfriend is named Cloris (atleast for this episode)
A Bernie Coleti is mentioned- his father owns the key store.
Richie dates Gloria in this episode. In the next episode #18 Riochie's Car, it's Richie's first date with Gloria. This is because Richie's Car was filmed before Richie Moves Out.
Richie also has his car in the episode, before he actually gets the car in Richie's Car.

#18- Richie's Car (9/17/74)

Fonzie sells Richie a stolen hot rod for $200.

Richie wants to kiss Gloria at her house after their first date while Howard listens to the Milwaukee Braves on the radio. Richie wants to be more independent and thinks Howard is cramping his style. Howard agrees to put up $200 for Richie's car. Fonzie has a cold and offers to sell Richie a car for $200 that he won in a drag race. The car is a red convertible with "Love Bandit" written in white on the side. Marlow asks Happy about a stolen car: a 1952 red Ford convertible with F-7193 as the license plate number. Richie notices the exact license plate on the car which has been painted a light family blue color. Fonzie changes the plate to F-7498 with some black paint. Gloria wants to take a ride in the car. Howard decides to take the car on the weekend to the lake. Fonzie brings Rocky Baruffy to the police office to explain the situation on how he got the car. Howard agrees to let Richie paint the car red once again at the end.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Bob Brunner and Michael Leeson
Guest stars: Karl Swenson as Detective, Joshua Shelley as Happy, Linda Purl as Gloria, Suzanne Roth as Charmaine, and Lew Horn as Officer Marlow.

Joanie has a hamster named Gertrude.
Happy is one of Fonzie's co-workers.
Fonzie mentions that he lives in an apartment.
This episode features the first mention of Inspiration Point.
Joanie has an inflatable toy sea serpent named Tory.
Howard loans their first car to the Finleys (their neighbors).
Rocky bought the car from Alfred Kreber.

#19- Who's Sorry Now? (9/24/74)

Richie goes out with a girlfriend he hasn't seen in over three years, and the girl wants to go steady.

Richie drives with Fonzie in a red convertible to Arnold's where Potsie and Ralph tell him that Richie's old girlfriend, Arlene Nestrock, has returned from New York after three years. Richie asks her out and she accepts. Howard searches for Joanie's "Terry and the Pirate" glow in the dark ring in the bathroom sink. There is another flashback where Richie takes Arlene home and then falls through the door and then falls the stairs when he is leaving. Arlene wants to go steady and takes Richie's ring. Fonzie, Potsie, Ralph, and Richie talk about Arlene and Richie going steady. Fonzie gets the idea to have Richie dress up like The Fonz when he goes to have dinner with Arlene's parents in order to steer Arlene's interest away from him. Arlene is even more impressed with Richie following this incident. Richie takes her to the movies and tells her he doesn't want to go steady and later consoles her in the women's restroom. Howard and Marion play Scrabble and talk to Richie about the breakup. The boys talk at Arnold's at the end of the show.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Michael Leeson
Guest stars: Tannis G. Montgomery as Arlene, Virginia Gregg as Mrs. Nestrock, Robert Nichols as Mr. Nestrock, Laura Siegel as Rita, Jane Lambert as the woman, and Gary Morgan as usher.

The scene where Arlene is blowing in Richie's ear because she wants to watch TV is from the Love, American Style episode that was the original pilot for Happy Days in 1972.
There is also a flashback where Potsie dances with Corrine, and Richie dances with Arlene at the diner.
Rita DeFazio is a girl Potsie once kissed while chewing gum.
Tommy Andrezi is the usher who works at the movie theatre.

#20- You Go to My Head (10/1/74)

Richie decides to see a psychiatrist after reading a book on abnormal psychology.

Richie, Potsie, and Ralph come out of a James Dean movie and see Carole Lipton who is in their chemistry class. Potsie and Ralph question Richie why he doesn't ask Carole out on a date. Fonzie teaches Richie how to pick up a girl at Arnold's acting a little like James Dean. Carole gives Richie a book about abnormal psychology and tries to analyze him. Richie tries to get a fire started on the grill for hamburgers. Richie reads the book and Ralph comes over to talk. Richie has the symptoms of being a middle child, daydreaming, fantasizing about being Mickey Mantle, being claustrophobic, and his inability to ask girls out. After reading the book, Richie considers seeking psychiatric help. Richie visits a Dr. Edward Castle at the free college clinic. Richie kisses a girl who is a stranger at Arnold's and is cured. Howard and Marion return from seeing the psychiatrist and talk to Richie.

Directed by: Jerry London
Written by: Phil Mishkin
Guest stars: Ivor Francis as Dr. Castle, Christina Hart as Carole, Misty Rowe as Wendy (the waitress), Cathey Paine as girl, and Pamela Peters as Anne.

The boys see a James Dean/Natalie Wood movie (the movie is called East of Eden with James Dean and Julie Harris).
Carole Lipton is a student in their chemistry class.
At the psychiatrist's office, the doctor gives Richie some words and asks him to think of the first word he can think of when he hears it. For example, Day/Doris, Red/Buttons, Ball/Lucille, Big/Bopper.
Wanda Presnky is mentioned as Fonzie's girlfriend in this episode.

#21- R.O.T.C. (10/8/74)

Richie is chosen to be the R.O.T.C. leader of his squad.

Richie, Potsie, and Ralph and company goof off while doing some marching drills in R.O.T.C. and their squad leader is fired. Richie is elected the new 3rd squad leader by Mr. Binicky. Howard works on a hammock in the driveway. Richie asks for a medical note from Howard to get out of being the squad leader. Richie tries to get on his buddies good side by giving Potsie a dollar and joking around with them. Richie talks with the head leader, Mr. Binicky, who tells Richie that his men have to hate him for Richie to be a good leader. The next day the squad runs off on him once again he puts them on report. Ralph and Potsie play pinball and ignore Richie. Richie has a dream sequence in which there is a trial to determine if he is a fink and he is sprayed with whipped cream. The next day, Richie tears up the report and the squad walks through the water sprinklers on the field. Howard tells Richie that it is sometimes better to be a good follower than a good leader.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Mickey Rose
Guest stars: Dave Ketchum as Binicky, Misty Rowe as Wendy, and Richard Kuller as Charlie.

Howard was a mess-hall sergeant in the army.
The other squad members names are: Chip Grabowski, Charlie Talbot, and Todd Costello.
Howard does a Humphrey Bogart impersonation.

#22- Haunted (10/29/74)

Ralph hosts an annual Halloween party, and Richie thinks he saw a headless ghost.

Everyone helps put up Halloween decorations at Arnold's. Bag talks with Marsha about the Demons' plans. Ralph talks to Richie and Potsie about his annual Halloween party and asks Richie to visit the old Simpson house to check it out. Before taking Joanie to her Junior Chipmunk meeting, they stop at the Simpson house. Joanie is frightened by a fallen picture and Richie opens a closet door and thinks he saw a headless ghost. Marion takes Joanie (dressed as a werewolf) and her friends out to do some trick-or-treating. Richie dresses as a skeleton and then goes to the party. A little cowboy and a fairy princess come to the door for candy. Richie and Arlene arrive at the house and see Ralph in a coffin and then are greeted by everyone. Potsie bobs for apples and then Fonzie shows up with his date. Potsie and Ralph set up Richie with a dressed-up dummy in a closet. Bag and the Demons show up at the party once again uninvited. Joanie and Marion sort her candy to close the show.

Directed by: Garry Marshall
Written by: David Ketchum & Bruce Shelly
Guest stars: Linda Purl as Gloria, Beatrice Colen as Marsha, Neil J. Schwartz as Bag, Lori Marshall as witch, Kathi Marshall as princess, and Scotti Marshall as cowboy.

Joanie's friend is Phyllis Boyer.
It is the old Magnolia Simpson house.
Howard says the pumpkin they carve looks like Aunt Bessie.
Howard says he has heard the story about the haunted house since he was a kid.
Fonzie mentions his mother and that he had his tonsils out when he was a kid. In a later episode, there is an inconsistency as he has tonsils taken out.
Potsie wears a Superman-like costume with a "F" on the front.
Ralph goes as Alfred Hitchocok, Fonzie as the Lone Ranger, and Fonzie's girlfriend ,Cloris, as Tonto.
Howard's joke: "If you take the inside out of a hot dog, what do you have left? A halloweenie."
The young children who are trick-or-treating are probably related to Garry Marshall. They may have been his nieces and nephews.

#23- Wish Upon a Star (11/12/74)

Richie wins a date with a Hollywood starlet to the school's victory dance.

Richie talks to Gloria about going to a picnic. Richie wins a date with Cindy Shea, star of the movie Calypso Beach, to the school dance. Richie offers to let Ralph take Gloria to the dance, but she is angry with him. Cindy arrives with her photographer, Johnny Jordan, and some photos are taken with Richie and the family. Cindy tells Richie that she has to make several more appearances (including a demolition derby) before she can meet Richie at the dance later that night. Richie goes to the victory dance and Cindy shows up and says she wanted to save the best date for last. Richie gives her a corsage, Cindy makes a short speech, and then they dance. Cindy tells Richie that she wants to smoke and/or have a drink. Fonzie gives Richie some booze in a coke bottle. Richie and Cindy go back to her hotel room (room #212). Cindy slips into something a little more comfortable (a grey Calypso Beach sweatshirt and jeans) and Johnny (her husband) returns to the hotel room. Richie orders a Tom Collins drink from room service and then changes his mind, and Cindy orders them two hot chocolates.

Directed by: Herb Wallerstein
Written by: Dick Bensfield & Perry Grant
Guest stars: Beatrice Colen as Marsha, Cheryl Ladd as Cindy, Linda Purl as Gloria, Frank Stell as Johnny, Bryan O'Byrne as Mr. Carlyle (principal), James Daughton as Larry, and Michael Dennis Wagner as student.

Joanie has a magazine called Expose at the table.
Miss Haney is Joanie's teacher.
*Blooper*: Cindy's name is spelled "Cindy Shea" on the bottom of the poster advertising a date with her. Her autograph on the poster is spelled: "Cindy Shay".
Cindy asks Richie who his favorite musician is. His reply: Margaret Truman.
Richie breaks a Love Me Tender record in the hotel room.

#24- Not With My Sister, You Don't (11/19/74)

Richie is shocked to learn that Joanie's first date is with Spike, a young replica of Fonzie.

Richie can't believe Joanie is going out on a date with a boy to a movie. Fonzie comes on his motorcycle to Arnold's and talks to Richie. Spike, whose real name is Raymond, comes on his bike and talks with Fonzie and Richie. Marion has a talk with Joanie about the birds and the bees. Spike, a smaller version of Fonzie in a leather jacket, comes over and talks with Howard. Richie takes his date, Carol, on a double date with Joanie and Spike (they are paid $.50 an hour to watch them). Joanie and Spike disappear and they look for them and leave the movie. Richie checks Arnold's and then leaves Carol with Potsie because she is tired and hungry. Richie goes up to Inspiration Point and searches for them and meets Ralph and Potsie with Carol and later Fonzie with his date. Richie returns home and finds them playing Monopoly at the kitchen table. Richie reads Life Magazine and eats a bowl of potato chips with Howard. Ralph goes with Carol in her car at the end of the show as they leave Arnold's.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Dick Bensfield & Perry Grant
Guest stars: Beatrice Colen as Marsha, Danny Butch as Spike, Susan Denbo as Carol, Misty Rowe as Wendy, Neil J. Scwartz as Bag, and Don Potter as Harry.

Fonzie to Richie: "My kid nephew is dating your kid sister".
This is Spike's first episode.
Spike calls him "Uncle Fonz".
Joanie is 12 years old.
Howard reads a Life magazine while in bed.
This episode features the first shot of Joanie's room.
The movie features a clip of a Tony Randall.

#25- Big Money (11/26/74)

Richie is a contestant on a game show called "Big Money".

Richie, Potsie, and Ralph attend a taping of the game show "Big Money" which is hosted by Jack Whippett. The returning champion, Mr. Roger Schneider, misses the $3,200 question, name the 5 major Hawaiian islands (Hawaii, Maui, Kauai, Oahu, and Molokai) and wins a year supply of Plastic Groom hair cream. Richie's card is chosen and he is the next contestant. Richie picks card #7 and his question category is baseball. The next day, Richie meets Quincy the Quill (aka Quincy Jensen), in the john. Quincy writes the smallest dirty poem on the wall of the restroom. Richie takes a shower and Howard quizzes him with some baseball questions. Ralph and Potsie ask him some more baseball questions. Mr. Whippett gives him a sheet of all the answers in an envelope. Richie returns to Arnold's for a celebration. Richie goest to the station and talks with Mr. Whippett about the situation. Richie decides it would be dishonest to accept the money, and misses the question and wins a year supply of Plasi-Sheem toothpaste. Quincy Jensen is selected as th next contestant.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Jerry Rannow & Greg Strangis
Guest stars: Dave Madden as Jack Whippett, Beatrice Colen as Marsha, Linda Purl as Gloria, Lou Wagner as Mr. Schnieber (it sounds like Schneider to me in the actual episode), and James Ritz as Quincy.

The name of the station where the show is taped is WZAZ.
Mr. Roger Schneider is the returning champion.
Richie's middle initial is J.
Betty is the game show co-host.
The $20 question is how many bases are there in baseball? (answer: 3 and home plate)
Joanie wants a bike, Marion a dryer, and Howard a set of customized golf clubs with the money that Richie could win.
$5,000 question- What do Whee Willy Killa, Dizzy Vance, and Rabbit Mirandville have in common? (answer: they are all members of the Baseball Hall of Fame).

#26- A Star is Bored (12/5/74)

Richie and company put on a play, "Hamlet", to collect some more money for baseball uniforms.

Richie, Potsie, and Ralph talk to Marsha about their baseball game they lost 14-1. The winning team members (Trinity) come in a car to celebrate at Arnold's. The boys decide to meet Reverend Harlan and ask him for new members because they think if they look like a team they would act like one. All they got last year at the Annual Shakespeare Festival were baseball caps. The Cunninghams have dessert in the living room and talk about the play "Hamlet". Richie, Potsie, and Ralph go to Mr. Miller's office and talk about possibly getting Lawrence Olivier for the role. After failing to get a big name celebrity, they ask Fonzie if he would act in the play, only Fonzie asks who Hamlet is to them. Richie tries to teach Fonzie about Hamlet from a book at the house. Fonzie arrives at the church and refuses to wear the white tights, but does wear a black cape. During the play, Fonzie forgets his lines and Ralph almost breaks out into laughter after hearing Richie's speech. Richie talks to Fonzie during the intermission and then Fonzie makes an inspired speech to the audience and gives a great performance during the rest of the play. Some music ends the episode with Fonzie looking at the stage.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Bobby Boswell
Guest stars: Ronnie Schell as Monty Miller, Britt Leach as Rev. Harlan, Beatrice Colen as Marsha, and Alice Nunn as Mrs. Stewart.

Richie orders 3 strawberry/chocolate cream freezes at Arnold's.
4 of 7 guys hit home runs off Potsie during the baseball game.
The team is #1 in the church league.
Richie is captain and the team has a record of 0-7.
Mrs. Stewart is mentioned as donating the stained glass window for the church, the bright/shiny bell in the tower, and Thanksgiving baskets.
Howard knew a Monty Miller in the army during World War II who is now a agent. Howard gave him a canteen and Monty gave him his business card.
Mr. Miller's suggestions for the role in the play: Buffalo Bob Smith and Clarabell.
Melancholy Dane is a nickname for Hamlet.
Fonzie says his father took off on him when he was 12 years old.

#27- Guess Who's Coming to Christmas (12/17/74)

Christmas episode where Fonzie has no place to celebrate the holiday.

A drawing of a snow-covered Cunningham house opens the show. Joanie asks if she can have some of the Chipmunks over, but Howard wants it to be a family-only Christmas eve. Chuck comes over to bring his laundry home and leaves a sweatsock on the Christmas tree. Richie, Chuck, and Howard go out to the driveway and try and fix the mechanical Santa Claus. In the next scene, Fonzie comes to Arnold's and brings everyone presents. Fonzie gives Marsha a locket that says "Your the ginchiest". Potsie tries to invite Fonzie over for a turkey dinner, but Fonzie is planning on a bus trip to visit family in Waukesha. Howard and his employees have a party at Cunningham Hardware. Howard and Richie have car problems and Fonzie fixes their car and turns down their invitation of coming over for the evening. As Richie goes back to the garage to give Fonzie his present (a 3 in 1 wrench), he sees Fonzie sitting alone eating a sandwich and ravioli out of a can. Howard and Chuck decorate the tree, and Richie mopes around thinking about Fonzie. Richie and Howard go over to Fonzie's apartment and try to convince him to come over to the house and fix the Santa. Fonzie is able to fix the Santa and then the Christmas tree lights which were not working. Fonzie misses his bus, pops some popcorn in the fireplace, and then reads "The Night Before Christmas". Richie takes a picture of Howard with Chuck and then Joanie and Fonzie look at a viewmaster. The family sits down and Fonzie says grace, "Hey God, thanks".

Directed by: Frank Buxton
Written by: Bill Idelson
Guest stars: Beatrice Colen as Marsha, Randolph Roberts as Chuck, Robert Casper as Orville, Marjorie Bennett as Mrs. Harris, and Misty Rowe as Wendy.

Howard's employees are Mrs. Harrison, Buzz, and Orville.
Richie gives Chuck a basketball for a Christmas present.
Fonzie's apartment number is 154.
This episode features the first shot of Fonzie's apartment.
Fonzie: "A Christmas tree got have lights, without lights it is like a pizza without mozzarella".
This episode features the only conversation between Fonzie and Chuck.
This is Chuck's last episode, although he is mentioned again later in this season.
This classic holiday episode was re-aired several times during the series' original run.
When this episode was rerun in either 1975 or 1976, there was a newly shot intro where the Fonz prefaces the story, mentioning that Chuck was home for the holidays in the process. This is the only time that Chuck was referred to in the 3rd and following seasons.
It was re-capped/re-run twice with a Pat Morita (Arnold) episode and a Al Moliaro (Al) episode.
This episode was reportedly the highest rated Happy Days episode ever.

#28- Open House (1/7/75)

Three women have to spend the night at the Cunningham's house when their car breaks down.

Richie asks Fonzie if he wants to play some poker with them that night from midnight to dawn while his parents are out of town at Martha's and Ed's. Richie and Potsie decide to take naps in the living room to get ready for the big poker night. Richie can't sleep and they decide to play some basketball. A girl, Ruth, stops at the house and tells them they are having some car problems. The girls have to get a new distributor for their car for $35, and only have $37.50 total, so only $2.50 for a motel. Fonzie takes one of the girls (Penny) for a ride on his motorcycle. One of the girls (Chris) asks for a drink and Richie opens up the bar. Ralph comes over to the house after he hears the poker party was cancelled. Chris gives Potsie a massage and the other girl (Penny) returns to the house. When they go to bed, Richie and Potsie try to get their attention (by knocking on the wall, walking in the hallway, and lauging hysterically). They decide they will lie to Fonzie and Ralph the next day. The Cunninghams return early the next morning and are surprised to see the three, stranded beauty-pageant contestants in their home. The girls leave in their yellow convertible later that morning.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Bill James
Guest stars: Joan Prather as Ruth, Colleen Camp as Rose, Patricia Wilson as Mrs. Ellis, Cindy Cassell as Penny, Nancy Bell as Chris, Neil J. Scwartz as Bag, and Melanie Barber as Lisa Ellis.

The nearest gas station from the Cunningham house is 8 blocks away.
Richie and Potsie are 17 years old, the girls are 19.
In the opening scene when the gang arrives at Arnold's, some houses are visible in the background. Also, you can see two tall palm trees in the background...didn't know palm trees grew local to Milwaukee!
One of the girls (Chris) wears a perfume called Midnight Desire.

#29- Fonzie's Getting Married (1/14/75)

Fonzie wants to get married, only to find out that the girl is a stripper.

Ralph announces at Arnold's that he has an important announcement. Fonzie announces that he is getting married on Sunday. Richie and company go in the restroom to talk to Fonzie who says her name is Maureen (last name Johnson). Fonzie tells them his five qualifications for a good wife and wants Richie to be his best man (Rocky Barufi is his 1st choice, but he is still in prison). Potsie comes back in the restroom after he had 12 malts. Fonzie wants to take Maureen over to the house to meet Richie's parents. They sit down to have dinner and Howard says she looks familiar to him. Howard soon remembers that he saw Maureen entertain as "The Lone Stripper" last year in Chicago at the annual hardware convention. He remembers that she has a distinctive laugh like a seal. To test his theory, Howard tells a joke about soup and she laughs like a seal. Howard tells Richie that there are two kinds of girls: those that do and those that don't. Fonzie gets 5 wrenches and a chrome exhaust at his bachelor party at the Cunningham house. Ralph shows some home movies of Yellowstone Park instead of stag movies that were sent by his cousin. Richie breaks the news to Fonzie and they go down to the club to see if it is her. Fonzie finds out the only thing that Maureen has on his list is no mustache. Fonzie and Maureen talk at the end and they say goodbye to each other.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Mark Rothman & Lowell Ganz
Guest stars: Nellie Bellflower as Maureen, Jack Perkins as drunk, and Simmy Bow as emcee.

Tom Bosley says "Tonight's Happy Days was filmed before a live audience". This is the only episode of the first 2 seasons that was taped with a live audience and three cameras (as opposed to a single camera) as they did it for an experiment. Starting with season 3, all the episodes were taped with a live audience and three cameras. They eat in the living room even though the interior had not changed, except the dining room was gone for this episode, because it would be hard to view them from the audience.
Fonzie's list of qualifications of a good wife: 1)good listener, 2)good sense of humor, 3)no mustache, 4)must be untried (Ralph: "that means she has never been in court"), 5)high school diploma or equivalency.
Happy Days creator, Garry Marshall, can be seen playing the drums at the club.

#30- The Cunningham Caper (1/21/75)

Fonzie, Potsie, Ralph, and a burglar cause pandemonium in the Cunningham house while Richie is sick in bed with the flu.

Marion brings some green-colored jello upstairs to Richie's room, while he is sick in the bed with the Asiatic flu and he struggles to complete a jigsaw puzzle. Howard says they are supposed to go to the cinerama that night, but decides to cancel their plans. Richie plays some basketball with wrapped-up paper and a trash basket in his room. Fonzie comes through the window and brings Confidential, Police Digest, and Playboy. Fonzie borrows Richie's car to take Yvette to the drive-in. Potsie and Ralph bring over a French sun-bathing film and Richie tries to convince the family to go the cinerama that night. Richie calls Potsie and Ralph and tells them to come over to the house and later goes downstairs and is surprised to see a burglar. Richie and the burglar talk and then they go into the dining room to get some silverware. The burglar hides out in the closet and Richie tries to give Ralph and Potsie the film projector. Richie tries to write out "HELP" on the door and Potsie guesses "HELF". Ralph and Potsie come in and meet the burglar. Richie and company are locked in the bathroom while they decide on a way to escape. Ralph goes through a small window, but is caught when he doesn't jump out of a tree. Their next plan is to have Potsie make up an excuse, spray the burglar with shaving cream, and then have Richie run for help. Of course, their plan fails miserably. Finally, Fonzie comes over with a $1.75 pizza and then locks the burglar in the closet with a chair.

Directed by: George Tyne
Written by: Michael Weinberger & James Ritz
Guest stars: Herb Edelman as burglar.

Joanie's friends names are Roberta, Ronnie, and Bonnie.
Fonzie mentions his mother.
Name that Potsie uses on the envelope for the French sun-bathing films: Potsie Kawalski.
$886- what Ralph's father paid to have Ralph's teeth fixed.
Instead of sunbathing films, Potsie receives films of people playing volleyball.
Potsie once had to be rescued from a balcony of a movie theatre.
Ralph mentions going to dental school in the future.

#31- The Not Making of a President (1/28/75)

Election time becomes a complicated for Richie when he has a crush on a girl campaigning for Stevenson.

Richie, Potsie, and Ralph talk about who they are supporting in the presidential race: Stevenson or Eisenhower. Debbie Howser comes over on her motorscooter and Richie wants to ask her out on a date. Howard comes home with a Stevenson bumper sticker on his car. The family sits down together to eat dinner and they talk about politics. Richie decides to campaign for Stevenson in order to get a date with the cute blond, Debbie. Howard comes home the next evening with even more Stevenson bumper stickers on his car. Richie does some research on Stevenson in order to impress Debbie. Debbie asks Richie to be the speaker at the youth rally at Arnold's on Sunday. Richie and Howard argue about Stevenson (Democrat) vs. Eisenhower (Republican) as Howard tries to fix the broken garage door. Richie calls Howard narrow-minded. Richie makes the speech for Stevenson and Fonzie makes the speech for Ike. When Stevenson loses the race, Debbie walks out on Richie. Howard comes to the Stevenson headquarters and offers to take Richie to Stanley's Pizza Parlor for some pepperoni and onion pizza. At the house, Joanie comes downstairs to find out who won and Marion admits that she voted for Stevenson.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Lloyd Garver and Ken Hecht
Guest stars: Beatrice Colen as Marsha, Stephanie Steele as Debbie, and Misty Rowe as Wendy.

Howard's license plate: F-3680
Ralph mentions a Louise Farkas and a Mrs. Reed (a divorcee).
Richie is 17.
There is some actual footage of a Stevenson speech.
The time of this episode is November 1956.
From Nick at Nite's Instant Rewind: This episode focuses on the upcoming 1956 Presidential election. In 1956, there were 48 states and 48 stars on the U.S. flag. On a flag in this episode, there were 50 stars! Alaska became the 49th state on January 3rd, 1958 and Hawaii became the 50th state on Agust 21st, 1959.

#32- Cruisin' (2/11/75)

Richie, Potsie, and Ralph go cruising for girls.

Richie, Ralph, Potsie, and Bag talk about their plans for the next night. Richie says they want to go cruisin' for girls. Bag bets them that whoever is not making out by midnight has to walk through Arnold's parking lot at midnight in their underwear (Arnold's busiest time). Marion fixes Richie some blueberry pancakes and fresh squeezed orange juice after Marion borrowed his car and dented it at the supermarket. Richie and company are forced to go cruisin' in the family car, a DeSoto. They drive around the pharmacy where three girls are reading . Richie asks Hildie what flavor lipstick she is wearing (Potsie says strawberry, Ralph-rasberry, and Richie-cherry). It turns out to be strawberry. Hildie asks one of them if one of them could come help her with a lock on a door at her house and Potsie volunteers. Hildie brings 2 of her friends and they are set up. They walk along the street and meet up with some members of the "Dragons". They talk with a Benny Dooley and then The Fonz shows up out of nowhere. Fonzie suggests a drag race at the Ballbearing Warehouse at 11 with the winner getting the chicks. Fonzie talks to Noodles and he comes with Wayney and Spider to the garage to fix the rod (the DeSoto). Richie wins the drag race, and they find out the girls were just using them to make their boyfriends jealous. The guys run through the parking lot and are banned from Arnold's for a week. They find out that Bag struck out also, and they carry Bag around in his underwear in the parking lot.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Ron Friedman
Guest stars: Maureen McCormick as Hildie, Michael Lembeck as Dooley, and Neil J. Scwartz as Bag.

Ralph calls Wanda on a pay telephone to try and line up some dates, but he was faking the call.
Potsie says he is "Hercules" Weber because there isn't a door he couldn't break down.
Hildie's friends are named Julie and Terri.

#33- The Howdy Doody Show (2/18/75)

Richie does a story for the school newspaper.

Richie and Potsie walk at school and meet the school newspaper editor, Mark Summers. Mark gives Richie one final chance to get a big story. Richie plans on getting an interview with Howdy Doody and Bob Smith. Joanie and the Chipmunks plan on presenting Junior Chipmunk of the Year to Howdy Doody. Richie and the gang talk about Howdy Doody at Arnold's. Richie wants to get a bigger exclusive by getting a photo of Clarabell the Clown without makeup on. Joanie goes down to the station (WZAZ) and the show to present the award and gets nervous in front of the camera. Marion also becomes stagestruck in front of the camera. Potsie is able to get a photo of Clarabell- without his pants. Summers gives Richie 2 days for the page one exclusive. Fonzie mentions the Howdy Doody lookalike contest they are having the next day. Richie and Fonzie try to convice Ralph to enter the contest, and then Richie decides to enter it. Richie loses to Danny Glass who won a trip to Washington. Richie is able to get a picture with makeup off, pants on of Clarabell. Life magazine want to buy the picture for $300. Buffalo Bob and Clarabell come over to the house and talk Richie out of selling the picture fearing that it could jeopardize Clarabell's career. Richie takes the picture and tears it up and Clarabell cries tears of joy (confetti). Buffalo Bob and Clarabell leave to make a personal appearance and Howard tells Richie a story for his article.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Bob Brunner
Guest stars: Robert E. Smith as Buffalo Bob Smith; Bruce Kimmel as Mark, and Robert Brunner as Clarabelle (note: it is misspelled "Clarabelle" in the credits, should be "Clarabell").

Joanie's Chipmunk Den # is 7.
This episode is the first mention of Richie wanting to pursue a career in journalism.
Ralph's birthday is in August and he is 17.
The first contestant is Tommy Rhodes- a young black kid. Howdy Doody: "Wow, he is almost a dead ringer."
2nd contestant: Lee James, a girl.
3rd contestant: Danny Glass, a kid who mimics Howdy Doody and eventually wins the contest.
4th contestant: little Richie Cunningham.

#34- Get a Job (2/25/75)

Richie and company do some repair work for a young divorcee.

Richie and Ralph show Fonzie a sheet that says "Cheap Labor". Fonzie knocks some advertisements off the bulletin board at Arnold's and posts their sign. Howard measures the couch and it is 9 feet, 2 inches long. Richie receives a call from Potsie with a job offer of cleaning some turkey cages, but they pass on it. Richie and company receive another job offer from a young, attractive, divorced woman named Mrs. Kimber to fix her fence at her house for $2.00 an hour. They have a discussion about divorced woman and Potsie asks her for a glass of water. Ralph (without his shirt) also asks for some water and she tells him he should put his shirt back on to avoid a sunburn. Mrs. Kimber brings some sandwiches out to the boys before she leaves for the day. Ralph and Potsie leave and Richie is forced to do the job by himself. The woman invites Richie to stay for steak dinner, and he accepts. Richie dresses up in a suit and uses Howard's after-shave lotion. Richie has dinner with Dorothy (Mrs. Kimber) while Ralph and Potsie spy on them. Richie and Dorothy kiss on a swing and talk, and wishes Richie was only 10 years older. Richie talks to the guys the next evening at Arnold's, but he doesn't tell them anything or provide any details that they are looking for.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Bill Idelson
Guest stars: Leslie Charleson as Mrs. Kimber and Beatrice Colen as Marsha.

Howard's feet are 11 inches long.
Joaie writes down Mrs. Kimber's address down on a gum wrapper: 224 Elmridge Street.
Richie is President of the glee club.
Richie's menu selection: meatloaf.
Mrs. Kimber is 28 years old.
Howard once worked at Mickey's Market delivering groceries.

#35- Fonzie Joins the Band (3/4/75)

Fonzie wants to join Richie's band.

Potsie sings and the band (Richie on keyboard, Ralph on saxophone, and Bag on drums) play "Splish, Splash" in the Cunningham garage. Howard gets the band a job for a Leopard Lodge dance (they get the job by a 8 to 1 vote). The catch is that they have to get tuxedos while they get $12.50 a piece for the job. Fonzie fixes Richie's car and Richie tells him about their dilemma. Fonzie comes through with the tuxedos (he makes a deal with old man Miller at the Spic and Span Cleaner if he breaks a date with his daughter). Fonzie gets his own tuxedo and wants to join the band and play the bongos. Richie tries mouthing "I love you" to a strawberry blond (as Fonzie had previously suggested), but misses and sends it to a waiter first and then Mrs. C. Fonzie does his bongo solo during the middle of a slow dance in order for him to impress a girl. The guys decide they must get rid of Fonzie for the future of the band, and nominate Richie as the leader. Potsie sings and the band plays "Splish, Splash". Afterwards, Richie goes up to Carol Downs, and wants to ask her out on a date. Her date wants to fight Richie and calls him out to the bird bath in 5 minutes. Fonzie shows up in the nick of time to save Richie. Everyone does the bunny hop as the group performs the next song. The family comes home and Howard comes home with a sore back and then Marion hurts her back doing the Charleston (a dance move). Richie and Joanie help them upstairs for the night.

Directed by: Frank Buxton
Written by: Ben Joelson & Art Baer
Guest stars: Neil J. Scwartz as Bag, Adam Arkin as Bo, and Susan Richardson as Carol.

The Grand Poohbah is named Monroe Showalter.
Most of this episode takes place at an outside dance where Richie's band is performing...look closely and you'll notice that they're really laying in the Bradys' (from The Brady Bunch) back yard (!!). The band is playing in that weird strange area where the Bradys did Snow White. The scene where Richie has to kick Fonzie out of the band takes place right about where Marcia gets hit by the football (Oh My Nose!). And that redwood fence in the background leads right to the Dittmyers (the Brady's neighbors).

#36- Fish and The Fins (3/11/75)

A rock group hides out at the Cunningham house, while Richie scrambles for tickets.

Howard comes in with a bad back and Marion helps take his coat off him. Richie, Potsie, and Ralph come to the house to watch Afternoon Bandstand. Johnny Fish and The Fins are on the show singing a song; and Richie knows the band's piano player Rocky Roads (real name: Angelo Coletti who Richie went to summer camp together when they were 9). The band is coming to Milwaukee. Richie has to get 6 tickets and Corrine wants to go with him, and Fonzie wants 3 tickets on the aisle. Richie "Freckles" tells them about his story when he was 9 years old and saved his life from drowning at summer camp. Marion calls Angelo Coletti (she knows his mother Sylvia) and is able to get 10 tickets (Row LL). No one believes Richie knows him, and later Rocky Roads comes to the Cunningham house. Rocky wants to use the house as a hideout from fans at the hotel, but he doesn't want Richie to tell anyone. Howard comes home to find a car in the driveway and a fridge full of beer. Abe helps Howard with his back. Ralph and Potsie come to Arnold's in Ralph's yellow hot rod. Richie is bummed out while he can't tell anyone and the Fish and Fins play basketball. Rocky Roads makes a special dedication to Richie for the first song. They perform a song called "Youngblood". Corrine comes to sit by Richie but he says the seat is taken. Richie brings some souvenirs from the band, and Fonzie distributes them at Arnold's.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Phil Mishkin
Guest stars: Flash Cadillac and The Continental Kids (Sam McFadin, Kris Moe, Jeff Stewart, and Linn Phillips), Georganne La Piere as Corrine, Marjorie Bennett as the lady, Borah Silver as guard, Shelley Sparlock as girl, and Hank Stohl as Announcer.

Potsie wants to ask Jenny Conn, and Ralph wants to ask Carol Wrensko to the concert.
Pfister Hotel: where the Fins are staying.
Johnny's hotel #- 306.
Marion mentions Chuck in this episode- Chuck sucks his thumb when something is bothering him; Richie holds a basketball and doesn't shoot; Joanie also sucks her thumb.
Corrine's boyfriend, Buzz Foley, has tickets for Row DC.
Howard earned his first spot at the Leopard Lodge.
In this episode, Mr. C. tries to join the Leopard Lodge but in #35 Fonzie Joins the Band, he is already a member of the Leopard Lodge. This is because Fish and the Fins was filmed before Fonzie Joins the Band.

#37- Richie's Flip Side (3/18/75)

Richie becomes a disc jockey and gets his own radio show.

A disc jockey at W.O.W. radio station does a segment and then wants more money from his boss, Norman. Richie has a broom in his hand at the station and works there. The disc jockey quits, and Richard J. Cunningham is forced to go on the air. Richie gets Charlie's (Charlie the Prince) job and still earns $25 a week from Mr. Bander. Richie comes in later for dinner and tells everyone about his new job. Everyone at Arnold's is impressed with Richie and his job on the air. Richie "the C" is offered a job as the top disc jockey for W.O.W. Ralph and Potsie tell Richie is very average and that he needs to change his image. Richie can't go to the state fair because he has to do a promotional appearance at a supermarket. Mr. Bander says they need to do a remote to compete with another radio station, W.E.E. Mr. Bander, Marsha, and Richie do some negotiations at a table at Arnold's. Richies brushes off the guys, and they decide to give him the business and ignore him at the live remote. Potsie, Ralph, and Fonzie ignore Richie when he asks for dedications on the air. Howard, Marion, and Joanie say that Richie is bombing during his live performance. Fonzie makes a dedication to several girls and then everyone starts to dance at the end.

Directed by: Herb Wallerstein
Written by: Greg Strangis & Jerry Rannow
Guest stars: Warren Berlinger as Charlie the Prince, Jesse White as Bander, Beatrice Colen as Marsha, Misty Rowe as Wendy, Tita Bell as Trudy, Jean Fraser as Sandy, and Alberto Isaac as busboy.

They do a live remote from Arnold's Drive-In, the world's best hamburger emporium and home of the Ricky Nelson burger, Big Bopper shakes, and starting tomorrow Richie "the C" onion rings.

#38- Kiss Me Sickly (4/29/75)

Richie watches Fonzie's girlfriend, while he leaves for a week.

Potsie tosses a football to Richie as they come out of school and Fonzie catches it. Fonzie plans on going to Rockford, IL for the demolition derby championship (representing Happy's garage) for a week and wants Richie to watch his girl, Denise Hudson. Richie sends Denise a soda at Arnold's and Wendy delivers it to her. Denise wants to come over to watch some tv at the Cunningham's house at 7 o'clock. Howard looks at a TV Guide to decide what they will watch. Denise starts hugging Richie and Marion and Howard go into the kitchen to leave them alone and are found by Joanie kissing. Marion brings some animal crackers into the family room. and Richie and Denise leave for Inspiration Point. Denise falls for him, but Richie insists she is Fonzie's girl. Richie fixes the basketball net at the house while he tells Potsie and Ralph that he has been up at Inspiration Point every night that week with Denise. The guys believe Richie has the symptoms of mono. Howard fixes the vacuum cleaner. Richie drinks Joanie's lemonade and protects his favorite glass. Fonzie returns after a week and goes into his office (the restroom) and talks to Richie. Fonzie thinks about hitting Richie with an exhaust pipe but finds a loophole because he had also been with a girl on his trip. Richie gets a black eye when a kid opens the bathroom door and everyone winks it was the Fonz that hit him.

Directed by: George Tyne
Teleplay by: James Ritz & Michael Weinberger
Story by: Paul Lichtman & Howard Storm
Guest stars: Laurette Spang as Denise, Misty Rowe as Wendy, Richard Kuller as kid, and Didi Conn as Joyce.

Fonzie and Denise had been dating two weeks.
Denise wears a perfume called Moonlight Surrender.
Marion once had a favorite glass with Valentino on it.
Fonzie's writing on the restroom wall: "Steady chicks are here today, but steady friends are here to stay."
Joanie is 12 years old.

#39- Goin' to Chicago (5/6/75)

Richie and company go to Chicago with the school chorus.

Richie, Potsie, and Ralph sing with the school chorus (they sing "Glory, Glory"). Miss Wheaton gives the itinerary for the school chorus and their trip to Chicago. Richie packs a suitcase and Howard helps him close it and tells him to be careful with his money in Chicago. Fonzie wants Richie to pick him up some grease from a particular garage in the northside of Chicago for his grease collection. Ralph is appointed monitor for the bus and they start "10,000 bottles of beer on the wall". They check into the hotel room and Potsie steals all the hotel advertisement items in the room. While Mr. Pinney guards the elevator, they decide to leave by using the stairs. They go to the Blue Pelican and see comedian Jackie Silver. They get the check and are shocked to find out that it is for $36.00 ($6 each for 6 ginger ales and an entertainment charge). Potsie forgets his money in the money belt at the hotel. Potsie and Ralph go back to the hotel and then want to go bail Richie out, but can't leave because of Mr. Pinney. The waitress offers to take Richie back to the hotel room to pick up the money, while Potsie and Ralph are stranded there. Mr. Pinney (the choir master) catches them with the waitress in their room, and tells them they are out of the choir. They are back in the choir when they spot Miss Wheaton in Mr. Pinney's hotel room.

Directed by: George Tyne
Written by: Frank Buxton
Guest stars: George Furth as Mr. Pinney, Phil Leeds as J. Jackie Silver, Pamela Myers as Mitzi, and Helen Page Camp as Miss Wheaton.

The school itinerary: 3:00PM- bus leaves school for Chicago, 6:00PM- arrive in Chicago, stay overnight at the Hotel Dortmander, sing at 9:30 the next morning on TV, return immediately after to the school.
Miss Wheaton's name is Barbara.
Somebody that wrote to me say his wife is in this episode. She won a department store contest in Philadelphia in 1974 which sent her out to appear in an episode and meet the cast. She can be seen in the scene where the gang boards the bus before heading to Chicago.

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