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#1- All the Way (original air date - 1/15/74)

Richie is set up with Mary Lou Milligan, a girl with a reputation, by Potsie.

Ralph Malph shows everyone at Arnold's his hickey. Potsie gives Richie a Mickey Spillane book, I the Jury, and sets Richie up with Mary Lou Milligan, a girl who has a repuation who looks like Bridget Bardot. Richie reads some of the book to Mary Lou at Arnold's. Mary Lou tells Richie he looks like Pat Boone. Potsie brings a bra to help Richie practice unhooking it, and Fonzie comes and unsnaps it off the radiator in the restroom. Richie goes to Mrs. Kelly's, where Mary Lou is babysitting, and goes through his pre-planned routine. The next day, Richie brags to everyone at a baseball game. Richie later tells her what he did, and later Fonzie sets up a date with Mary Lou.

Directed by: Mel Ferber
Written by: Rob Reiner, Philip Mishkin, and Garry Marshall
Guest stars: Gavan O'Herlihy as Chuck, Kathy O'Dare as Mary Lou, Danny Jacobson as Pat, and Richard D. Hurst as cook.

The drive-in logo reads "Arthur's" in the first episode and not "Arnold's" as it would in the next and remaining episodes.
Fonzie wears a grey jacket.
Ralph wears a red "Gems" jacket.
Richie is a junior in high school.
Richie won the reading comprehension medal when he graduated from grammar school.
Richie lives on Ridge Street.
Howard's hardware store is on the corner of Alcott & ...
Richie is right-handed.
Fonzie gives the first thumbs up gesture in this episode.
The Cunningham's plan on going to Aunt Bessie's.
The gym teacher's name is Mr. Brockington.
Fonzie has only 6 lines in this first episode.

#2- The Lemon (1/22/74)

Richie and Potsie team up their money to buy a convertible in order to impress two girls.

Ralph comes in his red convertible to Arnold's and picks up Betty and Trudy and offers to take them home. Richie and Potsie think about combining their money to buy a car to take to the sock hop. Richie has $100 and Potsie has $75. They buy a white car with an eagle as a hood ornament. Howard goes in the car to start the engine and falls back in the seat (Nash seat). They wait to they close Arnold's and then push the car back home later that evening. Fonzie comes over and repairs the car and takes the eagle ornament. They return from the sock hop and go to the lake to see the "submarine races". Betty Wilkin's father calls and talks to Howard. Howard goes to Arnold's and talks with Fonzie. The car goes into the lake when Richie and Potsie let go of it. Fonzie buys the car for $25, drys it out, and then sells it to Otto's Auto's Orphanage for $50.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Dick Bensfield & Perry Grant
Guest stars: Tita Bell as Trudy, Cindy Eilbacher as Betty, and Betty Wilkins' father (uncredited).

Howard watches a wrestling match and elbows Joanie off the hassock.
The drive-in logo now reads "Arnold's". (picture of the Arnold's drive-in logo)
Trudy uses strawberry lipstick because orange makes Potsie's lips break out.
Richie mentions to Betty that the New York Giants baseball team may move to San Francisco.
Richie is 17 years old.

#3- Richie's Cup Runneth Over (1/29/74)

Potsie takes Richie to a wild bachelor party.

Richie and Ralph set up a mannequin in Bert's car and scare a waitress. The waitress goes to the car and the mannequin's head falls off. Richie is invited to Potsie's cousin's, Arnold Drysdale who is in the Marines and is returning from Korea, bachelor/stag party at the Crystal Hotel. Richie and Potsie are given some adult playing cards by Duke. They drink some olive oil, imported from Spain and that Potsie got from the kitchen, to get ready for the drinking games. The drinking game is called "Sloppy Sixty". Verna LaVerne comes out of a cake and entertains. Verna gives Richie a ride home in her pickup truck (with the cake in the back of the truck). Howard comes down and meets Verna. Richie invites Verna over for dinner Sunday night at 8 o'clock. Richie comes home with a hangover after having 72 teenie-weenie glasses of beer.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: William S. Bickley & Bob Brunner
Guest stars: Louisa Moritz as Verna LaVerne, Lennie Weinrib as Duke, Gavan O'Herlihy as Chuck, Tim Haldeman as Arnold, Beatrice Colen as waitress, and Tom Harris as Vince.

This episode features the first exterior shot of the Cunningham house.
It also has the first shot of Richie's room.
Howard mentions Uncle Leo's wedding in Atlantic City to Marion.

#4- Guess Who's Coming to Visit (2/5/74)

Richie and Potsie go out to watch Fonzie at a midnight drag race.

Ralph shows up in his yellow dragster which Fonzie fixed up. Skizzy Scarlik challenges Ralph Malph to a drag race at 7:00 at Airport Road. Fonzie decides that he will drive the car in the race. Potsie stays over at the Cunninghams while his parents are in Atlantic City. The drag race is changed to midnight when Fonzie has problems with the tires. The Cunninghams and company watch some of The Untouchables on television. Richie and Potsie sneak out of the window to go to the drag race. Fair and impartial Richie is selected to start the race by dropping a white flag. Richie is stopped by Howard and then the cops show up and everyone runs off. Everyone is brought into the police's office for questioning. Howard grounds Richie for life and then changes it to two weeks. Everyone leaves Arnold's at 5:30 (because they are grounded) except for two kids (Moose and a girl) who dance at the end.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Mark Rothman & Lowell Ganz
Guest stars: Herb Voland as Sergeant, Alan Abelew as Skizzy, Gavan O'Herlihy as Chuck, Laura Michaels as Jean (Skizzy's girlfriend), Beatrice Colen as Marsha, Julie Graham as the cheerleader, Barry Greenberg as Moose, and Carey Williams as Moose's girl.

Potsie goes to drop his parents off at the airport who are going to Atlantic City because his father won Tri-State Oil's clean restroom award.
Chuck wins a basketball game against Richie 20-14 (Richie was spotted a 14-0 lead).
Fonzie is first seen in his leather jacket at the police office.
There is a mention of the car of episode #2 in this episode.
The song at the end of this episode where the two kids are dancing is 'The Little White Cloud That Cried' By Johnny Ray.

#5- Hardware Jungle (2/12/74)

Richie watches the hardware store instead of going to a rock concert.

A waitress brings Moose some of his food, and the salt shaker is set to spill over the place. Potsie invites Gloria Hofstetter, Arlene's best friend, to the Rock 'n Roll Show. Richie tries to get tickets, but they are all sold out. Fonzie already sold his tickets to Iggy Wilson. Fonzie says he can get more for six bucks. Howard has a sore throat and eventually gives Richie the money. Dr. McKay comes to the house and checks Howard out. Howard has to have his tonsils taken out. Mr. Fenster is on vacation and Richie offers to take care of the hardware store on Saturday. Richie gives the tickets back to Fonzie for a refund. Richie then buys the tickets back, and Fonzie gives Richie a $1 for popcorn. Richie and Potsie get stuck in the store when Richie leaves the keys on the outside of the front door and Potsie allows the door to close. Richie breaks the glass door with his foot trying to get out through a small window at the top of the door. Richie stays at the store and listens to the concert on the radio.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Frank Buxton and Micahel Leeson
Guest stars: Tita Bell as Trudy, George Ives as Dr. McKay, Peter Brocco as Mr. Egan (the patient in Howard's room), Robert Casper as customer, Richard Doran as Bert, and Barry Greenberg as Moose.

Fonzie writes "Life is Just a Bowl of Pits" on the bathroom wall.
This episode features the first shot of Fonzie at the garage.
Fonzie kisses a girl in his office--a photo booth.
Fonzie is kissing Debbie who was in episode #4.
Mr. Egan is in Howard's room and gives him a drawstring.
Richie calls a Mr. Phelps to repair the window, but he is at the Rock 'n Roll Show like everyone else.

#6- The Deadly Dares (2/19/74)

Richie and Potsie have to fulfill six dares to earn their jackets when they try to become members of the Demons.

Richie and Potsie think about joining the Demons after a girl goes out with Bag. Potsie tries to start Fonzie's bike. Mr. C. and Joanie do a paint by the number painting of Napoleon. Richie and Potsie are accepted, but must do the six Deadly Dares. First, Potsie makes a prank phone call. Then Richie and Potsie kiss Marsha. Later, they put on ski masks and wear roller skates and pull off Mr. Crenshaw's toupee. They sing "My Country 'Tis of Thee" at a 3D movie where the Cunningham family is watching. They tie a police officer's shoelaces together who falls on Marsha. For the final dare, they go to a dance dressed as girls. Fonzie dances with Richie while Ralph dances with Potsie. Eventually, they decide against joining the Demons.

Directed by: Herb Wallerstein
Written by: Steven Zacharias
Guest stars: Ed Begley, Jr. as Hank, Jack Riley as O'Reilly, Gavan O'Herlihy as Chuck, Beatrice Colen as Marsha, Neil J. Schwartz as Bag, Lou Tiano as Rocky, and John Wheeler as Mr. Crenshaw.

Potsie mentions his weight as 155 pounds.
Richie asks Marion if she has his "chinos" ready. Chinos, a term unique to the '50s are men's pants of chino for casual wear. Chino is a 'strong twilled cotton used for work clothes, uniforms, etc.' They are kind of thick cotton pants that have sort of a polished look to them.
Hank says: "Thank you Fonz" when he points to Richie and Potsie to sit on the floor. This is the first mention of "Fonz".
When he was a young boy, Potsie used to make things with clay and his mother called him Potsie one day.
Potsie: "Do you have Prince Albert in a can? You better let him out before he suffocates". This Prince Albert in a can joke was also featured in "American Graffiti". Prince Albert is/was a kind of tobacco.
Howard thinks Richie looks like Doris Day when he is dressed up.
Potsie has a sister that is old enough to use mascara (15 or 16 years old).

#7- Fonzie Drops In (2/26/74)

Fonzie re-enrolls in high school, but wants Richie to do all of his homework.

Richie and company play some basketball at school. Potsie gets a B+ on his history exam. Fonzie thinks about re-enrolling in high school after he looks at Potsie's test. Miss Pratt gives everyone a pop quiz and Fonzie makes an appearance. Fonzie rearranges all of the seating plan to get the right atmosphere. Fonzie gives Richie his homework to do it for him. Richie offers to teach Fonzie for his history exam. Later, Richie invites Fonzie over for dinner and to study. Fonzie takes Howard's normal seat at the table. They work on a secret code for the true/false exam in Richie's room. Richie decides that he can't help Fonzie cheat even though he is his friend. Fonzie uses a crib sheet on a girl's sweater, and has his notes taped outside the window before they are damaged by a pigeon. Fonzie passes with a 66 then goes to the principal's office and drops out once again. Fonzie thinks about throwing away the exam, but decides to keep it and folds it up and puts it in his jacket pocket.

Directed by: Mel Ferber
Written by: Bob Brunner & William S. Bickley
Guest stars: Jessica Myerson as Miss Pratt, Tita Bell as Trudy, Stuart Nisbet as Mr. Faraday, Jean Fraser as Sandy, Richard Doran as kid.

Fonzie's co-worker is Rosco the lubeman who is 70 years old.
Mr. Faraday is the principal of the school.
Fonzie says he wants to become a cop (only job where they pay you to ride a motorcycle).
They discuss the movie, The Wild One, while eating dinner.
This episode features the first invite of Fonzie to the Cunningham house for dinner.

#8- The Skin Game (3/5/74)

Richie and Potsie use false identity cards to get into a burlesque show.

Ralph tells everyone about seeing Bubbles McCall at a burlesque show at Eddie's Pink Parlor. Richie receives a call from Mrs. C. to get some groceries (a loaf of rye bread and t.p.). Pockets (wearing a Yankees cap), Fonzie, and Potsie come over to the house. Pockets makes Potsie a fake ID card. Mrs. C. brinngs up some milk and cookies to the room. Richie asks Chuck for his draft ID card, but it is already loaned out to Bobby Gazari. Richie's card is Joe Kilvinski who is 25. They get in the show when a new ticket checker takes over for his boss. They order a few beers to cover the minimum. Once they get inside, they are more than a little surprised to see Mr. Cunningham at the show with his business associate Fred Hingle. Later, Richie and Potsie find out that Bubbles doesn't take it all off as Ralph had earlier told them. Howard brings Richie home his souvenir (a white glove) and grounds him for a week. At the end of the show, they pull the same stunt on another guy as Ralph Malph had done to them.

Directed by: Mel Ferber
Written by: William S. Bickley
Guest stars: Barbara Rhoades as Bubbles McCall, Gavan O'Herlihy as Chuck, Arthur Batanides as Eddie, Lee Paul as Mory, Beatrice Colen as Marsha, Billy Sands as the waiter, and Frank Sivero as Pockets.

Pockets shows a forgery of Eisenhower's signature.
Potsie gives his weight as 145 lbs. and height as 5'10' and mentions that he has blue eyes.
Richie gives his height as 5'9'.
Richie's ID card: name/Joe Kilvinski, hair/red, weight/135, eyes/blue, and age/25.
Fonzie at the end: "Bull makes the world go round".
Marion and Howard have been married 21 years, and it is now approximately 1958.

#9- Breaking Up is Hard to Do (3/12/74)

Richie and Arlene split up only to discover that it's too late to line up other dates for the prom.

Richie and Arlene Holder argue about why he was late with other friends supporting their own sides. They decide to break up after seeing each other for two weeks and Arlene gives Richie his ring back to him. The Cunninghams talk about tuxedos and the upcoming prom at the dinner table. Richie and Arlene soon discover that neither of them can get another date, and Richie offers to give her a lift to the Jefferson High School Teen Angel prom. Mrs. McCarthy substitutes for Mrs. Gavin and babysits Joanie. They take some pictures before they leave for the prom. Howard and Marion check out some of the make-out sites from Hot Lips McDonald's list. Howard dances with the 72 year old Mrs. Frawley and Fonzie asks Mrs. C. to dance. Arlene dances with several guys (including Potsie and Ralph) and makes Richie jealous. Fonzie's date, Sandy Howser, is crowned Miss Teen Angel. Arlene is named Miss runner-up and dances with Richie. Fonzie and Sandy drive around Teen Heaven in their "cloud". Howard and Marion dance at the end to conclude the show.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: William S. Bickley
Guest stars: Laurette Spang as Arlene, Reta Shaw as Mrs. McCarthy, Beatrice Colen as Marsha, Tita Bell as Trudy, and Jean Fraser as Sandy.

Mr. Faraday is the principal.
This is Richie's junior prom.

#10- Give the Band a Hand (3/26/74)

Richie and his friends set out to conquer their financial woes as a rock 'n roll band.

Richie is working at Arnold's while Richie and Potsie think about how they can make some money. Richie, Potsie, and Ralph form a band in order to earn some extra money. They practice in the garage and play the song All Shook Up with Fonzie critiquing them. Potsie later comes over in a werewolf mask while the Cunninghams play Monopoly at the kitchen table. Richie and the gang are able to get a gig at a college frat party for $11.25 each. After cleaning up the house, they lose $50 playing some poker. They lose by the Hoboken Hustle with a marked set of cards. "Chips" (Howard) Cunningham and Richie go back over to the Zena Phi house to win back their money. Howard lets them win every hand and then at the end uses his own deck of cards to play fair and square. They return to the house early the next morning, and Howard has to go to a Father/Daughter Junior Chipmunk outing with Joanie when he arrives home.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Dick Bensfield & Perry Grant
Guest stars: Bruce Kimmel as Murf, Gavan O'Herlihy as Chuck, Richard Rasof as Animal, Neil J. Schwartz as Bag, Don Carter as Brian, and Ding Dingle as waitress.

The band's piano player, Jerry Cutler moved away but Ralph plays the piano.
Arnold, the owner of the restaurant, is first mentioned in this episode.
The bulldog's name at the poker game is Rosco.
Rodney Lane's nickname is the Animal.
One thing to watch for in this episode is when "Chips" shows Richie his card trick those are not Howard's hands doing the work. Too skinny.

#11- Because She's There (4/2/74)

Richie reluctantly agrees to go on a blind date with a girl who towers over him.

Potsie talks about possibly setting up Richie on a blind date. Richie plays some pinball at Arnold's while Fonzie alters the score and Richie wins a free game. Richie is set up with Susan Denton's cousin, Phyllis. Richie is surprised when she towers over him in her Statue of Liberty costume. Richie goes to the party as a prince, Potsie as Daniel Boone, Ralph in a Superman-like costume, and Fonzie as Marlon Brando (in his same white shirt and leather jacket). Howard and Marion play bridge with Harry and Hazel upstairs while the party is going on in the basement. While Fonzie, Potsie, and Ralph take their dates to the lake, Richie takes Phyllis on a tour of the city. Richie's car (loaned by Potsie/it is Potsie's parents car) runs out of gas and Fonzie stops and gives them a few drops of gas. They use Phyllis' torch to pour the gas into the car. Richie gets home at 2am in the morning, and is told on by Joanie to Howard.

Directed by: Peter Baldwin
Written by: Jack Winter
Guest stars: Diana Canova as Phyllis, Beatrice Colen as Marsha, Gracia Lee as Hazel, Mike Monahan as Harry, Karen Duitsman as Susan, Barry Greenberg as Moose, and Sheena (Fonzie's date) (uncredited).

Richie is dressed up at the beginning of the show because he had his picture taken for the yearbook for the French Club.
A girl dresses up in a "Old Bold" domestic blend cigarettes box costume.
Richie tells Phyllis that he wants to go to law school after getting out of college. Richie would go on to study Journalism in high school.
The party is at Ralph's house.
This is the first episode that features Ralph's parents - in this episode their names are Harry and Hazel. In later episodes, Ralph's father was named Mickey Malph and was played by 2 different actors (Alan Oppenheimer and Jack Dodson). Ralph's mother's name was Minnie Malph - she was never seen in any episodes.

#12- In the Name of Love (4/9/74)

Potsie and Ralph want to date Cindy Shellenberger, while Cindy only wants Richie as a tutor.

Potsie makes himself a ketchup freeze at Arnold's. Ralph and Potsie both tell Richie they are in love with Cindy Shellenberger, the new girl in school who was Wycliffe's homecoming queen, the prom queen, and Miss Sapling and is a little older because she missed some school because she travled through Europe with her military father. She wants Richie to tutor her for English and Biology classes at the Cunningham house. Richie sets up the chairs in the living room and Potsie drops by for a visit. Later, they move up to Richie's room to study. Richie kisses Cindy and then the next night he takes her to the Half Moon drive-in theater. Richie asks Cindy to go steady, but she doesn't hear "My Prayer" by The Platters. Richie writes "I love you" for Cindy the next day on a sidewalk by drawing an eye, a heart, and an ewe (female sheep). Richie goes to a tattoo parlor to get a tattoo to impress Cindy. Howard comes to the parlor and stops Richie's plan. Fonzie draws a fish with a hook on Richie's arm. Cindy tells Richie at the end they can still be friends.

Directed by: Don Weis
Written by: Jack Winter
Guest stars: Mary Cross as Cindy, Dick Balduzzi as Joe, and Robert Karvel as man.

Richie has a James Dean photo in his room.
Fonzie reads "Hot Rod Magazine".
Fonzie tells Richie to go to the Half Moon drive-in, row L, 7th stall from the left because the car speaker is broken.
Richie says that he can run a mile in under six minutes.

#13- Great Expectations (4/16/74)

Richie helps a stranded beatnik who is pregnant.

Richie walks into a movie and asks a girl named Deidre, a female beatnik, if the next to her is taken. She is reading Warts on My Soul , a poetry book. Fonzie looks at her car which broke down. Richie invites her to dinner. She faints at the table when Howard asks her to pass the roast beef to him. She stays in Chuck's room, which is a basketball shrine. Richie reads her some of his poetry and then Deidre tells him that she is pregnant. Richie goes to the Purple Eagle where Deidre's boyfriend is a bongo player. He meets Lawrence at the beatnik hangout. The Cunninghams and Diedre play Monopoly on the floor. Deidre makes a jelly bean and egg sandwich. Potsie and Ralph come in beret-like caps and dark sunglasses to the Purple Eagle. Richie joins Deidre and all of her beatnik friends the next morning at the garage and wants to learn about life. Richie soon learns that Deidre and Lawrence are not going on the trip, and he returns to the Cunningham house.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Story by: Peggy Elliott and Ed Scharlach
Guest stars: Udana Power as Deidre, Danny Goldman as Lawrence, Beatrice Colen as Marsha, and Valerie Curtin as poetess.

Howard mentions that beef is at $.68 per pound.
The gas war sign in the garage says "22.9".
This episode features the first (and only) shot of Chuck's room.
Udana Power was in a later episode playing the pregnant wife of one of Fonzie's friends.

#14- The Best Man (4/23/74)

The neighbors are upset when the Cunninghams invite an African-American couple to be married in their home.

Howard brings his old army buddy, Fred Washington, home for a visit before Fred gets married. They have dinner and Fred asks Howard to be his best man. Mrs. Finley comes to use the phone and meets Fred, who is black, in the kitchen. Marion thinks she may be prejudiced when she talks to Howard before they go to bed. Howard and Fred visit Mr. Davis, his future father-in-law and current undertaker, to discuss the wedding plans. Marion suggests they have the wedding at their house. Later that night, Officer Kincaid brings Fred to the door after he thinks he is a prowler. A Reverend Dawson stops by as Richie and Fonzie are setting up chairs for the wedding the next day. Marion and Richie try to entertain (they sing "Row, Row, Row Your Boat") while Fred gets the jitters and shoots some baskets. Fred and Carol are eventually married. Mr. Davis and Marion play the piano at the end, and Howard gives Fonzie $5 for moving the chairs out of the house.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Joel Kane
Guest stars: Robert Do Qui as Fred, Bill Henderson as Mr. Davis, Gail Bryant Cameron as Carol, Anzie Strickland as Mrs. Finley, Wonderful Smith as Reverend, and Edward Marshall as Officer Kincaid.

Howard is asked for the 5th time to be a best man.
The name of the funeral place is Davis & Sons.
One of the Cunnigham's neighbors is mentioned as John Kendall.
There is no appearance of Ralph or Potsie in this episode.

#15- Knock Around the Block (4/30/74)

Richie wants to join the Dukes, until they steal Potsie's bike.

Ralph tries to pull a prank on Marsha by putting his finger with ketchup on it in a little box to make it look like a dead finger. A local gang, the Dukes, comes into Arnold's and Frankie Molina is looking for a red-headed kid who was on their turf. He comes to thank Richie for walking home his little sister who was being picked on by some other kids. Mr. and Mrs. C. clean out some garbage cans in the driveway. Potsie's bike is stolen by the Dukes. Richie goes over to the Pool Hall to see Frankie and meets Squirt. Richie identifies Potsie's blue bike (now painted red), with a squirrel's tail, and a nameplate on the back of the bike. The Jefferson High's mascot (a duck) shows up without the football team. Frankie returns from his job as an usher at the Bijou Theatre. Potsie leaves a threatening note and they get ready to fight before Fonzie shows up with his pals to play some pool. The Dukes leave peacefully and Potsie pays Fonzie $4 for some games of pool and drinks for the boys. Howard buys a $8.50 color converter for the television at the end, and the family tries to watch the tv.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Ben Joelson & Art Bear
Guest stars: Darrell Fetty as Frankie, Manuel Padilla, Jr. as Squirt, Beatrice Colen as Marsha, Tom Ruben as Milton, and Herbie Faye as Pop.

Potsie mentions that he was a squad manager for the football team the year before.

#16- Be the First on Your Block (5/7/74)

The Cunninghams decide to build a family bomb shelter and try to keep it a secret.

Howard announces that there will be a family meeting. They discuss whether they have enough funds for a bomb shelter and Howard mentions that they could dip into their funds for their vacation to Carlsbad Caverns. A salesman, named Ernie, comes to sell them a bomb shelter. He hands brochures out to all of the family members. He calls Howard-Herbert and Marion-Margaret and several other names. The waitresses at Arnold's are wearing roller skates and falling down. Richie says he will save Potsie a spot in the bomb shelter. Richie tells Carole Akron about the bomb shelter in order to get a date with her to the Rock 'N Roll Show. Richie and Carole talk about the bomb shelter in his car. When they have a drill, all of their friends show up to use it. Everyone turns against Howard, and votes against the bomb shelter.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Richard Morgan
Guest stars: Ronnie Schell as Ernie, Christina Hart as Carole, Beatrice Colen as Marsha, and Jean Fraser as girl.

Howard announces Ernie as "Mr. Marionene".
Carole mentions that she once got caught in an elevator with Ziggy Wilson.
Joanie's stuffed panda bear, Hugo, is wearing Howard's Civil Defense helmet.
Pauline Saxon is a neighbor who calls to ask Marion for a spot in the bomb shelter.

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