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1976-1977 (25 episodes)

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#64- Fonzie Loves Pinky (9/21/76)

Fonzie and Pinky enter the Third Annual Auto Demolition Derby.

Richie practices for his tv audition (for WZAZ-TV) at the dining room table with Joanie watching. Howard, who is chairman of the First Annual Team Demolition Derby, for the Leopard Lodge, arrives home and reads the publicity leaflet for the Demolition Derby. The derby is scheduled for Tuesday at the Pfister National Park and Pinky Tusacdero will give a motorcycle exhibition. "Rick" Cunningham gets the tv job. Richie gives Fonzie some messages at the garage. Fonzie's former flame, Pinky Tuscadero, arrives and they talk. Some scenes of them dancing and spending time together are played while some background music can be heard. Also included are some scenes of them riding their motorcycles. Potsie sings "Sweet Sixteen" at Arnold's and everyone applauds. Howard, Marion, and Joanie talk to Pinky. Fonzie comes in an is upset and tells everyone he is out of the derby because his partner Nookie Newman broke his leg jumping out of a motel window. Pinky offers to drive with Pinky, but Fonzie says he wants Ralph to be on his team. Pinky and the Pinkettes leave in a storm. Fonzie and Pinky talk at the Cunningham's and she leaves upset. The Mallachi Brothers (Rocco and Count Mallachi) arrive at Arnold's and meet Richie, Pinky, and Fonzie. Pinky says she will ride with Count Mallachi. Fonzies makes an announcement that Pinky will ride with him making her the first woman in demolition derby history. Richie does a tv interview with Fonzie and Pinky. The Pinkettes are left to watch Pinky's demolition derby car at the garage and Count Mallachi takes a sledgehammer to the engine. To be continued.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Arthur Silver
Guest stars: Roz Kelly as Pinky Tuscadero, Michael Pataki as Count Mallachi, Al Molinaro as Alfred, Ken Lerner as Rocco, Doris Hess as Tina, Kelly Sanders as Lola.

Richie's job is with WZAZ-TV.
Joanie mentions Jenny Piccalo.
Howard: "The kids on Father Knows Best never walk out on Robert Young".
Arnold's has a sign: "New Management, Same Name."
Fonzie mentions The Lone Ranger and Tonto.
This is Al Molinaro's first appearance as Al Delvecchio.
Count Mallachi's name is Myron.
There is a sign at Arnold's that identifies the brothers as "The Malachi Brothers", but in the credits they are listed with the last name "Mallachi".

#65- Fonzie Loves Pinky (Part 2) (9/21/76)

The Malachi Brothers try and sabotage Pinky's car on the night before the derby.

Richie does an interview for the tv station and gives a recap of what happened in the last episode. Richie talks to Alfred on the telephone and asks him to send Fonzie over to the garage. The guys try to hide the damage (a M is painted in red on the side door) to the car. Fonzie lifts up the hood and sees the damage to the engine. Fonzie tells Ralph and Potsie to get him a gallon of pink paint and tells Tina and Lola (The Pinkettes) to get some parts from Pfister's Emporium. He tells Richie to tell Howard to delay the start of the derby. Richie tells Howard about the situation. Potsie sings "America the Beautiful" as the derby is set to begin. The Mallachi Brothers arrive and they want the derby to start. Richie announces the other entrants and reads the rules of the contest. Pinky arrives in her #7 car and Fonzie in his #6 car. Pinky tells Fonzie that she doesn't want to wear a helmet. Marion says, "Gentleman, start your stock". The derby begins and Fonzie and Pinky talk over walkie talkies. Fonzie's car stalls, but he is able to start the car by hitting the dashboard with his hand and escapes the Mallachi Crunch. Six cars remain and Rocco throws some flour into Lefty Banducci's face and they take him out with the Mallachi Crunch. Rocco tries the same stunt on the Fonz, but the Fonz pulls out a hair dryer and blows it back at him. Two teams remain (Fonzie and Pinky and the Mallachi Brothers) in the competition. Pinky stalls and she goes out to fix her engine and the Mallachi Crunch strikes her car. Pinky is hurt and taken to the hospital for x-rays and gives Fonzie her pink scarf. To be continued.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: William Bickley & Michael Warren
Guest stars: Roz Kelly as Pinky Tuscadero, Michael Pataki as Count Mallachi, Al Molinaro as Alfred, Ken Lerner as Rocco, Doris Hess as Tina, and Kelly Sanders as Lola.

A banner reads "Leopard Lodge #196 Demolition Derby".
The demolition derby entrants include: Boo Boo Fox and Mad Man Mahocky, Filthy Marvin and No Nose Quick, and Count Mallachi and his brother Rocco.
Al has a stand selling food and drinks at the derby.

#66- Fonzie Loves Pinky (Part 3) (9/28/76)

Fonzie wins the demolition derby and then proposes to Pinky.

Richie does a short recap of the previous episode as Pinky is taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Fonzie is left against the Mallachi Brothers who look to set up the Mallachi Crunch. Fonzie is able to finish off Rocco. Fonzie fake stalls his car and then rams the Count's car and wins the derby. He chases the Count who is out of his car into the men's bathroom ("Fonzie's Bathroom Blitz"). Richie tells Fonzie that Pinky is at Pfister Hospital and he takes off on his motorcycle. Fonzie tells Richie that he loves Pinky and wants to marry her. Fonzie tells Richie that he wants to buy her a house with a white picket fence and a dog named Spunky (possibly foreshadowing to his dog that he gets in a later episode). Pinky comes out in a wheelchair with a pink bandage. The Mallachi Brothers pay for the bill and pay a visit to the hospital before they leave for a derby (driving Edsels) in Detroit. Fonzie tells Pinky they should do it (meaning getting married) and the nun says over her dead body. Fonzie is set to manage Pinky's career on the road. Howard and the family leave to pick up his plaque. The Pinkettes arrive at the Cunninghams and tell him there has been a change of plans: Pinky will be on The Ed Sullivan Show in New York and they will be married on the infield of the Daytona 500. Fonzie receives a pink check from Pinky, Inc. Fonzie tells Pinky that he can't be Mr. Pinky Tuscadero. Everybody comes in to congratulate them and Fonzie tells Richie it is over between him and Pinky.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Directed by: Joe Glauberg
Guest stars: Roz Kelly as Pinky Tuscadero, Michael Pataki as Count Mallachi, Al Molinaro as Alfred, Ken Lerner as Rocco, Doris Hess as Tina, Kelly Sanders as Lola, and Ceil Cabot as nun.

Howard drives a DeSoto.
Although she was billed as a regular cast member during the summer previews for this season, this was Pinky Tuscadero's (Roz Kelly) last appearance.

#67- A Mind of His Own (10/5/76)

Fonzie goes to see a psychiatrist.

Potsie tells Richie and Ralph about Laurie Glass who he helped in Biology. She thanks him for helping her draw the digestive system and asks him to draw the reproductive system for her. Laurie's boyfriend (Bernard) calls Fonzie "Big Mouth". Fonzie takes Bernard outside to beat him up in a fight. Richie talkes to Fonzie and he tells him that he has been getting in alot of fights lately. Fonzie comes over to the Cunninghams and tells the guys about his situation. Howard tells him to snap out of it, and he tells him that he went to a psychologist to help him stop eating. Fonzie tells them to make an appointment for him. Fonzie goes in to see Dr. Brendel to talk about the street fights and violence in his life. Fonzie tells him that he doesn't have a girlfriend and goes out with 150 girls. Richie comes in and talks to the doctor. Fonzie is seen with the secretary, Miss Franklin. The doctor says they need to find an outlet for his aggression by having him build birdhouses. He hammers when he builds birdhouses. Joanie comes into Arnold's wearing Fonzie's leather jacket. Fonzie comes in a blue t-shirt carrying in a birdhouse. Butch, Bernie's brother, comes to settle a score. Butch damages the birdhouse and Fonzie keeps his cool. Fonzie takes a birdhouse for Al with a little rotating "A" on it. Fonzie retains his cool until Butch and Bernie show up and Butch touches him. Fonz lets him off the hook and they run off.

Dircted by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Jack Winter
Guest stars: Al Molinaro as Alfred, Larry Golden as Butch, Gary Springer as Bernie, Lynn Benesch as Miss Franklin, Bill Idelson as doctor, and Michelle Nicholls as Laura.

Fonzie had 8 fights in one week.
Fonzie has a date with the Polaskey twins.
Fonzie has taffy in his leather jacket pocket.

#68- Fonzie the Father (10/19/76)

Fonzie takes care of the pregnant wife of his friend.

Al is upset the baseball team loses to Sally's Knit and Yarn Shop 24-3 after he paid $65.00 for new uniforms. A pregnant woman named Louisa Corrigan looks for Richie to find Fonzie at Arnold's. Fonzie comes after work and meets Louisa and tells her he is Potsie Weber. Marion helps Joanie with her suitcase and Howard sits on it and helps close it. Fonzie asks Howard if he can have a houseguest while they are away on vacation. Mrs. Corrigan's husband, Danny Corrigan, is a very good friend of Fonzie. Richie offer her Joanie's bedroom while she is away. Fonzie tells Richie that he has the responsibility of keeping an eye on her. Fonzie and Richie tell each other about their evenings, and the one with the more interesting night leaves. Fonzie has a date with the Aloha Pussycats and leaves. Potsie and Ralph set Richie up with Brenda who is Miss Trout. Richie is upset with Fonzie leaving him in the situation. Richie wants to fight and he calls Fonzie a nerd. Fonzie takes the table cloth off the dining room table. Richie goes upstairs to get her bag and falls down the stairs. They leave out the kitchen door to go to the hospital. The hospital is having a party that night. Louisa has a boy.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Marty Nadler
Guest stars: Al Molinaro as Alfred, Udana Power as Louisa, Betty Kean as Millie, and Christina Hart as Kitty.

Fonzie has a date with the Aloha Pussycats.
Potsie has an appendix scar.
The nurse works at Spic-and-Span Cleaners.
Nurse Millie Nash is retiring that night after 40 years.
This storyline is continued on an episode of Laverne and Shirley called Bachelor Mothers (L&S #20). In this episode, godfather Fonzie takes the baby (Danny Corrigan Jr.) born in the HD episode to Laverne and Shirley's so they can babysit for him. Louisa (played by Udana Power) also appears in the L&S episode.

#69- Fonzie's Hero (10/26/76)

Potsie saves Fonzie's life and tries to serve Fonzie in any way that he can.

Richie and Ralph come into Arnold's and look at a girl (Gina, Al's niece), who is helping Al use a hammer. Fonzie stumbles into Arnold's in a burned-stained garage suit. Fonzie was taking a nap when some unknown person pulled him out of the fire at the garage into safety. Potsie comes in his Jefferson High School jacket and tells everybody his story. Everyone says Potsie is a hero and Fonzie hugs him. Marion gives Vicky a piano lesson at the house. Fonzie thinks he owes Potsie a favor (The Fonzarelli Code- a man saves your life, any favor he asks you gotta answer it). Joanie, Howard, and Marion leave for the school's open house. Ralph and Potsie come over and Potsie asks to pal around with the Fonz. Potsie wants to do everything that he hasn't done with his father. Potsie has plans for bumper cars, the circus, and rollerskating. Potsie and Fonzie go rollerskating, and Fonzie can't skate. Fonzie falls down when a beautiful girl rolls by him. Richie tells him to break The Fonzarelli Code. Potsie was in the bathroom and he overheard Fonzie and Richie talk about him. Potsie tells Fonzie that they can't hang around any more because he needs his room. Fonzie's dates arrive: The Aloha Pussycatys. Fonzie invites Potsie out with him and his dates.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Teleplay by Barry Rubinowitz, Story by Steven Dworman
Guest stars: Al Molinaro as Alfred, Amy Bosley as Amy, Scotti Marshall as Scotti, Kathi Marshall as Kathi.

Fonzie has an Uncle Vito in Sicily who had his life saved by a midget.
Joanie mentions Jenny Piccalo.
Potsie has a Huckleberry Hound lunch box.
Ralph mentions The Aloha Pussycats.
The name of the skating place is Roller Bowl Skating.
Richie was supposed to have a date with Isabel Polinka.
Scotti and Kathi Marshall are probably Happy Days creator nephew and niece.

#70- A Place of His Own (11/9/76)

Richie brings his date over to Fonzie's apartment.

Richie, Potsie, and Ralph are kissing their girls in a car. Richie's date is not in the mood because Ralph had 4 cramps and Potsie fell out of the car twice. Ralph and his date then get the backseat for themselves. Richie says he has his own place that he is redecorating in order to impress the girl who is an art student. Fonzie offers the use of his apartment. Fonzie lets him use the place that night until 12. Fonzie gives him some tips on how to win women before he leaves for work. Richie and Fonzie discuss the plans for the night, and Richie suggests that they switch places and that Fonzie sleeps in his bed because parents are going out to the movies with Al and his date. Al arrives with his date, Maria, who doesn't speak English and is from Salerno. Richie and Fonzie pull the old switcheroo and fool Joanie. Richie takes Cindy to "his" pad, his landlords Howard and Marion Constantine, are Greek. Cindy goes to use the bathroom and lets her hair down. Richie starts getting the sofa bed ready before he hears her say he wouldn't take advantage of her. She asks Richie to take off his shirt for a sketch. Marion and Howard return home and have milk and coffee and Chief Petty Officer Kendall, Cindy's father, brings Potsie and Ralph over to the house. Marion goes upstairs and finds Fonzie. Everyone goes upstairs to Fonzie's place and find Richie and Cindy. Kendall looks at the sketches downstairs before they leave. Howard suggests Kendall spend some time with his daughter.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Bill Idelson
Guest stars: Al Molinaro as Alfred, Jennifer Shaw as Cindy, and Conrad Janis as Mr. Kendall.

Potsie's dates name is Alma. H.W.W.- How to Win Women. Phase 1. music poetry; Phase 2. Anything she likes, you like- anything she hates, you hate; Phase 3. drop a couple hints that you might be willing (Phase 4).
Fonzie calls Richie: "Rich-hard".
Al shows off a Leopard Lodge hat, he's not a lodge member yet.
Marion mentions Murray's Department Store.
Richie sings "Blueberry Hill".
Chief Petty Officer Kendall is in the Navy.
Phase 5. That chick's father is coming up the stairs, run for your life.
Fonzie talks to his James Dean poster.
An alternate title for this episode is "A Place of Their Own".

#71- They Shoot Fonzies, Don't They (11/16/76)

Joanie and Fonzie enter a dance marathon at Arnold's.

Richie talks to Al and says it will cost $200 if he wants the three piece band at the marathon dance at Arnold's. Al offers $25 and Ralph says $35 and a meal and Al accepts it, Ralph not knowing that it is for a marathon dance. Richie tells him they could be working for 15 hours ($.78 per hour)! Joanie and Jimmy come into Arnold's after Joanie was cut from the pom-pom team by the captain, Jill Higgins. Jill offers to buy Jimmy a malt. Joanie says she isn't going to the marathon dance, where Howard will be a judge, Marion the first aid lady, and Richie playing in the band. Joanie says she has no chance against Jill and her partner Bubba who is her brother. Marion suggests Fonzie be Joanie's dance partner. Fonzie says he has other plans and Fonzie finally agrees after Joanie shows him her dimples. Fonzie finally arrives at the house very exhausted after he pushed his bike home 12 miles. Potsie sings a song (Evina?). Richie says yowsa, yowsa, yowsa. Fonzie and Bubba exchange some insults and bet $10. Jill picks a challenge dance: the jitterbug (to the song Rockin' Robin). 4 more teams drop out and 6 teams are remaining. After a two minute break, Ralph sings a waltz and Potsie plays the piano. A new bet is made: if Jill and Bubba win, Fonzie gets a crewcut; if Joanie and Fonzie win, Joanie becomes a pom-pom girl. Another team drops out, and only the two teams remain. At another break Fonzie wants to quit but Joanie talks him out of it. Howard tells Joanie what Fonzie did to get to the dance on time. Fonzie issues a challenge dance request: the Kasatski (?); Fonzie and Joanie finally win the marathon. Fonzie gives an acceptance speech before he is carried off on a stretcher. Joanie kisses Richie.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Steven Zacharias
Guest stars: Al Molinaro as Alfred, Charlene Tilton as Jill Higgins, Gary Epp as Bubba, and Marc A. McClure as Jimmy Bradkip.

Al: "The fish is selling?"
Chang: works at Arnold's.
Herbert: name of Joanie's science project mouse.
Eddie Milkis: he would be his mechanic at a stock car race in Chicago on Friday night. They chose the name after Eddie Milkis who was one of the executive producers of Happy Days.
Fonzie: "I tell you the Fonz's work is never done".
Kreptnik's Footpad Company has donated a foot trophy to the dance marathon winner.
Joanie and Fonzie are team #6.
There is a 4th band member, a girl that plays the drums.
Jill and Bubba are team #12.
Richie uses 'Yowsa, Yowsa, Yowsa' in this episode. This is a phrase that was commonly used in the 1920's,30's and 40's by bands in dance marathons.

#72- The Muckrakers (11/23/76)

Richie does a story for his school newspaper about Fonzie's fear of beef liver.

Potsie comes out of the bathroom at Arnold's with a loosened cap on his tooth. He ate meatloaf at school and hit down on it, he saved the bone that was in the meatloaf. Richie also complains about the school food and thinks about writing a story for the school newspaper. Fonzie says he should write it while Ralph and Potsie aren't so sure about it. Fonzie leaves with a stacked blond and Richie returns home and tells his parents about the story: "Tables Turned on School Cafeteria". Howard says there are holes in his story. Richie goes to the cafeteria in a disguise and hears Curly and Louie (the cook) and their plans. Richie pretends to be a janitor names Grover Lindquist who is a foreign exchange student from Sweden. Richie is about to take some pictures of the meat when Fonzie comes in. Richie says they are giving the kids the bad meat and selling the good meat to a restaurant. Richie gives Fonzie the camera to take some pictures while he goes to look in the books. Fonzie is petrified when he sees liver on the table. Curly and Louie spot Richie with the camera before Richie is able to leave. Richie (Scoop Cunningham) and the guys sign some autographs at Arnold's. Richie writes a follow-up story and Fonzie wants him to delete the part about him and the liver. Richie refuses and Fonzie says they are no longer friends. Fonzie comes to the Cunninghams and fixes the sewing machine before leaving. Richie and Fonzie talk. There is a Turkey Trot at Arnold's and no one dances. Fonzie wants it quiet. Fonzie and Richie talk in his office. The guys sing Sh-boom and everyone dances.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Alan Mandel & Charles Shyer
Guest stars: Al Molinaro as Alfred, Arthur Batanides as Louie, and Robert Ball as Curly.

Richie is a senior in high school.
Howard looks at some old slides; he last weighed 150 pounds at Yellowstone Park in 1945.
Joanie talks about Jenny Piccalo.
Richie Buckholter changed his name to Herman Katz after Fonzie didn't want to hear the name Richie again.
Fonzie reads a book called The Meat Manual.
Al has put a hand dryer in the restroom at Arnold's.

#73- A.K.A. The Fonz (11/30/76)

The new sheriff wants to run Fonzie out of town.

Richie, Ralph, Potsie, and Al come into Arnold's celebrating their basketball victory. Officer Kirk and his assistant comes in and announces he is the new acting sheriff after the death of Sheriff Flanagan. Kirk announces a list of hoods that he wants out of town: Rocky Baruffi, Rocco Schultz, and Fonzie Fonzarelli. Kirk inspects the kitchen as Al follows him. The guys talk to Fonzie in his office. Kirk searches Fonzie and Fonzie pulls out a weapon: a concealed comb. Kirk says he doesn't like anything about Fonzie. Fonzie is bugged and tired of seeing Kirk pushing him. Richie says he will write a letter to the the editor of The Milwaukee Journal. Richie reads the letter to the family. Richie suggests Howard call a special Leopard Lodge meeting. Fonzie comes in a suit and tie to the house hoping Kirk will leave him alone. There is a Leopard Lodge meeting at the house. They discuss bowling shirts and Sheriff Kirk. Officer Kirk gives them a ticket for a 614 - unlawful assembly (no American flag). Kirk says Mickey Malph has to take down his eyeball sign, Al no dancing permit, Bob no double parking his hearse, and no loading zone for Howard. Fonzie and Kirk meet at Arnold's at midnight for a showdown. Fonzie says he will leave town if Kirk leaves his friends alone. Richie, Potsie, Ralph, Howard, Joanie, Marion, and other come in leather jackets. Everyone is behind Fonzie, and Al shows him his tiny U.S. flag and dance permit and tells Kirk to sit on it. Everyone dances at the end.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Brian Levant
Guest stars: Al Molinaro as Alfred, Alan Oppenheimer as Mickey Malph, Ed Peck as Sheriff Kirk, and Jack Perkins as Bob.

Al was a 4F.
Fonzie: "3 cheerleaders in the hand is worth a lot more than 3 nerds in a john".
Kirk was once in the Marine Corps and has a daughter named Eileen.
Fonzie has a date with the Hooper Triplets.
Joanie says Fonzie looks like Harold Schneider (a boy in her class) when he comes dressed in a suit and tie.
Fonzie: "The Fonz changes for no man, hey!".
Al is a Leopard Lodge pledge.
Alan Oppenheimer is the 2nd Mickey Malph. Jack Dodson would first play him and would have a recurring role in several seasons.

#74- Richie Branches Out (12/7/76)

Richie wants to meet the pin-up girl of his dreams.

Marion pulls out the Christmas ornaments and Joanie strings popcorn. Howard pulls in a Christams tree through the front door while Richie comes in the back door. Howard talks to Richie who has fallen in love with a Wisconsin Cola girl on a poster. Richie tells Howard about his dream, he doesn't know what to say to her. Fonzie laughs at Richie. Fonzie receives a call in his office. Richie pulls out some articles on the girl to show Fonzie. Richie and company go to the Kwiskel Model Agency to get the girl's telephone number. They act like hardware businessman and talk to JB. They show him a map of future Cunningham Hardware locations. Potsie comes in as Mr. Tool and Richie thinks they have found Mrs. Tool, Wisconsin cola girl Angela Buvay. Ralph suggests Bess Myerson, former Miss America. JB closes the door with his remote control. Richie wants her to come to Arnold's after she is done shooting a 5 day deodorant commercial. Howard tells Richie about a call he got from Angela. Angela arrives at Arnold's where Richie has a camera and Fonzie is talking to him. Angela dresses as Mrs. Tool. She does various poses as Richie takes pictures. The Christmas tree falls on Richie and he admits he is not a professional photographer. Angela says she is flattered and almost engaged to a medical student. Richie tells her about his dream and she kisses him. Fonzie returns and asks Richie if it was all worth it, and he says yes. Fonzie's present to Richie: the Polaskey twins.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: James Ritz
Guest stars: Vern Rowe as J.B. and Paulette Breen as Angela.

Joanie mentions Jenny Piccalo.
Howard once gained 14 pounds one summer when he fell in love with Jean Harlow.
Ralph represents Interglobal Advertising Agency.
The address of Arnold's is 2815 Lake Avenue.
One of the Polaskey twins is named Linda.

#75- Fonzie's Old Lady (1/4/77)

Fonzie dates an older woman.

Fonzie comes into Arnold's and asks Al to tell him when an old lady whose car he fixed shows up. Richie and the guys go to see a college recruiting film from Hawaii. Al bumps into Adrianna Prescott and introduces her to Fonzie who is seated at a booth. Adrianna is certainly not as old as Fonzie had imagined, and he is pleasantly surprised. Adrianna's Aunt Grace had left the car at the garage. Al brings some parmesan for Adrianna to taste and they talk Italian. Adrianna is fascinated by Fonzie. Adrianna asks him to drop by the Valley Vista Club the next day for some doubles tennis. Marion, Richie (with a spatula), and Joanie (with a fly-swatter) practice tennis in the living room. Howard comes home perplexed at what they are doing. Fonzie in his tennis outfit, tennis shoes, and leather jacket and Richie go to eat at the club dining hall. Douglas comes in injured with Adrianna. Richie is set up on a blind date with Millicent. Fonzie and Adrianna lost 6-0 and she then plays the piano and sings. Richie tells Howard he wants to go to school in Hawaii. Howard talks to Richie about Adrianna. Fonzie takes Adrianna to the spring dance at Arnold's. Adrianna suggests the band play an up-tempo song like Splish Splash. Potsie tells Richie that Adrianna is married because his father (who owns a gas station) sends all the bills to a Mr. Prescott. Fonzie doesn't believe Richie for a second. Adrianna and her husband are separated. Fonzie says that he has his rules on how he lives his life. Adrianna kisses Fonzie goodbye. Fonzie dances with a girl. Richie and the family return from playing tennis after Howard and Marion win.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Marty Nadler
Guest stars: Al Molinaro as Alfred and Diana Hyland as Adrianna.

Potsie's father owns a gas station.
Fonzie's girlfriend in this episode is named Loretta.

#76- Time Capsule (1/11/77)

Richie and friends get locked in a vault at Mr. C's hardware store.

Joanie and Richie come through the back door carrying some boxes. The boxes are stuff for the school's time capsule project and Richie and Marion argue with each other about Richie leaving the place a mess. Howard returns home from work and asks for some peace and quiet. Fonzie comes through the back door in an uproar and says his t-shirt (#23) is missing. Richie wants to use the vault at Howard's hardware store. Howard and Marion go out to eat. Howard doesn't like pork chops. Richie says Fonzie should be represented in the time capsule. Al and Miss Radcliff talk at Arnold's. Fonzie brings the original Fonzie leather jacket for the time capsule. Fonzie says hello to Miss Radcliff, from the board of education in charge of special events, but he gets the cold shoulder from her. Potsie and Ralph want to go out with Rebecca and Candy who are also working on the time capsule. Richie takes Kim to the time capsle and Potsie and Ralph and the girls go as well. Fonzie and Miss Radcliff are spotted in the vault behind a box. Potsie locks them in as Miss Radcliff leaves the time capsule. Ralph and everyone panic. The vault only opens from the outside. Fonzie tries to ration off the food, but there is none. Potsie sings Judgement Day and then Lollipop. Richie and Fonzie sit on a hammock and wonder how air will get in there. Ralph has a chocolate bar that he secretly eats. Two robbers (one of which is named Nick) come in the vault and are chased out by Fonzie. Fonzie manages to copy down the license plate number and asks Richie to give it to his father. Richie learns that people act differently when they are under pressure. Richie makes a tape recording for the vault. Everyone records a message and Fonzie's message is "Aaayh!".

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: David Ketchum & Tony DiMarco
Guest stars: Al Molinaro as Alfred, Lynda Goodfriend as Kim, Susan Cotton as Miss Radcliff, Kim O'Brien as Candy, and Eileen Dietz as Rebecca.

Joanie mentions Jenny Piccalo.
Clarence- Arnold's cook.
Lucy Birddog- Fonzie was 7, she was 16- she kissed him.
Potsie's girl is Rebecca, Ralph's is Candy.
Richie never kissed his Aunt Bessie.
Actress Lynda Goodfriend would later go on to become Richie's girlfriend and eventually wife - Lori Beth Allen Cunningham.

#77- The Book of Records (1/18/77)

A clumsy cousin of Fonzie comes to Milwaukee and works at Arnold's.

Everyone is dancing at Arnold's and Fonzie talks to his cousin Angie on the telephone and tells him that he is staying at the Cunningham's house. Al wants his name in the Magilla Book of Records and wants Fonzie to jump over 15 barrels. Al agrees to give Angie a job as a busboy. Fonzie says that anyone that breaks a record gets $100. Angie works overtime to pay for some of the dishes he broke on his first day on the job. Potsie tries the jumping jack record. The guys can't think of any records to break. Angie is very clumsy and breaks three more glasses. Al says Angie broke 38 plates and 14 glasses and dropped the cook's hat in a meat grinder. Angie eats dinner and goes upstairs to watch his favorite tv show: Kukla, Fran, and Ollie. Richie comes inside with a girl on his shoulders. The record for holding a person on someone's shoulders is six and a half hours. Fonzie asks Howard how he should tell Angie that he is fired. Howard agrees to give him a job at Cunningham Hardware. Howard's delivery truck is missing after Angie is fired. Elizabeth (the girl on Richie's shoulders) spots the truck in front of Krepnic's (a delicatessen). Richie tries to swat a fly with a magazine and Angie comes downstairs and grabs the fly with his hand. Richie suggests Angie catch quarters off his elbow, because he has very fast hands. A handstander (Bag) and the piggybackers (Richie and Elizabeth) are eliminated. Ralph blows a bubble gum bubble. Angie practices in Fonzie's office. Potsie tries the longest B flat note while jumping on a pogo stick. Al's nose is measured (but Mr. Durante still holds the record). Al tries flipping pancakes for a record. Angie comes out of the office and he does 12 quarters, but the record is 39 by a man in Topeka, Kansas. Angie does 20 and then 30. Angie is able to set a new record with 40 coins. Fonzie talks to Angie on the phone. Howard tries to do the quarter trick and fails, but Marion is able to do it.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Yvette Weinberger & Michael Weinberger
Guest stars: Al Molinaro as Alfred, Peter Hobbs as Mr. Dugan, Neil J. Schwartz as Bag, Charles Galioto as Angie and Heather Warren as Elizabeth.

Angie is from Kenosha, Wisconsin.
Fonzie fixes Angie up on a date with Kitty Lebeau.
Bag makes an appearance after several seasons and does handstands to try and break a record.
I think the drummer girl is also the same one as in the Fearless Fonzarelli episodes.

#78- A Shot in the Dark (1/25/77)

Richie hits the winning shot at a championship basketball game.

There is a big basketball game at Jefferson High and Potsie and Al announce the game. Ralph tells Richie some jokes on the bench. Jefferson's leading scorer, Calby, is injured by an Oshkosh player. The game is a semi-final with the winner going to Madison to play for the championship. Richie enters the game and is told by the coach not to shoot the ball. Richie makes a last second shot as Jefferson wins 38-37. Richie is a big hit with the girls at Arnold's. Fonzie congratulates Richie who is with Colette. Fonzie thinks Richie is getting a little carried away with the attention. Calby broke his ankle and the coach calls Al and Al tells Richie is starting the whole game. Richie and Colette are about to go up to Inspiration Point before some guys from Fillmore High School have some words for him. Richie skips dinner because he is nervous. Luscious Legs Cunningham (Richie) gets a call from a Sheena Duvois. Sheets want to meet Richie at Arnold's before the big game. Richie tries hitting the jukebox like Fonzie and Sheena arrives. Sheena wants Richie to go to the movies with her. Biff, Rocky, and some other Fillmore guys show up and stop Richie from leaving. Fonzie shows up and rescues Richie. Fonzie knocks down the bathroom doors and the guys run out. Richie finally arrives and enters the game. Johnson falls out and #25 Ralph Malph enters the game (he has no uniform under his warm-up suit). Richie is fouled with :01 left and has to make both free throws to send the game into overtime. Richie makes the first, but misses the second as Jefferson loses 47-46. Richie and Howard talk at the end, and Howard offers him a lifesaver.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Teleplay by Fred Fox, Jr; Story by Steve Zacharias
Guest stars: Al Molinaro as Alfred, David Ketchum as Coach Pelino, Brian Byers as Biff, Kim Lankford as Sheena, and Suzanne Wishner as Colette.

Joanie is a Jefferson High School cheerleader.
Richie: "Bill Sharman, "Easy" Ed McCauley of the Boston Celtics, and Richie Cunningahm of the Jefferson High Ducks".
Richie offers to set Fonzie up with Claudia.
Richie is #17 on the team.
Richie had 12 points in the last game.

#79- Marion Rebels (2/1/77)

Marion wants to work and becomes a waitress at Arnold's.

Joanie and Marion have a cosmetics demonstration with some ladies at the house as Howard arrives home at 5:30 from work. Howard has a Leopard Lodge meeting that night. Howard and Marion start fighting as Marion feels frustrated. Marion wants to get a job. She only teaches piano lessons at the moment. Howard comes down with a limp fez hat. Marion gives him his dinner and goes upstairs to Fonzie's place crying. Fonzie and Lorraine are upstairs. Marion and Fonzie talk about her getting a job. Marion's new job is as a waitress at Arnold's. Al tells Marion to speed things up a little bit as the orders are backing up. Richie talks to Marion who was turned down at jobs 40 other times. Marion tells Al his menu is a disgrace with all of the fried foods. Fonzie brings Lorraine to Arnold's where Marion tells Lorraine about Fonzie's 3 dates the previous night and Fonzie what to eat. Fonzie calls a meeting in his office with all of the guys and tells Richie to fire his own mother. Richie tries to talk Marion into quitting the job. Richie tells her he is cramping his style. Richie tells Marion that she is fired, and she starts crying in the kitchen. Howard and Marion talk at Arnold's, where he tells her she's not a failure. Howard and Marion dance to "Mona Lisa" as Al shuts off the lights. Marion registers for music school which starts in two weeks and Howard, Richie, and Joanie come home for lunch. Richie and Joanie leave and go back to school and leave their parents home alone.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Dixie Brown Grossman
Guest stars: Al Molinaro as Alfred, Jillian Kessner as Lorraine, and Patricia Wilson as Paulette Barker.

Howard and Marion have been together 21 years.
Marion to Howard: "Here is your salad, your vegetable, your meat, live it up!"
Marion went to college and majored in archaeology.
Richie's girl: Brenda.
Richie's favorite dessert: a big bowl of raisins.
Marion says Fonzie likes vegetables and milk.
Fonzie: "Listen up, there's a meeting in my office right now!"

#80- The Third Anniversary Show (2/4/77)

Features flashbacks of previous episodes. A surprise party for Marion's anniversary is given.

Joanie searches around and finally finds the photo albun. Richie remembers a big fight between Howard and Marion (scenes are shown). Hoawrd tells them about his plan to surprise Marion on their anniversary. They leave to go bowling. Fonzie has a gift and comes inside the house. Marion changes sweaters and Ralph is at the door with balloons. Howard goes to the back door where Potsie is located. Potsie thinks Howard always liked him (scenes). Richie tells Fonzie that he doesn't do too bad with the chicks (scenes). Fonzie looks at some pictures with Joanie (scenes). Richie looks at a photo with Fonzie and his arm around Potsie (scenes). Potsie remembers when Ralph was afraid of Fonzie (scenes). Al arrives with some food (scenes). Marions arrives home and is surprised by everyone. Joanie and Richie give them a fish and a weekend to Lake Whitefish. Fonzie gives them a raccoon tail (a good luck charm) (scenes). Howard's cousin who introduced them, Nancy Blanksy, arrives at the house from Las Vegas. She is in charge of entertainment at the Oasis Hotel (scenes). Howard and Nancy do a dance routine. Howard gives Marion his present- a cracker jack box with an engagement ring. Fonzie receives a call from the Aloha Pussycats. Fonzie and Nancy leave. Some scenes of Howard and Marion being frisky are shown.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Bob Brunner & Arthur Silver; many, many contributing writers
Guest stars: Al Molinaro as Alfred and Nancy Walker as Nancy Blanksy; from clips: Karen Duitsman as Susan, Diana Hyland as Adrianna, Udana Power as Louisa, Paulette Breen as Angela, Diana Canova as Phyllis, Jennifer Shaw as Cindy, Gary Epp as Bubba, and Charlene Tilton as Jill Higgins.

There is a scene (from a Thanksgiving-themed episode) where Fonzie eats some liver and then gives the thumb up. This scene is edited out of the syndicated episode.
This episode was used to promote Nancy Walker's new series: Blanksy's Beauties. Blansky's Beauties can be considered one of the 4 spinoff series of Happy Days.

#81- The Graduation, Part 1 (2/8/77)

The boys graduate from high school and Fonzie reveals that he has also just earned his diploma in night school.

Howard comes downstairs in a light blue tuxedo. The boys search for a barmitzvah party that they are supposed to play at. The address is locked in Ralph's car in his glove compartment at Fonzie's garage. The address has a girls' name in it. Marion has some confidential information about where Fonzie is at and that he will be home at 9:30PM. The guys finally get the information from Mrs. C. swho says Fonzie has been going to night school at Jefferson High School. Fonzie recites some poetry during the class and his girlfriend Michelle is impressed as is the teacher who needs a break to cool off. Richie come down to the school because of the emergency situation. Ralph thinks of the name: Bethisrael. Joanie hears the news about Fonzie from Jenny Piccalo. Al sings 'I Love a Parade' at the prom. Richie and his date Arlene arrive. Ralph brings Kim to the prom with a giant corsage. Fonzie brings his French girlfriend, Michelle, to the prom and ignores Mrs. C. who he thinks has told everyone about him going to night school. Fonzie makes the announcement that he will be a graduating senior. Howard talks to Fonzie and then dances with Michelle. Marion and Fonzie kiss and then dance. Vice Principal Conners makes an announcement that everyone has flunked a health exam. There will be another exam at 8:30 the next morning. Everyone leaves to go study. Al sings 'Goodnight Sweetheart' as the last dance of the prom. To be continued...

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Calvin Kelly
Guest stars: Al Molinaro as Alfred, Dick Van Patten as Mr. Conners, Ceil Cabot as teacher, Lisa Pelikan as Michelle, Laurette Spang as Arlene, Lynda Goodfriend as Kim, and Sally Hightower as Sylvia.

That is Happy Days creator, Garry Marshall, playing the drums in the band at the prom.
Howard: Jenny Piccalo is a 15-year-old Mae West.
This is Lynda Goodfriend's second appearance as 'Kim'.

#82- The Graduation, Part 2 (2/15/77)

Fonzie finds out that his diploma will be mailed to him, but he is able to join the graduating class ceremony.

The guys can barely stay awake and Ralph asks for some pills. Richie locks Fonzie in his bathroom and they try and escape, but Fonzie is at the front door to stop them. The guys successfully pass the hygiene test. Fonzie comes in the back door upset that he will be receiving his diploma in the mail. Fonzie wants to be in the ceremony and be the valedectorian. Richie and the guys go to talk to Vice Principal Conners and Principal Haley about Fonzie. Principal Haley will let Fonzie be part of the ceremony, although his diploma will still be mailed to him. Fonzie works on a valedictorian speech even though he can't speak at the ceremony (he doesn't know this). Spike drops by the Cunninghams with flowers (from the florist where he works). Fonzie comes inside in his blue cap and gown. Howard gave Richie a new camera for graduation and he takes a picture, but pulls the film out accidentally. Richie reflects and says he will be a changed person once he graduates. Susie gives him a ride in her new T-bird to the ceremony. Arnold returns for the graduation. Assistant Principal Marvin Conners hosts the ceremony. The students plan is to make the ceremony as fast as possible so Fonzie can participate in it as they run through the 'Pomp and Circumstance' opening song. Potsie sings a song very quickly. Howard finally takes a picture. Ralph Malph gives the punchlines to his jokes and gives out awards. Richie introduces Fonzie. Fonzie gives a speech about finishing school. Richie finishes his speech.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: William Bickley & Michael Warren
Guest stars: Al Molinaro as Alfred, Pat Morita as Arnold, Dick Van Patten as Mr. Conners, Jason Wingreen as Mr. Haley, Paul Linke as Bruiser, and Danny Butch as Spike.

Joanie is a sophomore.
Al has a catering truck, he gives Joanie and Spike a ride to the graduation.
Awards Ralph gives out: Heather Warren- Drama award. Sally Hightower and Debbie Chafin- Most Congenial. Heather Warren, Sally Hightower, and Debbie Chafin were all real names of actresses that appeared on Happy Days.
Pat Morita returns in the role of Arnold for this episode.
Classic quote: Richie - "It's a pretty warm day to wear your gown, Fonz." Fonzie - "No problem for me. I am naked under this!"
Howard uses an instant camera to take Richie's picture, and after several failed attempts to use it correctly says "It'll never catch on".

#83- The Physical (2/22/77)

Richie, Potsie, Ralph, and the Fonz report for their army physicals.

Marion and Richie argue over Richie's clothes and shoes laying around the house everywhere. Howard brings in the mail and Richie gets a letter to go for an army physical for the draft. Ralph and Potsie also get their notices for physicals. Fonzie is working on a car at the garage. Richie eats breakfast at 5:30 the next morning and Howard wakes up early thinking there was a total eclipse outside. He wishes Richie luck and goes back to sleep. Ralph and Potsie come and take some breakfast. Mrs. C. gives Richie his bagged lunch. The guys are in group B and are introduced to Sgt. Betchler. Ralph eats his note from his father that says he is legally blind, when the Sgt. asks if anyone has any notes. Fonzarelli is called and Fonzie shows up at the door. Fonzie calls him Sgt. Belcher. Fonzie has a date with the Hooper triplets. The guys are given some forms to fill out. Sgt. Betchler puts Richie in charge after he correctly pronounciates his name as 'Betchler'. Potsie, Ralph, Richie, and Fonzie all give the sgt. 10 push-ups. The guys go in for their physicals. They give blood samples. A nurse comes in to give a test of running steps to be tested for heart beat and blood pressure. The nurse is very impressed with Fonzie's health. Richie's twinkies from his lunch are missing. Everyone is dismissed from the room except Fonzie. The nurse/lieutenant comes in and orders Sgt. Betchler to give her 10 push-ups. Back at the Cunningham house, the guys go outside and play some touch football. Fonzie plays quarterback for both sides, and a window is broken with the football.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: David Ketchum & Tony DiMarco
Guest stars: Warren Berlinger as Sgt. Betchler and Linda Kaye Henning as Lt. Quinlan.

Richie had 2 years of R.O.T.C. in high school.
Fonzie is working on the car for Kim Butkus.
Richie's favorite breakfast: pancakes.
Richie's favorite sandwich: sardines sandwich.
Richie has on R.O.T.C. shorts, Potsie- little duckies, and Ralph- a big ant.

#84- Joanie's Weird Boyfriend (3/1/77)

Joanie joins a motorcycle gang called the Red Devils and gets in some trouble.

Al and Joanie dance at the Al O'Delvechio St. Patrick Dance as Potsie sings and the band plays. Joanie's friend Roger said the dance was 'keen'. A group of guys including Herbie the Turk of the Red Devils want Joanie and Roger's booth. Herbie wants the band to play a fast song while Fonzie wants a slow song played. Herbie and Fonzie exchange insults. Al gives out free green hamburgers (dyed green with food coloring). Joanie thinks the Red Devils are keen. Joanie comes down in a new outfit, that would befit her being a member of the Red Devils. Howard and Marion leave to go bowling with the Hendersons, and tell Joanie to change her outfit. Richie returns from a baseball game. Richie laughs at Joanie who goes to Arnold's. Leroy asks Joanie to a Red Devils 'party' that night. Richie comes in looking for Joanie and finds out that part of the gang's initiation is to neck with each and every member of the Red Devils (8) according to Becky Bronski. The Red Devils take Joanie to the school gymnasium for the initiaiton. Richie ('Iron Dukes Cunningham') comes to rescue Joanie, but he is badly outnumbered by the Red Devils. Fonzie just happens to be in one of the lockers. Potsie, Ralph, and "The Big Ragu" Carmine Ragusa are also there. Richie, Ralph, and Potsie "fight" 3 of the Red Devils members. Fonzie and Carmine scare the Red Devils off after dropkicking Herbie and Leroy. Richie and the guys are all battered and bruised after the fight. Howard and Marion talk to Joanie and say they will not treat her like a kid anymore, but like a young lady.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Bob Brunner
Guest stars: Al Molinaro as Alfred, David Zooey Hall as Herbie, Trish Soodik as Becky, Eddie Mekka as Carmine Ragusa, Derrel Maury as Leroy, and Marc McClure as Roger.

The sign at Arnold's reads: "Al O'Delvechio St. Patrick Dance". Al's last name is actually spelled "Delvecchio".
Carmine Ragusa is the Golden Gloves (boxing) champion of Milwaukee. "The Big Ragu" was a regular cast member on the Happy Days spinoff series, Laverne & Shirley.
Richie has had only 2 fights before and one of them was with a department store sales lady.

#85- Fonz-How, Inc. (3/8/77)

Fonzie and Howard team up to invent the Garbage Gulper, a trash compactor.

Richie, Marion, and Joanie have their eyes covered and Fonzie arrives and also covers his eyes as Howard has a big surprise for them. Howard shows a bag of garbage on the kitchen counter. Marion picks up the bag and the garbage falls out everywhere on the living room floor. Howard's secret ambition was to always be an inventor. Howard's idea is to compact trash into one small package. Fonzie reviews the blueprint plans, and Fonzie suggests using hydraulic lifts. Richie talks Fonzie into being partners with Howard on the invention. Howard brings 'The Gulper' into Arnold's where Fonzie is dancing with Eileen. Howard says there is a part that isn't working. Fonzie talks to Richie in his office while Howard dances with Eileen. They talk about Howard's plans including forming a company: Fonz-How, Inc. Fonzie fixes 'The Gulper' and they take it into the kitchen to test it out. Howard calls the whole family downstairs late at night to see 'The Gulper' in action for the first time. Howard thinks about dropping out of the partnership as it fails to work properly. The next day, Howard and Marion and company take the Garbage Gulper for a presentation to a board group. The Gulper takes a week's worth of garbage and compacts it into one small package. Marion gives a speech as the typical American housewife and everyone then loads all the trash they can find into 'The Gulper'. Fonzie takes a walking cane and jams it into the trash compactor, breaking off all of the cane except the most valuable part. Howard and Fonzie are paid $300 for the hydraulic lift system and have a patent pending. Richies takes a picture of Howard, Fonzie, and Fonzie's dream (small model) blimp with Fonz-How, Inc. on it.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Joe Glauberg
Guest stars: Al Molinaro as Alfred, Ken Olfson as Simpson, and Edwina Gough as Jacqueline.

One of Fonzie's girls: Doris.
Joanie is at the movies with Jenny Piccalo while the presentation is made.

#86- Spunky Come Home (3/15/77)

Potsie and Ralph lose Fonzie's dog, Spunky.

Joanie and Marion practice with a hula hoop in the living room. Howards returns after two days at a porcelain convention. He thinks there is a wolf in the garage. Fonzie has a small, little white dog named Spunky to protect him from girls. Howard says Fonzie can't keep the dog, but Howard finally relents and lets him keep the dog. Ralph and Potsie build a fence in the backyard for Spunky. They use Howard's wood that he was saving to build a work bench. Ralph leaves the gate open and Spunky runs away. Fonzie senses that something is wrong, and Ralph tells him that somebody stole his dog. Fonzie brings a drawing of Spunky down to Arnold's that he shows to a girl at a booth and then to Richie. Ralph brings an old lady's dodg to show Fonzie, and the lady comes back to reclaim her dog. Officer Porter, a sketch artist with the police department, comes to Arnold's to make a drawing of Spunky. He makes a drawing that bears a remarkable resemblance to Al. Officer Porter brings Spunky in and the "thief" is a little black kid named Wilbur who calls Fonzie- Clyde. Ralph and Potsie admit they let Spunky out of the backyard accidentally. Fonzie doesn't press any charges against the kid. Fonzie and Wilbur talk things out and Fonzie says he will get him a dog of his own the next day. Spunky performs a trick back at the Cunningham house by turning off a lamp and then jumping through the Fonz's legs and out the door.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Arthur Silver & Fred Fox, Jr.
Guest stars: Al Molinaro as Alfred, Erin Blunt as Wilbur, Thomas Dever as Officer Porter, and Hillary Horan as Peggy.

Fonzie's girlfriends mentioned: Roberta Rigaboni; Stacy Lobitsky.
Aunt Bessie is mentioned.
Richie onced dated Carol Kleinschmidt.
Fonzie's dog is a fox terrier.
The actor who played Wilbur, Erin Blunt, is probably best known for his role as Ahmad in the Bad News Bears movies.

#87- The Last of the Big Time Malphs (3/22/77)

Ralph becomes a big-time gambler in a football pool operation that he starts.

Al and another kid carry a color tv onto a table at Arnold's. Fonzie's bike is being repaired and girls line up to drive him home. The new Ralph comes into Arnold's with his girl Sheila, a manicurist. Richie and Potsie come in their hockey gear into Arnold's. Ralph sells football betting cards (pick 3 winners pro or college) for $1 with 10-1 odds. Richie fills out one of the football betting cards. Ralph doesn't go to the hockey game, and Ralph takes a bet from Bruiser. Fonzie tosses up his comb, and Cicely gets to drive him home. Richie and Ralph talk about the betting cards at the Cunningham house. Howard and Mickey talk about Ralph being Junior Leopard of the Year. Ralph and Mickey tell a joke and then leave. Everyone watches the Packers game at Arnold's as Green Bay puts an injured Paul Hornung back into the game and wins after trailing by 11 points. Ralph asks Fonzie to help him collect the money. Bruiser wants to collect his winnings ($80) and tries to rough up Ralph. Fonzie stops Bruiser from beating up Ralph in his office. Bruiser gives him 24 hours, and Ralph gives Bruiser Sheila as collateral. Ralph gets Richie to get Howard to talk to Mickey at the optometrist office about Ralph's gambling problem. Ralph tells his father about his situation and Mickey agrees to let Ralph pay off his debt by working two nights a week at the optometrist office. Ralph says he doesn't want to be an optometrist like his father, and that he wants to be a comedian. Howard talks to Mickey as they all leave the office.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Joe Glauberg
Guest stars: Al Molinaro as Alfred, Jack Dodson as Mickey Malph, Christopher Norris as Sheila, and Paul Linke as Bruiser.

Sheila calls Ralph 'Sugar Lips'.
The hockey game is vs. the Schotz Hot Shots.
Richie picks Wake Forest to beat Notre Dame.
The hockey team loses 12-0 with a german shepherd as their goalie.
Mickey calls Howard- 'Howie'.
Ralph: "I can't stand pain!"
Ralph is an only child.
Howard's father lives in Florida.
Jack Dodson returns as Ralph's father, Mickey Malph. He would have the recurring role for several seasons.
The actor who played Bruiser, Paul Linke, is probably best known for his role of Officer Artie Grossman on the classic show "CHiPs".
Joanie is 14 years old.

#88- Fonzie's Baptism (3/29/77)

Following a motorcycle accident, Fonzie wants to get baptized.

Richie, Joanie, Howard, and Marion sort photos for a family album. Marion and Howard trade photos that they don't like and they tear them up. Fonzie returns from the stock car race after being in a wreck, and talks to the family about it. Fonzie realizes any one number can come up at any time. Fonzie says he won't do any more exciting things and thinks about giving up his motorcycle and getting a DeSoto. Fonzie says he will be like Richie and subscribe to National Geographic. Fonzie comes on his motorcycle into Arnold's after jumping over two cars. Ralph and Potsie leave to go home and eat dinner. Richie sits on Fonzie's motorcycle and makes some sound effects. Fonzie talks to Richie and Al comes over and suggests Fonzie talk to his brother Anthony who is a priest. Fonzie visits the church and thinks Anthony is Al (they are in fact twins). Fonzie tells Anthony about his experience at the stock car races on Saturday. Richie brings down a photo album that has pictures of Howard's old girlfriends (both of them). On Sunday the 17th, Fonzie is getting baptized. Fonzie asks Howard and Marion to be his godparents. Fonzie tells Anthony that he wants to make a speech. Al cries at the ceremony. Richie, Potsie, Ralph, and Joanie sing as they are baptized. Arthur 'Herbert' Fonzarelli says a few words at the ceremony. They sing #64 (Faith of Our Fathers). Richie and the guys talk to some girls at Arnold's and dance with them at the end.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: William Bickley & Michael Warren
Guest stars: Al Molinaro as Alfred/Anthony and Sally Hightower as Mary Lou.

Howard mentions Marion being at Uncle Leo's wedding.
Fonzie's entry no. 23 at the stock car race, he lost the lead on lap no. 44.
Uncle Thurman- put a flag for Arbor Day, was stampeded by a herd of buffalo, made the cover of Wildlife magazine in 1888.
Fonzie pays Potsie $.50 to taste his food for him.
Ralph and Potsie have to be home at 6:00PM, Richie at 6:30PM, Richie has graduated.
Anthony: Al's twin brother at St. Barnaby's Church, a priest.
Al Molinaro plays both Al and Al's brother, Father Delvecchio, in this episode.
Al had his nose fixed.
Anthony has a '37 Chevy that he is rebuilding.
Those being baptized: John Charles Richardson, James Michael Gorloni, and Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli.
After the boyfriend of the girl cuts in at the end, Richie: "The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away".

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