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#143- Shotgun Wedding (Part 1) (9/11/79)

Richie and Fonzie chase a farmer's daughter, which upsets the farmer who totes a shotgun. Note: This cliffhanger concludes on an episode of Laverne & Shirley.

Everybody comes down the stairs with all their luggage and equipment as they leave for three days. Richie and Lori Beth say goodbye. The trip is up to Lake Pinewood, Fonzie will take his motorcycle. Fonzie tells Richie about the Boompergaard Farm - home of Helga and Inga - two lonely farms girls with a strict father. Richie is writing Lori Beth a letter as Howard and Marion go out fishing and Joanie looking for hunks. Fonzie shows Richie an aerial map of the Boompergaard Farm. Fonzie tells Richie about his plan of putting on a cow suit to get to Helga and Inga. Fonzie puts on the head of the cow. Fonzie and Richie successfully make it to a barn. They use binoculars to look at the girls. Helga and Inga enter the barn with their gun-toting father. They put on the cow suit again and are chased by a charging bull. Laverne and Shirley carry them safely back to their cabin. Laverne and Shirley remove Fonzie's boots. Shirley wraps Fonzie's ankle. Laverne and Shirley have come up with Laverne's pop on a vacation - they have no cabin - Fonzie recommends Roscoe's Wigwam City. Laverne's hand is tied to Fonzie's ankle. Fonzie and Richie meet the father, Vernon Boompergaard. Fonzie says he made the best cheese in the entire state from the President of the United States - John Kennedy. Fonzie tells him to bring cheese to Elmo's Gas Station one hour away. Helga dances when Richie turns on the music. Fonzie kisses Helga and Richie kisses Inga. Vernon shoots at another tupperware salesman. Vernon says they are going to marry his girls. Fonzie says he is engaged to Laverne DeFazio and Richie to Shirley Feeney. Richie leaves to get Laverne and Shirley. Vernon gives him one hour to return or it is curtains for Fonzie. (If you are watching this episode on Nick at Nite, at this point Richie starts to run away to get Laverne and Shirley and this episode is To be continued...). (For those who only watch the Happy Days episode) Richie runs and tells Howard that Fonzie is in trouble, but Fonzie is right there and talks to Howard. Fonzie tells the father that Ralph and Potsie (two rich doctors) will marry his daughters.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Fred Fox, Jr.
Guest stars: Lynda Goodfriend, Cindy Williams, Penny Marshall, F. William Parker as Vernon, Vicki Frederick as Helga, and April Clough as Inga.

Fonzie knows Ramona Lindbergh - a crop duster.
Fonzie tells Richie about the greatest buffalo hunter of all time: Sai McClintock who put on a buffalo hide and tiptoed through the herd.
It is now the 1960's.
This episode originally aired as a two-parter (one hour episode) on ABC on September 11, 1979. The first part aired as a Happy Days episode on Tuesday at 8:00PM Eastern. Then the conclusion aired as a Laverne and Shirley episode at 8:30PM Eastern.
They obviously shot two different endings for the Happy Days episode because many stations that air it now in syndication do not air Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley back-to-back. The episodes have aired on Nick at Nite on 3 occasions (back-to-back).

Shotgun Wedding (Part 2) (originally aired as a Laverne & Shirley episode on 9/11/79)

Laverne, Shirley, and Carmine find Roscoe's Wigwams. Laverne takes some pictures of the tent. Frank and Edna arrive at the camp. There are 3 tents: 1 for the women, 1 for the men, and 1 for Lenny and Squiggy. Frank leaves to go fishing with Edna. Carmine leaves to go to the car to get the ice chest. Lenny and Squiggy arrive and go duck hunting. They take Laverne and Shirley's lunch. L&S carry their 'boat' back to the camp where Richie soon arrives and asks Laverne and Shirley to marry him. Laverne slaps him with a fish. Richie and the girls arrive at the farm. Fonzie is carried out on a donkey. The father says the girls can have an axe fight, pig skinning, or square dancing. The girls all dance, as L&S are beat up on by Helga and Inga. L&S got the hang of it and start hitting the other girls. L&S say they won the dance fair and square. Vernon sent for a preacher and the 4 of them will be married that day. Fonzie and Richie say I Do as do Laverne and Shirley. Lenny and Squiggy arrive with their ducks. Fonzie gets his hands untied and takes away Vernon's gun from him. The girls want a wedding picture at the end.

Directed by: Joel Zwick
Written by: Judy Pioli Ervin
Guest stars: Penny Marshall as Laverne, Cindy Williams as Shirley, Betty Garrett as Edna Babish, Michael McKean as Lenny, David L. Lander as Squiggy, Phil Foster as Frank, Eddie Mekka as Carmine, Ron Howard as Richie, Henry Winkler as Fonzie, F. William Parker as Vernon, Vicki Frederick as Helga, April Clough as Inga, and Will Hunt as the Preacher, Choreographed by Bob Thompson.

My episode summary for this L&S episode is from the uncut version that was released on the Laverne & Shirley 'Columbia House' collectors' series tape: 'Friends from Happy Days'.

#144- Chachi Sells His Soul (9/18/79)

Chachi makes a pact with the bedeviled Melvin Scratch to be transformed into a older guy, while Fonzie must go without a kiss for a day to win back Chachi's soul. Note: crossover episode with the short-lived series Out of the Blue.

Richie enters Arnold's in a red devil suit. Arnold's now has an espresso machine and Al offers him a cup. The fraternity is having a Dante's Inferno party at the sorority house - and everybody has to dress as a character from hell. Ralph comes dressed as a dentist and Potsie as 'Bluebeard' (with an actual blue beard). Chachi says he is grown up and Ralph says Chachi should get Richie to buy his soul. Lori Beth comes dressed as Lady Godiva. Al tells Chachi he is too young to drink coffee. Al leaves with Germaine and lets Chachi close Arnold's up. Chachi says it's not fair that he is too young and is left out of everything. He says he would sell his soul to the devil to be more grown up. Melvin Scratch (the nephew of the devil) mysteriously disappears in a screen of smoke and has come to buy Chachi's souls. Chachi says he likes redheads and receives a call from Lisa and Linda (both redheads). Chachi signs a contract and Melvin tells him to go to Inspiration Point to collect his redheads. Back at the house in a dream sequence, Joanie has a new $50 dress and is dating Chachi. They all think he is a warm and wonderful person. At Arnold's, Fonzie is sorry for being in 'Chachi's office'. Chachi explains to Fonzie how he sold his soul to Melvin Scratch. Fonzie talks to Melvin who pops around in the office. Melvin says if Fonzie can go 24 hours without kissing a girl, Chachi goes free. Otherwise, Chachi goes down with the devil as does The Fonz. Richie meets Melvin. Melvin makes Maha Hari appear. Then a girl does the dance of 7 veils. Richie sacrifices himself as all three girls kiss him. Random the Angel then appears and turns the girls into Potsie, Ralph, and Al. Random leaves for some harp lessons and walks out the door. Fonzie is in the last 2 minutes of his 'illness' and Marion kisses him on the forehead. Melvin's magic doesn't work as the only thing that can beat the devil is love. Al wakes Chachi up at Arnold's. Chachi tells Richie that he is in no hurry to grow up.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Walter Kempley
Guest stars: Lynda Goodfriend, Jimmy Brogan as Random, and Richard Levin as Melvin Scratch.

Melvin's saying: Beelezabaub (meaning the devil).
Some people have incorrectly identified this episode as the pilot episode for the short-lived ABC series 'Out of the Blue'. 'Out of the Blue' premiered on September 9, 1979 (a Sunday) and this particular episode aired on September 18, 1979 (a Tuesday where Happy Days aired on during almost its' entire run) making it a crossover episode and not an actual spinoff. 'Out of the Blue' starred Jimmy Brogan as Random the angel, Dixie Carter, Clark Brandon, and Tammy Lauren. Jimmy Brogan is now a producer for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. This particular episode of Happy Days was obviously a promotional tool for Out of the Blue, but Out of the Blue had already premiered. I've verified the premiere date for Out of the Blue from Tim Brooks/Earle Marsh's tv directory book. The date of the Happy Days episode was verified from the 1998 DuoCards Happy Days trading card set.
my Out of the Blue page - photos, theme song, show and cast information

#145- Fonzie Meets Kat (9/25/79)

When a merchant ship docks in Milwaukee, a mysterious woman and an old enemy get off.

There is a sign 'Arnold's Welcomes the Merchant Seamen' as everyone dances. Al leaves to get some more hamburger meat and leaves Chachi in charge. Richie and Lori Beth arrive with a rock from their geology field trip. Father Delvecchio needs to talk to Arthur. He says that Rico is back in town (Fonzie and Rico had a rumble three years ago). Father Delvecchio asks Fonzie to be peaceful for one day. Richie brings in the handlebar from Fonzie's motorcycle. Ralph comes into Arnold's looking for a girl. A girl puts a nerve lock on Ralph's arm. She steps on Ralph's foot. Fonzie shows off the Malaysian back pinch. The woman has a message from Rico: he's outside. Rico comes inside Arnold's. Rico sprays some mustard on Fonzie's jacket. Rico and the boys go down to the Pelican's Roost. The woman (Kat Mandu) breaks a table with her foot at the Pelican's Roost. Rico meets Eddie and Joanie. Richie is studying geology with Ralph and Potsie also at the dining room table. Howard and Marion come down in their bowling outfits and says they need to beat the Petersons. Joanie calls Richie and says she is in trouble at 'the library'. Richie leaves a note for Fonzie to read. Richie, Ralph, and Potsie arrive at the bar. They hang Potsie up on the wall in a chair. Fonzie gets Richie's note on the front door back at the Cunningham house. Then they hand Ralph up on the wall. Eddie and Joanie leave to go home. Fonzie has to wait two minutes to keep his promise. Kat Mandu takes out some of Rico's boys with some quick kicks and punches. Fonzie and Kat Mandu leave. Richie practices juggling rocks at the house. Howard and Marion return with Marion having the high bowling score. Katmandu brings Joanie's purse over to the house. The mysterious Kat Mandu then disappears to where the wind begins.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: David Ketchum & Tony DiMarco
Guest stars: Lynda Goodfriend, Deborah Pratt as Kat Mandu, John Papais as Rico, and Grant Wilson as Eddie.

stunt coordinator: Steve M. Boyum.

#146- Marion Goes to Jail (10/2/79)

Marion hits Arnold's restaurant with her car and winds up in jail.

Howard is practicing his golf putting as Richie announces (Richie is studying broadcasting in journalism school). Howard misses the putt by a mile. Marion comes in frantic and says that the car has been stolen. Marion took a cab home and then goes to call the police. Officer Kirk arrives at the door and asks Howard if he is missing a '49 DeSoto. Back at Arnold's, Al looks at the car as it went through the wall. Fonzie arrives on the scene after he heard on the tow truck that a '49 DeSoto was involved. Officer Kirk finds out that the emergency brake had not been set and the car had just rolled down the hill. Marion is ticketed for vehicular negligence, failure to obey safety regulations, exceeding the speed limit, destruction of public property, and going over a red light. Kirk says he will see her in court. Howard leaves after yelling at Marion, Marion says she didn't do it on purpose. The next morning, Marion leaves a note that she isn't speaking to Howard and is going to court and that Joanie's french toast and Richie's blueberry pancakes are in the oven. Chachi is caddying for Howard even though it could snow. Marion calls Fonzie and wants him to tell Richie and Joanie that she is in jail. Marion (jail #63415) introduces Gloria to everybody. Marion had the option of 5 days in jail or $50, she wants to prove to Howard that she is not incompetent or irresponsible. Fonzie goes to talk to the warden. Ralph and Potsie also pay a visit, they had been repairing the wall at Arnold's. Marion's visiting time is up. Howard returns with a golf trophy, he was the winner by forfeit - no one showed up because of the snow. Richie and Joanie tell Howard that Marion is in jail. Fonzie and Marion have a talk. Howard tells Marion that he lost his temper, was wrong, and apologizes to her. Howard and Marion kiss and set off the alarm. Back at the house, Howard and Marion have Chinese food and Fonzie gives Howard a bill of $7.50 for the emergency brake that he told Howard to fix 3 months ago.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Barbara Berkowitz
Guest stars: Ed Peck as Officer Kirk and Marcia Lewis as Matron.

Howard's name: Howard T. Cunningham.
Howard wears glasses in this episode.

#147- Richie's Job (10/9/79)

Richie loads newspapers on a truck for a local newspaper company.

It is Saturday morning and Joanie is in her pajamas, Marion goes to answer the door. It is Chachi who is doing some curls with a dumbbell. He has come to borrow Richie's barbells, who carries it down the stairs. Richie announces that he will be getting a part-time job to have some money on his own. Marion suggests he work at Howard's hardware store. Richie is later seated at Arnold's when Ralph and Potsie come in 'Charlie Cardinal' outfits (the UWM mascot). Al asks them if they want two worms to go. Al gives Richie a classified ad from The Milwaukee Journal. Fonzie comes in with Candi and Randi (two blonde twins). Richie leaves for his job interview, and Fonzie gives him some tips in his office. Fonzie gets a call and tells the operator Ethel to hold his calls for him. Richie is hired at The Milwaukee Journal loading newspapers. Richie talks to Frank who doesn't like him. Richie starts at $2.25/hour, the same as Frank who has worked there for nearly 3 years. Otis leaves across the street to Akon's for a cold one. Frank gives Richie an apron and then demonstrates their forklift ('heres your forklift'). Some scenes of Richie carrying and loading newspapers are then shown with some background music. Richie is exhausted at the end and falls asleep on his car horn. Richie speaks tired to Fonzie at the house. The next day, Richie shows Frank a new filing system with one sheet. Ralph and Potsie visit Richie and ask him to sign his petition. Frank gives Richie some more problems before Fonzie shows up. Fonzie explains to Richie why Frank doesn't want him to interfere with his job and change things around there. Otis doesn't like the new file system and Richie stands up for Frank. Fonzie and Frank talk, Frank says he has a '51 Chevy and needs a needs a new fuel pump, but is a little short (of money). Fonzie says they can work something out. Frank makes Richie a paper hat. Richie shows Howard his first real paycheck. Richie wants to take everyone out for dinner and pay for it after Marion 'forgets' to turn on the oven.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Terry Hart
Guest stars: Jed Cooper as Frank and Ted Gehring as Otis.

Richie and Lori Beth wanted to see The Shirelles live in concert.

#148- Richie Falls in Love (10/23/79)

Richie falls for a female photographer.

Al relays an order for 12 dozen buns, 50 pounds of hamburger meat, and 20 pounds of pickles to Chachi who is placing the order on the phone. Ralph comes dressed as a mouse and Potsie a clock followed by Richie as Humpty Dumpy and Lori Beth as Mary (had a Little Lamb) for the homecoming parade floats (the theme is nursery rhymes). Richie can't fit in the booth. Some girls roll out a red carpet for Fonzie as Chachi makes a trumpet sound. Fonzie orders 3 #2's to go. Fonzie cracks some egg jokes. Richie tells Lori Beth that he can't wear the costume. Richie goes to a bar to be alone, he orders a root beer. A young woman also comes in and orders a root beer. Richie buys the drink for her. She is a free-lance photographer and her name is Barbara Thomas. She lives on the road and has a place in Paris and her favorite language is Italian. He buys her another drink. Richie returns home in a very good mood. He is going to have dinner at the Pfister Hotel and orders some flowers (a dozen, long stemmed roses) from Sunrise Florist. Howard asks who Barbara Thomas is. Richie dances with Joanie. the bartender brings Barbara a package of photos of her Tahiti trip, she sold a photo layout to a travel magazine. Richie gives her a title: 'Romance is alive and well in the south seas'. Barbara leaves the next day for Venice. She asks Richie to come with her. Barbara says they should have a night cap in her room. Marion discovers that Richie isn't home and didn't sleep in his bed. Richie arrives home the next morning and says he is going to Venice. Joanie leaves with Marion for her SAT test. Howard talks to Richie, and Richie says Barbara Thomas is a wonderful woman. Howard asks him to think about it. Richie talks to Fonzie at Arnold's. Richie takes Fonzie to the hotel to meet her. The bartender gives Richie a note from Barbara who says Venice was cancelled and that she is going to Australia. Fonzie tells Howard, Marion, and Joanie the news. Richie returns home and everyone comforts him. Richie goes with Lori Beth to the homecoming parade the next day.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Ria Nepus
Guest stars: Lynda Goodfriend, Jenny Sullivan as Barbara Thomas, and Wayne Morton as Bartender.

#149- Fonzie's a Thespian (10/30/79)

Fonzie takes up acting.

Potsie, Ralph, and Joanie chant 'We want food, we want food!'; then Richie serves them TV dinners. Marion is busy rehearsing for a replay and they tried off on the chores. Ralph and Potsie leave for Arnold's. Richie slams the door on Howard. Marion has been in the theatre group for two weeks and the play is on Sunday. Joanie and Richie go upstairs to clean. Marion arrives home with Sloan Marlowe, the director and star of the play. There is a sign at Arnold's: Tickets For "The Rainmaker" starring Sloan Marlowe - Marion Cunningham - Little Theatre Benefit Fund". Joanie is selling tickets. Chachi sold all of his tickets and gives the money to Joanie. Chachi makes his announcement how he sold the tickets. Richie comes in upset and tells Ralph and Potsie the college paper wants him to review 'The Rainmaker'. Fonzie comes in with his girl who buys a ticket. Fonzie asks Richie what the play is about. In the Cunningham kitchen, Richie reads a potential review to Fonzie. Marion arrives home after Sloan drove her home. Sloan makes a pass at Marion, and she slaps him across the face. Marion tells Fonzie and Richie that it is over. At the Community Playhouse, Marion rehearses for Sloan. Marion calls Sloan an actor and then Fonzie shows up. Fonzie tells Sloan he wants an apology to Mrs. C. Fonzie punches a hole thru a door. Fonzie joins them for breakfast the next morning, and Marion says that Sloan has left town. Fonzie tells them about the chat they had. Howard talks to Marion. Marions wonders who could play the part, and everyone thinks Fonzie should take the part. Fonzie has a great memory and 2 days to learn the lines. Marion and Fonzie perform in the play. Everyone applauds at the end of the play. Richie reads his review to everybody back at the house. Fonzie and the guys leave to play 8 ball and have pizza. Howard and Marion kiss.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Holly White
Guest stars: Terry McGovern as Sloan Marlowe.

Fonzie has seen 'The Rainmaker' with Burt Lancaster 6 times.
April 14, 1958 8-10PM Paula Petrolunga, Fonzie went miniature golfing, never got out of the windmill.
Marion plays the role of Lizzie in the play. Fonzie is Billy Starbuck.
Ooops: When Richie is reading his review at the Cunningham house in the last scene and Chachi spills a bag of chips on the floor, they cut to Richie while he reads his review, and when they go back to Chachi, the chips are magically gone!

#150- Burlesque (11/6/79)

Howard's burlesque show is delayed, and the gang decides to put on a talent show when the performers are stranded in Buffalo.

Richie and Joanie are counting money from selling tickets as Howard brings some props down for the burlesque show. Howard wants to become The Grand Poobah. Howard has The Grand Poobah hat that he bought 20 years ago. Richie says every seat has been sold. Marion says some of the credit should go to Irv Hanson and the Burlesque troupe. Howard is upset that he hasn't received a call from Irv yet. Irv and a girl arrive, the rest of the troupe is snowed in - in Buffalo. Irv and the girl leave. Chachi, Ralph, and Potsie greet Irv Hanson at the Leopard Lodge show. Howard is the host of the show 'Burlesque America' starring Irv Hanson. Howard sings a song 'Top Banana' as Irv interrupts him with some jokes about his wife. Al then comes out and plays his ukelie as a girl dances and strips in the background. Marion and Richie inform Howard that the troupe is still in Buffalo, snowed in for the past 2 days. Richie says they have all the people in the audience for the show (Ralph, Potsie, Chachi, and Joanie). Howard says they need girls when Fonzie walks in. Irv teaches everybody the routines backstage. In the first scene (Jungle Madness), Fonzie and Richie are Livingston and Stanley. Next, Potsie sings a song (Girl of Our Nations (?)). Fonzie kisses a girl in the next act and hides under the bed when her husband (Richie) arrives home. Chachi and Joanie are in a short scene next where Chachi asks her what makes her so popular. The next act is called 'The Harmony Boys' as Ralph sings 'It's Delightful' and when he points to Fonzie says "It's". Howard and Marion and Irv are in the next act called 'The Restaurant'. Howard does the old bet - $10 your not here. Everyone sings 'Top Banana' for the grand finale. The family is enjoying a snack at home and Al comes over to inform Howard that Howard will be installed as the Grand Poobah the following week. Howard puts on the Grand Poobah gold hat that goes over his head.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: David Ketchum & Tony DiMarco
Guest stars: Lynda Goodfriend and Irving Benson as Irv Hanson, and Cassandra Peterson as the girl (uncredited).

Cassandra Peterson (aka 'Elvira') appears as the girl in this episode. She is not listed in the credits although she does have a line - probably her own decision. She is a natural redhead.

#151- Joanie Busts Out (11/13/79)

Joanie applies for a modeling job.

Jake (a photographer) chooses Michelle (a model) for a bathtub layout. Chachi is working at the model studio. Fonzie is kissing one of the models in the waiting room. Fonzie is shocked to see that it is a nude photo shoot. Fonzie and Chachi leave as an older lady comes in to sweep the floor. At the house, Joanie tells Howard and Marion that she wants to go to Chicago with Sally for two days to see Fabian in concert. Richie and Joanie leave to go to their rooms. Howard drives Marion to the butcher. Fonzie wants Richie to tell Chachi he can't do it. Fonzie tells Richie about Chachi's assistant job. Richie looks at the brochure as Fonzie and Chachi leave the house. Joanie and Sally sit on the couch and see the brochure for Jake Whitman, and Joanie says it is exactly what she is looking for (glamour and travel and men). Chachi tells Jake that he has to quit and Chachi will recommend Ralph Malph for the job. Chachi opens the door and Joanie walks in. At Arnold's, Chachi talks to Fonzie about Joanie and her modeling. Richie comes storming out of Fonzie's office after Fonzie tells him the news. Jake talks to Bernice when Joanie learns they are taking nude shots. Joanie leaves the modeling studio. Richie and Fonzie see Joanie's sweater (that Richie gave her for Christmas). Richie sees another girl changing behind the screen. Richie and Fonzie talk in the kitchen after seeing Joanie sit on the couch reading a magazine. Richie confronts her with the sweater and Joanie says as soon as she found out about the nude photos she left. Howard and Marion return with some groceries and eavesdrop on Richie and Joanie talking. Howard and Marion try and hide in the kitchen. Richie and Joanie go up to talk to Fonzie. Marion and Howard look at an envelope from the Irish Sweepstakes that is returned for insufficient postage. At Arnold's, Joanie calls Chachi a smut brain. Ralph says he was fired for kissing the negatives by Jake.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Beverly Bloomberg
Guest stars: G.W. Bailey as Jack Whitman, Tammy Taylor as Sally, Rhonda Shear as Michelle, and Taaffe O'Connell as Carol.

Joanie is 17 years old.
Taaffe O'Connell appeared in several episodes (including 'The Hucksters').
Rhonda Shear is the current host of the USA Network's 'Up All Night' program.

#152- King Richard's Big Knight (11/20/79)

Richie is crowned king of the Delta Gammas.

Potsie sings and the band plays (Hello, Mary Lou) at a Delta Gamma party. Everyone applauds and then Richie, Ralph, and Potsie go for some punch. The DG sorority is choosing its king that night. Richie goes for some ginger ale and Bullfrog puts a pill in Richie's drink. The 1961 Delta Gamma King is Richie Cunningham. Ralph asks for a recount. Richie's vision starts to become blurry and he insults Ralph and Potsie. Richie kicks a hole in Chachi's bass drum and then kisses Lori Beth's navel. Richie is obviously drunk. He then squirts punch out of his mouth like a fish. At the house at 3 in the morning, Howard and the family see someone riding on a motorcycle on their lawn. Fonzie walks in and then Richie drives in on Fonzie's motorcycle with some scuba gear on. Richie gives Fonzie a dented fender. Richie then passes out on the floor. Howard and Fonzie carry Richie upstairs. Richie talks to Howard and Marion the next morning, but doesn't remember anything after being named King of the DG's. Lori Beth ignores Richie at Arnold's, Ralph and Potsie tell him to get lost. Chachi pours some of his malt in Richie's shirt pocket. Fonzie asks Richie for an explanation and says there will be a fight. Fonzie can't hit Richie and they go in his office. Richie tells Fonzie about the ginger ale that he got from Bullfrog that he doesn't get along with. Fonzie and Richie go over to talk to Bullfrog at the ATO house. Fonzie asks him about the stunt that he pulled on Richie. Bullfrog puts a trophy over Richie's head. Fonzie steps in for Richie and puts Bullfrog's hands in the pool table pockets. Bullfrog admits to altering Richie's drink. Bullfrog's ATO brothers tell him that he is out of the fraternity and they are calling the dean. Fonzie takes the trophy off of Richie's head. At Arnold's, Richie makes an announcement and tells everyone that he acted terribly last night and asks for their forgiveness. Everyone tells Richie they are sorry for the way they treated him and they don't need an explanation from him. The band performs a number (Let's Twist Again) as the episode concludes and Richie plays the saxophone.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: James P. Dunne
Guest stars: Lynda Goodfriend, Gary Epp as Bullfrog, Wendy Hoffmann as Wendy, and Mark Fenske as ATO man.

Lori Beth has a ceramic donkey (Pepe) that Richie gave her.
This is Bullfrog's second episode.
Potsie's girl: Wendy.
Richie loaned Chachi the money to buy the drums.
Ooops: The acoustic guitar is played but an electric guitar is heard.
Potsie: "Any guy who would do what you did to the girl of a guy who considered that guy his best pal, is not the kind of guy this guy wants to talk to."

#153- Fonzie vs. The She-Devils (11/27/79)

Richie and company attend a nerd party while Fonzie battles the She-Devils.

Al brings Richie a package who is seated at a booth at Arnold's. Ralph and Potsie walk in wearing the new, plaid band jackets. Three leather clad women walk into Arnold's. They are the She-Devils, a motorcycle gang, according to Richie. Lori Beth is gone for the weekend. The girls say to themselves that the guys are exactly the kind of guys that Bertha told them to bring to the nerd party. The girls ask them to the party. The guys walk into the party in their plaid jackets in an abandoned beauty parlor. Big Bertha meets the boys. She says the She-Devil who brings the most 'interesting' date wins $100. Ralph introduces himself and says he ate meat loaf for dinner with his dad. Another She-Devil says she can find somebody better than Richie. Richie then tells the guys the reason for the She-Devils party. Some She-Devils then carry somebody inside in a sack bag. Big Bertha says the guy jilted her kid sister and broke her heart. The guy is Chachi. Chachi tells the guys his story and Big Bertha says he dumped her kid sister Rhonda. One of the She-Devils puts a chain on Chachi's leg to the sink. Big Bertha puts the key in her shirt top. Richie calls for a meeting with the guys. Bertha says they will shave Chachi's head at 9 o'clock. Richie says he will climb out the window to get Fonzie. Back at the house, Fonzie and the rest of the family are singing at the piano. Joanie chooses the song 'Silvery Moon' next. Richie arrives home and starts singing. Richie talks to Fonzie in the kitchen about the nerd party that he won. Fonzie tells Richie to stall them while he thinks of something. Bertha starts to go shave Chachi's head when Richie pulls the plug. Richie puts the electric razor down his shirt, when Bertha tears his shirt off. The She-Devil brings in a snail collector named Ardee (Fonzie). Ardee pulls the sink out of the wall. Ardee and the guys then leave. Fonzie kicks the door in and puts the glasses on Big Bertha. At Arnold's, Richie tries to saw off the chain on Chachi's leg. Fonzie tells Chachi what he did to Rhonda was low. At the house, the family sings a song at the piano.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Sam Greenbaum
Guest stars: Judy Pioli as Bertha, Sarah Rush as Fern, Georganne LaPiere as Joy, and Karen Jensen as Ethyl.

Chachi was returning from basketball practice.
The party is at 224 Hoover Street.
One of the She-Devils is named Fern.
Judy Pioli (Bertha) wrote several episodes of Happy Days.
Georganne LaPiere appeared in several episodes of Happy Days as did Karen Jensen.
Ooops: In this episode, Ralph, Potsie, and Ralph get these horrible jackets to wear for "The Band" at Arnold's. It would seem that they are having a conversation about what to do about the jackets, but, wait a minute, lets take a look at that again. Through Classic TV Rewind, it would seem that Ralph and Potsie change jackets not once but a few times!

#154- The Mechanic (12/4/79)

Fonzie hires a disabled mechanic with a chip on his shoulder.

Fonzie is repairing a car at the garage and Chachi says he needs to hire some help. Chachi says he can't keep up the pace, he does a muffler job instead of a lube job. Fonzie has worked 18 hours straight. Fonzie comes into Arnold's looking tired, talks to the guys, and picks up his to go order. Fonzie receives a telephone call from someone looking for a job. Chachi aks for the night off to write a 5 page autobiography. A man for the job comes in a wheelchair. His name is Don Konig. Don says he can handle the job, and Fonzie says he is only paying $1.65 a hour and no overtime. Fonzie hires him, and Don starts immediately. Don works on straightening the workbench. At the house, Joanie makes dinner. Fonzie says Don is driving him crazy. Richie does his Fonzie imitation and then Fonzie tells him that Don is in a wheelchair. Fonzie says Don has a chip on his shoulder. Don is coming over to give Richie a haircut. Howard lets Don in the back door. Don says he was hit by a drunk driver. Don then leaves the house after everybody had asked him some questions. At the garage, Chachi shows Fonzie the report that got a B+ on. Fonzie gives Chachi some money to buy a sherbert and then Chachi skips away. Richie comes to the garage with his baseball glove and ball. Fonzie shows Richie a social security work report that Don filled out and wanted him to sign. Don had worked as a mechanic and Don quit. Richie goes to look for Don, and brings him to the garage. Fonzie tells Don thru Richie that he was wrong. Don says he doesn't want to work in the dump. Fonzie pulls a wheelchair out of his office and sits down in it. Fonzie goes in his office upset and Don leaves. At dinner at the Cunninghams', Fonzie is saddened. Don later comes to the house and talks to everybody. Don says he has been difficult and apologizes. Don appreciates their honesty and leaves to go to the movies. Fonzie and Don go to the garage to take a look at a car. Don, Richie, and Fonzie come in from playing basketball (HORSE). Howard announces that he lost 3 pounds and everyone eats lunch from the buffet.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Fred Fox, Jr.
Guest stars: Jim Knaub as Don Konig.

Richie learned to rescue swimmers in summer camp.

#155- They're Closing Inspiration Point (12/11/79)

Everyone tries to stop the construction of a highway that would destroy Inspiration Point.

Richie brings in tomorrow's paper to show Potsie, Ralph, and Chachi. Richie says they are working on an expressway and are planning an off-ramp at the end of East Boulevard and the off-ramp will go right thru Inspiration Point. Al asks them what all the excitement is about. Al sees the expressway as a plus until he learns that it will go right thru Inspiration Point. Some girls and Fonzie carry in a drum and 'Save Inspiration Point!' signs. Fonzie says they are going after the head guy in charge of the plan: Howard Cunningham. Richie can't believe that it is his dad. Joanie and Richie talk back at the house. Howard and Marion return with some groceries. Howard says he did know about the plan. Howard asks them why they didn't show up at the planning commission hearing and says the off ramp will mean an increase in traffic of 5.3% in the business district of East Boulevard. Everyone turns their backs on Howard. Fonzie also shows up to plead with Howard. Fonzie sets up a plan and tells Richie to go to the meeting, Joanie to get on the phone to get an army together, and Mrs. C. to hold the fort. Marion tells Howard to make his own lunch. Richie makes a speech at the meeting. A construction worker says that the bulldozers have been shut down and some dingaling changed himself to a tree. It is Fonzie. At Arnold's, Richie and Lori Beth and company start working on a campaign. Joanie is collecting signatures. Fonzie comes in with cement blocks on his feet. Fonzie tells Richie what happened. There is a protest outside the Cunningham house and Chachi uses a megaphone to shout 'fight for the right to wu and ku'. Howard and Marion (in a disguise) leave the house. Howard makes his presentation for the off-ramp. Joanie does a cheer and then Richie starts presenting their case. The gang acts out a scene, as Ralph and Lori Beth kiss. Howard proposes they build a club for the kids. Al speaks out for Inspiration Point as a place for romance. Marion also speaks out to save Inspiration Point. Fonzie comes in with a rock (Logan's boulder) chained to his leg. Richie calls Howard C. Cunningham to the stand. Howard tells how they bought the house. They drove up to Inspiration Point to discuss it. Howard says there are things more dear to him than business. They all decide to Save Inspiration Point. At Arnold's, Fonzie talks to Howard and Marion before they all go to Inspiration Point.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Beverly Bloomberg
Guest stars: Lynda Goodfriend, Woody Eney as Chairman, and Le Tari as workman.

Joanie has been going to Inspiration Point for 6 months.
Howard says that he has a 'lovely wife, a beautiful daughter, and a smart aleck son'. NO mention of Chuck Cunningham!
Charlie and Phil are the chair members.
Le Tari who played the workman was also Dudley's father on Diff'rent Strokes. Woody Eney (the chairman) also appeared in 2 episodes of Diff'rent Strokes.
Ooops: Howard's middle initial is given as 'C' in this episode, in an earlier episode it was 'T'.

#156- Here Comes the Bride, Again (12/18/79)

Marion wants a real wedding for her 25th anniversary.

Howard and Marion return home as Joanie is leaving with 6 boys in a car. Howard and Marion had been at a wedding (the Andersons) where the couple had renewed their wedding vowels. The Cunninghams 25th Anniversary is next week and Marion wants to get married again. Marion tells Richie about their wedding and how they were married in the Milwaukee Bus Depot as Howard was in the army and gave them 2 hours before Howard was being shipped off to New Jersey. Richie says he will take care of the arrangements. Richie finds Fonzie at Arnold's after looking for him for 3 days (Blanche had charmed herself to his couch). Howard wants to use Al's phone, but Al is expecting a call from Germaine. Howard and Marion had an argument. Fonzie talks to Howard in his office. Howard says he would feel silly going thru the 2nd wedding. Al congratulates Howard. Everyone leaves for the restrooms as Howard asks Marion to marry him. Back at the house, the caterers (Bernie Cross and Gil Crawford) show up. Richie says they will have the wedding in the backyard with 30-40 people. Fonzie runs a check on the guys who have it down. There is a clown doing cartwheels at the wedding. Chachi is the photographer. Ralph and Potsie come in shrunken tuxedos. Ralph tears a hole in his jacket. Richie talks to the neighbor: Mr. Burkhart who asks him if he has a permit for the fire (in the bathtub where they are cooking hot dogs). Al introduces Richie to start the wedding. Potsie sings. Howard and Richie, Joanie, and Fonzie and Marion walk in. Richie says he blew it; Marion thanks them for the love that made them do it for her and Howard. Gil finishes the ceremony as Bernie checks the hamburgers. Smoke goes everywhere and the fire department extinguishes the fire in the bath tub. Howard and Marion kiss. Fonzie is given the bill by Bernie and Gil. Fonzie offers a toast to do it again for their 50th Anniversary.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Bob Howard
Guest stars: Bob Elliott as Gil Crawford, Ray Goulding as Bernie Cross, Rance Howard as Mr. Burkhart, and C.W. Metcalf as clown.

Richie tells Marion that she could win big bucks on Queen for a Day with that story.
Al was best man at Gil's wedding.
The clown is Bernie's cousin.
Rance Howard (Ron Howard's father) makes one of several episode appearances.

#157- Ah, Wilderness (1/8/80)

Richie takes the gang on a camping trip to prove he is a good leader.

Richie gathers a group at the house to discuss what they are going to do for their spring vacation. Ralph introduces Susie Simmons (with a retainer) who he met at the laundromat to everyone. Richie talks about their previous trips and suggests they go camping in tents. Richie says he will be the leader. Fonzie learns about the trip and wants to go with them but Richie doesn't want him to go but Richie wants to be the leader. Richie knows about camping and nature. Fonzie says if he doesn't have a good time it is Richie's fault. Richie blows a whistle at the camp site and everybody rallies. They set their tents up. Ralph runs back to the tents claiming that he was being chased by a wild bear. Susie comes back and kicks Ralph for him running over her. Richie rallies them again and talks about their plans. Potsie and Cassie forgot the can opener. Richie and Lori Beth brought hamburgers and buns, but they have no matches. Richie rubs sticks together before it starts raining heavily and everybody goes in one tent before it collapses. Fonzie isn't happy, but lets Richie still be the leader. Richie is not welcome in either tent and he sleeps outside in his sleeping bag in the rain. Everyone awakens the next morning to find Richie missing and his empty sleeping bag ripped to shreds. They fear that Richie was eaten by a bear. Fonzie throws a stone that lands on Richie's foot. Richie says it is his fault. He bought some groceries from Uncle Marvin's Trading Post which is 6 miles away. He bought Melmars, and a Hot Rod magazine for Fonzie. Fonzie tells Richie that he took responsibility and that Richie would have been a much better leader if they were better followers. Chachi and Al (in a yellow raincoat) make their way to the tents. They say they will be back tomorrow night, but then everyone wants to go back with them. Fonzie asks Richie to unload the gear back at the house.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Barry Rubinowitz
Guest stars: Lynda Goodfriend, Susan Mullen as Cindy, Julie Brown as Gloria, and Shirley Kirkes as Blossom.

Susie is the assistant supervisor at Suds 'n Splash.
Cassie worked at the dry cleaners one summer.
Their previous spring vacations: to Chicago to stare at the Playboy mansion and to drive to Oklahoma to meet Mickey Mantle's mother.
There is no shot of Arnold's in this episode, this episode was probably shot between the Hot Stuff and The New Arnold's episode.

#158- Joanie's Dilemma (1/15/80)

Marion has a long talk with Joanie when she accepts a senior's ring.

Potsie and Richie get some espresso from the machine at Arnold's. Richie says hello to Linda Sue Krutchfield (now Dawn). Ralph comes in sunglasses and a beret playing some bongos. Ralph talks to Dawn and gives her a poem which she tears up. In another booth, a girl gets a ring from a guy. Potsie talks about The Alamo to the guys and Al. The Alamo is a special part of Inspiration Point where there are no street lights, it is so fun to remember The Alamo. Joanie shows off her ring from Jason that she got in the morning. Richie says she should give the ring back to Jason. Joanie and Jason kiss. Fonzie comes out of his office and is teaching a 'class' to a group of young guys on picking up chicks. Fonzie and Richie talk in his office. They say it is up to Mrs. C. to talk to Joanie. At the house, Joanie talks with her girlfriends about going to The Alamo. Marion is cooking a chicken recipe (cocoa van (sp?)) with wine in the kitchen. Howard comes home and tells Marion he is going to the Leopard Lodge to be interviewed by the wife of the Grand Poobah and Vice-Poobah for the 'Father of the Year' award. Marion then puts another cup of wine in the sauce. She tastes it. Richie tells Marion that it is important that she talk to Joanie right away. Richie tells Marion about the sections of Inspiration Point. Howard and Richie leave. Joanei takes out some ice cream and takes a taste of Marion's sauce. Joanie and Marion talk. Marion says she liked Howard's laugh and walk. Joanie is still confused. Fonzie then comes inside the house. Howard is given the 'Father of the Year' trophy, but the interviewers need to meet the rest of the family first. Fonzie gives Marion some coffee. Joanie loses her ring. Fonzie and Mrs. C. dance. Fonzie takes the interviewers out of the house. Joanie and Jason talk and Joanie says it is her decision and doesn't want to go and Jason agrees. Joanie gives Jason his ring back to him. Richie tells Jason if he wants to see The Alamo to go to Texas. Joanie and Jason kiss goodbye. Richie says he will stay out of Joanie's way and they hug. Howard and Marion talk about Twinkletoes Peters. Howard says he lost the 'Father of the Year' to Fred Brill. Richie and Joanie present Howard with their award.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: April Kelly
Guest stars: Ruth Warshawsky as Harriet, Kelly Britt as Gladys, Michael Dudikoff as Jason, Britton Payne as Polly, Suzanne Wishner as Vanessa, and Geanne Frank as Bunny.

Joanie and Jason are seniors in high school.
Ralph is going to The Alamo tonight.
Marion was at the dedication of Inspiration Point.
Sections of Inspiration Point: Boot camp (younger kids including Joanie go there; learn the ropes); Mason-Dixon (where Richie goes; where the girls draw the line); Little Big Horn (where Fonzie goes; no survivors); The Alamo (it is so fun to remember).
Joanie's girlfriends: Polly, Bunny, and Vanessa.
Marion mentions Twinkletoes Peters.
Jason's friends: Bill and Chuck.
Oops: Howard loses the 'Father of the Year' award to Fred Brill. Fred Brill was the referee in 'The Duel' episode and was Richie's age.

#159- Hot Stuff (1/22/80)

Chachi has to pay for his actions after setting a fire at Arnold's.

Richie, Potsie, and Ralph walk into Arnold's and Potsie says that it is not a bad crowd (there are only 3 girls at another booth). Al and Chachi come out to talk to the guys. Al has made Chachi an executive and Chachi takes their order. Chachi asks Joanie who is sitting at a booth if she will go out with him and she answers 'maybe'. Richie and Joanie talk. Joanie says all the girls are interested in Chachi. Ralph says he is leaving Arnold's and going to Merlin's Pub for women. Richie and Potsie don't understand him. Ralph talks to Fonzie. Al says Germaine is at Merlin's Pub. Fonzie says he will perform a motorcycle stunt every night at 10 o'clock. Al leaves to think and leaves Chachi to lock up and turn off the grill. Richie and Lori Beth leave (it's L.B.'s birthday). Fonzie clls Ralph and Potsie in for a meeting in his office. Chachi throws his apron in the kitchen and walks Joanie home. A fire in the kitchen starts. Ralph goes to get some sodas and sees the fire. There are bars on the window. Fonzie puts on his motorcycle helmet and smashes his head thru the wall and makes a small hole in the wall, but the wall is concrete - he is knocked out. Ralph and Potsie yell for Richie who is making out with Lori Beth in his red convertible. Lori Beth spots the fire after looking in the car mirror. Richie puts a chain on the bars and Lori Beth drives and pulls out the window. Ralph and Potsie then lift Fonzie out. Potsie and Ralph then jump out. Everyone later surveys the damage, Arnold's is destroyed. Al says the insurance company called him a crook and they say it was an inside job and the fire started on the grill and found a burnt up apron. Chachi says he didn't do it on purpose, and apologizes to Al for not turning off the grill. Fonzie is upset with Chachi. Chachi runs out upset. Al says he will go back home to Kenosha. Everyone tells Al he should rebuild Arnold's. At the house, they have a 'Bon Voyage Al' party. Fonzie arrives late after fixing one more car. Fonzie brings Al a present: a huge wad of money. Fonzie suggests he and Al be business partners. Fonzie lets Chachi be his representative. Everyone has a toast to the new Arnold's.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Fred Fox, Jr.
Guest stars: Lynda Goodfriend

Potsie mentions President Kennedy.
Fonzie has worked since age 6.

#160- The New Arnold's (1/29/80)

Fonzie and Al rebuild Arnold's and can't decide what to name it.

Everybody is at the Cunningham house (the temporary hangout) as Howard returns home. Chachi gives an order to Marion in the kitchen. Howard and Marion talk. Howard asks everyone to leave his house. Fonzie arrives and talks to Ralph and Potsie about the name of the restaurant. Fonzie thinks about naming it after himself. Al and Richie talk at the new site where construction is taking place. The new Arnold's will open up in 2 weeks. Fonzie brings in gloria, their new waitress. Al introduces them to Sal - his cousin from Italy and their new singing waiter. Fonzie and Gloria leave. Everyone finishes eating spaghetti at the house. Al has taken care of dessert - a model cake of the new Arnold's. Fonzie has a model sign as does Al. They show their signs together - Fonzie's and Big Al's. Richie says they should compromise. Fonzie and Al disagree about the placement of his table. Fonzie moves the band stand, espresso machine, and dart board. They continue to disagree and eventually they destroy the cake. Fonzie leaves with his 'table'. Marion gives Howard a haircut. Al tells them that he is selling Arnold's. Al doesn't want to go to opening and neither does Fonzie. Joanie and Richie leave with Chachi. Al turns on the light at the new Arnold's and everyone is impressed. Al opens to the public and is a big hit. Fonzie arrives to look around. There is carpeting in the ladies room. Fonzie looks at the new jukebox. He goes into his new office where there is a desk, phone, and a chart on the wall with his phone numbers (alphabetized). Fonzie gives Al his old spatula with an engraving on the handle 'To al: the best partner a man ever had'. There is a new electric hand dryer in the restroom. Fonzie and Al say ther were both wrrrrr... (wrong). Fonzie says they will call the place Arnold's and still be partners.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Holly White
Guest stars: Lynda Goodfriend, David G. Fuller as Sal, and Juanita Merritt as Gloria.

Potsie has an uncle named Herbert.
The company that works on the new Arnold's is Trans Allied Construction Co.
As far as why they wrote the episode to have Arnold's burn down and to rebuild I really don't know. Maybe they wanted a more 60's looking diner as the show moved into the 1960's.
Howard says that after Arnold, there were three other owner's with the last being Alfred.

#161- The Hucksters (2/5/80)

Howard wants Hank Aaron to advertise his hardware store in a TV commercial.

Richie, Marion, and Joanie wait for Howard before eating dinner, but Howard already ate at the Fatty Burger. Howard was in Chicago and mentions Freddie Prebble who met at a convention who owns a chain of hardware stores. Freddie told him to advertise - television commercials. They will use the camera that he gave for Richie's birthday. Howard will buy some time on Channel 8. Everyone watches the commercial at Arnold's. Everbody gives him a lukewarm response. The next morning (Saturday), the store is empty. Howard bought his own pick a number machine - Fonzie is #3 (only 2 other customers). Richie says the commercial was a great idea, but they don't know what the heck they were doing. Richie mentions a Van Buren who lectured at college and has an advertising office in Milwaukee. Howard talks to Mr. Van Buren at the house. Howard would be happy with a 25% increase in business, but Van Buren guarantees him a 40% increase in 2 months for complete control of the commercial. Van Buren sees the 4 family members in the commercial. They later shoot a commercial at the hardware store. They have a new slogan. Van Buren sends Richie to look younger. They bring in a kid - Billy. Little sister Joanie is then replaced by Scuffy a dog. Howard is replaced by Bart, a younger looking man. Howard is Iggy the stock boy. Marion is replaced by the young and blond Ingrid. Fonzie stops by to watch the filming. Henry Aaron makes a special guest appearance during the rehearsal. Fonzie says Howard is lying and asks him if it is legal. Van Buren says it is not completely clean. Marion, Richie, and Joanie arrive. They film the commercial live and Howard interrupts the commercial to show his real family. Hank Aaron talks to Richie. Fonzie then tells everyone to come to the store. Back at the house, Hank says goodbye to everyone.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Mark Rothman
Guest stars: Henry Aaron as himself, Warren Berlinger as Mr. Vanburen, Charles Howerton as Bart, Sparky Marcus as Billy, Hoke Howell as Sidney, and Taaffe O'Connell as Ingrid.

Cunningham Hardware is located on the corner of Eight and East Boulevard and has been there since 1946. This is an inconsistency with the first episode where Richie gives a different address for the store.
Richie got a glove autographed by Hank Aaron before the 1957 World Series.
The camera for the commercial is from WZAZ/TV.
Fonzie's helmet is signed by Annette Funnicello.
The Cunningham's have a new dish washer.
Warren Berlinger had previously appeared in several other episodes in different roles as did Taaffe O'Connell.
Henry Aaron appears as himself, he is baseball's all-time career home run leader.

#162- Allison (2/12/80)

Fonzie falls for a young deaf woman named Allison.

Howard (Marion's dream boy) returns home and greets Marion with a kiss. Howard has lost 3 pounds and tightens his belt. He receives some squash seeds in the mail. Joanie comes down and kisses him. Howard also receives a bill from the electric company. The bill is for $4,000.12 . If he doesn't pay the bill, they will shut off their lights. Richie and Fonzie go to the Milwaukee Gas & Electric Office. A man (Robert) going on lunch directs Richie to Allison Curtis. Fonzie tries to get her attention. a man then does sign language with her, and Richie tells Fonzie that she is deaf. Richie writes a note for Fonzie to her. Fonzie and Allison leave. Fonzie wants Richie to teach him how to sign 'Happy Birthday' from a book that he bought. They practice the sign language - Fonzie his way and Richie according to the book. They sign 'happy bornday to you'. Fonzie signs out the word 'dear' like a deer. they practice the letters in Allison. Everybody sings and Fonzie signs happy birthday to Allison at the new Arnold's. Fonzie and Allison kiss. She leaves for the powder room. Richie tells Fonzie to not lead her on. Fonzie and Allison leave to go to Inspiration Point to look at the moon. At the electric company office, Fonzie tells her that she is very special and says she is the only one in his heart. Allison tells Fonzie that she loves Doug who signs and is not deaf. they have been dating on and off for 3 years. Allison learns how attractive she really is by dating Fonzie. Allison and Doug are getting married. Allison wants to stay friends with Fonzie. Fonzie wants her to be happy. They hug each other. Richie brings the cancelled check (from Howard) and Fonzie gives him the new bill. Fonzie tells Richie he will give him a ride home on his motorcycle. Richie signs 'you're ok' to Fonzie.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Patt Shea & Harriett Weiss
Guest stars: Linda Bove as Allison, Kenneth Snell as Robert, and Richard Masur as Doug.

#163- Fools Rush In (2/26/80)

Chachi tries to get Joanie to take his love for her seriously.

Joanie is looking for Marion to talk to her. Marion comes down in a red dress/suit. Marion is going to buy a dress for her and Howard's anniversary of their first date 28 years ago when they went for a drive in Howard's cousin George's LaSalle. Marion says Howard always forgets the anniversary. Marion leaves and Richie returns to drop off some books. Joanie wants to ask Richie about dating and Chachi who hasn't even held her hand. Richie thinks Chachi is gun shy - fearful of being rejected. Lori Beth brings in their melted ice cream cones. Chachi talks to Fonzie in Fonzie's place about Joanie. Fonzie receives a call from Delores. Joanie and Lori Beth talk. Joanie gets the idea to cook Chachi a dinner. Chachi talks to Fonzie again down at Arnold's. Chachi wants to take Joanie to the best restaurant in town - A Petite Milwaukee. They go into his office (the restrooms have changed spots now). Fonzie gives Chachi some money for some chocolate mousse. Joanie and her girlfriend walk in. Potsie tells Joanie that his aunt asked him to babysit his two cousins Saturday night, but Richie has 2 extra tickets to Bobby Rydell. Joanie accepts Potsie's offer. Joanie invites Chachi over that night for dinner. Howard and Marion leave in the old LaSalle, Howard will have Fonzie tow it up to Inspiration Point for them. Potsie brings over his cousins: Sally and Michael (who has a cold). Chachi comes dressed in a brown suit with flowers. Richie leaves. Chachi gives her the flowers, but sits on the box of candy he brought her. They are set to kiss when Michael comes down for some water. They eat their lasagna dinner and Chachi has some frosting on his nose - Joanie says he looks dapper. They dance. Chachi tells Michael not to come down anymore while Joanie does some dishes. Sally and Michael come downstairs, and Michael can't breathe. Chachi takes him upstairs to breathe some steam from the shower. Joanie calls the doctor. Chachi comes downstairs in his wet suit. Joanie and Chachi then kiss. Richie and Joanie wait for their parents to come home at 3AM who they send up to their room.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Beverly Bloomberg
Guest stars: Lynda Goodfriend, Morgan Hart as Angela, Heidi Bohay as Margaret, Kathi Marshall as Sally, and Scott Marshall as Michael.

Lori Beth says Richie didn't touch her for 3 months.
Joanie says Jenny Piccalo had in Chachi's gym locker overnight.
There is no tv upstairs. Inconsistency with an earlier episode where Howard goes upstairs to watch TV.
Chachi has a cousin named Vinny.
Donny Most (Ralph Malph) met Morgan Hart during the filming of this episode. They are married in real life and have two children.

#164- Father and Son (3/4/80)

Howard takes Richie to his lodge convention in Chicago.

Joanie is sewing at the table as Howard is at a Leopard Lodge meeting with Donald Hedges (who tells Joanie she is growing like a weed). Donald talks to Marion and says he is taking Junior with him and Howard says Richie is going to the convention also. Howard tells Marion that he and Richie aren't so good buddies any more. Howard asks him if he wants to go, and Richie laughs in his face. Richie says he is going with Ralph and Potsie for the Bears game in Chicago where the convention is at also. Fonzie brings Chachi in who is not dressed up and visiting his grandmother who pinches his cheeks. Richie says he will go to the convention and tells Chachi he should visit his Grandmother Nussbaum. Howard and Richie check into their hotel room in Chicago. Howard gives Richie his junior Leopard fez. Richie opens a suitcase with a dribble glass, fake hand, and chattering teeth. Mr. Hedges and Junior come in the room in masks. Mr. Hedges squirts Ralph with some water and Potsie also walks in. Potsie tells Richie that they have lined up 3 stewardresses for them. Howard tells Richie that he wants him to sit next to him at the banquet that night. Richie cancels with Potsie and Ralph to go to the banquet with his buddy. At the banquet, there is a food fight. A cake is brought out, where a woman pops out of and dances. She gives Howard a piece of cake. All the single men line up for a kiss with the cake girl. Everybody goes outside to stop traffic. The cake girl is studying creative writing in night school. Richie brings her up to the room to show her some of the articles he has written. Ralph and Potsie talk to Howard. Ralph and Potsie talk about their relationships with their fathers. The cake girl sits on Richie's lap and they kiss. Howard returns to the room, and Margo leaves. Howard and Richie talk and Richie says he has the perfect father. They leave to throw Donald and Junior's luggage out the window.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Fred Fox, Jr.
Guest stars: David Ketchum as Donald, Clint Howard as Junior, Nyla Rogers as Margo, and Helen Verbit as the waitress.

Richie graduates in another year.
Howard is The Grand Poobah.
Ralph, Potsie, and the girls are going to The Peppermint Lodge.
Clint Howard makes another appearance in a different role, he is Ron Howard's real life brother.

#165- A Potsie is Born (3/11/80)

Potsie is offered a singing job at a supper club.

The band is getting ready to play at Arnold's. Loretta tells Potsie she will watch the band. Fonzie walks in and Richie tells him about Potsie's problem. Potsie sings a song (Surfin' Safari (?)). A woman at a table is watching him. After the song, Susan Patterson from The Bogue Terrace introduces herelf to Potsie. She is looking for someone to sing at the club. There is an audition on Friday at noon. Potsie and Loretta leave. Howard returns to the house and tells everybody that he saw a gigantic billboard of Potsie on Benton Drive. Fonzie saw the Potsie billboard and his bike tore his pants. Marion asks Fonzie upstairs to repair his cuts with Mother Kelp's home-made remedy. Ralph and Potsie show up at the house. Potsie wants Richie to back him up at The Vogue Terrace and Fonzie to be his manager. In Fonzie's office, Potsie is being interviewed by Richie and Lori Beth is teaching him some dance steps and Chachi takes some pictures. Potsie tells the band to ship up or shape out. Fonzie shows some restraint by not hitting Potsie. At the Vogue Terrace, a man receives a call from Reny Benkos' agent and Reny will forget about the raise he asked for. Susan says they will call Reny that he can have his old job back. Potsie and the band show up to audition. Potsie sings 'Mack the Knife' (a Bobby Darin song), while Susan and the man eat and drink and pay no attention whatsoever to the band. Fonzie catches eye of this happening and says they are not courteous listeners. Fonzie smashes the table in wants an explanation. Susan and Eddie leave. Potsie says he has been a big creep to the guys and everyone says it is ok with them.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Ria Nepus
Guest stars: Lynda Goodfriend as Lori Beth, Pat Crowley as Susan, Gail Edwards as Loretta, and Art Batanides as Eddie.

Reny Benkos used to work at The Vogue Terrace.
Potsie's father works at a gas station.
Richie has known Potsie since kindergarten.
Art Batanides had previously appeared in other Happy Days episodes in different roles.
Patricia Crowley was the mother on the 1965-1967 sitcom, Please Don't Eat the Daisies.
This is the last actual episode that was made for this season. During the summer of 1980, Ron Howard abruptly left the series when he signed a contract to do some directing for NBC. Donny Most would also leave the series to pursue other interests.

#166- The Roaring Twenties (3/25/80)

The family remembers Great-Uncle Cecil who closed down the local speakeasies during the 1920's.

Howard's Uncle Joe is sleeping on the couch while Richie talks on the phone with Lori Beth. Uncle Joe wakes up after he stopped snoring. Richie gives him a cookie. Richie is working on a journalism report on the 1920's. Richie gives him his report to read, and Uncle Joe says everything is wrong. He tells him about his cousin Cecil Cunningham, a district attorney. They sit down and Uncle Joe tells him a story about the roaring twenties. Some clips from the 1920's are shown as a brief history is given. There was a saloon keeper named Eddie (Howard). some girls (including Joanie/Becky and Lori Beth) dance at the saloon. Pretty Boy (Potsie) takes care of a bum who holds Joanie. Marion comes in to protest the serving of liquor at the saloon. Chachi delivers the newspaper with the headline 'DA Cecil Cunningham Closes Another Speakasy'. Cecil (Richie) and Pervis (Ralph) come in to raid The Kit Kat Club. Lori Beth sings. Cecil and Pervis blow the joint. Cecil talks to Ginger (Lori Beth). Ginger is now Spats' girl. Spats (Fonzie) arrives at the speakeasy. Eddie is 4 months behind in his protection payments. Eddie says Spats is getting soft. Spats says Cunningham will be dead tomorrow. He knows Bear (Al). Bear gives a table a hug and destroys it. Spats gives Bear a dollar which he eats. Spats and Bear leave for the opera. Chachi gives Cecil a paper with the headline: 'Spats puts contract out on Cunningham and his Assistant Pervis'. Cecil and company raid the club again and everyone is booked as The Kit Kat Club is closed. Bear goes after Cecil and throws him out the window. Spats talks to Cecil. Spats is an undercover man for the F.B.I. Chachi brings in a paper with a headline that reads 'Prohibition Ends'. Spats helps Cecil back in as Pervis jumps out the window. Back in real time, Uncle Joe tells Richie that Spats and Ginger moved out west and lived with her sister who married a merchant seaman named Fonzarelli, but he is only kidding with that part of the story. Uncle Joe tells Richie to come over any time for more history on the family.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: David Ketchum & Tony DiMarco
Guest stars: Lynda Goodfriend and Pat O'Brien as Uncle Joe.

Additional music by Tom Worrall.
Choreography by Shirley Kirkes.

#167- Ralph's Family Problem (5/6/80)

Ralph finds out that his parents are getting a divorce.

Howard walks down the stairs and greets Joanie in the kitchen. Marion is cooking breakfast, and she does the voice of the witch in Hansel & Gretel that she is performing in for the children's hospital. Richie comes in the kitchen as Marion answers the phone. Richie announces that the fraternity is going to pick this year's ATO girl, Ralph will be the emcee. Marion gets off the phone and says she talked to Ralph's mother Minnie who is getting a divorce (they had married over 20 years). Ralph doesn't know about it yet, his father will tell him that night. Ralph comes in and says he would give them a ride downtown. At Ralph and Potsie's apartment, Chachi says his mother cooked spaghetti and that there is a lot left over and will deliver it for a $2 charge. Ralph's dad comes to the apartment and gives Ralph some funny glasses. Ralph's dad tells him about the divorce and they have separated. Potsie brings in the spaghetti, but Ralph says he isn't hungry. Fonzie comes to the apartment to get Ralph out of bed at noon. Ralph says he doesn't care. Fonzie takes Ralph on a ride on his motorcycle to get some fresh air. At the house, Joanie leaves to go to cheerleading practice. Marion practices for her part as the witch. Ralph talks to Howard and Marion and says things are fine. They tell Ralph to talk to his parents. Howard tells Marion that he loves her. Ralph goes to see his father who is living in a hotel room. Ralph asks his father to go to the ATO finals to talk to his mother. Ralph's father says he will try. Back at the house, Chachi takes Joanie to the ATO finals on the handlebars of his bike. Ralph hosts the ATO finals at Arnold's. Marion tells Lori Beth who tells Al who tells Chachi who tells Potsie who tell Richie who tells Fonzie something. Ralph opens the envelope and reads that his parents are having dinner together. Fonzie announces that the ATO girl for 1961 is Ellen Sweeney. Back at the house, Marion tells Joanie about the play. Richie, Ralph, and Potsie go upstairs to go change to go to Inspiration Point. Ralph thanks Mr. and Mrs. C. Marion goes to cook some hot chocolate with her witch voice.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: David Ketchum & Tony DiMarco
Guest stars: Lynda Goodfriend and Jack Dodson as Mickey Malph.

It is now 1961.
This is Jack Dodson's last appearance.
There is a scene at the old Arnold's in this episode. Even though this episode was the last to originally air on ABC for this season, it was the 10th episode to be made.

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