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#89- Hollywood, Part 1 (9/13/77)

Fonzie is offered a screen test.

Hinstead (a Hollywood talent scout) and Jack Duvall; (talent scout from Paramount Pictures, Hollywood) come into Arnold's looking for the mechanic. They are having auditions in Chicago and their car (limousine) broke down. Ralph and Potsie try and impress the talent scouts by telling jokes and singing. Duvall is impressed with Fonzie after he sees him with the girls and is looking for America's new James Dean. Fonzie brings his cousin Chachi to the Cunningham house. Chachi announces that Fonzie has been discovered by a talent scout and is going to Hollywood. Ralph and Potsie show up in sunglasses and with a surf board (actually an ironing board) announcing they are going to Hollywood with Fonzie. Fonzie suggests that the whole family all go to Hollywood as well. The plane leaves and they arrive in California. Howard talks to Mr. Duvall and then talks to Lorne Greene at the front of the Hollywood Palms Motel. Fonzie wears a leather jacket on the beach and meets Wendy. Howard nearly stabs a man with the sun umbrella. Joanie meets some boys. Marion's hat blows off and Howard chases it and trips over some kids' sand castle. The boys toss Joanie up in a blanket. Richie trips and lands on Nancy Croft. Some guys announce that a live shark has been caught and is in a pen, Ralph and Potsie rush onto the beach after hearing the news. Nancy is an oceanography major at UCLA. Nancy's cousin is water-skiing. He is the California Kid, his real name is Harold. The California Kid and Fonzie exchange some insults. The California Kid suggests a contest: water-skiing the slalom course. Everyone has a cook out on the beach at night. Potsie sings a song ("Tonight Your Mine Completely/Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow"). To be continued...

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Teleplay by Joe Glauberg and Walter Kempley; Story by Joe Glauberg and Roger Garrett.
Guest stars: Scott Baio as Chachi, Al Molinaro as Al, Lew Horn as Hinstead, Talia Balsam as Nancy, George Pentecost as Duvall, Laurette Spang as Wendy, James Daughton as California Kid, and James Van Patten as Sandy.

Fonzie's girlfriend: Daphne.
This is Chachi's first episode. The Hollywood episodes were the first episodes to air in the 1977-78 season.
Chachi calls Joanie- "Blue Eyes".
The actress that played Wendy (Laurette Spang) had previously appeared on Happy Days as Richie's girlfriend, Arlene.
In the credits: Ski boats and equipment courtesy of Majerajah Water Ski Company and Mastercraft Boat Company.
Anson Williams sings 'Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?'. Happy Days is still set in the fifties in this episode, and this song (not by Anson Williams by another artist) can be found on a cd called 'Hits of the Sixties'.

#90- Hollywood, Part 2 (9/13/77)

Fonzie and company go to Hollywood.

Richie tells Fonzie to forget about the California Kid and concentrate on the screen test. They get out of a limousine in front of Paramount Pictures. Fonzie appears to be nervous and sees some other James Dean hopefuls walk inside the Paramount Pictures lot. Fonzie sits down in the director's chair before the screen test. Richie does the lines with Fonzie because he has been practicing them with him. Rollo, the director, is very impressed with both of them. Howard tells Richie that the studio called and were impressed with his screen test and are sending over a contract for him to sign if he is interested. Howard tells him that they aren't interested in Fonzie however. Richie says he will tell Fonzie the bad news. Fonzie practices water-skiing and Richie tells him the bad news. Richie tells him that it is the all-american, apple pie face that they want. Ralph drives the boat and takes the lifeguard stand with him into the ocean. Fonzie wants Richie to drive the boat for him. Georgie, who pretends to be Jack Benny and wears a blue robe, is the driver for the California Kid. Each side picks a neutral person to ride in their boat, the Kid chooses one of his friends and the Fonz chooses the Kid's girlfriend. The California Kid completes the course in 20 seconds. Fonzie is also able to finish the course in 20 seconds. Georgie tells the California Kid to challenge the Fonz to jump over the shark from a ramp. Fonzie reluctantly accepts the challenge. To be continued...

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Teleplay by Joe Glauberg and Walter Kempley; Story by Joe Glauberg and Roger Garrett
Guest stars: Warren Berlinger as director, Talia Balsam as Nancy, James Daughton as California Kid, Laurette Spang as Wendy, David Agress as George, James Van Patten as Sandy, and Vicki Terri as Jenny.

On the director's cut/take item: Date 7-21, prod co. Paramount, Director Pompoon, Cameraman Martin, Scene 1, Take 1.
Ralph's middle name: Hector.
Jenny: California Kid's girlfriend.
No Chachi or Al in this episode.

#91- Hollywood, Part 3 (9/20/77)

Fonzie accepts a challenge to jump over a shark tank while water skiing.

Arnold telephones Chachi and tells him that he has received a postcard from the gang in Hollywood. A brief recap of the previous two episodes is given. Richie and Nancy talk on the beach. Nancy tells Richie that her oceanography class is going on a cruise for practical experience to Pango Pango the next day. Potsie and Ralph tell Richie that Fonzie is going to jump over the shark. Fonzie says he has to meet the Kid's bluff, he doesn't want to return to Milwaukee a double failure- after failing to get a contract from his screen test. Fonzie challenges the Kid to jump over the shark first. Howard and Marion return from buying souvenirs to the pier where Joanie gives them the news about Fonzie. The California Kid bails out before he jumps the shark. Fonzie says he won't quit, and Richie drives for him. Fonzie gets set for the jump and gives Richie the thumbs up sign. He successfully makes the jump! He is congratulated by everyone on the beach. Richie ponders signing the movie contract which pays $200 a week. The contract is for 5 years with no guarantees. Richie has already registered for college. Howard and Richie talk it out. Richie later tosses the contract into the ocean, he really wants to be a journalist. Richie and Fonzie talk and Fonzie says he shold do something he really likes to do. Al puts some money in a can back at Arnold's as everybody returns. Chachi gets a blue Hollywood sweatshirt that he says he will cut the sleeves off. Howard gives Al a Hollywood shell and Potsie and Ralph bring the mouse ears that he wanted them to get. Fonzie takes the Fonz poster off the wall at Arnold's and shuts off the lights before leaving.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Fred Fox, Jr.
Guest stars: Scott Baio as Chachi, Al Molinaro as Al, Talia Balsam as Nancy, James Daughton as California Kid, Laurette Spang as Wendy, Jimmy Van Patten as Sandy, and David Agress as Georgie.

The shark is penned up to take to Marine Land.
Richie to Fonzie after agreeing to drive the boat: "Alright, but you get your legs bit off by that shark, don't you come running to me!"
Sandy: Joanie's boyfriend.
Chachi writes down some girls' phone numbers for Fonzie: Jane and Joan (twins), Millie, and Beatrice.

#92- Hard Cover (9/27/77)

Richie goes to a local college and Fonzie takes him to the library to meet some girls.

Richie, Joanie, Marion, and Fonzie are standing outside the front door and Howard shoots some film with his new video camera as they walk in. The film falls out of the camera. Richie talks to Fonzie about college life and his lack of dating, he doesn't have a date to the homecoming dance the next night. Fonzie tells him he will take him to the Pfister Memorial Library. A girl throws a book (War and Peace) at Richie at the library. Richie sits down next to another girl and speed reads a book. The girl, Lori Beth Allen, remembers Richie from a driver's ed class. Lori Beth lives in a dorm and Richie tells her he lives at home. Lori Beth invites him to her room at the dorm. Richie and Lori Beth kiss but they only have to 10 o'clock. They hear on the radio that it is past 10 and they both could be expelled. Housemother Dunbar locks the doors at 10 sharp. She is tough and does bed checks of every room. Lori Beth's roommate Christy (Riggenheimer) brings Fonzie into the room. Fonzie gets a library card and checks out his first book. Fonzie opens the window but the room is too high up to jump out. Richie suggests they put on nightgowns to sneak out past the housemother. Mrs. Dunbar comes in to check the room as they hide in the beds under the sheets. Potsie and Ralph show up for a panty raid. Mrs. Dunbar catches them red-handed and chases them out of the room. Fonzie sweet talks and kisses Mrs. Dunbar and then bids adieu.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Brian Levant
Guest stars: Lynda Goodfriend as Lori Beth, Marcia Lewis as Mother Dunbar, Teris Wyss as Christy, Susan Cotton as librarian, and Harvey L. Kahn as disc jockey.

This is Lynda Goodfriend's first appearance as Lori Beth, Richie's future wife. She had previously appeared in two episodes as another character 'Kim'.
When Lori Beth asks Richie what house he is in: Richie says: "MommaPoppaSister".
Lori Beth calls Richie 'Tiger', Richie calls her 'LB'.
Richie is a freshman in college.
Ralph talking about the guys in nightgowns: "Potsie, look at those girls- is this a dorm or a kennel?"

#93- My Cousin the Cheat (10/4/77)

Chachi cheats on an exam in order to work at the garage.

Al dances at Arnold's while delivering food to the tables as an officer brings Chachi in looking for Arthur Fonzarelli. Fonzie comes out of his office and the officer says he is selling stolen ties. The officer is a truant officer and Chachi is skipping school again. Richie walks in and Fonzie tells him to talk to Chachi about school. Richie suggests that Chachi get a tutor. Chachi says he isn't very good at school and says it is boring. Fonzie tells him if he gets good grades at school he will give him a part-time job at the garage. Richie suggests Joanie for a tutor for Chachi. Richie, Howard, and Marion leave them to study downstairs. Joanie goes upstairs to help Marion with a dress, and Chachi calls Tony and says he will get the answers for the test that Tony had swiped. Chachi runs into the garage and tells Fonzie that he got a 100 on his test. Fonzie gives him his first hat (yellow mechanic's cap - Boris gave it to him when he suped up his first car when he was 7 1/2 years old). Richie and Joanie tell FOnzie about the stolen test and Chachi is suspended for two weeks. Chachi leaves in a storm and Fonzie is upset. Howard and Marion say Fonzie should talk to Chachi. Richie talks to Chachi at Arnold's (he tries the buddy, anger, and truth routines). Richie tells Chachi that he should sell himself to the principal and tells Fonzie he should give Chachi his job back. Chachi has a second interview and Fonzie gives him another shot.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Walter Kempley
Guest stars: Scott Baio as Chachi, Al Molinaro as Al, Charles Hallahan as truant officer.

Chachi's father is deceased.
Lori Beth is a cheerleader.
Chachi is making $35 per week.
Joanie leaves to go to Jenny Piccalo's.
Fonzie mentions the Fonzarelli Code.
Chachi's name is Charles Arcola.
Chachi mentions Cindy Turtlebeck.
Ralph (Donny Most) and Potsie (Anson Williams) do not appear in this episode.
Most fans have assumed the character of Chachi was no older than 14 in this episode. Chachi talks as though he wants to drop out of school. This episode was supposed to take place in '58 or '59. Even in the late fifties, didn't a person have to be 16 before they could drop out?

#94- Fonsillectomy (10/25/77)

Tonsillitis sidelines Fonzie from a Halloween party.

Fonzie is sleeping on the couch as the doctor leaves and tells Howard and Marion that Fonzie has to go to the hospital the next day to have his tonsils taken out. Fonzie leaves after he loses his voice and Marion demands that Fonzie go to the hospital. Fonzie wears a sterile gown as Richie talks to him and the nurse leaves the room. The kids in the room and Fonzie play tiddlywinks. Ralph comes in dressed as a cowboy and Potsie dressed as the devil. The kids go downstairs to see a clown. Ralph and Potsie listen to Fonzie moan about not being able to go to the Halloween party. Fonzie says he wanted to go to the party as The Lone Ranger with his girl Sophia. Richie and Howard are downstairs in costumes borrowed from the college theatre department for the Halloween party, Howard is dressed as King Henry VIII with a turkey leg. A girl comes to the house trick or treating in pajamas: a middle-class housewife and takes Howard's turkey leg. Joanie is dressed as Snow White and Richie is Cyranno DeBergerac. Al comes in as a ghost and Chachi as Prince Charming. Marion is dressed as Ann Bolynn (sp?). Fonzie leaves the hospital and the kids follow him to the house. Fonzie takes the kids (one who is named Russell) trick or treating throughout the hospital. They meet on Allison's bed and Fonzie tells a ghost story.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Marty Nadler
Guest stars: Scott Baio as Chachi, Al Molinaro as Al, Donna Ponterotto as nurse, Len Lawson as Dr. Stack, Amy Bosley as trick or treat girl, Ellen Meskimen as candy striper (not seen in syndicated episodes), Gregg Forrest as Russell, Kathi Marshall as Allison, and Scotti Marshall as Patrick.

It is Halloween night on this episode.
Howard had his tonsils out 3 weeks ago.
Richie and Joanie both had their tonsils out.
Ralph is dressed as The Lone Ranger.
Fonzie's girlfriend: Sophia.
Jenny Piccalo is going as Lady Godiva.
The third hospital patient/kid is named Patrick.
Some of the nurses at the hospital are Ellen, Barbara, and Debbie.
They are in hospital room #37.
In a first season it is mentioned that Fonzie already had his tonsils out, so this is an inconsitency in the writing.
Ellen Meskimen is Marion Ross' daughter, Amy Bosley is Tom Bosley's daughter, and Kathi and Scotti Marshall are Garry Marshall's children

#95- The Apartment (11/1/77)

Richie, Potsie, and Ralph move into a rundown apartment where the landlady is Chachi's mother. Note: Pilot for unsold spinoff (Ralph and Potsie)

Richie runs into Arnold's with news that his parents are letting him move out. Richie, Potsie, and Ralph search the newspaper classifieds for an apartment. Fonzie comes in and asks Al if there is somebody named Crash that has been asking for him. Fonzie suggests the guys talk to Chachi about apartments. The guys are looking for a place for $60 a month or less. Chachi shows them an apartment with a reversible doorknob. Chachi's mother is the landlady. They hear some tap dancing above, the dancing Drinkwater twins (Maisy and Daisy) are dancing to "Tea for Two". There is no furniture in the apartment, but they have plans to clean it up and furnish it. Chachi asks for $180 (2 months rent plus a cleaning deposit), but he takes $60 from the guys. Joanie brings down Richie's records and she and Richie hug each other. Richie says goodbye to Howard and Marion as he moves across town. Ralph makes mash potatoes back at the apartment. Potsie makes fun of his clothing and Ralph makes fun of Potsie's washing of the clothes (everything is green). Potsie and Ralph square off before Richie comes in and breaks up the potential fight. The guys sit down and eat. Ralph has cooked some green sauerkraut and petrified gravy. Richie comes into Arnold's in his green shirt. Richie tells Fonzie that Ralph and Potsie are driving him crazy. Richie tells the guys that he is moving out because he is homesick. Richie talks to Fonzie at the apartment. Richie leaves the red elephant lamp for Ralph.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Dixie Brown Grossman
Guest stars: Scott Baio as Chachi, Al Molinaro as Al, Kathy McCullen as Crass Brannigan, and Ogden Talbot as the bum.

This is Chachi's first appearance. Even though the Hollywood episodes aired first, this episode was actually made before it.
Chachi's mother is the apartment's landlady.
Richie is 18 years old.
Either this episode or the Ralph vs. Potsie episode was the pilot for an unsold spinoff with Ralph (Donny Most) and Potsie (Anson Williams).

#96- Fonzie: Rock Entrepreneur (aka Fonzie and Leather Tuscadero - Part 1) (11/8/77)

Leather Tuscadero and the Suedes audition at Arnold's.

Richie, Potsie, and Ralph sing John Jacob Jingleheimer Scmidt at a table at Arnold's. Joanie comes in and tells the guys about Leather Tuscadero who is Pinky Tuscadero's sister, she is about 18 and has brown hair. Leather meets the boys. Leather and the Suedes (her band) are looking for a job. Ralph suggests Leather and her band play at Arnold's for Friday nights Freshman (U.W.M.) Come to Arnold's fest, but Richie reminds him about their own in-house band. Bertie and Gertie (the Suedes) come into Arnold's. Fonzie and company eat dinner while Richie arrives home. Fonzie says Leather is a thief for robbing his wallet. Richie asks Fonzie to talk to Al about the band before Fonzie leaves in an uproar. Richie talks to Al and tells them the band played at a reform school and were in jail. Al finally agrees to hear an audition. Fonzie talks to Leather at Arnold's. Leather sings and Al gives them the job. Chachi runs in and tells them Officer Kirk will close down Arnold's and tells all the kids to say "Go home jailbirds!". Fonzie talks to LEather in the ladies room. Leather says nobody will give her a chance and she is scared. One of the Suedes (Gertie) quits and Joanie volunteers to take her place. Leather and the Suedes come out and perform 'All Shook Up'. Everyone yells "Go home Kirk"! Some booking agents spot the band and says they will be going on tour to San Francisco with Fabian. Joanie tells Richie she will run away if she has to. Leather and the Suedes sing 'Heartbreak Hotel'. To be continued.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Bob Brunner
Guest stars: Scott Baio as Chachi, Al Molinaro as Al, Suzi Quatro as Leather Tuscadero, Ed Peck as Officer Kirk, Donna Fein as Bertie, and Kathy Richards as Gertie.

This is Leather Tuscadero's first appearance in an episode.
Leather's greeting is slapping her hip and saying "Pow" while pointing her finger.
Fonzie has been on his own since he was 6.

#97- Fonzie: Rock Entrepreneur (aka Fonzie and Leather Tuscadero - Part 2) (11/15/77)

Joanie wants to go on tour with the rock band.

Leather and the Sudeds sing 'Heartbreak Hotel' at Arnold's. Richie tells Joanie to forget about going to San Francisco once again as their parents would never allow it. Fonzie suggests inviting them to Arnold's to hear the band on their last night there. Fonzie introduces the band as they come out to perform. Leather and the Suedes perform 'Devil Gate Drive'. Leather meets Howard and Marion. Leather tells them about the tour with Fabian to San Francisco, LA, and Dallas and says Joanie is one of them. Howard tells Joanie she is one of them. Howard, Marion, and Richie talk to Joanie before she runs upstairs. Richie talks to Joanie on the phone the next morning and she says she is running away from home. Richie talks to Leather and Fonzie at Arnold's later that day. Fonzie finds out that Joanie is at Leather's hotel room. Leather brings Joanie back to Arnold's. Fonzie and Leather kiss as she leaves. Fonzie talks to Joanie and tells her not to live her life so fast or she will miss a lot of good stuff and memories. Joanie feels hurt because everyone still treats her as a kid. Fonzie leaves and Joanie tells Richie that Leather fired her. Joanie says she is running away because of Richie and growing up behind him. Richie and Joanie talk some before leaving Arnold's. Howard and Marion wait up for Joanie and welcome her back home.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Bob Brunner
Guest stars: Al Molinaro as Al, Suzi Quatro as Leather Tuscadero, Donna Fein as Bertie, and Hillary Horan as Daphne.

An alternate title for this episode is: Fonzie and Leather Tuscadero (Part 2).
The name of the girl on the drums is Daphne.
Joanie is 15 years old.
John Cons asked Joanie to the prom.

#98- My Fair Fonzie (11/22/77)

Fonzie is invited to a yacht club by a socialite.

Richie, Ralph, and Potsie come into Arnold's in their R.O.T.C. uniforms and sit at a booth. Richie's girlfriend, Lori Beth, comes into Arnold's and tells him about Cynthia Holmes who invited them to her cousin's dinner party at the yacht club on Saturday night. Cynthia arrives and insults Ralph and Potsie before they leave. Fonzie tries to pick up Cynthia but she tells him she already has plans. Richie tells Fonzie about Cynthia who is very wealthy and went to girls' schools. Richie and Lori Beth leave to shoot some baskets and Cynthia's cousin Millard arrives to pick Cynthia up from Arnold's. Millard and Fonzie exchange some insults. Fonzie exits and then Al overhears Millard and Cynthia's plans of inviting Fonzie to the party to make fun of him. Richie urges Fonzie not to go to the dinner party. Fonzie comes out of the men's room at Arnold's in a suit with 4 arms (Chachi got it for $2 from Ollie the human octopus at the circus sideshow). Richie and Lori Beth arrive at the party. Fonzie then arrives at the party. Cynthia introduces Fonzie to some people. Fonzie talks to one of the servers (Juanita) about the caviar that is being served. Fonzie identifies the soup (potatos) and then chooses the wine (#11) from the list. Millard suggests Fonzie offer a toast to the ladies. Millard fires Juanita and Fonzie serves Millard some lobster--on his pants. Fonzie leaves with Juanita. Richie and Millard then exchange some insults and Richie pours some melted butter on his pants (to go with the lobster!). Fonzie tells Richie that he is sorry for not believing Richie back at Arnold's. Fonzie and Juanita and Richie Lori Beth dance as the episode concludes.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Warren S. Murray
Guest stars: Scott Baio as Chachi, Al Molinaro as Al, Lynda Goodfriend as Lori Beth, Morgan Fairchild as Cynthia, Sam Freed as Millard, Gloria Torres as Juanita, and Henry Charles as maitre d'.

Millard's name is Skippy.
Fonzie's plans for Tuesday: Beatrice, Rachel, and Ellen.
The name of the club is the 'North Bay Yacht Club'.
A Mr. and Mrs. Simpson are introduced at the party.
The Polaskey twins are mentioned once again.
Fonzie chooses #11- a 1949 wine.
They are being served lobster from Maine.
Fonzie hates peanut butter and jelly.

#99- Bye Bye Blackball (11/29/77)

The boys want to pledge a fraternity and have to endure the initiation rites.

The guys sing a pledge at Arnold's in white suits with red caps. Richie tells Al they are pledging the best fraternity on campus: Phi Kappa Nu. Fonzie comes in with Boom Boom (who is on rollerskates and was last month's centerfold in All About Roller Derby). Fonzie and the guys discuss Hell Week. Fonzie gives Boom Boom a dime to call Happy Harry's garage for a carbuerator. The president of PKN (Brad) and the pledge master terrible Tom come into Arnold's. Terrible Tom gives them party invitations to "air mail" to the IOTA girls. Richie comes home to the house in molasses and feathers and talks to Howard about what he has done so far for pledge week. Richie takes the leftover feathers upstairs and Marion, Joanie, and Chachi bring in some groceries. Howard gives Chachi a $.25 tip (from a $1 he gives to Chachi for change). Marion and Howard talk about Howard's old fraternity when he was chubby. Howard and Marion do the old PKN chant and Fonzie peeks in at the door and looks stunned. Richie and Potsie introduce Claudia and Darlene (who work at the Bluebird Diner) to Richie at the frat dance (it is supposed to be a closed party). Brother Donnelly and Tom want Richie to say the Greek Alphabet and then he asks Ralph to say it backwards. Potsie sings the fraternity song (My Dream Girl of Phi Kappa Nu). The guys then scrub the floor with toothbrushes after the party is over. Richie is given a letter to deliver to Oshkosh (40 miles away). Ralph and Potsie are blackballed (not accepted into the fraternity). Ralph and Potsie learn that Fonzie calls PKN's 'nerds'. Richie and Fonzie argue in his office about PKN's. Brad and Tom don't want Richie to hang around with Ralph and Potsie any more. Richie tells them off and quits the fraternity. The guys sing a song as the episode concludes.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Barry Rubinowitz
Guest stars: Scott Baio as Chachi, Al Molinaro as Al, Robert Burke as Tom McKenna, Alan Wedner as Brad Donnelly, Judy Landers as Boom Boom, Nora Morgan as Claudia, and Lillian Lasersun as Darlene.

Main and Elm - Greasy Glen's Garage.
Richie is a freshman in college.
Blooper?: Towards the end of the scene where Richi comes downstairs covered in feathers and Howard, Marion, Joanie, and Chachi laugh at him - Chachi his on Joanie, Joanie makes a wise crack at him, and then they walk into the kitchen. The scene still focuses on Richie, Howard, and Marion in the living room, but if you look back into the kitchen, you can see Chachi and Joanie talking and laughing. Could this be Baio and Moran out of character and the editors never caught it?

#100- Requiem for a Malph (12/6/77)

Ralph is challenged to a boxing match after he dates the girlfriend of a football player.

Potsie sings 'Calendar Girl' at Arnold's for a Beat Oshkosh football rally. Richie gets the gang to give a big hand to their star fullback, Mr. Rebel E. Lee. Rebel and Kitty talk at a booth before Rebel leaves. Ralph and Kitty kiss, as Richie and Potsie talk to some nurses at a booth. Richie and Potsie talk to Ralph and say he is playing with fire by dating Rebel's girl Kitty. Ralph and Kitty dance and Rebel returns. Ralph asks him not to kill him. Fonzie gets Ralph off the hook because there is no fighting at Arnold's. Fonzie tells the family back at the house about a fraternity he has formed: The Fonz Fonza Rellis, he had their own pin made up. Howard and the family practice a song (Down by the Old Mill Stream) for the Leopard Lodge sing-a-long concert. Potsie and Ralph (in a beard and eye patch disguise) arrive at the home. Fonzie tells Ralph he will box with him at the gym. Marion drives Joanie to Jenny Piccalo's house. Richie and Potsie take Ralph down to the gym to train for the fight. Ralph tells Richie he will take a dive in the fight, and he sends Kitty to the movies with Potsie. Potsie brings Kitty to the fight. Al referees the fight and Joanie rings the bell. Some boxing scenes are then shown. Ralph is knocked down, but he gets back up. Ralph is later knocked out. Fonzie says Ralph didn't lose because he didn't run away. Kitty says goodbye to Rebel and meets Ralph in the ring. Marion talks to a Minnie on the phone, and then arm wrestles Howard and beats him.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Steve Zacharias
Guest stars: Al Molinaro as Al, Audrey Landers as Kitty, and Reb Brown as Rebel E. Lee.

Rebel is from the bayou and wrestles alligators.
There was a viewmaster set made with scenes from this episode.

#101- Nose for News (12/13/77)

After getting a "D" in his investigative reporting class, Richie searches for a big story.

Richie walks outside the house into his car. Richie goes to the university to talk to Professor Garrity (Journalism Department) about his D on his paper in investigative reporting. His story is on a burnt out stop light. The professor wants him to dig from more information. Marion talks to Richie about his grade and she and Joanie try to give him some story ideas. Howard returns home from work angry that the garbage man are demanding a surchage to pick up the trash each week - he feels he is being extorted. Richie gets the idea to write a story on the garbage extorters. Ralph and Potsie (in his R.O.T.C. uniform) exchange some biology notes. Al talks to Mrs. Miller from the Department of Sanitation on the telephone and then Richie talks to her, but he doesn't get any information from her. Richie asks Fonzie if he knows anyone from city hall. Lori Beth comes over to the house to study with Richie. A guy from the sanitation department drops some garbage in the house to scare Howard into not talking to the cops. Howard reads a note left on a garbage can lid. Fonzie tells Richie that he found an informant. Ralph and Potsie entertain some girls at their apartment. They leave Richie alone in the apartment to talk to his informant at 11PM. Chachi tries to sell Richie a date make-out kit. The informant (Al) is behind the silhouette outside in the alley. The signal is one knock for yes, 2 for no. Al tells Richie about the new dispatcher who is extorting money. Professor Garrity tells him the new dispatcher had to resign to avoid prosecution and he took the stink out of Milwaukee's garbage. He gets a B on his paper. Howard tells Richie that he is proud of them and Howard and Marion leave Richie and Lori Beth alone to "study".

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Walter Kempley
Guest stars: Scott Baio as Chachi, Al Molinaro as Al, Henry Beckman as Professor Garrity, Lynda Goodfriend as Lori Beth, Tita Bell as Harriet, Laura Fromer as Millie, and H.B. Haggerty as Bruno.

Joanie got a D in Spanish.
Mrs. Miller - belongs to Al's parish.
Fonzie knows Cecilia, Belvie, Marilyn, Lorraine, Bunny, Sharon, Ellen, Sally, Rachel, and Marcia from City Hall.
Al has a cousin that is a garbage man.

#102- Grandpa's Visit (1/3/78)

Howard's father, who is a retired police detective, pays a visit.

Howard comes inside the house looking for his father who is visiting, Richie went down to the station to pick him up. Joanie returns from shoveling the sidewalk and Howard gives her a quarter. Richie then introduces former detective captain Sean Cunningham. Sean hugs everyone and kisses Howard. Marion and Joanie bring out a retirement cake, but "Cap" Cunningham didn't retire (he is 65 years old), they retired him. Cap said he wants to get a job, Fonzie says he will give him a part-time job at the garage in the mornings. Chachi comes into the garage to help Fonzie, and "Cap" isn't feeling needed there. Cap hangs up on Rochelle who is calling for "Sugar Lips" Fonzie, Fonzie gives gives Chachi a $1 to buy her some perfume. Fonzie tells Howard that he has to fire Cap because he is driving him wacko. Fonzie wants Howard to tell Cap he is fired. Cap joins the campus police at Richie's school. Ralph and Potsie hide the Beta Chi goat in the men's room when Cap comes into Arnold's. Cap says he will arrest Ralph and Potsie, but he lets them off the hook. Howard and Cap talk back at the house. At the Winter Frolic on Saturday night at Arnold's, the band plays 'Tequila'. Fonzie tells everybody not to laugh when Cap sings. Cap brings some guys from the Pfister Retirement Home to perform. The band performs a song ('New Orleans'?). Cap sings a song ('Sonny Boy') to Howard. The episode concludes with the song 'When the Saints Go Marching In'.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: George F. Slavin
Guest stars: Danny Thomas as Sean Cunningham.

Mrs. Kelly loans them a rocking chair.
Howard is 47 years old.
The band members with Cap are: piano Raymond Brown, 71; banjo Frenchie LaSalle, 68; bass Russell Weathers, 70; trumpet Bill Stump 66; trombone Pete Collins: drums Sylvester Rice 67.<

#103- Potsie Gets Pinned (1/10/78)

Potsie thinks about proposing to his new girlfriend.

There is a Delta Gamma kissing booth for charity where Lori Beth is one of the kissers at Arnold's. Richie is jealous and Lori Beth takes a break. Jennifer Jerome is next in the kissing booth. Potsie is instantly attracted to the Georgia Peach, Jennifer Jerome. Potsie is afraid Jennifer would never go out with him. Potsie doesn't have any money and Jennifer tells him he can owe her. Jennifer asks him if he wants to do something afterwards. Al asks Fonzie to be next in the kissing booth. Richie argues with Lori Beth over at the phone back at the house before she pulls the cord out of the wall. Marion helps Joanie with her Spanish vocabulary. Ralph tells everyone that Potsie is going to propose to Jennifer after only one date. Marion suggests Howard talk to Potsie about it. Howard is watching a Braves game on tv and talks to Potsie. Howard tells him he shouldn't rush into anything, relationships can take time. Howard says he should find out what Jennifer likes and suggests they get pinned. After going to a carnival (where Jennifer wins Potsie a teddy bear) they talk at the Delta Gamma House. Jennifer says she she would love to get pinned and they kiss. Potsie says to the guys that he isn't going to get pinned (he learns that his fraternity brothers would throw him in Duffy's Pier). Potsie tells Fonzie in his office that he can't swim. Potsie wears a life preserver under his shirt. They have a pinning ceremony where the girls, guys, and Potsie and Jennifer sing. Potsie's life preserver opens when they kiss. Richie and Lori Beth make up.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Fred Fox, Jr.
Guest stars: Lynda Goodfriend as Lori Beth, Lorrie Mahaffey as Jennifer, and Carol-Ann Williams as Louise.

Miss Potts: event organizer.
Richie calls Lori Beth 'Loose Lips' and 'Sweet Knees'.
Ralph says Potsie's father won't give him an appointment.
Jennifer's favorite ice cream: tutti frutti; flower: roses; who's her favorite guy: Potsie.
Ralph's girl: Louise.
Lori Beth calls Richie 'Sizzle Lips'.
This is Lorrie Mahaffey's first appearance. She would marry Anson Williams in real-life shortly after this episode.

#104- Joanie's First Kiss (1/17/78)

Joanie is asked on a date by a senior in high school who owns a car.

Lori Beth quizzes Richie with titles and he gives the author of the book. Ralph and Potsie tell Richie about a Welcome Hawaii to the Statehood party and they sent invitations all across campus. Lori Beth leaves- she has kitchen duty at the sorority house. Ralph and Potsie ask Richie for some money for refreshments. Joanie tells Richie that Marion wants him to bring home a loaf of rye bread. Fonzie arrives with Blossom, a bunny at Happy Harry's Hutch. Ralph invites Fonzie and Bunny to the party. Fonzie and Bunny hop over to his place. Joanie tells Richie that David O'Dooley, a senior and editor for the high school paper and has a car, asked her out. Howard agrees to let Joanie go out, but he wants to meet David first. Chachi brings Marion a prune pitter and then talks to Joanie about David. Fonzie tells Joanie how to defend herself in the car by practicing with Richie on the couch. David arrives at the door and meets Joanie's parents. David tells them they are going to a Hawaiian party (the same one where adults will be making out). At the party, the boiler breaks and it is freezing inside and Ralph changes it to a Welcome Alaska party. Richie tells Joanie and David that everyone is playing charades when they are making out. Everyone dances and they try to set an example for the kids by dancing far apart. Joanie and David leave and return to the Cunningham house. They kiss before David goes home.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Barbara Fredrika O'Keefe
Guest stars: Lynda Goodfriend as Lori Beth, Tim Dial as David, Terry Porter as Wendy, and Shirley Kirkes as Blossom.

Joanie is 15 years old.

#105- Marion's Misgivings (1/24/78)

After a family friend leaves his wife for a younger woman, Marion thinks Howard might do the same thing.

Potsie sings a song ('Wild One' ?) at Arnold's with the band playing. Chachi is the band's new drummer. Marion and Howard walk into Arnold's and they argue about Wally (47 years old) Moss divorcing Corrine, after he dropper her for a younger woman (23 years old). Leather Tuscadero and the Suedes return and perform a song (with Richie on the saxophone and Ralph on the piano) at Arnold's. Howard says to Marion that the band is terrific and Marion walks out in a storm. The next morning, Marion serves some burnt toast and lumpy oatmeal. Howard tells Marion that he need to stop at Hern's Hardware Supply to pick up a case of sledgehammers, and Marion ignores him. Marion gives Joanie her math book from the refrigerator and Marion asks her if she things she is over the hill. Joanie says Howard is not over the hill because he is still one of the guys. Marion plans to be a young chick. In a dream sequence, Howard is one of the guys at Arnold's and he dances with Leather. Fonzie says he has finally met his match with girls in 'Howie'. Joanie gives Howie the Biggest Hunk of the Year trophy. Marion awakens from the dream and chats with Fonzie. Fonzie says she is not old and suggests she try something different. Fonzie mentions the Arabian Knight Jarihizad (sp?). Howard returns home and the furniture is missing and 'Fatima' (Marion) comes downstairs in an Arabian princess outfit. She feeds him and she soon becomes upset once again. In the kitchen (where all the furniture is), they talk and Howard says he is very happily married to her and would never leave her for a younger woman. Howard and Marion go upstairs to be alone.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Fred Maio
Guest stars: Suzi Quatro as Leather, Jan and Jill Bunker as The Suedes.

Grandma Kelp is mentioned- she takes naps after breakfast.
Binky Hodges- carries Joanie's books for her. Binky is the 'Be My Valentine' episode #108.
The Hooper Triplets dressed up as Huey, Luey, and Duey.
Marion gets the Arabian princes outfit from Jenny Piccalo's mother.
There are two new Suedes in Leather's band.

#106- Richie Almost Dies (1/31/78)

Richie is involved in a very serious accident with his new motorcycle.

Ralph and Potsie plead with Fonzie to hook up some cables to Al's truck to fix their dead battery because they are taking the Drinkwater twins to the drive-in. Lori Beth walks in and introduces Richie "Wheelie" Cunningham and his new motorcycle. Fonzie checks out the bike and gives him some tips. Leather comes out of the office and says she a gig for the night. Leather asks Fonzie for a lift to the bus because the gig is in Waukeghan. Richie wants to take the bike out for a spin around the block. Richie talks to Howard and Marion and asks them if he can keep the motorcycle and gives his reasons for it. Fonzie comes over and gives Richie a vote of confidence. Howard agrees to let Richie try it. Fonzie tells him to always wear his helmet and never smile (to avoid getting bugs in your teeth). Al's catering truck is back at the garage after Ralph and Potsie push it back 20 blocks (with the emergency brake on). Chachi is able to start the truck when Lori Beth runs in screaming for help that Richie is not moving in the street after a crash. The doctor says Richie is in critical condition and in a coma at the hospital. Howard, Marion, and Joanie leave the room along with Fonzie. Everyone is at the Cunningham house, and Howard tells them about the situation. Leather sings a song at the piano (as some Richie scenes are played). Back at the hospital, Fonzie enters the room and gets very emotional talking to him and says he is his best friend. Fonzie spends the entire night in the room and won't leave. Richie awakens and tells everyone to quiet down. Richie has a cast on his left arm and tells Howard he is getting rid of the motorcycle. Howard and Marion eat cookies and drink milk.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Marty Nadler
Guest stars: Suzi Quatro as Leather, Lynda Goodriend as Lori Beth, and Robert Patten as doctor.

Rochelle called for Fonzie according to Chachi.
The name of the song that Suzi Quatro sings is 'Believe'. It was written by her especially for Happy Days. Unfortunately, none of Suzi Quatro's songs on Happy Days were ever included on any of her records

#107- Spunkless Spunky (2/7/78)

Fonzie's dog, Spunky, has no energy for some reason.

Howard returns home with some potatoes (100 lbs.) after his physical and talks to Marion and Joanie. Marion says Ben Wilson, their new neighbor, is going to drop by and Howard brings in the potatoes (he wants to make potato salad for the Leopard Lodge picnic). Mr. Wilson brings in some petunias (with the roots still attached) and says their dog ripped them out of his garden. Howard and Mr. Wilson get in a shouting match. Richie returns and says he has a Moby Dick book report. Howard tells Fonzie about Spunky and then Fonzie talks to Spunky and says no veggies or television for him. At Spunky's party at Arnold's, Spunky is very depressed. Al serves a chopped liver cake which Potsie eats but Spunky won't eat. Richie talks to Fonzie and Fonzie is afraid to take Spunky to the vet because he fears something may be wrong with him. Back at the house, Joanie is on the phone with Binky Hodges, but Richie is expecting a call from the vet. The vet calls and gives Howard and then Fonzie the results. Spunky is fine physically, but his problem is mental. Ralph tries to cheer Spunky up with a kitten mitten. Potsie brings over some ink plots for the Rohr-shock test. Potsie tells Fonzie about a psychiatrist, Dr. Joyce Brothers. Howard receives his lab tests and gets a clean bill of health. Potsie brings Dr. Joyce Brothers to the house with everyone present. She tells Fonzie that someone there may be responsible for his depression and everyone admits it is their fault. She recommends that Spunky go to the country for awhile to get away from urban life. Marion mentions Mrs. Willis and her poodle who goes to a doggie dude ranch. Fonzie packs Spunky a bag and he hears a scratch on the door and Peaches (another dog) runs in. The woman's name is Ilene Wilson. Richie says they have a case of puppy love. Fonzie, Ilene, and the dogs go up to Inspiration Point. Howard and everyone carries in all the leftover potato salad from the picnic.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: James Ritz
Guest stars: Dr. Joyce Brothers as herself, Eileen Barnett as Eileen Wilson, and Rance Howard as Ben Wilson.

The potato salad is made with vinegar and onion instead of mayo.
Fonzie says Spunky is a cocker spaniel.
This is Spunky's second and last appearance. He first appeared in episode #86 (Spunky Come Home). They obviously used two different dogs for Spunky as the first one was whiter and slightly larger than the second Spunky.

#108- Be My Valentine (2/14/78)

Joanie dreams about love songs that would befit her friend.

It's Valentine's Day at Arnold's, and Richie and Lori Beth come in matching outfits (white sweatshirts with 'Sweet Knees' and 'Sizzle Lips' in hearts on the front). Richie gives Lori Beth a valentine. Potsie gives Jennifer her card with palm trees on it. Ralph gives his girl a card with a clown on it. They pin the cards on the love tree. Joanie has a card from Binky Hodges and then there is a dream sequence. Potsie and Jennifer are on a stranded island and sing to each other. Back in real time, Fonzie comes and gets some red ribbon from Joanie who puts it on himself. Joanie wonders what a valentine from Fonzie would be like in a dream sequence. Fonzie talks to some girls from a balcony and then jumps down and kisses them. Back in real time, Ralph's card falls down from the tree. In a dream sequence, Ralph sings to his girl ('My Funny Valentine') and puts clown makeup on her. Joanie reads Chachi's card, and then Chachi sings to some girls in his dream sequence (he sings 'Thank Heaven For Little Girls'). Back at the Cunningham house, Marion wonders where Howard is for the Riley's dinner party. In a dream sequence, Howard and Marion sing about their first date. Howard returns home with a bad back. Richie and Lori Beth return home after being kicked out of a French restaurant for not wearing a tie. In a dream sequence, Richie and Lori Beth dance. Binky brings Joanie a gift: a necklace and Joanie gives him a card. Back at Arnold's, Al sings 'Isn't It Romantic' playing the piano. In the dream sequence, everyone dances.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Fred Maio
Guest stars: Lynda Goodfriend as Lori Beth, Christopher Knight as Binky Hodges, Lorrie Mahaffey as Jennifer, and Sally Hightower as Melissa.

Fonzie's girls: Barbara, Stacy, Kathy, and Louise.
Christopher Knight who played Binky Hodges is best known as Peter Brady in The Brady Bunch. He was the second Brady Bunch cast member to appear in an episode, Maureen McCormick was the other.

#109- Our Gang (2/21/78)

Flashbacks show when Richie first met Fonzie.

There is a 'Beat Mandeville' pep rally at Arnold's. Richie picks up the instruments to take them to the Leopard Lodge Annual Poobah Doodah Dance. Al isn't allowed to go because he doesn't have enough spots yet. Joanie does a cartwheel and then goes outside. Chachi enters Arnold's in a Lords gang jacket. Richie has a talk with Chachi and tells him about the police and rumbles. Richie says Fonzie quit being the leader of the Falcons. Richie tells Chachi about the first time he met Fonzie: it was 3 1/2 years ago - the first day of his sophomore year at Jefferson High School. In the flashback, Fonzie comes in with the Falcons and sees Richie, Ralph, and Potsie at a booth. Richie hides his lunchbox. Potsie says he just got his braces off. Richie and Potsie read the engraving on the table: This is Falcons turf. Richie is challenged by Fonzie to meet him in the alley at 10PM without weapons on Saturday night. Back at the house, Richie talks to Howard about the situation. Richie shows up in the alley and hears Potsie and Ralph hiding in the alley. Potsie and Ralph then run off. Fonzie shows up at 10PM and is impressed to see that Richie has shown up. Fonzie tells Richie reasons why he fought with the Red Devils. Fonzie takes off his Falcons jacket and Richie fakes drawing out a gun. Fonzie is friendly with Richie and decides to leave the Falcons. Some Lords members give Chachi a rumble chain for their rumble against the Hornets, and then Chachi quits the gang. The Lords leave Arnold's.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Brian Levant
Guest stars: Derrel Maury as Monk and David Rini as Iggy.

During the flashback, the Cunninghams have a yellow sofa.
Fonzie had a rumble with the Red Devils.
Other Falcons members: Monk and Lefty.
Richie has a 'Wild Bill Hickok' lunchbox in this episode.
In the flashback scenes notice: they never show Joanie, the house is different, the cameras are the newer ones, the gang looks older, everyone claps when they see that waitress.

#110- My Favorite Orkan (2/28/78)

Mork from Ork chooses Richie to go to his planet to be the subject of an experiment. Note: First appearance of Mork (Robin Williams).

Richie runs into Arnold's and tells everyone that he saw a flying saucer and everyone runs outside. Ralph tells the guys that Richie is cracking up. Nobody believes him including Fonzie, but Richie stands by his story and says his life is not hum-drum. Back at the house, Richie is watching tv when a person in a red space suit walks in the door. The visitor blows up the tv with his finger. Richie is nervous talking to the alien, and the visitor tells him to calm down. The man identifies himself as Mork from Ork and has a unique handshake. Richie wants to do a story on him, and Mork sits on his head and knows everything about Richie. Richie asks him some questions and Mork is collecting some specimens for their sampling on their planet and is looking for someone average and hum-drum. Richie says he can't leave and Mork says he will be back in an instant. Marion, Howard, and Joanie come home and meet Ork. Richie returns from upstairs getting his supplies for the trip and then Mork 'freezes' them with his finger. Mork tells them they will be gone for a bleem- 2,000 years in Earth time. Richie runs out the door. Richie talks to the Fonz in his office. Mork comes in and freezes everyone at Arnold's. Mork offers a holly tacker - a challenge - if Fonzie wins Richie doesn't have to go. Mork is undefeated on 200 planets. Mork freezes Fonzie. Fonzie's thumb slowly moves and he is back awake. Fonzie's thumb is a worthy challenger and they move on to the jukebox. Then they knock down the restroom's doors and later control people with their magical fingers. Mork says he can collapse the building by holding his fingers together, and Fonzie says Mork wins. Mork says Richie doesn't have to go because Fonzie was a worthy competitor and will instead take Fonzie. Richie awakens from the dream as Howard, Marion, and Joanie return home. Howard says he heard on the radio that the flying saucer was really a weather balloon. A man that looks like Mork in regular clothes knocks on the door looking for directions to Highway 41 and then leaves.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Joe Glauberg
Guest stars: Robin Williams as Mork.

This is Mork's first appearance. Robin Williams (Mork) would get his own show later that fall as the spinoff series Mork & Mindy premiered on September 14th, 1978 and became an instant hit.
Mork writes with his finger.
Richie pledged ATO.
Mork drinks Pinjy on Ork.
In the original ABC broadcast of this episode, there is a last scene where we saw Robin Williams was when he appeared as a normal guy on Richie's porch after he woke up from his dream. The episode ended with some gag at Arnold's about UFOs. When ABC ran that episode for the second time the following August--after Mork & Mindy was announced for the fall schedule--they added a scene at the end where Mork talks to Orson and tells him that he made people forget about him and let Fonzie go and was heading off for a mission in 1978. Nick at Nite has broadcast the 'lost' scene where he talks to Orson, while some other (local) stations may not air this scene.

#111- The Fourth Anniversary Show (3/23/78)

Lori Beth uses a college report to look back on some past adventures.

Lori Beth and Marion are in the Cunningham kitchen and Howard comes home and she tells them about a term paper she is writing on the typical, middle-class family and doesn't want Richie to know about it because he thinks she is trying to find about his old girlfriends. Lori Beth asks them what it is like to be middle-class parents. Marion tells them about the basketball game and some past scenes are shown. ROTC scenes are then shown followed by Howard talking to Richie and the car rolling into the lake. Lori Beth then goes to Arnold's and interviews Chachi about his relationship with the Cunninghams. Some past scenes are shown with the Cunningham women. Lori Beth interviews Fonzie about some of his past feats. Some classic Fonzie scenes are shown. Fonzie then talks about the Cunninghams and says there are times when they are wacko- clips are shown. Lori Beth then interviews Al and asks about bachelor life in the middle-class society, some past scenes are shown. Lori Beth asks Potsie about his family life, more clips are shown. Lori Beth talks to Joanie at the Cunningham house- past scenes are shown. Richie talks about his old girlfriends- clips are shown. Richie and Lori Beth go to study, then take a break and kiss. Lori Beth finishes her paper at Arnold's- the family and Fonzie sing 'Moonlight Bay' with Marion at the piano as the episode concludes.

Directed by: Jerry Paris & other contributing directors
Written by: Bob Brunner & Samuro Mitsubi and other contributing writers
Guest stars: Lynda Goodfriend as Lori Beth, many former guest stars are shown in the credits from the clips.

The opening credits identify this episode as the: '4th Anniversary Special'.
Ann alternate title for this episode is 'Richie's Girl Exposes the Cunninghams'.

#112- Do You Want to Dance? (5/9/78)

Fonzie falls in love with a ballerina who has hopes of becoming a superstar.

Marion, Howard, and Joanie come down the stairs and Marion says there are going to Parent-Teacher Day to talk to her teachers. Richie tries to untie his basketball shoes and Fonzie returns some albums (classical) from Marion and Howard. Fonzie talks about his ballerina girlfriend, Colleen. At the dance studio, Colleen practices and teaches Lori Beth. Lori Beth says Colleen should go to New York to become a professional ballerina. Lori Beth leaves to go to Richie's basketball game. At the School of Ballet, Fonzie and Colleen kiss. Colleen says she may close down the studio because teaching 5 classes is not profitable. She may go to New York to study. Back at the Cunningham house, Marion and Howard are set to go to the movies. Fonzie is looking for students and Joanie is interested. At the studio, there are some new students (Ralph, Potsie, Chachi, Richie, and Joanie). They practice a ballet move, and Ralph tears his pants and wears a tu-tu. Colleen and Fonzie demonstrate a special move sequence. Everyone later leaves and Fonzie brings in a second class (including Al). Back at Arnold's, Al is stiff because of the refereeing of the basketball game and the ballet class and can't pass the salt. Richie asks Fonzie if he thinks Colleen is really happy in Milwaukee. At the studio, Colleen dances as Fonzie secretly watches. Fonzie tells her she should go to New York to perform and she agrees. Richie comes into the studio, and Fonzie tells him Colleen is going to New York. Richie leaves and Fonzie and Colleen kiss before they have one last dance.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Fred Fox, Jr.
Guest stars: Leslie Browne as Colleen and Lynda Goodfriend as Lori Beth.

Leslie Browne was proably a professional ballerina at one time.

#113- Second Wind (5/16/78)

Al wants to go to an awards ceremony with his first true love, Rosa Coletti, but meets a new girl.

Richie comes downstairs at the Cunningham house and tells everyone that he has filled out his summer job application (a bagboy at Fencik's market). It is pouring rain outside and Al comes inside. Al has come for a cumberbund from Howard - Al is being named the man of the year for the Sons of Italy. Al doesn't have a date yet. Marion and Howard leave to go bowling. Richie looks in his little black book to find Al a date. Richie comes into Arnold's in his rain jacket and Ralph and Potsie come in new coats and hats for their new summer jobs working on the docks (they will work weekends until school starts). Fonzie brings his bike (with a trophy) into Arnold's because of the rain. Richie asks Fonzie to fix up Al with a date who agrees. Fonzie has set up Al with Anna, a meter maid with a three-wheeler motorcycle. Al and Anna hit it off and have a date for the awards ceremony. Chahci is applying for a job at Arnold's as an assistant manager for the summer. Ralph and Potsie quit their jobs by mutual consent, they think about being lifeguards at the pool. Al tells Richie about his evening with Anna (they made cookies). At Al's apartment, Al gets ready for his dinner date with Anna. Al plays his ukele. Al receives a call from Anna who cancels on him at the last minute. Richie practices bagging groceries at the Cunningham house and Fonzie walks in and tells them about Al being dumpedamundo. Richie, Fonzie, and Howard go to Al's to talk to him. Al is making spaghetti sauce. He talks to Howard and tells him about Rosa Coletti. Al is having Mona Glickstein over for dinner. Back at Arnold's, Chachi is the new assistant manager. Richie is now a price marker at his job. Ralph and Potsie are busboys at Arnold's.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Brian Levant
Guest stars: Anna (uncredited).

This is the first appearance of Al's apartment.
Rosa Coletti eloped in 1935.
Francis Drake: Howard's Rosa Coletti.

#114- Rules to Date By (5/23/78)

When Lori Beth is friendly to other guys, Richie becomes upset.

Potsie sings a song ('Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen') at Arnold's as everyone dances. He pulls Joanie up on the stage and then kisses her. Al makes an announcement that Arnold's will be closed for two weeks as he goes to California to visit his cousin Josephine, who introduced him to Rosa Coletti. Al tells them about the Blue Ox Inn which is about 80 miles north where Leather Tuscadero and the Suedes are performing. Ralph says Fonzie is taking Blossom- the bunny from Happy Harry's Hutch to the Blue Ox Inn. Richie wants to dance with Lori Beth who is tired from dancing with other guys while the band played. Lori Beth has to go to meet Herbie Ruth who broke up with her friend Belinda. Marion is reading a book called Feminine Mystique and talks to Joanie. Marion had talked to Lori Beth on the phone and says Richie is being a stinker. Marion tells Howard about all the wrok she does after breakfast. Marion and Howard go out for dinner. Fonzie shows off his combination knife/fork/etc. Al is getting ready to close and Lori Beth and Richie talk; and Richie is angry with her. At the Blue Ox Inn; Ralph, Potsie, and Chachi arrive. Leather says hello to everybody and says she is doing the performance as a favor to Ma Hopkins who owns the place. Lori Beth helps Oaktree with a splinter. Leather and the Suedes perform a song ('Johnny B. Goode'). Richie's car is broken down, and Oaktree is chasing Lori Beth around. Fonzie arrives and breaks an axe on his knee. Oaktree brings in an icecycle from outside. Richie and Lori Beth kiss and make up. Oaktree gives Fonzie an application for their annual Punch in a Face Festival. Back at the Cunninghams, Joanie leaves to go to to Jenny Piccalo's house. Howard and Marion go out for desert (Marion- a banana split; Howard- tutti frutti).

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: Joe Glauberg
Guest stars: Suzi Quatro as Leather Tuscadero, Lynda Goodfriend as Lori Beth, Ben Davidson as Oaktree, Shirley Kirkes as Blossom. and Jan & Jill Bunker as the Suedes.

Potsie is called the 'Velvet Cloud' by Richie.
Joanie has boyfriend named David.
Lori Beth takes a modern dance class.
Millie and Jillie are the Suedes.

#115- Fonzie for the Defense (5/30/78)

Fonzie thinks a biker is innocent of a purse snatching and tires to convince the other jurors.

Richie, Ralph, and Potsie are in a booth at Arnold's trying to think of a song for the fraternity song fest. Chachi introduces Fonzie into Arnold's who was picked to be on a jury. Chachi hands rain checks out to the girls who had dates planned with him that week. Fonzie says Howard is also on the jury. Back at the Cunningham house, Richie sings 'Three Callabreros'. Chachi is at the door and brings Richie a blanket with a plastic parrot on it. Howard gives Marion a list of instructions for the hardware's paint sale. Fonzie enters the Cunningham's house with his leather jacket and a tie. At Municipal Court No. 3, a case is heard. The defendant (Jason Davis), who is accused of taking a woman's purse, is taken out out of the courtroom. The jury deliberates in the court room because the jury room is not available. Howard reads the votes: 11 guilty and 1 not guiltyamundo. Fonzie thinks the man is innocent based on the facts. Fonzie almost gets in a fight with Burch who thinks Mr. Davis is guilty. Fonzie goes over the evidence and says the eyewitness could not have identified the man's face. Fonzie says the case has reasonable doubt. They take another vote, and Howard (the foreman) thinks they should think more about the case. Marion tells Howard that she had a 1 cent sale at the hardware store and sold everything out. From Alpha Tau Omega, The Three Callabreros sing as Joanie plays on the piano. Howard takes another vote and Fonzie reads the transcript which says Jason Davis was riding a Grand Mark 2 motorcycle (rare and made only in England) when he was picked up. The criminal supposedly had the purse in his left hand; but the Grand Mark 2 has the accelerator on the left-hand handlebar making it impossible for Jason Davis to be the criminal. Everyone votes not guiltyamundo. Fonzie and Jason talk about motorcycles, Jason wants to be the first black driver in the Indy 500. Richie comes home with a battered parrot on his shoulder, Phi Nu has a live falcon for a mascot. Howard can't believe how Marion turned the one-cent sale into a profit and Marion tells him how she did it.

Directed by: Jerry Paris
Written by: David Ketchum & Tony DiMarco
Guest stars: Barney Martin as G.W. Burch and Ralph Wilcox as Jason Davis.

Fonzie's favorite song is America the Beautiful.
It is a Mrs. Leary's purse.
Fonzie wears red, white, and blue striped white socks.
Barney Martin who plays G.W. Burch is best known as Jerry's dad on Seinfeld.

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