Silver Spoons: Where are they now? 

This section contains the most recent picture of each cast member that I could find along with what they have done since Silver Spoons and some biographical information when available.

Rick Schroder

Rick Schroder (in his younger days he went by Ricky) was born on April 13th, 1970 in Staten Island, New York. His older sister Dawn has also done some acting as well as modeling.

After a Golden Globe Award, numerous acting credits and his dedication as a husband and father, Rick Schroder has gracefully evolved from child star to adult success. He is an accomplished dramatic actor who has shared the screen with, among others, William Holden, Jon Voight, Robert Duvall, Tommy Lee Jones, Gene Hackman and Sir Alec Guinness.

A native of Staten Island, New York, Schroder began his career in television commercials at just three months old. By age seven, he had appeared in nearly 60 national commercials. He also earned international attention and a Golden Globe for Best New Male Star of 1979, starring opposite Jon Voight and Faye Dunaway in Franco Zeffirelli’s remake of The Champ.

In 1982, Schroder was cast in the television comedy series, Silver Spoons, as the only child of a young-at-heart millionaire (Joel Higgins) with a house full of toys. The series ran for five successful seasons and currently runs in syndication.

Among his numerous television credits are his Golden Globe-nominated performance for The Stranger Within, in which he co-starred with Kate Jackson; and a starring role in 1988’s Emmy Award-winning miniseries, Lonesome Dove, based on Larry McMurtry’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel. The project also starred Robert Duvall, Tommy Lee Jones, Danny Glover, Diane Lane and Anjelica Huston. Schroder returned to star in the sequel, which reunited him with his co-star from The Champ, William Holden. Schroder’s other credits include ABC’s critically acclaimed Detention: Siege at Johnson High, A Heartful of Rain with Richard Crenna, Something So Right with Patty Duke and James Farentino, Two Kinds of Love; the critically acclaimed true story, Too Young The Hero; A Reason to Live with Peter Fonda; To My Daughter With Love; Jack London's classic, Call of the Wild; The Stranger Within; Blood River; and Committed, in which Schroder served as co-producer through his production company.

His film credits include The Earthling with William Holden, The Last Flight of Noah's Ark with Genevieve Bujold and Elliot Gould, Across the Tracks, an independent film which also featured Brad Pitt; and the Simpson/Bruckheimer feature, Crimson Tide, starring Denzel Washington and Gene Hackman. Schroder also starred in the 1999 ABC telefilm, What We Did That Night, the story of a college prank which goes awry and changes the lives of the four people involved when they are forced to relive the prank several years later.

For 2 1/2 seasons he played Det. Danny Sorenson as part of the 15th Precinct on the Emmy Award-winning N.Y.P.D Blue. He left after the 2000-2001 season citing a need to spend more time with his family and time-management issues.

In 2001, he appeared in the tv movie The Lost Battalion. He appeared as Brad in the 2002 movie Poolhall Junkies.

In 2002, he hosted The New American Sportsman on ESPN2 (Acclaimed actor and avid outdoorsman Rick Schroder will host 'New American Sportsman')

In 2003, Rick finished writing and directing his first movie. The film, Black Cloud focuses on a young Indian boxer trying to make it to the Olympics.

In January-March 2003, he appeared in 4 episodes of Scrubs as Nurse Paul Flowers.

Schroder lives with his wife, Andrea (Bernard - they married in 1992), and their 4 children, son Holden Richard (named after actor William Holden whom Rick co-starred with in The Earthling) born in 1992, son Luke William - born in 1993 , daughter Cambrie - born in 1997, and daughter Faith Anne Schroder born August 8th, 2001 in Arizona.

He joins Rosa Blasi as the newest staff member of Philadelphia's Rittenhouse Clinic on "Strong Medicine," which made its sixth season debut on Sunday, June 12. It airs Sundays at 9PM ET/PT on Lifetime.

For the latest news and updates on Rick Schroder, visit his Official Site

Rick Schroder Online (official site)

Rick Schroder: From Silver to Blue

Rick Schroder @ FANSITES.COM

Ricky Schroder TV Schedule

Ricky Schroder Page in Bob's Child Film Stars Photo Gallery

Parade Magazine article from March 5th, 2000

Internet Movie Database entry for Rick Schroder

Joel Higgins and Erin Gray (fall 1999)

Joel Higgins was born September 28th, 1943 in Bloomington, Illinois.

Even when he had to play Edward Stratton as a not-so-hot father, Joel Higgins did a good job. It wasn't a surprise. He'd already shown his talent for TV comedy on the 1981-1982 sitcom Best of the West (as Marshall Sam Best), with Meeno Peluce.

Joel had several careers before he settled on acting. He studied advertising in college and went on to write ads. He also worked in public relations, which is related to advertising. And he was a folksinger. That's related to something else he did - writing lyrics for commercial jingles.

Joel and some friends put together their own shown when they were in the Army in the late 1960s. They did their act after they were discharged, too. That led to some Broadway plays for Joel, and then television.

Aside from Best of the West and Silver Spoons, Joel was in the series Salvage I (as Skip Carmichael), with Andy Griffith. He had a role in the soap opera Search for Tomorrow as Bruce Carson from 1975-1978, and he starred in the TV movies Bare Essence, with Genie Francis, and Threesome, with Stephen Collins and Deborah Raffin.

After Silver Spoons, he appeared in 2 tv movies: Laura Lansing Slept Here (1988) and Rich Men, Single Women (1990). He was also in the short-lived 1989 sitcom, "Have Faith" where he played the role of Monsignor Joseph "Mac" MacKenzie.

He co-created and was lead singer of a musical revue called The Green Apple Nasties. He has done a lot of other theatre work also including: he wrote the book and lyrics and starred in the London musical The Fields of Ambrosia, he was in the original Broadway cast of Shenandoah and won the Theatre World Award for his portrayal of 'James Anderson' in this play, he was in the original cast of "Three Coins In The Fountain" (musical) 1997, and a touring company of "Damn Yankees" in 1998. In 1991-1992 he appeared in the musical City of Angels.

He has guest appeared on other sitcoms like Home Improvement and Family Matters.

In 1999, a CD featuring Joel with songs that were written by him. The CD is "Love Is Good" by Christine Andreas.

In 1999-2000, he appeared as Sharon's father in "Two Guys and a Girl". He also appeared in JAG.

He appeared in an October 2003 episode of the NBC dramedy Ed playing Gus Tavel.

Joel has a new movie and two new musicals in the works. The movie is called Dead Canaries and co-stars Dee Wallace and Charles Durning. The two musicals are Storyville (which is currently in the rewrite stage) and Johnny Guitar which is slated to open in New York this fall.

Joel Higgins is married to a woman named Stacy, they've been together for over 20 years and have a son named Graham. (thanks to Judy Moose for the information)

His official website is up and running and includes the official fan club at E-mail can be sent to

Joel Higgins Official Site

Internet Movie Database entry for Joel Higgins

Erin Gray

Erin Gray was born January 7th, 1950 in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Erin spent the first seven years of her life on the island. While her parents Daniel and Diane were in the process of divorcing, Diane moved Erin to Palm Springs, California to live with her grandparents while she moved to Las Vegas in search of work. A few years later, Diane had remarried and reunited with Erin, taking her to live in Northern California. Moving from Burlingame to Tiburon, Erin was enrolled in Redwood High School where she would meet the boy of her dreams. In an attempt partly to get her away from Ken Schwartz her mother moved her to Southern California where she attended several high schools before graduating from Pacific Palisades High School.

In her junior year her mother submitted Erin’s photo to a teen-age clothing manufacturer in St. Louis and at 15, her modeling career began. In 1967 Erin made her television debut as a dancer in a variety series with Ricky Nelson called Malibu U playing one of the Bob Banis Malibeauties. Then came more modeling offers. It was a tough choice for the lovely lady. She could either be a math major or model in Paris, Japan, Germany and New York. Needless to say modeling won.

Leaving UCLA, Erin moved to New York and 1968 five days after his return from Vietnam, she and Ken Schwartz were married. Erin’s modeling career flourished and in 1976 she and Ken were blessed with the arrival of son Kevan Gray Schwartz. For the next several years Erin became one of the most recognized faces in the United States. Among her many credits she served as the original spokesperson for the L’Oreal “I’m Worth It” campaign as well as being the Maxi Girl for Max Factor, one of the first models for Sports Illustrated, the Bloomingdale’s spokesperson for over ten years, ads for Maybelline, was one of the original Breck Girls and probably one of the most famous commercial campaigns of the 70s: the Virginia Slims ads. As we all know – “she’s come a long way baby”…

At the advice of Harper Bazaar photographer Richard Avedon, Erin consulted a psychic for a glance into the future. The psychic told her that she would signing a contract with a company beginning with “M”, the premise would be set either in the past or the future, she would argue with producers about the color of her hair and twenty years later it would be the role she would always be remembered for. Who knew all of it would pertain to her next adventure?

New York’s theatrical climate drew her more to acting so the Schwartz family returned to Hollywood where Erin was given a walk-on part in a series called Gibbsville. Two scenes in Police Story with Chad Everett captured the attention of casting directors and MCA Universal put Erin under contract doing guest appearances on shows such as The Rockford Files and BJ and the Bear.

In 1978 Erin received her first starring role opposite Glenn Ford, Shirley Jones, Patrick Macnee and several others in Evening In Byzantium. The two-part miniseries based on an Irwin Shaw bestseller, features an aging movie producer attending the Cannes Film Festival when terrorists move in gave Erin her first taste of day-to-day life on the set and a crash course in “all things Hollywood”. (Her experience on the film would later be the inspiration for writing Act Right.) The day after finishing Evening In Byzantium Erin’s career blasted off in a whole new direction…

Buck Rogers in the 25th Century was originally scripted as a ten-hour miniseries. Production was stopped during filming to regroup. When production resumed four months later, the ten-hour miniseries was now a two-hour feature film with a part that got smaller and weaker as time passed. The television series starring Gil Gerard ran for a total of two years during which Erin was forced to change her hair from brunette to blonde to satisfy producers. By the series end Colonel Wilma Deering had left a lasting impression on viewers around the world.

The Ultimate Imposter and Winter Kills were made during the run of Buck Rogers. Making Erin keep to a grueling schedule until the point of being physically ill, the cast and crew of The Ultimate Imposter was inadvertently rescued from being stuck on the top of a hill during a snowstorm and the only reason they weren’t is because they couldn’t finish the shooting without the star. The next few television seasons were spent doing more episodic appearances this time in Fantasy Island, The Fall Guy, Magnum PI, and others as well as made for television movies: Born Beautiful, Coach of the Year, Code of Vengeance and her second feature film Six Pack with Kenny Rogers. Wanting a break from playing gun-toting characters, Erin went in search of comedy even performing for free at a showcase playhouse in Los Angeles starring in Neil Simon’s California Suite.

By this time husband Ken had become Erin’s manager and on a fateful day in early 1982 Ken would meet with Al Burton. Al Burton was the then Vice President of Creative Affairs at Embassy Television. He was also the producer of Erin’s first series Malibu U. After being tested for an unsold pilot called Century Hill, Erin received the call for a new show being released featuring the world’s oldest living child and his newly discovered son. The title: Silver Spoons.

At first Kate Summers was supposed to sort of blend in with the scenery. The part was created for someone to “look after” Edward Stratton III. During one of the first production meetings Erin informed her new costars Joel Higgins and Ricky Schroder that she had no background in comedy but it wasn’t long before the cast and crew learned that neither Kate nor Erin would simply be set decoration. Within the first four years Kate Summers went from Personal Assistant to Mrs. Edward Stratton III to President of Eddie Toys. During its five-season run, Silver Spoons became one of the most popular shows on television even earning an Emmy nomination in 1986 and in 1987 Silver Spoons would also come to an end.

Following the successful run on Silver Spoons, Erin wasn’t out of the spotlight for long and returned to television making episodic guest appearances in such hits as Murder She Wrote, L.A. Law, Hunter, and Silk Stalkings. One of her most memorable roles was that of Jenny Hayden in Starman. During the production of the two-part finale of the series, Erin worked with famed director Claudio Guzman and unbeknownst to her at the time Chris Barnes; who played her son, had joined with thousands of other young men in developing a crush on her.

The 90s brought about more change in Erin’s life. Her marriage to Ken ended with a divorce and several members of her family died. She married noted cinematographer Richard Hissong (who coincidentally was Director of Photography for Spoons in the third season) and they welcomed daughter Samantha Gray Hissong in 1991.

In 1997 Erin took a recurring role on the hit series Baywatch starring David Hasselhoff playing his boss Chief Monica Johnson. 1999 brought her to daytime television as Nicole Devlin on Port Charles. She appeared on five episodes. Having made her mark in television, Erin returned to feature films starring in Friday the 13th: Jason Goes To Hell, T-Force, Official Denial, A Dangerous Place, Special Tactics, Touched By A Killer, Clover Bend Social Misfits, Delicate Instruments and the soon to be released Woman’s Story.

Moving into the 21st Century, Erin once again showed that her talents don’t stop off-camera. Along with partner Mara Purl, Erin has co-written a fabulous handbook for actors titled Act Right: A Manual for the On-Camera Actor. The book teaches you all of the things they didn’t teach you in acting class. In other words, you had what it took to get the job, this tells you how to keep it! She and Mara also hold seminars about Act Right, which are extremely helpful and entertaining for anyone who is interested in the acting industry. With her primary interest these days being Tai Chi and Chi Kung. Erin also teaches the ancient Chinese art of moving meditation at UCLA, The Encino Acupuncture Clinic as well as privately.

Having a highly developed sense for public service, Erin sits on the Board of Directors of The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, has co-written and produced public service announcements and serves as a board member for Haven House. The oldest shelter for battered women in the country, Haven House does amazing work with women who arrive in the middle of the night with nothing more than the clothes they are wearing. She hosted Lifetime Television’s Drug and Alcohol Intervention Program as well as gives motivational speeches for Athletes and Entertainers for Kids, to speak at seminars across the country regarding stress management, how to find balance in a hectic world, and to speak out against domestic violence. Erin has received The Leadership Award by the County of Los Angeles, The Guardian Angel Award from Mothers Against Sexual Abuse, the YWCA’s Women of Achievement’s Award of Distinction and the 1999 Women’s Peacepower Media Award.

In 2000, Erin moved into the computer age with the introduction of the Official Erin Gray Web Site and is back on the small screen as the spokesperson for The Hollywood Celebrity Diet. She was named Woman of the Year by the Los Angeles Commission For Women and the 2002 Entertainer of the Year at the First Annual San Diego Film Festival. 2003 is already being filled with new and exciting adventures including her return to the silver screen in the movie Woman's Story which is due in theaters this summer.

Source of biography: The Official Erin Gray Fan Club

For the latest news, updates, schedule of appearances and much more visit The Official Erin Gray Fan Club

The Official Erin Gray Home Page

The Official Erin Gray Fan Club

The Unofficial Erin Gray Web Site

The largest and most complete Erin Gray group on the web

the Gray Area

Internet Movie Database entry for Erin Gray

Leonard Lightfoot played Leonard Rollins, Edward Stratton III's lawyer, during the first season of Silver Spoons.

He has appeared in the following movies: Cutter's Way, Summer Fantasy, The Check Is in the Mail, Open House, Virus, and Captain Nuke and and the Bomber Boys.

Leonard played Dep. Wiggins on the sitcom She's the Sheriff. Some of his other tv appearances include The Greatest American Hero, Married with Children, Hunter, and Seinfeld (in the classic episode 'The Rye' as Clyde).

In 2003, he appeared in a commercial for Toyota.

Internet Movie Database entry for Leonard Lightfoot

Franklyn Seales

Franklyn Seales was born July 15, 1952 in St. Vincent, Caribbean Islands. He played Dexter Stuffins, business manager and family friend of the Strattons, starting in season 2.

His movie appearances include The Onion Field, Star Trek: The Motion Picture, Beulah Land (mini-series), Southern Comfort, and The Taming of the Shrew.

TV appearances for Mr. Seales include 3 1982 episodes of Hill Street Blues, 1 episode of Wiseguy, 1 Growing Pains episode, and the tv sitcom Amen as Lorenzo Hollingsworth during the 1986-1987 season.

He also did some artwork as a painter.

Sadly, he died May 21st, 1990 in Brooklyn, New York of AIDS. (according to the Internet Movie Database)

Internet Movie Database entry for Franklyn Seales

Jason Bateman

Jason Bateman was born January 14th, 1969 in Rye, New York and began his acting career accidentally when, at age ten, he accompanied a friend to an audition for an educational film. The director asked Bateman to read for the part, and before he knew it, he had the lead role.

On television, Bateman has amassed an impressive list of credits including recurring roles in the series "Silver Spoons" (as Derek Taylor), "Little House on the Prairie" (as Jason Cooper) and "Jessica Novak." During the '84-'85 television season, he also starred as Matthew Burton in the NBC series "It's Your Move." In addition, he has been featured in the TV movies "The Legends of the West" and "Just a Little More Love," and in numerous television commercials. He also made his directing debut on "The Hogan Family" in 1988, giving him the distinction of being the youngest person ever admitted to the Director's Guild - he directed 3 episodes of the series. He starred as David Hogan on Valerie/Valerie's Family/The Hogan Family from 1986-1991.

Along with his father, Kent, and his sister, "Family Ties" (as Mallory Keaton) star Justine Bateman, he founded a Hollywood repertory stage company, and in 1986, the trio produced the telefilm "Can You Hear Me Dancing?" which starred both Bateman and his sister. He has also starred in the title role in another family adventure, the feature film "Teen Wolf, Too," on which his father served as executive producer. He also starred in such television movies as "Moving Target" and "Philly Boy." He was also seen in the feature film "Sketches."

When he's not working, Bateman enjoys surfing, skiing, basketball, photography, and auto racing (according to a 1989 Hogan Family press kit). An active driver on the celebrity circuit, he won the coveted celebrity portion of the Long Beach Grand Prix in 1987.

When the Hogan Family ended in 1991, Jason made his move to the big screen with Necessary Roughness followed by Breaking the Rules along with several other tv movies. He returned to television in 1995 in 'Simon', followed by 'Chicago Sons' in 1996. He also appeared as Ted Stoody on the CBS series 'George & Leo'.

He directed for the sitcom "Brother's Keeper" and appeared in the movie "Love Stinks" which was released August 20th, 1999 and stars Marliece Andrada, Tyra Banks, Bill Bellamy, French Stewart, and Tiffani-Amber Theissen.

In 2001, he appeared in the short-lived CBS sitcom Some of My Best Friends, originally titled Kiss Me Guido, which co-starred Danny Nucci. He also appeared in the movies Sol Goode (2001), The Sweetest Thing (2002), and One Way Out (2002).

Currently, he can be seen on the FOX comedy Arrested Development. He will be in the upcoming film Starsky & Hutch opposite Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson.

He married Amanda Anka, the daughter of pop singer Paul Anka, on July 3rd, 2001. They reside in Los Angeles.

Internet Movie Database entry for Jason Bateman

Corky Pigeon

Corky Pigeon played Ricky's friend Freddy Lippincottleman from 1983-1985. Corky was born January 27th, 1970 in Fresno, California. His real name is William Hugh Parker, the name Corky came from a fallen Marine in Vietnam.

He appeared in the movies: The Forest, Summer Fantasy, Party Camp, and Monster in the Closet .

According to one site, Pigeon's character was written off the show in 1985 after Ricky Schroder complained to producers he was being upstaged. Other site visitors have told me that Ricky and Corky got along great, and it was in fact Ricky's mom who felt Corky was "upstaging" him.

He played drums (he has played drums since he was 7) in local pop punk bands from L.A. He is a former member of The Gain and Buck.

Corky and Bobbie Starr Pigeon

Corky married his girlfriend of ten years, Bobbie Starr Pigeon aka Bobbie Starr. They live in The Valley in Los Angeles.

He toured with the Groovie Goulies - although the tour was cut three weeks short due to van troubles.

He was in a band with his old bass player Joey from The Gain. It was called Big In Japan. The Big In Japan album was released several years ago, it's called Destroy The New Rock.

Corky also worked at a radio station (FM entertainment talk station) in Los Angeles selling air time for Howard Stern.

Update from People's Child Stars Then & Now (July 2008 issue):

Corky Pigeon, 38, "did the punk rock thing" as a drummer with his Cali band, the Gain, but he's focused on acting again---and so is his daughter, Taylor Nicole, 4. "No advice," says Dad. "But if she's not having fun, that's it."

  • 2 pictures of Corky from 1984 can be found in the 'Pictures' section

    Internet Movie Database entry for Corky Pigeon

    Alfonso Ribeiro

    Alfonso Ribeiro was born September 21st, 1971 in New York City, New York. Alfonso joined the cast of Silver Spoons in 1984 as Ricky's friend Alfonso Spears.

    He has appeared in the movies: Mighty Pawns, Out on the Edge, and Ticks.

    He played the role of Carlton Banks on the long running Will Smith sitcom, "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air".

    He has also done voices for the animated series: Spider-Man and Extreme Ghostbusters. Currently, he is on the sitcom "In the House" as Dr. Maxwell Stanton since 1996.

    Alfonso was confused with a breakdancing boy in Pepsi commercial who died in the 80s, while doing a head spin. Of course, Alfonso showed off his breakdancing skills in Silver Spoons. Alfonso did appear in a Michael Jackson Pepsi commercial.

    At the tender ages of 10-13, Ribeiro dabbled as a musician, releasing singles such as "Dance Baby," "Not Too Young (To Fall In Love)," "Sneak Away With Me," and "Time Bomb."

    He starred as the original "Tap Dance Kid" in the broadway musical of the same name.

    Won The Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach celebrity race in 1994 and 1995. Appeared on Circus of the Stars. He attended UCLA.

    He was in the music video for Will Smith's: "Wild Wild West".

    Alfonso hosted the syndicated musical series "Your Big Break".

    He performed in the broadway musical Golden Boy and he appeared in NBC's sketch comedy series "The Rerun Show" in 2002.

    In 2003, he starred in a McDonald's commercial for McGriddle breakfast sandwiches.

    He and his girlfriend of four years Robin were married in January 2002. They have a daughter named Sienna.

    Internet Movie Database entry for Alfonso Ribeiro

    Bobby Fite played Ricky's friend J.T. Martin during the 1983-1984 season of Silver Spoons.

    He appeared in a 1983 episode of The Dukes of Hazzard.

    Movies that he has appeared in include: Miss All-American Beauty, The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Shadow Chasers, The Legend of Billie Jean, Explorers (with River Phoenix), and Fatal Charm.

    Update 2003: He is single and lives in Dallas, Texas and works as a home developer. He keeps a low profile about his days as an actor.

    Internet Movie Database entry for Bobby Fite

    John Houseman was born Jacques Haussmann in Bucharest, Romania on September 22nd, 1902. He played the role of Grandfather Edward Stratton II on Silver Spoons.

    He had many, many movies and tv appearances to his credit including: The Paper Chase and Rollerball. He also produced many movies and was a writer for Citizen Kane and Jane Eyre.

    Mr. Houseman was the distinctive voice for Smith-Barney. Gave tagline: "Smith-Barney. They make money the old-fashioned way...they EHRN (earn) it!"

    He died October 31st, 1988 in Malibu, California of spine cancer. He was married twice: to Zita Johann in 1929 - divorced; and to Joan Courtney in 1950 until his death - they had 2 sons.

    Internet Movie Database entry for John Houseman

    Ray Walston

    Ray Walston played Uncle Harry Summers in 3 episodes of Silver Spoons in 1985.

    Actor Ray Walston Dead at Age 86

    LOS ANGELES (Reuters, 01/02/01) - Tony and Emmy award-winning actor Ray Walston, who starred on stage and screen as the devil in ''Damn Yankees'' and was famed for his TV role as the extraterrestrial Uncle Martin in ``My Favorite Martian,'' has died at age 86, his agent said on Tuesday.

    Walston, who specialized in playing crusty and canny characters, including the judge on the acclaimed TV series, ''Picket Fences,'' died on Monday at his home in Beverly Hills after a short illness, agent Harry Gold said.

    His last screen appearance was in the Oct. 15 season premiere of the CBS hit show ``Touched By An Angel.'' He played a wealthy entrepreneur who cuts his son (Richard Chamberlain) off from the family fortune to teach him there are more valuable things in life than money.

    Walston won a Tony Award for best actor in a musical for his Broadway performance as Mr. Applegate, the Devil, in the 1956 hit ``Damn Yankees,'' about an aging baseball fan who sells his soul to help his hapless team, the Washington Senators, win the American League pennant from the unbeatable Yankees of the 1950s.

    Both Walton and actress-dancer Gwen Verdon, who played the seductress Lola (''Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets''), recreated their roles for the 1958 film adaptation of the musical. Verdon died last year.

    Also in 1958, Walston played Navy Seabee Luther Billis in the movie version of another Broadway hit, ``South Pacific,'' which he had performed on stage in London and with a road company.

    The New Orleans native returned to musicals for a 1969 production of ``Paint Your Wagon.''

    In a lengthy film career that began with the 1957 comedy ''Kiss Them For Me,'' with Cary Grant and Jayne Mansfield, Walston played mostly supporting parts, often as curmudgeonly characters.

    One of his best film performances was as the philandering insurance executive in Billy Wilder's 1960 romantic comedy, ''The Apartment,'' starring Jack Lemmon, Shirley MacLaine and Fred MacMurray.

    Wilder cast him again as a nervous, desperate songwriter opposite Dean Martin playing a womanizing crooner who has his sights on Walston's wife in the 1964 domestic comedy ``Kiss Me, Stupid.'' Walston got that part after Peter Sellers was felled by a heart attack.

    Much later in his career, he played the strident social studies teacher Mr. Hand in the 1982 goofball comedy ``Fast Times at Ridgemont High,'' a role he reprised for the short-lived TV spinoff series ``Fast Times.''

    But Walston is perhaps most widely recognized for the 1960s television series that made him a household name, ``My Favorite Martian,'' which ran for three years on CBS (1963-1966). He starred as a Martian who crash lands on Earth and moves in with newspaper reporter Tim O'Hara (Bill Bixby), who keeps the true identity of his visitor a secret by passing him off as his Uncle Martin.

    Although Uncle Martin looked human and spoke English, he had such Martian traits as retractable antennae on the back of his head and the ability to make himself invisible, read minds and move objects by pointing at them. Three decades later, Walston played a small but nostalgic role in a 1999 movie version of the series with Christopher Lloyd starring as Uncle Martin.

    In the movie, Walton appears as the mysterious government advisor Armitan (an anagram for Martian), who also turns out to be a stranded native of the Red Planet and ultimately returns with Lloyd to Mars.

    Walston's career enjoyed a revival when he returned to series television in the early 1990s in the acclaimed CBS drama ''Picket Fences,'' playing a cranky judge with a heart of gold. The series earned him two Emmys for best supporting actor.

    Internet Movie Database entry for Ray Walston

    Billy Jacoby/Jayne

    Billy Jacoby (real name: William Jayne, also credited as Billy Jayne) was born April 10th, 1969 in Flushing, New York. He played Brad, a friend of Ricky's during the 1985-1986 season of Silver Spoons.

    He has appeared in over 50 films and television productions, including The Bad News Bears (tv series), The Beastmaster, Cujo, The Client, Just One of the Guys, and Murder One. He also starred in the role of "Mikey" on the FOX TV series, Parker Lewis Can't Lose.

    In 1999 he appeared in the movie Road Kill and in 2000 he appeared in the movie The Crew. In February 1999, he appeared in an episode of the WB Drama "Charmed".

    He has appeared in commercials for Dockers (1998), print advertising for Pella Windows (1998), commercial for Taco Bell (1998), LeapFrog (2001), Advair (2003), and Jeep (2003).

    He is married to April Wayne - they have a son named Miles Joseph born August 8th, 1992. He is the grandson of Lou Jacobi and is the brother of Scott, Bobby, Susan & Laura Jacoby.

    Internet Movie Database entry for Billy Jayne/Jacoby

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