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This section contains cast photos, character photos, scenes from Happy Days, etc. Please let me know if you can help with any pictures. Currently there are 20 pictures in this section. Please be patient, this page takes a minute or two to load. Click any of the thumbnails to see the larger version.

Richie and Fonzie in his office ABC Tuesday night lineup The boys singing in Welcome, Home episode Joanie Cunningham Ralph, Fonzie, and Richie

Fonzie gives Richie advice episode: A Mind of His Own episode: A.K.A. The Fonz The Big Al (Al Molinaro publicity shot) Marion Ross publicity shot

Henry Winkler publicity shot Linda Purl/Heather O'Rourke publicity shot Anson Williams publicity shot Ron Howard publicity shot Scott Baio/Erin Moran publicity shot

final episode: wedding celebration Da Fonz Is Cool! Joanie and Binky Hodges (Christopher Knight aka Peter Brady! The Fonz - Aaayh! Fonzie and Ashley Pfister

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