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Default UM Case List/Updates

Here is a case list for Unsolved Mysteries. Please feel free to reply with Updates, missing info, errors you've found....or whatever. I will be happy to fix this in time.

Unsolved Mysteries Case List

Red= Solved
Green= A case is listed as having been solved however the original case to which the update is referring is not listed.
Blue= Updated or additional information Updated to story but still not solved or there is an Update listed but with no additional details given.

Note: This is a listing of each case in order of when they aired. Repeats have been attempted to be removed and Updates have been brought up to coincide with the case they refer to. This is not an episode guide. Unkown Updates are left listed on the broadcast they aired on.

I have used Crystal Dawn’s Episode Guide as a template and supplemented it with other online material. I take no credit for this other than re-arranging and attempting to tie up lose ends.

Special #1
January 20, 1987
***Donald Kemp’s van was found idling in the middle of an intersection, belongings strewn on the ground but he was missing. His body was found 3 years later just a few miles from where his van had been left. Supposed sightings of him as well as phone calls he allegedly made after police thought he was dead make his family think he met with foul play.
***Roger Wheeler, Sr., President of World Jailai, was gunned down in the parking lot of his Tulsa country club. Brian Halloran was also executed soon after he claimed he turned down the contract on Wheeler. John Callahan, former President of World Jailai was also gunned down. Police think all 3 murders are connected. Update: John Martorano, 60, pleaded guilty Tuesday before state Circuit Court Judge Scott Silverman to second-degree murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder for the 1982 slaying of John B. Callahan, a Boston accountant and former World Jai Alai president. James “Whitey” Bulger is also wanted for the murders
***Pat Mealbach found out she was adopted and learned some information that leads her to believe she is the daughter of Dodge heir, John Dodge.
***Terry Lee Conner & Joseph Daugherty escaped from prison and then robbed a bank and took the bank president, Ray Deering, and his family at gunpoint before escaping. Update – they’ve been captured.
Special #2
May 25, 1987
***Wanda Jean Mays disappeared a year earlier from her aunt & uncle’s home in the middle of the night. Her bloody nightgown was found on a nearby boat dock. Did she suffer from another anxiety attack and flee or meet with foul play? Update: It has been accounced that Mays' remains were actually found five years ago at the bottom of a 150 cliff in a wooded area near Cha-La-Kee Road in Guntersville. Family members said Mays, who suffered from a chemical imbalance, had a panic attack the day she vanished and ran two miles away from a relative's home and fell off the cliff.
***John Burns killed his girlfriend, Eleanor Farber, and then disappeared. Police discovered that John Burns is an alias. Who and where is he? Update John Burns real name is Wilfred Cashman and he’s an escaped convict. He’s been captured.
***Kyra Cook, 18, was found dazed and disoriented in a park. She now has total amnesia even after being reunited with her family and has no idea what caused it.
***Young attractive women are drugging their dates with animal tranquilizer in order to rob them. Several women are shown who are wanted for these crimes.
***Three women, Cynthia Debore, Carol Ann Riley and Patricia Weeks all disappeared in a span of 18 years after dining with the same man, Robert Weeks. He has disappeared and police are looking for him.-Update : he’s been captured
Special #3
September 24, 1987
***An unknown man (later nicknamed the Unabomber) has planted 12 bombs at various places over the last 9 years killing one and injuring several. Police are searching for him.. Update : Developments in the infamous Unabomber case, Theodore Kaczynski has been captured and convicted in this case.
***Jack Lutter is missing. Police has discovered he has several wives and girlfriends and at least 15 children. Update: His real name is John Lutter. He was arrested in Los Angeles in 2000 but released in 2001 after victms could not be found to testify against him.
***Final Appeal – Glen Consagra is serving two life sentences for killing his two friends. He claims he is innocent. Update: Consagra was released in 1990, and died roughly 5 years later.
***George Marsh, a retired laborer, died in a KC nursing home in 1982. He left an unclaimed fortune of $175,000. Searching for his heirs.
Update : George Marsh’s heirs were located soon after.

Special #4
November 29, 1987
***The suspicious death of Shannon Davis whose husband Dave Davis collected $325,000 in insurance before he disappeared; Update : Dave Davis arrested in connection with the murder of his wife
*** The disappearance of Dottie Caylor who suffered from agoraphobia. Update : A Concord Police detective says in court documents that he believes Dottie Caylor, a Concord woman missing almost 21 years, was killed by her husband in the home they shared. However no charges have been filed and the case remains unsolved.
***The unexplained circumstances surrounding a fatal car accident in Oklahoma where Aileen Conway was killed.
***The discovery of a human skull suspected to be that of Glenn Hyde who vanished with his wife Bessie on a Grand Canyon rafting trip in 1928.
Special #5
February 5, 1988
***Unexplained Death: A report on the bizarre 1984 death of 17 year-old Kurt McFall. Mcfall's father believes his son was killed as a result of his involvement with a Satanic cult.
***The FBI manhunt for Jerry Strickland and his child bride Missy Munday wanted for kidnapping, robbery and murder; Update : Jerry Strickland & Missy Munday are captured.
***Michael Martin, a man sentenced to life imprisonment, whose guilt has been challenged by five alibi witnesses.
***The search for newsstand owner Charlie Scheel's heirs. Update:
Special #6
May 6, 1988
***Hagerstown, Md., case in which the psychic powers of Dorothy Allison are put to the test.
***The case of an Iowa credit union employee Steve Hadley who disappeared with more than $1 million in untraceable bills. Update : capture of Steven Hadley charged with stealing from a credit union
***Also a report on a bag of undelivered letters found in an attic and addressed to World War II servicemen;.
***Wanted: The dragnet for Joe Sheppard, the alleged killer of two young women, who has been on the run since his escape from a Tennessee jail in 1978. Fugitive Joe Shepard wanted for two murders, who escaped from a Tennessee prison more than 10 years ago Update : Shepard has been apprehended in Canada
Special #7
May 18, 1988
***A brutal attack that left Doreen Picard dead and critically injured Susan Laferte. Update : Raymond “Beaver” Tempest was convicted of the murder of Doreen Picard several years after the crime
***A "Con Juan" named Louis Carlucci who preys on women, stealing their hearts and life savings;
***Wellsville, Pa., housewife Diane Brodbeck suspected of aiding convicted murderer John Yount in a prison escape. Update Brodbeck and Yount were eventually apprehended.
***Treasure hunters who claim to have deciphered a code that may lead to $21 million in gold and silver buried by a miner in 1821 dubbed “Beale’s Treasure”.
1988-1989 (1st Season / NBC)
October 5, 1988
***UFO sightings and supposed photographs over Gulf Breeze, Fla. Update on UFO sightings in Florida
***Divorced mother Gayle Delano from Maine who vanished while supposedly on a date with someone she met in a personals columns. Update : The fate of Gail Delano is revealed. Apparently she had staged her disappearance and later committed suicide in a hotel room.
October 12, 1988
***A recap of D.B. Cooper’s 1971 airline hijacking and extortion, and his subsequent disappearance after parachuting out of the plane over Washington State
***New forensic evidence suggesting murder in the 1987 deaths of teenagers Kevin Ives and Don Henry on a Bryant, Ark., railroad track.
***A story on missing memorabilia acquired by a Medford, Ore., sports collector Dennis Walker, who died in Las Vegas in 1987;
October 26, 1988
***The claim that the Queen Mary (which is docked in Long Beach) is haunted by a sailor’s ghost.
***Examine the forces that drove the Tallman family from it’s home.
***Rumors about haunted 18th-century General Wayne Inn in Merion, Pa..
***Apparitions that torment a Georgia couple whose home is located on a Civil War battle site.
November 2, 1988
***Part 1 of two on the “Son of Sam” killings explores the theory that David Berkowitz may have been a scapegoat in the 1970’s New York slayings.
***The unclaimed inheritance of Nebraska railroad man Walter “Curly” Green who died in 1978;
***Clues left behind in the 1985 shootings of Waverly, Ga., couple Harold & Thelma Swain who were murdered in their church during Bible class by an unknown man. Update : Dennis Perry was convicted of the murders of Harold & Thelma Swain.
November 9, 1988
***Part 2 of a report on new evidence in the Son of Sam killings suggesting David Berkowitz’ involvement with a satanic murder cult;
***The search by a British woman, now 45, for her American military-officer father.
*** Fraud: The 1981 shipwreck of the a sailboat called the Freedom 2 off the coast of Tahiti is exposed as a clever insurance scam created by two con men named Bob Dozier and Jeff Russell. Update : sighting of the men responsible for a insurance scam involving a boat.
***And the kidnapping of wealthy Jackson, Miss. woman Annie Laurie Hearin. Update : A suspect has been captured in connection with the bizarre abduction of Annie Laurie Hearin
November 16, 1988
***Reports on 1986 San Quentin prison escapee Mark Adams who’s still at large; Update : He was eventually captured in 1993 in Puerto Rico and later killed by guards during a fight that broke out in the prison. His family successfully won a wrongful death suit against the prison.
***The murder of a 4-year old Philadelphia child Barbara Jean Horn. Update : Walter Ogrod was found guilty of the murder of Barbara Jean Horn.
***Missing Persons: Christi Nichols, a housewife and young mother who lived in Nebraska disappeared around Christmas time in 1987. Rumors have surfaced that her husband, Mark Nichols, may have been responsible for her disappearance.
***A profile of Steven Cox, a Medford, Ore., businessman who vanished with investors’ money. Update : Steven Cox, an Oregon businessman who vanished with investors' money has been captured
November 23, 1988
***Cases involving the suspected murders of two priests, one in New Mexico and one in Montana;
***The good fortune experienced by the family of a Washington State youth, who found a peculiarly marked rock in the forest;
***Police search for those responsible for extortion letters sent to various people in Lancaster, California; Update : apprehension of a California extortion-letter writer
***The death of 17-year-old Ohio youth, Kurt Sova, who disappeared after attending a Halloween party
November 30, 1988
***Segments detail a U.S. airman’s claim of a frightening encounter with a UFO on Cape Cod in the 1960’s called “Missing Time”,
***A discussion of genetic experimentation said to involve non-Earthlings.
***The search for suspects in the murder of Arkansas telephone worker Charlie Sigmin where his satan worshipping wife Anne is thought to be a suspect.Update
December 14, 1988
***Unexplained Death: The strange case of Clarence Roberts, a Nashville, Indiana businessman who reportedly died in two separate house fires. A house fire in 1970, apparently had claimed Clarence and then ten years later, another house fire claimed Geneva, but in the second, Clarence's body was found again.
***A Carlsbad, Cal., teenager Jennifer Pratt who was in a coma for three months following a motorcycle accident;
***The killing of Pacific sea lions in Redondo Beach, Cal. Update : The apprehension of two Los Angeles seamen suspected of killing a sea lion.
***Fraud: The search for Jack Quinn, the ex-vice president of a Florida security firm who walked off the job with over one million dollars in untraceable cash in 1988.
***a suspected Los Angeles bank robber.
December 21, 1988
***Segments on murdered Texas woman Marilu Geri whose life insurance policy is the source of a family dispute;
*** Los Angeles man Matthew Chase who vanished after withdrawing money from an automatic teller machine; Update : The body of 22 year-old Matthew Chase has been found. His killer is still at large.
***A 70-year old Hungarian immigrant who's trying to locate a U.S. soldier who befriended him 40 years ago at a refugee camp in Austria. Update he’s been reunited with the family he helped.
January 4, 1989
***Reports on the death of California deejay Lee Selwyn in October 1988 Update : Franklin Perkins is arrested for the murder of Lee Selwyn;
***Missing Persons: Michael Rosenblum disappeared on Valentine's Day in 1980. The investigation into his disappearance has led to a bizarre scandel that seems to implicate that a local police department may have been in on a cover-up. Michael Rosenblum's remains were later found and identified ten years later scattered down a cliff in Baldwin
January, 11, 1989
***Fraud: A sleazy con man going by the name of Arthur Frankford wined and dined single seniors who live in Florida retirement communities. His victims would later discover that Franklin (real name) had taken off with their money and jewelry.
January 18, 1989
***The search for policeman John Martin’s killer in Virginia
***The hunt for missing shrimper Red Dixson and his three sons and a crew member in the Northwest.
***Missing Persons: The 1986 disappearance of 14 year-old Jeremy Bright, who was last seen at an Oregon carnival. Rumors abound that Bright may have been shot by bullies who used him as a human target.
***Lost Heirs: The lost heirs of prospector Dan Willans could stand to inherit nearly 3 million dollars. Update : A lost heir to Dan Willians has come forward.

***Wanted: Businessman Leo Koury is on the FBI's ten most wanted list for murder, attempted murder, extortion, assault, racketeering, fraud, and arson. Update : Leo J. Koury, who was wanted for two murders here and had been on the F.B.I.'s 10-most-wanted list since 1979, died of a brain hemorrhage at a San Diego hospital in 1991. He was 56 years old
***Wanted: The 1988 abduction of 9 year-old Michaela Garecht from an Oakland, California shopping mall
January 25, 1989
***Segments on the unexplained deaths of wild horses in Nevada Update: five unnamed men were arrested in connection with the deaths of over twenty horses. They all plead not guilty. A police official who was interviewed claimed that others were involved
***Lost Loves: A report on New York "orphan train" passengers who are searching for their missing siblings Update : An "Orphan train" passenger is reunited with her long lost brother
***The abduction of a baby, Marlene Santana, from a New York hospital.
***A Los Angeles art fraud case. Update : capture of a Los Angeles man charged with art fraud

***Wanted: The discovery of bizarre letters in a shopping mall indicating that Micki Jo West, a missing 19 year-old from Missouri, has been killed. Update: In 1991 a former police officer, Marvin Lee Irvin, confessed to her murder. He had originally been investigated but police could find nothing to charge him with. He was named in the letters that appeared at the shopping mall, though that specific information was not released at the time. Irvin stated he stabbed her four times in the chest as she sat in his car. Irvin also confessed to two more murders. He stated he buried all three in the same cornfield in Kansas. Police found the other two bodies but Micki Jo West remains missing to this day.
February 1, 1989
***the hunt for Angelo Desideri Update : Joe Calo has confessed to this murder as well as 6 others on the orders of drug trafficker Romano Sbrocca. Calo named James Majors as the actual killer. Calo got life in prison but Majors got the death penalty.
***Markings on the surface of Mars
***The search for the killers of 16-year old Kathy Hobbs who was abducted from a Las Vegas supermarket in 1987.
***A review of evidence that suggests two Frenchmen flew across the Atlantic less than two weeks before Lindberg.
***Lost Loves: Bill Purinton searches for his sister, Jackie, who was lost when his family was split apart by adoption.
February 8, 1989
***An expanded edition, featuring a visit to Alcatraz in San Francisco Bay to examine the puzzling 1962 escape of three inmates, and review the legends of renowned prisoners of “the Rock” such as Al Capone and the Birdman of Alcatraz.
***The search for a California couple wanted, according to this report, for the attempted murder of a police officer. (90 minutes)
***Wanted: Two bank robbers, Louis Bourgeois, and Jean-Marie Gagnon had been convicted of a 1977 Massachusetts bank robbery. The duo were incarcerated in Boston and later called to testify in a case in Illinois, however on the way back, they escaped from a police transport vehicle in 1985, during a traffic jam. Update : The capture of two bank robbers, Louis Bourgeois, and Jean-Marie Gagnon, who escaped from a police transport vehicle in 1985.
February 15, 1989
***The Los Angeles manhunt for the killers of race-car driver Mickey Thompson and his wife Trudy Unexplained Death: Mickey Thompson Update : Michael Goodwin , Mickey Thompson’s former business partner, was convicted of Mickey and Trudy’s murder in 2006.
***The brutal 1980 killing of Maine teenager Joyce McLain
***Reports of a new Big Foot creature in Colorado.
***Wanted: A profile of a clever Santa Barbara, California bank robber who super glued the teller's alarm buttons, and made off with nearly $140,000 in cash in the fall of 1987.
***Lost Heirs: The search for the heirs of George J. Stein. Stein left behind $106,000 in various bank accounts throughout the midwest.
February 22, 1989
***Reports on two Los Angeles bank robberies in which tunnels were dug to steal the loot
***Crystal Merzlock and Tom Sawyer claim to have experienced life after death
***An emotional meeting between the son of a missing World War II Navy captain and the German U-boat commander who sank his ship.
March 1, 1989
***The theory that lawman Pat Garrett never shot Billy the Kid, but killed the outlaw’s partner instead
***The search for Louisiana policeman Charles Mulet who, according to this report was charged with rape and child molestation Former police officer Charles Mulet is wanted for child molestation. Update : Charles Mulet is captured.
***Wanted: Don Davis is found dead in the desert, reportedly struck in the head with a jackhammer. Authorities are looking for the mysterious stranger that was seen with him just prior to his death.
March 15, 1989
***Unexplained Death: The unsolved 1988 murder of 18 year-old Lisa Marie Kimmel. Witnesses claim to have seen Kimmel in the days after her disappearance and death. Update : Dale Wayne Eaton, was charged with four counts of murder, two counts of sex assault, a count of kidnapping and a count of robbery in the case of Lisa Marie Kimmel he was later found guilty and sentenced to death.
***Treasure: The saga of the infamous "Lost Dutchman's Mine" in Arizona.
***Missing Persons: Thomas Hotard was found shot to death in his car which had been parked on a lovers lane at the edge of Lake Ponchatrain in Louisiana in 1956. The day before, Hotard had been seen with Audrey Moate who mysteriously vanished that same day. Some believe she may still be alive others believe her body may be at the bottom of the lake.
April 5, 1989
***The hunt for Liz Carmichael who, according to the show, disguised himself as a woman and bilked investors out of millions for an auto prototype an Update on an April report about Liz Carmichael who reportedly swindled investors in a scheme to develop his futuristic Dale car; Update : the capture of alleged swindler “Liz Carmichael”.
***The search for Georgia convict John Mooney Update : Mooney has been captured

***Unexplained Death: Tim McClure is the prime suspect in the murder of his mother, who was found shot to death in her car in a casino parking lot.
***And the story of a former Florida nun who stands to lose her home and money after posting bond for her brother, Charles Whitman, who then jumped bail. Update : the sentencing of a Florida bail jumper whose capture was facilitated by a viewer.

April 12, 1989
***A Florida bank robber who often drops his gun at the scene of the crime dubbed “Fumbles” Update : “Fumbles” bank robber is captured.
***Unexplained Death: A trip from Oregon to Wisconsin goes awry when Dexter Stefonek's car is found engulfed in flames in Montana. His body was later found dumped in a remote landfill; he had been shot twice in the head.
***Fraud: A phony "folk healer" in California named Jorge Cortez has been using people's superstitions in order to swindle people out of money.
***Wanted: Michael Wade Mohan, a California convict, has escaped captivity once thanks to an elaborate escape plan involving his wife Sharon and a second time in Arizona.
***A roll call of escaped fugitives: Larry Dennis Miller escaped in Missouri.
***Curtis Watson escaped in Virginia
April 26, 1989
***Reports on a California mother’s search for the killers of her 20-year-old son Gus Hoffman;
***The fate of 34 merchant marines believed lost at sea during World War II;
***The unexplained death of Texas woman, Patsy Wright, who died after ingesting strychnine laced cold medicine;
May 3, 1989
***A report on the 1980 Los Angeles murder of U.S. Secret Service agent Julie Y. Cross who was conducting surveillance on an alleged counterfeiting operation. Update : Andre Steven Alexander was found guilty of Julie Cross’ murder several years later.
***The FBI's 18 year search for Massachusetts coed Kathy Powers charged with robbery and the killing of a bank guard; Update : On October 6, 1993, 23 years later, the case was closed with the plea-bargained surrender and conviction of long-time fugitive Katherine Anne Power for armed robbery and manslaughter.
***Fraud: Con-man Ron Rushton is wanted for bilking homeowners by way of a fraudulent real estate firm that would acquire title and supposedly make the homeowner's mortgage payments for them.
***Wanted: The search for the "bicycle bandit"; a bank robber who makes his getaways on a bicycle.
May 10, 1989
***50-year search for a Native American gold mine in New Mexico;
***Missing Persons: The search for Keri Lynn Nixon, a New York teenager who mysteriously vanished in 1987 during a trip to the local grocery store. A woman claims to have encountered Keri in South Carolina. Update : Robert Jones confessed to her murder in 1994
***Wanted: A segment exploring the messy divorce of a North Carolina doctor named David Rhodes who has been on the run after picking up his children for a visitation and never bringing them back.
***Unexplained Death: Theories swirl around the unsolved 1982 murder of appliance repairman Perman Gilbert.
May 17, 1989
***The Weinbergs, a New York family that bilked Medicaid out of millions of dollars. Update : Sheldon Weinberg is captured
May 24, 1989
*** A report on the capture and arrest of an alleged swindler.
July 19, 1989
***A New York man who, according to this report, escaped after being arrested for bigamy.
July 26, 1989
***New reports on the alleged abduction of a Mississippi millionaire
August 9, 1989
***Elderly man Rogest Cain is missing and there have been sightings of him and family fears he may have suffered a stroke and have amnesia.
August 16, 1989
***A report on the Pennsylvania search for the killer of Barbara Jean Horn; UPDATE : In October 1996, Walter Ogrod was sentenced to die for sexually assaulting and bludgeoning to death four-year-old Barbara Jean Horn, a neighbor.
***A segment on homeless children in the early part of this century.
August 23, 1989
***Deloros Validez is searching for her family;
September 6, 1989
*** Reunion of two abducted New Jersey children with their maternal mother;
***The search for the murderer of Diane Robertson and the disappearance of her boyfriend Mike Reimer.
***The search for the strangler of a Washington mother and daughter.
September 13, 1989
*** A new report on the capture of two suspected fugitives.
***The 1987 murder of Florida gun collector Todd McAfee
1989-1990 (2nd Season / NBC)
September 20, 1989
*** A report on the alleged cover-up of a reported UFO crash landing at Roswell opens the second season.
***The story of a Vietnam veteran Jim Meade's 20-year search for a nurse who helped him rebuild his body and mind; Update : Jim Meade finds Vietnam nurse
***Missing Persons: The unsolved 1988 New Mexico disappearances of 19 year-old Tara Calico, and 9 year-old Michael Henley. The recent discovery of an eerie Polaroid photograph in Florida seems to indicate they were abducted, and are being held against their will. Update: Michael Henley's remains were found near where he disappeared from. It is thought he died from an accident thus ruling him out from the photo. Several other children have been suspected over the years of being the boy in the photo. Two ohter photos have turned up as well. The last one has been widely viewed as a prank.
September 27, 1989
***The murder of Michigan real estate agent Jack Brown;
Statue of Jesus in Pennsylvania that is said to have moved;
***A Florida case at a nudist colony in which people allegedly were conned out of their money by a man calling himself Garland Russell. Update :William Eugene Hilliard (AKA Garland Russell), a con-man who allegedly defrauded members of a Florida nudist camp has been captured.
***A Washington policeman reopens a 54-year-old murder case
October 11, 1989
***Wanted: A report on a coin scam that is sweeping New York.
***Missing Persons: The unsolved 1979 disappearance of five Hawaiian fishermen during a storm, and strange clues which seem to indicate that four of the men may still be alive.
***Unexplained Death: Kay Hall was found dead on a desolate Virginia road in 1987, apparently run over by her own pickup truck. Her ex-husband, Bob Hall, attempts to prove his innocence
***The death threats and arson received by Mabel Woods who cares for stray dogs.
October 18, 1989
***Search for Nebraska police chief Greg Webb sought in connection with a murder; Update : Greg Webb captured.
***An Arizona couple who posed as doctors reportedly to defraud unsuspecting patients;
***The Investigators: Heir hunter Gene Kiley tracks down the rightful owners of unclaimed money.
***Lost Loves: Two brothers and a sister search for other missing siblings lost when their family was split apart by adoption.
October 25, 1989
***Ghostly lights in the sky above Marfa, Texas;
***The search for Georgia woman “Bonnie Wilder” sought in connection with discount-store robberies Update : “Bonnie Wilder” was later found out to be Dora Mae Peterman.
***The murder of teenagers Jay Cook and Tonya Van Cuylonborg in Washington State;
***Unexplained Death: Illinois Sheriff's officer Ralph Probst is shot to death in his kitchen in 1967. His former partner continues the search for Probst's killers.
***The disappearance of Dale Kerstetter after a robbery at the plant where he worked.
***RS quickly profiles 10 missing person cases.
November 1, 1989
***Nazi war criminal Rudolf Hess focuses on reports that a double may have served his prison sentence.
***A missing Montana woman Patricia Meehan thought to be suffering from amnesia after a car crash
***A Virginia search for the killers of 24-year-old Veronica Jefferson. Update : Rolando Alfredo Prieto was arrested for Jefferson’s murder.
November 8, 1989
***Police search for Salvatore Michael Caruana;
***Searching for con woman Gertrude Pruitt;
***Arkansas man Gene Flannes who is thought to have bilked investors out of 4 million Update: Gene Flannes was arrested in 1991.
*** Unexplained Death: The unsolved 1982 murder of 3 year-old Rachel Runyon from Sunset, Utah. Police believe Satanists and child pornographers were responsible her death
***The Unexplained: Former San Diego police officer Doyle Wheeler claims that other cops tried to kill him after he gave testimony about police brutality
November 15, 1989
***Segments include the search for missing heirs of Michigan hermit Howard Drummond who left a $250,000 estate.
***Unexplained Death: Rhonda Hinson was shot in her car shortly after a Christmas party in 1981 and the authorities in North Carolina are seeking suspects in her death.
***Fraud: A mother-daughter psychic team stationed in Peoria, IL, have bilked unsuspecting people out of money.
***Sci-Med: Don Hamilton is accidentally shot while hunting with friends. He later experiences a miraculous recovery.
November 22, 1989
***The 1970 death of boxing champ Sonny Liston is probed in a report that also examines theories that he may have been murdered.
***Missing Persons: Theories abound that Elizabeth Campbell, a Texas A&M student missing since 1988, may have been abducted and forced into prostitution
***Lost Loves: Sharon Stevens is searching for her foster parents, Bill and Cynthia Zelinski. Update on a woman's reunion with her foster parents.
***Robbery: A report on the recent increase of "crash and dash" robberies in which brazen thieves drive cars through department store windows.
*** Update : Riegers family reunited.
November 29, 1989
***A segment on a Nazi death-camp survivor's 44-year search for the American soldier who gave him a miniature American flag;
***A report on the Maryland murder of U.S. Army intelligence officer Ralph Sigler who may have been killed by Soviet agents;
***The search in Arizona for Maria Armstrong who is wanted for questioning in the death of her boyfriend Ron Argenti. Update: She was captured and later sentenced to jail.
*** the Florida capture of Robert Dennie who was a most-wanted-list fugitive;
***Wanted: Charles Wilson Chester is accused of robbing a number of Maryland banks. He is also accussed of murdering his wife. Update: Charles Wilson Chester was arrested in Nevada on July 1 1991 after allegedly robbing a bank there.

December 6, 1989
*** Segments include a Glendale, Cal., case involving the suspected murder of a homeless man in a 1 million insurance fraud scheme in which Dr. Richard Boggs has already been arrested; Update : Dr. Richard Boggs is arrested in an insurance fraud scheme involving murder and his two accomplices are sought
***Wanted: The dragnet for John Hawkins, the mastermind behind a clever life insurance scam in which a man was killed, and his identity stolen Update: Hawkins was later captured.

***the search in Washington State for escaped convict David Harry Fisher who was imprisoned for the murder of 13-year old Laura Lee Burbank. Update : the capture of Washington fugitive David Harry Fisher
***Lost Loves: Leeanne Robinson's search for her half sister and brother Update : Leeanne Robinson is reunited with her half sister and brother
***Fraud: The 1985 disappearance of a crooked investor, Woody Kelly. Some believe he is still alive despite the fact his yacht was found adrift on Lake Michigan with no one on board.
December 13, 1989
***the reported suicide of 24-year old Virginia woman Rae Ann Mossor, who some believe was the victim of foul play;
***Lost Loves: A report on a Georgia Tan who ran a crooked 1940s orphanage that abducted children and sold them to new parents. Several "orphans" are now searching for their biological parents.
***The FBI hunt for a Massachusetts man, Donald Eugene Webb, wanted in connection with the murder of a Pennsylvania police chief;
***the search for a New Mexico man, who bilked investors in a phony gold mine.
December 20, 1989
***a 1930's case involving a baby left in a hatbox along an Arizona road on Christmas Eve;
***Chicago physician Dr. John Branion may be the wrong man serving a prison term for murdering his wife;
***a telephone Santa's 40-year search for his own child.

January 3, 1990
***Missing Persons: The unsolved 1981 disappearance of a Toledo, Ohio legal secretary, Cindy Anderson. In the year prior, Cindy was plagued by bizarre and violent dreams that may have foretold her fate. Update: There was speculation and even information from a jail house snitch that she was killed for knowing too much about drug dealings between her boss and a noted drug kingpin. A judge dismissed these allegations as unreliable.
***The search for Melvine Aprile wanted for questioning in a 2 million theft from her ailing husband; Update : Melvine Aprile captured;
***a church explodes in Nebraska but miraculously none of the members are killed;
***Searching for the person who murdered three men in Tennessee while they were out riding ATV’s; Update : Frank Casteel was later convicted of the 3 murders of the ATV riders.
***The manhunt for an alleged armed robber and killer on the FBI's Most Wanted list.
January 10, 1990
***Unexplained Death: Allegations of a cover-up cloud the unsolved 1935 shooting death of George Conniff, a Newport, Washington police officer.
January 17, 1990
***An Oklahoma boy's search for his grandfather, who has been missing for more than 40 years;
***Wanted: A woman, “Carol” driving on a road in Connecticut encounters a bizarre truck driver who’s game of taunting drivers turns violent when he pulls over and shoots her in the face.
***Lost Loves: Patti English, a hearing impaired Ohio woman is searching for her biological father.
***the murder of Nashville man Kevin Hughes which is reportedly linked to the music charts.
Update : Years later Richard D’Antonio was convicted of the murder of Kevin Hughes.

January 24, 1990
***The shooting death of Mark Groezinger where his wife is a possible suspect;
***the search for missing youths across the country.
January 31, 1990
***A report from Great Britain on the unexplained creation of odd-shaped wheat and corn crops.
***Missing Persons: The disappearance of a Chicago novelist Keith Reinhart, who vanished in Colorado while working on a story about the real life disappearance of another man the year prior.
***Unexplained Death: Four black teenagers out for a ride are driven off a Greensborough North Carolina highway in the fall of 1988. One of the teens, 19 year-old Kenneth Dungee, is killed. Police fear the attack may have been racially motivated.
February 7, 1990
***reported sightings of an aquatic monster known as Ogopogo in British Columbia's Lake Okanagan;
***the 1977 murder of Arizona businessman Charles Morgan who claimed to work for the Government;
*** a segment on the Maples who abducted their grandchildren the Baskin’s. Update : Abducted Baskin children spotted. Update: Marvin Maple was arrested in February of 2009 in San Jose, California. His wife had died some years before. Both the Baskin children are alive and well.
February 14, 1990
*** Ohio woman Georgia Rudolph who claims she's the reincarnated spirit of someone from a century earlier; Update : The reincarnation story of Georgia Rudolph has had a surpise Update where a man has come forward claiming to have also been reincarnated
***the murder of New Mexico law officer Steve Sandlin;
***the search for a suspected drug dealer.
February 21, 1990
***Reports on Seattle man Joe Owens suspected in the killing of his wife. She went missing and later her ones were found buried in their backyard under a project he had been working on. He later claimed he was going to commit suicide, then he himself went missing. Search dogs followed his scent into a park where its was believed he fled. Update: His bones were later found a short ways from where police searched. It’s believed he commited suicide.
***the Texas search for two teens charged with killing four persons; Update : William Glen Henry and Davy Lynn Crockett were convicted of the murders in Texas.
***a Georgia woman's quest to locate the person who protected her from child abuse.
***Missing Persons: The police would like to give a cash reward to a man who phoned in a tip that led to the capture of the "Night Stalker" killer.
***Wanted: Dale Hyde is wanted for child abuse. Update : Dale Hyde has been captured

March 21, 1990
***"Southern belle" Gertrude Pruitt who, according to this report, bilked investors out of millions in a pyramid scheme. Update :the arrest of a woman in a mother-son pyramid scheme.
***Lost Loves: Jim Baczkowski, a Vietnam vet who was severely injured in battle, is searching for Captain Linda Sharp, a kind army nurse who helped him recover and come to terms with the loss of his leg. Update : Jim Baczkowski, a Vietnam vet who was reunited with an army nurse who helped him come to terms with the loss of his leg.
***Missing Persons: Police search for the identity of an anonymous man who ingested a lethal dose of cyanide at the Sacred Hearts Church in Boise, Idaho.
***Unexplained Death: A report on the 1989 robbery of a Noel, Missouri bank, and the brutal slaying of its president, Dan Short. Update : Brothers Shannon and Joseph Agofsky were convicted of Dan Short’s murder.
March 28, 1990
***A 45-year-old kidnapping case examines a Chicago man Geoffrey Harding's search for his brother, Lawrence Harding Jr. who was abducted from their parents' home by two unidentified teenage girls in 1944
A profile of a Missouri man dubbed the “Sweetheart Swindler” who preyed on women's hearts and pocketbooks. Update: Sweetheart Swindler captured
***Pedro Eurebay is wanted for being the mastermind behind a suburban New Jersey cocaine and money laundering ring
***Elmer Locker Jr. has jumped bail and fled; Update : Elmer Locker Jr. captured
April 4, 1990
***A report on a mysterious illness that struck the Santos
*** an Update on the puzzling death of a Virginia woman
April 25, 1990
***Reports on a Chicago case in which Teracita Bosa’s friend claims to have communicated with the victim from the grave;
***Deputy George Coniff is murdered in the1930’s;
***Irvin Freeman searching for foster daughter he hasn’t seen since 1943
***Wanted: A 1990 massacre at a Las Cruces, New Mexico bowling alley that claimed the lives of four innocent people.
***a Virginia sting operation involving charges of fraud and bribery.
May 2, 1990
***Reports on three sets of identical twins;
***the Boston search for a shopping-mall rapist;
***the FBI hunt for drug traffickers in the Miami area
***Treasure: The search for a fortune in stolen gold allegedly buried somewhere in the hills of Bannock, Montana by a crooked sheriff in the 1860s
May 16, 1990
***A report examining a new angle in the 1968 assassination of Robert F. Kennedy;
***Bill Puritt is searching for a family member missing since the 1930’s
*** Update : baby boy taken from mother’s hospital room found and reunited with his parents.
May 23, 1990
***Woody Kelly is wanted for fraud but some think he drowned.
August 22, 1990
*** a policeman's search for his partner Ralph Probst's killer.
September 5, 1990
***A missing 4-year-old Tennessee girl, who has reportedly been seen since her alleged death;
September 12, 1990
***the search for a man who killed Gretchen Burford at an automatic-teller machine. Update : Several years later Tyrone Hamel was convicted of the murder of Gretchen Burford.
1990-1991 (3rd Season / NBC)
September 19, 1990
***A report on sightings of a bright orange fireball that crashed in Kecksburg, Pennsylvania and was reportedly removed under military supervision;
***A woman's first meeting with her biological father whom she saw when he was interviewed on a UM Update concerning the capture of John Mooney;
***A creepy arsonist who videotapes his fires known as the Omar arsonist.
***FBI Alert: RS profiles several fugitives.
***A man murders his 4 month pregnant girlfriend by strangling her and weighing her body down w/ concrete in a lake
September 26, 1990
***Wanted: A wealthy real estate tycoon and civic leader, Eugene Bailey became the victim of a 1977 assassination attempt which claimed the life of both Bailey and one of his friends. The alleged killer, Clay Taylor, is still at large.
***Lost Loves: The Heck family was made up of six siblings, they were later seperated by adoption and the five siblings are searching for the lost sixth sibling, Tommy.
***a five-plane Navy patrol's 1945 disappearance over the Bermuda Triangle;
***antidrug activist C.W. Roddy is shot in her home and police are looking for those responsible.
October 3, 1990
***the search for Bakersfield, Cal., physician Dr. Kenneth Frank, wanted for rape; Update : Dr. Kenneth Frank was arrested in 2006 in Israel.
***the FBI hunt for a robbery gang suspected in armored-car holdups in Minnesota and Baltimore;
***and the disappearance of a Spokane electrician.
October 10, 1990
***the 1976 murder of New Yorker Stanley Gryziec who may have known too much about an organized-crime ring;
***a case involving the infiltration of Government computers and private phone lines where Kevin Poulson (aka Dark Dante) is wanted; Update : the arrest of a Federal fugitive Kevin Poulson on theft and computer-hacking charges.
***Lost Loves: Niki Crowder searches for childhood friend”
***Wanted: Police search for the identity of a man who confessed to a murder on a live radio broadcast. Update : it is revealed that this was a hoax.
***Lost Loves: Laharriet Wade searches for a childhood friend whom she met at a children's hospital in 1969. Update : Laharriet Wade is reunited with a childhood friend whom she met in a children's hospital in 1969
October 17, 1990
***search for Nazi treasures buried near the Austrian-Swiss border;
***the disappearance of a movie producer's adult son Adam Hecht in Beverly Hills vanishes after befriending a homeless man who went by the name of Tony on the streets of Los Angeles in 1989
***the search for an escaped convict;
***the disappearance of Lisa Bishop as well as a boat and crew headed for Haiti named the “Freedon”.
October 24, 1990
***Jeanne Wagner’s reunion with her father Duncan; the first-time meeting of Duncan with his 32-year-old daughter Jeanne Wagner
***Scribner family's search for missing twins Paul and Paula. Update: The Scribners have been re-united.
***Wanted: The possible connection between the bizarre 1964 death of Reena Paquette, a housewife from New Hampshire, and the unsolved shooting of her son, Danny, twenty-one years later is thought to be a serial killer; Update : Eric Windhurst was arrested and charged with the murder
***Judge John Fairbanks swindled his clients and is on the run;
***Wanted: The FBI dragnet for serial child molester Kenneth Robert Stanton. Update : Kenneth Robert Stanton is captured. Update : Kenneth Robert Stanton recaptured. Did he escape and get re-captured????
***Missing Persons: The Delaware search for Robert Corrado, an accused auto thief who may have staged his 1989 suicide. Update: he was later found to be alive.
***Lost Loves: A Tennessee family's search for a missing sister.
October 31, 1990
***the story of Grey Man’s Ghost;
***Missing Persons: The hunt for 29 year-old David Stone, a stock market ***analyst from California who later became involved in a New Age movement. Stone later vanished in the El Paso desert in 1988 and was last seen wandering through the desert claiming to be "looking for the beast".
***“Katie” claims she has amazing powers;

November 7, 1990
*** Mysterious Legends: An investigation in the theories about Amelia Earhart's ill-fated 1937 flight and the possibility that her airplane did not sink into the Pacific. Eyewitnesses claim that she had been held hostage by the Japanese on a small island called Saipan. Update : the discovery on a South Pacific atoll of a possible artifact from Amelia Earhart's missing plane.
***Wanted: Colleen Ritter of Woodstock, Illionois, began dating Rick Church. When their romance began to cool, Church began stalking her which led to a brutal rampage in which he stabbed her parents to death and then attacked her.
***a profile on climatologist Dr. Browning who accurately predicted seven earthquakes in the past decade.

November 14, 1990
***Unexplained Death: The search for the killers of Oneal Moore, a black Sheriff from Washington Parish, Louisiana who was murdered in 1965. Some suspect the attack was racially motivated. Update: Police announced they are re-opening this case.
*** an Update on a series of 1988 arsons;
***policeman Jim Fontes' nine-year search for his two sons; Update : Jim Fontes’ sons found;
***Wanted: Authorities are searching for the robber who struck in 1987 at Spokane, Washington bank. The robber struck four more times in Washington and managed to always avoid getting his image captured on film. His image was later captured and has been connected to other bank robberies in Arizona. Dubbed the “Cowboy” Bank Robber.
***dog who can predict epileptic seizures.
November 21, 1990
***Missing Persons: The search for Nyleen Kay Marshall, a 3 year-old who was abducted while picnicking with her family in Montana in 1983. Her abductor has taunted the police with disturbing letters.
***Unexplained Death: The unsolved 1988 shooting of trucker Dwayne McCorkendale, who was allegedly murdered over $25. McCorkendale had been gunned down by a phone booth and authorities are searching for an unknown suspect who had been taunting big rig drivers.
***Unexplained Death: Troubling questions about the 1989 shooting death of Mississippi teenager Norman Ladner. His death was ruled a suicide, but his parents strongly suspect foul play which may be somehow tied to drug dealers.
November 28, 1990
***The possible wrongful conviction of Missouri man Johnny Lee Wilson with the murder of a 79-year-old woman, which later resulted in a confession from a Kansas inmate; Update : Missouri governor Mel Carnahan later granted Wilson a pardon.
***British artist Coral Polge claims to draw portraits of deceased people;
***Unexplained Death: Kenneth Nygaard was found dead, apparently of carbon monoxide posioning, in the garage of his North Dakota home. Authorities ruled his death a suicide but his family believes a man named Curtis Heck may have been responsible for his death. Heck and Nygaard reportedly had a bar brawl on the night before his death.
***Missing Persons: Oded Gordon, an 18-year old autistic man, mysteriously vanished from a New Hampshire care facility. Authorities have recieved reports of sightings of Gordon and his mother believes he may still be alive.
December 5, 1990
***Reports on the search for an assailant in the shooting of North Carolina secretary “Debby”;
***Unexplained Death: Pizza delivery man Morris Davis is gunned down in a model home in Great Falls, Montana in 1985. The discovery of the murder weapon three years later deepens the mystery, as its owner provided an airtight alibi for the night of the murder.
***Lost Heirs: Wealthy British socialite and recluse Dorthea Allen completely obliterated all traces of her past before her 1990 death. If located, her heirs could stand to inherit a 4 million dollar estate.
Rumors of treasure in Skeleton Canyon.
December 12, 1990
***The search for "casanova killer" Ricardo Caputo who wooed then murdered women;
***a Florida man's search for his brother Mark Dennis, who reportedly died in Vietnam but who may still be alive;
***Dorothy Izzat claims to have taken photos of UFO’s (Guardian);
December 19, 1990
***Unanswered questions involving the death of a 28-year-old nurse Debbie Wolfe found in North Carolina pond;
***Missing Persons: The unsolved 1963 disappearance of pilot Jeffrey Sullivan, who allegedly vanished while flying over the Caribbean during a covert anti-Castro operation. His family has uncovered evidence that Sullivan may have been apprehended and held prisoner in Cuba
***Wanted: Prison guard Kay Beeman helps lover/convict Edgar Kerns escape. Update: They are both captured.
***Unexplained Death: Geneva Fuchser's search for the truth about the unsolved disappearance of her grandmother, Conradina Olson, who has been missing for more than eighty years. She believes an unmarked grave in Missouri, allegedly containing the remains of an unidentified woman found murdered in a railroad yard, may in fact be her grandmother's final resting place.
***Wanted: Steve Wilson, a handyman who worked on a ranch in California, became involved with a woman, Callie Thornburgh, whom he wined and dined which later led to abuse and harassment. Later, Wilson was convicted of the death of Callie's father. He later engineered a daring prison escape
January 2, 1991
***Missing Persons: Judith Himes of Coral Gables, Florida, in 1965 discovered that she was pregnant. She eventually decided to have an illegal abortion but on her way, Himes would mysteriously disappear. Then in 1990, a police captain in Nebraska recieved a mysterious phone call from someone claiming that Judy Himes was still alive and living in Omaha.
January 9, 1991
***Unexplained Death: The alleged hit and run of 13 year-old Russell Evans from Spokane, Washington. Evans was found dead laying in the middle of a city street and his parents suspect he was beaten to death by a street gang that he had encountered earlier that night.
***Wanted: William Bradford Bishop Jr. is wanted for murdering his entire family in 1976. Bishop, who had been a state department employee, dropped from sight following the murders. Later, a friend of Bishop's was vacationing in Europe when he ran into a man he claims was Bishop.
***Treasure: The legend of Adam's lost gold reportedly buried somewhere in the Arizona desert
***FBI Alert: McCarthy, Hickey & Washington Jr. wanted.
*** the apprehension in Albuquerque of two Federal fugitives.
January 16, 1991
**Reports on the search for Joe Smith whose wife and two stepdaughters were murdered in Las Vegas in October; Update : capture of Joe Smith
***Lost Loves: Victor Simon who grew up in Ohio during the Depression was abandoned by his adopted parents. Simon soon learned he was born to a Hungarian immigrant family and is now searching for living relatives which may include a brother and two sisters.
***Wanted: The dragnet for professional bank robber Patrick Michael Mitchell. Mitchell known as one of the most skilled bank robbers in the United States. Reportedly, every time he robbed a bank, he would wear a comic mask.
***The Unexplained: The spooky story of a Nevada home in which two different families have reported supernatural occurances. Also, an analysis of an unusual photograph that may show a ghost.
January 23, 1991
***Unexplained Death: Tracy Kirkpatrick was a Maryland teenager who had a part-time job at a woman's clothing store. On a night she was assigned to close the shop, she was found by a police officer, brutally stabbed to death in the storeroom. An anonymous person has called into a hotline claiming he killed Tracy.
***Wanted: John Erwin wanted for embezzlement and possible murder of mother.
February 6, 1991
***Reports on the connection between voodoo rituals and five cyanide murders on St. Croix;
***Frank Aces' four-year search for his sister in America;
***The Unexplained: Two Texas women, Betty Cash and Vickie Landrum, suffer severe burns and symptoms resembling radiation poisoning after a close encounter with a UFO.
***Lost Loves: John Nellis searches for his father and son whom he lost contact with in the aftermath of the Vietnam War.
***Lost Loves: The unknown fate of Frank Bloomer, a Navy radio tech whose ship was sunk by the Germans during World War II. His family has reason to believe he may have survived.
*** viewer tips (postponed from last week) leading to the arrest of a man on kidnapping charges;
***Update : Missing girl Monica Bonilla found as a result of the mistaken identity in the Nyleen Kay Marshall segment.
***the reunion of a mother and daughter.

February 13, 1991
***evidence said to refute historical theories on the deaths of Old West outlaws Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid;
***Unexplained Death: 44 year-old Vancouver pediatric nurse Cindy James is stalked and harassed for seven years until her strange death in 1989. The police feel she staged the harassment campaign herself, and that her death was either an accident, or an unusual suicide.
***Aleatha Evertz's search for her siblings;
***Lost Loves: Aleatha Evertz's search for the brothers and sister she hasn't seen in twenty years.
***Poloma Gibson is abducted by her mother. Update : Poloma Martin is found .
February 20, 1991
***A segment on crime fighter Eliot Ness's effort to solve the case of a 1930s Cleveland killer known as the Butcher of Kingsbury Run. the 1989 ***murder of Oregon prison director Michael Francke;
***Missing Persons: Carolyn and Chuck Smith's divorce results in a bitter custody battle that soon ends with Chuck kidnapping his two sons. Chuck Smith was the son of a powerful rancher in Houston, Texas who used his power to keep the two young boys in hiding. Update: Eventually Chuck and his two sons were found living in Cuernivaca, Mexico. After some political dealings Mexican authorities eventually deported them on immigration violations. After they stepped off a plane in Houston Chuck was arrested and the children returned to their mother. Chuck was sentenced to 7 years in prison. The children lived with their mother but the relationship was strained and neither wanted to be there.
*** FBI Alert fugitives caught.
February 27, 1991
***Wanted: "Katherine," a Wisconsin businesswoman is wined and dined by a man who went by the name of Eric Kessler. Kessler hooked her with an idea for a new invention that would revitalize her hair salon business, not knowing he was a con artist who got away with $75,000 of her money. Update :. Kessler was captured but re-escaped. His real name is. Edgar Chase Manerd.
March 20, 1991
***The controversy over the identity of Los Angeles woman Crystal Spencer whose body was reportedly found inside her apartment, and the anguish of her family who don't believe it's their daughter.
***Edgar Cayce 40-year history of diagnosing illnesses;
***a Michigan town's outrage over the murder of high-school counselor Marilyn DePue by her husband Dennis; Update : Dennis DePue kills himself after a high speed chase with police
March 27, 1991
***A new segment reports on Los Angeles chiropractor Michael Fagan's search for his 3 year old kidnapped son taken by his estranged wife.
***Dan Wilson disappears after acting strangely;
April 3, 1991
***Reports on the rampage of a pharmacy student Richard Bocklage who murdered his girlfriend Tonia Kopric;
***Wanted: The unsolved 1958 disappearance of US Army Lieutenant Paul Whipkey. Declared a deserter by the military, his family believes Whipkey was recruited for a secret mission by the CIA.
***Lost Loves: Gwen Sanders is searching for the brother she has not seen in fifty years.
***Missing Persons: Jim Rice disappears, wife suspected of killing him.
***Update: Pat Fagan, wanted for kidnap of son, turns herself in.
April 24, 1991
***Reports on the search for a suspect in the 1982 death of Virginia woman Hilda Rochet; Update : Gregory Barker arrested for the murder of Hilda Rochet
***Wanted: A report on an Arizona drug smuggling operation led by Rafael Camarena in which an underground tunnel was used to transport cocaine into the United States from Mexico.
***Lost Loves: Jeri Graves is searching for her biological parents. Her newborn son is suffering from an unidentified genetic disorder. She is hoping that finding her parents and learning of their medical history may better help doctors treat her son.
May 3, 1991
***Reports on a convicted con artist posing as a countess;
***Wanted: The desperate Sacramento, California search for a killer who fatally shot three men at a convience store and then killed three employees of a pizza parlor exactly one week later. Update: the arrest of Eric Leonard in two Sacramento triple homicides.He is now on death row.
*** Unexplained Death: The unsolved 1982 Breckenridge, Colorado murders of Bobbie Oberholtzer, and Annette Kay Schnee. Strangely, the police believe the crimes are connected by a pair of orange socks found on/near both victim's bodies. Bobbie's husband, Jeff, is a suspect dubbed the “orange sock murders”; Update : Jeff has been cleared in the murders by DNA. The case remains unsolved.
***Jackie Dragon searching for her sisters; Update : Jackie Dragon is reunited with two long lost sisters.
May 8, 1991
***A report on the death of 6-month-old Ryan Stallings and the arrest of his mother Patty for murder but she says he died of a rare genetic disorder. Update : Patricia Stallings has been released from prison after being wrong convicted of poisoning her son.
May 15, 1991
***Fugitive cult leader Tony Alamo wanted by the FBI on charges of child abuse and of kidnap and murder threats against a Federal judge. Update : Alamo was captured in 1994 and served a six year sentence, and afterwards went to a halfway house
***Lester Garnier -An undercover San Francisco policeman is shot & killed in his car. A police cover-up is suspected.
May 22, 1991
***A new segment examines the case of paroled murderer, James Donald King, who was convicted in the death of his first wife, and who is wanted now in connection with the death of his second wife.
August 7, 1991
*** the arrest of a cold-hearted con man.
September 4, 1991
***the search for former Miami bank employee Lesa Lee wanted for embezzling $500,000 Update: she has been captured
September 11, 1991
***New reports on a Las Vegas woman's confession to felony kidnapping
***Legends: Searchers recover wreckage in Bermuda thought to be from Flight 19.
1991-1992 (4th Season / NBC)
September 18, 1991
***Beginning a fourth season: U.S. military officers discuss a 1980 sighting of an unidentified flying craft near a U.S. air base in England.
***the murders Texas teens Shane Stewart & Sally McNelly reportedly involved with a cult;
***Carla Downing searching for her birth mother. Update : Carla Downing has been reunited with her birth mother
September 25, 1991
***New theories in the death of Lincoln assassin John Wilkes Booth;
***Missing Persons: Alex Cooper of Cranebook, British Columbia, was a local businessman who suddenly disappeared without a trace in 1987. Later it was discovered by his wife that Alex Cooper was not who he seemed when she was unable to find any records of an Alex Cooper ever exisiting before their marriage in 1952. Update : Alex Cooper, a British Columbia senior who has been missing since 1987, has been reunited with his family.
***the search for convicted child abuser Art Silva; Update : Art Silva captured.
***Search for Jared Peters who was abducted by his grandmother.
October 2, 1991
***an amnesiac found unconscious in the Las Vegas desert dubbed “Tyler” is searching for his true identity; Update : “Tyler” learns his true identity and that he is wanted for larceny.
***Unexplained Death: The dragnet for the killer of 61 year-old Ethel Kidd, who had been sexually assulted, murdered and later her body was found tied to a tree in a forest in Virginia in 1989. Authorities believe her attacker was a motorist who pretended to need directions.
*** the controversy surrounding the Shroud of Turin; Update : A forensic anthropologist claims she can duplicate the unique qualities of the image on the Shroud of Turin through a little-known painting method called dust drawing.
***Joseph Maloney is wanted for murdering his wife in 1967 by poison
October 9, 1991
***The Investigators: New Hampshire police construct a psychological profile of a serial killer who has fatally stabbed seven women since 1978. Investigators believe that the same killer attacked a pregnant woman at a soda machine, who miraculously survived.
***Wanted: The search for Newport, New Hampshire Judge John Fairbanks who vanished in 1989 with millions of dollars in estates and stocks entrusted to him by his friends and neighbors
October 16, 1991
***Missing Persons: In 1973, at the end of the Vietnam War, Sgt. Peter Cressman and seven other men boarded a surveillance plane code named "Baron 52." The plane was later shot down over Laos and only the remains of the co-pilot were found. The relatives of the men believe that they may have survived and that the U.S. government may covered the incident up
***the search for fugitive con artist Josephine White who defrauded the elderly out of millions;
*** Mary Carter a West Virginia woman's reunion with her twin sister Martha’s four sons;
***Wanted: After a whirlwind romance, Paul Stamper of King Fisher, Oklahoma, was unwilling to accept that his marriage to his wife, Theresa was over. After months of stalking and harrassment, Stamper opened fire on his ex-wife and her new boyfriend. fugitive Paul Stamper's is wanted for kidnapping and attempted murder. Update : Stamper apprehended.
***David O'Neil, the murderer of Canadian policeman Scott Rossiter is sought.
October 23, 1991
***Missing Persons: The unsolved 1991 Oregon disappearance of 2 year-old Tommy Gibson. His father, Larry, a police officer, is a prime suspect. Gibson claims his son may have been abducted from the front yard of his home. Update: Larry was later convicted of the crime after his young daughter told police he beat his boy to death.
***Jeff Fisher, an Indiana man's search for a friend and father figure of 20 years ago; Update : Jeff Fisher finds his “big brother”.
***Special Alert: On September 12, 1991, Garry Gibson was shot in the parking lot of a Los Angeles motel. One of the killers has been apprehended. Two others are still at large
***the hunt for Jim Burnside who reportedly murdered his estranged wife and her co-worker in front of witnesses; Update ”the Alabama apprehension of fugitive Jim Burnside who reportedly murdered his estranged wife and her co-worker in 1988.
October 30, 1991
***Segments include reports of ghostly goings-on at St. James Hotel;
***June Farris claims the house she lives in is haunted. Also:
***the search for a con man dubbed “Dr. Fraud” who poses as a doctor calling himself Dr. John Anderson to steal jewelry, coins and computers. Update on the arrest in Roanoke, Va., of a man who posed as a doctor to steal from patients.
***Missing Persons: Mary Ann Perez went out one evening in 1976 with one of her girlfriends. That night, Perez mysteriously vanished and was last seen at a country western bar in New Orleans, Louisiana. In 1985, a killer claimed to have killed Perez. Then in 1990, an unknown caller phoned Mary Ann's family, telling them that she was still alive.
November 3, 1991
***This special edition focuses on what producers call "the diabolical mind." Included: profiles of Adolf Hitler and Saddam Hussein; an interview with convicted murderer G. Daniel Walker.
***Diabolical Minds #1: An investigation into the female diabolical mind. Marie Hilley appeared on the outside as the perfect housewife and mother. Later, Hilley's husband Frank, son Michael and daughter Carol all came down with mysterious stomach ailments. Apparently, Hilley had been poisoning each one of them with arsenic which resulted in Frank's death.
***the murder of Jo, Michelle & Christy Rogers while on vacation.
November 6, 1991
***Reports on a woman who thinks she was at Pearl Harbor;
***The Unexplained: A masked intruder invaded the home of Roger Dean who lived in a suburb of Denver, Colorado in 1985. The intruder ran off after shooting Dean to death and then five years after his death, the masked intruder resurfaced and began threatening Dean's wife, D.J., ordering her to pay extorition money.
***Fraud: Shortly before Christmas in 1990, a con-woman named Liza Montgomery went on a pricy shopping spree in Las Vegas. Montgomery paid for eveything with fraudulent cashiers checks and managed to get away with expensive jewelry, mink coats, $23,000 worth of furniture and luxury items. Update : a tip from an Oregon cop leading to the arrest of a Las Vegas woman wanted for forgery.
***Missing Persons: Debra Poe, a convenience store clerk who worked in Orlando, Florida mysteriously vanished while working the graveyard shift. A customer, later reported seeing an unknown man working the register on the night Poe disappeared. Authorities believe the man may have been responsible for Poe's abduction and for the death of two other convenience store clerks who vanished while working the graveyard shift. Update: Police reopened the case in 2002 saying they have a suspect. They also searched an area near where the suspect lives however nothing was found and no one has been charged in the case.
***Where is Art Jones? His house was leveled by a gas explosion but his body wasn’t found. Update: His body was later found in a field behind his house.
***the reunion of a mother and daughter
November 10, 1991
***law enforcement's use of psychics to help with cases like that of Sherry Eyerly; Update: William Scott Smith confessed in jail to Sherry Eyerly's kidnap and murder
***Unexplained Death: Kathy Bonderson of New Rockford, North Dakota, went out one night in 1987 to look for her teenage son who had not come home yet. Bonderson's car was later found engulfed in flames on a lonely county road, her charred body was found inside. Some authorities believe her death was an accident, others believe she may have been murdered.
***Maryland amnesia victim Sarah Digennaro who lost 16 years of her memory after having brain surgery to fix an aneurysm.
November 13, 1991
***Wanted: Controversial televangelist, Pat Robertson become the victim of a mail bomber, whose homemade pipe bomb injured a mail room worker. Authorities believe the same mail bomber may have been responsible for another bomb sent to another telvangelist, John Osteen.
***Cathy (Williams) Loving’s search for the police officer who risked his job to free her from an unjust sentence; Update : Cathy Loving finds the deputy who helped her when she was a teen.
***Unexplained Death: Beverly McGowan vanished from her Florida condo and was later found brutally murdered. McGowan's death occurred shortly after getting a new roommate, a British woman, who went by the name of "Alice". Since McGowan's death "Alice" has been spotted, claiming to be McGowan and using her credit cards. Alice is known also as Elaine Antoinette Parent. Update: In 2002, as police came to her house to arrest her, Parent committed suicide from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. By doing so, much of Elaine Parent's bizarre lifestyle and criminal career and her secrets died with her.
*** Fraud: Yong-Son Kim placed an ad in the newspaper for a roommate and received a response from a mother and a daughter who soon moved in. Later, Kim returned from a vacation and was stunned to discover that the cunning mother and daughter con artist team had gotten away with $50,000 worth of her jewelry and valuables.
November 20, 1991
***UFO sightings over Belgium are discussed by reported witnesses, the police and military personnel.
***Wanted: Philip Breen was the president of a successful Detroit, Michigan, mortgage company. It was later discovered that Breen had been embezzling money from his company. Breen later vanished from his home and has been on the run from authorities.
***Unexplained Death: In the late 1960s, Rock Creek, Ohio became overrun by a gang. Robert Hamrick became the police chief and became determined to clean up the town. Hamrick soon became the victim of harassment and later was found dead in his car, the apparent victim after a run-in with members of the gang.
***Robert Stack quickly profiles 3 missing persons cases
November 27, 1991
***Unexplained Death: Jeffrey Digman, a Marine originally stationed in San Diego, was transferred to Puerto Rico in 1988. While home for the holidays in San Diego, Digman was found shot to death in his bedroom. Authorities ruled his death a suicide but his family and friends believe Digman had been murdered
***the search for arsonist & bigamist Bo Tanner; Update : Bo Tanner, the man suspected of arson in Polebridge, MT, was an alias. His real name was Eddie Riddlehoover and he had faked his death in Houston Texas years before his 1990 disappearance from Montana. He had also faked his death in Washington state, by leaving a large quantity of blood in a vehicle, but the blood was later determined to have come from an animal.
Riddlehoover (aka Bo Tanner) was found in Wyoming with a new girlfriend but could not be held because the prosecutor in Washington had refused to file a Bigamy charge. Tanner is suspected in the Arson of his church in Flathead County but could not be charged now, because the statute of limitations has expired.

***Lost Loves: Barbara Smith discovered that she had been adopted and later became friends with a young woman named Barbara Ratner. The two Barbara later discovered they were sisters and are now searching for their biological mother.
***a report on an impostor;
***Special Alert: Authorities are searching for the person responsible for a string of over 30 church fires throughout Florida. The fires began in 1990 and authorities believe they may be dealing with a serial arsonist.
murder of Teracita Bosa;
***Leon Trabuca’s treasure in New Mexico;
December 4, 1991
***Wanted: Michael St. Clair and Dennis Reese made a daring escape in 1991 from Bryan County Jail located in Durant, Oklahoma. The pair of convicts then went on a murderous crime spree that streched across eight states. Authorities are now searching for the two criminals. Update: Both were apprehended and Michael St. Clair is on death row.
***Unexplained Death: The mysterious death of a man who went by the name of Dan Tondervold who had become friends with an elderly widow named Ellen McClung Berry who lived outside of Knoxville, Tennessee. A body was later found and identified as Tondervold who apparently killed himself after squandering Berry's money. Some belive Tondervold may still be alive and still some believe Tondervold may be an alias.
***Jim Curry's search for the mother he hasn't seen in 42 years;
***the abduction of 6-year-old Joey Moss by his father; Update : Joey Moss found & reunited with mother
*** Update : Robin Steven’s family appeals for her to turn herself in.
December 11, 1991
***Fraud: Clisedia Gonzalez, a New York social worker, became one of many victims in a con game, known as "Spanish Lotto" which uses state lottery tickets which has taken in millions of dollars from victims in New York state alone. Gonzalez had been conned by a woman named Emma Figueroa.
***the search for Lorene Roberts who may stand to inherit $100,000; Update : Lorene Roberts is reunited with her family;
***Vess family’s search for their siblings; Update : Sharene Vess has been reunited with her long lost brother whom she had been separated from when she was a young girl.
***the unexplained death of Chad Mauer who was found in his car far from home and appeared to have died from carbon monoxide poisoning;
December 18, 1991
***Missing Persons: Pat Farmer who lived in Hobbs, New Mexico, reportedly kidnapped her 4 year old grandson, Jared while she was babysitting him for his mother Ladonna Morrow. Apparently Farmer was not pleased that her daughter was getting a divorce and concocted a bizarre scheme that included exposing Jared to satanism and allegations of sexual abuse. Update: Jared was later reunited with his mother.
***Final Appeal: After a boating trip with her husband, Debbie Race's body was found on the shore of Lake Superior. Her husband, Larry Race was later accused of deliberatly allowing his wife to freeze to death in the waters of Lake Superior and was convicted of murder and received a life sentence. Race claims that he is innocent of this crime and that he did not intend for his wife to die. Update: Larry Race was released after serving 22 years in prison
Special Alert: On November 12, 1991, just outside of Walter, Oklahoma, a hunter heard the cries of a woman giving birth. The hunter witnessed the woman's male companion beat the newborn to death
***two Ojibwa sisters from Manitoba who are searching for their estranged siblings. Update :the reunion of a family of Ojibwa sisters from Manitoba, Canada
January 15, 1992
***Unexplained Death: Philip Fraser left his home in Anchorage, Alaska and drove down through Canada headed to Washington State to begin college. Fraser was later found dead after picking up a mysterious hitchhiker at a Washington service station in 1988. The hitchhiker had been seen by eyewitnesses and had claimed to be Fraser
***Missing Persons: A report on a four man fishing trip off the Georgia coast that ended in tragedy when the boat, The Casie Nicole sank. The sole survivor, Nathan Neesmith, believes the remaining crew may have been picked up by an unidentified freighter, and taken to a foreign country.
***Mac McDonald is searching for his "love child" who he wants to leave a substantial estate to when he dies; Update : reunion of millionaire Mac McDonald and his daughter
***Wanted: The Las Vegas, Nevada dragnet for alleged rapist William John Wood. Carson had breezed into town under the alias Max Carson where he pretended to be a movie producer and used this position to proposition and rape young women. Update: He was captured in 1998 and is currently serving time in prison.
January 29, 1992
***Lost Loves: During the Great Depression, Charlie Best and his family gave refuge to a family passing through Tennessee. The family consited of a father and his two daughters. Now Best's daughter is searching for the family who stayed with them. Update : a woman's reunion with her surrogate family with whom she lived during the Depression.
***Wanted: A smooth talking customer arrived at a Maui bank going by the name of Pepito D'Bayan. D'Bayan was later identified as an elusive con man named Todd Mueller. Mueller specializes in forging court documents which give him the ability to squander the estates of the recent deceased. He was captured but later escaped from a hospital prison ward Update : on the capture of a fugitive after his escape from a prison ward at a Chicago hospital.
February 5, 1992
***a mother-daughter financial scheme; the con woman team of Robin Stevens & Cheri Sizemore Update : They have been arrested;
***The Unexplained: Jill Jenson a former model who became addicted to cocaine and Rita Klaus, a mother of three who suffered from multiple sclerosis experienced miraculous healing after visiting a small village in Yugoslavia known as Medjugorje. People take pilgrimages to the church at Medjugorje to meet with visionaries, six young people who claim to be able to speak to the Virgin Mary.
***Missing Persons: Lee Young, a bank fraud investigator from Scottsdale, Arizona, disappeared in 1990 and his car was later found engulfed in flames in the Arizona desert. Before his disappearance, Young had suspected that his bank was being used for money laundering by a drug cartel. His body has not yet been found.
***Missing Persons: Levia Molinari and Arthur Karopoulos met and began a relationship while living in San Francisco. They later had a son together, named Nicholas whom Levia later kidnapped. Now, Arthur believes that she has fled with Nicholas and they are living together in a fundamentalist sect. Update : Arthur Karopoulos has been reunited with his son who had been kidnapped by his mother and had been living in a fundamentalist sect.
***Wanted: Angela Hammond of Clinton, Missouri, called her boyfriend, Rob Shafer, late one night on a pay phone. As she spoke on the pay phone, she became aware of a mysterious stranger who abducted her and sped off into the night. Authorities believe the man may be responsible for other Missouri disappearances.
February 12, 1992
***a profile of the Abominable Snowman;
***the hunt for Florida man James White wanted in the deaths of an elderly couple while driving drunk; Update : the arrest in Vermont of James White wanted for a deadly hit-and-run
***Lost Loves: Eleanor Platt and John Elias were an interacial couple who became involved during the racially tense 1950s. Platt became pregnant and her father put her in home while Elias was charged with rape. Platt later gave the baby up for adoption and now both Eleanor and John are searching for her. Update : on a couple's reunion with the daughter they gave up for adoption at birth.
***Unexplained Death: Dr. Carey Stanton, a life long bachelor, left New York to run the family ranch located on Santa Cruz Island. Stanton became a renowned eccentric who died in 1987. Shortly after his death, a box of human remains was found in a shed believed to have been a female.
February 19, 1992
***Danny Gordon, a Virginia man whose investigation of UFO sightings threatened his credibility;
***Columbus, Ohio reporter Michael Berens who went undercover in a search of a trucker responsible for murdering prostitutes;
***Wanted: Authorities are searching for "The Satchel Bandit," an aging man who continually robs banks while wearing cheesy disguises. When the bandit struck in Oregon, clues began to pile up and authorities were finally able to identify him as Charles Warren Boomer, a native of British Columbia who is still on the run and robbing banks. the “satchel bandit” bank robber is wanted; Update : the arrest of the suspected "satchel bandit" at a Hamilton, Ont., coffee shop
February 26, 1992
***Robbery: Two masked bank robbers struck in 1991 at a Henderson, Nevada bank. After robbing the bank, the robbers took a teller hostage and led authorities on a chase. After the hostage was released, a newspaper reporter came forward with a photo that she had taken of the robbers during the car chase.
***the search for Cheryl Holland who murdered her aunt and uncle near Chattanooga, Tenn., and stole their savings; Update : the Texas arrest of Cheryl Holland who allegedly murdered her aunt and uncle Joe and Mattie Harvey
***Barney Dewey is searching for his sister Angeline whom he hasn’t seen since the Depression.
March 4, 1992
***New reports on a rash of Northern California pizza-restaurant robberies;
***the reunion of a millionaire and his daughter;
***fugitive's arrest in Colorado for kidnapping and murder.
March 18, 1992
***The Investigators: Doug Johnston was found shot to death in his car in Phoenix in 1990. Years earlier, in 1977, Charles Morgan's body was found in the Arizona desert, he had also been shot to death. In both cases, authorities ruled the deaths as suicides. Now, Don Deveraux is claiming that both deaths were contract hits and the bullet that killed Johnston was originally intended for him.
***Lost Heirs: The hunt for the heirs of Katherine Bennett, a Portland, Oregon eccentric and recluse who died in 1990 leaving behind an estate valued at $125,000.
***Wanted: Texas millionaire and bodybuilder Richard Minns is wanted for hiring two hitmen to kill his girlfriend, Barbara Patrovsky, in 1980. The shooting has left her paralyzed from the waist down.
***Special Alert: Patricia Rose's desperate search for her 9 month old son who was abducted by his father, Sergio Farina. The baby is suffering from a thyroid condition, and may die if he does not receive medical treatment soon.
April 1, 1992
***the murders of two Swedish women Marie Wahlen and Marie Lilienburg, discovered in 1983 by deer hunters near Santa Barbara
***Lost Loves: Joe Soll is searching for relatives after learning he was sold by baby broker Bessie Bernard
April 8, 1992
***IRS and FBI efforts to stop a medical-investment scam, Fidelity National, operated by a team of con artists
***a 17-year-old remains of Gary Simmons found in a cave and Tom Dixon is wanted for the murder.
April 15, 1992
***A report on wealthy Phoenix woman Jeanne Tovrea who was found shot to death in her home in 1988. Update : James Harrod was convicted of the murder of Jeanne Tovrea and sentenced to death.
April 22, 1992
***a $1 million armored-car robbery in Vallejo, Cal., that left three employees dead;
April 29, 1992
***the 1989 assault and murder in Louisiana of 26-year-old Tracy Wofford Bunn; Update : Freddy McKinley was matched to Tracy’s murder through dna but had already died in prison so was never officially charged with her murder.
***Missing Persons: Colleen Reed, a public accountant who lived in Austin, Texas, was using a 24 hour do-it-yourself car wash late one night when she was abducted. Three men who were nearby witnessed the kidnapping and claim to have encountered the kidnappers earlier that evening. Update: Kenneth McDuff was later arrested for her murder and the murders of numerous others. He led police to several bodies including Colleen's. McDuff was convicted and executed in 1998.
***An adventurer's discovery of a formation on Turkey's Mount Ararat believed to be the remains of Noah's Ark.
***Lost Loves: Donald Stradt and his siblings who lived in Iowa had been taken by the state and seperated from each after their parents were unable to take care of them. Stradt is now searching for a lost sister named Dolores.
May 6, 1992
***the 1986 murder of 15-year-old Chaim Weiss at his Long Beach, N.Y., school dormitory;
***Robbery: An investigation into the $11 million armored-car heist in Rochester, New York in 1990. The masked robbers had taken control of the armored-car and ordered the driver to a secluded area where they made away with the loot. Update : Albert M. Ranieri is expected to plead guilty today to sweeping federal racketeering charges in which he'll admit to crimes stretching across a decade, including a 1990 armored car heist of nearly $11 million and an execution-style slaying of a pool hall owner in 2000, according to three sources close to the case.
***Lost Loves: Martha Brown is searching for her twin brother Robert, both of whom had been given up for adoption by their impoverished parents. Martha had been seperated from Robert after they lived together in a foster home.
May 13, 1992
***Bill Day’s seven-year attempt to regain custody of his son Christophe Update : Bill Day did later locate his ex-wife Betty only to learn that his son Christophe had died a few years earlier of leukemia.
***Unexplained Death: The bodies of 7-year old Scott Johnson and one his friends were found in an abandoned blazing shack, a powder magazine, located in Bullhead City, Arizona in 1974. Authorities ruled their deaths an accident but eyewitnesses reported seeing two burly men near the shack during the fire.
May 17, 1992
***the search for the killer of elderly Washburn, Texas, man Bill Henderson Update : two hitchhikers who may have information on a suspect in the unsolved Texas murder of Bill Henderson.UPDATE : Lawrence Tutt, convicted of an unrelated murder, has been linked to Henderson's murder through DNA.
*** an Oregon bank teller who helped identify a career bank robber;
June 24, 1992
***A new segment reports on a man's reunion with his daughter, ending a 43-year search for his only living relative, to whom he plans to bequeath an estate worth more than $1 million.
September 2, 1992
***Jim Boomgarden after finding that he has an identical twin brother and possibly a half sister;
***Wanted: Sally Gerrity thought she met the man of her dreams in Sal Guardado in February of 1985 in San Francisco. However Sal's dark side emerged when Sally and him moved in with her aunt which resulted with Sal strangling Sally and attempting to murder her aunt.
1992-1993 (5th Season / NBC)
September 16, 1992
***a UFO story near the Hudson River.
reports on the disappearance of Tammy Lynn Leppert last seen with an acquaintance;
***the death of an unidentified man at the Paducah, Ky., airport who attempted to board an airplane as it was taking off by holding on to the undercarriage. Update: He was later identified as Brian Stanley Duecker the son of a minster and his wife from Ohio. Brian was suffering from schizophrenia.
***“Estelle” is the victim of a hit & run driver and can’t communicate so hospital is trying to find out her identity.
September 23, 1992
***the killing of Todd Kelly who was involved in a love triangle;
***an amnesiac nicknamed “Pierre” who showed up at a San Diego homeless shelter; Update : “Pierre” learns his true identity.
***Lake Champlain Sea Monster;
***Lois Krantz is murdered by her husband Joseph and police are searching for him;
***Elderly woman Martha Roberts is kidnapped and police are searching for her and her abductor. Solved: Charles Lord was convicted or her murder. She was found buried in a compost heap on his property.
September 30, 1992
***Unanswered questions in the 1935 shooting of Louisiana senator Huey Long;
***the search by Cincinnati and Nashville detectives for a suspected serial killer
***Mary Jane Polk's search for her brother who was put up for adoption.
***Wanted: Seattle arsonist is sought for setting multiple fires that have killed one
October 7, 1992
***Reports on the 1985 escape of a convicted cop killer, David Gordon Smith (convicted of murdering police officer JB Hamby), from the Oklahoma State Penitentiary; Update : the arrest of an Oklahoma State Penitentiary escapee, apprehended in Deadwood, S.D
***the remains of a body discovered in a Jaguar near Houston thought to be that of Edward Gerald Baker;
***the 1954 disappearance of 9-year-old Clifford Sherwood.
***Special Alert: Philip Anthony Moore is wanted for child molestation. ***Update: A report on the capture of accused child molester Phillip Anthony Moore.
October 14, 1992
***the 1970 disappearance of Houston mother Pat Carlton; Update : Pat Carlton was found alive and well 35 years after she went missing.
***the search for the murderer of 23-year-old cab driver Lucie Turmel in Banff, Alta.; Update: A suspect, Ryan Jason Love, was later arrested and pled guilty to her murder
***The death of 21-year-old mystery woman Georgia Ann Boyd who left behind two children from a mysterious former marriage but not clues to her past. Her husband is searching for her family and past but as yet has had no luck. UPDATE: Her husband later discovered her real identity (Geraldine Johns Moore) and found her family including two children from another marriage. The two children she left behind with her husband were able to meet their birth father for the first time.
October 21, 1992
***an Atlanta psychologist's investigation into the phenomenon of dreams that come true;
***the search for a New Orleans serial killer who preys on prostitutes;
***the hunt for conman JD Method who's bilked at least 17 women;
***James Vernon is searching for “Libby” a hotline counselor who helped him through a tough time.
October 28, 1992
***a ghost known as the Blue Lady, said to inhabit the cliffs above Moss Beach, Cal.;
***eerie happenings at California's Drum Barracks Civil War Museum.
***the search for birth mothers following nurse Ethel Nation's baby-selling operations in the '50s and '60s Update : girl kidnapped by Ethel Nation finds her birth mother.
***“Sandra Evans” has amnesia and searching for her identity and family;
November 4, 1992
***the 1991 disappearance of Louisiana salesman AJ Breaux;
a UFO sighting by Stephen Michalak at Canada's Falcon Lake;
***the disappearance of prison guard Jesslyn Rich who worked at Fronterra; Update: Rich's body was found shortly after she disappeared but wasn’t identified as hers until nearly 8 years later. Her murder remains unsolved.
November 11, 1992
***reported POW sightings of American Col. Charles Shelton who was shot down over Laos in 1965;
***the search for a man who witnessed the Belle Glade, Fla., murder of Rebecca Young in a sugarcane field;
***the Bismarck,
***George Owens left to pick up his wife and never returned;
***N.D., prison escape of an inmate who remains at large.
November 18, 1992
*** the 1988 abduction and murder of 7-year-old Jacqueline Dowaliby; Update on the 1988 murder of 7-year-old Illinois girl Jacqueline Dowaliby
***psychic George Anderson's claims that he can communicate with those who have "passed on";
*** Update : Mary Jane Medlin finds her brother.
November 25, 1992
***Special Live Edition: This 90-minute special was broadcast live from the telecenter. Viewers are encouraged to call in with tips as the cases are profiled.
Cases include:
****Case #1 Wanted: Accused kidnapper and rapist Robert Gerald Watson has escaped from a Tennessee jail.
***Case #2 Lost Loves: Debbie Snyder Kail is searching for her long lost twin sister Cathy Marie Ferner, whom she has not seen since 1951.
***Case #3 Wanted: 2 year-old Windy Korioth was abducted by her father, William Korioth.
***Case #4 Lost Loves: Judi Davis Dymond is searching for childhood friend Becky Terry. As a child, Judi was stricken with polio. Becky met Judy in junior high and befriended her despite Judi's obvious disabilities. (Solved on air).
***Case #5 Lost Loves: Deborah Hurley is looking for her three daughters: Kimberly, Katie and Kelly.
***Case #6 Lost Loves: Gay Lee MacMaster is searching for her mother, Connie Jo Hamilton.
***Case #7 Wanted: Camela Harman is searching for her 11 year-old son John, who was abducted by his grandmother in 1990.
***Case #8 Wanted: Cozette Hansen was abducted in 1991 by her father, Michael James Hansen.
***Case #9 Wanted: Susan Roberts is wanted for abducting her sons Ronald and Aaron Roberts. (Solved). NEED UPDATE INFO!!!!!
***Case #10 Wanted: In Redwood City, Cal., Gilbert Ortiz drinks a poisoned milk shake. His wife, Elizabeth Fuentes Ortiz, has fled and taken their 2 year-old son, Jonathan, with her. Update: Fuentes-Ortiz was arrested by FBI and Mexican authorities in a town near Guadalajara eight years later. The boy was found several months afterward and returned to his father's custody. Fuentes-Ortiz's sentence was for life in prison with possibility of parole, with an additional six years for concealing a child and inflicting great bodily injury. In 2004 her rquest for an appeal was denied.
***Case #11 Wanted: Joseph Arthur Rodia is wanted for possession of child pornography.
***Case #12 Wanted: Kenneth E. Dickerson is wanted for stabbing his girlfriend to death.
***Update: A report on the capture of accused child molester Phillip Anthony Moore.
December 2, 1992
***the 1990 Telluride, Colo., murder of Eva Schoen, wife of U-Haul heir Sam Schoen; Update : Frank Marquis was convicted of the murder of Eva Shoen.
***the 14-year search for Texas fugitive Edward Harold Bell who is wanted for killing Larry Dickens; Update : The arrest in Panama of fugitive Edward Harold Bell from Texas;
***Harry Young’s sons quest to find the half-sister they never knew; Update : Harry Young’s sons find their half sister.
***The search for witnesses to the disappearance of young mother Pamela Ray while vacationing in Florida.
December 9, 1992
*** the 1985 disappearance of 4-year-old Alexander Olive taken by his father cult leader Ulysses Roberson; Update : New evidence suggests he may have been murdered though nothing can be confirmed.
***new evidence linking a 1930s Cleveland killer to the 1940’s serial killer ***responsible for the Black Dahlia murder;
***Bullock Hotel Ghost;
***Brenda Merrill searches for her siblings.
December 16, 1992
***Evidence pointing to the possible innocence of a Florida inmate serving a life term for rape;
***a Falls Church, Va., man's efforts to piece together his identity from sketchy facts surrounding his 1935 abandonment in a car.
December 23, 1992
*** a couple's search for a stranger they once befriended, who they suspect is the one annually reciprocating their generosity a hundredfold;
***hospitalized 7-year-old boy's miraculous recovery;
***Alexandra Stantzos searches for her birth parents;
*** Update : Lost Love segments briefly profiled on 3/4/92 result in reunions for 4 families.
***RS briefly profiles 3 more lost love cases.
***Anthonette Cayedito is abducted from her home .
January 6, 1993
***a man, originally charged in the murder of a 34-year-old woman, who has been granted a final appeal based on juror misconduct.
January 20, 1993
***the murder of Neal Jennings and the search for Bill Blackwell who police suspect killed him. Update : After years on the run Bill Blackwell was recently apprehended.
***Looking for the true identity of “Lil’ Miss Pannasofkee”;
Update : Philip Anthony Moore captured.
January 27, 1993
***the shooting death of 18-year-old Kaitlynn Arquette;
***Shannon Timpane’s search for her foster sister, whom she hasn't seen for 11 years. Update: She and her foster sister were re-united one week later.
***the hunt for Yama****a's treasure, discovered in 1971 in the Philippines. Update: Rohas died on the day he was to testify, the organization he founded was to carry on his suit against the estate of Ferdinan Marcoss.
February 3, 1993
***Eugene Price’s 25-year search for his siblings; Update : Eugene Price finds his 3 sisters and learns his brother has died.
***a 1991 UFO video, shot in Ottawa, Canada, which includes analysis by a former NASA specialist.
***the hunt for fugitive Larry George who, in 1988, murdered two people and left a third paralyzed; Update : Larry George captured;
***an investigation into the identity of a young hearing-impaired woman nicknamed “Lucy”.
February 9, 1993
***the 1983 murder of 10-year-old Chicago area girl Jeanine Nicarico; Update : Brian Dugan was indicted in November 2005 for the 1983 murder of Jeanine Nicarico
***the search by Canadian Indians for their biological families;
***Jim Boomgarden’s search for his twin and half sister;
*** Update : Lost Loves case from live broadcast is solved.
February 10, 1993
***Eerie phenomena surrounding the presence of a Pennsylvania man Don Decker who says he can make it rain;
***the shooting death of a California motorcycle racer Michael Hunter;
***a woman's search for her childhood friend, who she discovered was actually her sister;
***the death of an unidentified man who used aliases and seemed to work at scamming hospitals;
February 17, 1993
*** Philip Macri's search for a woman who pulled him from the ocean to safety, then disappeared; an Update on a woman who saved Philip Macri from drowning.
***a restauranteur's harassment by anonymous phone calls, possibly connected to his 1974 kidnapping in Beirut;
***a bomb explosion that nearly killed a Navy captain's wife;
***family and friends of missing Martha Roberts receive strange calls from a man claiming to be her captor;
February 24, 1993
*** Update : the release of prisoner Tony Miller who was a victim of mistaken identity.
***the disappearance of a financially troubled Massachusetts man, Scott Hill, who's unaware he's an heir to $750,000; Update : Scott Hill reunited with his family.
***the discovery of a human skeleton in an old footlocker;
***military policeman Chad Lankford is found dead while on patrol under very mysterious circumstances.
March 10, 1993
***The death in Martinsburg, W.Va., of investigative journalist Dan Caselaro who was probing Government corruption and conspiracies;
***The search for a killer at the Blind River Rest Stop in Ontario, Canada;
***The prison release of a man who served 10 years for murders he did not commit.
March 17, 1993
***the 1991 death in a Mexican prison of California man Mario Amado who may have been murdered
March 31, 1993
***A report on new evidence suggesting a Government cover-up in the 1968 assassination of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr
April 7, 1993
***The search for paintings by American artist Ben Stahl, which were stolen from a Sarasota, Fla., museum;
***the murder of Tom Roche;
***road rage motorist sought who shot & killed David Hurley
April 28, 1993
***report on New Jersey woman Dede Rosenthal's disappearance. Update : Charles Reddish was convicted of the murder of Dede Rosenthal.
May 5, 1993
***Reports on the search for cult leader Nelson DeCloud; Update : a viewer tip leading authorities to alleged cult leader Nelson DeCloud and his followers in the San Angelo, Texas, area
***A military plane crashes at Gander, was it ice on the wing or possible terrorist bomb?
***Peggie Lloyd searches for her brother;
*** Update : Childhood friends reunited.
May 12, 1993
*** the murder of Eileen Mangold reportedly abducted from her night job at a gas station; Update : Franklin Smith was arrested for the murder of Eileen Mangold after dna testing linked him to the crime but was later acquitted.
May 19, 1993
***profiles of robbers dubbed the “Milk Carton Bandit” and the “Grandpa Bandit”;
***New York woman “Miriam” is searching for the foster parents who cared for her briefly during her childhood;
*** reports of Tina Resch’s unusual brain-wave activity; Update : The genuiness of her claims is seriously damaged as she has been convicted of murdering her 3 yo child.
***Reggie DiPalma is wanted for the molestation of young girls; Update : Reggie DiPalma was apprehended several years later.
***Final Appeal: Michael Lloyd Self confessed to the murder of two girls but claim it was coerced by a corrupt cop
May 22, 1993
***Bruce Kelly has a vivid dream about a sailor’s death at Pearl Harbor;;
***Hit and run driver nicknamed “Cachimba” is wanted in the death of 11 year old Pedro Santiago Jr.
***RS profiles two other hit & run drivers sought;
***Joan Gay Croft is missing after a tornado leveled her town around the Depression.
May 26, 1993
***The hunt for a suspect who shot a cop in an Albuquerque bar in 1984;
June 16, 1993
***A final appeal resulting in the release of a wrongly convicted Lowell, Mass., man from prison after serving time for murder.
June 30, 1993
***1992 death of military policeman Chad Lankford at the Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Ala.;
***the discovery of a human skeleton in an old military footlocker. (Repeat)
July 14, 1993
***The arrest of a wanted man in Osteen, Fla.
*** An arrest made following the death of a North Hollywood, Cal., man.
August 25, 1993
***The search for an alleged narcotics smuggler suspected of transporting heroin from Southeast Asia to the U.S. in 1991;
September 1, 1993
*** an Update on a man's search for his late wife Georgia Ann Boyd's family;
***a report on a 1991 arrest following six homicides in Northern California.
September 15, 1993
***A report on the search for Gordon Collins whose boat capsized in Mexico during a 1991 fishing trip.
1993-1994 (6th Season / NBC)
September 22, 1993
***a report on a Glendora, Cal., man's recollections of a "past life",
***the search for a suspect in a hit-and-run accident that claimed the life of 11-year-old boy Pedro Santiago Jr.
September 29, 1993
***The FBI probe into the identity of convicted bank robber “Jose Antonio Gonzales: who won't reveal his name
*** viewer tips leading to a man's reunion with his family;
***a pilot's strange disappearance after reporting a UFO hovering near his plane as he flew between Australia and Tasmania;
***Danny Williams is found shot to death in his home and his father thinks it was murder;
October 6, 1993
***Anna Anderson claims she is really Russian Grand Duchess Anastasia who was thought to have been executed in 1917 with the rest of her family. Update: DNA testing showed that Anna Anderson was not Anastasia of Russia but was however most likely Franziska Schanzkowska.
***Jerry Gerbasoni is wanted for the murder of his girlfriend Paula Pasciak;
***Andelina Gonzales is wanted for stealing from her elderly employer.
October 13, 1993
***Reports include Wally Spencer fears for his life after discovering a way to locate underground water in Nevada;
***the unsolved murder of Dr. Ted Losef;
***Mechelle Borel’s search for her brother.
October 20, 1993
***The 1992 disappearance of Wendy Camp, Cynthia Britto and Lisa Kregear after a visit with Wendy’s young son;
***the search for Rabbi Joseph Prushinowski wanted for questioning in cases of international bank fraud totalling $200 million. Update: He was captured in 2000 in Israel and sentenced to 7 years in prison.
***the police hunt for a suspect in the murder of Su Young Kim found in a dumpster;
***Deloris Brooks is searching for her music teacher.
October 27, 1993
***The Mann family claim their home is haunted
***the search for the murderer of teacher Lisa Ziegart in Agawam, Mass;
***the hunt for a gunman who in 1991 shot and paralyzed Rohrey Wychgel;
***English woman Aiden Murphy is searching for her childhood friend who is living in America;
November 3, 1993
***reports of a 1917 solar phenomenon known as the "Fatima Miracle," supposedly witnessed by a crowd in Fatima, Portugal.
***The search for Mark Mitchell wanted for bilking Coloradans in a log-cabin building scheme;
***David McLeod is wanted for molesting boys;
*** Update : O’Neill children reunited.
November 10, 1993
***German Christoph Bauer's search for his father, who he believes is Canadian or American;
***the 1986 murder of twin sisters Jill & Julie Hanson;
***John Grundhofer is abducted by a bumbling kidnapper .
November 17, 1993
***a computer artist's claims that the Mona Lisa is actually a self-portrait by Leonardo da Vinci;
***Raymond Young is wanted for fraud but some believe he drowned while scuba diving; Update : He was found alive.
***Travis Wade Duncan is wanted on several felony charges; Update : Travis Wade Duncan who had escaped from jail has been captured.

*** Update : Julius Patterson apprehended.
November 24, 1993
*** the search in Canada and the U.S. for the killer of Corinne “Punky” Gustavson; Update : Clifford Sleigh was convicted for the murder of Corinne Gustavson
***Daly City, Cal., authorities' search for the identity of a comatose man found injured on a highway in 1992;
***a roll call of heirs to unclaimed fortunes and estates.
December 1, 1993
***Reports include the hunt for a fugitive who allegedly tampered with medication at a healthcare facility;
***a woman's search for the good Samaritan who once pulled her from a burning car wreck; Update : A viewer tip leads to the identification of a certain good Samaritan
***a Denver man's search for a childhood friend he first met in 1956.
December 8, 1993
***The 1989 disappearance of Peoria, Ariz. woman Pam Page
December 22, 1993
***A new report outlines an Illinois family's search for siblings separated in 1948.
January 5, 1994
*** Reports include a viewer tip leading to the arrest of a burglary suspect in Santa Fe, N.M.;
***the search for more substantial clues in the assassination of a Chicago attorney;
***and a man's search for a friend.
January 12, 1994
***Reports include a mysterious letter writer who seems to be guiding a woman's search throughout Canada for her missing son Charles Horvath;
*** a viewer tip leading to the arrest of a wanted fugitive in Diamond Bar (Cal.).
January 19, 1994
***A new report on the search for two robbers who target stores in the Pacific Northwest.
January 26, 1994
***Reports include a Florida mother's search for her daughter, Amy Billig, who was a high-school senior when she disappeared in 1974;
***Update: A baby abandoned to a good samaritan on a train finds her birth family
***Oliver Munson, a school teacher, was set to testify against Dennis Watson who sold him a stolen car. Now Oliver has disappeared. This isn't the first time witnesses have vanished before testifying against Watson.
***Meredith Atkinson is searching for her birth mother Rose Marie Ledbetter. Update: Meredith Atkinson has been reunited with her birth mother.

February 2, 1994
***Reports include the 1932 discover in Wyoming of a small mummified human;
*** a viewer tip leading to a suspect's arrest in Canada;
***a series of Mississippi jail deaths including Andre Jones that may be linked to racially-motivated crimes of the 1960s;
February 9, 1994
*** Reports include a Vietnamese air-force officer's search for his American daughter; an Update on a former South Vietnam Air Force officer's search for his American daughter
***a family's search for Selena Edon who was injured in a motorcycle ***accident in San Francisco
***Resurrection Mary;
***“Grocery Robbers” in the Pacific Northwest.
February 16, 1994
***Segments include cases involving alleged home improvement schemes targeting elderly homeowners;
***the murder of Dick Hansen on the highway possibly due to his date’s 49er’s license plates.
***an 86-year-old woman's search for her younger sister.
February 23, 1994
***Reports include the alleged 1992 murders of two U.S. Army sergeants Billy Ray Hargrove and Michael Carmichael.
***David McLeod is wanted for molesting boys.
March 2, 1994
***Reports on pets being reunited with their owners;
a man who tries to track top-secret military aircraft;
***the arrest of a suspect for questioning in schemes against elderly homeowners;
***and a suspected murder, allegedly prompted by the victim's plans to blow the whistle on operations conducted at a nuclear-weapon facility.
March 16, 1994
***Reports on near-death experiences include widows "visited" by their late husbands;
*** tips that ended the search for missing siblings;
***the hunt for a gunman who killed a Jewish community leader in 1990;
***a Los Angeles collector's search for an heirloom bible's owners.
March 23, 1994
***The search for a suspected murderer who reportedly harassed the victim's family and friends;
***the manhunt for the murderer of a computer salesman's fiancee in Marietta, Ga calling himself “Tom Johnson”.
April 6, 1994
***Reports include the 1986 disappearance of Morro Bay, Cal., man, Hugh Harlan, whose wife Diane was murdered in 1982.
April 13, 1994
***Segments include instances of cures reportedly achieved by the laying on of hands;
***and a Vietnam veteran's search for the Army comrade who saved his life on the battlefield.
April 27, 1994
***Segments include a $7 million hidden treasure, reportedly buried in New York in 1933 by gangster Dutch Schultz;
***a couple who in 1993 became victims of a gunman in a Marietta, GA., hotel room;
***a 1988 child abduction;
***the Texas murder of Roxann Jeeves and her 5-year-old son. Update : George Hicks was found guilty of the murder of Roxann and her son in 2007________________________________________
May 4, 1994
***Reports on near-death experiences include a Seattle doctor's studies of widows who have reportedly been "visited" by their late husbands,
***the case of a mother's after-death "visit" with her deceased 18-year-old daughter.
*** a man's reunion with a childhood friend;
***a woman's search for her birth father.
May 11, 1994
***A report on the 1973 murder of a Massachusetts prison inmate, believed by some to have been the Boston Strangler (suspected of the murders of 13 women in the 1960s).
***a man's search for a half-sister he only recently discovered he had.
May 25, 1994
***Segments on this expanded edition include high-tech investigations into reported Bigfoot sightings in the Pacific Northwest;
***so-called "angelic" encounters;
*** viewer tips leading to the arrest of a murder suspect.
***threats against an elderly Ohio couple Bill & Dorothy Wacker
June 8, 1994
***The 1984 murder of policeman's 7-year-old son Gary Grant Jr.;
***the search for the heir to a $150,000 estate;
June 15, 1994
***Sarah Beard is raped and beaten by her friend called “Wadada”. (Repeat)
July 6, 1994
***A viewer tip leading to the identification of a comatose man, injured in 1992;
***Tom Vaughn's reunion with a childhood friend he met at an orphanage in 1956;
***a woman on an international search for her only daughter Shafaa Salem;
July 13, 1994
***South Chicago residents' reported sightings of the ghost of a woman killed in 1934;
***the hunt for a robbery duo who target grocery stores
July 20, 1994
***Coloradans who were bilked out of some $1 million by Mitchell Parker
July 27, 1994
***Reports of mothers' psychic links to their children;
***the harassment of a murdered Jewish community leader's family and friends;
***the investigation into an alleged auto insurance-fraud ring;
July 31, 1994
***eerie phenomena witnessed by Stroudsburg, Pa., residents and prison guards at the Monroe County correctional facility;
*** the reunion of two childhood friends;
***the disappearance 50 years ago of a Navy blimp's crew in the San Francisco Bay Area;
***the 1988 abduction and murder of 7-year-old Jacqueline Dowaliby
September 7, 1994
***Missing Persons: The unsolved 1991 disappearance of two French sailors who were hired to convoy a catamaran worth $200,000 from Annapolis, Maryland to new owners in Guadeloupe. Authorities speculate the boat may have been hijacked by a mysterious unidentified third passenger
September 18, 1994
***"Mysteries of Alien Beings" reports on four men who say they were abducted while on a fishing trip in Maine's Allagash Wilderness, and includes research by Harvard psychiatrist John Mack.
***Also: a pilot's alleged UFO sightings in Kazakhstan;
***efforts to locate a nurse who reportedly helped with autopsies of alien beings that emerged from the wreck of a UFO.
1994-1995 (7th Season / NBC)
September 25, 1994
***the origins of the bizarre Ice Man creature, once exhibited at the 1968 Chicago Stock Fair;
***coincidences linking adoptees with their birth families;
***the probe into biochemist Frank Olsen's mysterious death in 1953.
***The Investigators: San Francisco investigators turn to students in a college course called "Murder 101" to try to solve the murder of Jim Fang who had been stabbed to death by unknown assailants whose motives appeared to be robbery.
October 2, 1994
*** a real-life team of ghostbusters who track paranormal evidence in top-secret cases of hauntings;
***information suggesting that alleged international drug kingpin John Roubas may have faked his own death;
***treasure hunters who claim that a Southern California park may be a burial ground for treasures.
***Wanted: Jeanne Boylan, a suspect graphic artist, tries to help the FBI by trying to create a composite drawing of a suspect known only as "Jason" in the death of Jonathan Francia who had been abducted and burned in his car
October 9, 1994
***efforts calling for the beatification of an ordained priest (born in 1904) who, some say, performed miraculous cures prior to his death in 1957.
***Evidence suggesting that Lincoln assassin John Wilkes Booth was not shot by Union soldiers, but instead lived under aliases until 1903.
***Lost Loves: Siegfried Laier is searching for the U.S. serviceman who aided his family during World War II.
*** Update : Marie Milton and Raymond Anderson are reunited with their siblings whom had been seperated when they were young.
October 14, 1994
***Reports on a man's search for his son, Gordon Page Jr., who disappeared in 1991 from an adult-care facility;
***the arrest of a fugitive outside of a Boise truck stop;
***studies of twins separated at birth;
***a family's search for a wife and mother who disappeared some 14 years ago.
October 21, 1994
***"Mysteries of the Afterlife" are explored in reports on a man who was struck by lightning and recovered with new-found psychic powers woman who, according to loved ones, "came back" to them after her death;
members of a family who claim that their neighborhood is haunted.
October 28, 1994
***video footage of alleged UFO sightings that occurred over Mexico City in 1991 during a solar eclipse;
***the 1992 murder of Sammy Wheeler who was asleep in his vehicle; Update : There was an arrest in the Sammy Wheeler murder and it was a random act of violence.
***Wanted: Adam Emery who had been convicted of the murder of Jason Bass, apparently faked his wife, Elena and his own death by making it look as if they had committed suicide by jumping off a Rhode Island bridge.
November 11, 1994
***Other segments include anonymous letters threatening residents of Circleville Ohio;
***the brief 1926 disappearance of mystery novelist Agatha Christie;
***Unexplained Death: Marymount college student Tommy Burkett was found dead in his parent’s home in Virginia. Officials ruled the death a suicide but Tommy’s parents contend that their son was murdered. They believe their son might have been an undercover narcotics agent for the CIA who was murdered by his own ates and his murder has been covered up by not only the college but by state and federal police as well.
*** Update : Mitchell Shigemoto was saved by a fellow soldier, James Pearson on the battlefields in Vietnam. Shigemoto has now been reunited with Pearson.
***Treasure: Poverty Island, located in Lake Michigan just to the east of Wisconsin, is the destination for treasure hunters who are searching for an apparant sunken treasure.
***Also, a 1988 prison escape.
December 2, 1994
***The disappearance of an American sea captain and his crew from a Europe-bound ship found abandoned in the middle of the Atlantic;
*** a viewer tip leading to the reunion of a woman and her birth mother;
***a woman's career as a police psychic.
***Lost Loves: Michelle Donahoe West ran away from her home in 1980 and befriended three men on a bus who encouraged her to return home to her family. Michelle is now searching for those three men, "Doc", "Tiny Feet" and "Sunshine."
December 9, 1994
***Missing Persons: Robert "Curt" Borton who had gone off to fight in the Vietnam War was one of many soldiers who was a casualty. However, since his apparant death, his family claims to have had strange encounters with someone who they believe is Robert
*** a viewer tip that helps a woman search for the family that found her as an infant;
***a woman's claim that she was visited by her late father.
***Wanted: Too his neighbors, Neil Gott appeared to be living the perfect life with his wife and his daughter. However, looks can be decieving as Gott turned out to be a master drug dealer.
***Unexplained Death: South Carolina patrolman, Roy Caffey was gunned down by unknown assailants on a lonely stretch of road in 1972. Eyewitnesses may have seen the murderers.
December 16, 1994
***Final Appeal: Stuart Heaton a local carpenter living in Ramsey, Illinois is accussed of the murder of 16 year old Crystal Nabb. Nabb had been stabbed in her family's trailer and Heaton was later convicted, however he insists that he is an innocent man.
*** a private investigator's tip leading to the reunion of two sisters;
***a so-called "walking apparition" reportedly seen in southwest Arkansas.
December 23, 1994
***Holiday segments include a Christmas Eve miracle for a couple and their gravely ill baby.
January 6, 1995
***The Investigators: Dr. Cyril Wecht, a forensic pathologist, has been succesful in determing the cause of death for many cases but has lately hit a bump in the road in trying to solve the case of Jack Davis Jr. Davis was a college student who in 1987 was found dead on the Indiana University of Pennsylvania.
***The Unexplained: Three genealogists each encounter bizarre experiences that lead them to dead ancestors. Hank Jones, while tracing his own family tree encountered strange psychic connections. Dr. David Faux and Carol Montrose each had similar encounters.
***Lost Loves: Walter Thomas who after his father passed away, opened his father's private papers and discovered a birth certificate for a younger brother named Philip, whom he never knew. He is now searching for his long lost brother.
***Also, the search for a suspect accused of bilking senior citizens.
January 13, 1995
***Reports include a planned salvaging expedition in the San Francisco Bay area to find a World War II enemy submarine;
***a woman's search for the family who found her as an infant;
***a man's search for justice in the 1991 murder of his daughter and son-in-law Eric & Pam Ellender;
***Missing Persons: The May 1994 discovery of a dismembered human skeleton in a yard in San Marino, California rekindles an investigation into the unsolved 1985 disappearances of John and Linda Sous, who vanished while allegedly on a secret mission for the U.S. government.
***Unexplained Death: The unusual 1988 shooting death of Police Captain Michael O'Mara of the Cook County, Illinois Sheriff's Office. His death was ruled a suicide. His family believes he was murdered.
*** Update : Terri Christie Derby has been reunited with her deceased biological mother's family.
***Lost Loves: Joe Dillahunty and Mary Smith are searching for their brothers and sisters whom they lost contact with after their family was cruelly split apart by adoption in 1948.
***Fugitive Hotline: Tyrone Walter Theiss is wanted for the murder of three;
***Shannon Smith is wanted for child molestation.
January 20, 1995
***An Italian priest named Padre Pio thought to have supernatural powers;
***the 1988 death of Cook County sheriff's captain Mike O’Mara whose family and co-workers believe he was targeted for murder;
***Kimberly Pandilios went missing and later found dead after going to a supposed modeling shoot. Update : David Rademaker was convicted of the murder of Kimberly Pandilios.
***The Investigators: A profile of the Orange County California, coroners office. Two coroner's are profiled whose job has led them to solve unexplained deaths and identify unidentifiable persons. A 1987 death of an unidentified woman who fell from a cliff has proven to be one of the hardest to solve.
***Lost Loves: Speculation that three U.S. air force officers, Sylvan Lazarus, Carl Cobb, and Bernard Brady, allegedly killed when their aircraft crashed in North Africa in 1943 may still be alive.
*** Update : The Stallings family has been reunited.
February 3, 1995
***the paranormal includes a story about a woman's electrical psychokinetic powers;
***a "psychic vision" surrounding the 1980 disappearance and murder of a young nurse in Pacoima (Cal.);
***a man who claims proof of life after death.
February 10, 1995
***Reports include the search for suspects in a 1988 Kansas City, Mo., construction-site fire that killed six firefighters; Update : Arrests have been made in the 1988 construction-site explosion in Kansas City, Mo. which claimed the lives of six firefighters
***the manhunt for fugitive Wallace Thrasher who may be hiding out in Florida or the Caribbean;
***Army lieutenant Ken Palmer's search for his double, whom he first encountered in 1994;
***Loretta Myers suffers from Alzheimers and has disappeared with her new younger husband. Update : Loretta Myers, an Alzheimers patient who disappeared has been found and reunited with her family.

February 17, 1995
***Reports include Helen Elas’ search for information about the 15 American flyers she aided in Czechoslovakia during World War II;
***Missing Persons: The search for Kristi Krebs, a 22 year-old from Fort Bragg, California who vanished in the fall of 1993 after suffering a severe mental break. Her family believes she may still be alive and suffering from amnesia.
***Wanted: The unsolved 1993 Texas murder of 38 year-old Patricia White, and the disappearance of her allegedly abusive live in boyfriend, "Dub" Wackerhagen. The police have been unable to ascertain if Wackerhagen is the killer, or a victim.
***Carol Anderson has her identity stolen.
February 24, 1995
***Segments on the Alamo Treasure;
***Randal Utterback kidnaps his girlfriend and after she escapes he is on the run;
***Eric & Pam Ellender murdered in their bed;
March 17, 1995
***Great Escapes Special: A new report on a 1994 prison escape of Randolph Dial and the same-day disappearance of the deputy warden's wife Bobbi Parker; Update : Randolph Dial and Bobbi Parker were found 10 years later.
March 24, 1995
*** self-proclaimed "spirit channeler" Luis Gasparetto in Sao Paulo, Brazil, who spreads the message of life-after-death in his paintings;
***Mother & son searching for US soldiers they helped;
***Missing Persons: The unsolved 1992 disappearance of Tara Breckenridge, a waitress who worked in adult night club in Houston, Texas. Her boyfriend, Wayne Hecker, has become a suspect in her disappearance.
***Lost Loves: Fritz Vincken's search for three American soldiers with whom he spent a memorable Christmas in 1944 in Belgium during World War II. Update : Fritz Vincken is reunited with a soldier that he had first met in 1944 during World War II
*** Update : A report on the arrest and arraignment of con man Wade Mitchell Parker.
***Fraud: The dragnet for Carlos Garcia, a Virginia Beach, Virginia con man who allegedly embezzled two million dollars from his friends, neighbors, and the local church.
April 7, 1995
***A new report details the FBI's search for suspected arsonists.
April 14, 1995
***Nancy Myers claims to be psychic;
***Investigators trying to identify the dead.
***Unexplained Death: Arnold Archambeau, Ruby Bruguier and Tracy Dion were driving and their car overturned on a wintery night. Arshambeau and Bruguier later vanished while Dion survived. Authorities searched for the two bodies but found nothing. During the spring thaw, their bodies were later found at the same spot of the accident. Their families believe foul play may have been involved.
April 28, 1995
***Missing Persons: A devoted mother and wife, Cecilia Newball with her six year old son disappeared from her California home in 1994, Cecilia was 8 months pregnant. Her husband, Alfredo Newball has become a prime suspect in the disappearance.
***Lost Loves: Bob Coleman is searching for someone who may have clues to his late-father, Richard Coleman's mysterious past in World War I and World War II.
***Also, a psychic helps track a couple's killer; the high-tech crime unit of the San Jose Police Department probes computer-related thefts.
May 5, 1995
***The Unexplained: A look at the power of prayer and how it has affected two people. Kathleen Burghardt, after finding a lump in her breast began praying and was later miraculously healed. Also, an eleven month old baby boy had a liver transplant and was lingering near death when his family began praying and he later recuperated.
***Wanted: Lionel Luviano, a drug trafficker, was arrested shortly after being involved in a motorcycle accident. While recuperating in a hospital with police guards, he disguised himself as his sister and escaped.
***The Investigators: Investigators attempt to enhance video footage captured by gas station and bank surveillance cameras to gather clues for convicting criminals and help solve murder cases.
***The Unexplained: Father Solanas Casey who worked in Detroit, Michigan, to some is considered a "miracle worker." People who knew him claim to have experienced miraculous healings prompted by Casey.
*** an Update on a brother and sister's search for their four other siblings
***reports on a missing 5-year-old boy.
May 12, 1995
***The Unexplained: A look at the Ouija board and it's connection to supernatural events. Gaynell Rawley reportedly had a question answered by the Ouija board that later came true. Also, a look at the spirit of Patience Worth that apparantly spoke through a Ouija board.
***Wanted: In 1995, John Vogel sent a package to Minnesota that tipped authorities off to his drug smuggling and counterfeiting operation. Vogel was later arrested but later released and disappeared.
***Missing Persons: Justin Burgwinkel, a specialist in the United States Army, went AWOL and later vanished. His car was found abandoned and now his family have suspisions that he was somehow involved in Army intrigue that led to his disappearance.
***Wanted: Charles Holden gave a ride to a stranger late one night in Harrington, Deleware. The man later turned violent and was later seen leaving Holden's home, leaving behind one victim, Holden's mother, Dorothy Donovan, who had been stabbed to death. Gilbert E. Cannon, 41, of Delmar, Md., was arrested Jan. 18 in connection with the 1991 stabbing death of Dorothy Donovan
***Also: a family's search for a Houston couple who rescued them from a car accident in 1983.
May 19, 1995
***The Unexplained: People thoughout the world report hearing a bizarre "hum", a sonic phenomenon that has baffled scientists. This segment profiles a handful of people and their experiences with this mysterious "hum".
***Unexplained Death: Molly Jordan's home in Dallas, Texas was set on fire and in the process claimed the lives of four of her grandchildren and one great grandchild. Authorities belive that drug dealers may have been involved in this case of arson.
***Wanted: Robert Arcieri , a Phoenix business man accused of murder and robbery, mysteriously disappeared and apparantly drowned during a fishing trip in the Colorado River. However, some speculate that Arcieri faked his death.
***Also, a woman vanishes;
***postal crimes.
May 25, 1995
(90 minute episode)
***Missing Persons: Craig Williamson never returned from a fishing trip and his wife is searching for him.
***Update: David Viera is captured.
***Unexplained Death: Arson fire at Mollie Jordan’s house is responsible for killing 5 children. ***Unexplained: Do angels really exist?
***Lost Loves: Diane Hahnlein is searching for her long lost sister Marilyn in hopes she will be the match for a much needed bone marrow transplant.
***Wanted: Person responsible for murdering deputy Charlie Anderson at his home.
***Lost Loves: Brenda Abbey is searching for her birth parents who used to work at a carnival. ***Wanted: FBI agents profile wanted fugitives Joseph M.L. Gardner, Floyd Thomas Travers, Heather Tallchief and Ora Prince.

August 18, 1995
***Amnesia: A woman wakes up in New Orleans to find that she doesn't know who she is, apparantly the victim of amnesia. The woman thinks her name was Gigi and is now searching for her past. Update : A woman in New Orleans, who has amnesia and thinks her name was Gigi has been identified as Belinda Lynn.
August 30, 1995
***Missing Persons: Al Henderson is the prime suspect in the disappearance of his long time fiance, Jean Moore. The couple had been on vacation in Laughlin, Nevada and apparantly Jean had disappeared from a casino. Al Henderson's alibi does not match with what the video cameras in the casino have recorded.
1995-1996 (8th Season / NBC)
October 20, 1995
***focus on the abduction of an infant girl;
***the arrests of two fugitives in Oregon
***Unexplained Death: The mysterious death of Brandon Lee triggers a look into a possible curse that has surrounded the Lee family that took Brandon's father Bruce Lee and his brother.
***Missing Persons: Harris Todd, who has been haunted my nightmares, is searching for his missing infant daughter, Savannah who was kidnapped by her mother Dorothy Lee Barnett.
***Wanted: Tony Castro, a California fugitive has been on the run for authorities. Castro is the prime suspect in the murder of Mike Fadeff, an elderly Washington man.
***The Unexplained: Joe O'Brien has bizarre psychic dreams after discovering that a friend of his had been captured during the Gulf War.
October 27, 1995
***The search for a suspect in the July 1995 murder of a bailiff who worked in Judge Lance Ito's courtroom.
***A family who was terrorized on a Memorial Day outing in Glenrose, Texas;
reports of religious visions in Kentucky.
***Fraud: Richard Relf is accussed of embezzlement and the kidnapping and disappearance of his daughter in 1992.
***The Investigators: A look into the investigators trying to track down criminals on the internet.
***Unexplained Death: Matt Flores, who worked for a computer company in Silicon Valley, was gunned down by an unknown assailant in 1994
November 3, 1995
***Fraud: An investigation into a Pennsylvania mail fraud case that was headed by a man named Manny Moreno. Update: a viewer's tip leading to an arrest in a case of mail fraud;
***theories about the 1995 disappearance of rock musician Taylor Kramer. Update: Kramer’s van and remains were eventually found and it is thought to be a possible suicide.
***Wanted: Dr. Michael Swango, a worker in the medical profession is accused of poisoning his patients and co-workers. UPDATE: He was caught after fleeing to Zimbabwe in Africa. There again his patients began dying. He arrested but fled again to various African and Middle Eastern countries where he continues to practice medicine. Upon a layover flight in ChIcago he was detained and arrested. He was tried and found guilty and is currently serving alife sentence without the possibility of parole.
***Sci-Med: Tami Carroll goes into labor in Indiana and the doctors struggle to revive the newborn who undergoes a miraculous recovery.
***Lost Loves: The Dover family of Atlanta who in 1983, were vacationing in Mexico, were involved in a near fatal car accident and were rescued by two unknown "guardian angels." Update: The search for two unknown "guardian angels" who saved family members' lives after a 1983 auto accident in Mexico has come to an end.
November 10, 1995
***Reports on the search for an alleged con man who preys on girlfriends and grandmothers;
***the 1987 disappearance of Chicago college instructor Charles Southern Jr. who had been affiliated with spiritual leader Terri Hoffman
***phenomena of the Nazca Lines of Peru, gigantic drawings purportedly made by aliens 2000 years ago;
***a building designer's disappearance.
***The Unexplained: The authorities use of a bloodhound named Yogi, to track missing persons.
November 17, 1995
***the powers of voodoo, focusing on a woman in 1800&'s New Orleans who purportedly healed the sick;
***a Santa Fe, N.M., therapist's methods of healing animals;
a sibling's search for a sister with whom she lost touch after their mother's death in 1965.
***UPDATE: Christine Reinhard is reunited with her missing husband who had been suffering from amnesia.
***On January 24, 1984, 19-year-old Tim Molnar of Daytona Beach, Florida, a student in aeronautical mechanics, simply drove away from home and out of his family's life. His 14-year-old brother, Frank, had been the last person to see him.
Two weeks passed with no word from Tim. Then the Molnars received their first clue from a gas station in Lake City, Florida, 150 miles north of Daytona Beach. On the day he disappeared, Tim had stopped there and paid for a tank of gas with his parents' credit card. The attendant recalled that Tim had been traveling alone. Then the Molnars received a letter from an auto impound company in Georgia. Apparently, six days after Tim vanished, his car had been abandoned in a parking lot, one block from Atlanta's Greyhound Bus terminal. A new stereo, Tim's expensive tool set, and a 10-speed bike he had packed in the trunk were all missing.
Had Tim Molnar sold his possessions to buy a one-way bus ticket to a new life? Or had he been the victim of foul play? Tim Molnar had left behind a tangle of conflicting clues. He hadn't taken any clothes with him, other than what he was wearing. However, just before leaving, Tim had withdrawn nearly all the money from his savings account, leaving a balance of $10 as though he might someday return.
If and when Tim Molnar returns home, there will be much to talk about. His little brother has grown up to be a financial consultant and his sister is a doctor. Both are married and Tim is now an uncle. Additionally, just days after Tim drove off, a relative passed away, leaving him an estate that has grown to more than fifty thousand dollars. UPDATE: On November 8, 1996, Tim Molnar's parents received confirmation that the remains of a body found in the woods in Neosho, Wisconsin were those of their son. On the night the segment reran on January 31, 1996, a man named Steven Cull called the Unsolved Mysteries phone center after recognizing the description of the clothes Tim was wearing when he disappeared as those on a body he had found in the woods some ten years earlier. (Tim Molnar disappeared from Daytona Beach in 1984.)
Steven Cull contacted the medical examiner in Waukesha County, Wisconsin and they contacted Tim's family. DNA tests ultimately confirmed that the body was that of Tim Molnar. No one knows how he got to Wisconsin or how he died. The Molnar family held a memorial service for Tim and had him buried in Daytona Beach, Florida.

December 1, 1995
***The Unexplained: The 1964 UFO sighting by a police officer named Lonnie Zamora in New Mexico leads to a suspected government cover-up.
***Fraud: A husband and wife con artist team who attempted to collect the insurance on a boat called the "Sly Fox" which sunk.
***Unexplained Death: The bizarre 1995 murder of an attorney named David Merrifield who had been shot in the head and left for dead in an elevator.
***Missing Persons: Jim Kimble, who suffered from a severe psychological disorder, disappeared from his home in Oak Park, Illinois.
***Lost Loves: Debbie Reis Hamilton is searching for the long lost foster brother and sister that she first met back in the late 1960s.
December 8, 1995
***A report on new evidence in the 1959 death of actor George Reeves (TV's first Superman) includes interviews with costar Jack Larson (who played Jimmy Olsen), researcher Michael Hayde and editor Jim Nolt.
the arrests of two fugitives in Salt Lake City.
***Wanted: Roberto Rameriz, a California drug dealer was at the center of drug sting by California investigators who opened fire on officers and is now on the run.
***Lost Loves: The 1963 death of a single mother leads to her children being seperated. Tina Lamerda Shiets is now searching for her missing siblings.
***Legends: A rare white calf is born on a farm in Janesville, Wisconsin which has brought to the surface an old Indian legend.
***Wanted: A New York woman named Deidre is raped by a repairman named David Gause in 1992. Update: David Gause who had raped a woman in Manhattan has been captured.
December 15, 1995
***An adoptee searches for her biological mother who abandoned her on a New York subway as an infant;
***two scientists seek to verify the existence of a sea creature in the waters off western Canada.
***Wanted: April Hart is searching for the person responsible for the death of her mother Sherry Hart who was pushed off a cliff in 1984 in North Carolina.
***Update: Rose Turford and Carolyn Stevens, a real life 'Thelma and Louise' team have been captured.
***Missing Persons: Michael Hughes, a 7-year old boy was kidnapped in 1994 by a man, Franklin Floyd, who has been convicted for the crime but claims the boy is still alive but won't release the information as to where he is.
***Wanted: An Epes, Alabama post office is targeted for a robbery in 1987 where they kidnapped the Post Master, robbed her and left her in the trunk of a car.
December 29, 1995
***Wanted: Ronald Earl Cains Wanted: Unidentified Subjects Wanted: Richard Relf
January 5, 1996
*** reported sightings in the Adirondack Mountains of the ghost of a woman murdered at the turn of the century;
***a 1994 convenience store robbery and murder of Brian Folgooth that was taped by a surveillance camera;
***the death of forklift driver, Tom Keater, just 5 days after his former co-worker had disappeared and he was a suspect.
***Fraud: Ray Olsen has bilked over 7 billion dollars from investors in a horse racing scam and is now on the run.
***Wanted: The hunt for Ira Einhorn, a counterculture hero, who is wanted in the murder of his girlfriend whom he had stuffed in a trunk in the late 1970s. UPDATE: The long, cold trail of Ira Einhorn, Philadelphia's murderous guru fugitive, ended at a remodeled windmill in the south of France. It was there, on Friday, June 13, 1997, that Einhorn was arrested after 16 years on the run. Einhorn was flown back to Philadelphia and turned over to the police. Ira Einhorn was sentenced to life in prison.
January 12, 1996
***Unexplained Death: Vickie Mahrling searches to prove that her brother Leroy, who seemingly died in a 1968 car accident, really had been murdered.
***Lost Loves: David Kempton is searching for his long lost daughter whom he had been seperated from when his marriage fell apart and his ex-wife took custody.
***Missing Persons: Bonnie Haim disappeared and her husband Michael is accused of having something to do with her disappearance. Update: Michael Haim liable for the murder of his wife in a civil trial. He has never been charged formally with her killing though.
***The Unexplained: An exploration of the spiritual activity that has occurred in an area northeast of San Antonio called The Devil's Backbone.
January 19, 1996
***Wanted: Ronald Bax Missing: James Kimball
January 31, 1996
***A new report focuses on the search for clues to the fate of a Florida bird-ranch owner and his aunt Lila Buritan.
February 2, 1996
***the investigation into the death of Seattle rock musician Mia Zapata. UPDATE: A Florida man arrested, charged in 1993 slaying of punk singer Mia Zapata
***Also: the puzzling circumstances in the drowning of Nancy Manni at a Maryland seamanship school.
***Robbery: The hunt for Thomas David Dixon, a career bank robber who robbed numerous banks throughout North Carolina. After being arrested and out on parole, Dixon returned to his old tricks and is again wanted by authorities. UPDATE: Thomas David Dixon has been arrested in connection with a string of bank robberies.
***Update: Gerda Burian is reunited with her long lost daughter.
***Lost Loves: Michelle Neal-Arkin is searching for her birth parents
February 9, 1996
***Miracles: In 1980, Jean Hilliard Vig slipped in a ditch in sub zero temperatures as she attempted to walk to a friends house she collapsed and literally became a human ice cube yet somehow survived the ordeal.
***UPDATE: Michelle Neal-Arkin is reunited with her birth mother.
***the search for clues in the 1992 murder of airline employee Su Taraskiewicz;
***scientific research being done on twins;
***Wanted: Albert Leon Fletcher in 1993 broke into a home with some friends which began a night of crime which involved the murder of a man in his car. UPDATE: Albert Leon Fletcher, wanted on escape and first degree murder charges, was arrested on April 29, 1996 by members of the Delaware State Police. He was found guilty of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in prison.
***UPDATE: Richard Ford a California burgler has been captured.
February 16, 1996
***An interview with a late suspect's brother sheds light on the still-unsolved case of the Green River serial murders in the Pacific Northwest.
***a 20-year-old Greenwich, Conn., murder case involving Martha Moxley, a teenager slain in her yard; UPDATE: Michael Skakel was convicted of the murder of Martha Moxley.
***communication with the dead;
***a woman trying to locate her mother and siblings;
***UPDATE: on a family's reunion.
***Lost Loves: Jean Warren is searching for a long lost foster son named Rodger Lindsley. UPDATE: Jean Warren's search for her long lost foster son named Rodger Lindsley has come to an end.
February 18, 1996
***A profile of an 8-year-old prodigy from Denver;
***a report on the 1995 disappearance of Mason City, Iowa, TV anchorwoman Jodi Huisentruitt..
February 23, 1996
***a ghost that is said to inhabit a Sunset Strip comedy club in L.A.; \
***an Iowa woman's success in locating two of her three siblings;
***the disappearance of Kansas truck driver Devin Williams in Arizona. UPDATE: Devin Williams’ remains were eventually located.
***Lost Loves: Wendy Radcliffe is searching for an unknown woman who was there for her in the hospital when her grandmother died.
***Wanted: A New York rapist has been prowling secluded trails and bike paths, leaving behind eight victims, one of which died as a result.
***Unexplained Death: In 1986, Keith Warren was found dead hanging from a tree in a wooded area behind his home. Authorities rule his death a suicide but his mother is convinced he was murdered.
March 8, 1996
***Wanted: Postal Crimes
***Wanted: Richard Bare Wanted: Michael McGuffey
***Missing: Michael Anthony Hughes
***Lost Love: Jeanne Martin
March 15, 1996
***Exploring the notion that Gettysburg, Pa., is overrun with ghosts from the crucial Civil War battle fought there in 1863.
***In other segments, a fugitive turns himself in;
***a forensic psychic offers theories on unsolved murders;
***Wanted: Richard Cepulonis, a convicted bank robber, becomes involved with a woman named Karen Walters. They later marry and later Cepulonis walks off the prison grounds and goes on the run with Walters UPDATE: Richard Cepulonis and his wife Karen Walters have been captured. Cepulonis had escaped from prison and Walters had taken off with him.
***Unexplained Death: Two lovers, Michael Johnston and Rochelle Robinson were murdered in 1994 in Tacoma, Washington. Investigators that elements of the occult were involved and enlist the help of a psychic to try to help solve the murders.
March 22, 1996
***Two office workers injured in the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing seek to find the men who rescued them from the toppled building;
***a woman's search for her birth mother offers promising news;
***author James Ellroy is inspired to probe an unsolved murder in his family.
***a probe into the 1993 death of Presidential counsel Vincent Foster.
***Sam Wadkey, in prison for a grocery store robbery that ended in the murder of a police officer, and another inmate escaped from prison. UPDATE: Sam Wadkey has been captured. He died in 2005 of a heart attack.
March 29, 1996
***An Oklahoma woman claims that a lightning bolt brought about a miraculous cure;
***the surviving family of a murdered Maine veteran offers theories about his death;
***Nashville FBI agents arrest a fugitive in Clarksville, Tenn. in connection with a string of bank robberies
***Lost Loves: LaDonna Alfano's mother was killed in 1961 and is now searching for any existing family members from her mother's side. UPDATE: LaDonna Alfano has been reunited with family members of her mother, who had been killed in 1961.
***Wanted: A search for a possible serial arsonist who may have been responsible for torching the church that was attended by Reggie White, a Green Bay Packer and an ordained minister.
April 5, 1996
***UPDATE: on the murder of Los Angeles model Linda Sobeck;
***a woman's search for two brothers with whom she lost touch in the 1960's.
***Wanted: Ernest Small
***Wanted: Roberto & Eladia Ramirez
***Missing: Bhagwaniala "Moses" LallWanted: Ernest Small
***Wanted: Roberto & Eladia Ramirez
***Missing: Bhagwaniala "Moses" Lall
April 12, 1996
***a 19th-century stagecoach heist that reportedly led to the slaughter of Native Americans;
***Unexplained Death: Joan Jefferies was murdered in her car in 1994, in Houston, TX. Her daughter Kelley Walker, is searching for the killer and belives that Samir "Sam" Patel, killed her mother
***Sci-Med: Tony Marabella, a baseball player from Madison, WI, has a 1994 incident where his headache turned into a case of acute amnesia which later proved to improve his baseball playing skills.
***Wanted: Investigators are searching for those reponsible for a 1994 armed robbery of Nevada casino and hotel. The robbers apparantly held hostage two guards who were driving a security van. However, investigators believe the drivers may have been in on the robbery..
April 19, 1996
***Wanted: Gloria Schulze is wanted in the drunk driving death of Angela Maher, a Scotsdale, Arizona college student who ironically fought against drunk driving.
***The Unexplained: An examination of the Nazca Lines of Peru, gigantic geometric drawings believed to have been carved into the landscape some 2000 years ago.
***UPDATE: Antonio Moses, wanted for the murder of an elementary school teacher has turned himself in.
***Missing Persons: Paul Pollis is under investigation for the disappearance of his wife Charlotte. Eyewitness have come forward that put into question his whereabouts the night his wife vanished.
***The Unexplained: Three Texas cowboys claim that a ranch that they had purchased, originally built in the 1950s, is haunted by ghostly cowboys
April 26, 1996
*** Unexplained Death: The bizarre 1993 death of 80-year old heiress, Doris Duke. The butler and later the executor of her estate, Bernard Lafferty becomes under investigaton. This segment examines the possibility that Duke had been murdered by someone who was after her vast estate.
***Lost Loves: Kim Schad is searching for two childhood friends that she had when she was a youngster in Vietnam.
***Legends: An investigation into the reports of a kangaroo-like monster called "Chupacabras" which is responsible for numerous animal deaths in Puerto Rico.
***Treasure: Matt and Wendy Jameson make an odd discovery in their backyard, $6500 in twenty dollar bills strewn about. The segment examines different theories of how it could have gotten there.
***Also, a viewer's tip leading to a fugitive's arrest in South America.[/COLOR]
May 3, 1996
***Robbery: Scott Enyart, a photographer who was present during Robert Kennedy's assassination on June 5, 1968 at the Ambassador Hotel. Enyart claims that his rolls of film where confiscated that night by police officials.
***The Unexplained: In 1980, Robert Davidson was riding his motorcycle on a highway in Indiana when a rainstorm came up. Davidson was struck by lightning and in the aftermath a strange "Woman in Black" came to his side, whom he claims is responsible for his recovery.
***Wanted: Common Law Courts in Missouri, have been the center of a "Freeman Movement" in which vigilantes have gone out, attacked and murdered judges, Federal officials and law enforcement agents in the U.S. Timothy Combs is one of the vigilantes who is wanted for murder.
***Unexplained Death: Shelly Malone, an expert horseback rider, was found laying in an open field, where apparantly her horse had stepped on her. Malone's family believes she was the victim of foul play.
***Also: the capture of a Federal fugitive.
May 10, 1996
***A medical doctor sheds a new light on why death and illness seemingly followed the opening of King Tut's tomb in Egypt in 1922. Others interviewed attribute the casualties to a mummy's curse, a punishment to those who disturbed the Pharaoh's shrine.
***Wanted: Harvey McCloud of cab driver in Modesto, California, is taken hostage by a man who turns him into a human timebomb and orders him to rob a bank.
***Wanted: Sarah Powell awakens to find herself bound and suffering from a case of amnesia. Powell had apparantly become the victim of a home invasion in 1993 and is struggling to remember details from the attack.
***Unexplained Death: An investigation into the 1995 derailment of an Amtrack train in the Arizona desert which strangely echoes a 1939 derailment in Nevada
May 17, 1996
***Reports include the search for suspects in the 1991 murder of actor Dennis Cole's son Joe, a Venice Beach, Cal. videographer who was the victim of a botched robbery where his friend Henry Rollins was also present.
***Lost Loves: Tim Herrell, a TV reporter is searching for his biological mother who had abandoned him in a garbage can in St. Louis. UPDATE: Tim Harrell,, who as a baby was found in a garbage can, has now been reunited with his biological mother.
***Wanted: Tim Good hired a man named Dave Freeman to work on his West Virginia dairy farm. Within a few short months, Freeman and ingratiated himself into Good's life. Good would later be found strangled, having been kept prisoner in his own basement by Freeman. UPDATE: The man who went by the name Dave Freeman has been captured.
***The Unexplained: Milly McGregor goes on a hike in the Sierra Nevadas in Northern California on Labor Day weekend in 1995. A trail guide has a mysterious psychic vision that leads to her rescue.
June 14, 1996
***Wanted: Luis Alfonso Ochoa
June 28, 1996
*** Wanted: Kevin Dominic
July 5, 1996
***Wanted: New York Serial Rapist
August 30, 1996
***Wanted: Timothy Thomas Coombs
September 6, 1996
***A new segment details the search for two suspects in the murder of a Houston teenager in 1995.
***Wanted: Jorge Mendez & Jose Rios
September 13, 1996
***story about Kelly Lee McGinnis UPDATE: Kelly McGinnis, an accused murderer, has been captured
1996-1997 (9th Season / NBC)
September 20, 1996
***amateur researchers find similarities in the cases of the Zodiac killer and the Unabomber; UPDATE: Developments in the infamous Unabomber case, Theodore Kaczynski has been captured and convicted of the bombings. There has been no link to tie him to the Zodiac killings.
***a bizarre West Virginia case involves multiple identities--and murder.
***UPDATE: Mary and Carl Denney have been captured after running a insurance fraud scam.
***Missing: Two college girls have been missing. April Gregory has vanished near her college campus in New York while Kristin Smart is missing in California. Update: The Murder of April Gregory has been solved. Her ex-boyfriend was convicted of murdering and hiding the body.
***Miracles: Trish Zemba suffers a fall from a horse and comes down with a painful nerve disease. After weeks of pain, Trish is suddenly healed for no apparent reason.
***Wanted: William Jordan and Anthony Prevatte are responsible for the 1974 murder of James Rouse Jr. Jordan is still on the lose and Rouse's family seek his capture.
September 27, 1996
***Reports include the suicide of actress Margaux Hemingway, granddaughter of Ernest Hemingway;
***a Los Angeles man's search for his biological mother;
***Unexplained Death: Two Mercer University students from Macon, Georgia are ruthlessly gunned down by an unknown assailant. The only clue was a blue Honda CRX, seen speeding away from the crime scene.
***Fraud: Jonathan Kern, a con man has made his living by impersonating Jonathan Palmer a professional race car driver. Kern apparently masqueraded around Europe wining and dining women and racking up bills all in Palmer's name. Update: in 1998 he was arrested in Paris on similar charges. He was found guilty and sentenced to jail. He has since been released. His whereabouts are unknown but the warrant issued for him in Connecticut detailed in this episode is still outstanding.
***The Unexplained: Kevin Reeder in 1978 wrote a letter and put in a bottle and threw it into a waterway, a land locked lake. In 1996, he receives the letter back along with a note from someone who found the bottle, in San Diego. The bottle somehow traveled around the continent.
October 18, 1996
***the 1966 death of rock star Bobby Fuller, who some believe was murdered;
***an UPDATE: on a bizarre West Virginia murder case from 1994.
***Wanted: The Cawood family of Jefferson County, Tennessee became the victims of a home invasion and soon join other victims of home invasion robberies that have come together to form a Tennessee coalition.
***The Unexplained: Ancient African fertility statues some claim are responsible for a series of pregnancies that have occurred after women have come in contact with them.
***The Investigators: Ben Sherwood, author of a book called "Red Mercury" seemed to predict the 1996 Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta. However, in his book the explosion was much bigger and caused by a substance called red mercury, which may or may not exist.
October 25, 1996
***The Unexplained: Laurie Cabot is a modern day witch who lives in Salem, Massachusetts. Cabot has become the center of attention with her apparant psychic powers that have help police officials solve crimes.
***Wanted: Augustin Mendoza is wanted for being the mastermind of a drug operation that led to the 1994 murder of Phoenix DEA agent, Richard Fass. Fass had been working undercover in the drug operation when things went awry and Fass ended up being shot to death UPDATE: Agustin Vasquez Mendoza was wanted for the 1994 murder of Richard Fass, an undercover agent. He was caught in Mexico, and is on trial for the murder. He is accused of masterminding the killing, but his half-brother, Juan Rubio Vasquez, is serving a life sentence for firing the fatal shots.
***The Unexplained: Sam Zelikson who after surviving being hit by a car, claims to have been visited by the spirit of his dead son. Zelikson would later encounter a string of good luck by becoming a 1991 New York lottery winner.
November 1, 1996
***Probing NASA findings of life on Mars.
***Unexplained Death: A private detective named Phil Harris, claims to have heard the voice of a dead man from Colorado, named David Chase. The voice of Chase told Harris that his drowning death was no accident, but murder.
***Wanted: Tony DeCompo, a deaf man who befriended a waitress at a Florida truck stop. Later, DeCompo "miraculously" regained his hearing and ability to speak and began claiming that someone had a contract out on his life, which led to kidnapping.
November 8, 1996
***Sci-Med: A report on the incidents of sleepwalking and two young people who had tragic encounters with sleepwalking. Jared Allgood, a Iowa college student, went for a run at night while sleepwalking and was hit by a truck. Heidee Ruiz, another college student, who in the middle of the night was sleepwalking during a night terror and ran through a glass window.
***UPDATE: on the disappearance of two young sisters
***a man's search for his siblings.
***Lost Loves: Lois Cappoziello was reunited with her grandmother. However, Lois quickly realized that her quest was not over but that she may have a twin sister who may still be alive.
***Missing Persons: Susan Hurley Harrison had become involved with a man named Jim Harrison. Their relationship was plagued by manic depression, alcholism and domestic violence. Susan's two sons from a previous marriage believe that Jim was somehow involved in her disappearance
***Wanted: Karen Pelletiere a young mother who lived in Florida, slowly began exhibiting signs of a mental breakdown and was diagnosed with viral encephalitis which later led to her mysterious disappearance with her son.
November 15, 1996
***Howard Storm , a devout atheist’s 1985 experiences while on vacation in France came down with a strange malady which led him to a near-death experience, which he claims took him to the depths of hell. This later led him to become a minister.
***a toddler's 1993 abduction.
***Wanted: Alicia Showalter-Reynolds disappeared in 1996. Her car was later found abandoned and some believe she may have become the victim of an unidentified man who had been harassing female drivers on the road, where Reynolds had been found.
***UPDATE: Richard Cepulonis and his wife Karen Walters have been captured. Cepulonis had escaped from prison and Walters had taken off with him.
***Lost Loves: Steven Newton, while riding his motorcyle slides on a patch of water and is thrown into a pool of water. Newton is searching for the young woman who pulled him from the water and saved him from drowning. UPDATE: Steve Newton's search for the woman who saved his life following a devestating motorcycle accident ended on December 19, 1996 when he spoke with Tammy Dotson of Immokalee, Florida. One of Tammy's co-workers saw the story on Unsolved Mysteries and remembered Tammy speaking of the incident. She contacted Tammy and urged her to call the show. Although Tammy contacted the Unsolved Mysteries phone center, her boyfriend coincidentally worked at the Hendry Correctional Institution where Steve's father-in-law is employed. The two men connected and Tammy's information was forwarded to Steve, who immediately called Tammy.
At the time this update was compiled in December 1996, Steve and Tammy were planning a reunion for early January 1997. At that time, Steve and his wife, Cheron, will finally be able to thank Tammy personally for saving his life.

***Wanted: Stephanie Booker of Dallas, Texas became the victim of a hit and run accident while on a boating trip when a speedboat crashed into Booker's boat. The propeller of the speedboat had slashed Booker's face and the driver of the speedboat ran from the scene.
***UPDATE: Convicted child molesters, Samuel Lee Glover and Dennis Kirkpatrick have been captured.
November 22, 1996
***patients of a doctor schooled in the ancient Chinese medical practice known as Qi Gong.
***Whitey Bulger - For more than 20 years, James J. "Whitey" Bulger has been the reputed Don of New England's Irish Mafia. Bulger has been described as a throwback to the gangsters of the 1930s: quick-witted, hot tempered, and ruthless. A petty thief turned bank robber, he spent nine years in federal prisons, including Alcatraz. After his release, Bulger allegedly established an empire in South Boston. According to authorities, Bulger ruled his turf with an iron fist, and in the process earned an estimated $25 million.
***The Investigators: An investigation into the high profile O.J. Simpson case. Simpson is accused of murdering his wife Nicole Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman. This segment probes the possibility of LAPD may have tampered with evidence. Both aspects of guilt and innocence for O.J. is probed with authorities and officials giving support.
***Missing Persons: Lathan Williams an up and coming rapper had a baby, Le-Zhan Williams with his girlfriend Daphne Boyden. Daphne was later found murdered in her home which had been torched. Le-Zhan may have been kidnapped by two unknown girls, seen with Daphne, prior to her death. UPDATE: 6 years later Le-Zhan was found living two miles away. He was returned to his family. Two 15 year olds were found responsible for this crime.

December 13, 1996
***Wanted: Melody Woods began dating a man named Michael Short, a man who had a history of violence. Short was later sentenced to prison for a shooting incident who harrassed Woods from jail. Woods later helped Short escape from prison. Update: Short and Woods were both arrested. Short was sentenced to an additional 7 years in prison while Woods was given 10 years probation.
***a 1986 hostage incident at a Cokeville, Wyo., elementary school;
***the death of international financial consultant Lynn Amos in a fire at a Washington, D.C., townhouse;
***Lost Loves: Gale Samuels is searching for her biological parents in order to find someone who may save her life with a bone marrow transplant.
***UPDATE: Christie Wizmer has been reunited with the baby girl which she gave up for adoption
January 3, 1997
***The Unexplained: Three profiles of animals who saved the lives of humans. A dog named Boo, saved a man from drowning. Another dog named Oscar, saved his owner from a gunman. Ringo, a tabby cat saved his owners from a gas leak.;
***Lost Loves: Kelly Helton allowed her estranged mother, Connie Jean to move in with her and her two daughters, Tabitha and Zenith. Connie later disappeared with Zenith and now Kelly is searching for them.
***Sandra Orellana went on a business trip with her boss Robert Lee Salazar. She was later found dead from a fall from her balcony of her hotel. Was it murder or an accident? UPDATE: Salazar was tried for her murder but found not-guilty.
***the search for a mail bomber who terrorized New York City area residents.
***Lost Loves: Glendeen Butterfield is searching for her long lost niece named Kelly Ann, whom she raised as a child. UPDATE: Glendeen Butterfield is reunited with her long lost daughter, Kelly Ann.
***Fraud: Gregorio Scoto and his wife Eduarda became the victims of a con artist whom they went to to help cure Eduarda's painful migraines. The Scotos had turned to a woman named Elena Souza who made off with their money.
January 10, 1997
***A report on the use of bee venom to treat the crippling effects of multiple sclerosis;
***UPDATE: Mechelle Busby has been reunited with her brother Christopher.
***an engineering lab's challenge to arguments in the Darien, Conn., rape trial of Alex Kelly; UPDATE: He was found guilty and served his sentence until 2007 when he was released on parole.
***Unexplained Death: Jamie Santos, a 27-year old exotic dancer in Chicago, had been smothered with a pillow in her home. An anonymous man called 911 and reported the murder, some believe the caller may have been the murderer.
***Wanted: Guy Pence, a district ranger for the U.S. Forest Service located in Carson City, Nevada has been targeted. The Sagebrush Rebellion, an informal alliance of people opposed to federal control of local public lands
January 31, 1997
***Examining the human-like characteristics of an unusual primate;
***The story of a missing reporter Susan Walsh who disappeared in 1996;
***The search for a suspect in Mexico;
***News of a so-called aphrodisiac "wonder drug.";
***A 1975 shootout at a furniture store where Tommy Zeigler says he was wrongly convicted
February 7, 1997
***Reports include one man's crusade to reinvestigate the 1994 death of rock star Kurt Cobain.
***A controversial medical diagnosis--by a dog; ;
***1995 missing-persons case.
February 14, 1997
***A report on aphrodisiacs, including one man's claim that chocolates improved his sex life;
***Unexplained Death: Robert Dirscherl was shot and killed in 1977 and his death was ruled a suicide. In 1993, Dirscherl's son recieved a bizarre unsigned letter from someone who claims to have killed his father.
***Wanted: Ennis William Cosby, son of comedian/actor of Bill Cosby was shot in Los Angeles by an unknown assailant. UPDATE: Cosby was murdered by Mikhail Markhasev on January 16, 1997, in Los Angeles, California. He was 27 years old.
Cosby had pulled his Mercedes to the side of Interstate 405 to change a flat tire when he was confronted by Markhasev. According to prosecutors, Markhasev demanded money from Cosby, and then shot him in the head and fled the scene.
While the prosecutors stated that the case was very circumstantial, and that the verdict could have gone either way, Markhasev confessed his guilt after his conviction, because, in his own words, he "wanted to do the right thing … More than anything, [he] wanted to apologize to the victim's family." Markhasev is serving a life sentence without the possibility of parole in San Quentin State Prison.

***The Investigators: A segment on the investigation of the crash of TWA Flight 800 and the possibility that it was shot down by a secret governmental ray gun.
***Andrew Cook is wanted for the January 1995 shootings of Michele Cartagena, 19, and Grant Hendrickson, 22. They were killed in a car at a lover's lane UPDATE: Lu Hanessian reports on the capture of Andy Cook, responsible for a double murder.
***Sci-Med: An investigation into the possibility of a comet striking Earth and the devastation the could occur
February 21, 1997
***Sci-Med: The Olesen family of Illinois have somehow become the target for unusal lightning strikes. The last generations of the family have had dangerous and in some cases deadly incidents with lightning.
***Unexplained Death: Patrick Kelly, a film student at the University of Southern California was struck and killed by a motorcyclist in Tijuana, Mexico in 1996. He was later mis-identified and his family believes that there was a cover-up.
***The Unexplained: While driving along Highway 50 in the Sierra Nevadas, Christine Scoobish and her 3 year old son vanish. Later, another motorist catches the glimpse of a ghost that leads them to a car wreck, Christine had died, but her son was still alive.
***The Investigators: An investigation into people who are involved in modern day games that involve vampirism. Ceara O'Connell has disappeared and some belive she may have become involved in a vampire game UPDATE: She was found safe and well. She had run off with. U.S. airman Brooker Maltais, also involved in the vampire online games. The moved around together and passed off as father and daughter. She never attempted to leave because she felt he understood her. Furthermore, Maltais wouldn't allow O'Connell out of their apartment without him. Nor would he permit her to watch television, use a telephone or write letters home. He played on her fear of him being found out and being punished.
***Also, suspicions of an insurance scam in Mexico.
March 7, 1997
***Wanted: Yessica Mendez
***Special Bulletin: Unidentified Subject
March 14, 1997
***Examining several theories about who gunned down rapper Tupac Shakur in Las Vegas in September 1996.
***The search for suspects in the abduction of a 5-year-old girl Therese Rose Walsh
***Two men, disguised in masks, invaded the home of Becky Woods. The intruders seemed to know exactly what they were looking for. They attacked Becky Woods in bed, pulling her out at gunpoint, and demanded to know the combination to the family safe. At the time of the assault, Becky's granddaughter was sleeping beside her. In addition to stealing Becky's car, the robbers had made off with $20,000 worth of jewelry and the locked safe containing the Wood's life savings - another $18,000 in cash. That afternoon, police found Becky's '91 Lincoln at a nearby car wash. The safe turned up a week later, emptied of cash but yielding evidence that could help convict the robbers once they were identified.
As police began to review the case, the facts pointed to one conclusion. They had known too much to be total strangers. The Wood’s daughter offered to review the pawnshop leads for local police. She identified the photo as a man named Gary Noble. His brother, Ted Noble, had briefly worked for the Wood family eight months prior to the robbery. When Ted and his brother Gary found that detectives were closing in, they fled Ohio and are still on the run. Authorities tracked Ted and Gary Noble as far south as Houston, Texas. A $5,000 reward has been offered in this case, however, police warn that the fugitives are extremely dangerous.
UPDATE: On Tuesday, August 26, 1997, Gary and Ted Noble were apprehended in Nashville, Tennessee after a year-long manhunt. As a direct result of Unsolved Mysteries tipsters, authorities were led to the Nashville area where Gary was working in construction on the new stadium in town. The Tennessee Violent Crimes Task Force responded to the site and saw Gary driving away in a vehicle. When the agent turned around to follow Noble, he lost him in traffic. The officer then alerted the rest of the task force , who again found him in traffic in an area the brothers were known to frequent. This time, Ted was in the car with Gary. A short chase ensued before the two were caught near an exit ramp to Interstate 265.
Ted and Gary Noble pled guilty to all charges and received sentences of 15 to 25 years.

***Also: two women's search for a long-lost brother.
***Sci-Med: An investigation into the phenomenon of spontaneous human combustion. This segment probes individual cases where people supposedly died from this bizarre unconfirmed phenomenon.
March 28, 1997
***The Unexplained: David Morehouse claims to have been a "psychic spy" as part of the United States government's Stargate program.
***UPDATE: Andre Wilson wanted for a gas station robbery and murder of an attendant has been captured.
***Update: Shawn Moore has been reunited with his brother.

***Wanted: Maria Rosa Hernandez, a live-in nanny is wanted for questioning in the assult of a 4-year old girl whom she had been caring for as well as a 17-month old boy who also may have been abused by Hernandez.
***Sci-Med: With the cloning of the sheep, Dolly, this segment explores the possibility of cloning humans and possibly bringing people back from the grave.
***Also, a counterfeiter's family helps law enforcement;
***Wanted: Mark Gagliardo UPDATE: He’s was captured in San 2000. Gagliardo, a former Texas law enforcement officer, was convicted in 1995 for the sexual assaults of three teenage boys, but fled from authorities while on bail
April 4, 1997
***A profile of a family that claims to be tormented by unseen forces, including ghostly visions, electrical phenomena and mysterious medical troubles;
***The search for a suspected swindler in Mexico.
***Wanted: Maria Socorro de Rodriguez LaPine, also known as "The Black Widow" is wanted in connection with the deaths of eight men and one woman that first began in 1970 with her first husband.
***Miracles: Candy Gaither Horner, who had been battling leukemia, claims that her dead sister Roxy, reached out from the grave that led to Candy's miraculous recovery.
***The Investigators: An investigation into the bizarre speculations that concern the crash of TWA Flight 800
April 11, 1997
***Missing: Jeanette Theresa Federico UPDATE: Jeanette Theresa Federico, was caught Colorado on a warrant for child stealing out of Santa Fe, N.M. She is not a suspect in the Bank Robberies her husband was a party to.
April 18, 1997
***The Unexplained: Rosemary Altea as a child had strange encounters with the spirit world and now is helping other contact deceased loved ones.
***Dennis Keith Smith who had been convicted previously for the murder of his own sister is on the run for the murder of a local woman Carolyn Killaby in Vancouver Washington. UPDATE: Federal fugitive Dennis Keith Smith was arrested by members of the New Smyrna Beach Police Department on February 4, 1997. Smith had been wanted locally for questioning regarding a vehicle stolen the previous Monday night. Police made a traffic stop on the vehicle in which Smith was riding. During questioning, Smith attempted to escape. The officers gave pursuit and when Smith was apprehended, a violent struggle ensued. As officers attempted to subdue him, Smith allegedly grabbed one of the officer's guns, attempting to remove it from the holster. As that officer struggled to retain possession of the firearm, Smith was shot in the neck by a second officer. Smith recovered from his wounds and was ultimately convicted of the murder of Carolyn Killaby. In November of 2005, Dennis Keith Smith committed suicide
***Lost Loves: Bobbi Page Myler's one night stand led to a pregnancy. She would later give the baby boy up for adoption but is now searching for him who may have a rare genetic disease. UPDATE: On Friday night, April 18, 1997, Bobbi Page Myler's life-and-death search for the son she had given up for adoption in 1966 ended just moments after Unsolved Mysteries profiled her touching story. Her son's adoptive mother contacted the Unsolved Mysteries Phone Center and spoke with Bobbi directly. Later that same evening, Bobbi's son, 30-year-old David Bills of Bountiful, Utah, also called the phone center. His wife, Tammy, had seen the show and had contacted David at work. Later, the emotional biological mother and son finally spoke for the first time.
Bobbi and David did speak about her illness that Friday night. David confirmed that he has been ill since 1992, with what may be symptoms of Bobbi's disease. Still, despite the circumstances, the two are extremely happy to have found each other. They were also delighted to discover that they live only three hours apart. A reunion is being planned for the near future, to introduce both Bobbi and David to their new extended families

***Unexplained Death: A Canadian man named Blair Adams is found dead in a parking lot in Tennessee in 1996. Scattered around his body was $4,000 in Canadian, German and American currency, his friends and family speculate over his bizarre death.
***The Investigators: A probe into apparant "Men in Black." They reportedly appear without warning, appear in threes, speak in unison and are rumored to be aliens.
***UPDATE: Candice and Charina Berry have been reuinted with their father.
***UPDATE: Jeff Lynn has been reunited with his sister.
April 25, 1997
***Wanted: Don Richard Davis, Jr. UPDATE: He was captured in 2000 in Ohio. He pled guilty to two charges of aggravated rape in 1995 on two Texas A&M students.***The Unexplained: Lynne Plaskett claims to have had a strange encounter with a UFO. Following her experience, her cancer strangly went into remission.
***Unexplained Death: Kristie Gunderson Lee is found dead and her husband, Jeffrey Lee's mother and stepfather are questioned for having something to do with it.
***UPDATE: Trent Steven Fouts is captured after killing a young boy.
***Lost Loves: Virginia Burns is searching for her long lost half-sister. Update: UPDATE: Virginia Burns search for her half sister, Susan King, ended on Friday night, April 25, 1997, moments after Unsolved Mysteries profiled her story. Susan had not seen the story, but her ex-husband had. He called the Unsolved Mysteries Phone Center, then contacted Susan directly. Susan stated that she had been looking for her family since she turned 21 years old. Her mother had remarried and she had been adopted by her stepfather. Consequently, her birth records were sealed by the courts. Susan was overjoyed at being found and was immediately put in touch with Virginia. Their first conversation lasted more than 90 minutes. Virginia and Sue have already discovered many similar interests and creative talents they share. The two half-sisters are eagerly anticipating meeting for the first time. A reunion is being planned for the near future.
***The Unexplained: Carolyn Reynolds, an expert in astrology explores a possible link between serial killers and the astrological charts.
May 2, 1997
***Reports of cyberstalkers using the anonymity of computers when threatening victims;
***The Unexplained: A five-year old boy, named Chase Bowman experiences through induced hypnosis, an account of a past life as a soldier in the Civil War. Two other young children recall past life experiences.
***the murder of star lacrosse and soccer player Aimee Willard. UPDATE: Arthur Bomar was convicted of the rape and murder of Aimee Willard.
***Lost Loves: Christie Wismer's youthful romance leads to pregnancy. She would later give birth to a baby girl and gave her up for adoption. She is now searching for her lost baby girl.
***Lost Loves: Donna and Rick Roberts were in a car accident and their 10-week old baby girl became trapped in the back seat. The Roberts are searching for the man who rescued their baby.
May 9, 1997
***American and Russian archaeologists discover the bones and weapons of ancient women warriors;
***Residents of Oakville, Washington, report mysterious gooey blobs that rained down from the sky;
***a comatose man experiences what doctors call a "miracle survival";
***a mother searches for the murderer of her son.
May 16, 1997
***Reports on a possible link between the bombing in Atlanta during the Summer Olympics and a series of bombings in Spokane, Wash. Update: Eric Rudolph was arrested for the Summer Olypic bombings and there is no information to connect him to the Washington area bombings.
***The murder of South Carolina beauty-shop owner Dana Satterfield. UPDATE: Jonathan Vick was arrested for the murder of Dana Satterfield
***Wanted: Beth Smith becomes a victim of Sal Oliverio, a con man who wined and dined her. She would later discover his real name was Salvatore Spinnato who attacked her new boyfriend.
***Miracles: Reverand Father DiOrio seems to have a mystical healing power. A young girl named Christina Umowski who would be diagnosed with neuro fiber mitosis suffers a miraculous recovery after meeting DiOrio.
***Lost Loves: Moises Treves, a successful chef, is searching for an American woman named Judy who encouraged him to open a restaurant when he was younger. UPDATE: Moises Treves' benefactor contacted the Unsolved Mysteries Phone Center. Judy, whose last name Moises remembered incorrectly, had watched the broadcast. She was surprised to discover that her gift had such a great impact on Moises. Judy, who prefers that her last name and residence location remain confidential, was thrilled to learn of Moises' success. The two were put in contact with each other and spoke by phone that same day.
May 23, 1997
***Update: the arrest of a fugitive and his wife in St. Paul (Minn.).
***Wanted: Unidentified Subject Wanted: Jimmy Wayne Pierce UPDATE: He was captured in 1997
August 8, 1997
***Wanted: Melvin Luther Wilson
August 29, 1997
***Unexplained Death: Kristi Lee
September 5, 1997
***Unexplained Death - Lynn Amos
***Lost Love - Regina Davis
***Lost Love: Dave & Christie Carlsen had a brief relationship that resulted in a baby. Not in a relationship anymore they decided the best thing to do was put her up for adoption. Now after leading separate lives they are searching for their long lost daughter. UPDATE: Karen Jacobs of Ft. Myers, Florida has been identified as their daughter. A reunion is planned for the future.
1997-1998 (10th Season / CBS)
November 13, 1997
***Elvis Presley's alleged suicide;
***claims by Michael Landon's stepdaughter that the late actor has contacted her from beyond;
***Unexplained Death: Two prostitutes, Candy Bely and Gloria Ross from a Kentucky bordello are murdered and the search is on for their killer
***Unexplained Death: Monika Rizzo disappears and later an anonymous tip leads to bone fragments in the backyard of her husband.
April 3, 1998
***The Unexplained: The author of The Bible Code claims that the Bible foretold catastrophes including: the Oklahoma City Bombing, the Kobe, Japan earthquake and the Gulf War.
***Lost Loves: In Minnesota, Marlys Thomas is searching for her daughter, who supposedly died at birth, but she suspects the baby was taken from the hospital in 1962.
***Unexplained Death: In Vidor, Texas, Steve Page is accused of raping and killing his estranged wife, Sandy. Her body was found in her car, which had strangely driven into a ditch.
***Wanted: Luie Quezada UPDATE: Was arrested in 2001 for the assault on the Marine at a Birthday party that left him debilitated. Quezada is serving an 18 year sentence in prison.
***Special bulletin: two young sisters taken by mother.
April 10, 1998
***Probing the mysteries of the ancient Nanteos Cup, believed by some to be the Holy Grail. The vessel is reputed to hold the power to heal those who drink from it.
***Wanted: Michael Wayne Brown and another fugitive are wanted fugitives after Brown's wife, Donna Moses Brown, helped them escape from prison. This after Donna and Michael met and later married after becoming pen pals. UPDATE: A viewer, Greg, was surfing the "Unsolved Mysteries" website. He clicked on a story about Michael Wayne Brown - a man who had escaped from prison with the help of his new wife. The photograph of Brown looked exactly like the owner of a video store in Kettering, Ohio, which is where the viewer's wife worked. Greg was pondering what to do when the phone rang; at the other end of the line was "Kenneth Ginter" - his wife's boss. When Greg remarked that "Ginter" bore a remarkable resemblance to the wanted Michael Wayne Brown, "Ginter" replied, "Everyone has a double." But immediately after the phone call, "Kenneth Ginter" seemed to disappear. Greg ultimately decided to call the FBI, who were already close on Brown's tail. Just then, Brown turned himself in. Donna Brown was not charged with aiding in his escape. Michael Wayne Brown was found guilty and was sentenced to life in prison.
***Amnesia: A man in Wyoming stricken with amnesia is searching for his past, after waking up on the side of the road in 1994.
***Missing Persons: Rachel Timmerman is brutally raped by Marvin Gabrian who in an effort to stop her from testifying apparently murders her and kidnaps her daughter, Shannon UPDATE: Marvin Gabrion was convicted of the murder of Shannons mother Rachael Timmerman. She had also accused him of rape prior to her murder. He is also suspected in 4 other disappearances as well as Shannon Verhage who is suspected to be deceased. He was up for a new trial in 2006.
April 17, 1998
***A grainy gas-station video may hold the key to finding Wendy Von Huben an Illinois girl missing since she set off on a joyride to Florida with her boyfriend, who was later found murdered. UPDATE: Wendy Von Huben’s remains were later found and her and her boyfriend were found to be victims of the “Railroad Killer”, Angel Maturino Resendiz
***a Vancouver, Wash., family who claims to share their home with spirits.
May 22, 1998
***Townspeople of a British village offer a theory that a 300-year-old chair in a local pub can cause the deaths of those who sit in it.
***Wanted: A 1995 California bank robbery leads to the arrest of all suspects except one who may or may not be responsible for taunting the police through e-mails.
***Lost Loves: Wilma Drew is involved in a car accident on a California interstate. She is now searching for an unknown trucker who helped pull her from the wreckage.
***Unexplained Death: 6-year-old Katherine Korzilius, daughter of a manager of Jon Bon Jovi, becomes the victim of an apparent hit-and-run
***Wanted: In New York, Paul Ragusa, an up and coming mob kingpin, is on the FBI Most Wanted list for robbery and arson. UPDATE: Ragusa turned himself in in 1998, pled guilty, and recieived a 19 year sentence.
May 29, 1998
***Phoenix residents claim they saw odd, V-shaped lights in the skies when the Hale-Bopp Comet passed over the southwestern U.S. in 1997;
***A California woman discovers that she has three brothers and possibly three additional siblings.
***Sharon Kinne - March 19, 1960. A sheriff's deputy in Independence, Missouri was summoned by a distraught 20-year-old woman named Sharon Kinne. The deputy found Kinne's husband dead of a gunshot wound to the head. Authorities initially believed Kinne when she told them it was a tragic accident. She explained that her two-year-old daughter was responsible for accidentally shooting her own father. Kinne collected on an insurance policy and proceeded to buy a new sports car and take up with a married man. When the wife of this married boyfriend was found murdered in a similar fashion, Sharon Kinne became the prime suspects in both deaths.
***Lost Loves: The late Doreen Espinoza's past is her children's center of attention as they try to find all of their siblings.
***Wanted: Two cases on road rage.
***1. Richard Aderson is fatally shot in Fishkill, NY after a minor car accident with another vehicle.
***2. In California, Travis and Wendy James become the victims of a driver, whos passenger opens fire on them, killing their young son. The James case has an update.
August 7,1998
***Wanted: Michele Lee Abraham
***Missing: Mary Agnes Gross
***Wanted: Ngoc Van Tran
***Missing: "Pat" (Amnesia Victim)
August 14, 1998
***Wanted: Marshall Lee Brown Update: Marshall Lee Brown, 38, who was still at large as of this Update is suspected of fatally shooting one man in the head and beating another man with a pistol while on the run. UpUPDATE: He was arrested in 1999 and convicted fo murder.
***Wanted: Jose Francisco Blandon
August 21, 1998
***Wanted: Francis Buhay

1999 (11th Season /CBS)
April 2, 1999
***The series returns with segments on miracles attributed to 14-year old Audrey Santos who lies in a coma;
***the brutal murder of college journalist Brook Baker who threatened to implicate a fraternity in a campus rape; Update: Brian Jones was convicted of the murder of Brook Baker.
***Stock brokers who use zodiac signs;
***Unexplained Death: The bizarre murder of Bugsy Segal is explored.
***In St. Petersburg, Florida, Marlene and Steve Aisenberg are suspected in the disappearance of their daughter Sabrina. Includes update.
April 9, 1999
***Segments on the murder of three police officers (one fatal: Dale Claxton) during a Colorado shooting spree. On May 29, 1998, Police Officer Dale Claxton was shot to death as he sat in his police cruiser in Cortez, Colorado. Claxton had just pulled over a truck which had been stolen the day before in Ignacio, Colorado. As the officer awaited word from the dispatcher, three suspects from inside the truck allegedly brandished automatic weapon and began firing, killing Claxton instantly. UPDATE: Human remains found in June 2007 in Cross Canyon, which straddles the Utah-Colorado border, are almost certainly those of Jason McVean, the last of the four suspects to be found. They were all located deceased.
***reports of a Bigfoot-like creature in the Florida Everglades;
***the death of newlywed Michele Witherall in a tragic fall; Her husband Jeremy is accused of having something to do with it.
***Isabelle Prichard, a child's seemingly miraculous recovery, attributed to a psychic healer from Russia;
***tales of a matchmaker ghost on the Delta Queen Riverboat.
April 16, 1999
***Missing Runner - At 9:30 a.m. on July 24, 1997, 24-year-old Amy Wroe Bechtel left her Lander, Wyoming apartment to run errands. Her husband, 27-year-old Steve Bechtel, went rock climbing with a friend. At 2:30 that afternoon, Amy was seen at a photo shop. This was the last confirmed sighting of Amy. It's believed she left the photo shop and drove into the Shoshone National Forest to check the course of a 10K race her gym was planning. Her husband is said to be fascinated with death;
***Jayson Artis - On Saturday, August 1, 1998, a 20-year-old Los Angeles college student, Jayson Artis, along with his brother, Steve, and a friend, Mike, headed for Tijuana to party. The American Consulate said Jayson was a victim of a hit and run accident. But Jayson's family and friends suspect he was beaten to death by the Tijuana police. How did a college student turn up dead on the streets of Tijuana? Jayson's Aunt, Tina Martin, has spearheaded a search for the truth.
***two drivers alleged to have ESP after individual brushes with death;
haunted Rose Cottage in England;
***Hit & run driver left two children dead.
May 28, 1999
***Missing Amy Bradley - Amy Bradley was last seen around 5:30 a.m. on the balcony of her family's cabin on a Royal Caribbean cruise liner on March 24, 1998. She and her brother Brad had returned from dancing in the ship's disco around 3:40 in the morning. They talked and smoked cigarettes on the suite's balcony. Amy's father awoke around five and saw her sitting out on the balcony. He went back to sleep. When he awoke an hour later, Amy was gone. Within an hour the family realized Amy was nowhere to be found. She has not been seen since
***The Unexplained: A look at the Millennium and psychic predictions that indicate the end of the world.
***Wanted: The Dinnertime Bandit - Jewel thief Alan Golder, 43, is quite possibly the best cat burglar in America. He typically strikes when his victims are home in the early evening, prompting law enforcement agencies to dub him "The Dinnertime Bandit."
Between 1976 and 1980, Golder stole millions in gems from some of America's wealthiest families.
UPDATE: He's been captured in Belgium

***The Unexplained: Thomas Wright has a psychic nightmare about his police officer mother being attacked while transporting a prisoner.
***Unexplained Death: Sandy Murphy is suspected in the death of her boyfriend, Nevada casino millionaire, Ted Binion. Did he commit suicide or was he murdered? UPDATE: Sandy Murphy and her lover Rick Tabish were found guilty and sentenced to prison in 2000. However they were granted a re-trial in 2004 and were both aquitted of the murder charges but found guity of lesser charges of conspiracy to commit burglary, burglary and grand larceny.
***searching for a good samaritan.
June 4, 1999
***The Unexplained: A report on "walk-in's" which is people who have had near death experiences and reportedly an even trade occurs, one soul for another.
***Jessica Keen - Fifteen-year old Jessica Keen was an all-American girl - a cheerleader and honor student. But when she began dating 18-year-old Shawn Thompson, she began to rebel. She quit cheerleading and skipped school to secretly see Shawn. On March 4, 1991, she was placed in a group home for troubled teens. On March 15th, Jessica and Shawn argued on the phone. She left the home saying she was going to the downtown mall. She was last seen alive at the bus stop. After being missing for two days, Jessica Keen's body was found at the back of Foster Chapel Cemetery, 20 miles from the teen facility. She had been raped and badly beaten. Update: 17 years after the fact Marvin Lee Smith was arrested for her murder in 2008.
Lost Loves:
***1. Margie Hamilton married a man four times her age. She later has a child and her husband gave the child up for adoption without telling her. Now, her daughter is searching for her brother, Ben Austin Baker.
***2. Twins, Jerry and Terry Robinson were given up for adoption and now their loved ones are searching for them.
***The Unexplained: A report on pets who save those in danger. Including a dog named Norman who saved a drowning woman and a pot bellied pig, named Lulu, who helped save her owner who was having a heart attack.
***Wanted: Lee Carter Jr. was killed after someone planted a bomb in his car. Authorities believe that Richard Vallee, a member of the Hells Angels biker gang, may be behind Carter's death. UPDATE: He was Captured in Canada in 2003.
June 11, 1999
***Unexplained Death: The skeleton of Camilla Lyman turns up after she had been missing for 10 years. Lyman reportedly was an eccentric spinster who had numerous show dogs. Between 1978 and 1985, Lyman underwent a transformation into a man and began going by the name, Cam Lyman.
***The Unexplained: In Louisiana, the grave of Charlene Richard becomes a Mecca for healing miracles.
***The Unexplained: In Connecticut, a modern day exorcism is investigated centering on a 29 year-old woman who claims to have been possessed by demons.
***Missing Persons: An ex-Green Beret, Jim Wood disappeared in Maryland and has been missing for 11 years.
2001 (11th Season / Lifetime)
July 2nd, 2001
***Sherman Murder - Linda Sherman was getting ready to leave her estranged husband, Don, after 10 tumultuous years of marriage, when she disappeared. Five years later someone put her skull in the bushes outside of Don's favorite restaurant. Was it a cruel practical joke? Linda's family wants to know who killed her.
July 3rd, 2001
***Trailer Abduction & Murder - Ashley Freeman was celebrating her 16th birthday with her best friend, Lauria Bible. The next day, the Freeman trailer was found burned down. Inside it were the bodies of Ashley's mother and father, both of whom had been murdered. But where are Ashley and Lauria? Were they innocent victims of a political feud involving Ashley's father, or have they been kidnapped? UPDATE: Jeremy Bryan Jones confessed to Sheriff Jimmie Sooter that he killed the Freeman couple and that the teenaged girls ran out of the home and into Jones' truck. He drove them to Kansas where he allegedly killed them and disposed of their bodies. Based on information given to the detectives, a large search of mining pits and sinkholes was conducted but nothing was found. Jones has not been charged in the Freeman case.
July 4th, 2001
***College Student Murder - After receiving threatening phone calls, 18-year-old Bryan Nisenfeld disappeared from his Rhode Island college campus. Six months later, one of his boots containing a piece of his foot washed ashore on nearby Hog Island. The University feels that he left campus of his own free will, and may have committed suicide. But his parents think he was murdered.
July 5th, 2001
***Nebraska Disappearance - Less than fifteen minutes from home, twenty-five-year-old Bill Rundle and twenty-eight-year-old Traci Kenley, two friends from Hastings, Nebraska, vanished from the highway. Did they disappear voluntarily, or meet with foul play? UPDATE:
Two years after Traci Kenley and Bill Rundle vanished, unusual weather gave authorities the answer to the mysterious disappearance. Drought conditions lowered the level of a feedlot runoff pond near the road where the two had been traveling. A farm worker noticed the outline of a car in the pond and contacted police-- who theorized that because Traci and Bill were unfamiliar with the area and they mistakenly drove down the narrow private road. Police believe that when they attempted to turn the car around it went into the pond—and because of the mud were unable to escape. Investigators have ruled out foul play.

July 9th, 2001 -
***Camarena Family Adoption - Over 40 years ago, the Camarena family was torn apart when a young mother was shot to death and five siblings were separated by adoption. Now Dolores Camarena is determined to find her long-lost siblings and reunite her family. UPDATE: Thanks to one of Unsolved Mysteries viewers, Lori Camarena Magnin has been reunited with many of her long-lost siblings.
July 10th, 2001
***Wanted: James Sullivan - In 1987, Atlanta socialite Lita Sullivan was shot to death by a hit man posing as a flower delivery man. Authorities are now searching for Lita's husband, James Sullivan, who has been charged with her murder. UPDATE: James Sullivan has been captured. The FBI received tips about Sullivan's whereabouts, and for a month police in Cha-am, Thailand tracked him. Sullivan and his Thai-born girlfriend had moved to the area and purchased a condominium in 1998. On July 2, 2002, police arrested Sullivan and held him in a Thai prison while awaiting extradition to Georgia. In April 2006, James Sullivan was found guilty and received a life sentence without parole. Phillip Anthony Harwood was found guilty for being the triggerman in the murder of Lita Sullivan and was sentenced to 20 years in prison.
July 11th, 2001
***Cadaver Dogs - So extraordinary are the innate skills of cadaver dogs that they are like "idiot savants," possessed of abilities that few canines have. Such is the case of "Eagle," a Doberman Pinscher who has helped solve crimes which have stymied law enforcement.
July 12th, 2001
***Internet Abduction - 15-year old Trisha Ann Autry disappeared from her home in Utah in the early morning hours of June 24, 2000. Did she become the victim of an Internet predator? Trisha Ann Autry Foundation
UPDATE: In May 2001 police discovered Trisha's remains at the Predator Research Facility in Millville Utah, 8 miles from Hyrum. Police had become suspicious of the activities of a local 28-year-old man, Cody Lynn Neilson, a maintenance man at the facility. He had been seen digging trenches with a backhoe shortly after Trisha vanished. With the help of cadaver dogs, her remains were discovered buried in trenches in several locations on the facility grounds. Soon after, another 15-year old Hyrum girl and friend of Trisha's came forward and told police that she had been raped by Neilson. She told police that Neilson had given Trisha his cell phone number. Cody Lynn Nielson was convicted of the murder of Trisha Ann Autry and was sentenced to life in prison without parole.

July 16th, 2001
***Return from Heaven - Is it possible that our loved ones return to us after they die? We examine compelling stories of reincarnation within the same family as a grandmother is reincarnated as a daughter, and a father and son switch roles in the next generation.
July 17th, 2001
***Bonnie & Clyde 2001 - Craig Pritchert and Nova Guthrie are bank robbers on the run. This glamorous modern-day Bonnie & Clyde couple have held up over 12 banks, grabbing over half a million dollars. When and where will they strike next? UPDATE: Craig Pritchert & Nova Guthrie were recently captured in Cape Town, South Africa. Guthrie had a job manging a nightclub and Pritchert spent his days on the computer buying and selling stocks. A South African tourist traveling in the United States recognized Guthrie from a wanted poster and contacted authorities Pritchert and Guthrie were extradited to the United States. Nova Guthrie was sentenced to 10 years and prison and ordered to pay $231,000 in restitution. Craig Pritchert was sentenced to 22 ½ years in prison.
July 18th, 2001
***Missing Walker Boys - In January 2000, Christy Walker's two young sons disappeared while in the custody of their father. There have been numerous sightings of the boys, including some from as far away as Brazil. Will Christy Walker be reunited with her two sons?
UPDATE: Christy Walker learned that Landon and Logan had been found with Craig Walker in Brazil. A Brazilian citizen informed the FBI via e-mail that Craig was in Brazil. After 19 long months, Christy Walker finally received the news that Craig had been arrested and that the children were safely recovered. They were put on a plane to reunite with their mother.

July 19th, 2001
***Wanted: Jerry Bowen - Jerry Bowen is a killer on the loose. Convicted in Alabama for murdering his ex-wife, Bowen skipped out just before sentencing. Can you help authorities bring him to justice? UPDATE: Jerry Lee Bowen has been captured. An Unsolved Mysteries viewer notified authorities that a man she knew as ‘Steven Starbucks’ looked exactly like Bowen. It didn’t take long for police to determine that they had probable cause to arrest Starbucks. Though he denied his identity, fingerprints confirmed the tipster’s information. Bowen is currently in prison serving a life sentence for the brutal murder of his wife.
July 20th, 2001
***Where's Kristen? - Kristen Modafferi decided to spend her summer vacation in San Francisco, studying photography. Then one day, she suddenly vanished. Bloodhounds traced her scent to the edge of the Pacific Ocean. What happened to Kristen Modafferi? Update: A man had called in a tip to the police that she was killed due to a lesbian love triangle and named two other women. The man who called in the bogus tip was Jon Onuma and he has now been named as a suspect
July 23rd, 2001
***Lizzie Borden House - On August 4, 1892, Lizzie Borden murdered her stepmother and father in the family's home in Fall River, Massachusetts. Some claim the Borden house - now a bed & breakfast - is haunted by the spirits of Lizzie's dead parents.
July 24th, 2001
***Real Life Dr. Doolittle? - Sonya Fitzpatrick claims to have the ability to communicate with animals. Is she a real-life Dr. Doolittle? Sonya Fitzpatrick Site
July 25th, 2001
***Ghost Boy - The family of a thirteen-year-old boy claims he has been terrorized by glowing balls of light, levitating furniture, and demons that leave their mark on his body. Who, or what, is haunting this boy?
July 26th, 2001
***Bioenergy Healer - Yefim Shubentsov claims to use "bioenergy" to cure thousands of people of their addictions, chronic pain and phobias. Does his healing power really work? And if so, how?
July 30th, 2001
***Wanted: John Addis - John Addis, once a talented young detective with a mind for forensic science, is now a man on the run, wanted for the murder of his girlfriend. Can you help authorities track him down? UPDATE: Suspected killer and former police officer John Addis has been discovered dead of an apparent suicide in Guatemala. Tragically, it appears Addis continued his murderous ways even with a new life: Police also discovered the bodies of his new wife and two small children.
August 1st, 2001
***Myrtle's Plantation - In September 1997, five months after she had mysteriously vanished, Judith Smith was found dead on a remote hillside in North Carolina. Was Judith abducted and killed by a stranger? Or did she go with her killer voluntarily?
August 2nd, 2001
***Wanted: Jesse James Hollywood - Jesse James Hollywood, a big-time marijuana dealer, is wanted by authorities for the kidnapping and murder of a 15-year old boy. UPDATE: Five years after Jesse James Hollywood fled the area, FBI agents tracked him down to a small coastal village near Rio de Janiero, Brazil. Hollywood and his pregnant girlfriend were sitting in an outdoor cafe when Brazilian police swooped in and grabbed him. He was turned over to U.S. authorities and flown back to California. He is currently in jail awaiting trial.
August 6th, 2001
***Undesirable Desiree - In March 2000, the son of a prominent Texas businessman was kidnapped and killed. Three arrests have been made, but authorities are still searching for the female accomplice who helped carry out the brutal crime. UPDATE: Desiree Dawn Lingo-Perkins was recently arrested in Mexico. Desiree Dawn Lingo-Perkins has been captured. Police in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico –on a routine patrol noticed Lingo-Perkins on a bicycle. She aroused their suspicion by attempting to flee by weaving in and out of traffic. The police chased her and later determined she was a wanted fugitive in the U.S. She pled guilty to murder in the death of Kyle McElroy and is serving a life term.
August 6th, 2001
***Fugitive Molester - Police at State College, Pennsylvania need your help to locate a man accused of molesting a young girl. UPDATE:
August 7th, 2001
***Missing Theatre Student - In January 1999, Wil Hendrick mysteriously vanished while at a friend's party. What happened to this popular and talented theatre student? more information UPDATE: In September of 2002, two hunters found the remains of Wil Hendrick in a rural area outside of Moscow, Idaho. Police believe that Hendrick probably knew his attacker.
August 8th, 2001
***Patti's Little Girls - Patti Cordova Lemmer has not seen her two daughters since they were taken from her over forty years ago. Can you help reunite Patti with her little girls? UPDATE: She has been reunited with her children.
August 9th, 2001
***Wanted :Police believe Gordon Weaver killed his wife for her insurance money, then staged his own death. The FBI wants your help in apprehending this dangerous fugitive. UPDATE: After four years on the run, Gordon Weaver has been captured. Weaver had been living in a remote area near Florence, Oregon under the assumed name of David Carson. A woman recognized him from a mug shot on the internet and tipped off the authorities. Gordon Weaver was found guilty and sentenced to 25 years in jail. In October 2006, Weaver’s parents were charged with aiding an offender for helping Gordon Weaver stay on the run.
August 13th, 2001
***Missing Kerouac Fan - Just 23 years old and a die-hard Jack Kerouac fan, Leah Roberts' bashed up jeep was found thousands of miles away, 10 days after she left for an unannounced cross-country road trip... but there was no blood, no body and no sign of struggle. Does an anonymous tipster hold the key to unlocking this mystery?
August 14th, 2001
***Fugitive Drug Hit Man - The Lopez family was part of a drug ring that distributed huge quantities of cocaine and marijuana in Wisconsin. In 1999 a federal indictment led to the arrest of eight family members. But the drug ring's enforcer, Arthur Lopez, is still on the loose. Can you help authorities capture him?
August 15th, 2001
***How Did Natasha Die? - In 1997, 16-year-old Natasha Jennings was found dead in the bedroom of her aunt's home. Accusations of drug abuse, sexual assault and murder swirl about the case. How, and why, did Natasha Jennings die?
August 16th, 2001
***Wanted Waagner - In February 2001, career criminal and extreme anti-abortionist Clayton Waagner escaped from jail using a plastic comb. Waagner has not committed murder... yet. The more time that passes, the more likely he is to follow through with his self-proclaimed "Mission from God" - to kill abortionists. Can you help put him behind bars before he does so? UPDATE: On December 5, 2001, U.S. Marshals arrested Clayton Waagner outside of a Kinko's in Cincinnati, Ohio. Waagner had eluded law enforcement for over nine months and quickly became the target of one of the largest manhunts ever by U.S. Marshals. He was the first fugitive to make both the U.S. Marshals "15 Most Wanted" fugitives list and the FBI's "Ten Most Wanted" list. Despite the hundreds of law enforcement agents tracking Waagner, some of them just minutes behind him, the brazen fugitive smiled into the camera of a bank he was robbing and prominently posted his deadly plans on a Web site. Aware that Waagner was frequenting Kinko's to use their computers, the U.S. Marshals posted a Waagner wanted poster behind the counter of every Kinko's store in the country. On December 5th Waagner entered a Kinko's in Cincinnati and began to work on the computer. An alert employee spotted Waagner and called the U.S. Marshals. Waagner was arrested without incident. Waagner pled guilty to possession of a firearm by a felon and interstate transportation of a stolen vehicle. He is currently serving a 27-year prison sentence.
August 20th, 2001
***Bordeaux Murder - A young couple's life is torn apart when their home is shot up by a killer with a high-powered rifle. Who murdered Jodie Bordeaux?
August 21st, 2001
***Forensic Anthropologist - Dr. Emily A. Craig helps police uncover the truth behind some of their most baffling cases. But can she help them solve the murder of a missing hitchhiker?
August 22nd, 2001
***Wanted: Malaika Griffin - Malaika Griffin had a volatile relationship with her neighbors which turned deadly when she allegedly shot and killed Jason Horsely in cold blood. Can you help police apprehend her? UPDATE: The FBI arrested Malaika Griffin in El Cajon, California after receiving tips about her whereabouts. Griffin had been working at a biotechnology firm under an assumed name. She was found guilty of the murder of Jason Horsley and was sentenced to life in prison.
August 23rd, 2001
***Twin Connection - Although many identical twins are known to have extraordinary connections, the uncanny bond between Karen and Kathy Mills is one-in-a-million. Learn more about their strange experiences, which include telepathic communication.
August 24th, 2001
***Darlie Lynn Routier - In June of 1996, the Rowlett, Texas home of Darin and Darlie Routier was invaded by an intruder or intruders who murdered two of the three Routier children and slashed Darlie's throat, as well as inflicting other serious wounds. Unable to find a suspect who had any clear connection to the crime, possibly because of documented mishandling of the crime scene by police and others who entered the house after the murders, the Dallas District Attorney eventually charged Darlie Routier with the murder of her own children, accusing her of inflicting the near-fatal injuries on herself. Update: Routier is currently sitting on death row after being found guilty. Her appeals have failed so far though she had a loyal group of family and friends who continue to support her and attempt to appeal for her innocence.
August 27th, 2001
***Marianne's Search - Marianne Malky has been searching for her son, David, for over 25 years. Can you help reunite them? UPDATE: In December of 2005, Marianne Malky’s thirty year search came to an end. An anonymous tip enabled Malky to contact her son’s wife who told her that David didn’t want to talk or meet with her. Though she is extremely disappointed, Malky is relieved to have some closure.
August 28th, 2001
***Missing Morgan - On July 9, 1995, six-year-old Morgan Nick was abducted while watching a Little League baseball game in Alma, Arkansas. Now, Colleen Nick, Morgan's mother, is helping other parents locate their missing children, including a five-month old baby who was recently abducted at a Phoenix swap meet.
August 29th, 2001
***Virginia Murders - College sweethearts Rachael Raver and Warren Fulton were murdered by an unknown assailant in December 1988. Does recently discovered evidence link that crime to a serial killer?
UPDATE: An inmate on California’s death row has been charged with the murders of Warren Fulton, Rachael Raver, and Tina Jefferson. Authorities say that last year DNA taken from Rolando Alfredo Prieto matched that found at the crime scenes. Police expect to return Prieto to Virginia to stand trial in the case. Update: Prieto was found guilty in 2008.

August 31st, 2001
***Jamaica Disappearance - Travel writer Claudia Kirschhoch vanished while visiting a popular Jamaican resort. Claudia's parents believe that resort employees are not telling everything they know about her disappearance. What happened to Claudia Kirschhoch?
September 4th, 2001
***Fugitive Biker Outlaw - Did Margie Jelovcic willingly join her fugitive biker boyfriend - or could something more sinister explain her abrupt disappearance? Margie's family believes that even if she is with Randy Yager, she is no longer his girlfriend, but his victim.
September 5th, 2001
***Wanted: Cook/Killer? - The FBI in Los Angeles is looking for Carlos Berdeja, a short-order cook who is wanted for the murder of a co-worker. Can you help authorities find him?
September 6th, 2001
***Children of Heaven - It is said there is no greater grief than for those who have lost a child. But do these children go on to a different life - in another dimension?
September 6th, 2001
***Stella Hut - In the early 1970's. Robert Wortman was in the Air Force officer and was stationed in Seoul. In 1972 he met and married a Korean woman named Ok Cha. Robert called her Sunny. They had a daughter, Stella, who was born on January 6, 1973. Shortly thereafter, the family moved to an Air Force Base in Japan. Stella remembers visiting the ice-cream parlor where her mother worked. All in all, it was a blissful time for young Stella. A few years later, Stella's father requested a transfer to New Jersey. Shortly before the move, Sunny went to visit her family in Seoul. But on move day, Sunny had not yet returned and was never seen again by Robert.
September 7th, 2001
***French Fry Fraud - Karl Rehberg is on the run for bilking investors to the tune of $21 million. But he's not your ordinary fugitive: Karl Rehberg likes to dress in dowdy women's clothing, including a slightly off-kilter wig and orthopedic shoes. Can you help police nab this dressed-in-drag con man? UPDATE: Karl Rehberg, 64, and Helen Rehberg, 66 have been captured in Mesa.
September 10th, 2001
***Missing Cyclist - On May 31, 2000, 19-year-old Jill Behrman vanished while riding her bike in Bloomington, Indiana. Could her disappearance by linked to an attempted abduction in the same area? UPDATE: Her remains were later found. John Myers II was found guilty for her murder
September 11th, 2001
***Master Sketch Artist - Lois Gibson is a self-taught portrait artist who is able to get inside the heads of traumatized victims and witnesses and can draw extraordinarily accurate pictures of criminals who have committed murder, rape, robbery and everything in-between. Can you help authorities put names to some of her latest composites sketches?
September 12th, 2001
***Seattle Realtor Murder - Mike Emert's murder was as mysterious as it was shocking. It appeared to be carefully planned and meticulously executed. But why would anyone plot to kill an unassuming realtor with an exemplary past? Perhaps you hold the clue that can help police solve this baffling mystery.
October 1st, 2001
***Wanted: Michael Alfonso - On June 6, 2001, Michael Alfonso shot and killed his former girlfriend in broad daylight in the parking lot of a fast food restaurant. Can you help put this cold-blooded killer behind bars? UPDATE: After three years on the run, Michael Alfonso was arrested in the port city of Veracruz, Mexico. Acting on a tip, police took him into custody and deported him to the United States. Alfonso will stand trial for the murders of Genoveva Velasquez and Sumanear Yang.
October 2nd, 2001
***Las Vegas Heist - In 1993, a 21-year old security guard, Heather Tallchief, drove an armored car carrying more than $3 million off the Las Vegas strip and into oblivion. Authorities believe Tallchief and her partner, Roberto Solis, had planned "the perfect crime" for months. Can you help bring them to justice? UPDATE: For twelve years it seemed that Heather Tallchief had gotten away with the perfect crime, but in September of 2005 she turned herself into police, saying she was tired of being a fugitive. Tallchief had been living in the Netherlands with her boyfriend and ten year old son. Her attorney says she has not seen Roberto Solis for over ten years. Solis remains at large and is still wanted by the FBI.
October 3rd, 2001
***Fake Doctor Fraud - Dr. Gregory Caplinger was supposedly an accomplished physician who had developed an experimental drug therapy that he claimed could fight many deadly diseases, including AIDS and Hepatitis. But it turned out that Caplinger was actually nothing more than a con-man who scammed millions from investors and preyed on the dying and their families. UPDATE:Unsolved Mysteries was informed that after 2 years of evading law enforcement, Gregory Caplinger had turned himself in to Dominican Republic officials. Outstanding warrants allowed Caplinger to immediately be extradited to the US. Caplinger was on the FBI's most wanted list after he fled during a 1999 trial in Charlotte, North Carolina, where he was convicted of money laundering in the "Immustim" scheme. Gregory Caplinger was found guilty and sentenced to 14 years for fraud and ordered to pay restitution of close to $1 million
October 4th, 2001
***Lenny Dirickson - One morning in March 1998, Lenny Dirickson left his Oklahoma farmhouse to show an inquisitive stranger a studhorse Lenny had for sale. He never returned. Now his family's asks for your help in locating Lenny Dirickson.
October 15th, 2001
***Star Palumbo - In the early morning hours of April 26th, 2000, a disoriented young woman was spotted wandering in a restricted area of the Reno/Tahoe International Airport. Police officers escorted the woman to a nearby hotel, where she promptly vanished. The woman, Star Palumbo, was once a vivacious brunette full of hope and promise. But an escalating drug habit turned that promise into despair and may have induced a psychosis that left Star unaware of who, or where, she is.
October 16th, 2001
***Curtis Pishon - Curtis Pishon was working as a security guard for a New Hampshire manufacturing firm when he suddenly disappeared in the middle of the night. His family is convinced that Curtis is the victim of foul play.
October 17th, 2001
***Cindy Wismiller - Cindy Wismiller worked as a courier for a company that replenished cash in ATM machines. Then one day she suddenly vanished, apparently taking close to $300,000 in cash with her. Videotapes show an unidentified, mysterious person helping her with the bags of cash. Was she the victim of a robbery, or a participant in it? UPDATE: Cynthia Wismiller, a former employee of Armored Services Inc., South Bend, turned herself in at the Kokomo Police Department
October 18th, 2001
***Wendi Long - Twenty-one year old Wendi Long's night of partying with her friends ended with her riding away with two unidentified men. She has not been seen since. Can you help Wendi's parents - and police - identify these men and locate Wendi Long? UPDATE: On November 8, 2001, seven months after her disappearance, the body of Wendi Long was found near Louisiana Highway 1, between Shreveport and Coushatta. Authorities checked out the information that 'Tommy' provided, but none of those leads panned out. They began to take another look at ‘Tommy’- whose real name is Robert 'Rocky' Stewart. Stewart had been arrested for check fraud from an unrelated incident and was in jail when authorities questioned him about inconsistencies in his story. Police claim that Stewart confessed to Wendi's murder and then provided them with details of the location of her body. Wendi died from a gunshot wound to the back of the head.
November 19th, 2001
***Twisted Sisters - Oscar Valazquez thought he was doing his girlfriend, 18-year-old Regina DeFrancisco, a favor when he loaned her $1,000. Authorities say that Regina and her sister returned the favor by shooting Oscar in the back of the head. Police need your help to track down these two cold-blooded killers. UPDATE: Margaret DeFrancisco has been captured. In March of 2002, authorities received tips directing them to the Roscoe, Illinois home of a relative of DeFrancisco’s. She was found guilty and sentenced to 46 years in prison. Seven months after her sister’s arrest, Regina DeFrancisco was apprehended in Dallas, Texas, following a complaint that she had stolen a car from an acquaintance. When they checked her fingerprints, they discovered that she was wanted in Illinois. Regina DeFrancisco was found guilty and sentenced to 35 years in prison.
November 26th, 2001
***Steamer Trunk Corpse - Authorities need your help in identifying a man whose body was stuffed into a steamer trunk and left on a scenic overlook in Harper's Ferry National Historic Park
UPDATE: In November of 2003, police submitted the man’s fingerprints to a database and came up with a match – Jasper F. Watkins. Several months after discovering his identity, police arrested a woman who had been his alleged caretaker. Nancy Jean Siegel was with murder and mail fraud. She will be tried sometime later this year.

April 29th, 2002
***Megan Curl Murder - Megan Curl was a friendly, outgoing woman who loved to dance at Texas nightclubs. But when she became the victim of a gruesome murder, authorities suspected the killer was someone she met at one of the clubs. Now they need your help to track down Megan's killer.
2002 (12th Season / Lifetime)
June 10th, 2002
***The Other Intern - Chandra Levy's tragic disappearance and murder has riveted a nation, but she was not the first government intern to disappear. Two years earlier Joyce Chiang vanished from the same neighborhood in Washington D.C. Some believe that the similarities in their cases may be far more than a coincidence. Could a serial killer be on the loose in our nation's capitol?
June 11th, 2002
***Ground Zero - Among the thousands of flyers plastered around New York's Ground Zero is one that features a beautiful 31-year-old female physician. Surrounded by so many missing person photos, it's easy to miss the detail that differentiates hers from the others. The flyer of Sneha Philip reads "Missing since Monday, September 10th."
June 12th, 2002
***Olympic Park Bomber - Millions of people around the world were shaken by the Olympic park bombing in Atlanta on the night of July 27, 1996. Yet many are unaware that the person responsible for planting what the FBI called "one of the largest pipe bombs in U.S. history" has yet to be caught. Can you help authorities track down Eric Rudolph and bring him to justice?
UPDATE: Five years after Eric Rudolph had been last seen, a police officer noticed a homeless man routing through the trash behind a market at 4:30 in the morning. He took the man to the police station and noticed a resemblance to a wanted poster of Rudolph. Rudolph’s identity was confirmed and in August 2005 he was found guilty and sentenced to four life terms in prison.

June 13th, 2002
***Amber Swartz - In 1988, seven-year-old Amber Swartz vanished in Pinole, California. She is one of at least six young girls who have vanished from the San Francisco area near Interstate 80 over the past 20 years. Is there a serial kidnapper on the loose?
June 14th, 2002
***Fugitive Teacher - When elementary school teacher Frank Montenegro sacrificed his carefree bachelor life to move back home to take care of his five brothers and sisters, many people considered him a hero. But after being accused of sexually molesting two of his students, he is now considered a fugitive from prosecution. Can you help police find Frank Montenegro?
June 17th, 2002
***Mary Morris Murders - In October of 2000, two woman were murdered in Houston, Texas. But what makes those two murders both bizarre and incredible is that both victims shared the same name and were killed in very similar manners. Some believe the slayings were related, possibly the work of an inept contract killer.
June 18th, 2002
***Family Man Fugitive - Robert Fisher seemed to have all a man could want: devoted wife, a son and daughter, and a suburban home at the end of a cul-de-sac. Then Fisher was accused of annihilating his entire family: slashing their throats while sleeping, then rigging the house to explode. After nearly a year, Fisher - an elusive and wily suspect - remains on the run.
June 19th, 2002
***Kentucky Bomber - When Sheriff's Deputy Scott Elder stopped a man for reckless driving, he thought it was a routine traffic stop. But when the driver took off, Elder found himself exchanging gunfire with the man. Police were baffled by the driver's behavior until they found his car and home loaded with weapons, explosives and 20,000 rounds of ammunition. The discovery left some pondering the question: Was Stephen Anderson poised to launch his own private war?
UPDATE: After eluding law enforcement for over a year, Stephen Anderson has been captured. Agents received a tip that he was living in Cherokee County in North Carolina. Anderson was arrested and pled guilty to various weapons charges. The judge sentenced him to fifteen years in prison.

June 20th, 2002
***Anthrax Murders - When postal worker Norma Wallace came down with the sniffles, her doctors told her she had the flu and prescribed Tylenol. But when her symptoms worsened, doctors made a shocking discovery: Norma had been exposed to anthrax spores and was seriously ill. Then other cases of anthrax poisoning came to light, and the nation went on high alert: Someone was disseminating anthrax through the U.S. Mail. But who?
June 21st, 2002
***Monica's Search - Thirty-seven year old Monica Libao made a promise to herself: As soon as her parents died, she would find out, once and for all, if she had really been kidnapped as an infant. Since the death of her parents, Monica spends most of her free time looking for clues. She hopes that you may have the key that will unlock her secret past.
June 24th, 2002
***Kibalo Kidnapping - Mike Kibalo thought he had the perfect life when his wife, Ann, gave birth to their daughter, Samantha, in January of 1999. But shortly thereafter, Ann Kibalo began acting strangely, and now she has kidnapped Samantha and is on the run. With Ann suffering from several mental disorders, Mike fears his daughter is in grave danger.
June 25th, 2002
***A Mother's Search - Holly Krewson disappeared from La Mesa, California during the spring of 1995. Despite her mother's exhaustive efforts to find her, what happened to Holly remains a mystery. But several recent events - including a psychic's eerie vision and a mysterious phone call - makes her mother believe that Holly is alive and that she will see her again. UPDATE: A year after Holly Krewson disappeared, a body was found northeast of San Diego. For ten years the body was unidentified, but in March of 2006 dental records confirmed that the remains were Holly Krewson. The cause of death is unknown, but a homicide investigation is now under way.
June 26th, 2002
***Child Prodigies - On rare occasions, the world has been introduced to children who possess mysterious powers and excel in the worlds of art and science. The incredible talents of such young geniuses have fascinated and puzzled scholars for centuries. What can possibly explain the phenomenon of "Child Prodigies"?
June 27th, 2002
***Baby Killers - On July 13, 1997, Kristine Sue Westin and her boyfriend Kevin Dale Woo allegedly drowned their newborn baby in the bathroom of their Las Vegas hotel room. They have been sighted in the Southern California area as recently as October of 2001. Can you help police capture this cold-blooded couple? UPDATE: In March of 2003, Kristine Sue Westin was arrested on a shoplifting charge in Lynwood, Washington. Her arrest led police to a motel where she and Dale Woo had been staying. After a 30 hour standoff with police, Woo shot himself and died at the scene. Westin later pled guilty to felony child abuse and involuntary manslaughter and will serve a five to 24 year prison term
June 28th, 2002
***Boston Strangler - Recently unearthed DNA evidence suggests Albert DeSalvo, the man thought to be the "Boston Strangler," was not the killer of 19-year-old Mary Sullivan, the woman believed to be the eleventh victim. This new development raises doubts about whether Albert DeSalvo actually killed any of the women he confessed to strangling in the 1960s. If Albert DeSalvo isn't the "Boston Strangler," then is the real Strangler still at large?
July 1st, 2002
***Fatal Driver - University honors student Frederick Russell fled shortly before failing to answer charges in a horrific multi-crash, multi-fatality drunk driving accident. He insists that the lives of both he and his family had been repeatedly threatened. UPDATE: Frederick Russell has been captured. In October of 2005, Irish police --acting on information from the U.S. Marshals-- arrested Russell in a Dublin clothing store where he worked as a security guard. He is currently in custody awaiting an extradition hearing. Update: Frederick Russell was sentenced to the maximum of 14 years and three months. His attorneys attempted to grant him time served for his 384 days served at an Irish prison. This request was denied however.
July 2nd, 2002
***David Lee Kemp - In 1998, David Lee Kemp was charged with fatally shooting his estranged wife and her new boyfriend. While awaiting trial for the crimes, however, he managed to escape from an Oklahoma prison and elude capture again in Las Vegas. Can you help bring David Kemp to justice?
July 3rd, 2002
***Musical Con Man - For hundreds of working class families in Los Angeles, a school that offered affordable music lessons for their kids seemed too good to be true. It was. Now police need your help to track down the ruthless con artist who ran the school - and bilked parents out of more than a million dollars. UPDATE:
July 8th, 2002
***Stryder Styarfyr - After a late summer fishing trip, Stryder Styarfyr and another man headed for home. As the boat sped across the water, Stryder reached for a beer from an ice chest. The boat's driver turned around, Stryder was gone, never to be seen again. The apparent accidental drowning of July 10th, 2002. UPDATE: His real name is Daniel Clement Chafe and he has been spotted in Wyoming, New Mexico and Canada,
***Hazel Leota Head - When retired trucker and widower Charles Barker met Hazel Leota Head in a Bossier City, Louisiana riverboat casino, he was looking for love and companionship. Hazel was looking for something else. Two months later Barker was dead, his bank account empty, and his late model Lincoln Town Car missing. So was Hazel Head.
July 12th, 2002
***James William Kilgore - In 1975, a notorious band of radicals known as the SLA allegedly gunned down an innocent woman during a bank heist. Finally - some 27 years later - they're being brought to trial on murder charges. All except one: Fugitive Jim Kilgore is still on the loose. UPDATE: The twenty-eight year hunt for James Kilgore finally ended when he was arrested in South Africa. Kilgore had been working at the University of Cape Town. He was married and had two children. After his extradition to the United States, he pled guilty to the second degree murder of Myrna Opsahl. Kilgore was the last of five former members of the SLA to be captured and sentenced. He will serve six years in prison.
July 15th, 2002
***Doggie Doctors? - The strength and accuracy of a dog's nose is legendary. Using this powerful sense of smell, is it possible a dog can actually diagnose a life-threatening illness? Two incredible dogs offer persuasive evidence that man's best friend may be able to save lives in mysterious ways.
July 17th, 2002
***Black Hope Curse - For the families who bought new houses in a subdivision near Houston, Texas, life in their dream homes quickly turned into a nightmare. When one couple began to dig a swimming pool, they unearthed two bodies and were horrified to discover that their homes rested atop an old slave burial ground. And that was only the beginning of their frightening - and unexplainable - odyssey.
July 19th, 2002
***Gazebo Baby - Thirty years ago, a baby girl was abandoned beneath a gazebo outside the village hall in Addison, Illinois. Now this lovely young woman is searching for her birth parents. There is no anger in her heart; she would just like them to meet their two beautiful grandsons.
July 19th, 2002
***Kimberly Smith - On February 9, 1965, a young mother dropped her infant daughter off at a Richmond, Virginia hospital for eye surgery. She never came back. Today, Kimberly Smith, 37, is hoping to find her birth parents to get some answers and a clear picture of her family medical history, including the congenital glaucoma that she fears she may pass on to her own children.
July 22nd, 2002
***California Serial Killer - In the late 1970's, the Sacramento area was terrorized by a serial rapist. Forty-four rapes in three years left police baffled and the case remained unsolved. In 1996, a criminalist in a nearby county made the shocking discovery: this rape series was linked to one of the largest serial killing sprees in California history.
July 26th, 2002
***Eric Tamiyasu - On June 30, 2001, the badly-decomposed body of 41-one-year-old Eric Tamiyasu was discovered on his bed. Because police initially believed Eric had died of natural causes, they ordered the bed and bedding burned. But an autopsy revealed that Eric had been shot three times in the head. More than a year later, with no suspects named and the murder still unsolved, rumors are flying around the community of Hood River, Oregon.
July 29th, 2002
***"Mothman" - Some believe a crumbling set of buildings outside of Point Pleasant, West Virginia are home to one of the most bizarre and terrifying creatures ever to walk the earth: half-man, half-bird, and a portent of impending disaster. Those who have seen the creature called it "Mothman."
August 2nd, 2002
***Canadian Crop Circles - Intricate formations in fields of crops often pop up overnight in the middle of nowhere. Many are attributed to clever pranksters - but others have no rational explanation at all. Are crop circles the work of some strange force on earth? Or, something not of this world?
August 8th, 2002
***Jon Christian Maggio - Born rich and spoiled rotten, Jon Christian Maggio seemed to figure out one big thing -- it's better to support one's privileged lifestyle by working white collar scams than doing time for violent assaults. The cherubic looking Maggio allegedly has operated both sides and is now on the lam, crisscrossing the country with his pretty bride, a naïve young woman who may not be an entirely willing companion. UPDATE: Jon Maggio has been captured. Maggio had been working in a Chicago restaurant – living under an assumed name –when a co-worker realized he had seen his photo at a local post office. On July 24, 2003, police went to the restaurant and arrested him. Jon Maggio was transported back to Mobile, Alabama where he is awaiting trial.
August 9th, 2002
***Colleen Wood - A Florida woman meets the man of her dreams - and soon they chart a swashbuckling life together on the high seas. But suddenly, she vanishes into thin air. Only then is her boyfriend's past revealed - and it stuns everyone.
August 12th, 2002
***Cold Case Investigator - A Texas woman was robbed and murdered in her own driveway. Leads were few and the case soon grew cold. Now, more than a decade later, Detective Roben Talton is in hot pursuit of Opal Zacharias' ruthless killer.
August 12th, 2002
***Rachel Cooke - On January 10th, 2002, a 19-year-old college student disappeared while jogging near her family's home in Georgetown, Texas. Can you help find Rachel Cooke? UPDATE: Charges were brought against Michael Keith Moore after he confessed to her murder. He was already serving a life sentence for another rmurder. However at trial he pled not guilty and charged were dropped. He now claims he lied about the murder to get better treatment in jail.
August 16th, 2002
***William Fischer - It began innocently enough - a selfless good deed by Billy Fischer convinced Nancy Hyer that they should become friends. Three weeks later Nancy sat down to dinner with Billy and his father. Soon two would be dead and the third missing. Authorities have charged Billy's dad with their murder - and they need your help in finding him.
August 19th, 2002
***Missing Lisa - To Brenda and Jerry Myers he seemed the perfect gentlemen - someone who would take good care of their only daughter, Lisa. But Frank Isley soon became increasingly jealous and even threatening. Now, Lisa Myers has disappeared without a trace – and so has Frank Isley. UPDATE: Frank Isley was captured.
August 20th, 2002
***Fire Murder - Donna Baldeo finds a threatening note demanding money outside the bank where she works. The author of the note threatens violent retaliation if Donna does not heed the warning. Five weeks later a deadly fire erupts outside of her apartment. Coincidence? Or was Donna Baldeo the target of a vicious extortionist? UPDATE: there has been a major breakthrough in the case. A juvenile has confessed that he and another youth started the fire that killed Donna Baldeo and her family. Both are currently in custody. Timothy Perkins was tried as an adult in 2002 and was found guilty and sentenced to 12 years in prison. His teenaged accomplice was convicted and sentenced to the Texas Youth Commission until his 18th birthday
August 20th, 2002
***Cop Assault - On August 18, 1984, Albuquerque, New Mexico police officer Vic Webb was seriously wounded in a gunfight with a fleeing felon. Lyle Moody. Learn how police have finally brought his assailant to justice. UPDATE: Lyle Moody was arrested on a criminal trespassing charge in New York City on the night of February 22, 2002. Moody gave police false identification, but the match on his fingerprints told them they had a wanted fugitive on their hands. Lyle Moody pled guilty to two counts of assault and one count of aggravated battery. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison .
August 21st, 2002
***Suspect or Victim - When 8-year-old Alyssa Owen turned up dead, police went looking for her mother to notify her. But when they couldn't find Janice Owen, they wondered if she might be a possible suspect in the crime. Six weeks later another grisly murder led police down an entirely different path. Why would anyone want to murder an innocent 8-year old girl? UPDATE: Shortly after we completed this story, there was a major development in the case: Police arrested 25-year-old Angela M. Mize and her 18-year-old husband, Eric D. Mize. Each is charged with two counts of first-degree murder. The couple lives in the Booneville area – and detectives believe they were the man and woman seen lurking outside the home of Janice Owen the day she and Alyssa disappeared. Both Angela and Eric Mize were found guilty and sentenced to life in prison with out parole.
August 23rd, 2002
***On April 28, 1999, Carson told her father she planned to drive into town to pick up registration forms for the University of Arkansas in Little Rock. About 12:15 p.m., a number of 911 calls reported a speeding white Ford pickup truck swerving erratically along the Arkansas River Bridge on Interstate 430 outside Little Rock. Inside the vehicle, a young woman was engaged in a life of death struggle with the driver, a young white male. As horrified witnesses watched, Carson Prince tumbled out the passenger door of the truck onto the highway. The driver sped off without a moment’s hesitation. Carson was rushed to a nearby hospital with massive head injuries, where she died later that evening without regaining consciousness. While Carson’s former boyfriend has been cleared of any involvement in her death, could it have been related to his drug dealing? Was she fleeing a stalker? Or, did Carson merely run out of gas at the wrong place at the wrong time?
UPDATE: For five years, the investigation into the death of Carson Prince went nowhere. But in October of 2004, Stephen A. Talley walked into the Perry county sheriff’s office and confessed that he pushed Carson Prince out of his car during a bungled attempt to abduct her. He also admitted to killing two other people two months after prince’s violent death. A packed courtroom heard Talley plead guilty to the three murders in exchange for a life sentence without the possibility of parol.

August 22nd, 2002
***Wanted Boyfriend - Thirty-three-year-old pharmacist Erica Richardson had it all, including an abusive ex-boyfriend who refused to let her go. When Erica was found dead on the floor of her home, with the former boyfriend’s car parked in her driveway, police wanted to find and question him. But John Milton Feiga had disappeared. Update: Recent DNA tests have shown that a body found floating in the Atchafalaya River in St. Mary Parish, La., in 1998 matched to DNA of Feiga. Investigators Discovered Feiga had been murdered nearly 4 months after Erica Richardson. No leads or motives in Feiga's murder have yet to be found.
August 26th, 2002
***Margo Freshwater - In 1970, Margo Freshwater escaped from prison where she was serving a 99-year sentence for murder. Over 30 years later, she is still on the loose, most likely living amongst us -- as a law-abiding citizen and conscientious neighbor. Can you help bring her to justice? UPDATE: Shortly after we finished filming this story, Margo Freshwater was caught. Police found her in Columbus, Ohio, living under the alias Tonya McCartor, a married mother of three. She was taken into custody outside an athletic club by agents for the Ohio Bureau of Investigation. At the time Freshwater was with her husband, youngest son, and grandchild – none of whom where aware of her criminal past. Freshwater was re-incarcerated at the same Tennessee Prison she escaped from 32 years earlier.
August 27th, 2002
***Husband, Father, Killer? - On December 19, 1991, 37-year-old wife and mother Donna Morrow disappeared forever. Two years later her husband Joe, the primary suspect in her disappearance, went missing himself. Wanted on a warrant for his wife’s murder since October 1997, Joe Morrow is still on the run. The body of Donna Morrow has never been found. UPDATE: In January of 2003, ten years after Joe Morrow fled the United States, he was arrested in the Philippines. Morrow was brought back and jailed on an unrelated fraud charge. In September, police searched property the Morrows once owned and found Donna Morrow’s remains. Joseph Morrow was indicted for murder with special circumstances and will stand trial sometime next year. He could face the death penalty or life in prison without parole.
August 28th, 2002
***Terror Survivor - What had begun as a simple evening of friendly billiards would soon become a night of terror for a young woman in Mishawaka, Indiana. Over the next few hours, she would experience every woman's worst nightmare. Investigators need your help to track down the individuals responsible for the suffering she ultimately endured and survived.
Update: Rufino Castaneda was captured in October 2007 in Mexico, and was extradited back to Indiana in April 2008, to face rape charges.

August 29th, 2002
***Arizona Killer - Best friends since childhood, Diana Shawcroft and Jennifer Lueth moved to a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona and immersed themselves in the local singles scene. Two months later both would be dead. Authorities now need your help in finding their killer.
September 3rd, 2002
***Gang Mom - Her son was viciously murdered by members of a street gang, but Pam Corrente refuses to be overwhelmed by grief. She is not only in hot pursuit of the killers, but is fighting to rid her neighborhood of gangs once and for all.
September 4th, 2002
***Bonnie Craig - When a vivacious college freshman without an enemy in the world is brutally slain, her mother personally takes on the case to find her daughter’s killer. Could the mother’s undercover work with the local police department have made her 18-year-old daughter a target for murder? UPDATE: A grand jury has indicted former Fort Richardson soldier Kenneth Dion, 37 in the murder
September 5th, 2002
***Missing Molly - When her daughter Molly disappeared, Magi Bish was paralyzed by grief. But now she will stop at nothing to find out what happened to Molly. In fact, she may even hold the key to solving the crime. Finding Molly Bish / UPDATE In June of 2003 Molly Bish’s remains were found about five miles from where she disappeared. Police would still like information about the man with the cigarette.
UPDATE: On August 7, 2007 Robert Burno Jr who was arrested on other charges was identified by Magi Bish as a person who matches the composite sketch and who she saw the day before Molly went missing. He has not been charged in her murder.

September 6th, 2002
***Fallon Cancer Cases - Fifteen children in a small rural town in Nevada are diagnosed with the same deadly cancer. Two have already lost their lives. Can the cause be found before the disease claims more victims?
September 16th, 2002
***Dale Williams Disappearance - A well-known Colorado family man responded to a call for help and never came back. Could the stranded motorist who placed the distress call have had anything to do with the disappearance of Dale Williams?
September 17th, 2002
***Laura Outlaw - One night in March 2001, Mike Tlusty was ready to argue when he tracked down his girlfriend, Laura Law, in a nearby casino. That was the last time that Mike Tlusty would be seen alive. Laura Law would herself disappear, just hours after police began to question her about her missing boyfriend. Now police are on the hunt for this outlaw girlfriend.
UPDATE: Shortly after filming this segment, fugitive Laura Law was captured in Nashville, Tennessee. Based on information received from a tip, FBI investigators began questioning motel employees in the downtown Nashville area. Law was identified by an employee of a motel as their late-shift desk clerk. When she arrived for work on July 16, 2002, Laura Law was arrested. She had been charged with First Degree Murder, Hiding a Corpse, and Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution. Laura Law pled guilty to first-degree reckless homicide and was sentenced to 24 years in prison.

September 18th, 2002
***Where's Cindy? - During the early morning hours of Nov. 1, 2001, 21-year-old college student Cindy Song disappeared after a night of partying with friends at a local bar. Police say they are no closer to finding out what happened to the Korean beauty than they were on the day she vanished. Did Cindy Song take off on her own? Or did she meet with foul play at the hands of a stranger?
September 19th, 2002
***Niqui Bride - Niqui McCown mysteriously disappeared one muggy summer day in July 2001. While police suspect foul play, two elements essential to solving most homicides are missing: There is no body and no apparent motive. Detectives are now left with a complex puzzle and a bunch of pieces that simply didn’t fit. UPDATE: A Trotwood, Ohio police officer is being questioned in the six-year-old disappearance of Marilyn Renee "Niqui" McCown, the Richmond woman missing since 2001, the Dayton Daily News near Trotwood is reporting
September 20th, 2002
***Missing Oregon Girls - Oregon City, Oregon is a small town of 27,000 people just south of Portland. A friendly place where adults trust their neighbors and children play without fear. Then suddenly, everything changed. Over an eight-week period, two young girls vanished without a trace - setting in motion one of the most complex and unusual investigations authorities have ever encountered. UPDATE: On Saturday, August 24, 2002, remains were found in a shed behind the rented home of Ward Weaver, a 39-year old man who lived down the road from the Newell Creek Village Apartment complex. An autopsy was conducted on Monday, August 26, and the remains were identified as that of 13-year-old Miranda Gaddis. That same day, a medical examiner began examining a second corpse - found by investigators Sunday in a barrel buried under a concrete slab at Weaver's home. The body was later determined to be that of Ashley Pond, who was 12 when she disappeared.
Ward Weaver pled guilty and was sentenced to life in prison.

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Great work joshypiano!
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Thanks. I'm not satisfied with the form yet. I will embolden the word "Update" to make it easier to see and add indents to each new case. It's still a little rough on the eyes. I hope it will be of use to people.
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Wow, impressive!!!
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Thank you for the hard you did in compiling the list. How very nice and thoughtful of you.

Just a thought, maybe we can make the list a sticky. That way ( maybe, hopefully ) someone will read through it first before making a new thread on a case that has been solved. It would reduce ( one would hope and think ) the amount of posting for the same case. If that happens to be a problem. Again that is just my thought. Also I don't mind people posting about cases over and over again, but it would just reduce the waste of bandwidth and space on the board.
"Love is the opening door"
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fixed some of the color problems and layout of the list. Added emboldened "Updates". I will post an even easier to read version online. There are some formatting limitations here with this board. I've pretty much been working backwards on adding updates. I've gone from the last episode up to February of 1997. So if anyone has updates to add from 1997 on feel free to look and see if I missed any.

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Default Jan 27th 1993 updates

Shannon timpane's case from Jan. 27th 1993 was solved..She and her childhood friend were reunited about one week later.

Roger Rohas from the "yami****a's gold" segment from the same episode was updated: rohas died on the day he was to testify, the organization he founded was to carry on his suit against the estate of Ferdinan Marcoss.

Sean McCracken
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I know of a few more updates that are not highlighted yet...shall I pass them on?
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please do. go ahead and post them here and i will update the list. Just give me a little time before I make the changes. I sorta plan on doing the updates every few days or so. I've got about 15 other updates to add as well.
Thanks for the help.
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No problem, it's my pleasure: Here are the other two that stood out in my mind.

May 3rd 1996: Scott Enyardt won his suit against the LAPD in 1996, they were found to be at fault for loosing his negatives. As of 2001, neither set of negatives had been found. NOTE: Scott say he shot 3 rolls in 1968 and the LAPS found only 1 roll...of a different brand.

Spet. 27th 1996: Jonathon Kern was captured in France in 1997. He should still be serving a sentence there. This was a "scritp" type update...I'll have to check again to make sure the date is correct.
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Originally Posted by joshypiano
Thanks. I'm not satisfied with the form yet. I will embolden the word "Update" to make it easier to see and add indents to each new case. It's still a little rough on the eyes. I hope it will be of use to people.

Duuuude, your avatar freaks me out!!!
Who is it?

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Default avatar is a very young Stanley Kubrick. It's probably taken from around the time he directed Dr. Strangelove or Lolita.
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Originally Posted by radar1979
Roger Rohas from the "yami****a's gold" segment from the same episode was updated: rohas died on the day he was to testify, the organization he founded was to carry on his suit against the estate of Ferdinan Marcoss.

Sean McCracken
Does anyone else think it was quite a huge coincidence that he died before he was able to testify? I know that they think it was a heart attack and surely the stress that he had been through makes that plausible enough but anyone think he may have been "silenced" before he was able to tell his story in court?
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Dang, man... Nice work!
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Originally Posted by joshypiano avatar is a very young Stanley Kubrick. It's probably taken from around the time he directed Dr. Strangelove or Lolita.
I'm not going to lie, that is flippin' creepy!
BTW, great job on the thread!
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