Diff'rent Strokes: Cast info 

Conrad Bain as Phillip Drummond

Gary Coleman as Arnold Jackson

Todd Bridges as Willis Jackson

Dana Plato as Kimberly Drummond (1978-1984; 1985-1986)

Charlotte Rae as Mrs. Edna Garrett (1978-1979)

Nedra Volz as Adelaide Brubaker (1980-1982)

Mary Jo Catlett as Pearl Gallagher (1982-1986)

Dody Goodman as Aunt Sophia (1981-1982)

Shavar Ross as Dudley Ramsey (1981-1986)

Le Tari as Mr. Ted Ramsey (1981-1985)

Rosalind Chao as Miss Chung (1982-1983)

Janet Jackson as Charlene DuPrey (1981-1982)

Steven Mond as Robbie Jayson (1982-1986)

Nikki Swasey as Lisa Hayes (1982-1986)

Danny Cooksey as Sam McKinney (1984-1986)

Dixie Carter as Maggie McKinney (1984-1985)

Mary Ann Mobley as Maggie McKinney (1985-1986)

Jason Hervey as Charlie (1985-1986)

You can go to the direct link to the Internet Movie Database's entry for Diff'rent Strokes at: http://us.imdb.com/Details?0077003

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