Tuesday, February 13, 2007

TV Land Re-Adds 'Three's Company', Removes 'Miami Vice'; 'Jim' & 'Emergency' On 2-Week Break on ABC

TV Land has made two more revisions to their March schedule that we announced two days ago was altered a bit. That alteration will still be in effect, but now weekdays late afternoon/early evening has been changed a bit. Weekdays back-to-back in the 5pm hour starting March 5 will be Three's Company, which will return from hiatus. It will replace an airing of Bonanza at 5pm, which now moves to 4pm, replacing Miami Vice, which will be off the line-up once again. It just seems like Miami Vice is not a fit for TV Land, like The A-Team is (which does well for them and airs at 3pm), unfortunately. As for Three's Company, the show is one of their main players but they have used up a lot of episode plays on their contract, so TV Land was forced to give it a break. Hopefully they renew the current contract, which expires this coming fall, so they can keep airing it for many more moons. The show is celebrating its 30th anniversary this month, and TV Land will have a mini-marathon, as we mentioned a few days back.

Meanwhile, ABC will put sitcoms According to Jim and In Case of Emergency on a little hiatus that will last at least two weeks (Feb. 14 and Feb. 21). ABC will air an encore of the previous week's Lost at 9 p.m. leading into an all-new episode of Lost at 10 p.m. Sitcoms George Lopez and The Knights of Prosperity will continue to air in the 8 p.m. hour. Watch this week as ABC is labeling that hour "Batman and Robbin' Hour" (Adam West guest stars on George and The Knights are "robbin' Mick Jagger and make a big jump to that this week). That starts 8PM on ABC. Same Bat Time, Same Bat Channel! POW!!!

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