World Wide Happy Days

World Wide Happy Days

a listing of where Happy Days airs

I am trying to compile a list of where Happy Days currently airs around the United States and the world. If Happy Days airs in your part of the U.S. or of the world, please e-mail with the country, television station, what Happy Days is called in your country, and the language. Thanks.


TV Land

Happy Days currently airs on TV Land Monday-Friday at 10:30AM ET/PT.


It airs on WGN Monday-Friday at 8:00AM and 8:30AM ET.

Yahoo's Listing of Local Stations airing Happy Days

Other local stations airing Happy Days (note: this list is hard to keep track of updated, and probably contains errors and obmissions)

Baltimore, MD; WBFF; Tue-Sat 3:00AM
Boston, MA; ATT-3; Mon-Fri 4:00PM
Philadelphia, PA; WGTW; Mon-Fri 5:00PM and 6:00PM
Chicago, IL; WCIU; Mon-Fri 1:30PM
Cleveland, OH; WBNX; Sun 1:30PM
Hampton Roads, VA; WSKY 4; Mon-Fri 5:00PM
Houston, TX; KTBU The Tube 55; Mon-Fri 3:30PM
Indianapolis, IN; WHMB; Mon-Fri 5:30PM
Kansas City, MO; KSMO; Mon-Fri 11:00AM
Milwaukee, WI; WITI; Sat 5:00AM
Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN; WFTC; Mon-Sat 5:00AM
St. Louis, MO; KTVI; Tue-Fri 3:35AM
Dallas/Fort Worth, TX; KDFI; Mon-Fri 2:00PM and 2:30PM, Sun 12:00PM
Raleigh/Durham, NC; WKFT; Mon-Fri 12:30PM, Sat 5:30PM
New Orleans, LA; WUPL; Mon-Fri 2:00PM (2 episodes); 2 episodes on Sat
San Antonio, TX; KABB; Tue-Sat 3:30AM
Albuquerque/Santa Fe, NM; Mon-Fri 5:00PM
Denver, CO; KTVD; Mon-Fri 10:30AM
Oklahoma City, OK; UPN43
Los Angeles, CA; KHIZ; Mon-Fri 5:00PM
Los Angeles, CA; KTTV; Sat 3:30PM
Oakland, CA; KQCA; Mon-Fri 9:00AM
San Jose, CA; KICU; Mon-Fri 11:30AM
Phoenix, AZ; KASW; Mon-Fri 10:00AM and 10:30AM
San Diego, CA; XETV; Mon-Fri 11:30AM
Seattle/Tacoma, WA; KSTW; Mon-Fri 7:30AM; Sat 8:00AM, 8:30AM, 9:00AM, 9:30AM

Channel 9, Happy Days, English, shown in Melbourne at 5:30PM
Galaxy (cable), Happy Days, English, shown twice daily in Sydney
Austar TV1 (cable), Happy Days, English, 4:30PM Mon-Fri

VT4, English w/subtitles, everyday at 7:45AM

CTS Television (cable/satellite), Mon-Fri, 7:30PM

YLE TV1, Onnen Paivat, English (w/Finnish subtitles), aired from Aug. 1994-June 1996

Serie Club (cable and satellite), ?, every day at 20.15, French (dubbed over voices/no laugh track)

Kabel1, ?, German (dubbed over voices/no laugh track)

India - Star World, 5.30 AM and at 2.00 PM

Sky One, 9AM every morning

Channel One, Yamim Meosharim, aired in English, aired in the 80's?

Italia 1, 2 episodes every Sunday around 7pm, dubbed in Italian

Yorin, Monday-Friday at 18:55, Happy Days, English, Dutch subtitles
The Netherlands

Prime TV, Happy Days, English
New Zealand

TVNorge, ?, English (with Norwegian subtitles)

Kanal A, under the name Sreeni easi which actually means "Happy times"; every weekday, subtitled in Slovenia; 1997-present

TV 5 Nordic, ?-1994, Ganget och Jag, English (with Swedish subtitles)

12:00pm or 12:30pm (differs), and 6:00pm on 'Paramount Comedy' channel United Kingdom

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