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Welcome to Raj's news section! 

Story by Roger Thomas; Written by Roger Thomas.

Roger Thomas is an acclaimed writer and even wrote a story for the TV program "Central Avenue."  Unfortunately due to low ratings the show was canceled after one episode, but Roger Thomas lives on on What's Happening!! & What's Happening Now!!  

Monday, April 16, 2007 -- What's Happening Now!! is coming to TV Land!  The show will air weekday mornings at 7:00am starting Monday, April 30!  New episodes that they have never aired will start airing on Tuesday, May 29.  All of the first season will be aired and 6 total episodes from seasons two and three will air.  Hopefully they air all of the episodes, but this is a good start! Video clips of What's Happening Now!! from TV Land!

Sunday, March 25, 2007 -- What's Happening Now!! The Complete First Season is coming to DVD on June 12, 2007! More details will come soon.  Cover art is posted below.  Order TODAY...please order  so we can get all three seasons on DVD!  Spread the word!

December 16, 2006 -- Sorry for the lack of updates. TV Land has given What's Happening!! some life again after returning it to schedule every night at 9 and 9:30pm.  It was moved to 12 noon this past summer and then it was removed, so the show is now back in style!  Also, Sony Pictures has a poll on what DVDs you want in the future, and What's Happening Now!! is one of the leaders.  Let's make it unanimous by voting for it! VOTE FOR WHAT'S HAPPENING NOW!! ON DVD.  WE NEED ALL THREE SEASONS OF THE FOLLOW-UP SHOW ON DVD AS WELL!  LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN!


November 6, 2005 -- I hope everyone is enjoying the marathon this weekend on TV Land.  Don't forget to watch the show every night at 11 p.m. ET/PT on TV Land!  It was so good to watch What's Happening Now!! for the first time in many years last night, and looking forward to more tonight!  Please email TV Land and tell them to air that show daily, too!  E-mail them here: http://www.tvland.com/switchboard/switchform.jhtml -- And coming soon (hopefully in January 2006), a new look to this website to make your visit here even better!


September 19, 2005 -- The complete details for What's Happening!! on TV Land is now in! We all know it is going to launch with a 48 hour marathon on Nov 5-6 , but TV Land will also include 12 episodes of What's Happening Now!!  Full details...

Hey, HAY, hey--What’s Happening!
Take one nerdy Roger; mix in a goofy Dwayne and a silly Rerun; add a sprinkle of sass from Dee, a pinch of punch from Shirley and a slice of wisdom from Mama; stir well until laughter and cool 70s “hip” ensues. Don’t miss out on the special bonus episodes of What’s Happening Now!! airing both nights from 3am-6am.  Full Marathon schedule is HERE.  After the marathon What's Happening!! will air every night at 11 p.m. ET/PT on TV Land starting Nov. 7!  No word if WHN will air regularly, too.


August 19, 2005 --I have reviewed the third season DVD and it is wonderful!  I hope you all buy it to complete your 3 season collection.  Click HERE to read my DVD review of Season 3. And ORDER TODAY, by clicking HERE.   In other news, What's Happening!!/What's Happening Now!! is not only coming to TV Land in November, but some local channels in the U.S. will start both shows in September!  Here is a list SO FAR: WCOV Montgomery, WGNT Norfolk, WJZY Charlotte, WRBU St. Louis, WUPV Richmond (already airing it), ME-TV Chicago (already airing it). Back to the DVD, here are some shots of the menus I took:


June 16, 2005 -- News is in for What's Happening!!'s final season on DVD! Season 3 of this series will hit DVD on August 23. ORDER TODAY, by clicking HERE. Cover art for season 3 is posted above and back art is posted below. 
In other good news, we finally will get What's Happening!! on television nationally!  TV Land has purchased the show for a November launch.  Currently slated for a 48 hour marathon on November 5 and 6.  Details will be coming soon, and hopefully they can air What's Happening Now!!, too.  And hopefully Sony puts that on DVD after season 3 of What's Happening!!  Now for the S3 back art...


February 19, 2005 -- Sorry for the lack of updates for the past few months.  I hope everyone has bought seasons 1 and 2 on DVD.  If not, please do so by clicking on the cover arts above.  There still is no news on the final season coming on DVD, but I am guessing it could be out this summer, maybe July or August?  Time will tell ... but if you have not bought the DVDs, please do so, as that will help get season three and possibly even What's Happening Now!! released.  If you haven't, please read my review of both season 1 and 2 here: Season 1 DVD Review (brief): http://www.sitcomsonline.com/whatshappeningdvdreview.html

Season 2 DVD Review (long): http://www.sitcomsonline.com/whatshappeningseason2dvdreview.html

Many fans have been asking when the show will be back on television nationally.  As of now, only one local channel airs the show.  TV Land would be perfect for the show, please vote for the show on the network on their website: http://www.tvland.com/switchboard/suggest_show.jhtml

Who knows, maybe very soon we can get the show on cable TV again!  It would be perfect for the 30th anniversary coming soon.

August 19, 2004 -- View the menu screens from the Complete Second DVD!  Order your copy today Amazon!  Make sure everyone you know does, so we can get the final season very soon and maybe even the follow-up series, What's Happening Now!!


July 26, 2004 -- The news on season two's DVD is in!  It will be out on OCTOBER 5, 2004!!  Order today from Amazon!  Cover art is posted above! The back of the box is shown here:


June 29, 2004 -- I have some GREAT news!! What's Happening!!: The Complete Second Season is coming to DVD sometime later this year. Details will be coming soon, so get ready! For now, if you haven't bought season one, buy it now from the links above!!

April 21, 2004: Shirley Hemphill's short lived series, One in a Million from 1980 aired for a few weeks in March 2004 on the cable network TV One. They aired one episode per weekday, at 7am, 11am, and 6pm. Unfortunately, they did not get to air every episode.
WCIU in Chicago will have a What's Happening!! afternoon event on Saturday, May 1 with four classic episodes and the movie that inspired this sitcom. Here is the rundown:
11:00am CT What's Happening!! #44 "Disco Dollar Disaster"
11:30am CT What's Happening!! #17 "The Tickets"
12:00pm CT Cooley High (1975)
2:00pm CT What's Happening!! #6 "The Burger Queen"
2:30pm CT What's Happening!! #4 "My Three Tons"

I was shocked to read earlier today that Fred Berry has passed away at age 52. We have lost so many good people this year. Nell Carter to John Ritter and now Fred Berry. They all were in their early 50s. Hopefully TV Land or some network will air a What's Happening!! marathon in honor of Fred Berry. I'll keep you up to date if they indeed do. I urge all fans to buy the Season 1 DVD, so we can get seasons two, three, and maybe even What's Happening Now!! on DVD. Do it for Fred. Rest in peace, Fred, we will miss you. 1951-2003. Read the full article here.

Fred Berry and Ernest Thomas are in the movie "Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star." The movie opens in theatres on Friday, September 5. They will be playing themselves. Hollywood Squares is saluting the movie with a special week of episodes airing, Sept. 8-12, check local listings for details.

VH-1's "I Love The '70s" had a segment on What's Happening!! in their 1978 segment on THURSDAY, AUGUST 21, 2003. Check local listings for re-airings. Here are some photos:

Fred Ferry was in a short film called 'Bum Runner.' It's available on DVD and film festivals. Click here for more details.

July 2003- The biggest news probably ever for What's Happening!! just came out today!  What's Happening!!: The Complete First Season is out on DVD from Time-Life!  They are selling it for $29.99.  That is not bad at all, as we get 21 episodes unedited and unbelievable quality!
UPDATE on 12/19/03: Timelife has discontinued the DVD's, but not to worry, Amazon will now sell the DVD starting 2/3/04, click on the above link to pre-order today, if you have not already bought your copy.  Menu screen from the DVD:

Trio TV is airing the Battle of the Network Stars III special from 1977 with Fred Berry as one of the competitors.  It will air a lot the week of July 20-27, 2003 on Trio TV, so please check that out!

On Saturday, June 21, 2003, NBC had a special on "Child Stars: Then and Now" hosted by Cosby Show's Malcolm-Jamal Warner.  Haywood Nelson and Danielle Spencer were among the stars featured.

E! Entertainment TV's TV-series "Star Dates" had Fred Berry as a guest star in the season two premiere on Tuesday, June 17, 2003.  Check out the Fred Berry Bio section for more details, including a video clip.

Fred Berry guest starred on NBC's Scrubs as himself on April 10, 2003.  Here are some photos:

On August 8th, 2002 Episode 3 of NBC's "The Rerun Show" featured "What's Happening!!," a parody of the episode 'Rerun Gets Married.' Fred Berry guest stars as the judge and later does the Rerun dance. Missed the show? VH-1 will re-air it a few times, here are some of the airing: Friday August 23rd at 11:30pm e/p and Sat Aug 24 at 7pm e/p. Here are some photos from the episode:

Recently I got an e-mail from Rocco Karega, who guest starred on episode 10 of "What's Happening Now!!" Check out his links for his GREAT CD below in the links section! Also, click here for his bio and some photos from his episode.

On March 31st, 2002, E! had a special called "20 Sitcoms We Secretly Love."  What's Happening!! came in:

Here are some clips they showed:

TV Land had a special called "Inside TV Land: African Americans in Television: COMEDY. It aired all month long in February 2002 on TV Land. Fred Berry was interviewed and many shows were featured including "What's Happening!!"


Fred Berry was on NBC's The Weakest Link for the Classic TV Stars II edition. For November 2002 sweeps.  Click here for more details.

The Weekend of April 21/22, 2001 Entertainment Tonight had an interview with Fred Berry!  Check out the article of the show, it even has a video recap!  Click here!

In February 2001 CBS's The Early Show had a 'Retro Reunion' for What's Happening!! Ernest Thomas, Fred Berry, Haywood Nelson and Danielle Spencer were apart of it! CBS has the video of the entire segment up Click here!  We need the show back on cable! PETITION TO GET WHAT'S HAPPENING!! AND WHAT'S HAPPENING NOW!! BACK ON CABLE: CLICK HERE TO SIGN THAT PETITION. 


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