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  • "Then Came You," by Steve Nelson and Madeline Sunshine

  • several different variations of the theme song were used

    Wav file of the theme song (88K) (compressed format; Microsoft Netshow, updated Windows Media Player, Win Amp, or etc. required)

    MP3 file of the opening theme song (988K)

    MP3 file of the ending theme title (518K)

    Real Audio file of the theme song (299K-Real Player required)

    MIDI file of the theme song (5K)

    Real Video file clip of the opening theme credits (364K-Real Player required)

    Lyrics to the theme song: (note: there were several versions, I've just listed 1 for now)

    Set in my ways
    losing track of the days
    Only me to live for.
    Had no need to give more
    Than I wanted to.

    Spending my time
    just holding the line
    Never getting caught up.
    Love was never brought up
    Itís not the thing to do.

    It was you,
    Then came you.
    You made me leap without taking a look.
    It was you,
    Then came you.
    You reeled me right in line, sinker, and hook.
    Never thought forever was the best I could do.

    Then came you.
    It was you
    Then came you.
    It was you.
    Me and you.
    Then came you.


    Television Themes Volume 6 CD

    The theme song can also be found on the Television Themes Volume 6 compact disc.

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