Webster: Episode Guide

1. Another Ballgame (pilot episode) (original airdate: 9/16/83)

George and Katherine return from their cruise to find they've "inherited" George's godchild.

2. Happy Un-Birthday (9/23/83)

Webster lets everyone believe it's his birthday.

3. Katherine's Swan Song (10/7/83)

Webster hides a runaway girl in his room.

4. Consulting Adults (9/30/83)

Katherine's fearful when Webster tries out for the community football team.

5. Travis (11/11/83)

Katherine and Webster discover how George was selected to be the youngster's godfather.

6. Saying Goodbye (10/21/83)

George and Katherine help Webster face the painful truth of his parents' deaths.

7. Second Time Around (11/4/83)

Webster arranges a wedding for George and Katherine, believing they never had a real ceremony.

8. Green-Eyed Monster (10/28/83)

Katherine is jealous when George's shapely friend visits.

9. Don't Jump, George (12/23/83)

Katherine becomes obsessed with winning on a TV game show.

10. A Question of Honor (12/16/83)

Blame falls on Webster when his pals rob the Trocadero.

11. That's Entertainment (11/18/83)

Webster sings and dances on a TV benefit show.  Guest: Ben Vereen.

12. Educating Katherine (11/25/83)

Webster tries to help Katherine, who is failing as a volunteer art teacher.

13. Teddy Bear Scare (12/2/83)

George and Katherine hope to convince Webster that he can sleep without his teddy bear.

14. George: The Patient in Spite of Himself (1/6/84)

Webster tries to be tough like George when he's hospitalized for a tonsillectomy.

15. Missing (1/20/84)

George and Katherine panic when they realize that no one picked up Webster after school.

16. Maybe Baby (1/13/84)

Katherine and George explain the facts of life to Webster.

17. Secrets of the Night (1/27/84)

Webster tries to hide his bed-wetting problem.

18. Special Friends (2/3/84)

Webster meets a participant in the Special Olympics.

19. Uncle Phillip (2/24/84)

George wants to keep Uncle Phillip (Ben Vereen) out of Webster's life.

20. In Re: Webster Long (Part 1) (5/4/84)

George and Katherine want to adopt Webster, but Uncle Phillip has the same idea.

21. More Than a Memory (3/2/84)

Webster inadvertently talks Jerry into leaving his job as Katherine's secretary.

22. Dreamland (3/9/84)

Webster's afraid everyone will find out he has a crush on his teacher.

23. In Re: Webster Long (Part 2) (9/21/84)

Uncle Phillip battles George and Katherine for custody of Webster.

24. In Re: Webster Long (Part 3) (9/28/84)

Uncle Phillip takes Webster to Atlanta without George and Katherine's knowledge.

25. The Great Walnutto (10/12/84)

Webster helps a janitor return to his former career as a magician.  Guest: Harold Gould.

26. Knock, Knock (10/19/84)

Caught in an embarrassing situation, Katherine's explanation to Webster only leads the youngster to further confusion.

27. Burn-Out (10/26/84)

Webster wins praise for saving Katherine and George from the fire that ruins the Papadapolis' apartment.

28. Katherine Fights City Hall (12/14/84)

George and Katherine launch a city-wide campaign to save a neighborhood eatery from demolition.

29. God Bless the Child (11/23/84)

To the consternation of churchgoers, Katherine uses the pulpit to offer hope to Webster as he copes with the loss of his parents.

30. Moving On (11/2/84)

George and Katherine are excited about purchasing their new home until Webster discovers a secret room behind a trick wall.

31. Thanksgiving Show (11/16/84)

Webster's plans for a special Thanksgiving celebration are complicated by George's rambunctious father and Katherine's arrogant mother.

32. The Uh-Oh Feeling (1/25/85)

Webster and his friends learn how to deal with a substitute teacher who is also a child molester.

33. You Can't Go Home Again (11/9/84)

George is lured out of retirement to help a faltering team.  Guest: Frank Gifford

34. Too Much Class (11/30/84)

Webster's grades suffer when he enrolls in an advanced-learning class.

35. It's a Dog's Life (1/4/85)

Webster cons Uncle Phillip (Ben Vereen) into buying him a dog despite George and Katherine's objections.

36. To Tell the Truth (12/7/84)

Webster reveals on national TV that Katherine once visited a psychiatrist.

37. Runaway (1/11/85)

After a seven-year absence, Bill and Cassie's daughter returns.

38. Strike Up the Band (2/1/85)

Webster makes plans to have Diahann Carroll sing at his school's fund-raising event.

39. Keep on Truckin', Papa (1/18/85)

George, Katherine and Webster try to find a job for George's visiting father.

40. In the Family Way (Part 1) (2/8/85)

George and Webster find out that Katherine's strange behavior is caused by worry over revealing her pregnancy.

41. In the Family Way (Part 2) (2/15/85)

Katherine's pregnancy is suddenly threatened.

42. What Is Art? (2/22/85)

Webster learns he has recycled Uncle Phillip's tin-can sculpture.

43. Best of Friends (3/15/85)

Webster's camp-out with his best friend ends in a heated battle.

44. It's Academic (3/22/85)

Katherine has a crush on a college professor.

45. Be It Ever So Humble (3/29/85)

Practical jokes find George and Bill at odds with one another.

46. The Best Thing I Can Be (4/5/85)

After spending the day at an amusement park, Webster becomes depressed about his height.

47. Blast From the Past (Part 1)

Webster gets trapped in a secret room that has no apparent exit.

48. Blast From the Past (Part 2)

George and Katherine search for Webster, who is trapped in a secret room.

Note: Episodes 47-48 were produced for syndication and never aired in network primetime.

49. How the West Was Once (9/20/85)

George, Katherine and Webster take a vacation in Arizona.

50. How the West Was Once (9/20/85)

George decides to rebuild the ranch.

51. And Baby Makes Breakfast (9/27/85)

Webster learns the demands of a partnership when he gets "married" as part of a school assignment.

52. Big Problems (10/4/85)

Webster's attempt to befriend an unusually tall classmate fails.

53. One More Shot (11/1/85)

George takes Webster to a New York Knicks game.   Guest: Patrick Ewing.

54. The Triangle (12/6/85)

A photo taken by Webster leads Katherine to believe her neighbor is having an affair.

55. Parent Trap (10/18/85)

Webster and his godparents switch roles to see whose life is more difficult.

56. Alien (10/11/85)

After reading a newspaper article, Webster is convinced he's the alien described in the story.

57. Great Expectations (Part 1) (11/8/85)

Webster, Katherine and George take off an adventure-filled trip to California.

58. Great Expectations (Part 2) (11/15/85)

Uncle Phillip's girlfriend causes him to lose an important role.

59. Hello, I Must Be Going (1/10/86)

Webster plays Cupid for George's father and Katherine's aunt.

60. Who's to Blame? (11/22/85)

Robbers break into the house while Webster's home alone.

61. Good Grief (10/25/85)

Katherine's mother dies.

62. Chained (11/29/85)

By not responding to a chain letter, Webster fears that he's responsible for his grandfather's accident.

63. The Truth Hurts (12/13/85)

Webster gives Katherine a gaudy dress and convinces her to wear it for a special occasion.

64. That's Rich (1/17/86)

George and Katherine try to cure Webster of "lottery fever".

65. TV or Not TV (1/24/86)

George tries to liven up his show by doing a news story on peewee hockey and ends up assigned to cover kids' sports.

66. Borrowed Time (1/31/86)

Webster tries to rouse community support after his best friend is kidnapped by his divorced father.

67. Love Papadopolis Style (1/14/86)

Webster years to ask a girl to a Valentine's Day party.

68. A Friend in Need (2/7/86)

Webster befriends a young patient in the leukemia ward of the children's hospital.

69. Almost Home (2/21/86)

Webster visits his uncle, a country-western singer who has moved into a foster home to be near the children.

70. Farewell to Arms (3/7/86)

Webster asks Katherine and George if he can buy a BB gun.

71. There Goes the Bride (3/21/86)

Katherine and George plan Aunt Charlotte's wedding.

72. Gotcha (3/28/86)

After Webster takes the blame for one of George's bad habits, Katherine and Webster concoct a plan for revenge.

73. Special Delivery

George and Katherine hire a very pregnant replacement after their maid unexpectedly retires.

74. Cuckoo's Nest

Katherine conducts a therapy session at home.

Note: Episodes 73-74 were produced for syndication and never aired in network primetime.

75. My Family's Honor (5/2/86)

Katherine and Webster both cheat on important school projects.

76. Rear View Mirror (Part 1)

Fearful Webster reminisces about his past when the vacationing Katherine and George are caught in a hurricane.

77. Rear View Mirror (Part 2)

Webster looks back on his past when he learns the vacationing Katherine and George are caught in a hurricane.

Note: Episodes 76-77 were produced for syndication and never aired in network primetime.

78. McGruff (8/20/86)

A bully swipes Webster's lunch money.

79. The Landlords (9/26/86)

The Papadapolises unknowingly rent a room to a clown.

80. The Derby (10/3/86)

George becomes obsessed with Webster winning a race.

81. The Big Sleepover (12/5/86)

Webster invites a girl pal for an overnight visit.

82. Read It and Weep (10/24/86)

The family discovers that Papa Papadapolis can't read.

83. Seeing It Through (a.k.a. It's a Dog-Eat-Dog World) (2/12/87)

Webster gets a job as the neighborhood dog walker.

84. A Run for the Money (10/17/86)

Webster becomes an entrant in a 10-kilometer charity race.

85. Witchbusters (10/31/86)

Webster discovers that a lonely old woman is not a witch.

86. Kiss Me Kate (11/14/86)

One of George's former teammates makes a pass at Katherine in front of Webster.

87. Play Ball (11/21/86)

Katherine coaches Webster's baseball team.

88. The Tribute (11/7/86)

Webster represents his late father when his school is named after the famous sports hero.  Guest: Ron Reagan.

89. A Test of Characters (1/23/87)

Webster's photography project for a class tells a lot about an instructor's character.

90. The Man in the Red Flannel Suit (12/12/86)

George needs cheering up when he loses his role as Santa at a Christmas parade.

91. Secrets (1/9/87)

George hits the ceiling when he learns that the son of his new station manager is bullying Webster.

92. The K.O. Kid (2/27/87)

While in Webster's care, the autograph of heavyweight champion Mike Tyson is accidentally wiped off a pair of boxing gloves.

93. Honor Thy Grandfather (2/6/87)

Webster becomes annoyed when the children at the community center make fun of Grandfather Papadapolis.

94. Leave It to Diva (1/16/87)

Webster's birthday party will either consist of a night at the opera or an evening of professional wrestling.   Julia Migenes guest stars.

95. Freedom of the Press (1/30/87)

Webster unknowingly jeopardizes Katherine's job when he writes a news story about the love lives of teachers.

96. Games People Play (3/6/87)

There's turmoil in the Papadopolis home when a guest at Webster's party suggests playing a kissing game.   Ebonie Smith and Nick DeMauro guest star.

97. Katherine the Brave (3/20/87)

Webster faces pressure from his peers when they ask him to fire Katherine as Junior Ranger troopleader.

98. Our Song (2/20/87)

Webster and Jerry invite the Four Tops to perform at George and Katherine's wedding-anniversary party.

99. The A-Plus Parents (3/27/87)

Webster pens an essay that makes him appreciate his adoptive parents.

100. What Price Friendship? (5/7/87)

Webster learns an important lesson when two new friends gobble up his hard-earned money.  Nick DeMauro, Chris Conilli and R.J. Williams guest star.

101. San Francisco (Part 1) (9/22/87)

Webster helps an elderly jazz musician who wants to be reunited with his old band in San Francisco.

102. San Francisco (Part 2) (9/29/87)

After Henry disappears, Katherine is accused of extorting the old man's savings.

103. San Francisco (Part 3) (10/6/87)

Katherine's bailed out in time to catch Henry's come-back performance.

104. Hello, Nicky (10/13/87)

Webster's cousin is hesitant about moving to Nigeria with his family.

105. Grab Bag (10/20/87)

Webster comes up with a crime prevention plan after Katherine's purse is stolen.

106. The Strike (11/3/87)

George objects to the unusual methods of Webster's teacher.

107. George's Brush With Life (11/10/87)

George rethinks his life after learning his school chums have died.

108. The Importance of Being Worthy (11/17/87)

Thieves rob Webster of money raised for sports equipment.   Guest: James Worthy.

109. Breaking Away (10/27/87)

George nixes Webster's plans by taking the family fishing.

110. Hell of a Weekend (11/30/87)

Katherine and George's hosts literally reveal themselves as nudists on a pleasant weekend outing.

111. Katherine the Greek (12/6/87)

George asks Katherine for help when he fails to pick the winning football teams.

112. The Four Tops: The Sequel (1/5/88)

The Four Tops, the legendary singing group, meet their friend Webster.

113. Simple Gifts (12/15/87)

A man (John Astin) keeps giving everybody a lot of Christmas presents despite Katherine's objections.

114. Nerds Are People Too (1/12/88)

Webster regrets joining a school club when he discovers that the members are nerds.

115. Taming of the Stew (1/19/88)

When Katherine demonstrates her cooking "skills" on TV, George and Webster try to prevent a culinary fiasco.

116. The Couch Potato Must Die (1/26/88)

The family has its hands full when they help Jerry recuperate from a sprained ankle.

117. The Cruise (2/2/88)

Webster's assignment about famous lovers has Katherine and George reminiscing about their first meeting.

118. Dial K for Katherine (2/9/88)

Katherine panics when she thinks that an ex-con is out to get her.

119. Homecoming (2/16/88)

George discovers some disturbing facts about players on Nicky's football team.

120. Basketball Blues (2/23/88)

George tries to help a promising basketball star who's addicted to cocaine.

121. Love Letters (3/15/88)

Webster tries to play Cupid for love-struck Nicky

122. The Talk Show (3/22/88)

Katherine's jealously makes Webster fear divorce.

123. Parental Guidance Suggested (3/29/88)

Webster sneaks out to see a forbidden violent movie.

124. Rub-a-Dub-Dub (4/5/88)

A tub tycoon tricks George into endorsing his product.

125. See George Run (4/12/88)

George probes shady doings in the board of education.

126. Papa's Big Romance (9/30/88)

The family encourages Papa's amorous escapades with a belly dance instructor.

127. The Quiz Show (9/23/88)

Webster and his classmates compete on a TV quiz show.

128. The Painting (9/16/88)

Katherine is mortified when she sees a nude portrait of herself in a prestigious art gallery.

129. Sale Away (10/14/88)

The Papadapolis family reminisces as it gathers items for a garage sale.

130. The Crush (10/21/88)

Katherine is in for a surprise when she gives a teen-ager advice on dating older woman.

131. Heaven (11/11/88)

Webster is upset when a friend tells him his dead turtle won't be going to heaven.

132. The Wild, Wild Webst (9/9/88)

Webster dreams he's in the Wild West after a bully harasses him.

133. Rich Man, Poor Man (12/2/88)

Katherine's and Webster's theatrical debuts are in danger when her rich uncle falls for the leading lady.

134. The Election (10/7/88)

Webster manages the campaign of a class-president candidate, but doesn't get the results he expected.

135. Take My Cousin... Please (11/4/88)

Webster believes the boy his wealthy aunt plans to adopt is just interested in her money.

136. Doing Time at the Community Center (12/9/88)

A convicted gambler who is undergoing rehabilitation has a bad influence on Webster.

137. The Chelsea Cat (10/28/88)

George and Katherine discover that a good friend, who is visiting for a few days, is a cat burglar.

138. Thanksgiving with the Four Tops (11/6/89)

The Four Tops, friends of the Papadapolis family, find they have nowhere to go for Thanksgiving.

139. The Web-Touchables (Part 1) (11/18/88)

While daydreaming, Webster pictures himself as a 1920s crimebuster who's out to catch a root beer racketeer.

140. The Web-Touchables (Part 2) (11/25/88)

As his daydream continues, Webster finds himself "set up" by a gangster.

141. A Camping We Will Go (1/20/89)

Katherine and George attempt to recapture their youth at a summer camp for adults.

142. They Don't Shoot Horses, Do They? (2/17/89)

Webster tries to save the life of a racehorse marked for death because it can't compete anymore.

143. Bowled Over (12/16/88)

An obnoxious couple asks Katherine for counseling to make them popular.

144. Ticket To Ride (1/27/89)

Webster takes off on his new all-terrain bike -- and winds up with a traffic ticket.

145. The Science Project (2/3/89)

Frieda, Webster's brainy friend, is upset when her science project doesn't win first prize.

146. Here Comes the Jets (1/13/89)

Katherine buys Webster scalper's tickets to a sold-out concert -- and then gets arrested.   Guests: the Jets.

147. The Visitor (2/24/89)

Webster's pen pal, a British butler, arrives for a visit.

148. The Gospel Truth (2/10/89)

Webster's in a jam when he learns that the rock band he booked for a big school party is actually a gospel choir.

149. Flood of Memories: The Final Chapter (3/3/89)

While cleaning up the flooded basement, the family finds old photographs that stir up memories.

150. Webtrek (3/10/89)

Webster lands in the 24th century with the help of his computer.

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