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Premiere Date: Friday, September 16, 2005 (Warner Bros. Television)
Network: The WB
Time: Fridays at 8:30 p.m.
Cast: Starring Sara Gilbert, Molly Stanton, Mark Linn-Baker and Melanie Griffith


Mark Linn-Baker returns to series television as the father of the twins in “Twins.” The interesting thing about Twins is they do not look alike at all! One of them has brains, one of them has beauty. You’ll have to find out what exactly happened on why these “twins” don’t look alike at all.

Having explored the hilarious complexities of sexuality with Will & Grace, Emmy Award-winning producers David Kohan and Max Mutchnick bring their unique take on modern relationships to The WB. This time, they're targeting societal stereotypes and perceptions of brains vs. beauty with a bitingly funny comedy about twin sisters.

Cast Details:

“Twins” stars Sara Gilbert as Mitchee Arnold, Molly Stanton as Farrah Arnold, Mark Linn-Baker as Alan Arnold, and Melanie Griffith as Lee Arnold.

Mitchee (Sara Gilbert, Roseanne) is a brainiac with an engineering degree and the determination of a successful businesswoman. Her twin sister Farrah (Molly Stanton, Passions) is a stunningly perfect lingerie model. Mitchee and Farrah are about to inherit their parents' business, Arnold Undergarments, the fourth largest women's lingerie company in the country. The company's founder and the twins' dad is Alan Arnold (Mark Linn-Baker, Perfect Strangers), who invented an ultra-supportive parachute fabric while serving as an engineer in the Army. His miracle fabric was originally used to lower Humvees into enemy territory, but Alan soon realized that his invention could be put to better use supporting something else. His best-selling bra, the revolutionary Breast-o Change-o, gained worldwide renown for making every woman look and feel like a goddess.

The twins' mother, Lee (Melanie Griffith, Working Girl), is a beautiful former lingerie model who is not a deep thinker. She was a top fashion model at the peak of her career when she was booked to model the new Breast-o Change-o. When model met inventor, it was love at first sight. Marriage followed, Lee became Alan's partner in the business, and the twins were born soon thereafter.


Alan and Lee are about to turn over their bra business (Arnold Undergarments) to their twin daughters. Mitchee is like her dad while Farrah is like her mom. Mitchee has invented a shape-enhancing pair of panties known as the Butt-Pucker. Lee is just as proud that Farrah is uniquely qualified to model the Butt-Pucker and become the "spokesbutt" of the industry. The two argue and fight through most of the pilot. Alan and Lee must contemplate what to do with their time together now that they are no longer the young superstars of the undergarment industry. Even though they are officially retired, they can't quite get out of the habit of showing up for work every day. The future looks even more complicated for Mitchee and Farrah as they come face-to-face with the challenge of how to use their different gifts to run the company together. The sisters will constantly confront the labels of "brain" and "beauty" that they've had to deal with all their lives. Arnold Undergarments may be a force in the lingerie industry, but with Mitchee and Farrah in charge, this business - and this family - are going to need a lot of, um, support.


The pilot was average. It has some good laughs and some weak spots. I think the show will get better. Mark Linn-Baker is again wonderful. Molly Stanton is new to the business but she certainly will not be for long, as her looks are quite the thing. Sara Gilbert has the best lines on the pilot. I didn’t think Melanie Griffith had much to do in the pilot. She was to me the worst one in it. I’m a Griffith fan, I loved her in Something Wild, but she was not used well in the pilot. Still get your Butt-Puckers out and watch the pilot, unless you prefer the Breast-o-Change-o?


The show should build on this. Griffith’s husband Antonio Banderas is rumored to guest star on this series. The show is following What I Like About You on The WB Friday. It’s not expected to be The WB’s ratings juggernaut on Fridays, but if it holds What I Like About You’s audience, it will last the season. My suggestion is to give it a try. It is the second best new show on Friday’s behind ABC’s Hot Properties. Young guys will be all over this show because of Molly Stanton. She is certainly going to be a star. Classic TV fans will be watching because of Gilbert and Linn-Baker. And men will watch because of Griffith.

Final Numbers (out of 5 stars):

Watchability: 4/5
Funniness: 3.5/5
Overall: 3.5/5

-- Reviewed by pavanbadal on 09/11/2005.

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