Happy Days Trivia Questions

This section contains trivia questions and answers regarding Happy Days. If anyone has any questions, please e-mail me and I will post the answers or post the questions if I don't know so someone else can answer. Currently, there are 119 questions in this section. Keep those questions coming.

The trivia section has been split up into two sections (questions and answers). For the answers, click here.

Questions 103-119 were added for the 6/13 update.

Question: Why do they call Potsie, Potsie? (from Charlie)

Question: In one episode Joanie gets a ring from a boyfriend named Jason and considers going to the "alamo" with him. But in the end she gives the ring back. What was this episode and who played Jason?

Question: My friend and I were in stitches the other day exchanging some of the more memorable quotes from Happy Days. Suddenly he started with a nasally Fonzie calling for Cunningham while taking aspirin without water (only nerds use water). What episode was this? (From Gene Bolan)

Question: What does Klondike 53201 mean? (from Adam Hirsch)

Question: What was the name of the tv show that Angie Fonzarelli (Fonzie's cousin) always had to see? (from Todd Hart)

Question: What was the original name of the sign at the drive-in before it was changed to Arnold's? (from Chris Cosena)

Question: In the episode where Fonzie must perform a magic act in the place of the magician, what is the name of that trick and what materials did it require? (from Tracy Carson)

Question: What branch of military did Richie serve in? (from Tracy Carson)

Question: What was Potsie's and Ralph's major while in college? (from Tracy Carson)

Question: What is the name of the college that Richie and the gang attended? (from Tracy Carson)

Question: Who were the only two actors to appear in the first episode all the way through to the last episode? (from Laurie Smith)

Question: Were there any reasons that the first Arnold's got burned down? (from Heini Kuivanen)

Question: What fraternity did Richie first tell Lori Beth he belonged to when they first met at the library? (from Mike Kush)

Question: What was the name of Howard and Marion's bowling team? (from Shanna Christman)

Question: There was a Mrs. Something-or-other who Marion would refer to fairly often but who we never saw. It was some humorous name. What was it? Mrs...? (from Ed Cadman)

Question: What were the names of the actors who played Little Richie? (from Tracy Carson)

Question: Who sang the Happy Days theme song? (from Vicky)

Question: In episodes #116-118 (Westward Ho!), what was the name of the blonde girl who ended up with Fonzie and who played her? (from Genevieve Whitehouse)

Question:What was the song Joanie and Chachi sang on the show Hootenanny in the episode 'Who Gives a Hootenanny'? (from Lindsey Johnson)

Question: When Fonzie had surgery on his leg after he broke the record for jumping over the most trash cans with his motorcycle, how did Richie finally get him up and walking? (from Matthew Ryan)

Question: What is Richie's favorite desert? (from Ethan Demme)

Question: Leather Tuscadero, upon leaving, slaps her hip and says....? (from Jan Stenabaugh)

Question: In the episode where Joanie decides to start smoking but doesn't, what is the name of the group she wants to join and what is the boy's name that she tries to impress?

Question: What was Potsie's fathers occupation? (from Chris Coonrad)

Question: Who burnt down Arnold's? (from Christine Jamroga)

Question: Which character, Pinky or Leather Tuscadero, would slap their leg twice and point? (from DOn Lewin)

Question: Did the Fonz ever cry on the show? (from Maggie)

Question: When Fonzie was suddenly blinded in one episode, what did Richie do to get him active again? (from Ruth)

Question: Did Richie punch Fonzie in one episode? (from Andrew Lloyd)

Question: Did Ralph or Potsie have any sisters or brothers?

Question: Did Fonzie have any brothers or sisters?

Question: Chachi wasn't the only one who loved Joanie. Name the other Fonzarelli relative that had a crush on Richie's little sister. (from Jeff Brown)

Question: What club were Richie and Potsie trying to get into when they kissed Marsha in the parking lot at Arnold's? (from Jeff Brown)

Question: Joanie falls in love with one of Richie's close friends and gives him a special nickname. Name the friend and the nickname. (from Jeff Brown)

Question: What was Fonzie's office before it became the bathroom at Arnold's? (from Lindsey Johnson)

Question: When Fonzie moves above the Cunninghams' garage, he has a poster of the person he believes personifies "cool", who was it? (from Myla)

Question: What episode aired on March 2nd, 1976, because my as my mother was watching that episode, she went into labor with me? (from Erin King)

Question: What was Flip's real name? (from Beth Barlow)

Question: What were Joanie's nicknames and who gave them to her? (from Beth Parlow)

Question: Who played Danny in the last two episodes? (from Robyn)

Question: Why did Al Molinaro leave "Happy Days" as a regular cast member after the 1981-1982 season? (from Paul Buslon)

Question: On my all-time favorite episode of Happy Days (the one where Fonzie pretends to be dead), there is a scene where Richie runs from a building just before it blows up. What color sweater was he wearing and what did it have on it? (from Tracy Carson)

Question: What were Al Molinaro's first and last episodes of Happy Days? (from Paul Buslon)

Question: In the opening theme song you see someone with their back to you in an embrace. It is however this person wrapping their arms around themselves. We are having a disagreement if it was Ralph the mouth or Potsie pretending to be in an embrace. Could you solve the puzzle for us? (from Katie Wilkie)

Question: What episode did Richie tell Chachi about Fonzie and Richie's first meeting (from Joel Collins)

Question: What was Ralph Malph's father's occupation before he chose to be a comedian? (from CC, Dave Amsbaugh)

Question: What is Richie's full name? (from Jacy)

Question: What year was Lori Beth and Richie married on the show? (from Jacy)

Question: Why did they have lost episodes, and why did they have one of Marion and Fonzie kissing each other? (from Dustin)

Question: What episode did Ron Howard and Henry Winkler make their final goodbyes before "Richie" went to California to write movies (from Ardis J. Wells)

Question: How many t-shirts did the Fonz own? (from Chris Lenton)

Question: What fraternity was Richie in and what sorority was Lori Beth in? (from John Jaeger)

Question: What college did Chuck Cunningham go to? (from Chuck)

Question: Did the Cunninghams ever own any pets? (from Lisa Deardorf)

Question: Would anyone happen top know the name of the actress who played the nurse (Mad Scientist Dick Gauthier's assistant) in episode #178- "Welcome to My Nightmare"? (from Denis Gallagher)

Question: What was Ralph Malph's father's name? (from Corey Doyen)

Question: What was the name of Joanie's favorite doll? (from Larry)

Question: What was Richie Cunningham's favorite sandwich? (from Shannon Lee)

Question: I've only seen part of "Good News, Bad News". Could you tell me what the startling news is? (from Ozgirl)

Question:What episode is Richie Cunningham's (Ron Howard) last before leaving for Greenland? (from Ryan)

Question: What was the name of Richie's band and who were the members? (from Bill Nordstrom, Paul J. Barnes)

Question: What was the name of Al's hometown? (from Don Kuehn)

Question: What show did they introduce Chachi? (from Meghan and Jane Fielder)

Question: In numerous episodes, there was a short, brunette, very pretty actress...she played drums in several episodes (drummer for Richie, Potsie, and Ralph's group). Who was this girl? (from Garry Robinson)

Question: Who played "Paula Petrolunga"? (From Garry Robinson)

Question: Was Joanie, Joanie's real name- or was it short for something like Joanna? (from Beth Parlow)

Question: What did K.C. stand for? (from Beth Parlow)

Question: Did they have an episode where it was told that Richie was going to Greenland, or did they just have him on one episode and gone the next? (from Beth Parlow)

Question: What year was it during the last year of Happy Days? 1966 or 1967? (from Ray Regan)

Question: What was Pinky Tuscadero's and Leather Tuscadero's relationship to the Fonz? (from Richard Magdaleno)

Question: What was the name of Al Delvecchio's girlfriend that left him back in Italy? (from Giuliana Marinelli)

Question: Watching Happy Days, I noticed this: Fonzie for about the first 100 or so episodes always wore his leather jacket open- and with a white t-shirt. Then all of a sudden, for almost every episode, the Fonz would wear his leather jacket zipped up at the bottom, with a black t-shirt. Why the change, I wonder? (from Ed)

Question: Has Happy Days ever received any awards or nominations for the show (such as an Emmy, etc.)? (from Debbie Tassell as well as Leslie Allison)

Question: What was the first line said on the first Happy Days show and who said it? (from Jenny Wenzel)

Question: What was the "real" name of the African-American kid who played drums in the laui episode? (from Tracy)

Question: Arnold's Drive-In was the famous after-school hangout. Fonzie's "offices" were in the "Guy's Room," and there was a soda machine near the front door. What brand did it dispense? (from book, 1001 Toughest TV Trivia Questions of All Time)

Question: Boy-crazy Jenny Piccolo, Joanie's best friend, called herself "the object of mad desire." Jenny was not as busty as she would have liked to be. What did she order to make herself "more of a sexpot than I already am?"

Question: While Fonzie seemed to have almost everything, including any girl he wanted, he was plagued by "The Fonzarelli Curse." What was it? (from book)

Question: Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli, better known as "The Fonz" or "Fonzie," was the cool, leather-jacketed high school dropout admired by everyone. The Fonz had a bathrobe that said "Sweetums" ("Hey, it was a gift from a girl") and he used what brand of after-shave lotion? (from book)

Question: While Richie's favorite meal was meat loaf, Joanie preferred something totally different. What was it? (from book)

Question: Joanie, Richie's sister, was fondly called "Shortcake" and "Pumpkin." she was a member of the Junior Chipmunks Scout Troop and attended Jefferson High School. As anyone knows who watched the show, Howard was always talking about something that became Joanie's first word as a baby. What was her first word? (from book)

Question: It had the license plate number F-7193 and it was Richie's first car, a 1952 Ford. what did he call the car? (from book)

Question: Richie was called "Freckles" as a kid (age nine) and was said to resemble Howdy Doody. Meat loaf was his favorite dinner, but what was his favorite breakfast? (from book)

Question: When Howard first went into a certain hardware store and saw the shelves lined with goods, he was hooked. He became a stockboy and by 1946 he owned the place. From what supplier did Howard get his goods? (from book)

Question: Life in the 1950s was depicted through the experiences of the Cunningham family: parents Howard and Marion and their children Richie and Joanie. Howard owned the Cunningham Hardware Store. What service did he offer? (from book, 1001 Toughest TV Trivia Questions of All Time

Question: What was the last episode of Anson Williams being on Happy Days and did he come back for Joanie and Chachi's wedding in the final 2 episodes or was he gone for good? (from Paul Buslon)

Question: At the end of the series did Ralph, Potsie, or Fonzie get married? (from Aaron Karp)

Question: What was the name of the triplets that Fonzie dated? (from Carly)

Question: How many different "actors" played Chuck Cunningham over the years (from Mike Koehler)

Question: What was Howard Cunningham's father's name? (from Andy Staub)

Question: What was the name of the brothers who were really into cars? (from Adam Wenchell)

Question: I just saw the end of a Happy Days and Potsie...I think...the dark haired one, was singing with some girl. The song said, "Your my melody, my love song, my life." Anyone know what the title of this song is? I would like to use it at a wedding. (from Janet Gibson)

Question: Whatever happened to Chuck Cunningham? (the #1 asked question in all Happy Days trivia lore) (from John Bielema and numerous others)

Question: What was the name of the character who competed for a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records (actually it was changed to "Magilla Book of Records" to avoid copyright infringements) by placing quarters on his elbow and attempting to catch them before they hit the floor? (from Steve Levin)

Question: What is the mascot for Jefferson High School? (from Julia Moore)

Question: Which female co-star of Bobby Sherman's was associated with "Happy Days"? Have any of these people ever been, in any way, associated with Happy Days: Susan Neher, Pat Carroll, Joan Blondell, Susan Tolsky, Mitzi Hoag, Patti Cohoon, and/or Jackie DeShannon? (from Karen)

Question: Was the entire cast present for the final Happy Days show? Were people with small parts there, such as Pinky and Leather Tuscadero? (from Jenny Lee)

Question: What career did Marion Cunningham move to when she was mad at Howard and got bored "just being a wife and mother"? (from Laura)

Question: Which episode does Richie and a girl (his bride?) walk under a salute of swords and Richie reaches up and tickles each guy under his arm as he walks by? (from Bill)

Question: Was Pinky Tuscadero related to Leather Tuscadero? (from Vy Tran)

Question: On one episode Mrs. C. appears on a gameshow that's like "Queen For A Day"...3 mothers/ladies must tell their most heart-wrenching story to win prizes. Would you know the name of the show she was on? (from J. Lewis)

Question: What was the name of Fonzie's dog that was lost that he drew the "stick dog" picture of? (from Nailtek)

Question: What color was Fonzie's windbreaker in the early episodes? (from Lisa Spencer)

Question: Was Roger Phillips (Ted McGinley) meant to be the replacement of Richie Cunningham after Ron Howard left the show in 1980, or was that just a mere coincidence that Howard left in the same year that McGinley came in? (from John Fara Jr.)

Question: Did the Cunninghams move to a different house? If not, how come there were two different houses on the show? (from Leslie)

Question:Was Anson Williams a real professional singer? (from Leslie)

Question: What was the name of the twins that Fonzie always seems to be dating? (from Rob Hemsworth)

Question: What is Arthur Fonzarelli's middle name? (from Doug Schofield)

Question: Was the phrase "Sit on it" a phrase created just for Happy Days or did it actually exist in the 50's? (from Joe Meehan)

Question: What was the name of the group/lodge that Mr. Cunningham belonged to and was Mr. C. the Grand Poohbah? (from Daryl Judd and Wade R. Hughes)

Question: What was the final line on Happy Days, and who said it? (from John Prince)

Question: What was the name of the garage that the Fonz worked at? (from Allison and Joe P.)

Question: What was Fonzie's favorite magazine? (from Gary)

Question: What was the name of the "necking point" on Happy Days (from Joanne Frazier)

Question: Who played Leather Tuscadero? (from Aaron Beeler)

Question: Does anyone know the name and, if possible, the location of the drive-in that was the model for the interior of the drive-in in "Happy Days"? (from R. Browender)

Question: What type of motorcycle did Fonzie ride? (from Kathleen Schrock)

Question: What was "Spike's" first and last name on the show? (from Brian Oden)

Question: What was the name of Pinky Tuscadero's "gang"? (from Jeanette Tienken)

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