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Three's Company - Season Four Three's Company - Season Four Cover Case



DVD Release Date: May 3, 2005 (Anchor Bay Home Entertainment)
MSRP: $39.98
Number of Discs: 4
Number of Episodes: 25
Running Time: 625 minutes
Total Run Time of Special Features: approx. 76 minutes (not counting commentary)
Languages: English
Subtitles: Closed Captioned.
Special Features:
• Audio Commentary for "CHRISSY’S HOSPITALITY" with Chris Mann, author of Come And Knock On Our Door
• Nancy Morgan Ritter Interview ­ hosted by Joyce DeWitt
• Don Knotts (Mr. Furley) & Richard Kline (Larry) Interview
• Ann Wedgeworth Interview
• Casting Don Knotts
• Casting Suzanne Somers
• Best of Jack: Season 4
• Best of Chrissy: Season 4
• Best of Janet: Season 4
• Best of Larry: Season 4
• Best of Mr. Furley: Season 4

My Thoughts:

Three’s Company is knocking its way back to your DVD player for the fourth time, in season four! Join Jack, Janet, Chrissy, Larry and now Mr. Furley and Lana for more zany adventures. Replacing the Ropers, who went on to their own series, was huge, but Don Knotts as Mr. Furley was a perfect fit. The 4th season stars John Ritter, Joyce DeWitt, Suzanne Somers, Richard Kline, Ann Wedgeworth and Don Knotts. Head on over to your local Regal Beagle and celebrate the fourth season on DVD!

Join the gang at the Santa Monica Pier for fun for the new opening and closing credits. There are some memorable season four episodes such as, “Jack on the Lam” where Jack thinks he is being chased by the FBI and goes into drag, “The New Landlord” where Mr. Furley moves in and is the new landlord, “Snow Job” is where Chrissy sells cosmetic products at Larry’s strip poker game, “A Camping We Will Go” is the one where they go camping, “Chrissy’s Hospitality” is where Chrissy bumps her head in the tub and is in the hospital, “Handcuffed” is where Jack & Chrissy get handcuffed, and “Jack’s Graduation” is where Jack graduates from cooking school.

Some famous guests to visit the series this season are: Dick O’Neill (“Jack on the Lam”) as Walter Nessle the man who thought Jack really was a woman, Joel Brooks (“Jack the Ripper” & “The Root of All Evil”) as Dr. Prescott, Pat O’Malley (“Old Folks at Home) as the old man who got on Jack’s nerves, Keene Curtis (“Chrissy’s Hospitality”) as Chrissy’s doctor and Joana Kerns (“The Love Lesson”) as Jack’s date who Mr. Furley thought was a transvestite . Returning characters include Peter Mark Richman (“The Reverend Steps Out”) as Chrissy’s minister father and William Pierson (“Jack the Ripper” & “Jack’s Graduation”) returns as Dean Travers.

The packaging is nicely packaged in Digibook format, just like seasons two & three. So when you open the case, you flip to the next disc like you would with a book. The color scheme for this season is green. Season two was purple and season three was red, if you all remember. Like the previous two sets, you have to remove the case from the box. The box cover features a nice cast photo of the trio, Mr. Furley, Larry and Lana. The back of the box has information on the series, set & special features and a photo of Jack on the left and Chrissy & Janet on the right. The case cover has a nice photo of the entire season four cast lying down on skates. When you open the case, you will be greeted with a photo of the trio in a beach background (looks like season 3 photo) and a nice message from Chris Mann, author of Come and Knock on Our Door, and a good buddy of mine. He has surely pleased all fans of this series with his dedication and hard work. I’d like to accommodate him once more on making these DVD sets perfect. His message continues on the back of the case, as well. His writing was on the case for the last two sets as well. So expect something like that. A photo of the trio from “Good Old Reliable Janet” episode is on the back of the case, which oddly is a season three episode. Mann’s message is a must read as he explains the show very well. Inside there is a coupon with information on how you save $10 with a mail-in rebate when you buy any TWO seasons of Three’s Company on DVD.

The discs are in the case, of course, with disc one containing episodes 1-6 and has a photo of Jack (season 4) in a blue background, disc two features episodes 7-12 and a photo of Janet (season four) in a red background. Disc three has episodes 13-18 and a photo of Chrissy (season four) in a purple background. Finally, disc four has episodes 19-22 and the extras, with a photo of Mr. Furley on the disc with an orange background. Finally they used photos from the right season on the discs. When you remove disc four from the case, you can see a nice loving photo of the trio.

Now to the menu navigation ­ it is very similar in style to the last two sets. The season four theme song is playing in the background, while you make your choice. And rotating images in little circles of Jack, Chrissy and the rest of the cast from season four are in the background. The options on the menu screen are: “Play All,” “Commentary” (disc two ONLY), “Extras” (disc four ONLY), and “Episodes.” When you select episodes, you will go to an episode index screen where you can choose what episode you want. When you choose an episode, you get a pretty decent episode synopsis, about a paragraph or so in length, and a screenshot from the episode. Then you hit play and the episode plays in its full unedited form just like how it aired on ABC. Each episode is about 24:30-25:30 minutes long, counting the opening and closing credits. When you select “commentary” on disc two, you have the ability to turn the commentary by Chris Mann for the episode “Chrissy’s Hospitality” on or off. When you select extras on disc four, you are at the extras index where you can choose what extras you want to view. I will get to the extras shortly. So get your eyes ready to be stunned ONCE AGAIN! My one complaint about this set continues to be that this set has no scene selections or chapters. So, it is very hard to find a scene you want to watch in particular. Hopefully they add that feature in an upcoming set, but they probably want to remain consistent and won’t.

The video and audio quality is very crisp and clear for 1979-80. All the episodes are unedited and in the 24:30-25:30 minute ranges, as I previously stated. Like seasons two and three, there are some tag scenes from a few episodes that have probably never been seen since its original run, unless you are from an outside country. Every single episode has the full season four theme song. The video is very watchable and the audio is very clear, even though it is in mono. It is the best mono on a DVD set probably out there.

Now for the extras! The first piece of extra is located on disc two actually. For seasons 2 and 3 all of the extras were on disc four, so this is somewhat unusual. The extra on this disc is audio commentary by Chris Mann. He comments on the classic episode “Chrissy’s Hospitality.” For the last two sets he commented on one episode each, which was on disc four the last two seasons, so this time they didn’t waste space and included another version on disc four. So this is a good move by Anchor Bay. Well, anyway, some of the things that Chris talks about in this episode are the cast changes, opening credits, and one of the funniest scenes in the show’s history. That scene is of course the scene with Jack & Chrissy fixing the showerhead in the tub, while Mr. Furley overhears something else. He mentions this episode is written by Mark Tuttle, who joined the team this season. The writing team of Michael S. Baser and Kim Weiskopf also joined the team this season, as some of the older writers either moved on or went to write for the spin-off, The Ropers. He mentions the controversy of Suzanne & Joyce in pantyhose’s. You’ll have to listen to him yourself to see what happened. He also mentions that both Joyce & Suzanne love this episode, for different reasons. Chris is so well informed that this is a much watch/listen for any fan. I won’t spoil more of the things he said. You’ll have to see for yourself!

The next extra is on disc four and runs 19:56 and is titled “Nancy Morgan Ritter Interview.” It is introduced by Joyce DeWitt, and Joyce gives a quick history of the couple, how they met, their wedding, and each of the three children’s birth. The interview has a ton of cool rare photos of John & Nancy, especially from their wedding day. Nancy talks about John wanting to make people laugh and how he was a goofball. She also mentions that John was very well informed, having conversations with him were very informative. Mainly she talks about John and how funny he was and wanted to make people laugh. She also mentions the friendship they had with Norman Fell and his wife Karen. She was very sad that Norman left the show for his own spin-off, but getting Don Knotts was also good. The letting go of Suzanne Somers also showed that Three’s Company was a business. This is a very good interview. This set so far has two must-sees.

Up next is the “Don Knotts & Richard Kline Interview.” It runs 8:08 and they talk about how they got onto the show, John, Joyce, and more. A clip from the Dave Powers interview from the last set is shown talking about Don Knotts and cue cards, you have to watch to see what I mean. Richard & Don talk in detail about the scene where they played drunk (the season six episode “Paradise Lost”). They mention that was probably the first time their characters had interacted with each other. Other times they would just say, “Hi Mr. Furley … Hi, Larry.” This is yet another interesting interview.

The next bonus material is the “Ann Wedgeworth Interview.” It runs about 9:11. It also has tons of clips and brief separate interviews with Kim Weiskopf (writer) and George Sunga (producer). Ann talks about how great and funny John was, her storylines, and the episodes “Love They Neighbor” (her first show), “The New Landlord” (first show with Mr. Furley), and “A Camping We Will Go” (her favorite and written by Weiskopf). Sunga & Weiskiopf mention that they loved Ann but they ran out of storylines for her. She was great while she was there, but then they just didn’t have room for her. Ann had a great time on the show and has only good things to say. She even still looks like she did from 1980!

Next up is the feature “Casting Don Knotts.” It runs 3:57 and features interviews with George Burditt (producer), George Sunga (producer) and Kim Weiskopf (writer). This basically tells us how Don Knotts came about and how he was a perfect replacement for Norman Fell. The next feature has the same people interviewed and is titled “Casting Suzanne Somers.” It runs 3:29. We find out how they came up with Suzanne. They show some clips of Suzanne in a white background, I guess auditioning? They mention the two original Chrissy’s, including Susan Lanier.

The next five pieces are “Best of…” clips. “Best of Jack ­ Season Four” has clips of Jack from this season and runs 6:41 “Best of Chrissy ­ Season Four” has clips of Chrissy from this season and runs over 7:15. “Best of Janet ­ Season Four” has clips of Janet from this season and runs 6:37. “Best of Larry ­ Season Four” has clips of Larry from this season and runs 6:17. “Best of Mr. Furley ­ Season Four” has clips of Furley from this season and runs 6:17. These might be unnecessary, but I did like the Janet one because they had a shot of Joyce you’ll just have to see for yourself that was very rare. It is right in the beginning, so you can’t miss it.

Again I really enjoyed this set. Anchor Bay has done a remarkable job the last three seasons. The special features are high class and hopefully seasons 5-8 are on the same par, if not better. We are now halfway through our Three’s Company collection. Now we also need both spin-offs on DVD. What could be a good sign is that, there was supposed to be an interview with Patricia McCormack (Ann from “The Ropers”) on this set, but that was scratched. Could this mean that was moved for an upcoming “The Ropers” set? I hope so! Anchor Bay has already mentioned that season 5 of Three’s Company is coming October 4. About 5 months away. So for now, enjoy season four on DVD and start saving up for season 5 & beyond and maybe even the spin-offs!

Final Numbers (out of 5 stars):

Video Quality: 4.7/5
Audio Quality: 4.7/5
Special Features: 5/5
Menu Navigation/Design: 5/5
Overall: 4.8/5

-- Reviewed by pavanbadal on 04/29/05

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