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Three's Company - Season Three



DVD Release Date: November 2, 2004 (Anchor Bay Home Entertainment)
color, approx. 563 minutes
MSRP: $39.98
Number of discs: 4
Number of episodes: 22
Languages and subtitles: English, Closed Captioned
Special features:
• Never-Before-Seen Pilot Episode #2 - Made Before Suzanne Somers was cast.
• Remembering John Ritter - An all new tribute featuring interviews with friends and cast members. Don Knotts, Richard Kline, and much more!
• Audio Commentary for "THE BAKE-OFF" with Chris Mann, author of Come And Knock On Our Door
• Original Promo Pieces with John Ritter
• Richard Kline (Larry) Interview - Introduced and hosted by Joyce DeWitt
• Dave Powers (Director Seasons 3-8) Interview - Introduced and hosted by Joyce DeWitt
• Best of Jack: Season 3
• Best of Chrissy: Season 3
• Best of Janet: Season 3
• Best of The Ropers: Season 3
• Bloopers Part 2
• Talent Bios

Review (out of 5 stars):

Video quality: 4.7/5
Audio quality: 4.7/5
Special Features: 5/5
Menu Navigation: 4.9/5
Overall: 4.8/5

Three's Company Season 3 DVD Case Cover


It was the TV season of 1978-79 and Three’s Company was in its third season and a top of the Nielsen Ratings for the entire season. ABC Tuesdays was the highest rated night on all of television with other hits like Happy Days and Laverne & Shirley, joining Three’s Company. Now, for the first time, bring home that season of Three’s Company on DVD on November 2! Starring John Ritter, Joyce DeWitt, Suzanne Somers, Norman Fell, Audra Lindley and Richard Kline.

Get funky with that new disco type theme song because this set is a must for any fan. There are twenty-two episodes on this set. They did not include the two The Ropers episodes that air as Three’s Company episodes. That could spell good news, as that series could have its own DVD set! Let’s hope that happens! This set, like season two, has a potpourri of extras that will leave you in complete satisfaction. I will go over them in detail later on. As for the episodes, there are some memorable season three episodes such as, “Double Date,” “Good Old Reliable Janet,” “Love Diary,” “Chrissy & the Guru,” “The Older Woman,” “Stanley’s Hotline,” “An Anniversary Surprise,” and “The Bake-Off.” In fact, if I had to pick which season was my favorite, it would be this one. I’m an avid fan of the series and endure every episode, but this season stands out for me. All the episodes could be considered “memorable.”

Some famous guests to visit the series this season are: Anne Schedeen in a recurring role as Jack’s steady girlfriend Linda, Michael Bell (“Chrissy & the Guru”) as Rama Mageesh, Emmaline Henry as Chrissy’s boss, Irene Tedrow (“The Older Woman”) as the ‘older’ woman who Larry mistakenly tries to seduce, John Larroquette (“Jack Moves Out”) as a cop and Ruta Lee (“An Anniversary Surprise”) who helps Mr. Roper sell the apartment (as we all know, The Ropers moved on to their own series after this season and will be replaced by Don Knotts as Mr. Furley in season four). Returning characters include Peter Mark Richman (“Triangle Troubles”) as Chrissy’s minister father and William Pierson (“The Bake-Off”) returns as Dean Travers.

The packaging is nicely packaged in Digibook format, just like season two. So when you open the case, you flip to the next CD like you would with a book. The color scheme for this season is red. Season two was purple, if you all remember. Like season two, you have to remove the case from the box. The box cover features a nice cast photo of the trio, The Ropers and Larry. The back of the box has information on the series, set & special features and a photo of Janet on the left and Chrissy & Jack on the right. The case cover has a nice photo of Chrissy, Jack and Janet all dressed up in fancy clothing. When you open the case, you will be greeted with a photo of the trio in a beach background and a nice message from Chris Mann, author of Come and Knock on Our Door, and a good buddy of mine. He has surely pleased all fans of this series with his dedication and hard work. I’d like to accommodate him once more on making these DVD sets perfect. His message continues on the back of the case, as well. His writing was on the case for season two as well. So expect something like that. A photo from the trio from “The Bake-Off” episode is on the back of the case. Mann’s message is a must read as he explains the show very well. The discs are in the case, of course, with disc one containing episodes 1-6 and has a photo of Jack (looks like it’s from season seven to me!), disc two features episodes 7-12 and a photo of Janet (looks like it’s from season two?). Disc three has episodes 13-18 and a photo of Chrissy (looks like it is from season four?). Finally, disc four has episodes 19-22 and the extras, with a photo of Larry on the disc. When you remove disc four from the case, you can see a photo of The Ropers.

Now to the menu navigation – it is very similar in style to season two’s set. Basically everything is, and we all know season two was a perfect set. The season three theme song is playing in the background, while you make your choice. And rotating images of Jack, Chrissy and the rest are in the background. Discs one through three have the options of “Play All” and “Episodes.” When you select episodes, you will go to an episode index screen where you can choose what episode you want. When you choose an episode, you get a pretty decent episode synopsis, about a paragraph or so in length, and an image from the episode. Then you hit play and the episode plays in its full unedited form just like how it aired on ABC. Each episode is about 25-26 minutes long, counting the opening and closing credits. Disc four has the same two options and the “Extras” option. When you select extras, you go to the extras index where you can choose what extras you want to view. The instrumental theme from season three’s opening theme is playing in the background. Again, I will get to the extras shortly. So get your eyes ready to be stunned! My one complaint about this set is that this set has no scene selections or chapters. So, it is very hard to find a scene you want to watch in particular. Hopefully they add that feature in season four and beyond.

The video and audio quality is very crisp and clear for 1978-79. All the episodes are unedited and in the 25-26 minute ranges, as I previously stated. Like season two, there are some tag scenes from a few episodes that have probably never been seen since its original run, unless you are from an outside country. Every single episode has the full season three theme song, which feature the clips from season two. The video is very watchable and the audio is very clear, even though it is in mono. It is the best mono on a DVD set probably out there.

Now for the extras! The extras make DVD sets for classic TV series, somewhat “new.” All of the extras are located on the fourth disc. The first extra is the “Second Pilot Episode.” It runs under 26 minutes. It has the same audio theme as the first unaired pilot which was on the season two DVD set. The video from the opening theme has the trio on the couch. This second pilot is similar to episode #2 from the series, “Chrissy’s Mother.” In this second pilot, Susan Lanier is playing Chrissy. Suzanne Somers was not cast until the third pilot, which was a rework of the first pilot. And that third pilot is the real first episode we all have seen and loved. Joyce DeWitt is now cast in this second pilot as Janet. Only John Ritter, Norman Fell and Audra Lindley return from the first pilot. Strangely, this second pilot has no closing credits. So, they used the generic closing credits from season two. Chrissy’s mother in this pilot was played by a different actress it seems, but we will never know who it was, since there are no closing credits.

The next extra is a four minute tribute to John Ritter titled, “Remembering John Ritter.” It is introduced by Joyce DeWitt and features interviews with Ann Wedgeworth, Jenilee Harrison, Don Knotts, Producer George Sunga, Writer Kim Weiskoph, Producer George Burditt and Richard Kline. I think all of the future sets will have a “Remembering John Ritter” piece. Hopefully we get more co-stars, crew and John’s family members in future sets.

Next, is “Audio Commentary” from Chris Mann on the episode, “The Bake-Off.” He did audio commentary on the season two set and once again does a great job talking about the episode, show and other useful information. He gives a lot of behind the scenes info for this 25 minute and 15 seconds episode. I won’t spoil and tell you everything he said, but he talks about William Pierson, who plays Dean Travers, and this was Pierson’s favorite episode. He also talks about Dave Powers, the lead director for seasons 3-8.

The next bonus material is “Original Promos.” These are fun to see! I wish there were more, because there are only three on this set. The first one is about 30 seconds and John Ritter hosts from the set of Three’s Company. The second one is also about 30 seconds hosted by John. These two promos were created when Three’s Company was entering syndication in season 5, around 1982. So, really this should be called syndication promos, rather than original promos. The last promo is different takes that John did for Three’s Company on TBS in 1992. TBS was Three’s Company’s first cable run, from 1992-99. After that the show has been seen on the Viacom networks TV Land and Nick at Nite. This promo lasts a little over one minute. I like that they included these, but I would like to also see some original promos from the original ABC run.

Next up is the “Richard Kline Interview.” It is over 19 minutes and 30 seconds long and is hosted by Joyce DeWitt. ‘Richy’ talks about how he got the role. He talks about Bea Arthur and his stint on Maude. Larry’s hairstyle, gold chains, singing and more are also talked about. Richard also talks about John, Norman and Dave Powers and he gives advice on how to act drunk, as he did in a season six episode. He then talks about various episodes that were famous for “Larry.” Some episodes he mentioned are “Larry’s Bride,” “Jack Bares All,” “Eleanor’s Return” and “The Older Woman.” Finally, a clip of the John Ritter TBS promo with the premiere date and time is shown and Richard talks about the show’s success in syndication in the early years and today on Nick at Nite and TV Land.

The next interview is the “Dave Powers Interview.” It is just over 20 minutes long and once again your host is Joyce DeWitt. Dave joined the series in season three and brought a lot of physical comedy on to the show. He talks about coming in from The Carol Burnett Show into Three’s Company. He talks about John and how wonderful he was. He mentioned that he called the trio children and they called him teacher. The show was like a play he mentioned. Then he talks about some of the actors like Audra and how good she was, Norman’s camera mug, bringing in Don Knotts after The Ropers moved on to their own series, Suzanne and Joyce.

The next four pieces are “Best of…” clips. “Best of Jack – Season Three” has clips of Jack from this season and runs under 5 minutes. “Best of Chrissy – Season Three” has clips of Chrissy from this season and runs over 6 minutes. “Best of Janet – Season Three” has clips of Janet from this season and runs over 5 minutes. “Best of The Ropers – Season Three” has clips of them from this season and runs over 6 minutes. And the final extra is “Bloopers Part Two.” It runs over 12 minutes and 30 second long. It has the same actor introductions that we saw in “Bloopers Part One” from the season two set. The bloopers are primarily more from season two. Hopefully we get bloopers on every upcoming set.

I really enjoyed this set. It is nice watching the episodes in their entirety instead of the chopped up versions we see on TV today. The extras are a bonus and a joy to watch. Season four is tentatively slated for May, 2005. Hopefully we get The Ropers Complete Series set around that time or maybe even before that. I have a feeling we will get BOTH spin-offs on DVD eventually. I hope Anchor Bay continues this great pattern of making wonderful DVD sets and fix the minor errors, like adding scene selections and/or chapters. Other than that, I am very happy with these sets and I am sure all fans are as well, and will buy this set so we can get all eight seasons and the spin-offs on our home entertainment shelves!

-- Reviewed by pavanbadal on 10/31/04

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