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Broadcast History:

First Telecast: March 13, 1979
Last Telecast: May 22, 1980

Mar 1979-Apr 1979, ABC Tue 10:00-10:30
Aug 1979-Sep 1979, ABC Sun 8:30-9:00
Sep 1979-Jan 1980, ABC Sat 8:00-8:30
Jan 1980-Mar 1980, ABC Sat 8:30-9:00
May 1980, ABC Thu 9:30-10:00

Total number of episodes: 28


Norman Fell as Stanley Roper
Audra Lindley
as Helen Roper
Jeffrey Tambor
as Jeffrey P. Brookes III
Patricia McCormack
as Anne Brookes
Evan Cohen
as David Brookes
Dena Dietrich
as Ethel Armbrewster
Rod Colbin
as Hubert
Louise Vallance
as Jenny Ballinger (1980)
Lucille Benson
as Helen's Mother (1979-1980)

Theme Songs:

Download The Ropers opening theme song - original ABC version
Download The Ropers opening theme song - syndication
Download The Ropers opening transition music - syndication
Download The Ropers ending theme music - syndication

Download The Ropers opening theme credits in wmv video format
Download The Ropers opening theme credits (another version) in mpg video format

Download The Ropers ending theme credits in mpg video format

Download Three's Company's Friends...The Ropers opening theme credits in mpg video format
Download Three's Company's Friends...The Ropers ending theme credits in mpg video format

Note: The last 3 themes are from when the syndication company retitled both, The Ropers and Three's A Crowd to have the Three's Company title in it's name.

They used the last season's end theme from Three's Company for the Ropers and changed the title to, Three's Company's Friends....The Ropers.

Special thanks to Jon Snow for sending in the ABC theme for inclusion on this page!

Series Summary:

The Ropers

In this spinoff from Three's Company, landlord Stanley Roper sold his apartment building in Santa Monica and bought a condominium town house in posh Cheviot Hills. His new foil was balding realtor Jeffrey P. Brooks III, who felt that the earthy Roper was downgrading the neighborhood. Helen Roper, socially aspiring but ever frustrated by Stanley's crass ways, found a supporting friend in Jeffrey's wife, Anne, however. David was the Brookes' young son; Jenny, an attractive art student who rented a room; and Ethel, Helen's snobbish sister. Muffin was Helen's little dog.

Just as Three's Company was based on the English TV hit Man about the House, The Ropers was based on its spinoff, George & Mildred.

Series summary from The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network and Cable TV Shows: 1946-Present

When the network proposed the spin-off of "Three's Company" (1977) (i.e. that they should remake the UK series "George and Mildred" (1976), which was the spin-off from "Man About The House" (1973) ) focusing on the Ropers, Norman Fell, and Audra Lindley weren't too keen on the idea. Norman Fell felt that you couldn't do a series with *only* the running gag of Mrs. Roper being undersexed. The network assured him the show would have more substance than that. Furthermore, if the show didn't make it a full season, he, and Audra could come back full time to "Three's Company" as the Ropers. "The Ropers" made it a season, and a half before it was cancelled. As a result, Norman Fell, and Audra Lindley were out of work, and there was nothing they could do about it because the show *did* make it a full season. However, they did reprise their roles as guest stars on "Three's Company" on a few episodes after "The Ropers" was dropped.

Information from The Internet Movie Database

The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network and Cable TV Shows: 1946-Present

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