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The Odd Couple - The Fourth Season



DVD Release Date: June 10, 2008 (CBS DVD)
MSRP: $42.99
Number of Discs: 4
Number of Episodes: 22
Running Time: 9 hours, 22 minutes
Runtime of Special Features: N/A
Languages, Subtitles, Closed Captioning: English, Closed-Captioned
Special Features: None


Oscar and Felix are back for another season of the show where two divorced men try to share an apartment without driving each other crazy! The Fourth Season of The Odd Couple contains all 22 episodes of the 1973-1974 season of the series where neat freak Felix Unger tries to live with slob Oscar Madison. The two personalities always clash, yet in the end everything always seems to turn out just fine for this odd couple!

Memorable Episodes / Notable Guest Stars:

The season begins with “Gloria Moves In,” where Felix’s ex-wife is temporarily forced to move in with Felix and Oscar. Is this Felix’s golden opportunity to finally win her back? Felix becomes a ballet star (accidentally) in “Last Tango in Newark.” Felix may have found a new girlfriend in “That Was No Lady,” but how will he react when he encounters her jealous husband? Oscar wins a car in a radio contest, but Felix and Oscar find that parking it in New York City is easier said than done.

Oscar bets everything (and loses) in “The Pig Who Came to Dinner,” and it is up to Felix to win it back. Felix and Oscar clash over finding a maid in “Maid for Each Other.” Is there a ghost in the air conditioner? That is what Felix believes in “The Exorcists.”

Oscar is forced to take a part-time job in “The Moonlighter,” but can two divorced men work together without driving each other crazy? In “Cleanliness is Next to Impossible,” Oscar is called a slob by his girlfriend and decides to become a neat freak... will it work? Felix is determined to get over his fear of flying in “The Flying Felix.”

Felix may have a job in Buffalo, at a bubblegum company, in “Shuffling Off to Buffalo.” Monty Hall makes a second appearance on the series in “A Different Drummer.” In “The Insomniacs,” Felix can’t sleep, so can his friends help him? Felix and Oscar become cops--kind of--in “New York’s Oddest.” The season ends with Felix getting a big photography assignment in “One For The Bunny.” As to what the big photography assignment is, well, all I’ll say is that Hugh Hefner guest stars in this episode!


This set uses an Amaray style case, just as the first three seasons used, but it is a little different this time. The discs are better organized, with two middle panels holding all four discs. That means that you do NOT have to remove any discs in order to see the episode guide that is on the side panels inside the case, which is very much a positive. There is a description and the original airdate listed for each episode. The case itself is in a pink color scheme, and as usual, there is no disc artwork. Discs 1 and 2 contain six episodes each, while Discs 3 and 4 contain five episodes each.

Menu Design and Navigation:

The menus haven’t changed at all for this set. In fact, they are exactly the same as they have always been. The main menu has the theme song playing in the background with a list of all of the episodes and a Play All option. There are no other menus anywhere on the disc. Once you select what you want, the episode plays. Chapters are placed at all of the appropriate places.

Video and Audio Quality:

Ehh, the video and audio quality isn’t impressive, but not problematic either. It looks like some effort was definitely made to clean the episodes up somewhat, just not anything over the top. The episodes just look old, mostly, with lots of grain. The audio is decent, and is in mono as one would expect. Closed-captioning can be found on each episode. The set includes the standard CBS DVD disclaimer about some episodes being different from their original broadcast versions, which is disappointing but not surprising. Unfortunately, it is very obvious in at least one episode. On the episode “A Different Drummer,” the episode begins with very awkward audience applause and everybody holding musical instruments. Clearly something was chopped out of here at this part. Runtimes are as follows:

Disc 1:
1. Gloria Moves In (25:20)
2. Last Tango in Newark (25:52)
3. Odd Decathalon (25:45)
4. That Was No Lady (25:07)
5. Odd Holiday (25:14)
6. The New Car (26:05)

Disc 2:
7. This is the Army, Mrs. Madison (26:03)
8. The Songwriter (25:32)
9. Felix Directs (26:00)
10. The Pig Who Came to Dinner (26:04)
11. Maid for Each Other (26:04)
12. The Exorcists (26:04)

Disc 3:
13. A Barnacle Adventure (26:02)
14. The Moonlighter (25:14)
15. Cleanliness is Next to Impossible (26:02)
16. The Flying Felix (25:34)
17. Vocal Girl Makes Good (25:22)

Disc 4:
18. Shuffling Off to Buffalo (25:23)
19. A Different Drummer (24:18)
20. The Insomniacs (24:46)
21. New York’s Oddest (25:24)
22. One For the Bunny (25:25)

Special Features:

The set contains absolutely no special features. They could have at least continued the Garry Marshall audio introductions that they did on the first season, but instead, they gave us nothing. It is a shame, particularly considering that there were reports that special features were in the works for seasons two and three (though perhaps not for this particular season) that never saw the light of day.

Final Comments:

While this is, again, not the great set that was produced for Season One, fans will certainly enjoy the set and the episodes contained within it. This wasn’t really the strongest season of the show, but there are still many great episodes within this season, and some of the really good ones are among the best episodes of the entire series. Now we are left with only one more season to be released... hopefully CBS DVD will get the fifth season out sometime soon. It is frustrating to find the obviously edited episodes, though. But until then, enjoy these DVDs, and know that indeed, two divorced men CAN share an apartment without driving each other crazy.

Final Numbers (out of 5 stars - How our point system works)

Video Quality: 4.5/5
Audio Quality: 4/5
Special Features: 0/5
Menu Design/Navigation: 4.5/5
Overall: 4/5

-- Reviewed by skees53 on 06/02/08

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