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The Odd Couple - The Second Season



DVD Release Date: August 28, 2007 (CBS DVD)
MSRP: $42.99
Number of Discs: 4
Number of Episodes: 23
Running Time: 9 hours, 46 minutes
Runtime of Special Features: N/A
Languages, Subtitles, Closed Captioning: English, Closed-Captioned
Special Features: None


Have you ever wondered if two divorced men can share a four disc DVD set without ever making you laugh? Well, they can’t when it is The Odd Couple! CBS DVD brings all 23 episodes of the sophomore season of the classic sitcom about neat freak Felix Unger and that slob Oscar Madison in The Second Season of The Odd Couple on DVD.

Memorable Episodes / Notable Guest Stars:

The season begins with “Natural Childbirth,” where Oscar’s niece shows up at the apartment and is pregnant--and wants her uncle to help her have a natural child birth in the Bronx! Felix and Oscar must share a hospital room without driving each other crazy in “Hospital Mates.” In “Sleepwalker,” Oscar begins sleepwalking, but he also begins attacking Felix when he does it! Felix has found the perfect final resting place in “A Grave for Felix” and trusts Oscar to give the cemetery the deposit--is that a good idea?

Felix and Oscar go to a fat farm in “The Fat Farm.” David Steinberg plays a talk show host in “The Odd Couple Meet Their Host,” where Oscar goes on TV and tells all about his obnoxious roommate! Willie Aames guest stars in “Win One for Felix,” Felix replaces Oscar as a football coach--seriously, Felix as a football coach???

Vito Scotti guest stars in “Felix the Calypso Singer,” where Felix goes on a trip to the Caribbean with Oscar that Nancy was supposed to go on, which only gets worse for Felix when Nancy actually shows up. Oscar and Felix decide to move to an apartment complex with very rigid security standards in “Security Arms.” Oscar saves Felix’s life (and soon regrets it) in “You Saved My Life.”

Pat Morita guest stars in “Partner’s Investment,” where Felix decides to become a partner in his friend’s Japanese restaurant--but who would want Felix for anything but a silent partner? Felix pulls the not-with-my-daughter routine in “Good, Bad Boy,” when a boy from a reform school (a boy that Felix insists has changed) wants to take Felix’s daughter to a dance. Felix has become pretty good at predicting the future in “Psychic, Shmychic,” and now he predicts Oscar will be murdered!


Every CBS DVD set pretty much has the same Amaray style case with the middle panel holding two discs and the other two discs on the side of the case. And the episodes are listed on the sides of the case. What else can I say? It all looks very similar to the previous CBS DVD Season One release (although there is a blue color scheme this time). The disc artwork is nonexistent and is basically just the show title in the dull and unexciting gray that CBS DVD uses. There are four discs and each disc contains six episodes, except for Disc Four, which contains five episodes.

Menu Design and Navigation:

There isn’t much to say about the menus. The main menu has the theme song playing in the background with video from the opening credits, and you have a listing of all of the episodes, as well as the choice of “Play All.” Everything looks exactly the same as the first season. The episode plays immediately this time (because there aren’t any Garry Marshall introductions this time--thank you very much, CBS DVD--we always appreciate cheapened DVD sets). There are chapters placed at all of the appropriate places.

Video and Audio Quality:

I have to say that generally, I find the video quality of this set to be rather impressive when the age of the show is taken into consideration. There are some scenes that look a little aged, and of course, there is always the ever-persistent issue of grain, but you come to expect that with older shows. The audio is presented in the standard Dolby Digital mono, which is not going to impress anybody, but this was back in a day where audio wasn’t supposed to impress anybody--it was just supposed to be there when you watched the show. It does tend to fluctuate at times, though, and it is quite annoying when it suddenly gets loud (usually when the transitional music or audience laughter occurs). The episodes are all closed-captioned for those that need to utilize that feature.

Everything sounds fantastic so far, right? Well, our good friends at CBS DVD, who as we all know would never, EVER, compromise anything on quality, have put a very famous line on the box of this set stating the following: “Some episodes may have been edited from their original network versions. Some music has been changed for this home entertainment version.” Now, before we all panic, it is important to remember that this isn’t really a music intensive show, so anything that was missing can’t be too memorable. Also, in checking the runtimes, all of the episodes seem to be doing fine for the most part--all coming in at over 25 minutes--so not much can be missing from the episodes. But, we know all too well that the disclaimer means SOMETHING, and if I had the resources available to me, I could probably figure out what it is. The runtimes are as follows:

Disc 1:
1. Natural Childbirth (25:23)
2. Felix’s Wife’s Boyfriend (25:22)
3. Hospital Mates (25:25)
4. Sleepwalker (25:33)
5. A Grave for Felix (25:23)
6. Murray the Fink (25:33)

Disc 2:
7. Does Your Mother Know You’re Out, Rigoletto? (25:35)
8. The Fat Farm (25:35)
9. The Odd Couple Meet Their Host (25:35)
10. Win One for Felix (25:32)
11. Being Divorced is Never Having to Say I Do (25:35)
12. Surprise! Surprise! (25:23)

Disc 3:
13. Felix the Calypso Singer (25:32)
14. And Leave the Greyhounds To Us? (25:32)
15. Security Arms (25:34)
16. Speak For Yourself (25:32)
17. You Saved My Life (25:33)
18. Where’s Grandpa? (25:35)

Disc 4:
19. Partner’s Investment (25:34)
20. Good, Bad Boy (25:34)
21. A Night to Dismember (25:32)
22. Oscar’s Promotion (25:32)
23. Psychic, Shymchic (25:21)

Special Features:

Uh oh. Something went HORRIBLY wrong here. Remember that very nicely produced season one set that we had that was loaded with special features? Remember the commentaries, the episode introductions, the footage from the Emmys, the outtakes, the promos, and the other great stuff? Well, it is all just a memory, because the geniuses at CBS DVD have decided we are better off without special features... even though the producer of the DVD set had reported a while back that he had already produced bonus features for the first few seasons. What should be here? Well, umm, why not include the footage that the producer had put his hard work in to?

Final Comments:

I just have one thing to say to CBS DVD... stop messing with good things! Please! In all fairness, this set isn’t a disaster like many other CBS DVD products have been lately. The episodes, after all, appear to be mostly intact (although we know something has to be gone due to the disclaimer, but as to exactly what, who knows), but there is no excuse for them to subject us to yet another stripped down DVD set when it wasn’t necessary at all.

But, on the bright side, as it has been mentioned, the episodes are indeed there and the quality of the episodes is pretty good. And this is a great show that any DVD collector and comedy fan would really want to own the show. You may “honk” a little bit as Felix does about the lack of special features, but in the end, you’ll be able to calm down and just enjoy this set for the fact that it does more than an adequate job of providing you with hours of laughter.

Final Numbers (out of 5 stars - How our point system works)

Video Quality: 4.5/5
Audio Quality: 4/5
Special Features: 0/5
Menu Design/Navigation: 4.5/5
Overall: 4/5

-- Reviewed by skees53 on 08/15/07

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