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The Love Boat - Season One, Volume Two



DVD Release Date: August 12, 2008 (CBS DVD)
MSRP: $36.98
Number of Discs: 4
Number of Episodes: 12 (13 hours)
Running Time: approx. 644 minutes
Running Time of Special Features: approx. 79 minutes
Languages, Subtitles, Closed Captioning: English, Espanol; English, Espanol subtitles
Special Features: The New Love Boat TV-Movie (third pilot TV movie); Episodic Promos


Get ready to get back on board to set sail the sea on your favorite boat, The Love Boat! The classic romantic comedy series returns on DVD from CBS DVD and it features the remaining 12 episodes (13 hours worth) from the first season! A little over 5 months ago CBS DVD gave us the first 12 episodes of the first season and now we can own the other 12 in this second volume!

The show aired originally on ABC from 1977-1986 and featured nearly everyone in Hollywood who was a star at the time. It was like an all-star show with recognizable faces in every episode. The show also had a regular cast of course...Captain Stubing (Gavin MacLeod), Doc (Bernie Kopell), Gopher (Fred Grandy), Isaac the Bartender (Ted Lange), and Julie, your Cruise Director (Lauren Tewes).

Memorable Episodes / Notable Guest Stars:

We get the last 13 hours (12 episodes) from the first season. The first season had 25 hours worth of episodes. As I said previously, I wish we could have had them all on one set, but guess not. The third pilot movie is also on this set as a special feature, more on that later. Each Love Boat episode had three plotlines in each episode. Among the memorable episodes are “Cinderella Story/Too Hot to Handle/Family Reunion,” in which a woman who believes her departed dad was a noble sea captain forms an attachment for a devilish old purser; a newlywed couple are prevented by dislocated backs, sunburn and even poison ivy from enjoying their honeymoon; the crew upgrades a couple with modest means to a luxurious suite without consulting Capt. Stubing, forcing the couple to pose as wealthy socialites. Then in the two-part episode “Eyes of Love/ Masquerade/Hollywood Royalty/The Caper,” we have not three stories but four! Finally, another memorable episode is “Winner Take Love/The Congressman was Indiscreet/Isaac's History Lesson” in which a congressman unjustly accused of being involved in a scandal seeks refuge aboard the Pacific Princess; Isaac and a lovely intellectual snob clash over a colorful old passenger; a beauty pageant contestant's whose chances of winning are jeopardized by her possessive boyfriend.

This show had the most memorable guest stars of all-time. We get a big name in every episode and in some cases like five big names in an episode. Here are just some of the guests you will see on the these final 12 episodes of the first season: Kathy Bates, Bob Crane, Robert Hays, David White, Don Adams, Georgia Engle, Audra Lindley, Pat Harrington, Phil Silvers and that is just disc one. On disc two, some of the big names you will see are Desi Arnaz Jr., Adrianne Barbeau, Harold Gould, Juliet Mills, Michelle Lee, Priscilla Barnes, Maureen McCormick, Vicki Lawrence, Dick Van Patten, Marcia Strasman and Marion Ross. On disc three, we see Jim Backus, Debralee Scott, Sal Viscuso, Frankie Avalon, Patty Duke Astin, Jamie Farr, Shelly Long, Diana Canova, Robert Mandan, Robert Urich, Georgia Engel, Audrey Meadows, Priscilla Morrill, Monty Hall and Leslie Nielsen. Finally, on disc four we see the likes of Marcia Wallace, Morey Amsterdam, Rose Marie, Jessica Walter, Eve Plumb and Pat Morita.


The packaging is a simple case holding discs inside. It is just like the first volume set, if you have that. The front of the case has The Love Boat logo with a nice cast photo of the main five cast members, this time during a sunset. We get a nice sky orange color scheme with the ship’s deck and the sea in the background. Season One, Volume Two mention is on the bottom on a raft. On the back of the case we get the wording “Time to Set Sail for Love” on the top with nice colorful circles with cast members. In the middle, we get a nice orange circle and the show information in that. We get a nice background of the sea as well. Special Features gets its own little square box.

When we open the case, first on the left side we get a disc-by-disc breakdown of each disc. We get the episode title, original airdate and each guest star on the episode. It is very handy. On the top it says, “Episodic Promos On All Episodes.” We will have more on that below. On the right side of the case, we get the discs. It is very similar to the previous volume and other CBS DVD sets. A little white plastic thing holds discs one and two. Disc 1 is on the front of that thing and disc 2 is on the back. Discs 3 and 4 are also on the front and back of a second plastic holder. We get cool trivia questions on the right panel of the case. The answers are on the bottom...let’s see how many you can get correct! As for the disc art, it is again very similar to the last volume and past CBS DVD sets. It is very generic looking with the show logo on the top, the mention of Season One, Volume Two, and what disc number it is. The color for each is silver. Although this time, the episode titles for each disc are on the bottom of each disc, which is a nice addition.

Menu Design and Navigation:

The menu screen is decent but very generic, as with the last volume. First, disc one starts off with auto trailers of I Love Lucy; CBS DVD sitcoms; and Happy Days/Laverne & Shirley/Mork & Mindy Season 3. Then we finally get to the main menu. There is no music in the background, unfortunately. Disc one’s main menu has a nice sunset background with a shot of the Captain. Disc 2 has a shot of Doc and Julie in that sunset shot while disc three has a shot of Gopher and Isaac in that nice orange sunset. Disc four has a shot of the entire cast. The options are Episodes, Set Up, and Special Feature. Special Feature is just one disc one where we can view the third pilot movie. In Set Up, we can choose to have audio in English or Espanol, and the same goes for subtitles. In Episodes, we get to the episodes menu where it says Play Promos and then it has the list of episodes. When we choose an episode, it gives us another box saying to Play Episode or Play Episode with Promo. I usually like playing it with the promo, but the promo does not really help. They are just clips with no announcer.

Video and Audio Quality:

The video and audio are very good. I was really impressed with the video last time, and it continues here as you all know CBS DVD tends to do some bad work on some of its older DVDs. I still do not know if they are remastered or not, but it sure looks good. You do however see some flashing dots and debris here and there, especially in the outside shots and the opening credits. We also once again get episodic promos for each episode. The quality on these promos is terrible compared to the actual episodes on the DVD. You can tell a difference right away, but they are watchable. As I stated before, the promos are very bland, just clips of what we will see in the episode with no announcer. The promos run generally 0:30 or so. They are nice to have for sure, though. The pilot movie we get the video is choppy but for sure better than those promo’s quality. We will have more on the pilot movie in the special features section. Each episode has 7 chapter stops, although the 2-hour episode on disc two is 11 chapters. The pilot movie even only had 7 chapter stops. Each episode is around 50 minutes or so, except the two-part episode on disc two is about 100 minutes.

On the back of the box there is once again a very small disclaimer stating, “Some episodes may be edited from their original network versions.” In general, the 12 episodes to me look unedited, but I think a few might have a few seconds edited out for some reason. I am sure a die-hard Love Boat fan will know for sure. Please let us know in our discussion thread (linked at the end of the review) if there is something missing. Here are the runtimes not counting the 30 second promos:

Disc 1:
13. Cinderella Story/Too Hot to Handle/Family Reunion (50:07)
14. Isaac's Double Standard/One More Time/Chimpanzeeshines (50:05)
Extra: The New Love Boat (1977, third pilot) (72:28)

Disc 2:
15. Eyes of Love/ Masquerade/Hollywood Royalty/The Caper (99:45)
16. Winner Take Love/The Congressman was Indiscreet/Isaac's History Lesson (49:18)
17. Last of the Stubings/Million Dollar Man/The Sisters (49:12)

Disc 3:
18. A Very Special Girl/Until the Last Goodbye/The Inspector (49:08)
19. Memories of You/Computerman/Parlez Vous? (49:49)
20. Taking Sides/Going by the Book/A Friendly Little Game (49:18)
21. A Selfless Love/The Nubile Nurse/Parents Know Best (48:58)

Disc 4:
22. Musical Cabins (49:15)
23. This Business of Love/Crash Diet Crush/I'll Never Fall in Love Again (49:18)
24. Pacific Princess Overtures/Gopher, the Rebel/Cabin Fever (49:18)

Special Features:

Before The Love Boat started as a series there were three pilot episodes in the 1976-77 season. The first pilot aired in 1976 and had a different cast. We are not getting that one on here as an extra, but we do get the third one titled “The New Love Boat.” It aired in January 1977 and is considered the actual pilot of the series since the entire cast is the same as the cast in the series, which started in Sept. 1977. This third movie runs 72:28 and the video is a bit choppy but it is very watchable. There are 7 chapter stops and there is also a promo for the movie beforehand. The opening credits have an instrumental theme...weird seeing the Love Boat without the lyrics. Hopefully we see the third movie on the next set, but it would be cool if they also gave the first pilot, but it seems unlikely.

We also get episode promos for each episode once again. The promos are like 32 or 33 seconds each. So multiply that by 12 episodes and we get a bit over 6 minutes of promos. I hope we get more extras for season two. I’m sure Kopell , Lange, and the other cast members would love to do interviews and commentaries on episode. You know what else could be cool? They could have guest star interviews or even have some commentate on actual episodes. I hope CBS DVD listens to this and could do this on future sets!

Final Comments:

Well I hate how they split up this first season in two volumes. We had to wait 5 months just to finish season one? And to top it off season one only had 25 hours...that is not a number where you have to split a season. It wasn’t like it was 35 or 36 episodes, then I would have understood. CBS DVD is probably doing it for a profit. Anyway, the episodes look great and it is nice to have them on DVD! I am hoping now CBS DVD can give us each season on one set rather than two. As I said before, they could even bump up the price to like 49.99 or 59.99, but 36.98 for 12 episodes? You can find a better deal however, such as when you click on the link we give below. Also, I was glad they listened to me in my last review and gave us the third movie and I hope the third movie makes it to the next set as an extra and I also hope we get more extras next time. So set sail and set a course for adventure with the Love Boat because it is an open smile on a friendly shore! It’s LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE!

Final Numbers (out of 5 stars - How our point system works)

Video Quality: 4.5/5
Audio Quality: 4/5
Special Features: 1/5
Menu Design/Navigation: 4/5
Overall: 4/5

-- Reviewed by pavanbadal on 08/03/08

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