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The Flintstones - The Complete Second Season



DVD Release Date: December 7, 2004 (Warner Bros. Home Video)
Color/MSRP: $44.98
Number of Discs: 4 (disc #4 is double-sided)
Number of Episodes: 32
Running Time: 828 minutes
Total Run Time of Special Features: approx. 61 minutes (not counting commentary)
Languages, Subtitles, Closed Captioning: English,
French and Spanish language & subtitles; Closed
Special Features:
• Audio Commentaries: Commentary on "The Hit Songwriter," "The Beauty Contest" and "The Happy Household" by Jerry Eisenberg, Layout Artist; Earl Kress, Writer/Animation Historian; Scott Shaw!, Cartoonist/Hanna-Barbera Historian
• Documentary: “Carved in Stone: The Flintstones Phenomenon” {retrospective documentary}
• Music Video: “Songs of the Flintstones Album” {the original TV voices - written by Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera; starring Fred & Wilma Flintstone and Barney and Betty Rubble; music director - Hoyt Curtin}
• Production Sketches: “How to Draw Fred Flintstone” {original archival piece}; “Flintstone Art” {explore rare original pencil drawings}
• TV Spots: “And Now A Word from Our Sponsor…” {One-A-Day Vitamins, Welch's Grape Jelly interstitials, Kitchen Rich Cookies interstitial, two Carnation Evaporated Milk interstitials - note: Spanish audio on these two}

My Thoughts:

America’s favorite Stone Age family is back on DVD ­ this time with season two! Season two originally aired in the 1961-62 season on ABC and was a big hit. This season features 32 “Yabba-Dabba-Do” episodes that will keep you glued to your TV. Join Fred, Wilma, Barney, Betty and Dino for loads of laughs and fun in the Stone Age. So ‘Rise & Shine’ with those Cocoa Pebbles and buy this DVD so you can ‘Meet the Flintstones.’

Some memorable episodes include: “The Hit Songwriters,” “Droop Along Flintstone,” “Alvin Brickrock Presents” (parody of Alfred Hitchcock Presents), “The Beauty Contest,” “The Masquerade Ball,” “Kleptomaniac Caper” and “The Rock Vegas Story.” Guest voices include: Hoagy Carmichael & Sandra Gould (Mrs. Kravitz from ABC’s Bewitched). Recurring voices from Hal Smith and John Stephenson are also included.

The packaging is very cool. It is a see through digipak (if anyone has The A-Team set, you know what I mean). The box cover is transparent and has Fred, Wilma, Barney, Betty and Dino in Fred’s car looking towards us with the Flintstones logo on the top. The back of the box has Fred & Barney posing at a golf course and the back also has info on the set and series. All of the Yabba-Dabba-Dooable bonuses are also listed. The case cover has Fred swinging at a golf course with Barney, Betty, Wilma, and Dino watching with the Flintstones logo on the top; a nice blue sky setting is featured. The back of the case has Fred, Wilma and Dino in the car, that is flipped over because the rib they ordered is too big. When you open the case once, you will a breakdown of disc one on the left side and a breakdown of disc two on the right now. The breakdowns feature all the episodes and special features on each disc. A nice photo and a cool trivia blurb are also printed on each breakdown. When you open the case another time, you get to the 4 discs and the breakdowns of discs three and four.

Disc one features episodes 1-6 of season two and some bonus features. Disc two has episodes 7-12 and some bonus features. Disc three has episodes 13-18 and some bonus features. Disc four is double sided ­ side A has episodes 19-25 and some commentary, side B has episodes 26-32. On the discs, there are photos of different characters. Disc one has a photo of Fred in a chef’s hat, disc two has Barney & Betty; disc three has a photo of Wilma with a dish of food. Disc four has no pictures, since it is double sided. The other three discs have a nice blue setting in the background.

The menu screen is very much a Flintstones style. It starts with a bird pecking the Flintstones logo, and then it zooms to the main menu screen where we see the gang in the car (same photo as the box cover). The “Rise & Shine” theme is playing in the background, though not the entire thing. It loops, too. The menu screen consists of “Play All,” “Special Features,” “Episodes,” and “Languages” from left to right. Languages and subtitles are in English, French and Spanish. The episodes section has the list of episodes on the disc, when you highlight one episode; a photo from the episode is shown on a mini-screen.

The video quality is very good. This is from the early ‘60s, so it is impressive on how it looks. There are a bit of dusty areas, but that is expected. The audio, however is not that good. It is mono and a bit low, but definitely hearable when you put it louder. Each episode seems to be unedited and in the range of 25-26 minutes per episode. The original “Rise & Shine” theme song is included. This theme was originally used for the first two seasons and was never seen in syndication until recently on Cartoon Network/Boomerang. The little teaser scene before the opening credits is also included.

The special features are very good. Warner Bros. has done a nice job. I can’t compare it to season one’s features, since I don’t have that set, but this set has very good special features. There are three audio commentaries. Commentary on disc one is "The Hit Songwriter," disc two "The Beauty Contest" and disc four "The Happy Household" by Jerry Eisenberg, Layout Artist; Earl Kress, Writer/Animation Historian; Scott Shaw!, Cartoonist/Hanna-Barbera Historian.

The next special feature is a great one. It is a featurette called “Carved in Stone: The Flintstones Phenomenon.” Jerry Beck, Jeff Eisenberg, Earl Kregs, Scott Shaw! and Inao Takamoto all provide excellent interviews. What they say is very interesting and informative. They talk about the original test pilot called The Flagstones, they talk about the theme song (“Rise & Shine”), they talk about syndication and how that theme song was replaced by the season three and on theme: “Meet the Flintstones.” It runs about 20 minutes and 30 seconds and is located on disc one.

Next up are some music videos ­ “Music Video: Songs of the Flintstones Album.” The original TV voices actually sing these songs- written by Bill Hanna and Joe Barbera; starring Fred & Wilma Flintstone and Barney and Betty Rubble; music director - Hoyt Curtin. The first song is “Meet the Flintstones” it runs just under 2 minutes. This is probably the best sung song from the cast on this feature. The other songs are: “Dam Tot Song” (over 4 min.), “Dino the Dino” (over 3 min. 30 sec.), “Split Level Cave” (over 5 min.), “Rise & Shine” (2 min.), “Bowling Alley Blues” (over 4 min. 15 sec.), “I Flapped” (over 3 min.) and “The Car Hop Song” (under 3 min 30 sec.). The latter was used actually in an episode where Fred & Barney got jobs in fast food place. The songs are introduced by some clips, and then the actual song comes about 1-2 minutes later. This is located on disc two.

On disc three there are two production sketches. The first is an archived classic one from Hanna and Barbera. They introduce the sketch called “How to Draw Fred Flintstone.” It runs just over 6 minutes and 30 seconds. The next sketch is called “Flintstone Art.” It runs just under 4 minutes and 30 seconds and shows rare pencil drawings of different characters and scenery.

This set also has commercials and sponsor bumpers on discs one through three. Disc one has the commercial Fred & Barney did for One-A-Day Vitamins. It is black & white and runs about 1 minute. Disc two has a Welch’s Jelly commercial and it is also in black & white and runs about 1 minute as well. Disc three has sponsor bumpers that were used in the original run in black & white. The first sponsor is Kitchen Rich Cookies and it runs about 15 seconds. The next two are in Spanish and run 15 seconds each and are sponsors from Carnation Milk.

Overall, I really enjoyed this set. They don’t make animated shows like they used to. This animated primetime series was so much like a sitcom. The show was very funny and smart. It had a large audience ­ spanning from children to older adults. The set is very well done and it is a must for any Flintstones fan, and if you are a young person who has never seen the show and watches the Simpsons, then you must get this set. The Simpsons and The Flintstones are probably the best animated primetime series ever and ever will be. I’m waiting for season three ­ and we all can listen to the “Meet the Flintstones” theme starting then!

Final Numbers (out of 5 stars):

Video Quality: 4.5/5
Audio Quality: 4/5
Special Features: 4.7/5
Menu Navigation/Design: 5/5
Overall: 4.5/5

-- Reviewed by pavanbadal on 12/16/2004

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