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The Doris Day Show - Season 2



DVD Release Date: October 25, 2005 (MPI Home Video)
MSRP: $39.98
Number of Discs: 4
Number of Episodes: 26
Running Time: 64 minutes
Total Run Time of Special Features: 64 minutes
Languages, Subtitles, Closed Captioning: English subtitles
Special Features: Network Promos; CBS Promo Outtakes; Blooper Reel; McLean Stevenson Screen Test; Interviews with Larry Storch and Rose Marie; Season 3 Preview; "The Tunnel of Love" movie trailer; Extended Opening Credit Footage; Textless Opening Credits


Que sera, sera, whatever will be, will be-AGAIN! MPI, which brought you a great DVD set with The Doris Day Show Season One, is doing it again with Season Two! It is a four disc set that includes all 26 episodes from the second season of one of the most underrated sitcoms of the 1960s, and LOADED with special features!

This season, there are several changes to the show. Although Doris is still living on the farm, she now has a new job in San Francisco, as "executive assistant" (a politically correct term for secretary, although she does more than a typical secretary) to a magazine editor named Michael Nicholson (played by McLean Stevenson who later went on to M*A*S*H). And while she is in the city, she has a new co-worker named Myrna Gibbons--played by Rose Marie, who had just previously done The Dick Van Dyke Show. And just like the first season, Doris still has her family back on the farm, with Denver Pyle as her father. The new job is just the first change made in the series, with many others to follow in later seasons.

Memorable Episodes / Notable Guest Stars:

There are some great episodes on this set... starting with the season opener, "Doris Gets a Job," where Doris applies for a job, and tries to hide the fact that she has children from Mr. Nicholson after Myrna gives her the idea that Mr. Nicholson doesn't like mothers working for him. Gordon Jump makes a guest appearance in "Doris Strikes Out." In "A Two Family Christmas," Doris decides to invite her coworkers back to the farm for Christmas, so that they can experience an old-fashioned Christmas. Larry Storch plays a boxing champ named Duke Farentino (and has a crush on Doris) in "The Prizefighter and the Lady," and plays the same character again in "The Duke Returns." Doris has her electricity turned off after a computer error in "Doris vs. the Computer." In "Hot Dogs," Doris rescues six dogs from a hot car by breaking into the car, only to have the pet grooming service sue her! Charles Lane also makes a guest appearance in that episode. Leroy B. Simpson (who disappears in the second season) makes a brief comeback in The Gas station, where Doris and Myrna volunteer to operate his gas station when his wife is due to give birth. Mabel Albertson makes an appearance in "Buck's Portrait." In "A Woman's Intuition," Doris and Mr. Nicholson are going to take a trip to Orlando to get an interview, but Doris' intuition tells them not to take the flight they intended to take... but then they end up flying with a substandard airline, and on top of that, their plane ends up getting hijacked and they are taken to Cuba! Bernie Koppell and Gordon Jump both make guest appearances.


The packaging is very simple--just a digipak with a case that is in a blue color scheme, with a picture of Doris on the cover. Episode titles descriptions (with original airdates) are included on the digipak, which is useful to know what you are watching (especially if your first experience of watching the show is the DVD sets). There are no real complaints about the outer packaging--it is very consistent with the Season One packaging. The artwork on the discs themselves is actually very nice, some of the nicest I've seen I think, with various snapshots from the episodes--all in a blue and white tint.

Menu Design and Navigation:

The menus are very basic and about the same as the ones used in Season One. The Main Menu has options for Play All, Episodes, Subtitles, and Bonus Features (Disc 4 only). It is easy to draw conclusions on what each of these menu options will do once selected. There is music playing in the background on all of the menus, but I can't figure out what the music is. It definitely isn't the theme song though.

There is a problem that this set has that many MPI sets seem to have, and that is when you use Episode Selection to play an episode, the next episode starts playing as soon as you are done with the episode you want to watch. I don't understand why it doesn't just return to the Episodes menu after you are done with an episode. Also, there is no scene selection menu on this set, nor are there any chapters within the episodes.

Video and Audio Quality:

I had a few complaints about the video from the first season DVD set, but for the second season, the video quality seems to be much better than it should be considering the age of the show. The video seems a little bit dark, but honestly, that isn't a big issue. The real issue for concern as far as video is concerned on this set is that a few episodes seem to have a picture that jumps around a bit--I noticed this particularly on "Doris vs. the Computer." The audio is good too, in Dolby Digital mono. There is that slight problem that many DVD sets have with an audio level that seems to be a bit low, but the problem REALLY doesn't seem to be as serious as it is with many sets. And for those that need it, English subtitles are available.

Now here is where some controversy enters--the episodes all run at 24 minutes, and if you ask me, the episodes on this set are UNEDITED. However, there is a small group of people that claim that the episodes on the first season set are edited based upon this running time alone (which I have been able to make such conclusions before on other DVD sets, but only because the episodes are chopped down to typical syndicated lengths like 22 minutes), and I have a feeling they'll make the same complaints again. I think it is possible that these are time-compressed episodes (which is something that I have no problem with at ALL), but I'm not convinced that these episodes are edited in anyway. Everything appears to be intact, and I'm not aware of anybody showing any evidence proving that these are edited. So here is the bottom line: I'm saying these are UNEDITED (but maybe time-compressed) episodes, and unless there is somebody out there has something that has footage that isn't on the DVDs and can prove me wrong, I'm sticking to that.

Special Features:

MPI seems to never disappoint with special features, and I was happy to see the special features on the first season--but for the second season, the special features are (believe it or not) even better! The set is loaded with unique special features (all on Disc 4), some of them being types of special features that I've never seen ANY DVD set include. First we have a message from Doris Day to Steelcase (2:45)--the company that provided the office furniture for The Doris Day Show! The message basically has Doris thanking them for providing the furniture, and showing the company how their products are being used within the show. Next we have a promo for a CBS show called The CBS Children's Hour (0:55), with Doris Day herself introducing the show--and reminding viewers to stay tuned for The Doris Day Show right after the program!

The next special feature is a very unusual special feature, one that surprised me that would even be kept in the archives. It is a series of audio promos being recorded by Doris Day, recording messages for promos for the show (10:56), like "see it all happen on The Doris Day Show--oh by the way that's me--next on the CBS Television Network." And the little details are all there too, such as the producers telling her to speed up her reading of the lines and her frustration with having to say things so fast! This is a type of special feature that I would have never envisioned any show having on DVD--but this one actually has it!

Next we have a series of bloopers from the show (6:04), and while I'm generally a fan of bloopers, this wasn't necessarily my favorite part of the set. The bloopers seem to move so fast that you really can't understand what they did wrong, mainly because they immediately go to the next blooper once they realize something went wrong and don't show the "after" effects as many blooper reels do. Also, the video quality on these bloopers is pretty bad in comparison to everything else on the DVDs. But regardless, it was nice to see the bloopers on there, and hopefully subsequent releases will also have them, even if they are as rough as these.

The next special feature is another great one--a screen test for McLean Stevenson, who joined the cast in the second season as Doris' boss! This screen test (4:57) is very complete, even with the directors cues and everything. And the quality of it is surprisingly good for a screen test; I've seen screen tests of shows that are only 20 years old that look all beat up and everything--not this one.

Next we have a season 3 preview (4:25)--which apparently will be released by MPI very soon! Basically this is just a short clip from an episode of the third season where Myrna and Doris are out trying to find an apartment in San Francisco. And if you're interested, the third season opening credits are there as well.

Next we have a movie trailer (2:15) for a movie called "The Tunnel of Love," a movie that Doris Day starred in back in (I assume) the 1950s... doesn't really have much to do with the show, but Doris Day fans are sure to appreciate it.

Next we have two sets of interviews--one with Rose Marie (11:35) and another with Larry Storch (9:36). Both of these are great interviews to see, even though they don't really reveal a whole lot of new information. They both talk primarily about their experiences with the show. Now the fact that a Larry Storch interview is included is kind of a mystery to me--he only had a role in two episodes in the season! But still, it was nice to see interviews on the set.

Finally, we get to the last two special features... the first is Main Title Outtakes (9:50). Believe it or not, they actually have 10 minutes of footage from recording the opening credits included here! Most of it is just Doris driving around (as she does in the opening credits), but there is other footage as well. There is no audio with this, just instrumental music in the background (I'd assume they didn't record audio for it when they initially did it because it really wasn't necessary). The other is Textless Main and End Credits (1:41), which is (as the name implies), a textless version of the opening and closing credits.

Wow--that is a LOT of special features. The only thing missing here is commentaries! If just those could be included, this would be THE perfect DVD set!

Final Comments:

There isn't much to say here except that this set is almost flawless. There are those that complain that the first season set is edited, and at 24 minutes per episode, I assume some will say that again, but personally I don't believe these episodes (nor do I believe that the season one episodes) are edited. They may be time-compressed if anything, but nothing appears to have been edited out on any of the episodes I've watched. As far as the show itself, I enjoyed Season One, but I think Season Two was even better. Hopefully season 3 (as well as 4 and 5, assuming those are released) will be just as good and loaded with special features like this one is. In the meantime, if you are a fan of Doris Day, or just a fan of late 60s/early 70s sitcoms, you will want to get this DVD set.

Final Numbers (out of 5 stars - How our point system works)

Video Quality: 4/5
Audio Quality: 4.5/5
Special Features: 4.5/5
Menu Design/Navigation: 4.5/5
Overall: 4.5/5

-- Reviewed by skees53 on 10/05/05

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