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That Girl - Season Three



DVD Release Date: August 7, 2007 (Shout! Factory)
Color/ 1968-69
MSRP: $39.98
Number of discs: 4
Number of episodes: 26
Running Time: 675 minutes
Total Runtime of Special Features: approx. 15 minutes
Languages and Subtitles: English; Closed Captioned
Special Features: "That Show... That Woman... The Creation of That Girl: The Woman on Both Sides of the Camera"; Marlo Thomas makeup test; Audio commentaries by Marlo Thomas and Series Co-Creator Bill Persky.


Marlo Thomas is ... THAT GIRL! Ann Marie and her "ever-devoted" boyfriend Donald Hollinger (Ted Bessell) are back for a third season in the popular 1960s sitcom THAT GIRL. It is a season of social issues as well as focusing on Ann's already wacky adventures. Despite the focus on social issues, the laughs don't stop and Ann maintains her focus on her career. This season finds Ann starring in a Broadway show, as well as appearing in a series of soda commercials. Also stars Lew Parker as Lou Marie and Rosemary DeCamp as Helen Marie.

Memorable Episodes / Notable Guest Stars:

Notable episodes include (but aren't limited to): "Sock It To Me" in which Ann gets a role on Broadway play. "The Hi-Jack and the Mighty" in which Ann works as a flight attendant to get a job for an airline commercial but mistakes a detective for a hijacker. "Secret Ballot" in which Ann hides what party she is registered for from her father. "The Face in the Shower Room Door" in which Ann is stuck in a shower and a new neighbor helps her to get out. "A Muggy Day in Central Park" is the one in which Ann is mugged. "Ann vs. Secretary" in which Ann thinks she has lost Donald to his new secretary. "The Subject Was Rabies" is the one where a dog bites Annís father and follows Ann home and he believes he has rabies. "The Defiant One" in which Ann befriends an African-American boy after saving him from a shoplifting charge. When the boy tells Ann where he resides, she doesn't believe him so he concocts a lengthy story about his upbringing, appalling Ann who decides to adopt him!

Recurring stars this season include Penny Marshall, Larry Storch, Vic Tayback, McLean Stevenson and Danny Thomas.


The set is pink in color, but features green, blue, yellow, purple and other vibrant and bright colors. The main box art features a large shot of Marlo Thomas as Ann Marie. The back of the box features a great description as well as four color photos from select episodes on this season. The set is a pull out. Cardboard foldout is a better example. Flipping open the cardboard foldout you find the four colorful discs as well as a portion that lists all of the discs and what episodes are on those discs. Each disc is a different color and features a drawing of Ann Marie and her famous hairstyle.

Disc 1 is pink in color and contains episodes 1-6 along with the two bonus features. Disc 2 is green in color and contains episodes 7-13. Disc 3 is orange in color and contains episodes 14-19. Disc 4 is blue in color and contains episodes 20-26.

Menu Design and Navigation:

The menu appears to be the same as past releases. It features the theme song and shows cropped photos of Ann popping up in black and white with a flowery menu rotating in the background. It ends with a shot of Ann in black and white and the menu options are listed to the left of her. The theme music loops. There is a Play All option. An Episodes option that takes you to a sub-menu and on Disc 1 there is a Bonus Features selection.

Video and Audio Quality:

The video and audio both appear to be in good condition. Occasionally there is a bit of dust, debris, and grain but that has to be expected. Other than that, the episodes are fine and there is nothing that I know of that should concern you. Each episode thankfully appears to be uncut, running a good 24 minutes in length. Chapter skips are available for convenience.

1- Sock It To Me (24:47)
2- The Hi-Jack and the Mighty (24:49)
3- Eleven Angry Men and That Girl (24:51)
4- 7 1/4, Part 1 (24:49)
5- 7 1/4, Part 2 (24:51)
6- Secret Ballot (24:21)
SP- That Show... That Woman... The Creation of That Girl: The Woman on Both Sides of the Camera with Marlo Thomas (12:18)
SP- Marlo Thomas Makeup Test (2:11)

7- The Face in the Shower Room Door (with optional audio commentary) (24:49)
8- A Muggy Day in Central Park (24:09)
9- Just Donald and Me and Jerry Makes Three (24:52)
10- The Seventh Time Around (24:50)
11- Ann vs. Secretary (24:53)
12- Decision Before Dawn (24:50)
13- Should All Our Old Acquaintances Be Forgot (24:49)

14- The Homewrecker and The Window Washer (24:40)
15- The Eye of the Beholder (24:46)
16- Dark On Top Of Everything Else (24:51)
17- The Earrings (24:50)
18- Many Happy Returns (24:42)
19- My Sister's Keeper (with optional audio commentary) (24:46)

20- There Was a Time Ann Met a Pie Man (24:01)
21- The Subject Was Rabies (24:45)
22- The Defiant One (24:42)
23- Fly Me to the Moon (24:44)
24- It's So Nice to Have a Mouse Around The House (with optional audio commentary) (24:19)
25- Bad Day at Marvin Gardens (with optional audio commentary) (24:31)
26- Sue Me, Sue Me, What Can You Do To Me? (25:14)

Special Features:

* Audio Commentary with Marlo Thomas and Series Co-Creator Bill Persky
Audio commentary can be found on episodes 7, 19, 24 and 25.

* That Show... That Woman... The Creation of That Girl: The Woman on Both Sides of the Camera with Marlo Thomas (12:18)
This is an interview with Marlo Thomas discussing what the title suggests, the creation of That Girl. A great little interview and feature. Nice to see it included.

* Marlo Thomas Makeup Test (2:11)
No audio, but it is a fun watch.

Final Comments:

Once again, a great release by Shout! Factory. They are hands down one of the best companies, in my opinion in terms of releasing television on DVD and giving us the bonus features that deserve to go with such popular shows. I cannot say enough great things. I am personally thrilled that audio commentary is continuing as well as a nice mini featurette with Marlo Thomas. Very very good set.

Final Numbers (out of 5 stars - How our point system works)

Video Quality: 4.5/5
Audio Quality: 4/5
Special Features: 4/5
Menu Navigation/Design: 4.5/5
Overall: 4/5

-- Reviewed by TVJunkie101 (Shawn Eaton) on 08/13/07

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