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Tabitha - The Entire Series



DVD Release Date: June 21, 2005 (Sony Pictures Television)
MSRP: $29.95
Number of Discs: 2
Number of Episodes: 13 (including the unaired pilot)
Running Time: approx. 325 minutes
Languages, Subtitles, Closed Captioning: English; No subtitles; Closed captioned
Special Features: The only special feature included on this set is the unaired pilot (approx. 25 minutes)


Magic is in the air! The spellbindingly short-lived series "Tabitha" is now available on DVD! This two-disc set contains all 12 episodes as well as the rarely seen pilot episode featuring two different actors portraying Tabitha and Adam Stephens! "TABITHA" follows the adventures (or misadventures) of Samantha and Darrin's daughter, Tabitha, as well as her brother, the very mortal Adam. This spin-off from the much-loved and popular series "Bewitched" lasted only twelve episodes. The cast consisted of Lisa Hartman (who would later go on to play popular twins on "KNOTS LANDING") as Tabitha, David Ankrum as Adam, Karen Morrow as Tabitha's Aunt Minerva, and Tabitha's boss, Marvin Decker, played by Mel Stewart. Also in the cast is the late Robert Urich as Tabitha's possible love-interest and co-worker, Paul Thurston. Although the series lacked any major "Bewitched" co-stars, Bernard Fox did reprise his role as Dr. Bombay, a role he played throughout "Bewitched's" entire run (he appears in episode two as well as the final episode). Also guest-starring in an episode were Sandra Gould and George Tobias as the ever nosy neighbors, Gladys and Abner Kravitz.

Memorable Episodes / Notable Guest Stars:

With only twelve episodes under its belt, the series did churn out a couple of memorable episodes. In the second episode, "Tabitha's Weighty Problem," Tabitha catches a cold and whenever she sneezes, she casts an unwelcome series of spells during an international weight lifting competition. This episode also features a guest appearance by "Bewitched" regular, Bernard Fox, as Dr. Bombay. In the third episode, "Halloween Show," Aunt Minerva sends an eight-year-old "hit witch" to exact her revenge when Paul mocks witchcraft in an interview. In the fifth episode, "Minerva Goes Straight," Minerva's lack of love in her life causes her to "go straight" and she promptly falls under the spell of a philandering ski instructor. In the seventh episode, "The Arrival of Nancy," Tabitha's childhood pal, Nancy Kravitz, pays a visit along with her Aunt Gladys and Uncle Abner (guest stars Sandra Gould and George Tobias, reprising their roles from "Bewitched"). But of course, chaos ensues. In the 12th and final episode of the series, "Tabitha's Party," the witches’ council decides to experiment by allowing one mortal to marry a witch once per year, and they pick Tabitha and Paul as their test subjects.


The box is designed just like a regular box that a movie would come in. It opens to reveal two discs (flip between them). The cover is blue in color and the background is the classic skyline that is used in the "Bewitched" opening sequence. It features a large shot of Lisa Hartman as well as the rest of the cast, but smaller pictures, underneath. Inside the box is a pull out insert that lists the episodes, the episode title and a brief description. The discs themselves are exactly like the box art cover but no pictures, just the blue skyline background and "Tabitha" on it. The first disc contains episodes 1-8 while the second disc contains episodes 9-12 and the original unaired pilot. The packaging also comes with a little insert showcasing most of Sony’s TV library, including some titles in the works like Diff’rent Strokes Season 2 and Designing Women Season 1.

Menu Design and Navigation:

The menu screen is blue in color. It has the exact same pictures used on the cover art but just designed differently. No music plays. There are three selections to choose from (on each disc). Both discs have the "Play All" option as well as an "Episode Selection" option but Disc One has a "Previews" option that lets you choose a preview you want to see, from the Bewitched motion picture to the Bewitched series DVD release (among a few others). The second disc has the "Original Unaired Pilot" on it.

Video and Audio Quality:

The show is entirely re-mastered and appears to be in fantastic video quality and with bright colors. On the other hand, as to be expected with a lot of older show releases, the audio is very low and requires the TV to be turned up. Other than that, there are no major problems to be concerned with on this set. Each episode runs approx. 25 minutes in length (including opening and closing credits). There is a chapter skip option available on each episode.

Special Features:

As far as special features go, there is only one, although it was a good one and it's the rarely seen original pilot, which TV Land didn’t air when they aired the show briefly. The pilot stars Liberty Williams as Tabitha and Bruce Kimmel as Adam. The premise has Tabatha (yes, that's how her name is spelled in the episode, but it's to be known as "Tabitha") working at a magazine, with a boss, Roberta, a pal, Rosette, and a love interest named Cliff. She also has a very nosy neighbor. Her brother, Adam, is around, but in this premise, he's an active warlock and pops in and out (think of Uncle Arthur from Bewitched, just toned down some). Adam's somewhat smarmy and not at all like the Adam in the regular Tabitha series. The entire first episode is almost eerily similar to Bewitched's first episode. From Tabitha telling her love interest, Cliff, that she's a witch, to Cliff drowning his sorrows in a bar (that looks exactly like the one from Bewitched), it's almost exactly the same. The nosy neighbor even acts like Gladys. It's uncanny. I can understand why they changed the premise for the regular series, but I did like the original pilot. It's somewhat humorous and I find myself liking Adam, whereas I didn't really like the character in the twelve-episode "Tabitha" run. It was a good pilot episode, actually and I think it might have worked better than the actual premise for "Tabitha." The episode runs about 25 minutes in length.

Final Comments:

Overall, this was a nice set to get. I'm very happy by it. The video quality is outstanding. As per the norm with older releases, the audio could use some work, but overall, it's in good quality. The packaging is simple and effective. The menu is easy to use and having the unaired pilot was a nice touch. It's a shame there aren't any other special features but what special features could there really be for a series that ran only 12 episodes? It's a shame it was so short-lived, the show had a lot of potential. Once again, though, it was a great release by Sony!

Final Numbers (out of 5 stars - How our point system works)

Video Quality: 5/5
Audio Quality: 3.5/5
Special Features: 2/5
Menu Navigation/Design: 4/5
Overall: 4.5/5

-- Reviewed by TVJunkie101 on 06/10/2005.

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