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Stacked - The Complete Series



DVD Release Date: December 12, 2006 (20th Century Fox)
MSRP: $29.98
Number of Discs: 3
Number of Episodes: 19 (5 that never aired on FOX)
Running time: Approx. 416 Minutes
Running time of Special Features: Approx. 22 Minutes
Video: Anamorphic Widescreen 1.78:1
Audio Tracks: English Dolby Digital Surround
Subtitles: English, Spanish
Closed Captioned
Special Features:

  • Nipplegate: Getting Dressed with Pamela Featurette
  • Bloopers
  • Skyler's Guide to Dating Featurette


    You can't judge a bookstore by its cover girl, especially when she happens to be Pamela Anderson! Anderson stars as drop-dead sexy Skyler Dayton, a reformed party girl in need of a lifestyle makeover, who takes a job at a family-fun bookstore called "Stacked Books." Determined to prove she has ample talent beyond her ample talents, Skyler dazzles the employees and customers with her sweet-natured charm and refreshing honesty. This hip, hilarious comedy also features guest appearances by superhotties Jenny McCarthy and Carmen Electra and includes five unaired episodes that can finally be revealed. You'll bust out laughing!

    Episodes Included / Notable Guest Stars:

    A workplace ensemble comedy, Stacked revolves around beautiful Skyler Dayton (Pamela Anderson, “Baywatch,” “V.I.P”), who is tired of her non-stop partying lifestyle and bad choices in boyfriends. Wanting a major life change, she wanders into “Stacked Books,” a small, family-run bookstore owned by Gavin Miller (Elon Gold “The In-Laws”) and his brother, Stuart (Brian Scolaro, “Three Sisters”). Divorced and unlucky in love himself, Gavin’s inclined to regard Skyler as an embodiment of the vacuous, image-obsessed culture he has come to abhor. Stuart, however, is dazzled by Skyler’s beauty and, much to Gavin’s horror, offers her a job at their store, which she happily accepts as the first step in her quest for a steadier lifestyle. Unhappy that she’s going to be minding the till next to such an intimidating bombshell is the store’s sole other employee, hapless Katrina (Marissa Jaret Winoker, “Hairspray”), who doles out doses of realism and cynicism. Rounding out the characters is the store’s one steady customer, Harold March (Christopher Lloyd, “Taxi,” “Back to the Future”), a preeminent but retired rocket scientist.

    Stacked premiered on FOX on April 13, 2005. After 5 episodes aired in the short first season, it was renewed for a second season. 9 more episodes aired before the series was pulled from the schedule in January 2006.

    Here are all 19 episodes included:

    1. Pilot (04/13/05) - When Skyler, in the midst of a breakup, arrives at Stacked Books, Stuart is eager to help, and Gavin learns not to judge a book by its cover.
    2. Beat the Candidate (04/20/05) - Much to Stuart's dismay, Skyler's job at Stacked is in jeopardy after a rocky first day.
    3. A Fan For All Seasons (04/27/05) - After sleeping with a famous author, Gavin fears that he has become a groupie, and Katrina, facing a string of bad luck, tries to maintain a positive outlook.
    4. Gavin's Pipe Dream (05/11/05) - A sexy dream about Skyler has an unsettling effect on Gavin and causes commotion at the bookstore.
    5. The Ex-Appeal (05/18/05) - Gavin and Stuart try to help Skyler get her grandfather's watch back from her slick ex-boyfriend.
    6. Nobody Says I Love You (11/09/05) - Love and confusion are in the air when Skyler starts telling everyone - except Gavin - that she loves them.
    7. Two Faces of Eve (11/16/05) - Skyler is in a bind when she learns that her friend Eve plans on marrying an elderly man for his money, while Harold encourages Stuart to invest in the stock market.
    8. Darling Nikki (11/30/05) - Skyler's former rival Nikki arrives for a visit, and "Darling" Nikki is up to her old tricks when she mistakenly assumes that Stuart is Skyler's boyfriend.
    9. Crazy Ray (12/07/05) - Despite encouragement from the others, Gavin is jealous and frustrated when an old acquaitance from his writing group publishes a successful novel.
    10. iPod (12/14/05) - Gavin is afraid he may be robbing the cradle, and Stuart obsesses over a customer using the bookstore's restroom without buying anything.
    11. Heavy Meddle (12/21/05) - Katrina is accused of racism after a run-in with a feisty health inspector, while Skler tries to fix Harold up with one of her groupie gal pals.
    12. Goodwizzle Hunting (12/28/05) - Yee-haw! The gang throws a hootenanny to help Katrina hook up with the guy she has a crush on.
    13. After Party (01/04/06) - After Stuart and Katrina sleep together, they must awkwardly decide where they stand with each other. Meanwhile, Gavin fears a sexual harrassment lawsuit, and the bookstore is abuzz with gossip.
    14. Romancing the Stones (01/11/06) - After Gavin finds out that he needs surgery, he and Stuart bicker over the fate of Stacked Books, and just before going under, Gavin reveals his true feelings to Skyler...but is that just the drugs talking?
    15. You're Getting Sleepy (unaired) - The bookstore is turned upside down when Harold's daughter Zoey visits to introduce her new boyfriend, a mischieveous hypnotherapist with a hidden agenda.
    16. The Third Date (unaired) - Gavin has trouble being intimate with Zoey because she's Harold's daughter, and Skyler hires a new stock boy who is somewhat unclear on the concept of good-natured ribbing.
    17. The Day the Music Died (unaired) - The future of the bookstore is jeopardized when an obnoxious rocker with his amp turned up to eleven opens a music store next door.
    18. Poker (unaired) - Skyler utilizes her unique flair for fashion to take Gavin's son shopping while Gavin obsesses over an online poker tournament. Meanhwhile, Harold is miffed when his regular seat is taken by a surly newcomer.
    19. The Headmaster (unaired) - Hoping to help get Owen into a prestigious private school, Skyler agrees to date the school's headmaster, while back at Stacked, Harold feels cheated and demands two years' worth of free coffee.

    Notable guest stars included Paget Brewster as Charlotte in the "Pilot." Arrested Development's Tony Hale appeared as Brent Lamble in "Beat the Candidate." Steven Tyler provided his voice in "A Fan For All Seasons." Robby the Robot makes an appearance in "Gavin's Pipe Dream." Kid Rock played the Delivery Man in "Nobody Says I Love You." Jayma Mays (Charlie on "Heroes") guest starred as Brenda in "Nobody Says I Love You." Bill Macy appeared as Charlie and Jenny McCarthy was Eve in "Two Faces of Eve." Carmen Electra played Nikki Foos in "Darling Nikki." Keri Lynn Pratt guest starred as Carrie in "iPod." Nora Dunn guest starred as Lynn and Stephanie Faracy was Stella in "Heavy Meddle."


    This three-disc DVD collection includes all 19 episodes (5 which never aired in the US on FOX) from the first and second seasons. The cover art features a nice shot of Pamela Anderson sitting on some books. On the bottom of the box, there is the classic tagline: "She Sells Books. Like You Care." There is a large photo of Pamela on the back of the box and a smaller photo of the four other cast members. A synopsis of the set, listing of the special features and DVD specs are listed. Pam, of course, is featured on the spine of the box. Two slim cases slide out from the right of the thin cardboard outer box. Two sexy shots of Pamela, with stacks of books, are featured on the slim cases. Episode titles, original airdates and summaries are listed on the back of the slim cases. There are 5 headshots of the cast members featured on the back of slim case #2. Inside, there is just black blank space. It would have been nice if they utilized this space with a few more shots of Pamela. The discs have the orange Stacked logo, a listing of the episodes and a photo on them. Disc 1 features a photo of Pamela showing ample cleavage. Disc 2 has a photo of the other 4 cast members. Disc 3 has another less revealing shot of Pamela. A sheet is included that promotes some other FOX TV DVD releases. Of special note, they list WKRP in Cincinnati and The Loop as coming soon!

    Menu Design and Navigation:

    The static menus are simply designed and easy to navigate. Pamela Anderson is prominently featured on all of them. The main menu has the same photo of Pamela as the back of the outer carboard box. There are books on either side of her and one large book that covers the rest of her body from her shoulders down. Episode titles are listed horizontally in several rows in yellow text. The episode you highlight is in green that turns purple upon selection. A Play All button is available. When you select an episode, it takes you to another sub-menu. There is a still image from the episode and some text on a book page, just like you see in the scene transitions within the episodes. The Language selection menus features another photo of Pamela. It would have been nice to hear the catchy theme song on the menus or some animated menus with video clips. There are chapter stops available within the episodes, but there are no separate menus for scene selections.

    Video and Audio Quality:

    As you can imagine for such a recent show, the episodes look and sound flawless. They are in Anamorphic Widescreen 1.78:1. The colors are bright, and the picture is very sharp. I noticed they had excellent lighting on the main bookstore set. This was a sitcom that was filmed with multiple cameras and in front of a studio audience. All episodes appear to be unedited, running around 22 minutes in length. They are in their original broadcast order. The unaired episodes are found on the third disc.

    The audio is a Dolby Digital Surround English track. The volume is at a good level, and the dialogue is easy to understand. Stacked had a catchy opening theme song and eye-opening credits sequence. Closed captioning is available on all of the episodes but not on the special features. Subtitles are available in English and Spanish.

    Here is the breakdown by disc, including the running times:

    Disc 1
    1. Pilot (04/13/05) (22:12)
    2. Beat the Candidate (04/20/05) (21:34)
    3. A Fan For All Seasons (04/27/05) (21:57)
    4. Gavin's Pipe Dream (05/11/05) (21:52)
    5. The Ex-Appeal (05/18/05) (21:57)
    6. Nobody Says I Love You (11/09/05) (21:57)
    7. Two Faces of Eve (11/16/05) (21:58)

    Disc 2
    8. Darling Nikki (11/30/05) (21:57)
    9. Crazy Ray (12/07/05) (21:58)
    10. iPod (12/14/05) (21:57)
    11. Heavy Meddle (12/21/05) (21:55)
    12. Goodwizzle Hunting (12/28/05) (21:58)
    13. After Party (01/04/06) (22:07)
    14. Romancing the Stones (01/11/06) (21:58)

    Disc 3
    unaired - You're Getting Sleepy (21:57)
    unaired - The Third Date (21:35)
    unaired - The Day the Music Died (21:57)
    unaired - Poker (21:57)
    unaired - The Headmaster (21:56)

    Special Features:

    The special features are kind of disappointing and not as stacked as some fans may have hoped, but maybe that's to be expected for such a short-lived series. We get a really nice pair of featurettes and some bodacious bloopers. They can all be found on the third disc.

    Nipplegate: Getting Dressed with Pamela (7:12) - This featurette includes interviews with Costume Designer Christy Ito and Fashion Stylist Charle Roxburough. There are lots of video clips from the episodes shown. They talk about Pamela's wardrobe and the clothing for some of the guest stars like Jenny McCarthy and Carmen Electra. There was also some controversy with Pamela's nipples and the Standards and Practices people.

    Show Us Your Bloopers (5:15) - A lot of bloopers aren't all broadcast quality, but they are still very watchable. There is a lot of unbleeped profanity. Some of the highlights are the bloopers with Pamela and Jenny McCarthy.

    Skyler's Guide to Dating (9:50) - This is a montage of video clips from the episodes. There are various themes that are displayed on book pages.

    Final Comments:

    After watching a few episodes, this seems like a pretty underrated show that just couldn't find a regular audience due to a number of timeslot changes. I had never seen it before, but it had some funny moments and a likable cast. It wasn't as focused on Pamela Anderson as much as I thought it would be. She looks great and has good comedic timing. I wouldn't be surprised to see her on another sitcom in the future.

    This is a pretty well put together set, but it is missing a lot of special features like audio commentaries, deleted scenes, FOX promos and interviews with the cast. I'm sure if the series had been picked up for a third season, we would have seen a lot more extras like the My Name Is Earl and How I Met Your Mother sets. Recommended for Pamela Anderson and FOX sitcom fans.

    Final Numbers (out of 5 stars - How our point system works)

    Video Quality: 5/5
    Audio Quality: 5/5
    Special Features: 2/5
    Menu Design/Navigation: 4/5
    Overall: 4/5

    -- Reviewed by Todd Fuller on 12/11/06

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