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Soap - The Complete Second Season


Info: DVD Release Date: July 20, 2004 (Columbia Tristar Home Entertainment)
MSRP: $29.95
Number of discs: 3
Number of episodes: 22 (plus encore pilot)
Running Time: 566 minutes
Languages and subtitles: English-mono, Closed Captioned.
Special Features: Featurette "The Creators Come Clean," "Encore Bonus Episode Season 1 Pilot," and "Previews" - Bonus Trailers for Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment products (Classic Comedy, Contemporary TV, and Original Programming).

Review (out of 5 stars):

Video quality: 4.5/5
Audio quality: 4.0/5
Special Features: 4.0/5
Menu Navigation: 4.5/5
Overall: 4.5/5

Soap - Season Two DVD Menu Soap - Season Two DVD Menu Extras


On the last DVD set of SOAP, we saw Jessica Tate being convicted of murder, but we also found out that she really didn't do it. Will we find out who did it on this season two DVD set? Was it Chester, Benson, Corrine or someone else? Confused? You won't be after you buy the season two DVD set of SOAP!

You'll see prison escapes, kidnapping, murder, blackmail, UFOs and demon possession on this wacky and funny season.

The packaging of this set is similar to season one's -- such as a 3-disc set which comes with an episode guide booklet featuring complete details on each episode on the set. There is also a booklet featuring other Columbia Tristar sets already out and the ones coming soon, such as 227 Season One and What's Happening!! Season Two. The color scheme for this set is red. Last season it was orange. The discs itself has episode breakdowns right on the disc, just like season one did. Disc one has episodes 1-9 from season two, disc two has episodes 10-18 from season two, and disc three has episodes 19-22 from season two plus the bonus features. This time a character's face is not on each disc. Each disc now has a reddish soap bubble on each disc as the background.

As for the menus, it is also sort of similar in style to season one. Though, this time each episode selection is in a soap bubble. Again there is no theme playing in the background. It is very easy to navigate and like season one it has a play all feature, in case you want to watch all the episodes at once as a marathon.

The audio and video are also similar on the lines of season one. The video might be slightly better than season one's because there are less episodes on each disc this time. The audio is in mono again, and at times you might have to turn the volume up a bit.

This set actually has some special features. Up until now, this set was right on par with season one, but now these extras make season two a bit better. There is a featurette on this set called "The Creators Come Clean," and it just under 21 minutes in duration and features interviews with executive producers Paul Witt and Tony Thomas along with creator and executive producer Susan Harris. The trio breakdown each character in detail from the Tate and Campbell household from Jessica to Corrrine to even Benson. They also talk about the director, Jay Sandrich. This featurette is a must see and is clearly the best special feature on this set.

The next special feature is an encore episode of the pilot episode. I don't understand why they put this on this set. They could have dug up a blooper reel or something else instead of just putting this episode again. Some fans thought this could have been an unaired pilot or an alternate pilot with different actors, but it's just the first episode we all know and love (and have on the season one DVD set!). And like all of Columbia's releases, they have three preview sections, which are trailers for their other releases like What's Happening!! Season One, SOAP Season One, and many other classics.

Overall, this set is better than season one's and I hope season three and four will be even better (pray that they come out!). I was hoping that the season one recap show would be on this set, but it wasn't. Hopefully the other two rarely seen 90 minutes episodes are put in the season three and four sets. The 90 minute episodes were aired a few weeks prior to the season and recapped season two and three. The recap of season three, has Bea Arthur guest starring as an angel. That would be great to see on the season four set. If Columbia is listening out there, us fans want to have these two special episodes on the last two sets as they are not seen in syndication, and the first one as well somehow.

John Byner joins the cast in season two which already featured an all-star cast of Billy Crystal, Richard Mulligan, Robert Guillaume, Katherine Helmond, Cathryn Damon, Robert Mandan, Diana Canova, Ted Wass, Jennifer Salt, Jimmy Baio and Arthur Peterson as The Major.

-- Reviewed by pavanbadal on 06/27/04 (modified on 07/19/04)

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