Picture Gallery 1 

This section contains cast photos, individual cast member photos, etc.  Click any of the thumbnails to see the larger, clearer image. 

Erin Gray, Ricky Schroder, and Joel Higgins Gray, Higgins, Lightfoot, and Schroder Schroder, Gray, and Higgins Gray, Higgins, and Schroder Schroder, Gray, and Higgins

Schroder, Gray, and Higgins Higgins, Schroder, Gray, and Foobie TV Guide - 5/7/83 Schroder, Gray, and Higgins Schroder and Higgins

Ricky Schroder and Joey Lawrence Ricky Schroder and Joel Higgins Ricky Schroder and Jason Bateman Silver Spoons cast and Menudo The TV Book (August 8-14, 1982)

Ricky Schroder Ricky Schroder Ricky Schroder Muppet Magazine - winter of 1984 Ricky Schroder

Ricky Schroder and Mr. T on Silver Spoons script - One for the Road, Part 1 Silver Spoons tv taping ticket Ricky Schroder and Harry - the oranguatan Ed McMahon and Ricky Schroder

John Houseman, Schroder, Gray, and Higgins Erin Gray - TV Guide 12/17/83 Erin Gray Erin Gray Erin Gray

Erin Gray Erin Gray Erin Gray Erin Gray Ricky Schroder

Silver Spoons cast Ricky Schroder and Joel Higgins Matthew Perry, Rob Stone, Ricky Schroder, Adam Rich, and Bradley Gregg Corky Pigeon (Beverly Hills 213 magazine) Corky Pigeon (Beverly Hills 213 magazine - inside)

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