Silver Spoons: Episode Guide

Episodes are listed in order of production; guest stars for the episodes or any other interesting facts about the episodes would be appreciated - please e-mail me

Season 1 (NBC / 1982-1983 / 22 episodes)

1. Pilot (original airdate: 09/25/82)

Young military student Ricky Stratton meets his father Edward Stratton III.

2. Boys Will Be Boys (10/16/82)

Ricky's friend Derek moves into the neighborhood and convinces him that the reason Edward never punishes him is because he doesn't love him.

3. Grandfather Stratton (10/09/82)

Ricky wants to meet his grandfather (John Houseman).

4. Me and Mr. T (10/02/82, repeated on 12/25/82)

When Ricky is intimidated while at school, his father hires a bodyguard to make sure the problem never occurs again. Guest star: Mr. T.

5. Twelve Angry Kids (01/15/83)

Ox the bully (from the previous episode) takes Ricky to court for whiplash and is in a wheelchair. Ricky insists that the jury be made up of 12 kids! The actor who's Ox would star on his own sitcom, Jennifer Slept Here (1983-1984 NBC) and also played Cousin Dale in the Vacation movie - his real name is John P. Navin Jr.

6. Takin' a Chance on Love (10/23/82)

Ricky falls for a girl named Sally Frumble and asks her to be his steady girlfriend only to discover that she's going with someone else. He swears off love after his first experience only to be attracted shortly thereafter again.

7. Evelyn Returns (10/30/82)

Ricky's mother prepares to do battle for custody.

8. A Little Magic (12/04/82)

Ricky tries playing matchmaker for Kate and Edward.

9. The Great Computer Caper (11/06/82)

A school reporter (Gary Coleman) is assigned to write a story on computers and he and Ricky access secret data.

10. Father Nature (11/27/82)

For Ricky to become a member of the Badger Patrol, he and his father must spend a weekend in the woods.

11. I'm Just Wild About (11/13/82) Harry

Ricky brings home his new pet orangutan that he and Derek have captured on a midnight expedition.

12. Honor Thy Father (11/20/82)

Ricky saves his grandfather from embarrassment when Edward refuses to speak at a banquet in his honor.

13. Falling in Love Again (12/11/82)

Edward and Kate are confused about their feelings and at an opera performance Edward shouts that he loves her. (part 2 of a 2 part episode, see #8)

Guest star: John Reilly appears for the first time as Bob Danish

14. The Most Beautiful Girl in the World (01/08/83)

Ricky and Freddy fall for girls who prefer "punk rockers" to Ricky's preppy style.

15. The Best Christmas Ever (12/18/82)

Edward and Ricky spend a first Christmas together. Ricky helps a kid (Joey Lawrence) and his family out be decorating their cave and sharing Christmas.

16. The Toy Wonder (01/22/83)

A 12-year-old girl agrees to work for Edward's toy company on the condition that Ricky becomes her boyfriend.

17. Won't You Go Home, Bob Danish? (03/05/83)

A man from Kate's past intentionally crashes his plane on the grounds of the estate in order to impress her.

18. Popcorn (02/05/83)

Ricky pledges money without Edward's approval.

19. Junior Businessman (02/12/83)

Edward allows Ricky to manage an ice cream parlor.

20. Three's a Crowd (02/19/83)

Kate interrupts Edward and Ricky's ski trip.

21. The Empire Strikes Out (02/26/83)

Edward is depressed when his toy featuring animals around the world fails while Rick is upset over his first day at school.

22. The "X" Team (04/30/83)

Kate catches the boys watching an X-rated film.

Season 2 (NBC / 1983-1984 / 22 episodes)

23. Menudo Madness (12/03/83)

Ricky says he can get Menudo to sing at a party to impress his girl, Consuelo. When he meets Menudo at their hotel, they decide to come after hearing he has video games. they sing "Gotta Get A Movin!" Ricky Martin wasn't a member of Menudo then. Best line: "Do like Michael Jackson sings, Beat it!"

Guest stars: Menudo (Miguel A. Cancel, Johnny Lozada Correa, Ray Reyes Leon, Carlos J. Rivera Masso, Ricardo Omar Melendez)

Dawn Agrella as Consuelo, Bobby Fite as J.T., Corky Pigeon as Freddy, Georgi Irene as Leslie, Jack Fletcher as Waiter, Karissa Noel as Debby, Paul BaBelou as Security Guard, Foobie D. Robot as Himself

24. Attack of the Giant Frog People (10/22/83)

A joke may cost Ricky his friendship with Freddy.

J.T. and Derek torture Freddy by putting live frogs in his sleeping bag after seeing a horror movie about frogs. Then they tape record it. They ask Ricky if he's his friend and says no. Kate and Edward tell Ricky to handle the problem and apologizes to Freddy. Then J.T. and Derek laugh at Freddy claiming his only talent's being a wimp. Freddy shows all of them he can tap dance!

25. Happy Birthday (12/10/83)

Ricky's 13th-birthday parts turns into chaos.

26. Passports to Pleasure (10/15/83)

Ricky joins in Derek's scheme to meet older girls.

27. A Fair to Remember (10/29/83)

Rick programs a computer to project laser images in an attempt to impress his teacher Mr. Bartman at a science fair.

28. Uneasy Rider (01/14/84)

Ricky cons his mother into buying him a motorcycle.

29. Sounds of Silence (12/17/83)

Ricky's school-band performance thrills Edward.

30. A Hunting We Will Go (11/12/83)

The reality of hunting quells Ricky's enthusiasm.

31. Hospital

Ricky panics when Edward needs emergency surgery.

32. Rick the Greek (01/07/84)

Derek cons Ricky into helping him place sports bets.

33. Mr. President (11/19/83)

Ricky imagines himself as president during a class.

34. Driver Ed (11/26/83)

Ricky asks his grandfather for driving lessons.

35. Saint Louis Blues (02/11/84)

Ricky discovers that Derek's parents are divorcing.

36. I Want to Be Alone (01/28/84)

Ricky invites Dexter along on a holiday weekend in the country.

37. A Summer's Romance (Part 1) (03/10/84)

An old flame of Edward's returns.

38. A Summer's Romance (Part 2) (03/17/84)

Kate decides to break up with Edward.

39. Spare the Rod (03/24/84)

Ricky discovers that a friend is being abused.

Guest star: Meeno Peluce

40. The World's Greatest Father (01/21/84)

Edward and J.T's father conflict over money.

41. Changes (03/03/84)

Ricky learns that a girl teammate likes Edward.

42. Mister Cool (Mr. Cool) (02/04/84)

Ricky tries a trendy look to impress a new girl.

43. Hi, Mom (04/07/84)

Kate's visiting mother charms Ricky and Edward.

44. Blazing Hotel Rooms (03/31/84)

A hotel fire traps Derek, Ricky and Edward.

Season 3 (NBC / 1984-1985 / 24 episodes)

45. Survival of the Fittest (09/23/84)

Rick attends his first day of high school.

46. I Won't Dance (11/04/84)

Rick introduces his teacher to Grandfather Stratton.

47. Best Friends (09/16/84)

Rick becomes friends with Dexter's nephew, Alfonso.

Ricky pulls This Is Your Life on Edward's birthday when his old music partner comes to visit. He wants him to come back, but after performing, he's happy where he is.

48. Lulu's Back in Town (12/30/84)

Edward's ex-governess (Pearl Bailey) comes to visit.

49. What's Cookin'? (01/27/85)

Lulu works to reunite Rick and Grandfather Stratton.

50. Growing Pains (Part 1) (09/30/84)

Rick tries to establish his independence. 

51. Growing Pains (Part 2) (10/07/84)

Rick soon regrets running away.

52. The Call of the Wild (11/25/84)

Rick's mother shows up with a football-player beau.

53. The Trouble with Grandfather (01/06/85)

Grandfather Stratton acquires a new lifestyle.

54. Beauties and the Beasts (12/09/84)

Rick, Freddy and Alfonso come up with a clever idea to save the school's failing newspaper.

55. A Dark Stormy Night (10/28/84)

The boys create their own Halloween horror story.

56. Voyage of the Darned (Part 1) (11/11/84)

Kate pilots a plane through the Bermuda Triangle.

57. Voyage of the Darned (Part 2) (11/18/84)

Rick, Kate, Dexter, Alfonso and Edward battle Mother Nature after their plane crashes on a deserted island.

58. All the Principal's Men (03/10/85)

Rick claims his school kitchen serves horse meat.

Freddy tells Ricky and Alfonso that there's a scandal at the school cafeteria, that would make a great story for their tv news. It turns out that Mr. Snodgrass was dealing with a cheap meat company to save money and pocket the profits for himself.

59. Special Friend (01/13/85)

Rick joins a peer counseling program.

60. Twas the Night Before Christmas (12/16/84)

The Strattons take in Freddy's family at Christmas.

61. Rick and the Lege (02/17/85)

Edward is suspicious of Rick's "hip" new friend.

62. Marry Me, Marry Me (Part 1) (02/03/85)

Edward and Rick rush to bring Kate home.

63. Marry Me, Marry Me (Part 2) (02/10/85)

Edward counters Kate's job offer with a proposal.

Note: Kate's maid of honor was The Nanny's Fran Drescher)

64. The Return of the Paisley (03/10/85)

Rick surprises Edward with an old singing partner.

Note: Joel Higgins sings "Look at Molly Shine" Click here for the lyrics (Part of the song is edited in syndication)

65. Hot Shot (03/03/85)

Rick asks consumer advocate David Horowitz for help in dealing with a crooked mail-order company.

66. Trouble with Words (02/24/85)

Dyslexia may be the cause of Alfonso's problems in school.

Guest star: Bruce Jenner

67. The Secret Life of Ricky Stratton (03/24/85)

Rick panics when he sees a photo of a blind date.

68. The Babysitters (04/07/85)

Rick believes a 6-year-old girl may be the victim of parental kidnapping.

Season 4 (NBC / 1985-1986 / episodes)

69. Mrs. Stratton Builds Her Dream House (10/13/85)

Kate suggests changes in the mansion's decor..

70. Judgement Day (12/01/85)

Edward pressures Rick to improve his grades.

71. Three Musketeers (12/15/85)

House Speaker Thomas "Tip" O'Neill reads Freddy's letter about the homeless on the news.

72. Promises, Promises (09/22/85)

Rick's latest girlfriend wants a commitment in their relationship.

73. Head Over Heels (09/15/85)

Dexter changes his lifestyle to impress singer Whitney Houston.

74. Stratton and Stratton (01/12/86)

Rick develops a new game but runs into problems when his father disagrees on the marketing tactics.

75. Poor Evelyn (10/06/85)

Rick suggests that his father hire his nearly bankrupt mother.

76. The Great Baseball Card Scheme (10/27/85)

Rick and Grandfather Stratton try to make a fortune in the baseball card-trading market.

77. One Strike and You're Out (11/10/85)

Rick protests when his grandfather pays unfair wages to student workers.

78. The Trouble with Uncle Harry (11/03/85)

Kate's uncle tries to impress a former Army buddy.

79. Race With Eagles (11/17/85)

Edward wants to show his athletic abilities by running up the stairs of the Empire State building.

80. Magnificient Obsession (11/24/85)

Edward coaches Rick on getting his girl back.

81. The Barbarians (12/08/85)

Grandfather Stratton and his cronies are transformed into barbarians when they retreat to his cabin in the woods.

82. Second Class Parent (12/21/85)

A nervous Kate grants Rick permission to travel to Florida with his friends.

83. The Lady Is a Tramp (01/05/86)

Rick invites a bag lady to dinner.

84. Daddy Rick (01/19/86)

Rick's "spouse" in a mock-marriage project reveals she's pregnant.

85. One for the Road (Part 1) (02/02/86)

Rick yields to peer pressure to drink.

86. One for the Road (Part 2) (02/09/86)

Rick confronts his buddy's alcoholism.

87. Movie Madness (02/16/86)

Rick involves the entire Stratton family in his film project.

88. Rick Sings (02/23/86)

Rick is a hit when he stands in for a rock singer.

89. The Way We Weren't (03/02/86)

Evelyn arrives just as Kate is leaving on a trip.

90. A Family Affair (10/13/86)

Rick may have jilted a hit man's daughter.

Guest star: Christina Applegate

91. Rick at Sixteen (03/16/86)

Rick winds up with two dates on his 16th birthday.

92. Second Best (05/04/86)

Rick feels inferior to his talented, new girlfriend.

93. Who's the Boss? (05/11/86)

Edward resents Kate's success as toy-company head.

Season 5 (First-run syndication / 1986-1987 / episodes)

94. Lost and Found (09/29/86)

Rick loses Kate's grandmother in New York City.

95. The Live-In (09/22/86)

A new, Swedish housekeeper captures Rick's heart.

96. Rick Sells His Sole (10/06/86)

Rick loses a promotion due to nepotism.

97. The Beach House (09/15/86)

Rick meets a beautiful girl while on vacation.

98. Rick Moves Out (10/27/86)

Rick moves into the guest house for privacy, but his friends think it would make a great place for parties.

Guest stars: Rob Stone as Frankie, Bradley Gregg as Eric, Elizabeth Berkley as Melissa, Matthew Perry as Davey, Lisa La Mont as Cindy, Adam Rich

99. Man to Man (10/20/86)

On his 42nd birthday, Edward challenges Rick to a tennis match and suffers an identity crisis when he loses.

100. Hey, Mrs. Robinson (11/03/86)

Rick's thrilled when Kate's old college friend, now an editor for a rock magazine, pays a visit.

101. Rick's Learning Problem (11/10/86)

Rick faces a tough decision when he tutors a football player who is cheating.

102. The Triangle (11/17/86)

Rick falls for his buddy's girlfriend.

103. Kate Lassos a Longhorn (11/24/86)

A boa constrictor invades Kate's business dinner.

104. Edward Creates a Monster (aka Get the Hook) (01/26/87)

Family and friends tire of Rick's endless jokes.

105. Rumors are Flying (aka Rick's Rumor) (02/02/87)

Rick's fabricated version of his date with a beautiful classmate leads to a rumor that damages the girl's reputation.

Guest star: Erika Eleniak

106. The House Guest (02/09/87)

Rick's fun-loving friend Brad visits.

107. Band on the Run (02/16/87)

Rick and Alfonso get into an argument while preparing for a Battle of the Bands contest.

Ricky plays bass guitar, Alfonso plays guitar and they sing "Cool Cool Look".

108. Author, Author (02/23/87)

Edward feels his former wife's book is based on his life.

109. Mother's Day (02/25/87)

Kate questions her role in the Stratton home when Rick decides to cook dinner for his mother.

110. Baby Blues (02/17/86)

Rick helps an old high-school friend who's a single mother.

Guest star: Maurice Bernard

111. Hero Worship (02/16/87)

Rick learns his basketball idol is involved with narcotics.

112. Thoroughly Modern Mildred (02/26/87)

Kate's grandmother arrives with her new boyfriend.

113. Pardon My French (aka Mon Amour) (02/27/87)

Grandfather Stratton brings a young fiancee home from Paris.

114. Edward's Big Adventure (03/04/87)

Rick thinks Edward's call for help is a joke.

115. Educating Rick (03/02/87)

Rick clashes with his father as he makes plans for college.

116. Let it Snow, Let it Snow (03/03/87)

Kate and Edward's plans for a romantic ski weekend go awry.

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