Cast information: 

Ricky Schroder, Erin Gray, and Joel Higgins

Ricky (Rick) Schroder as Ricky Stratton

Joel Higgins as Edward Stratton III

Erin Gray as Kate Summers Stratton

Leonard Lightfoot as Leonard Rollins (1982-1983)

Franklyn Seales as Dexter Stuffins (1983-1987)

Jason Bateman as Derek Taylor (1982-1984)

Corky Pigeon as Freddy Lippincottleman (1983-1985)

Alfonso Ribeiro as Alfonso Spears (1984-1987)

Bobby Fite as J.T. Martin (1983-1984, occasional)

John Houseman as grandfather Edward Stratton II (occasional)

Ray Walston as Uncle Harry Summers (1985)

Billy Jacoby as Brad (1985-1986, occasional)

Notable Guests:

Lyle Alzado....(episode: The Call of the Wild)
Christina Ricky's date (episode: A Family Affair)
Evan Stan (episode: Second Class Parent)
Pearl Lulu (episodes: Lulu's Back in Town; What's Cookin?)
Maurice Bernard....(episode: Baby Blues)
Elizabeth Melissa (episode: Rick Moves Out)
Barbara Rick's teacher (1985)
Christina (Christine) Evelyn - Ricky's mother (several episodes)
Earl Freddy's Father
Gary Arnold Jackson (episode: The Great Computer Caper)
Fran Kate's maid of honor (episode: Marry Me, Marry Me - Part 2)
Erika Eleniak....(episode: Rumors are Flying)
Andrea Kimberly
David himself (episode: Hot Shot)
Whitney herself (episode: Head Over Heels)
Bruce Jenner....(episode: Trouble with Words)
Ryan Lambert
Joey Lawrence....(episode: The Best Christmas Ever)
Jonna Lee
Martika....(episode: Band on the Run)
Shalane McCall
Ed himself
Menudo....(episode: Menudo Madness)
John P. Navin Ox (episode: Me and Mr. T and Twelve Angry Kids)
Thomas "Tip" O' himself (episode: Three Musketeers)
Meeno (friend of Ricky who was abused by his father)
Sydney Penny
Matthew Davey (episode: Rick Moves Out)
Amanda Rick's new girlfriend
Robert Picardo....(pilot episode)
Line Renaud....(episode: Pardon My French)
Adam Rich....(episode: Rick Moves Out)
Susan Holly
Misty Grandfather's gal (episode: Trouble With Grandfather)
Michael Saucedo
Allison Barbara Webster (episode: The Toy Wonder)
Rob Frankie (episode: Rick Moves Out)
Sharon Stone....(episode: A Little Magic)
Mr. himself/Rick's bodyguard (episode: Me and Mr. T)
Byron Thames
Tracy Wells....(episode: Beauties and the Beasts)

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