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Sherri - The Complete Season One



Release Date: April 27, 2010 (A&E Home Video)
MSRP: $19.95
Packaging: Amaray movie-style case
Number of Discs: 2
Number of Episodes: 13
Running Time: Approx. 4 hours, 46 minutes
Running Time of Features: Aprpox. 17 minutes
Audio: Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo
Subtitles and Captioning: Closed Captioning
Special Features: Webisodes


Actress, comedienne, author and co-host of ABC's The View, Sherri Shepherd stars as Sherri Robinson, a single mother who juggles caring for her six-year-old son, Bo (Brandon Khalil), and working part-time as a paralegal, while still following her dream to become a full-time comedienne/actress. Recently separated from her cheating husband, Kevin (Malcolm-Jamal Warner), Sherri finds solace and support from her girlfriends at the office: Celia (Tammy Townsend), Angie (Elizabeth Regen), and even her overbeating supervisor, Summer (Kali Rocha), Sherri's life becomes even more complicated when Kevin reveals that Paula (Kate Reinders), the 20-year-old he had an affair with, is pregnant.

Sherri: The Complete Season One features all 13 hilarious episodes of the inaugural season on 2 discs!


Sherri premiered on Lifetime on October 5, 2009. It originally aired over 5 consecutive nights before airing moving to Tuesdays. Sherri is produced by Lifetime Television. Terri Minsky ("Less Than Perfect," "Lizzie McGuire"), Nina Wass and Gene Stein ("Less Than Perfect") are executive producers. Dave Flebotte ("Desperate Housewives") is creator and consultant. Shepherd, who will continue to cohost "The View," serves as a co-executive producer of Sherri, along with John Peaslee and Judd Pillot ("According to Jim"). The comedy reunites Shepherd, Minsky, Wass and Stein, who last worked together on the ABC sitcom "Less Than Perfect."

Sherri, a newly single mom, paralegal and part-time comedienne/actress tries to get back into the dating scene and move on with her life after divorcing her cheating husband in the "Pilot." Sherri hasn’t been able to land an acting role since her breakup with Kevin in "I Have a Dreamboard." Regis Philbin appeared as himself. When Sherri can’t reach Kevin by phone to confirm he’s picking up a basketball hoop for Bo’s birthday, she tries unsuccessfully, to sneak out of work and buy it in "Thrown for a Hoop." Sherri struggles with Bo's first official custody weekend with Kevin, while her girlfriends try to show her the benefits of having time to herself in "Lost Weekend." Celia invites Sherri to perform stand-up at a fundraiser shes organizing for her husbands church in "There's No "I" In Church." After an awkward first kiss with Dr. Randy Gregg, Sherri decides to stay home instead of returning to dating in "Dating Dad." After performing stand up about being newly single, Sherri accepts an offer from Doug (Chris Williams), an old friend who has had a crush on her for years in "All in the Timing."

Trouble begins to brew for Sherri when the topic of trick-or-treating as a family comes up in "Stronger." Sherri is stuck taking Paula to the hospital when she goes into labor at her apartment. Sherri begins to leave the hospital when Paula’s mother Margo (Jane Curtin) arrives, but stops herself when she hears Margo berating her daughter for having a baby out of wedlock and with a married man in "Birth." After Bo tells her he hates her, Sherri volunteers to watch Julian, Paula’s new baby in "Four Ladies & a Baby." Sherri hosts a game night to introduce Randy to the girls, but things go awry when they both bring a blind date for each other, and Summer wants Angie's date for herself in "Game Changer." Sherri prepares for a quiet, drama-free Thanksgiving with Bo and her father Redmond (James Avery), but a revolving door of unexpected guests derail her plans in "Thanks-for-not-for-nothing-giving." Sherri finds herself at a crossroads between re-kindling her relationship with Kevin and starting a new future with Randy in "Indecision 09." Rachel Dratch appeared as the teacher and Richard Kind was the Whiny neighbor.

Recurring cast members include James Avery as Redmond (5 episodes), Kate Reinders as Paula Morgan (7 episodes), Michael Boatman as Dr. Randolph "Randy" Gregg (8 episodes), Cynthia Caponera as Donna (7 episodes) and David Rasche as Bart (3 episodes). All of the episodes appear to be unedited, with runtimes of 20-21 minutes in length. There's nothing on the packaging to indicate that any music was substituted. I heard Beyoncé Knowles' "Single Ladies" and Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" in the pilot. Here is the breakdown by disc, including the runtimes:

Disc 1
1. Pilot (20:54)
2. I Have a Dreamboard (20:55)
3. Thrown for a Hoop (20:42)
4. Lost Weekend (20:42)
5. There's No "I" In Church (21:19)
6. Dating Dad (21:19)
7. All in the Timing (21:04)

Disc 2
8. Stronger (21:12)
9. Birth (20:29)
10. Four Ladies & a Baby (21:00)
11. Game Changer (20:20)
12. Thanks-for-not-for-nothing-giving (20:42)
13. Indecision 09 (20:43)


The 2-disc set contains all 13 episodes from the first (2009) season. It comes in Amaray-movie style case. Sherri Shepherd (who is noticeably thinner) is on the front cover. There is photo featuring 7 cast members on the back of the case. A synopsis of the series, the bonus features and DVD specs are provided. A full body shot of Sherri Shepherd is on the spine of the case. Inside the case, there is a plastic holder in the center that holds Disc 1. Disc 2 is in an embedded holder in the back of the case. There is just black space inside the case. Some photos would have been nice to see. Also, there is no episode guide provided anywhere within the set. Each disc has the same photo of Sherri Shepherd and and the show logo. The episode titles are listed on the discs. 6-7 episodes are on each disc.

Menu Design and Navigation:

The main menu opens with a short video clip of Sherri dancing as you see in the opening credits with the theme song playing in the background. It leads to a static photo of Sherri (the same one used throughout the set but cropped a bit). The Sherri logo is at the top of the screen and there are yellow circles in the background. There are options for "Play All" and "Episodes." When you select "Episodes," it takes you to a sub-menu where there is a still image from each episode. There is a lavender border around the still image and episode title that you highlight. The Webisodes can be found on Disc 2. Chapter stops are available within the episodes, but there are no separate scene selection menus.

Video and Audio Quality:

Episodes are presented in their original full-frame format. They look excellent, although not as good if they were shot in high definition. This is a multi-camera sitcom that is filmed in New York City in front of a studio audience. Most, if not all, of the scenes were shot on sets. I didn't see any outdoor scenes in the episodes I've watched. The episodes appear to be in their original airdate order. For the closing logo enthusiasts, there are logos for Faith Walker PRoductions, Wass-Stein and Lifetime Studios.

The audio is a Dolby Digital 2.0 Stereo track. It sounds great and has no problems. Songs by Beyoncé Knowles', Lady Gaga, Celia and MoZella were used in 3 episodes. Like most sitcoms these days, the laugh track seems to be sweetened a bit. Closed captioning is available on all of the episodes.

Special Features:

The only bonus features are 8 Webisodes that can be found on Disc 2. They run over 2 minutes each and 17 minutes, 37 seconds total. These have Sherri doing her stand-up about various topics like family, dating and exercising/losing weight. These are similar to how Jerry Seinfeld had his stand-up comedy at the start and end of episodes. Some bits were only used in a couple of Sherri episodes. With the episodes only running 20-21 minutes, there probably simply isn't enough time to include them in the broadcast episodes.

Dating Dad (2:04)
All in the Timing (2:07)
Stronger (2:00)
Birth (2:05)
Four Ladies & a Baby (2:08)
Game Changer (2:17)
Thanks-for-ot-for-nothing-giving (2:11)
Indecision 09 (2:46)

It would have been nice to have some audio commentaries, cast interviews, deleted scenes or other bonus material on this set. There seems to be some uncertainty whether it will be back or not for a second season. If the show gets picked up and does well in season two, maybe we will see additional extras.

Final Comments:

Sherri marks the first comedy series ever to be wholly owned by Lifetime. This is my first time watching it. It's not really geared towards my demographic, so I don't think I would watch it on a regular basis. I liked Sherri on Less Than Perfect and she's very funny here as well. This show has some connections and similarities to it. The producers also worked on Less Than Perfect. The main dining area of the office on Sherri also reminds me what they used on Less Than Perfect. Sherri has a solid supporting cast with lots of sitcom pros like James Avery and Malcolm-Jamal Warner. It's great to see the always funny Kali Rocha in anything. Loved her in Meet the Parents and Meet the Fockers as the flight attendant. It wouldn't be hard imagining this as a network sitcom with the amount of acting and writing/directing/producing experience on the show. The cast seems to have developed some good chemistry.

If you are a fan of Sherri Shepherd or any of the other actors, this set would probably be worth checking out. Fans might have wanted some additional special features but having the episodes in excellent quality is nice. While Lifetime has officially announced that they have canceled their other original sitcom Rita Rocks, there has been no news whether Sherri has been canceled or if new episodes will be produced. There was a cliffhanger in the season finale. Will it be Kevin or Dr. Gregg? Hopefully fans will be able to find out the answer.

Final Numbers (out of 5 stars - How our point system works)

Video Quality: 4.5/5
Audio Quality: 5/5
Special Features: 1/5
Menu Design/Navigation: 4/5
Overall: 3.5/5

-- Reviewed by Todd Fuller on 04/30/10

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