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Seinfeld - Season 6



DVD Release Date: November 22, 2005 (Sony Pictures Home Entertainment)
Color/MSRP: $49.95
Number of Discs: 4
Number of Episodes: 26
Running Time: Approx. 551 minutes
Total Run Time of Special Features: Approx. 13 hours
Languages: English (Stereo), French
Subtitles: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish
Special Features:

  • Featurette - Running With the Egg: Making of a Seinfeld
  • Notes About Nothing
  • Inside Looks
  • In the Vault (Deleted Scenes)
  • Not That There's Anything Wrong With That (Bloopers)
  • Yada, Yada, Yada (8 Creator, Cast, and Production people audio commentaries)
  • Master of His Domain (Exclusive Stand-Up Material)
  • Sein-Imation (3 Scenes)


    "Fusilli Jerry," "George's toupee," "Cosmo Kramer" and "re-gifting"... laugh through every hilarious moment of one of the top-rated seasons of Seinfeld, now on a 4-disc set! All 24 original network episodes from the sixth season have been meticulously remastered in high definition for the best possible picture and sound quality.

    Seinfeld: Season Six marked a major milestone for the series with its 100th episode. Seinfeld's universe expanded to include the pesky comic Bania, Elaine's old bosses Mr. Pitt and Mr. Peterman, the face-painting mechanic Puddy, Kramer's Fusilli Jerry and the revelation of Kramer's first name: Cosmo.

    Memorable Episodes / Notable Guest Stars:

    Seinfeld reached the #1 spot in the Nielsen ratings with a 20.6 rating in Season Six (1994-95). It would remain #1 or 2 for the next three consecutive seasons. New recurring cast members in season six included Ian Abercrombie as Justin Pitt, Steve Hytner as Kenny Bania, Bryan Cranston as Dr. Tim Whatley, Patrick Warburton as David Puddy, and John O'Hurley as J. Peterman. Returning recurring cast members included Wayne Knight as Newman, Jerry Stiller as Frank Costanza, Estelle Harris as Estelle Costanza, Reni Santoni as Poppie, Liz Sheridan as Helen Seinfeld, Barney Martin as Morty Seinfeld, and Len Lesser as Uncle Leo.

    I don't think this season was quite as strong as season four or five, but there were a number of memorable episodes. Elaine dates a hunky moving man, Kramer and Poppie go into the make-your-own-pizza business together, and George tries to rent "Breakfast at Tiffany's" rather reading it to impress his girlfriend, and Poppie pees on Jerry's new couch in "The Couch." Kenny Bania offers Jerry an Armani suit in exchange for a meal, but insists that soup doesn't count in "The Soup." Jerry spots his dry cleaner wearing his jacket, and George's unattractive secretary out-earns him in "The Secretary." Jerry tries the impossible: to pull the roommate switch in "The Switch." Superman superfan Jerry finally dates a woman named Lois, whose boss turns out to be his high-school nemesis in "The Race." Jerry utters the classic "I choose not to run" line in this episode. Puddy prepares for a hockey game by painting his face like a devil, George tells his girlfriend that he loves her, and Kramer gets into a fight with a monkey at the zoo in "The Face Painter."

    Memorable guest stars included former New York Yankees player Danny Tartabull and manager Buck Showalter in "The Chaperone." JAG's David James Elliott guest starred as Carl in "The Couch." Jon Voight appears as himself in "The Mom & Pop Store." Vicki Lewis played Ada in "The Secretary" and "The Race." Sheree North (RIP) appeared as Kramer's mom, Babs Kramer in "The Switch." Jon Lovitz guest starred as Gary Fogel in "The Scofflaw." Jon Gries (Uncle Rico in "Napoleon Dynamite") played Rusty in "The Beard." Wendie Malick appeared as Wendy in "The Kiss Hello." Larry Miller guest starred as the Doorman in the appropriately titled "The Doorman." Mel Torme appears as himself in "The Jimmy." Christa Miller played Paula in "The Doodle." Debra Jo Rupp played Jerry's assistant, Katie, in "The Diplomat's Club." Bette Midler appears as herself in "The Understudy."


    Seinfeld - Season 6 (Volume 5) contains all 24 episodes from one of the top-rated seasons. The outer box is teal and has the Seinfeld logo at the top with a photo of Kramer, George, Elaine, and Jerry at the bottom. The photo seems about right for the sixth season. The back of the box gives a listing of the many special features and other technical details of the set. The main dvd box slides out from the bottom and features the same photo as the cover - only it is slightly larger.

    There are four individual slim cases found in the inner box. They feature a large photo of an individual cast member and the Seinfeld logo. Case #1 features Jerry, #2 has Elaine, #3 has George, and Kramer is featured on #4. The slim cases have the same look and color theme as the earlier releases. The back of the cases list the episodes with a small individual photo, short episode summaries, and special features. The summaries are not as detailed as I would like, and it would have been nice to see the original airdates and guest stars listed as well. The inside of the cases have a view of the Costanza's living room with their couch. The discs feature a small Seinfeld logo with an individual cast member on each. Disc 1 pictures Jerry and has episodes 1-6 from Season 6. Disc 2 features Elaine and has episodes 7-12. Disc 3 has George pictured with episodes 13-18. Kramer is shown on disc 4 which holds episodes 19-24. A small, 4-page booklet is included that lists the episode titles broken down by disc with the main actor and writing/directing credits.

    Seinfeld - Season 6 Menu

    Menu Design and Navigation:

    If you have the first five seasons, you've seen some very creative menus. That trend is continued here as each disc has it's own theme related to the show. The main menus show different video clips from the episodes, and then the theme music is looped. The first disc features Jerry's apartment and his couch on the main menu. There are 3 sub-menus on each disc for Episodes, Set Up, and Extras. Disc 1 sub-menus feature a cereal box with bowl and milk carton, an appointment book, and a Viking Press envelope. Disc 2 has a shot of the booth at Monk's on the main menu. The sub-menus feature a menu lunch board, a Snickers bar with knife and fork, and a yellow notepad. Disc 3 features George's apartment with the peed stained couch. The sub-menus include a video tape box and book, The Daily Worker newspaper, and a resume sheet. Disc 4 has a baseball backstop. The sub-menus feature an ice cream cart, home plate, and a hot dog cart. For the Episodes sub-menu, there is a "Play All" button. There are chapter stops within the episodes, but no separate menus for scene selections. You can choose the language and sub-titles in the Set Up Area. The Extras section lists all the special features in one convenient area on each disc.

    Video and Audio Quality:

    All episodes have been digitally remastered and newly enhanced in high-definition to provide the best picture and sound quality possible. The episodes appear in their original 1.33:1 aspect ratio. Some of the episodes have a tiny bit of grain, but for the most part these look great. The picture is very sharp and crisp. The outdoor scenes, in particular, have great color. The audio is a Dolby 2.0 Digital track. The volume is at a good level, and the dialogue is easy to hear. These episodes are the original NBC network versions, and not the syndicated versions you see on cable or local tv stations that have 1-2 minutes edited out. There are 2 language tracks offered: English (Stereo) and French. It appears the Spanish option, which was on previous sets, has been dropped for this release. Subtitles are available in English, French, Portuguese, and Spanish. Commentary subtitles are available in Spanish and Portuguese. Notes About Nothing subtitles are offered in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

    The episodes appear to be in their original production order (the order in which they were made) and not the original broadcast order. Since the episodes are loosely interconnected, this is the order they were meant to be viewed. Here is a breakdown of the episodes by disc with their running times:

    Disc 1
    6-1. The Chaperone (22:49)
    6-2. The Big Salad (22:54)
    6-3. The Pledge Drive (22:50)
    6-4. The Chinese Woman (22:50)
    6-5. The Couch (22:54)
    6-6. The Gymnast (22:39)

    Disc 2
    6-7. The Mom & Pop Store (22:55)
    6-8. The Soup (22:57)
    6-9. The Secretary (22:45)
    6-10. The Switch (22:54)
    6-11. The Race (23:54)
    6-12. The Label Maker (22:54)

    Disc 3
    6-13. The Scofflaw (22:45)
    6-14 and 15. The Highlights of 100 (Parts 1 & 2) (44:51)
    6-16. The Beard (23:30)
    6-17. The Kiss Hello (22:55)
    6-18. The Doorman (22:51)

    Disc 4
    6-19. The Jimmy (23:50)
    6-20. The Doodle (22:59)
    6-21. The Fusilli Jerry (22:54)
    6-22. The Diplomat's Club (22:43)
    6-23. The Face Painter (22:53)
    6-24. The Understudy (23:53)

    Special Features:

    You will be hard-pressed to find more special features than Seinfeld on any tv show on dvd release. Once again, there are approximately 13 hours worth of all-new special features. I will list the extras by episode below and then describe the other special features later. Inside Looks are several minute short features that have interviews with the cast and creators that give some behind the scenes details as the episodes were created and filmed. There are a total 8 audio commentaries (Yada, Yada, Yada) on select episodes from the cast, creators, and writers. In the Vault features some deleted scenes that didn't make the final cut of the episodes. Notes About Nothing are little factoids with behind the scenes scoop and production notes that scroll on the screen as you watch the episodes. There are notes for every episode. Even if you've watched the episodes 50 times, I'm sure you'll learn something new with the notes. I find it's best to watch the episodes first and then watch the commentaries combined with the notes as there can be some downtime in the commentaries.

    6-1. The Chaperone - Inside Look (4:39) has interviews with Director Andy Ackerman, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards, Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, Larry David, and Ian Abercrombie (Mr. Pitt). This was Andy Ackerman's first episode. They say he was willing to try anything. They also talk a bit about the scene with Danny Tartabull and Buck Schowalter. Deleted Scene (:55) - Mr. Pitt talks to Elaine about Q-Tips.

    6-2. The Big Salad - Inside Look (3:59) includes interviews with Larry David, Jerry Seinfeld, Andy Ackerman, Production Designer Tom Azzari, Producer Suzy Greenberg, and Producer Tim Kaiser. They talk about they got the idea of the big salad. This was the first episode to use the new New York Street that was rigged for steam and rain. Deleted Scene (:38) - Jerry and Elaine are in the stationary store.

    6-3. The Pledge Drive - Inside Look (2:03) - has interviews with Writers Max Pross & Tom Gammill and Ian Abercrombie. They talk about where some of the ideas came from including using a knife and fork to eat a Snickers bar. Deleted Scenes (3 Scenes - 1:55) - Elaine sharpens pencile for Mr. Pitt and talks about coffee. Jerry, Elaine, and George talk about the high talker at Monk's. Kramer finds the card he sent to Jerry somewhere.

    6-4. The Chinese Woman - Deleted Scenes (2 Scenes - 1:52) - Kramer, Jerry, Elaine, and George are at Jerry's apartment. George yells at a caped Larry David.

    6-5. The Couch - Inside Look (2:58) includes interviews with Reni Santoni (Poppie), Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Marc Hirschfeld. They talk about how this episode dealt with aborton. Also, Poppie pees on the couch in this one. Deleted Scenes (3 Scenes - 3:25) - Jerry and George try out couches. Kramer meets Poppie and gives him the wine and 5 Alarm Chili that Jerry and Elaine got for him. Kramer yells at Jerry and Elaine about the gifts.

    6-6. The Gymnast - Deleted Scenes (2 Scenes - 1:48) - George tries to explain Mrs. Enright why he ate the eclair out of the trash. Alt. Ending - George comes out of the bathroom and mingles with people. Commentary with Jerry Seinfeld, Director Andy Ackerman and Writers Alec Berg and Jeff Schaffer. This was the first script written by Berg and Schaffer. They talk a little about how they got some of the ideas for the episode, and how they used some actual circus performers.

    6-7. The Mom & Pop Store - Inside Look (1:58) has interviews with Bryan Cranston (Dr. Tim Whatley), Casting Director Marc Hirschfeld, Heidi Swedberg (Susan Ross), and Writers Max Pross & Tom Gammill. They talk about how this was Bryan Cranston's first episode. Max & Tom talk about the story of Tom buying Jon Voight's car. Deleted Scene (1:50) Jerry calls Elaine and talks to Mr. Pitt. Kramer gets a nosebleed and gum on his shoes. Commentary with Writers Tom Gammill and Max Pross. They were the writers of the episode. They talk about how things in the episode were based on things that really happened. These writers have the most interesting commentaries, and they seem to be able to remember the most details about the episodes.

    6-8. The Soup - Inside Look (1:30) includes interviews with Steve Hytner (Bania) and Writer Fred Stoller. They talk a bit about the Bania character, who makes his debut in this episode and would return in later episodes. Deleted Scenes (3:12 - 3 Scenes) - George talks to Jerry and Kramer at Monk's about his date. Elaine, Jerry, and George are at Reggie's. Jerry and Elaine are at Monk's, and they see Bania.

    6-9. The Secretary - none, only has the Notes About Nothing

    6-10. The Switch - Inside Look (1:37) has interviews with Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David, and Michael Richards. They talk a bit about how Kramer's first name. Deleted Scenes (2 Scenes - 2:04) - Miss Landis talks to Elaine about her injury. Jerry tells Elaine she should ask for her racquet back, and they talk about the worst jobs.

    6-11. The Race - Sein-Imation - "The Big Race" (2:12) - The Sein-Imation features classic Seinfeld scenes re-imagined using original cast voices. These were directed and animated by Eric Yahnker. This scene illustrates one of Jerry's stories which he describes in the original episode. Inside Look (5:21) includes interviews with Lee Bear (who did the movements and acting of the George Steinbrenner character), Jerry Seinfeld, Jason Alexander, Director Andy Ackerman, George Steinbrenner, and Michael Richards. They talk about how Lee did the actions for George to match the voice of Larry David. They also show part of a deleted scene of Kramer in a Santa Claus suit and discuss the race on the New York Street. Deleted Scenes (4 Scenes - 2:29) George is on the phone with Natalie. George talks to Jerry about going down to Cuba. George is in a scene with Kramer in the Santa Claus outfit. Kramer comes down the chimney. Commentary with Jerry Seinfeld and Director Andy Ackerman - This was one of their favroite episodes. They talk about the Superman references and how they got permission to use the Superman theme at the end.

    6-12. The Label Maker - Inside Look (2:14) has interviews with Writers Jeff Schaffer & Alec Berg, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jerry Seinfeld, Bryan Cranston, and Wayne Knight. They talk about how they got the re-gifter idea. They also discuss how Julia was sick in this episode and the swiftness of Newman. Deleted Scene (:57) - Newman asks Kramer to give Jerry his keys and asks Jerry to watch the Risk board game. Commentary with Writers Alec Berg and Jeff Schaffer - This was the second episode they wrote. They talk about how they used references to previous episodes and about Tim Whatley being a recurring character.

    6-13. The Scofflaw - Deleted Scene (:50) - A scene of George and Gary (Jon Lovitz at Monk's.

    6-14. The Highlights of 100 (Part 1) - Additional Introduction by Jerry Seinfeld (:33)

    6-15. The Highlights of 100 (Part 2) - none, only has the Notes About Nothing

    6-16. The Beard - Deleted Scene (:40) - A short scene of Elaine at Jerry's apartment. Commentary with Jason Alexander and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. I think they were worn out by this point doing the commentaries. They give their general observations of watching the episode.

    6-17. The Kiss Hello - Inside Look (1:13) includes interviews with Jason Alexander, Len Lesser (Uncle Leo), NBC Executive Rick Ludwin, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Michael Richards, and Director Andy Ackerman. This one seemed a bit mis-laced as Jerry talks about giving the other cast members the early testing results after the 100th episode.

    6-18. The Doorman - Sein-Imation "Seinfeld Noir" (1:21) An animated scene about The Doorman story. Inside Look (4:36) has interviews with Max Pross & Tom Gammill, Costume Designer Charmaine Simmons, Michael Richards, Jerry Stiller, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Director Andy Ackerman, Composer Jonathan Wolff, and Jason Alexander. They talk about the mansiere, Larry Miller, and the music from the Marathon Man in that parody scene. Deleted Scenes - (1:46 - 2 Scenes) George, Kramer, and Frank are in a scene at George's apartment. Kramer talks to Frank while walking on the street. Commentary with Writers Tom Gammill and Max Pross. They talk about the casting of Larry Miller as The Doorman. They also discuss how they got some of the other ideas like Kramer pretending to mug George in front of the tour bus.

    6-19. The Jimmy - Inside Look (3:14) includes interviews with Director Andy Ackerman, Writer Andy Robin, Bryan Cranston, Costume Designer Charmaine Simmons, Jason Alexander, Michael Richards, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus. They talk about the general ideas of the episode, Kramer's shoes, and Mel Torme's appearance. Deleted Scenes (2 Scenes - 1:37) - Kramer finds the dentist assistant, Cheryl, in Penthhouse. Jerry is in a scene at the dentist's office with Dr. Whatley and Cheryl.

    6-20. The Doodle - Deleted Scene (1:10) - Jerry and Newman are in the apartment hallway talking about fleas.

    6-21. The Fusilli Jerry - Inside Look (4:38) has interviews with Patrick Warburton (David Puddy), Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Director Andy Ackerman, Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David, and Jason Alexander. They talk about a bit about Patrick Warburton who makes his debut in this episode as Puddy. Commentary with Jason Alexander and Julia Louis-Dreyfus - They talk about writer Marjorie Gross who died of cancer. They comment on how they were able to get away with a lot of adult themes like the move in this episode. Where was Michael Richards? He didn't participate in the season six commentaries.

    6-22. The Diplomat's Club - Inside Look (2:33) includes interviews with Writers Max Pross & Tom Gammill, Director Andy Ackerman, Production Designer Tom Azzari, and Producer Tim Kaiser. They talk about how they cast the actor who plays the pilot in this episode. They also discuss the many different sets they used in this particular episode. Deleted Scene (:55) - George is working at the New York Yankees ticket call window. Commentary with Writers Tom Gammill and Max Pross - They talk about one of Jerry's real-life assistants inspired the character played by Debra Jo Rupp in this episode. This episode had quite a few sets built which they discuss.

    6-23. The Face Painter - Sein-Imation "Kramer vs. The Monkey - A scene of Kramer's fight with the monkey. Inside Look (2:20) has interviews with Fred Stoller and Director Andy Ackerman. They talk about the inspiration for the monkey story and Kramer's scene with the monkey. Deleted Scenes (2 Scenes - 1:09) - George talks to Jerry about firing people. Alt. Ending - A scene involving George and Sienna which may surprise you.

    6-24. The Understudy - Inside Look (10:28) includes interviews with Jerry Seinfeld, Director Andy Ackerman, Costume Designer Charmaine Simmons, Jason Alexander, Michael Richards, Writer Carol Leifer, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Jerry Stiller, Larry David, John O'Hurley, and Writer Peter Mehlman. Jerry talks about the real softball games involving celebrites. They talk about Bette Midler, Frank speaking Korean, how they got some lines from Buddy Rich bootleg tapes, the J. Peterman catalog, and the loss of Marjorie Gross. Deleted Scenes (4 Scenes - 2:49) - Jerry, George, and Genniece are in the hospital looking for Bette Midler. Bette and one of her teammates talk at the softball field. Jerry and George run inside the apartment after George barrels into Bette Midler. Kramer and Bette talk about Bob Barker and The Price Is Right in Bette's hospital room.

    Some of the other special features scattered on the discs include:

    Easter Egg (Disc 1 - :37) - This hidden egg is not mentioned on the packaging. On Disc 1, go to the Extras menu and then push up and you'll see a poison spray can. A Sein-Imation feature will run.

    Running With the Egg: Making of a Seinfeld (Disc 1 - 33:24) - Step-by-step anatomy of how a Seinfeld episode is created. You can play this in two parts (21:34 and 11:53) or just as one featurette. This is a very detailed featurette that goes through 9 steps. A ton of people are interviewed. Here is the list: Jerry Seinfeld, Larry David, Writer Tom Leopold, Writer's Assistant Karen Wilkie Newman, Writer Carol Leifer, Writers Jeff Schaffer & Alec Berg, Writers Max Pross & Tom Gammill, Writer Bruce Kirschbaum, Writer Fred Stoller, Executive Producer George Shapiro, Michael Richards, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Production Deisgner Tom Azzari, Director Tom Cherones, Casting Director Marc Hirschfeld, Estelle harris, Larry Thomas (The Soup Nazi), Bryan Cranston (Dr. Tim Whatley), Patrick Warburton (David Puddy), Danny Woodburn (Mickey Abbott), John O'Hurley (J. Peterman), Liz Sheridan & Barney Martin, Wayne Knight, Jason Alexander, Castle Rock Executive Glenn Padnick, Director Andy Ackerman, Keith Hernandez, Writer Spike Feresten, Ian Abercrombie (Mr. Pitt), NBC Chairman and CEO Robert Wright, Producer Tim Kaiser, Heidi Swedberg (Susan Ross), Writer David Mandel, Editor Skip Collector, Writer Peter Mehlman, Producer Suzy Greenberg

    It's divided into 10 sections: 1) The Idea, 2) The Script, 3) Pre-Production, 4) Casting, 5) The Table Read, 6) Rehearsal, 7) Production, 8) Show Night 9) After the Show 10) Editing

    I found this featurette quite interesting. It is certainly well-edited to have so many people involved with it. I have a new appreciation of how much time and effort it took to produce an episode of Seinfeld. The schedule seemed pretty grueling (a typical episode took 4 days to shoot), and the whole process involved quite a few people.

    "Not That There is Anything Wrong with That" (Disc 2 - 22:24) - Over 22 minutes of bloopers! There were lots of laughs here. The video quality on these clips is generally excellent and not the poor videotape quality bloopers you sometimes see from other shows. These are gold Jerry, gold!

    "Master of His Domain" (Disc 3 - 6:19) - Jerry Seinfeld in exclusive, never-before-seen stand-up comedy footage. Material that didn't make it to the show. Very funny to watch these clips. The audio is a bit low and not as amplified on some of the clips, but for most part the audio is great.

    Final Comments:

    Barring some unforseen circumstances, the Seinfeld sets will be the best TV show on DVD releases that I view this year. The blueprint for these sets is perfect: attractive packaging, creative menus, unedited and great quality episodes, extensive bonus features, and affordable pricing. Although the show was about nothing, these releases have something to offer for the casual or die-hard Seinfeld fan. I don't think you'll want to re-gift any of these sets. You'll want to keep them for their re-watchability. If they follow the same release schedule, we might get to see Season 7 in May and then Seasons 8-9 next Thanksgiving.

    Final Numbers (out of 5 stars):

    Video Quality: 5/5
    Audio Quality: 5/5
    Special Features: 5/5
    Menu Navigation/Design: 5/5
    Overall: 5/5

    -- Reviewed by Todd Fuller on 11/25/2005

    To order the Season 6 (Volume 5) DVD click below and help support

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