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Scrubs - The Complete Second Season



DVD Release Date: November 15, 2005 (Buena Vista Home Entertainment)
MSRP: $39.99
Number of Discs: 3
Number of Episodes: 22
Running Time: 479 minutes
Total Run Time of Special Features: approx. 195 minutes
Languages: English
Subtitles: English; Closed Captioned.
Special Features:
• J.D’s Mojo
• Stunt Casting
• Alternate Lines, a Second Opinion
• A Rare Condition
• Johnny C. Keeps Talking
• Music Stylings ­ Featurette on Music’s role in the show
• Scrubbed Out ­ Exclusive Deleted Scenes
• Practice, Practice, Malpractice ­ Hilarious Outtakes
• Secrets and Lies ­ Behind the Scenes stories
• Six audio commentaries


Put on your scrubs and get ready to watch another season of the quirky comedy Scrubs on DVD! The critically acclaimed show from Touchstone Television is now on DVD with the second season. Like the first season, season two also has very good episodes, very good special guests, and very good special features. So, join J.D. and the gang at Sacred Heart Hospital for some wacky fun and you just might hear J.D. talking to himself!

The show stars Zach Braff as Dr. John Dorian, Sarah Chalke as Dr. Elliot Reid, Donald Faison as Dr. Chris Duncan Turk, Judy Reyes as Nurse Carla Espinosa, Ken Jenkins as Dr. Bob Kelso, and John C. McGinley as Dr. Perry Cox. The show also has many key supports, such as the janitor played by Neil Flynn. Also appearing as a recurring guest ­ recurring meaning nearly every episode ­ is Christa Miller (Kate on “The Drew Carey Show”).

Memorable Episodes / Notable Guest Stars:

Pick any episode; you’re looking at fine quality entertainment. There is NO real clunker here. Just put in a DVD. In lieu of the Super Mega Amazing Hyper List of Guest Stars Plus, I’m going to do this review’s as list in paragraph-style form. Ted Lange (Isaac, “The Love Boat”) is in “My New Coat.” Heather Locklear is in “My First Step” aka “The First Heather Locklear Episode.” as well as “My Fruit Cups” aka “The Second Heather Locklear Episode.” David Copperfield guest stars in the next episode titled “My Lucky Day.” Richard Kind (Spin City) is in My New Old Friend. In “My Brother, My Keeper,” you have both Dick Van Dyke (as Dr. Townshend) as well as D.L. Hughley as Kevin Turk. Rick Schroder (“Silver Spoons,” “NYPD Blue”) is in the episode His Story as well as My Karma, My T.C.W and My Kingdom. In “My Own Private Practice Guy,” Jay Leno guests as himself and Jay Mohr guests as Dr. Peter Fisher.”


The set is a 3 disc digipak. They actually have a fake fold on the interior cover as opposed to the usual fold/flap that would normally have a booklet. Front cover of the out box has the entire cast, with J.D. putting on a rubber glove. On the back is a “tray” with little pictures, a thermometer, notes, etc. Inside case front cover has J.D. holding up an X-Ray sheet of his insides over him, with rubber duck in his stomach. On the back cover are a few photographs: The cast in solid-white scrubs, the janitor, and Heather Locklear. The interior has various miscellaneous objects. Episodes 1-7 are on disc 1, Episodes 8-15 are on disc 2, and 16-22 are on disc 3. On disc 1 is Zach Braff, on disc 2 is Sarah Chalke, and on disc 3 is Donald Faison.

Menu Design and Navigation:

Menus are exceptional. They’re in full motion animation. You careen down hospital hallways up to an x-ray light screen. On the screen, clips from the episodes on that disc, while the LONG version of the theme play in the background. Choosing ‘Play All’ will cause you to go down the hall way, where the elevator will open up into a big ball of fire. Episode selection swings you backwards, and then to the left, and into a computer lab room. Bonus features take you into the elevator, where each feature is a “floor” on the elevator, with elevator music playing in the background. Set up takes you down the main corridor. You eventually knock over a wheelchair, and your IV drip falls down. The label of the IV solution bag is the menu surface for the set up. You can choose to turn on English captions or find out how to register your DVD set. The commentary menu, selectable from the elevator, will take you to a whiteboard, where the episode name and commentators are written in dry-erase markers (you can actually see other menus commentary options erased out on other menus). Easily one of the best menu systems I’ve ever seen on a DVD release, TV-DVD OR theatrical DVD.

Video and Audio Quality:

The video is amazing, and the audio is even better. The audio is in Dolby Digital 5.1 Super Ultra Mega Gigantic Deluxa Mega All-Star Jumbo Yahtzee format (Translation: Dolby Digital 5.1, folks!) I’ve seen only very few sets with finer video, and even fewer with better audio. It’s…perfect. The video runtimes are consistent with NBC airings in 2002-03. The shows that aired in 30 minute slots run roughly 21:00, the shows that aired in 35 minute slots are at roughly 24-25, while the shows that aired in 40 minute slots run at 28-29. I don’t know if any of the series music was replaced due to time constraints in getting the review out ­ I certainly hope not. Chapter stops are at fades to black.

Special Features:

I was originally going to have this review out several days ago, but I ran into a problem…..Scrubs simply has too many special features to make for convenient review writing. But honestly, I’d rather have to take a little extra time to detail a slew of well-done features than get a review in a couple days earlier, but it be a bare-bones set.

Disc 1:

(1) A Rare Condition: Behind the scenes production featurette. The theme is sung in an acapella format. Interviews with the ENTIRE cast and crew is done. This feature talks about production aspects of the show. Did you know that the building Scrubs is shot in is actually a defunct hospital? Production offices, cast dressing rooms, everything are all contained within the hospital. Parts of the hospital were redone to accommodate the show. Several entire sections of the hospital were actually turned into the characters apartments, other locations of the show. Runs 14:53

(2) Johnny C Keeps Talking: Discusses the process to audition, how he liked to be around people who are terrified in auditions, signing the contract, and much more. Just little anecdotes about this and that are on this. Runs 5:28

(3) Audio Commentaries: "My Overkill" - Show Creator Bill Lawrence, Zach Braff, and Donald Faison: These commentaries are hilarious, and well worth the listen. I could tell you what they say, but why run the fun? 21:07

"My Case Study"- Bill Lawrence, Ken Jenkins: They used the exterior shot of the apartment in order to cover up having to cut a couple seconds of dialogue. Ken once told Bill that he gets maybe 50% of the jokes actually in the script. And much more will be told. 21:07

"My First Step" - Bill Lawrence, Donald Faison: Various things, this was an extra-long episode, so it runs 25:30.

Disc 2:

(1) Alternate Lines: A Second Opinion: Scenes that were originally shot with different dialogue than what was ultimately used in the episode. 4:36

(2) Stunt Casting: A Special Feature on the special guests of Scrubs. 3 Groups: Pop Culture People, plus Friends of the cast they think are funny...then there's the 3rd group, Stunt Casting. People the network think will bring in ratings. Dick Van Dyke, for example. Oh, and Heather Locklear. 3:00

(3) Audio Commentaries: My Sex Buddy: Bill Lawrence and Sarah Chalke: Yet another commentary that has nothing to with hair. Also roughly the 100th episode in the then-30 episode runs of the series in which Sarah Chalke is almost-naked. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Runs 21:10

His Story: Bill Lawrence and John C. McGinley: At this point, they had just had to cut something in the 4th season of Scrubs that John had tried to get in for 4 years. Show had always been told from the J.D. perspective, so they had someone else voice over the show...Perry (Johnny C.). Super-long 28:07 marathon run.

Disc 3:

Menu 1
(1) Musical Stylings: Featurette about the importance that music plays in the Scrubs series. Pick one theme song you wouldn't expect to heard sing at the start of a featurette here? Got one? Good. If you picked “The Facts of Life,” you win! The Facts of Life theme was sung a capella - at least part of it. Runs 7:01

(2) Secrets and Lies: Miscellaneous behind-the-scenes stories from the show. 10:31

(3) Scrubbed Out: Deleted Scenes: You may have guessed that this featurette is deleted scenes from season two. *ding*. You can choose to play by episode, or view all. 8:53 total runtime.

(4) Practice, Practice, Malpractice: Outtakes from the show. 4:31.

Menu 2:
(1): JD's Mojo: I'm not going to sit here and describe a special feature called J.D's Mojo. Work it out for yourselves. 4:09

(2) Imagination Gone Wild: All about J.D.'s wild fantasies on the show. 7:38

(3) Audio Commentary: My T.C.W: Bill Lawrence and Judy Reyes. 21:04

And the grand total is: 195 Minutes (Give or take about a minute)

Final Comments:

Wow. Nice DVD set. “Scrubs” is one great show ­ I wasn’t the largest fan of the show before, but this has really changed my opinion of the series. This was a genuinely nice effort by Buena Vista once again. For the third season set, I can’t think of a SINGLE thing to do differently. Buy this set—now! Link’s at the bottom of the review.

Final Numbers (out of 5 stars - How our point system works)

Video Quality: 5/5
Audio Quality: 5/5
Special Features: 5/5
Menu Navigation/Design: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

Seth Thrasher Seal of Approval

-- Reviewed by Seth Thrasher on 11/14/05

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