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Scrubs - The Complete First Season



DVD Release Date: May 17, 2005 (Touchstone Television & Buena Vista Home Entertainment)
MSRP: $49.99
Number of Discs: 3
Number of Episodes: 24
Running Time: 558 minutes
Total Run Time of Special Features: approx. 76 minutes (not counting commentary)
Languages: English
Subtitles: English; Closed Captioned.
Special Features:
• “Newbies” (Disc 1) ­ Season One, The Writers, Character Profiles
• Audio Commentaries on episodes “My First Day,” “My Old Lady,” “My Fifteen Minutes,” “My Blind Date,” “My Sacrificial Claim,” and “My Hero.”
• “Superman” Music Video (Disc 2)
• “The Doctor Is In” (Disc 2)
• “Alternative Lines: A Second Option” (Disc 2)
• “Not Just Another Medical Show” (Disc 3)
• “Favorite Moments” (Disc 3)
• “Outtakes Reel” (Disc 3)
• “Deleted Scenes” (Disc 3)

My Thoughts:

Put on your scrubs and get ready to watch the quirky comedy Scrubs for the first time on DVD! The critically acclaimed show from Touchstone Television is now on DVD with the first season. The first season has very good episodes, very good special guests, and very good special features. So, join J.D. and the gang at Sacred Heart Hospital for some wacky fun and you just might hear J.D. talking to himself!

The show stars Zach Braff as Dr. John Dorian, Sarah Chalke as Dr. Elliot Reid, Donald Faison as Dr. Chris Duncan Turk, Judy Reyes as Nurse Carla Espinosa, Ken Jenkins as Dr. Bob Kelso, and John C. McGinley as Dr. Perry Cox. The show also has many key supports, such as the janitor played by Neil Flynn. The show airs on NBC and is from Touchstone Television. Originally the show was supposed to air on ABC, but ABC passed.

Memorable episodes from this season include the very first episode titled “My First Day,” “My Old Lady,” “My Fifteen Minutes,” “My Blind Date,” “My Old Man,” and “My Hero.” Scrubs had numerous special guests in its first season. The names are just astounding! The late great legendary John Ritter (“Three’s Company,” “8 Simple Rules…”) guest stars as J.D.’s dad in “My Old Man,” that episode also has Markie Post of Night Court fame. Both John and Markie also starred in their own sitcom in the early 1990’s on CBS called “Hearts Afire.” Other guests include Kathryn Joosten (“Joan of Arcadia,” “Desperate Housewives”) in “My Old Lady,” Louie Anderson in “My Two Dads,” Sean Hayes in “My Super Ego,” Nicole Sullivan in “My Nickname,” Jimmie Walker of Good Times fame in “My Blind Date,” Carrot Top in “My Balancing Act,” Scott Foley in “My Way or the Highway,” Ed Begley Jr. & William Daniels in “My Sacrificial Claim,” and Brendan Frasier in “My Occurrence” & “My Hero.”

The packaging is decent. It comes with a slip sleeve. I’m not a big fan of that, but it is nice. The Complete First Season and the Scrubs logo are on the top cover of the slip sleeve, and below that are Kelso, Turk, Cox, Elliot, J.D. and Carla holding some disgusting looking green glob in a spoon, which probably is medicine. The back of the slip sleeve has six little headshots of the main six characters, a quote from the San Francisco Examiner, show info, set info, and the special features breakdown. Inside the slip sleeve there is a nice case. A nice blue X-ray of something is on the cover along with the words The Complete First Season and the Scrubs logo beneath that. The back of the case has three photos, with bandages holding each one—very cool! When we open the case, on the left side we see three inserts. The first one is the Scrubs Appendix. It basically just lists the episodes on each disc—nothing more than that. The second insert is titled “Get the Hottest TV Titles of the Year!” Shows like Alias, The Golden Girls, Home Improvement and Boy Meets World are listed. It also states that Scrubs Season 2 is COMING SOON!! And for other fans out there is lists Alias Season 4 for fall 2005, and season 3 of The Golden Girls and Home Improvement are coming soon, too. The third insert is a chance to win a TV-on-DVD library. No postage necessary, so why not enter? Then you can put all three inserts back into the little pouch, which also holds a scissor, a stethoscope, a bandage and yes, a chicken. On the right side of the case, there are three more photos, with built in bandages holding them. Then when we open the case a second time, we get to the discs.

Disc one has a photo of J.D. and holds episodes 1-8 and bonus features. Disc two has a photo of Elliot and holds episodes 9-16 and bonus features. Disc three has a photo of Turk and holds episodes 17-24 and bonus features. On the discs they tell us run times of each disc, episodes on each disc, along with technical info. What I do not like is that disc one is on top of disc two. So, we have to take out disc one if you want to watch disc two first. Luckily disc three is on its own, so it is not affected.

Now a way we go inside the DVDs! The menu screen starts off with the blue X-ray shot (seen on the case’s cover), and then clips of various scenes are playing while the cool theme song (“Superman”) is playing in the background. The options are: Episode Selection, Newbies (disc 1 ONLY), Audio Commentary (disc one ONLY), Bonus Features (discs 2 and 3 ONLY), Set Up, Play All. When we select Episode Selection we get nice graphics and background music is playing. Episode title and snapshot from the episode are given. Unfortunately we do not have scene selections, and even worse there are no chapters. So, if you have a favorite scene, you’ll just have to fast forward to find it. The Set Up menu is where you can turn on the Captions, in this case for English only, and where you can Register the DVD.

Both the video and audio are exceptional. Then again, they should be, since this is not old at all. Not even 4 years old. The video has no flaws and it looks like it should be. Fans will not be disappointed. The audio is just as good, if not better. It is in a nice stereo format, just like how it is on NBC. There is no turning up the volume for this set to hear scenes. Keep it at your normal volume, and you will be able to hear crystal clear sound. The episodes are unedited and showed in their original form just like how NBC airs them. The episodes run about 21-22 minutes, give or take a few seconds. The pilot is in its original runtime of over 23 minutes.

Now get your little rubber chicken and let’s start dancing, because the special features will just make you want to! Disc one has a whole bunch of features underneath the “Newbie’s” option. A feature called “Season One” runs 2:25 and has tons of interviews. Interviews with creator/exec producer Bill Lawrence, Medical Advisor Dolly Klock, Medical Advisor and the real J.D. Jon Doris, Christa Miller (Jordan Sullivan), Sarah Chalke (Dr. Elliot Reid), producer Randall Winston, Zach Braff (J.D.), Robert Maschio (Dr. Todd Quinlan), and Judy Reyes (Nurse Carla Espinosa). Then there is a feature called “The Writers” and that runs over 2 minutes. Has interviews with some of the people from the first feature and also has interviews with Donald Faison (Turk), John C. McGinley (Perry Cox), writer/producers Gabrielle Allan, Matt Tarces, Mike Schwartz, Deba Fordham; and Ken Jenkins (Kelso). Disc one also has little features on almost every character, if not all. Zach’s feature runs 3:10, Sarah’s runs 2:06, Judy’s runs 1:39, Donald’s runs 1:23, Ken’s runs 1:15, John’s runs 3:32, Christa’s runs 1:18, Robert’s runs 1:52, Neil’s runs 2:33, Aloma’s runs 51 seconds, and Sam’s runs 2:15. If that’s not all, disc one has audio commentary as well. Bill Lawrence comments on the first episode, “My First Day.” Lawrence returns but this time with Zach Braff in “My Old Lady,” and Lawrence comments with Neil Flynn in “My Fifteen Minutes.”

Disc two’s special features are “Superman” Music Video, which runs 3:36. “The Doctor Is In” featurette runs 5:01 and has a sit down with Zach Braff. Alternative Lines: A Second Option runs 9:08 and basically this shows more of the scenes. There is an audio commentary for the episode “My Blind Date” with creator Bill Lawrence and series star Zach Braff.

Disc three’s special features are “Not Just Another Medical Show” which runs 6:17. It has interviews with some of the cast and crew featured on other features along with John Inwood (director of photography), Cabot McMullen (production design), Carey Bennett (costume designer), first assistant directors Paul Pedreira, Richard A. Wells, and Franklyn Gottbetter, and editors John Michel and Rick Blue. “Favorite Moments” runs 8:35, in which the cast and crew name some highlights of the season. Braff talks about Jimmie Walker and how cool it was to have him and Faison talks about John Ritter and how he called him Donny, but it was cool that he called him that. Ever wanted to see the flubs the casts make? Then you’re in luck because there is an “Outtakes Reel” that runs 3:57. And if that’s not enough, there are deleted scenes that run 10:39. Finally, more audio commentary from Bill Lawrence, in “My Sacrificial Claim” he is joined by Sam Lloyd and Robert Maschio. In “My Hero” he is joined by John C. McGinley.

This was such a fun set. Buena Vista/Touchstone did a really good job with this. Nothing will probably beat this, well maybe except Lost and Desperate Housewives, but this set is overall just well produced. What I wish they had put on this set was the interview John Ritter did for his episode. I remember watching it, and it was so funny. Make sure you buy this set ASAP, because Buena Vista has already given the word to expect season two soon!

Final Numbers (out of 5 stars):

Video Quality: 4.7/5
Audio Quality: 4.7/5
Special Features: 5/5
Menu Navigation/Design: 5/5
Overall: 4.8/5

-- Reviewed by pavanbadal on 04/27/05

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