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Saved by the Bell The New Class - Season 2



DVD Release Date: March 8, 2005 (Image Entertainment)
MSRP: $39.99 (US)
Number of Discs: 3
Number of Episodes: 26
Running Time: Approx. 9 Hours
Languages, Subtitles, Closed Captioning: English, Closed Captioned

My Thoughts:

The magic is truly back in this second season of Saved by the Bell: The New Class. Dustin Diamond returns as screech, but this time he's on the other side - as an administartive assistant and frequent annoyance to Principal Belding! Brian, Rachel and the hilarious Bobby join Tommy D., Lindsay and Megan in the always crazy halls of Bayside High. In these 26 fun-filled episodes, the gang swings into high-gear as they experience brand-new friendships, romances and adventures, including a fight to save the school!

Saved by the Bell: The New Class aired on NBC Saturday mornings from September 1993 to January 2000. 143 episodes were produced in 7 seasons. Season 2 saw the addition of the characters of Bobby Wilson played by Spankee Rodgers, Brian Keller played by Christian Oliver, and Rachel Meyers played by the gorgeous Sarah Lancaster. Dustin Diamond returns as Screech, the role he played on the original Saved by the Bell in the first episode of the season - "The Return of Screech." Notable guest stars included Frank Bonner, Emma Caulfield, Tara Reid, and Bumper Robinson, Lewis Arquette, and Mary Jo Catlett. Original Saved by the Bell stars Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Lark Voorhies, and Mario Lopez appeared in the season finale "Goodbye Bayside."

This 3 disc set features all 26 episodes from season 2. Two episodes were shown most weeks from September-December 1994. The set comes in a white Amaray case that has 3 disc hubs. The front cover features a season 2 cast photo with a red and blue background. The back of the box lists a summary of the set and a listing of the cast credits along with 5 small photos of various cast members. There is just white empty space inside the case. This space was wasted as I feel like they should have included an episode guide or at the very least a listing of the episode titles by disc. The discs have a red and blue background with the Saved by the Bell logo. Disc 1 features episodes 14-22, Disc 2 has episodes 23-31, and disc 4 offers episodes 32-39.

The main menu features the theme song playing with various backgrounds that you would see in the opening credits. It then leads to a still cast photo. There are options for "Program Start" and "Scene Selections." Program Start will start with the first episode. When the episode ends or you hit your menu button it gives you a listing of the episodes on the disc. Scene Selections takes you to the episode list. When you select a specific episode, it takes you to another menu where there are 5 still images with captions. A promo for Saved by the Bell: The College Years is played when you start the first disc.

The show was shot on video with a low budget, so these episodes probably look as good as can be expected. The colors are still bright and colorful, and the audio is clear and at a good level. All of the episodes run around 20 1/2 to 21 1/2 minutes long and in their original airdate order. My guess is that they are all unedited and that's the length they were when NBC originally aired them. Typically, you see episodes that are 22 minutes long in syndication so they are even shorter by those standards.

There are no bonus features on this set. Some fans may have liked to see some cast interviews, audio commentaries, or bloopers. A 'where are they now?' segment would have been interesting to watch.

Overall, this is a pretty decent set but I think Image Entertainment did a much better job with their Saved by the Bell: The College Years set. It had much nicer packaging and had a more impressive overall look and features like an episode guide that people have come to expect. The New Class has never had the popularity of the original series, but surprisingly it ran for 7 seasons compared to 4 for the classic series. This was probably due to the revolving cast from season to season. It's been awhile since this show has been seen in syndication, so I'm sure fans will want to add it to their collection. Look for the 3rd season to be released on June 14th.

Final Numbers (out of 5 stars):

Video Quality: 4.0/5
Audio Quality: 4.0/5
Special Features: NA
Menu Navigation/Design: 4.5/5
Overall: 3.75/5

-- Reviewed by Todd Fuller on 04/20/2005

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