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Saved by the Bell - Hawaiian Style / Wedding in Las Vegas



DVD Release Date: August 7, 2007 (Lionsgate)
Color/1992, 1994
MSRP: $19.98
Number of Discs: 1
Number of Movies: 2
Running Time: Approx. 182 minutes
Video: Full Screen 1.33:1
Audio: English 2.0 Dolby Digital
Languages, Subtitles, Closed Captioning: English, English Closed Captions
Special Features: Trailers


Two adventures on one DVD!

Hawaiian Style - It starts out as a fantasy getaway, but a trip to Hawaii turns into a working holiday when the gang pitches in to help Kelly's grandfather save his hotel. Meanwhile, new couple Slater and Jessie try to go two weeks without fighting and Zack falls in love at first sight with a local Hawaiian girl. It's an adventure that's classic "Saved by the Bell" fun on the sunny shores of Waikiki!

Wedding in Las Vegas - Kelly and Zack are finally tying the knot, but not before a few major problems. On the way to the altar, the guys land in jail, the girls' car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, Kelly accuses Zack of cheating on her, and Zack loses all the wedding money! Oh, and did we mention the jewelry heist? In true "Saved by the Bell" spirit, the gang pulls it together at the last minute and pulls off a Las Vegas wedding like no other.

Movies Included / Notable Guest Stars:

"Saved by the Bell: Hawaiian Style" aired as a primetime TV movie on NBC on November 27, 1992. These were the last appearances of Tiffani Amber-Theissen and Elizabeth Berkley with the rest of the cast. It was filmed before the start of the Tori episodes of the fifth season. The movie starred all of the regular cast members: Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Mario Lopez, Dustin Diamond, Tiffani-Amber Theissen, Elizabeth Berkley, Lark Voorhies and Dennis Haskins. It also featured Dan Gauthier as Brian Hanson, Rena Sofer as Andrea Larson, and a special appearance by Dean Jones as Kelly's grandfather, Harry Bannister.

"Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas" aired as a primetime TV movie on NBC on October 7, 1994. This was made after the spin-off "Saved by the Bell: The College Years" finished. It starred Mark Paul-Gosselaar, Mario Lopez, Dustin Diamond, Tiffani-Amber Theissen and Lark Voorhies. It featured special appearances at the wedding by Dennis Haskins, Elizabeth Berkley, Bob Golic and Kiersten Warren. Other stars included Liz Vassey as Carla, Spencer Rochfort as Curt Martin, Mark DeCarlo as Freddie Silver, Melody Rogers as Mrs. Melanie Morris, John Sandeford as Mr. Morris, Gilbert Gottfried as Bert Banner and Pat Corley as Sheriff Myron Thorpe.


The packaging is your standard Amaray movie-style case. There is a wedding photo of Kelly & Zack on the left side and a Hawaiian Style cast photo on the right. There is a gold/flower and purple/dice background used and the Saved by the Bell logo is in red and white at the top of the box. On the back of the box, there is a short synopsis of each movie, 4 small photos, the cast and production credits and the DVD specs listed. I noticed in the synopsis for "Hawaiian Style" that they mention Kelly's uncle, although in the movie it is clearly established as her grandfather. The four small, circular photos are of Zack and Kelly (Hawaii), cast photo (Hawaii), Zack and Kelly (Las Vegas) and cast photo (Las Vegas). The same photos as the cover art are used on the spine of the box. Inside the case, there is just black space. It would have been nice to see some additional photos inside the case. A sheet with the scene selections would also have been a nice touch. The disc is plain looking with the same gold/flower and purple/dice background and the Saved by the Bell and movie logos.

Menu Design and Navigation:

The animated menus are very attractive and easy to navigate. The main menu has the same photos and backgrounds as the cover art. The photos rotate and spin around. There is a red and white animated "Saved by the Bell" logo in the center of the screen. The backgrounds are also animated with the flowers and dice. The left side has "Hawaiian Style" and "Wedding in Las Vegas" is featured on the right. There is a green border or red border around the photo depending on which movie you select. When you make your selection, it takes you to another sub-menu. For each movie, there are options for "Play Movie," "Scene Selection" and "Also from Lionsate." Different background music is used for each movie. After about 30 seconds, the music loops. Both movies have the same photos as the cover art, but they are more close up. The "Hawaiian Style" and "Wedding in Las Vegas" logos are animated and spin around. A green flower icon is used to highlight the option or scene you select for "Hawaiian Style," while a red spade icon is used for "Wedding in Las Vegas." For the scene selection menus, you can choose from 14 different scenes for each movie. There are small video clips that have a light blue lea border on Hawaii and red dice for Las Vegas. There are 4 scenes per screen, with the last screen having 2 scenes.

Video and Audio Quality:

While both of these TV movies have been previously released on VHS in the US and on DVD in the UK, this is their premiere on DVD in the US. Both movies are presented in their original full screen 1.33:1 format. "Hawaiian Style" looks like it originally shot on tape, but it was made to look like film. In fact, in the end credits, it says "Filmlook Process by Woodholly Productions." The tape/film quality makes some scenes look like they are sped up and other scenes look like they are in slow motion. The overall video quality for "Hawaiian Style" is pretty decent and free of any technical glitches. Basically, it probably looks much the same way as it originally aired. While it is presented in four parts in syndication, it runs in its original format here. The running time is 1 hour, 32 minutes, 23 seconds. "Wedding in Las Vegas" was filmed with Panavision cameras and lenses, so it has a much nicer film look rather than the sitcom look of the first TV movie. The video quality is quite sharp and the colors look quite nice. There were quite a few outdoor scenes that look excellent. Like "Hawaiian Style," "Wedding in Las Vegas" airs as 4 parts in syndication at the end of the series, but it is presented in its original format here. The running time is 1 hour, 29 minutes, 43 seconds for a total running for both movies of approximately 182 minutes. For the closing logo enthusiasts, there is the NBC Productions logo on both of them and the Peter Engel Productions logo on "Wedding in Las Vegas."

The audio for both movies is an English 2.0 Dolby Digital Audio. The volume is at a good level, and the dialogue is easy to understand. Scott Gale (who also did music the regular series) and Rich Eames did the score for "Hawaiian Style," while Jay Gruska did the music for "Wedding in Las Vegas." I think the music and overall song selection is a bit better and more memorabile in "Wedding in Las Vegas." Each movie used quite a few songs. There is nothing on the packaging to indicate that any of the original music had to be replaced. Closed captioning is available on both of the movies.

Special Features:

Unfortunately, no special features are included. It would have been great to have a few cast and crew audio commentaries or interviews on here. Since this is probably the last major "Saved by the Bell" DVD release, they could have made this a special edition. A few network promos or other behind-the-scenes home movie footage would have been fun to see.

There a few trailers for some other Lionsgate movies and DVD releases: "Surf School," "National Lampoon's Dorm Daze College @ Sea 2," and "Saturday Night Live: The Best of Will Ferrell."

Final Comments:

It has been quite a long wait for Saved by the Bell fans to have these TV movies on DVD, but I think it will have been worth the wait for most people to add these to their collection. This was my first time seeing them. While I don't think they are quite as memorable as The Brady Bunch Hawaii episodes or other sitcom tv vacation movies like The Facts of Life and Family Ties, I'm sure SBTB fans can enjoy them for what they were. "Hawaiian Style" was nice because it featured all of the cast members, including Jessie and Mr. Belding. It had some funny comedic moments like when Screech and Zack pretended to be Wayne and Garth from "Wayne's World." The plot was simple and wrapped up nicely. You can't beat Hawaii for a shooting location. "Wedding in Las Vegas" probably had a much bigger budget, so it looks better and had higher production values. While Jessie and Mr. Belding only had cameos at the end, it did feature a number of actors that I recognized such as the ultra hot Liz Vassey, Gilbert Gottfried, Pat Corley, Marianne Muellerleile and Mickey Jones. It just seemed to take them way too long to get to Las Vegas, but once they got there, the action started to pick up. The music score and song selection was excellent. I'm sure fans of the show can appreciate the fact that they got a real series finale and that Zack & Kelly ended up together. This basically wraps up the original "Saved by the Bell" franchise, except for the Disney series, "Good Morning, Miss Bliss." I guess we'll have to wait to see if Disney or another studio will release that one in the future.

Final Numbers (out of 5 stars - How our point system works)

Video Quality: 4.25/5 (4.0 for "Hawaiian Style", 4.5 for "Wedding Las Vegas")
Audio Quality: 4.5/5
Special Features: 0/5
Menu Design/Navigation: 5/5
Overall: 4/5

-- Reviewed by Todd Fuller on 08/05/07

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