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Roseanne - The Complete Ninth Season



DVD Release Date: October 16, 2007 (Anchor Bay/Starz! Home Entertainment)
Color / 1996-97
MSRP: $39.97
Number of Discs: 4
Number of Episodes: 24
Running Time: 552 minutes
Languages, Subtitles, Closed Captioning: English; No subtitles; Closed Captioned.
Special Features: Video Commentary on episode “The Truth Be Told” and two featurettes “A Legacy of Class” and “Breaking the Sitcom Mold”


Nine years. Nine seasons of innovative comedy shining a light on emotions that everyone shared yet rarely discussed. This final season of the Roseanne series was its most discussed and most audacious. This is the swan song where the Connors sing a different tune. You can finally own the final season on DVD from Starz Home Entertainment!

This is the season where they grow up and grow apart, but at the same time, they are drawn closer. Roseanne and Dan (Roseanne Arnold and John Goodman), their children Becky (Sarah Chalke), Darlene (Sara Gilbert), and D.J. (Michael Fishman) are as temperamental as ever. In this season the Connors win the lottery, Dan ponders the meaning of life, Jackie (Laurie Metcalf) meets the man of her dreams, Darlene gives birth, Roseanne battles terrorists, and in the final episode, Roseanne delivers a 15 minute monologue revealing a startling revelation which actually explains a whole lot!

Memorable Episodes / Notable Guest Stars:

There were many interesting storylines this season. The two daughters both got married...Darlene to David and Becky to Mark. Roseanne found out her mother was a lesbian. Dan had a heart attach. Did he survive? The Connors won the lottery and made it big. Among the best of the season is the season premiere “Call Waiting,” where Roseanne goes on a spiritual odyssey in front of the TV, after walking out on Dan in the heat of anger. “Millions from Heaven” is the one where the Connor's get a huge surprise when Jackie shows up screaming that they have won the biggest prize ever in the lottery. “Home Where the Afghan Is,” is the one where the absence of Dan, a series of family squabbles, and a shocking revelation by Bev mar the Conners' first Thanksgiving as a rich and famous family, and they start to realize that money does not necessarily buy happiness. In “Home for the Holidays,” after a long stay in California with his mother, Dan returns home for Christmas. In “A Second Chance,” Roseanne and Dan begin to take the first tentative steps toward putting their marriage back together. Darlene gives birth to a premature baby in “The Miracle.” In the two-part series finale, “Into that Good Night,” Roseanne and the family celebrate the return of David and Darlene's baby from the hospital; Darlene decides to move back into the Conner home; Mark and Becky are going to have a child.

Memorable guest stars this season include the regular recurring gang of Johnny Galecki as David, Glenn Quinn as Mark, Sandra Bernhard as Nancy, Martin Mull as Leon, Fred Willard as Scott, and Estelle Parsons as Bev. The guest appearances include Ed Asner, Robin Leach, Jim Varney, Tammy Faye Baker, Todd Oldham, Dina Merrill, Joanne Lumley, Jennifer Saunders, Arianna Huffington, Shelley Winters, Anthony Robbins, James Brolin, Debbie Reynolds, Marlo Thomas, Hugh Hefner, Jerry Springer, Steven Seagal, Moon Unit Zappa, Kathleen Freeman, Ruta Lee, JM J. Bullock, Lawrence-Hilton Jacobs and Mo Gaffney.


On the last set we got the entire cast on the box art, but now for the final season we are back to just Roseanne and Dan cover. Roseanne and Dan are in elegant clothing, Dan is in a tuxedo and Roseanne is in a pink gown type of dress. We have a grey color scheme and below Roseanne and Dan, we have the Roseanne logo and we see five little snapshots from the show. The back of the box features a family photo of Becky, Roseanne, Dan and D.J. and a great description of the set & series. We also have a green box that lists the special features and there are like five more snapshots on the bottom. Inside the box are two slim cases. The two slim cases have they grey color scheme as well with the wordings in a light aqua blue type color. On the front of each slim case, we have five snapshots from the show with a Roseanne snapshot on the top left followed by the Roseanne logo and those five snapshots. The back of each slim case has episode info for each disc inside an aqua blue box. We get episode title and a short synopsis of the episode. Inside the slim cases, we have two for each disc. When we take out the discs, you can see trivia questions! Let’s see how many you can get right, you Roseanne fanatic you!

Case 1 contains Discs 1 and 2. Each disc is grey and has the aqua blue wording. Disc 1 contains episodes 1-7 and artwork of Dan & Roseanne. Disc 2 contains episodes 8-13 and artwork of Roseanne. Case 2 contains Discs 3 and 4. Disc 3 contains episodes 14-19 and artwork of Roseanne, Dan, and D.J. Disc 4 contains episodes 20-24 and the extras with artwork of Roseanne and Jackie.

Menu Design and Navigation:

The main menu is in the exact same design as it has been for the past eight seasons. The menu features the same color scheme (grey and aqua blue) and features the art as the box cover art. At least it is consistent. We get the theme song in the background...yes, the one with lyrics. We also have a strip of moving video clips while we listen to the theme in the background. The main menu options are Episodes and Play All. We have an Extras option on disc four. The Episodes menu that takes you to a sub-menu that lists the episodes on the disc. When you select an episode, it takes you to yet another sub-menu that gives you a brief description of the episode along with a screenshot.

Video and Audio Quality:

Video and audio are fine and seem to be on par with the first eight seasons. For the first time in the history of the series, the theme song for the final season featured lyrics, sung by John Popper of Blues Traveler. It is also important to note that John Goodman only appeared in 12 out of the 24 episodes this season. Roseanne explains why in a featurette (see Special Features section). There are only two chapter skips. The first chapter is the opening teaser and the credits. The second chapter is the rest of the episode. That is badly done. They should have made at least a new chapter after each commercial break. On the last DVD we had numerous music changes. Starz Home Entertainment informed us that the music cost was a bit high and that we can expect some changes as well on this final set. I’m not a fan of the show really and am not that familiar with the series, but there is a thread here ( that discusses the edits on this set. Thanks for doing research!

1- Call Waiting (22:13)
2- Millions from Heaven (22:18)
3- What A Day for A Daydream (21:32)
4- Honor They Mother (22:17)
5- Someday My Prince Will Come (20:40)
6- Pampered to a Pulp (22:07)
7- Satan, Darling (22:19)

8- Hoi Polloi Meets Hoity Toity (22:18)
9- Roseambo (22:18)
10- Home Is Where the Afghan Is (22:18)
11- Mothers and Other Strangers (22:17)
12- Home for the Holidays (22:18)
13- Say It Ain’t So (22:08)

14- Hit the Road, Jack (22:28)
15- The War Room (22:18)
16- Landford’s Elite (22:17)
17- Some Enchanted Merger (22:13)
18- A Second Chance (21:47)
19- The Miracle (22:17)

20- Roseanne-Feld (22:17)
21- The Truth Be Told (22:17) (with optional video commentary, but that runs 21:53)
22- Arsenic and Old Mom (22:18)
23- Into That Good Night, Part 1 (22:18)
24- Into That Good Night, Part 2 (22:17)

Special Features:

The last set had some bonus features after quite a few seasons before that had nothing at all. This set has some features! They are all on disc three.

* Video Commentary with Roseanne and Michael Fishman on “The Truth Be Told” (21:53)
Roseanne partners with Michael Fishman (DJ) to offer video commentary on this episode where the media give their input on the Connors winning the lottery.

* “A Legacy of Class” (6:19) and “Breaking the Sitcom Mold” (6:23)
These two featurettes feature a lot of clips and interviews with Roseanne. We learn quite a lot from Roseanne. I’m not going to spoil it for you but she discusses a lot about season 9 and the changes. Also, why John Goodman was missing for 1/2 the season. Fine, I’ll tell you. He was busy making movies so they worked around him.

We also have trailers for 3rd Rock and Grounded for Life on disc three, that are also auto-played before the main menu comes on disc one.

Final Comments:

We are now finished with Roseanne on DVD! Fans will be happy despite some bumps on these sets (the edited first season and the music changes on the last two seasons), but at least we have every episode on DVD. I never really watched this show. I think I watched some original broadcasts in the early 90s, but nothing more than that. It is not bad of a show. I guess if you like shows from that era like Home Improvement and Grace Under Fire, you’ll also like this. I liked those two shows, and they aired on the same night I think on ABC.

So spend 15 minutes in buying this set, ok make that 15 seconds if you click on the link below so you can hear the great 15-minute monologue by Roseanne on the final episode! I hope that a complete series set that at least fixes the episodes first season is released soon!

Final Numbers (out of 5 stars - How our point system works)

Video Quality: 4.5/5
Audio Quality: 4.5/5
Special Features: 3/5
Menu Navigation/Design: 4.5/5
Overall: 4/5

-- Reviewed by pavanbadal on 10/13/07

To purchase the DVD, click below and help support

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