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Roseanne - The Complete Fifth Season



DVD Release Date: September 12, 2006 (Anchor Bay Home Entertainment)
Color / 1992-93
MSRP: $39.98
Number of Discs: 4
Number of Episodes: 25
Running Time: 575 minutes
Special Features Running Time: approx. 5 minutes (not including commentaries)
Languages, Subtitles, Closed Captioning: English; No subtitles; Closed Captioned.
Special Features: Roseanne answers the Top 10 questions by her fans; video commentaries with Roseanne


Season Five -- one of the greatest seasons yet -- of ROSEANNE aired on ABC from 1992-93. The half hour sitcom stars Roseanne Arnold, who won an Emmy for this season, stars as Roseanne Connor, who this season opens up the Lanford Lunch Box. John Goodman plays her temperamental but loving husband Dan, who this season loses his bike shop and goes back into dry-walling. Laurie Metcalf, who also won an Emmy for this season, stars as Jackie Harris, Roseanne's sister, who this season falls for a much younger man and goes into business with Roseanne. Lecy Goranson portrays Becky Connor-Healy, who at the start of the season marries her long-time boyfriend Mark in an act of rebellion. Sara Gilbert stars as Darlene Connor, the middle child, who this season celebrates her sixteenth birthday. And Michael Fishman stars as DJ Connor, the youngest child, who plays off everyone with his sarcastic comments.

Memorable Episodes / Notable Guest Stars:

Some memorable episodes include: "Terms of Estrangement" Parts 1 and 2 in which Becky marries Mark and moves away and Dan loses the bike shop. "Mommy Nearest" in which Bev gives Roseanne and Jackie $10,000 and announces she is moving to Lanford. "Pretty In Black" in which Roseanne throws Darlene a Sweet 16 party. "Halloween IV" in which the ghosts of Halloween's past, present and future visit a depressed Roseanne. "Ladie's Choice" is the one in which Nancy comes out as a lesbian. "Stand by Your Man" in which Arnie returns to town to find out Nancy's gay. "Good Girls, Bad Girls" in which Darlene's new friend Molly strands her in a parking lot at a concert. "Crime and Punishment" and "War and Peace", a 2 part episode in which Dan lands in jail after beating up Jackie's boyfriend, Fisher, who beat up on her. "Daughters and Other Strangers" is the one in which, in the Season 5 finale, Roseanne and Dan decide on letting Darlene go to school in Chicago.

Memorable guest stars this season include Tom Arnold ("Arnie"), Sandra Bernhard ("Nancy"), Estelle Parsons ("Bev"), Glenn Quinn ("Mark"), Johnny Galecki ("David"), Martin Mull ("Leon), Natalie West ("Crystal), Danielle Harris ("Molly"), Matt Roth ("Fisher"), Wings Hauser ("Ty Tilden"), Morgan Fairchild ("Marla"), Loretta Lynn, Bill Maher, Shelly Winters, Ed Begley Jr., Blake Clark, Red Buttons, Sally Kirkland, Tim Curry, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Joan Collins.


As usual, the box is exactly the same as the past four releases. It's green in color and has rays (like the sun). A large cutout of Dan and Roseanne is on the cover (and again; it doesn't appear to be a Season 5 picture). Although, there is an insert with the box that showcases all five seasons of Roseanne (along with 3rd Rock from The Sun and Grounded For Life) and the coloring for Season 5 is ORANGE and features a totally different picture (which looks to be from Season 5). It's strange. It's even stranger when you read the menu design section. The set is slip sleeve.

The first case holds Discs 1 and 2. Disc One contains episodes 1-6 and features a picture of Roseanne. Disc 2 contains episodes 7-12 and features a picture of Dan. The second case holds Discs 3 and 4. Disc 4 contains episodes 13-19 and features a picture of Jackie while Disc 4 contains episodes 20-25 as well as all of the bonus features available on the set and features a picture of the family, minus Jackie.

Menu Design and Navigation:

So you read my packaging description; here's what's strange about the menu. The menu typically resembles the box art (the colors, picture) but in this case, the menu color is ORANGE, when it should be Green. So either Anchor Bay was going to go with Orange, and went with Green, or there's a different copy in stores. It's confusing. Not too big of a deal, but since I'm not crazy about the green color OR the fuzzy cover picture, it's a bit annoying. I digress. The menu features a "Play All" option and an "Episodes" selection, which lists the episodes and you select the one you want. When you select an episode it takes you to a sub-menu that allows you to play the episode, or select the language or subtitles, or optional commentary. On Disc 4 there is an "Extras" selection which lists the bonus features. The main menu has the theme looping in the background.

Video and Audio Quality:

Each season the video quality seems to be getting better and better. All of the episodes are in great condition with bright and vibrant colors. The audio is fine as well, so nothing to be concerned with there. There are chapter skips available and each episode runs around 23 minutes.

1- Terms of Estrangement, Part 1 (23:31)
2- Terms of Estrangement, Part 2 (23:31)
3- The Dark Ages (23:30)
4- Mommy Nearest (23:32)
5- Pretty in Black (23:31)
6- Looking For Loans In All The Wrong Places (23:00)

7- Halloween IV (23:32)
8- Ladie's Choice (23:31)
9- Stand On Your Man (23:21)
10 - Good Girls, Bad Girls (23:31)
11 - Of Ice and Men (23:01)
12 - No Place Like Home For The Holidays (23:21)

13- Crime and Punishment, Part 1 (23:26)
14- War and Peace, Part 2 (23:11)
15- Lanford Daze (23:32)
16- Wait 'Til Your Father Gets Home (23:26)
17- First Cousin, Twice Removed (23:26)
18- Lose A Job, Winnebago (23:21)
19- It's A Boy (23:26)

20- It Was Twenty Years Ago Today... (23:33)
21- Playing With Matches (23:31)
22- Promises, Promises (23:32)
23- Glengarry, Glen Rosey (23:31)
24- Tooth or Consequences (23:30)
25- Daughters and Other Strangers (23:01)

Special Features:

- "Commentary by Roseanne" Once again there is commentary by Roseanne on the following episodes "Ladie's Choice" and "Lanford Daze."

* On a side note, for the video commentary (on those episodes), you need to go on Disc 4, select "Extras" and then select the episodes that way.

- "Roseanne Answers the Fans Top 10 Questions" (approx. 5 minutes)
This is a nice little interview with Roseanne in which -- as it says -- she answers her fans top 10 questions. I'd tell you them but ... I won't, so go out and buy the set!

Final Comments:

As usual, Anchor Bay does a great job with this set. The commentary as always is fantastic and for those who read my reviews know that I love commentary. The only strange part about the set is the different cover art (orange vs. green). I'm sure we'll have an answer about it for all of you soon. Other than that, everything about the set is great. So ... go out and buy it!

Final Numbers (out of 5 stars - How our point system works)

Video Quality: 5/5
Audio Quality: 4.5/5
Special Features: 3.5/5
Menu Navigation/Design: 4.5/5
Overall: 4.5/5

-- Reviewed by TVJunkie101 (Shawn Eaton) on 09/28/06

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