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Roseanne - The Complete Second Season



DVD Release Date: December 6, 2005 (Anchor Bay Home Entertainment)
MSRP: $39.98
Number of Discs: 4
Number of Episodes: 24
Running Time: approx. 530 minutes
Run time of Special Features: approx. 33 min.
Languages, Subtitles, Closed Captioning: English; No subtitles; Closed Captioned.
Special Features: John Goodman original audition and brand new interview; Season two highlights; Brand-new Michael Fishman interview; behind the scenes of Season 1's launch party and a collection of clips showcasing the character of Jackie.


In what Entertainment Weekly calls "TV's Greatest Working Class Act," ROSEANNE is back for her second season in this four disc collector's set. For the first time, Anchor Bay has made all 24 season two episodes available on DVD and the best news is that each episode is completely uncut. ROSEANNE stars Roseanne Barr as Roseanne, John Goodman as her husband Dan, Laurie Metcalfe as her wacky, unlucky in love sister Jackie, Lecy Goranson as "good daughter" Becky, Sara Gilbert as young adult Darlene and Michael Fishman as cute young son DJ. This season takes us through Roseanne's various odd jobs (from a fast food joint to a hair salon), Jackie becoming a police officer and finally falling in love, to Dan's dad hooking up with Crystal (played by the underrated Natalie West) and even Becky going "wild" by getting plastered with her friend, and more! It's all here, so go out and buy it today.

Memorable Episodes / Notable Guest Stars:

The second season continued the trend of extremely funny episodes. It's too hard to just pick a few, but I'll try. "Inherit the Wind" is the one where Becky feels humiliated after passing gas while giving a presentation before her fellow students. "The Little Sister" is the one where Roseanne refuses to support Jackie when she decides to become a police officer. "Five of a Kind" in which Dan's buddy, Arnie (Tom Arnold) kisses Roseanne. "Boo!" in which the Connor family celebrate Halloween and Dan & Roseanne engage in a battle to determine who has the best costume. "We Gather Together" in which the Conner family celebrates Thanksgiving the only way they know how - by fighting. "Chicken Hearts" is the one where Roseanne's boss at a fast food joint turns out to be a spiteful unpleasant 17 year old. "One for the Road" in which, while Dan and Roseanne are away for the weekend, Becky and her friend Karen get plastered. "Hair" is the one where Roseanne gets a job at a salon. "All of Me - Part 1" in which Jackie finally gets lucky in love. "To Tell The Truth - Part 2" in which Roseane's meddling into Jackie's new relationship causes the sisters to stop speaking to one another. "Happy Birthday" in which Roseanne wants to take up writing again but to her dismay can't find the time or place to concentrate.

Memorable guest stars this season include Tom Arnold, Stephen Dorff, Ned Beatty, Estelle Parsons, Stephen Root, Brian Kerwin, Jay O. Sanders and Bert Parks.


The packaging follows the same format of Season 1. It has a red striped background (like rays from a sun; yellow was last season's color) and features a large cutout of Roseanne and Dan (in motorcycle gear on a bike), with the logo, and then screen shots from the series underneath the logo. There are two individual cases in the box that include the FOUR discs available for this set. The individual cases are different than the cover (but the background stays the same). On the first case is five screenshots from some memorable season two episodes, including a promotional picture of the cast from Season 2. On the second case, it's the same design but has different pictures and the main picture is a promo picture of the three kids. The back of each case has episode descriptions, titles and air-dates (the inside contains several fun trivia questions). Now for the discs themselves, all four discs are red in color and has a single picture shot of the cast members and the episodes on that disc (Disc 1 has Roseanne, Disc 2 has Dan, Disc 3 has Roseanne and Dan and disc 4 has the kids). The first case holds Discs One and Two and Disc One has episodes 1-7 while Disc Two has episodes 8-14. The second case holds disc three and four, and Disc 3 has episodes 15-21 on it while Disc 4 has episodes 22-24 as well as all of the bonus features available on the set.

Menu Design and Navigation:

And just like Season 1, the menu looks exactly like the main cover art, it's just animated. The picture of Roseanne and Dan is there, the background is the same and the logo is now on top and has a scrolling set of pictures (looks like the main box art). The season two theme music plays in the background and when it's done, it loops. On each disc there is an "Episodes" selection and a "Play All" selection. The "Episodes" selection takes you to another screen that lists the episodes on that disc. It looks exactly like the actual disc (same red background and same picture of whoever is on that disc). What's nice about when you select an episode to watch, it takes you to yet another screen and displays a longer description of the episode than what the box offers. You can then play the episode. I repeat a lot of the same information from Season 1 because it's exactly the same design, just different colors and pictures. I still don't really like having to go through several menus, but it's a nice option. Like last season, Disc One has several previews for upcoming (or already out) DVD releases, such as, again, "3rd Rock from the Sun" and "Grounded for Life".

Video and Audio Quality:

When looking at my review from the previous season, I noted the picture was grainy at times. Well, rest assured, from what it looks like, the episodes are nicely restored and the picture quality is much better. The audio remains the same; no big problems there. And I'm sure this is on everyone's mind, so I'll get right to. Each episode is uncut, from what I can tell. The episodes run between 23 and sometimes 24 minutes in length. I also seem to notice a little lengthier opening sequence, but I might be wrong about that. So, that's a huge plus for fans of ROSEANNE and those that were upset with Carsey/Warner. This hopefully means great things (uncut episodes) for the other C/W releases. And chapter stops are available.

Special Features:

- John Goodman Interview (approx. 8:39 minutes)
Another brand new John Goodman interview--he discusses the second season of the show.

- Season Two Highlights (approx. 7:46 minutes)
Self explanatory--similar to Season 1's highlights--various clips that touch upon things that happened in the second season.

- Michael Fishman "All Grown Up" Interview (approx. 9:03 minutes)
A brand new Michael Fishman interview in which he discusses his time on the show--it's great to hear his thoughts on everything and he definitely did grow up--a great added feature.

- Behind The Scenes: Season 1 Launch Party (approx. 2:34 minutes)
I was pleasantly surprised to find this here. It takes you behind the scenes with the cast as they celebrate the launch of season 1 (on DVD). To see them all together is awesome (at a bowling alley, of course). A must see! In attendance are Roseanne, Laurie Metcalfe, Michael Fishman, John Goodman, Sara Gilbert, Lecy Goranson, Sandra Bernhard and Natalie West.

- Wacky Jackie - The Best of Roseanne's Sister (approx. 4:45 minutes)
Various clips highlighting Laurie Metcalfe's perfect portrayal of Roseanne’s zany sister Jackie

- Original John Goodman Audition (approx. 1:06 minutes)
Basically what it says, it's John Goodman's original audition for "Roseanne" and interestingly enough, the date was December 8, 1987. Of course, not the date of the release itself, but interesting nonetheless (okay, maybe not...).

Final Comments:

Wow, what an amazing set to review. As a longtime fan of "ROSEANNE" I am very pleased by the releases so far. We've been granted with several new interviews (Roseanne, Michael Fishman and two from John Goodman), bloopers (in Season 1's release), audition tapes (of John Goodman), behind the scenes featurettes (Season 1 launch party). What more could you ask for? Hopefully they keep this up. And on the plus side, each episode appeared to be 100% uncut. That was such a sore spot for fans and I'm so glad Carsey/Warner came through on their promises to provide the original uncut episodes. The only problem I did have with this set is that the discs in the cases are very hard to keep inside the case. They don't snap in too well and they fall out when I open the case. Hopefully not all the sets are like that, but it was something I thought I should share and warn you about. But overall, a well done release by Anchor Bay and Carsey/Warner. Here's to even greater things for Season Three!

Final Numbers (out of 5 stars - How our point system works)

Video Quality: 5/5
Audio Quality: 5/5
Special Features: 5/5
Menu Navigation/Design: 4.5/5
Overall: 4.5/5

-- Reviewed by TVJunkie101 on 12/07/2005.

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