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Please Don't Eat the Daisies

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Welcome to the Please Don't Eat the Daisies Online. Please Don't Eat the Daisies was a situation comedy that aired on NBC television from 1965-1967.

What's New:

  • 01/07/03: Jean Kerr, 80, "Please Don't Eat the Daisies" Author

    NEW YORK (AP) -- Jean Kerr, a playwright and author who wrote with self-deprecating humor about show business and suburbia and had a best-seller in "Please Don't Eat the Daisies," has died at age 80.

    Kerr died Sunday in White Plains. The apparent cause was pneumonia, her son said.

    Kerr wrote entertainingly about show business. She mused about what to say when having lunch with a prospective producer -- order a drink so you look relaxed, but don't touch it lest he think you're an alcoholic. Anticipating negative reviews of her latest work, she wrote: "If I have to commit suicide, I have nothing but Gelusil." (That's an antacid.)

    But she also had a gift for finding humor in the common anxieties of suburbia and married life. She cheerfully acknowledged doing most of her writing in the family car, parked several blocks away from the chaos of several children and pets.

    Kerr collaborated with her husband, the late drama critic Walter Kerr, on several Broadway plays and wrote others on her own.

    Her 1961 comedy, "Mary, Mary," about a divorced couple who ultimately reconcile, became one of the longest-running productions of the decade. It had more than 1,500 Broadway performances.

    Butt Kerr is probably best known for "Please Don't Eat the Daisies," an eclectic compilation of her writings about everything from her pet dogs to the oddities of their house in Larchmont.

    The book, published in 1957, was turned into a movie with Doris Day three years later and became a situation comedy that ran on NBC form 1965 to 1967.

    She also wrote "The Snake Has All the Lines" (1960), "Penny Candy" (1970) and "How I Got to Be Perfect" (1978).

    She and her husband made their Broadway writing debut in 1946 with "Song of Bernadette," a dramatization of the novel about a young Frenchwoman canonized after allegedly seeing visions of the Virgin Mary.

    It was not a success, nor was her solo writing effort two years later, a comedy called "Jenny Kissed Me," about a priest who finds his household disrupted by the arrival of his housekeeper's niece.

    But the couple's 1949 revue "Tough and Go" was praised by critics. The show included a sketch of "Hamlet" performed as a musical comedy.

    Her husband died in 1996 at 83.

  • 01/17/02: The Fithian Twins appeared at the Hollywood Collectors Show back in June 2001. They said they did work on cruise ships (trivia contests, entertainment stuff) for 20 years and they now work on dude ranches (one in Arizona and two in Montana). Special thanks to Karen Tjaden for getting me the below photos:

    Jeff and Joe Fithian with Ladadog (1965)

    Jeff and Joe Fithian with Ladadog - 1965

    Joe and Jeff Fithian (June 24th, 2001))

    Joe and Jeff Fithian at the Hollywood Collectors Show - June 24th, 2001

  • 12/21/01: Added mp3 sound files and mpg video clips of the 1st and 2nd season opening and closing theme credits

    Turner South

    Please Don't Eat the Daisies can be seen sporadically on Turner South Turner South is a southern regional network owned by Ted Turner started in October 1999. It's available in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, South Carolina and parts of North Carolina. They air mostly MGM owned shows and movies including Please Don't Eat the Daisies, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Dr. Kildare, Gilligan's Island, CHiPS, etc. as well as Atlanta Thrashers hockey and Atlanta Hawks basketball. They are currently in negotiations with several satellite companies to carry the channel - you can call DIRECTV 1-800-DIRECTV and/or the DISH Network at 1-800-333-DISH and request it.

    For the schedule of upcoming episodes, please see the Turner South website.

    A word of warning for those of you taping episodes - the games they air often run long or end early so they move everything up or back on their schedule so be sure to allow plenty of room on your vcr timer! I know this from personal experience!

    Broadcast History:

    First Telecast: September 14, 1965
    Last Telecast: September 2, 1967

    Month and Year
    Day and Time
    Sep 1965-Aug 1966
    Tue 8:00-8:30PM
    Sep 1966-Sep 1967
    Sat 8:00-8:30PM


    Joan Nash............................Patricia Crowley
    James (Jim) Nash.....................Mark Miller
    Kyle Nash............................Kim Tyler
    Joel Nash............................Brian Nash
    Tracey Nash..........................Joe Fithian
    Trevor Nash..........................Jeff Fithian
    Marge Thornton.......................Shirley Mitchell
    Herb Thornton (1965-1966).......... .Harry Hickox
    Herb Thornton (1966-1967)............King Donovan
    Ed Hewley (1965-1966)................Dub Tyler
    Martha O'Reilly......................Ellen Corby
    Dean Gerald Carter (1966-1967).......Bill Quinn
    Ethel Carter (1966-1967).............Jean Vander Pyl


    Based on the best-selling book and popular 1960 Doris Day movie of the same title, Please Don't Eat the Daisies was author Jean Kerr's story of an unusual suburban family. Jim Nash was a professor of English at Ridgemont College in Ridgemont, New York, the community in which he lived with his family. Wife Joan was a newspaper columnist who hated housework, didn't like to cook, and was totally unconcerned about how her traditional suburban housewife neighbors felt about it. She got up at noon and did whatever moved her at the moment. Completing the household were the four Nash children, all boys, including mischievous seven-year-old twins; Martha, the family maid; and a huge 150-pound sheepdog named Ladadog. The Thorntons were next-door neighbors of the Nashes.

    Theme Songs/Video Clips:

    Theme Songs:

  • Click here to hear the 1st season opening theme song in wav format(92K/36 seconds)
  • Click here to hear the 2nd season opening theme song in wav format (108K/42 seconds)
  • Click here to hear the 1st season opening theme song in mp3 format (1400K/35 seconds)
  • Click here to hear the 1st season closing theme song (1608K/41 seconds)
  • Click here to hear the 2nd season opening theme song in mp3 format (1642K/42 seconds)
  • Click here to hear the 2nd season closing theme song in mp3 format (1606K/41 seconds)

    Video Clips:

  • Click here to view the 1st season opening theme credits (3560K)
  • Click here to view the 1st season closing theme credits (4546K)
  • Click here to view the 2nd season opening theme credits (4174K)
  • Click here to view the 2nd season closing theme credits (4516K)

    Theme by Jeff Alexander, arranged by John Lane

    Television's Greatest Hits, Vol. 5

    Includes the Please Don't Eat the Daisies 2nd season theme song - 65 total tv themes

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    Please Don't Eat the Daisies movie

    Looking for the 1960 Please Don't Eat the Daisies movie on VHS tape?

    The movie starred Doris Day, David Niven, Janis Page, and Spring Byington.

    Bright film based on Jean Kerr's stories about a drama critic and his family. Doris sings title song; her kids are very amusing, as are Byington (the mother-in-law), Kelly (housekeeper), and especially Paige as a temperamental star. Later a TV series. CinemaScope.

    For more information and to order online:

    They sometimes are out of stock, so you can also also try the eBay auction website - just search for Please Don't Eat the Daisies there

    Internet Movie Database entry for the movie - includes a cast list and some other information

    Picture Gallery:

    34 photos currently available in the gallery, click here

    Episode Guide:

    58 total episodes were made during the show's two year run on NBC:

    1. My Eldest Child (original airdate 09/14/65) Joan has written a revealing newspaper article about the foibles of her husband, thinking it would be published under an assumed name..but everyone in town finds out about it and thinks it's extremely funny- except Jim. (this episode was filmed in black & white, all others were in color)
    2. How About Two Gorillas? (09/21/65) Although Jim and Joan can't act or sing, they reluctantly agree to stage an act for the school amateur night; then they learn that they'll be on stage with parents who are professional entertainers. Mrs. Podesta: Jeanne Arnold, 1st Cop: William Zuckert, 2nd Cop: Vince Howard. (re-aired 05/17/66)
    3. Who's Kicking That Gong Around? (09/28/65) Amid the noisy chaos of family life Joan has to meet a deadline for her newspaper column. She retreats to the bell tower and there she's marooned when the ladder is accidentally removed. Irv Watts: Robert Nichols, Huggins: Robert Ball, Briggs: Charles Lampkin. (re-aired 05/10/66)
    4. Dinner on the Rocks (10/05/65) Although cooking isn't Joan's forte, she thinks it might be fun to go all out and make a memorable meal for Jim's college dignitaries. She plans a clambake- but forgets to check with the weatherman.
    5. We're Bigger Than They Are, But... (10/12/65) No one at school and no one at home, not even their parents can tell the twins apart, and the twins decide that they've got a great thing going. Backett: Alan Hewitt, Mrs. Podesta: Jeanne Arnold, Miss Meredith: Regina Groves. (re-aired 05/24/66)
    6. Look's Who Talking (10/19/65) When Joan buys baby clothes for a friend's shower, the boys start spreading the rumor that their mom's expecting. Jim and Joan are the last to hear about it, and it takes a broken fence post, a dented fender and a flooded basement for her to convince Jim she's not expecting. Rob Miller: Roy Stuart, Mabel: Connie Sawyer, Alice Miller: Maurine Dawson, David: Clint Howard, Mrs. Miles: Nina Roman. (re-aired 06/14/66)
    7. The Big Train (10/26/65) During a raging thunderstorm the Nashes summon plumber Hewley, who frightens everyone by telling the story that this storm strikes every 10 years on the same date...and causes someone to disappear each time. (re-aired 07/05/66)
    8. Two Seats on the Moon-Shot (11/02/65) Joan is waiting for Jim at a restaurant when a man with a concealed camera offers her an expense-paid trip to New York. All she has to do is put on a blond wig and a new jacket- and convice Jim she's not his wife. Crawford: Steve Franken, Cooper: Gene Blakely, Waiter: Fritz Feld. (re-aired 06/28/66)
    9. Shape Up or Ship Out (11/09/65) Joan gives the older boys the task of taking care of the twins, and the boys invoke military precision to prove who's more responsible. Joan ends up thinking she's raising two sons for the White House and two for the Foreign Legion. Hastings: Ned Glass. (re-aired 04/26/66)
    10. Somewhere George is Calling (11/16/65) To earn enough money to buy anniversary gifts for their parents, Kyle and Joel conduct paid tours through their turreted old house. George: Reginald Denny, Emma: Nydia Westman.
    11. Don't Fool Around With the Man Upstairs (11/23/65) Joel and his friend Hank fall prey to temptation and go to a carnival instead of Sunday school, and Joel invents an ingenious tale for his folks. Hank Miller: Glen Kessler.
    12. Of Hitches and Stitches and Big Round Dogs (11/30/65) Jim's sister is getting married in 48 hours, and Joan- who missed out on a big wedding- is determined to shoot the works, even sewing the gown herself. But Jim can see she's overworked when she swears she sees 2 Ladadogs. The Rev. Mr. Dickinson: Bill Zuckert.
    13. Very, Very Huckleberry (12/07/65) The boys are planning to go to sea in a rickety raft they're building in the backyard, and to Joan's astonishment Jim approves of the project. Commander MacIntyre: Oliver McGowan, Dorie: Bonnie Franklin, Mrs. MacIntyre: Mary Jackson, Hastings: Ned Glass, Andy: Bill Girard. (re-aired 05/03/66)
    14. It's Lad By a Nose (12/14/65) One of the boys has an allergy, and gloom invades the household when the doctor traces it to Lad..and says he has to go. Dr. Krebbler: Pat MCCaffrie, Miss Reece: Janet Waldo.
    15. The Big Brass Blonde (12/21/65) A former movie queen is considering a play written by Joan and produced by Jim for her Hollywood comeback attempt, and the Nashes are anxiously awaiting her opinion. Kitty: Audrey Meadows, Stan Seymour: Gilbert Green.
    16. Swing That Indian Club (12/28/65) Kyle's black eye from defending his younger brothers wins praise from his folks and he decides he's ready to become a man. Meanwhile Joan is making elaborate preparations to play hostess for his club, unaware that he wants to quit the club to join up with the older guys. David: Clint Howard, Butcher: Michael Flatley, Max: Steve Cagan, Boy: Rory Stevens, Pooley: Mark Sherwood.
    17. The Pied Piper of Ridgemont (01/04/66) After seven years in Africa hunting big game, Joan's father is coming to visit. First he sends a man-eating plant and then he arrives at 5AM! Michael Sullivan: J. Pat O'Malley, Mrs. Newhall: Reta Shaw, Express Man: Arthur Malet, Messenger: Glen Eckenroth. (re-aired 06/07/66)
    18. Say Uncle (01/11/66) The twins see their dad go into a tailor shop and talk to Illya Kuryakin as he comes out. Because their spy manual says that 'anyone can be a spy provided he eats the proper breakfast' they're sure that Dad is a secret agent. When Mom overhears Jim ordering dynamite on the phone, she starts to believe it too. With permission from U.N.C.L.E. Napoleon Solo and Illya Kuryakin make cameo appearances. Delivery Man: Dan Seymour, Tailor: Theo Marcuse, Dynamite Man: Charles Lane. (re-aired 05/31/66)
    19. Nobody's Perfect (01/18/66) Preoccupied with an article she's writing, Joan neglects to pay an overdue parking ticket. When she finds Jim thrown in jail, she's sure it's because of that. Court Clerk: Jonathan Hole, Judge: Paul Newlan, Desk Sergeant: Stanley Adams, Detective: Robert Brubaker. (re-aired 06/21/66)
    20. My Good Friend, Whatsisname (01/25/66) Jim frantically tries to recall the name of a former schoolmate whom he has invited to dinner. Alvin Pratt: Edward / Ed Asner, Terry: Melinda Plowman.
    21. The Monster in the Basement (02/01/66) The Nash's ancient, temperamental furnace conks out on a freezing day, just before the visit of Jim's college board chairman. Morton Gregory: Leon Ames. (re-aired 08/02/66)
    22. Wring Out the Welcome Mat (02/15/66) The Nashes' leaky roof and need for constant repairs on the house convinces them that the ancient home is a white elephant they'd be better off selling. Carol Baker: Pat Carroll, Robert Wolfe: Gene Blakely, Phillips: Robert Gibbons. (re-aired 07/19/66)
    23. Move Over, Mozart (02/22/66) Joan is surprised to learn that Joel has an unusual aptitude for music and he may even have the makings of a child prodigy. Miss Feather: Alice Ghostley, Conductor: Jeff Alexander.
    24. Who's Walking Under the Bed? (03/08/66) It's a big day at the Nash household, and a sleepless night. Jim's raise recommendation goes to the dean and Lad is about to become a dad. Mrs. McGuire: Enid Markey, Terry: Melinda Plowman, Dean Vaughn: Grandon Rhodes. (re-aired 08/09/66)
    25. How Now, Hausfrau? (03/15/66) A newspaper columnist renowned for destroying reputations wants to interview Joan, and he suspects that the zany household episodes she writes about in the paper are untrue. Mal Huntley: Robert Emhardt, Wally: Jesse White. (re-aired 08/30/66)
    26. Big Man on Campus (03/22/66) An unsigned one-act play triggers misunderstandings in the house. Joan finds a play she wrote in a pile of student's manuscripts that Jim brought home to study, and when Jim criticizes a badly written play, she thinks he's referring to hers. Cathy Lynn: Laurie Sibbald, Peter Hyde: Harlan Warde, Dorie: Bonnie Franklin, Hastings: Ned Glass, Jo Anne: Stacy Maxwell. (this episode was originally scheduled to air 02/08/66 but was pre-empted unexpectedly) (re-aired 07/12/66)
    27. The Magnificent Muldoon (03/29/66) Taking their father's lecture on tolerance to heart, the twins invite a hobo home for dinner and a bath- on the night that Jim's entertaining his boss. Muldoon: Burgess Meredith, Dean Vaughn: Frank Wilcox, Mrs. Vaughn: Shirley O'Hara. (re-aired 07/26/66)
    28. The Leaning Tower of Ridgemont (04/05/66) After examining the Nash's castle-like home, the building inspector concludes that the ancient structure must come down, and the family has one week to move out. Grace Woddman: Judi Meredith, Arnold: Howard McNear, Simmons: Peter Leeds. (re-aired 08/23/66)
    29. Mine Is the Luck of the Irish (04/12/66) Joan's father invites the Nashes to spend their vacation in Arizona- where they'll have a chance to invest in a uranium mine. Michael J. Sullivan: J. Pat O'Malley, Jud: Robert Easton, Ben: Harvey Lembeck.
    30. Night of Knights (04/19/66) A local news story about the Nash house having an old house is laughed off by the family until strange things start happening.
    31. The Purple Avenger (09/17/66) (Season 2) The twins' TV idol is coming to town and his visit spells disillusion for the boys. He was Joan's old beau and a notorious bumbler. Purple Avenger: Dom De Luise, Photographer: Vince Howard, Davey: Clint Howard. (re-aired 06/17/67)
    32. My Mother's Name Is Fred (09/24/66) Complications multiply when Joan uses a man's pen name to sell a story to a girlie magazine that doesn't accept female authors. Then the magazine decides to do a story on the new author. Sutton: Louis Quinn, Mickey: George Ives, Miss Keegan: Doroty Neumann, Sam: Don Penny. (04/29/67)
    33. A-hunting We Will Go (10/01/66) Jim, not the outdoor type, is ordered by the dean to entertain a visiting playwright, a well-known fanatic of he-man supporting endeavors. Roland Cunningham: David Brien.
    34. At Home With the Family (10/08/66) The house is in a turmoil when Jim tells Joan that they are about to be the subject of a college TV show. She feverishly writes a script for herself and the boys. Paul: Hans Conreid, Sheldon Carp: Peter Helm. (re-aired 07/01/67)
    35. The Holdouts (10/15/66) The boys are demanding a fat percentage of the money Joan got for an article she wrote about their antics. Larry: Sheldon Golomb. (re-aired 07/08/67)
    36. Trouble Right Here in Ridgemont City (10/22/66) Joan and Marge's friendship is strained when they both claim ownership of a winning raffle ticket.
    37. Black Is the Color Of My Love's Eye (10/29/66) One black eye leads to another when Joel gets a shiner - from the neighborhood girls! Tom Cromwell: Arch Johnson, Sam Cromwell: Cindy Eilbacher, Alice Comwell: June Dayton, Principal: Harry Ellerbe. (re-aired 06/24/67)
    38. My Son, the Genius (11/05/66) When Joel's IQ test shows him to be a flowering genius, Jim is determined not to let him become a problem child. Corey: Sterling Holloway, Phil Bennett: Woodrow Parfrey. (re-aired 07/29/67)
    39. The End Of the Trailer (11/12/66) The dean wants to buy Jim's camping trailer but Jim doesn't want to unload the lemon on a friend. So he shows the dean some slides of a family outing plagued by the miserable trailer that came complete with a bear and skunk. Dean Carter: Bill Quinn, Mrs. Carter: Jean Vander Pyl.
    40. My Son, the Actor (11/19/66) Joel and Kyle are eagerly volunteering for acting roles in the school play, but Jim and Joan don't see any signs of talent in either of them. When Joel fails to get the part, they try to repair his wounded pride.
    41. Of Haunted Houses, Little Boys, and a Ghost Named Malcolm (11/26/66) The boys discover a strange old character while exploring a haunted house; the silver-tongued drifter turns out to be a ghost from Jim and Joan's past, and he sets out to make the Nash house his temporary home. Malcolm Dorrington: Harry Townes, Terry: Melinda Plowman, John: Jimmy Bates. (re-aired 05/13/67)
    42. And What Does Your Husband Do? (12/03/66) Jim feels like an outside in his own home when Joan is named 'Woman Writer of the Year'. She's getting tons of publicity; he's getting tired of being ignored. TV Interviewer: George Fenneman, Sara: Trudi Ames. (re-aired 07/22/67)
    43. Just For Laughs (12/10/66) A typical day in the Nash household: How not to extricate two small boys from a locked bathroom, and How not to get Mom's hand out of the garbage disposal after she drops her ring into it. Harold Hewley: Robert Easton, Frank: Charles Briles, George: Kevin O'Neal, Susan: Candace Howard. (re-aired 05/06/67)
    44. The Guardian (12/24/66) Frantic Joan hurries to the auction featuring her sons' artwork- she's out to retrieve the family's tax returns which are accidentally glued to the masterpiece. With Charlie Ruggles.
    45. Peace, It's Wonderful (01/07/67) Havoc ensues in the Nash household when Jim and Joan are drawn into their neighbors' family squabble and end up in their own argument. (re-aired 05/20/67)
    46. The Silent Butler Spoke (01/14/67) Joan's article on a second chance for ex-cons may backfire- Her agent persuades her to hire a reformed burglar as a butler. Then the Nashes nervously note the man's abundant interest in their antiques. Harry: Whit Bissell.
    47. The Cupid Machine (01/21/67) Joan signs up with a computer dating service to research an article, and her marriage is threatened when she itemizes her idea of the perfect man. Richard Webster: Donald Harron.
    48. The Thing's the Play (01/28/67) Jim's professional reputation hangs in the balance when he picks Joan's unfinished play for a state competition. After his fellow professors accuse him of nepotism, he has to spark Joan into finishing the third act. Arlie: Joe Fiedler.
    49. The Officer Of the Court (02/04/67) Legal antics get out of hand when Herb juggles two cases for the Nashes- Negotiating a better teaching contract for Jim, and suing Joan for $25,000 on behalf of local women who believe that her article about overly amorous women refers to them. Dean Carter: Bill Quinn, Mrs. Swanson: Reta Shaw, Nancy: Bee Tompkins, Penny: Evelyn King. (re-aired 06/03/67)
    50. None So Righteous (02/11/67) The Righteous Brothers are in town for a college concert and when they're mobbed by fans at the hotel, they seek refuge at the Nash house. It happens that Joan and Jim are rehearsing for a PTA musical, and when Jim is late for the show, the Righteous Brothers fill in. Jerry: Paul Petersen, Alex: Alex Romero, Terry: Melinda Plowman. Songs: Sticks & Stones, Something You Got, Along Came Jones- (Righteous Brothers) Singing in the Rain, Queen of the House (Joan) If I Had a Hammer (Righteous Bros. & the twins) King of the Road (Jim, Joan & Righteous Bros.) (re-aired 05/27/67)

    Righteous Brothers Fan Forum

    51. Remember Lake Serene? (02/18/67) Joan and Marge engage in a sneaky plan to marry off a happy bachelor, and end up complicating domestic relations in their own households. Stefanie Powers makes a cameo appearance. Bob: Jack Kelly, Penny: Carol Byron, Gloria: Maureen Arthur.
    52. Pest In the House (02/25/67) While his house is fumigated, Herb is the Nash houseguest; he threatens to turn the home into a disaster area by insisting on doing his fair share of the household chores. Mrs. Bailey: Kathleen Freeman, Bailey: Harry Hickox. (re-aired 08/05/67)
    53. Help Wanted, Desperately (03/04/67) The new maid's boundless enthusiasm is matched only by her wild notion of what the job should be, and the Nashes suspect she's planning to make their home eligible for a disaster area government grant. Martha: Ellen Corby, Mabel: Mary Treen. (re-aired 08/12/67)
    54. Just While You're Resting (03/11/67) The new maid, all heart and no help, is costing Joan all the time she set aside for extra-curricular activities. She's too much trouble to keep, but too lovable to fire. Martha: Ellen Corby, Lydia: Majel Barrett. (re-aired 08/19/67)
    55. When I Was a Young Man (03/25/67) When Kyle asks for $1.50 to take a girl to a dance, Jim takes him back to the Nashes' broke-but-happy newlywed days. In flashbacks we see Jim & Joan acquire Lad when he was a pup, learn that Kyle is on the way, and in the hospital after he was born. Rose Melnis: Naoimi Stevens, Irving Melnis: Sammy Smith, Doctor: Jason Wingreen, Nurse #1: Sharyn Hillyer, Nurse #2: Irene Martin. (re-aired 07/15/67)
    56. Professor, Please! (04/01/67) Jim is bewildered and Joan is irate- a drama student with a crush on Jim is waging a brazen campaign to come between them. Anna: Lori Martin. (re-aired 08/26/67)
    57. A Matter Of Concentration (04/08/67) Jim's wounded pride causes a chill in the house after Joan buys lavish gifts for everyone. He's not content with wearing the pants in the family; he wants to buy them too. Herb's hypnotic talents help patch it up.
    58. The Day the Play Got Away (04/22/67) Jim takes a sabbatical to write a play and begins an ordeal of self-doubt. He can't concentrate on writing, and his brilliant replacement has taken over his pet project at school. Howard: Bobs Watson. (this episode was unexpectedly pre-empted on 04/15/67).

    Biographies/Where are they now?:

  • Mark Miller: born in Houston, TX on November 20..graduated from Lamar High School there but lived in 15 different cities and attended as many different secondary schools..he also attended San Marcos Military Academy and studied architecture at Texas A&M, Pueblo University in Mexico and the University of Texas..6 feet, 2 inches tall..champion water polo player as a youth.. went to military school, studied architecture & spent 2 years at the American Academy of Dramatic Art in New York, from which he was graduated in 1949..always wanted to be a drama teacher & several films & stage plays, then star of TV's Guestward Ho in '60s..was a regular on General Hospital where a comic scene got him noticed for 'Daisies'..wrote several scripts for the show as well as stage & screen plays..was a regular in 'Name of the Game' as reporter Ross Craig..has continued to write scripts..several appearances in movies during the '90s..he married Beatrice Ammidown, former fashion editor for Harper's Bazaar and a MGM costume designer and publicist, while touring in "The Dark At the Top of the Stairs."..they have three daughters - Marisa born July 28, 1962 and Penelope Ann born January 13, 1964 and the youngest Savannah..Penelope Ann Miller is an actress who has appeared in many tv and theatrical movies such as Big Top Pee Wee, Adventures in Babysitting, Biloxi Blues, Kindergarten Cop, The Freshman, and Awakenings.

    Internet Movie Database Entry for Mark Miller

    Patricia Crowley

  • Patricia Crowley (also credited as Pat Crowley): born September 17, 1933 in Olyphant (Scranton), PA..moved to NYC at 7 & began modeling at 11, becoming leading teenage model..starred in '51's' Saturday AM series 'A Date with Judy' & was a regular in early variety series 'Campus Hoopla' 1950 at age 16, her senior year in high school, she auditioned with 350 other hopefuls for her first Broadway assignment and wound up with the feminine lead opposite Cameron Mitchell in Southern Exposure - won Theater World Award as most promising new personalities on Broadway..did 2 unsold pilots before Daisies..signed by Paramount, she co-starred in many films including Red Garters, Money From HOme, There's Always Tomorrow, Walk the Proud Land, Square Jungle, and Hollywood or Bust..appeared in pilot for Untouchables & Man from Uncle where she was approached for 'Daisies'.. Later was a regular in Joe Forrester..appeared in the MGM motion picture hit Wheeler Dealers..numerous tv appearances including Dr. Kildare, Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Chrysler Theatre, The Love Boat, Happy Days, Friends, Beverly Hills 90210, Frasier, Melrose Place, Maverick, and Bonanza..many appearances in movies (theatrical and tv)..she plays the character of Mary Scanlon on the soap-operas "Port Charles" and "General Hospital"..was in a February 2000 episode of 'Family Law'..she played Pat Maris in the 2001 HBO movie '61'...married Beverly Hilly attorney Edward Hookstratten (now divorced) and had at least two children - Jon and Ann..married to E. Greg from February 2, 1958 to ? married to A. Friendly..5' 5" inches tall..

    Glamour Girls of the Silver Screen - has some additional Patricia Crowley photos and information

    Internet Movie Database Entry for Pat Crowley

  • Kim Tyler: born in the Northridge section of the San Fernando Valley outside Hollywood, California on April 17, 1954..worked before the cameras since he was an 18-month infant, when he appeared with Eddie Bracken in "Mr. Belvedere Rings the Bell."...appeared in 2 episodes of The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet in 1961 and 1962; a 1962 episode of The Andy Griffith Show; a 1964 episode of The Addams Family, Dr. Kildare, My Three Sons, and a 1965 episode of My Favorite Martian..his film credits include "Period of Adjustment," "Zebra in the Kitchen," "The Wonder World of the Brothers Grimm" and "My 15 Blocks."...Kim was nice enough to e-mail me recently, so hopefully he will be sending me some information soon...

    Internet Movie Database Entry for Kim Tyler

  • Brian Nash: born in 1956 in Glendale, CA..guest appearances included The Virginian, Bewitched, My Three Sons, The Invaders, The Brady Bunch, The Munsters, and The Dick Van Dyke Show. At the age of seven he co-starred with Dori Day and James Garner in the feature 'The Thrill Of It All' in which he was so professional that when a small girl mistakenly said his line, he came right back with hers, prompting the director to tell Brian's mother Wanda that even most adult actors wouldn't be as adept. Brian got his start when his brother's singing teacher brought him to an agent's attention and with his two brothers he was cast in the memorable Wonder Bread commercial in which a boy grows into an older body before our eyes. He co-starred in Mickey Rooney's '64 series 'Mickey' avid baseball fan..was called back several times as one of the last three finalists for the part of John Boy Walton. His last acting job was in the '75 Saturday morning show 'Isis'..After graduating from Verdugo Hills High School, Brian attended Brigham Young University..He spent 2 years in South America for the Mormon Church.. He later married and became a stockbroker in Southern California..he is the youngest of of Fred and Wanda Nash's three sons.

    Internet Movie Database Entry for Brian Nash

    Joe and Jeff Fithian - June 24th, 2001

  • Jeff & Joe Fithian: identical twin brothers born February 26, 1958 in Van Nuys, California twelve minues apart.. the youngsters appeared in TV commercials before landing their first screen role in "What a Way To Go," with Shirley MacLaine and Paul Newman attended St. Elizabeth's School in the Valley...from a web page visitor: "I went to the same elementary school (in Van Nuys, CA) as Jeff and Joe Fithian, who played the twins (they were 2 grades below me). In the late 80s, I went on a three-day cruise and the twins were assistant cruise directors or something like that (they hosted the trivia contests, entertainment stuff). At our elementary school's 1994 anniversary/reunion get together, one of the Fithians was there and was very friendly."

    Jeff & Joe have five older brothers and sisters. They began appearing in television commercials when they were a year old.

    In June 2001, the twins appeared at a Hollywood Collectors Show. They said they did the cruise ships for 20 years and they now work on dude ranches (one in Arizona and two in Montana).

    Internet Movie Database Entry for Jeff Fithian

    Internet Movie Database Entry for Joe Fithian

  • Shirley Mitchell: born November 4, 1919 in Toledo, OH..character actress with recognizable voice, was seen in I Love Lucy (as Marion Strong), Pete & Gladys & The Great radio's Fibber films from '43 including early rock movie 'Jamboree' Bachelor Father's 2nd season-she was Bentley Gregg's secretary.. played Cousin Mae Belle Jennings during the 1967-1968 season of Petticoat Junction..last acting credits were the 1989 movie 'The War of the Roses' and a December 10, 1990 episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air..she has been married to Jay Livingston since 1991..

    Internet Movie Database Entry for Shirley Mitchell

  • Harry Hickox: born October 22, 1915 in Big Springs, TX..appeared in the 1962 movie 'The Music Man'..also had roles in 'Speedway' and 'Emperor of the North'.. many tv guest appearances, mostly on westerns..died June 3, 1994 in Los Angeles, CA..

    Internet Movie Database Entry for Harry Hickox

  • King Donovan: born January 25, 1918..husband of Imogene Coca..was a regular in Love That Bob as Bob's Air Force pal.. many tv guest appearances and movies including The Beverly Hillbillies..died June 30, 1987 in Connecticut..

    Internet Movie Database Entry for King Donovan

  • Dub Taylor: born Walter Clarence Taylor II on February 26, 1907 in Richmond, Virginia. nicknamed 'Cannonball' character actor with thick southern films from '38, many westerns with Tex Ritter & later Bonnie & Clyde, Support Your Local Sheriff.. father of actor Buck Taylor..died October 3, 1994 in Los Angeles, CA due to congestive heart failure..

    Internet Movie Database Entry for Dub Taylor

  • Ellen Corby: Ellen Corby was born Ellen Hansen on June 3, 1911 in Racine, Wisconsin. She began her career as a bit player in the film Speed Limited in 1940. Ellen would not be seen on the big screen again until 1945 in Cornered. In 1946, Ellen appeared in 14 motion pictures although mostly in small minor roles. One of the small parts was in the Christmas classic It's a Wonderful Life. One of the motion picture highlights of her career came about in 1948 in I Remember Mama in the role of Aunt Trina. As a result of this role, Ellen garnered a nomination for Best Supporting Actress which was ultimately won by Mercedes McCambridge in All the King's Men. The Oscar nomination didn't send her to the heights she had hoped. This wonderful, fine actress continued in roles that were mostly minor compared to some of her contemporaries. But it was television where she would garner the acclaim that had eluded her on the silver screen. Time after time Ellen played in parts that was absolutely outstanding. One of the funniest was as Myrt "Hubcaps" Lesh in "The Andy Griffith Show." It was an episode where she sold Barney Fife a lemon of an automobile and she played the ringleader of stolen cars. Her real fame came in the highly watched and highly acclaimed "The Walton's" from 1972-1979 as Esther "Grandma" Walton. The role resulted in the prestigious Emmy award for 1973, 74, & 75. Although a stroke in 1977 slowed her down, Ellen still made appearances on the series. Her last TV appearance was in 1997 in the TV movie "A Walton Easter". On April 14, 1999, Ellen died at the Motion Picture & Television Hospital in Los Angeles, California. She was 87 years old..

    Internet Movie Database Entry for Ellen Corby

  • Jean Vander Pyl: born in October 11, 1919 in Philadelphia, known as the voice of Wilma Flintstone in 'The Flintstones'..Also did many other cartoon voices including Rosie the Robot on The Jetsons..Died April 10, 1999 in Dana Point, CA due to lung cancer..

    Internet Movie Database Entry for Jean Vander Pyl

  • Bill Quinn: born May 6, 1912..numerous tv movie and tv series appearances..father-in-law of Bob Newhart..died in 1993..

    Internet Movie Database Entry for Bill Quinn

  • Lord Nelson: he was the Old English Sheepdog - his name on Please Don't Eat the Daisies was Ladadog - they often called him 'Lad' - he had an affinity for telephones! Was the star and made his debut in the Disney Film 'The Shaggy Dog', and worked with Brian Nash in '64 series 'Mickey'. He also appeared on Dr. Kildare, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., The Lucy Show, and in United Artists's "Billy." He was born on May 15, 1961 in San Fernando, California to champions Bridewell's Beauty and Cheyenne Sam. A hefty 150 pounds of shaggy dog, he outweighed every member of the cast with the exception of 175-pound Mark Miller. He received over 70,000 fan letters.

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  • TV Guides:

  • October 19, 1965 (pic feature on special effects for bubbles episode)

    TV Guide - January 29, 1966

  • January 29, 1966 (Pat Crowley cover story - pictured above)

  • November 9, 1965 (review)

    Seattle Post-Intelligencer / March 20-26, 1966

  • Seattle Post-Intelligencer, March 20-26, 1966 - TV Prevues Magazine (pictured above)

    Read the article "She'll settle for daisies" and view another photo

    TV Showtime - August 19-26, 1966

  • The Cleveland Press - TV Showtime - August 19-26, 1966 (pictured above)

  • Press Kit from the first season

    PDETD Sheet Music

  • Sheet music with picture cover

  • NBC 1965 Fall Promotion Beach Towel - promotes the '65 fall schedule and has the NBC schedule grid on it

  • Please Don't Eat the Daisies TV Guide Cover Portrait - with matte this promotional real color photograph measures approximately 16 inches x 20 inches

  • Promo sheets from MGM (I have 39 pages for the 1966/67 season). The promo is comprised of looses pages with holes punched for a binder, containing tons of info like credits & air dates, series synopsis, peronal bios, technical info, etc.

  • Life Magazine - 03/29/54 - Patricia Crowley on the cover, feature on her home life

  • Slide promoting PDETD and several other ABC shows

  • Looking to buy or sell Please Don't Eat the Daisies cast photos or memorabilia items? Try eBay - buy or sell all kinds of items, click below:

    Search eBay for Please Don't Eat the Daisies Memorabilia and Photos

    Additional information:

  • Please Don't Eat the Daisies can currently be seen on Turner South very sporadically, check your local listings.

  • It aired on WWOR (New York) in the late 1980's/early 1990's.

  • It also aired in the mid 1980s on the Family Channel according to a page visitor.

  • The show is apparently airing in Paraguay (dubbed in Spanish) according to a web page visitor.

  • The show moved to Saturday nights following "Flipper" in the fall of 1966 for its' second season. According to a presskit, one of the adventures was to take the Nash family to Florida where they would meet the Porter Ricks clan, and Flipper -- a set of circumstances set to trigger a two-poarter divided between both series. This never happened.

  • On Please Don't Eat The Daisies, they had that magnificent staircase in the living room complete with balcony. And after many episodes, or maybe even in the second season, they built a set that was the upstairs hallway leading to the staircase. They did not have the door that led to the balcony, and in fact even had a window in the wall, which could not be there because the other side of the wall was supposed to be the staircase...where there was no such window.

  • The show was made by Metro-Goldywn-Mayer, Inc./Turner Entertainment Company for NBC.


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