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Back Row, Left to Right: Tess (Liz Vassey), Johnny (Matt Borlenghi), P.J. (Timothy Fall). Front Row, Left to Right: Cal (David Arnott), Randy (Brian McNamara), Iowa (Sean O'Bryan).

Pig Sty aired from January until July 1995 on UPN.

The setting of this grunge comedy was an Upper Westside Manhattan high-rise apartment shared by five single guys in their twenties. Johnny ( Matt Borlenghi), an egotistical assistant district attorney , left to live with his girlfriend in the premiere episode but couldn't deal with commitment and ended up back with the guys. Iowa ( Sean O'Brien), an incredibly naive intern from the Corn Belt, worked in the emergency room at St. Victor's Hospital in a tough New York inner-city neighborhood. Randy ( Brian McNamara), an unpublished writer, worked as a bartender at Mory's to make a living. His late grandmother had lived in the apartment, and they had moved in after she passed away. P.J. ( Timothy Fall), a neurotic, insecure long-haired guy, spent most of his time playing guitar and living off the $2,200 a month he got from his parents. Cal ( David Ornott), a sleazy manipulative , dumpy slob worked for an ad agency and got great pleasure stabbing his fellow employees in the back while clawing his way up the ladder of success. Johnny and Iowa were roommates, P.J. and Randy were roommates and Cal was living in the walk-in closet with P.J.'s dog, Jimmy, all surrounded by half-eaten pizzas and dirty sox. Tess ( Liz Vassey), the sexy young building superintendent who was trying to make it as an actress was the disinterested object of Randy's affection.

A Review from Variety

Pig Sty
((Mon. (23), 9:30-10 p.m., UPN/KCOP))

Filmed in Hollywood by Staley-Long Prods. in association with Paramount Network TV. Exec producers, Dan Staley, Rob Long; co-exec producer, Tom Leopold; producer, Tim Berry; director, John Whitesell; writers/creators, Staley, Long.

Cast: David Arnott, Matt Borlenghi, Timothy Fall, Brian McNamara, Sean O'Bryan, Liz Vassey, Kristin Minter.

The cliches are as thick as some of the characters' heads in this uneven buddy sitcom that's one of the new series of the United Paramount Network. "Pig Sty" resembles an offering of the Fox weblet, and is presumably UPN's attempt to land fans of the Bundys and the Simpsons.

Set in midcity Manhattan, the sitcom centers on the efforts of five disparate roommates to get along in a tiny apartment.

There's the good-natured roommate, Randy (Brian McNamara), an aspiring writer who tends bar; the mannerless, John Belushi-esque twit, Cal (David Arnott); the unassuming, spineless, go-with-the-flow P.J. (Timothy Fall); the swarthy Johnny (Matt Borlenghi), who think's he's God's gift to the fairer sex; and farm-boy Joe, aka Iowa (Sean O'Bryan), who comes to the big city to make a difference by doing his residency in an inner-city emergency room.

Add to the mix a curvy building manager named Tess (Liz Vassey), an aspiring actress who serves up hefty one-line doses of emasculating humor to Randy's clumsy flirting, and a golden retriever named Luke, who never seems to get walked, and the writers have all potential humor sources covered.

Series preem pits new arrival Iowa against Cal, a backstabbing ad exec, as the two vie for the last bedroom after Johnny moves out.

But Johnny apparently can't handle commitment after he moves in with his girlfriend. His return to the fold forces either Cal or Iowa out of the bedroom and into the walk-in closet.

Standouts include McNamara, who serves as both den mother and life observer, and O'Bryan, who deftly switches from farm boy to cunning city dweller without missing a beat.

While creators/writers Dan Staley and Rob Long -- the pair were co-exec producers on "Cheers"-- give their characters the occasional really funny line, it's probably not enough to sustain interest among viewers, and "Pig Sty" can expect a significant tune-out rate when the frat-house crowd has to study for finals.

A Review from The New York Times

TELEVISION REVIEW; 2 New Sitcoms, 1 New Network

Published: January 30, 1995

Trying to snag a share of the presumable profits on what is being envisioned, so far fuzzily, as an entertainment superhighway combining broadcast television and cable, an aspiring new network called United Paramount is dipping its toe in the treacherous electronic waters. In New York, UPN is being carried on Channel 9 on Monday and Tuesday evenings. New shows! New faces! The only thing missing so far is a hint of originality.

The centerpiece of the UPN dessert cart is the hourlong "Voyager," still another "Star Trek" spinoff, which can be seen Mondays at 8 P.M. It is followed by two new sitcoms: "Platypus Man," which will remind viewers of "Home Improvement" and any other sitcom given life by a stand-up comic, and, at 9:30, "Pig Sty," which uses the old ensemble formula that, as the current hit "Friends" proves, is apparently indestructible.

UPN's target audience is men from 18 to, at the very most, 49. Make no mistake: this is a universe inhabited almost exclusively by single guys of the 1990's. A woman can't hope for anything more than a supporting role.

The star of "Platypus Man" is Richard Jeni, the stand-up performer whose 1993 comedy special "Platypus Man" won an award for HBO. Saying that a platypus is both fish and mammal, Mr. Jeni describes a platypus man as anyone who is completely confused. He is an adult male human who attempts to mate frequently but spends most of his time alone.

Mr. Jeni's character is named Richard Jeni. He is the host of a television cooking show in New York aimed at "any guy who ever tried to make tuna fish on toast and wound up in the burn unit with mayonnaise in his hair." His executive producer and best friend since childhood is Lou (Ron Orbach), an affable slob who wears Old Spice and Canoe at the same time. His neighbor is Paige (Denise Miller), a sportswriter who confides that "the only reason I keep buying condoms is so the old guy at the drugstore thinks I have a life." And then there is Richard's youngerbrother, Tommy (David Dundara), a bartender in the goofy hunk mode of Woody Harrelson on "Cheers."

As short, insecure Richard ("Suddenly I'm the Elephant Man on a bad-hair day") pursues beautiful women and the show goes into pop-culture reference overload that even Dennis Miller might find daunting. Tonight's episode, called "N.Y.P.D. Nude," hits on everything from Al Roker and the series "Cops" to the New York Knicks and Spike Lee. Lou stops to ponder Robert Urich on a "National Geographic" special: "It's pathetic what that man has to do for a living. He was 'Spenser for Hire,' for God's sake!"

"Pig Sty," created by two former producers of, yes, "Cheers," offers five young men crammed into a two-room apartment in Manhattan. The primary types on display are Randy (Brian McNamara), an aspiring writer who tends bar for what he calls "yuppie scum" between rejection slips from The New Yorker; Johnny (Matt Borlenghi), an assistant district attorney who feels smothered by romantic commitment ("You're robbing me of my manhood!); P. J. (Timothy Fall), the bohemian folk singer living on his family's tobacco fortune; Joe, or Iowa (Sean O'Bryan), fresh from the Midwest and having his innocence shattered as a medical resident at a city hospital, and, for the slob brigades, Cal (David Arnott), who delights in back-stabbing his colleagues at an advertising agency.

And, oh yes, there's one woman: the wisecracking superintendant Tess (Liz Vassey) who wants to be an actress, and one dog, Jimmy, satisfying the canine requirement. The fellows get into all sorts of cute mischief. All that's missing from "Pig Sty" is a banner reading "College Dorm Forever."

There is nothing terribly wrong with either of these sitcoms. UPN certainly has energy to spare, and "Platypus Man," especially, could develop a distinctive edge. But for all the zippy one-liners, there's something profoundly depressing about a new network offering simply more of the same. PLATYPUS MAN UPN, tonightat 9. (Channel 9 in New York) Barry Fanaro and Mort Nathan, creators and executive producers; produced by Marica Govons; Michael Davidoff, Bill Rosenthal and Michael Rotenberg, producers; Danny Smith, consulting producer; Bill Prady, co-producer. A production of Fanaro/Nathan Productions in association with Paramount Network Television. WITH: Richard Jeni (Richard Jeni), Ron Orbach (Lou Golembiewski), Denise Miller (Paige McAllister) and David Dundara (Tommy Jeni). PIG STY UPN, tonight at 9:30. (Channel 9 in New York) Dan Staley and Rob Long, creators and executive producers; Tom Leopold, co-executive producer; Tim Berry, producer. A production of Staley/Long Productions in association with Paramount Network Television. WITH: David Arnott (Cal Evans), Matt Borlenghi (Johnny Barzano), Timothy Fall (P. J. Morris), Brian McNamara (Randy Fitzgerald), Sean O'Bryan (Joe "Iowa" Dantley), Liz Vassey (Tess Galaway) and Luke (Jimmy, the dog).

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