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The Bill Engvall Show aired from July 2007 until September 2009 on the TBS Cable Network.

Set in a Denver suburb,this happy go-lucky sitcom starred Bill Engvall as Bill Pearson, a family counselor whose own family could maybe use a little dose of counseling. He worked with dysfunctional families all day and came home to what he saw as perfection, but in reality they were somewhat absurd, unpredictable and just as mixed up as any other family.

Susan ( Nany Travis) was his witty and loving wife, who tried to keep the family in line. Bill and Susan kept busy raising their teenage daughter, Lauren(Jennifer Lawrence), and sons Trent (Graham Patrick Martin) , a sports and video game enthusiast, and Bryan(Skyler Gisondo), a musically talented neat freak with a pet snake. The kids loved their parents but also knew how to manipulate them. Rounding out the cast were Bob and Paul (Tim Meadows and Steve Hytner ) who were Bill's closest friends. Raffles was the Pearson's family dog.

A Review from Variety

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The Bill Engvall Show
(Series -- TBS, Tue. July 17, 9 p.m.)

Taped in Los Angeles by Welladay and Parallel Entertainment. Executive producers, Michael Leeson, Bill Engvall, J.P. Williams; producer, Melanie Patterson; director, James Widdoes.

Bill Pearson - Bill Engvall
Susan Pearson - Nancy Travis
Bob Spoonerman - Steve Hytner
Lauren Pearson - Jennifer Lawrence
Trent Pearson - Graham Patrick Martin
Bryan Pearson - Skyler Gisondo

Hoping to tap into the lucrative "Blue Collar Comedy" vein, this sitcom featuring BCC member Bill Engvall is so relentlessly ordinary it feels designed for that audience longing for more episodes of "Still Standing." As stand-up-centered comedy goes, Engvall's married-guy shtick draws heavily from the fading echoes of Tim Allen's profitable grunts, as if the goal was to create a new show indistinguishable from the reruns surrounding it. Yet even with likable Nancy Travis as his wife, this is decidedly slim and rarely funny fare -- which, admittedly, hasn't prevented "Tyler Perry's House of Payne" from being a hit for TBS.
Bill Pearson (Engvall) is a family counselor who -- now brace yourself for this part -- occasionally struggles to enforce order at home, whether it's controlling his teenage daughter (Jennifer Lawrence), inspiring his slacker son (Graham Patrick Martin) or finding the snake lost by his youngest (Skyler Gisondo).

In the premiere (originally the second episode, with the pilot having perhaps wisely been pushed later into the run), the daughter decides she wants a piercing, prompting Bill to say, "God gave you all the holes you're gonna ever need." His older boy gets a chance to play quarterback, hastening concerns that he might need a demonstration in how to use a condom.

Bill also has a podiatrist pal ("Seinfeld's" Steve Hytner), while Tim Meadows is scheduled to join the show, but not featured in any of the episodes previewed.

It is, quite simply, painfully flat, almost studiously old-fashioned stuff -- where Bill suggests that he and his wife "argue naked" and the studio audience obligingly howls. During another installment, most of the story centers on the family's ailing dog, a cheap heart-tugger if there ever was one.

Think of Engvall as Jeff Foxworthy with a less-pronounced drawl -- generally pleasant, but basically just another middle-aged stand-up weaving bits of his regular-guy act into multicamera mirth. Foremost, though, the series has the sense of being cynically pitched directly to the blue-collar crowd -- a demographic that presumably hates Hollywood and will watch pretty much anything where the jokes are loud, folks drive pickup trucks and families conspicuously say grace before meals.

As a strategy that might work, but it's utterly at odds with TBS' "My Boys" -- the surprisingly good comedy about a sportswriter that returns for its second season this month -- fostering confusion about what the Turner-owned network wants its profile to be.

Sure, the channel's slogan is "very funny," but would that be "stupid funny" or "smart funny"? Whatever the verdict, place Engvall's show squarely in the former category, albeit mostly minus the "funny" part.

A Review from The New York Times

Television Review | The Bill Engvall Show
Dad Is in Control at Work, but He Is in Deep Chaos at Home
Published: July 17, 2007

Is there no way to enliven the family sitcom? It is a shame that the participants on American Inventor won't apply themselves to such a project. To create a 22-minute show about parents and children that omits a beleaguered wife, a precocious child and a teenager who more or less can communicate only in acronyms is apparently as hard to do as it is to make a tanning booth that converts into a sofa.

The Bill Engvall Show, beginning tonight on TBS and starring Mr. Engvall, a popular force in the Blue Collar Comedy Tour, is perhaps best approached as a drinking game. Every time you feel a tired joke coming about middle-aged lumpiness, marital sex, bad 80s hair pour yourself a sip of something. When that joke arrives, drink up. You will deplete a bar.

Mr. Engvall plays a therapist named Bill Pearson, who lives with his wife and three children, the youngest of whom, at about 6 or 7, neurotically talks too much and keeps a bottle of antibacterial hand lotion on his bedside table. There is a sense throughout that Mr. Engvall is betraying his core audience, and the whole blue-collar comedy ethos in particular, trading in one category of cliche for another. This brand of comedy is in the business of making fun of yuppie lifestyles and affectations, not embodying them. What is Mr. Engvall doing as a shrink in the first place? It is as if Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm started conceiving plotlines around Quaker State motor oil.

In the era of the $100-an-hour SAT tutor there is perhaps no better moment for someone like Mr. Engvall to come in and satirize the entire achievement-driven model of upper-middle-class parenthood. But instead he descends right into the frenzy, building an episode around an all-nighter his character pulls to bolster a high school English paper for his son.

The paper is on Jane Austen. Something is amiss in the world, indeed.

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