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10 Things I Hate About You aired from: July 2009
until May 2010 on ABC Family.

Kat and Bianca Stratford may be sisters, but all comparisons end there. Kat is an outspoken, independent feminist, while Bianca is a social butterfly who wants nothing more to be popular, even if it means bowing to the whims of people like the demanding, Chastity Church. The series highlights the Stratford sisters as they experience the highs and lows of high schools, deal with their overprotective father and find love. In Bianca's case this is her friend Cameron who has a huge crush on her, while Kat finds herself in an interesting relationship with school bad boy Patrick Verona.

A Review from Variety

Jul. 5, 2009, 10:04am PT

10 Things I Hate About You
(Series -- ABC Family, Tues. July 7, 8 p.m.)


Filmed in Los Angeles by Prodco. Inc. Executive producers, Carter Covington, John Ziffren; director, Gil Junger; writer, Covington.

Kat Stratford - Lindsey Shaw
Bianca Stratford - Meaghan Martin
Patrick Verona - Ethan Peck
Cameron James - Nicholas Braun
Chastity Church - Dana Davis
Walter Stratford - Larry Miller

Ten years after the movie, director Gil Junger joins with "Greek" writer-producer Carter Covington to transform "10 Things I Hate About You" into a promising new comedy, one perfectly suited to ABC Family. Expanding on the original's "Taming of the Shrew" template, the single-camera pilot centers on the Stratford sisters -- the tart Kat and desperate-to-be-popular Bianca -- as they enroll at a new high school. Filled with pop-culture references, disarmingly edgy and smartly cast, the series appears to continue a solid roll for the cable network that was once an albatross around the neck of parent Disney.

Status-conscious Bianca (Meaghan Martin) wants nothing more than to be a cheerleader, so when she asks Kat (Lindsey Shaw) to assess her look and the response is "shallow," she brightly chirps, "Thank you!"

Still, the Stratford girls' arrival from Ohio (along with their ob-gyn dad, played by Larry Miller) causes instant waves at their new school. Kat clashes with snooty head cheerleader Chastity (Dana Davis), while Bianca -- eager to make the squad -- tries to bond with her. Meanwhile, nerdy Cameron (Nicholas Braun) fixates on Bianca, seeing an opportunity to woo her before she settles into one of the established high-school cliques. As he puts it, her social status has yet to be determined, as if she's "about to reach into the sorting hat at Hogwarts."

Finally, Kat draws the attention of the brooding, motorcycle-riding Patrick Verona (Ethan Peck, Gregory's grandson), whose intensity prompts her to dub him "Hannibal Lecter." There's nevertheless a spark there, though one suspects the made-for-TV taming process will be a prolonged one.

Despite playing to a young audience, ABC Family is differentiating itself from Disney Channel with a more frank approach to the teenage years; here, examples range from a student's casual use of "Get laid" to Kat's remark about learning self-defense at her "Victims no more" class.

The adults barely register, but the program exhibits a knowing eye toward high school's caste system, as well as a nice chemistry between Shaw (fresh off CW's "Aliens in America") and Martin. As if to reinforce the "Wicked"-like dynamic, at one point Chastity snaps, "Move it, Elphaba!"

Granted, given all the current cultural references, "10 Things" probably won't enjoy an extended shelf-life, but it feels well-suited to the moment -- including Kat's liberalism and contempt for the "in" crowd. So while the checklist of assets might not add up to 10, there are several things to like about this series, which bodes well for its desire -- shared by TV and teenagers -- to become popular.

Camera, Greg Gardiner; production designer, Mark Hofeling; editor, Dana Devorzon; music, Richard Gibbs; casting, Brett Greenstein, Collin Daniel, Tess Sanchez. Running time: 30 MIN.

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A Review from The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

10 things to know about new teen show
Sunday, July 05, 2009
By Rob Owen, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Among late 1990s teen movies, "10 Things I Hate About You" has a better reputation than its peers. 10 years later, that also holds true for a new ABC Family TV series based on the movie.

Here are 10 things to know about the new half-hour show:

1. "10 Things" is easily the network's best comedy to date.

2. Sisters Kat (Lindsey Shaw) and Bianca (Meaghan Martin) move to town with their doctor dad (Larry Miller, reprising his role from the film) and approach their first day at a new school from two decidedly different angles.

3. Kat is a sharp-tongued feminist with a tendency to overreact; Bianca wants desperately to be accepted by mean, popular head cheerleader Chastity (Dana Davis), who immediately clashes with Kat.

4. Ethan Peck, grandson of actor Gregory Peck, plays the school bad boy, the character originated by Heath Ledger in the movie.

5. Gil Junger, who directed the "10 Things" movie, also directs Tuesday's premiere.

6. Carter Covington, previously a writer/producer for ABC Family's similarly entertaining "Greek," writes and executive produces "10 Things."

7. Unlike last month's ABC Family misfire "Make It or Break It," "10 Things" contains clever dialogue that's rooted in its characters.

8. When Kat's father overhears her taking a stand he asks, "Are you talking to me or the Democrats in your head?"

9. Bianca, feeling ostracized by the cool kids due to Kat's tiff with Chastity, announces, "I guess I'll join show choir. Closeted gay guys are fun."

10. Don't tell Fox's "Glee," but as new kid on the teen TV block, "10 Things" may not sing, but there's a lot about it to like.

A Review from The Hollywood Reporter

10 Things I Hate About You -- TV Review
By Randee Dawn, July 06, 2009 04:38 ET

Bottom Line: Makes the grade.
About 400 years on, Shakespeare comes to this: high school antics drawn with intermittent charm -- in crayon.

To summarize: "10 Things I Hate About You" is ABC Family's new series, based on the 1999 hit teen comedy, which itself was loosely based on "The Taming of the Shrew." Boiled down into a half-hour series, there's little left to suggest the Bard other than the lead family's surname (Stratford).

But that doesn't mean the show has nothing to contribute. "10 Things" revolves around two sisters, social climber Bianca and confrontational outcast Katherine, who have relocated to sunny Padua High School. They step into the slipstream and are absorbed with such speed that by the end of the first day, they've been through cheerleader tryouts, attended a kegger and caught the eye of no fewer than three boys.

In other words, don't expect a realistic, or even a "Beverly Hills, 90210" high school experience. These students are so well-costumed, primped and coiffed that it wouldn't be out of line for Zac Efron to kick off a song-and-dance number. (This is Disney, of course.) But though High Gloss High School is an acceptable patina these days, the writing is more hit-and-miss: When the head cheerleader insists she must date only the starting quarterback, it's hard to know if that's parody or if Ward Cleaver is showrunning.

Speedbumps aside, "10 Things" has genuine appeal. Larry Miller reprises his film role as Papa Stratford, and his dry, acerbic wit adds a modern splash of real life. (Too, Kat, when she mumbles about a newspaper article: "Are you talking to me or the Democrats in your head?") And the interplay between the sisters is the show's most sharply drawn of all the relationships thus far: "How do I look?" Bianca asks; "Shallow," Kat replies. "Thanks!" says Bianca, never happier.

The same could be said for "10 Things." It looks shallow, and probably is, but it just couldn't be happier that way. That's why finding the gems beneath the shiny surface are so rewarding.

Shakespeare might be turning in his grave, but he's probably got a smile on his face while doing it.

Airdate: 8-8:30 p.m. Tuesday, July 7 (ABC Family)
Production: ProdCo.
Cast: Larry Miller, Lindsey Shaw, Meaghan Martin, Ethan Peck, Nicholas Braun, Dana Davis
Executive producers: John Ziffren, Carter Covington
Writer: Carter Covington
Producers: Shawn Wilt, Michael Platt, Barry Safchik
Director: Gil Junger
Director of photography: Greg Gardiner
Production designer: Mark Hofeling
Costume designer: Mandi Lane
Casting: Brett Greenstein & Collin Daniel, Tess Sanchez

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