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The Pitts aired from March until April 2003 on FOX.

If the Pitts didn't have bad luck they wouldn't have had any luck at all. This family was truly cursed. When they took a walk through the woods the parents Bob and Liz ( Dylan Baker, Kellie Waymire), were bitten by werewolves, became werewolves and were taken to an animal shelter. When Bob took a bus to fight a parking ticket, he got on the wrong bus and ended up in prison. When their car became sentient it fell in love with daughter Faith ( Lizzy Caplan) and took her to Las Vegas to get married. You get the idea. Despite all the things that went wrong, Bob was an eternal optimist who always saw the bright side of things, even when it was almost impossible to find, and Liz, his adoring wife, just wished he were a little less trusting of others. Bob and Liz ran a Mail Boxes & More franchise store that made copies and other things but was not very profitable-at least for them. Faith was constantly embarrassed by the endless crisis and disasters that befell her family and prayed for just one week when everything would be normal, while Petey ( Danny Henrie), her kid brother, thought everything that happened to them was neat and great fun.

On a sad note Kellie Waymire who played Liz died unexpectently in November 2003, shortly after her show was canceled. In 2008 FOX announced thet The Pitts would return as an animated sitcom. Dylan Baker and Lizzy Caplan reprised their roles in the new show.

A Review from The New York Times

'The Pitts'
Fox, Sunday nights at 9:30, Eastern and Pacific times; 8:30, Central time

Published: April 4, 2003

''The Pitts are just one of those families that has a little extra bad luck,'' Bob Pitt (Dylan Baker) tells his children cheerfully. ''Like the Kennedys.''

The premise of ''The Pitts'' is that everything happens to the title characters. They're struck by lightning (all of them at once) and possessed by demons, and they regularly suffer life-threatening allergic reactions. When they participate in a charity walk, Bob is shot with what is supposed to be the starter pistol, but isn't. And through it all, they maintain a goofy 1950's-sitcom perkiness.

In the premiere episode, the family hired a homicidal nanny. This week, Faith (Lizzy Caplan), the teenage daughter, gets her first car, which is haunted and in love with her. Next week, Bob and Liz (Kellie Waymire) are bitten by wild animals and turn into werewolves.

''The Pitts'' takes potentially funny situations and goes nowhere with them -- or at least nowhere interesting. Oh, my goodness, they're werewolves. Let's have them eat a large animal with their bare hands. Let's have them rifle through the garbage.

After 28 years of ''Saturday Night Live,'' everyone in television ought to know how risky it is to take a sketch-worthy idea and stretch it into a full-fledged series or even a feature film. (Sure, there was ''Wayne's World,'' but we must never forget ''It's Pat.'') Turning the concept for ''The Pitts'' into a half-hour show makes about as much sense as creating a series around Toonsis the driving cat.

An Article from Entertainment Weekly

TV Review
The Pitts (2003)

B By Ken Tucker Ken Tucker

A great new show by Fox is The Pitts. It stars Dylan Baker as Bob Pitt, a suburban dad and ludicrously cheerful fellow who runs one of those mailbox-and-postage stores with his wife, Liz (Kellie Waymire). This self-described ''unlucky'' family also contains a devilish son, Petey (David Henrie) -- and I mean that literally; the pilot's opening scene is Petey's exorcism -- and a rare nice teen daughter named Faith (Lizzy Caplan) who says, ''Here, let me help you with that bile.''

The Pitts has a cartoonish quality, and why shouldn't it? It was created by two ''Simpsons'' vets, Mike Scully and Julie Thacker-Scully; Baker's Bob is Ned Flanders come to life, minus the religiosity. The show is blithely unreal -- a used Volkswagen Bug bought for Faith curls its front bumper into a smile and talks to its new owner. ''I don't want a haunted car!'' wails Faith. ''I already own a haunted cello!'' I'm a sucker for non sequitur jokes like that, as well as Baker's peppy delivery of corny ones such as (uttered while bringing in the mail), ''Bills, bills, bills! We keep getting Bill's mail!''

While it is impossible to forgive Fox for never committing to the wonderful ''Andy Richter Controls the Universe,'' we must not hold that against ''The Pitts.'' For anyone who's seen Baker as the oppressive pedophile in Todd Solondz's 1998 film ''Happiness,'' his turn as a wacky optimist only adds to ''The Pitts''' unsettling but undeniable pleasure. All this, plus a rockin' little theme song by NRBQ. I'll take that over reality any day.

Here is Kellie Waymire's Obituary from CNN

TV, stage actress Waymire dead at 36

Monday, November 24, 2003 LOS ANGELES, California (AP) -- Kellie Waymire, whose frequent appearances on such shows as "Six Feet Under," "Friends" and "Ally McBeal" made her a familiar face to television fans, has died at age 36, apparently of a previously undetected medical condition.

Waymire died November 13 at her home in Los Angeles, according to her agent, Billy Miller. He did not disclose what medical condition she had, noting final autopsy results were pending.

Although best known for several TV appearances, including a recurring role on "Six Feet Under" as Melissa the prostitute, Waymire had also gained acclaim for her work in regional theater.

The Los Angeles Times called her performance as the lead in A.R. Gurney's offbeat play "Sylvia," at San Diego's Old Globe Theatre in 1996, "utterly irresistible." The role, which she performed in San Francisco as well, won her a Drama-Logue Award.

Waymire also appeared in a revival of Noel Coward's "Present Laughter" at the Pasadena Playhouse in 1998 and in many other stage productions across the country.

She began her television career on the soap opera "One Life to Live," going on to appear on such shows as "Seinfeld," "The Practice," "Judging Amy," "Star Trek: Voyager," "Star Trek: Enterprise, "The X-Files" "NYPD Blue" and "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation."

The Columbus, Ohio, native attended Southern Methodist University, where she won the Greer Garson Award. Later, she earned a master of fine arts degree from the University of California, San Diego.

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