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Night Stand With Dick Dietrick aired from September 1995 until September 1997 in first run syndication.

This weekly send-up of pandering daytime talk shows featured mousy, pompous host Dick Dietrick ( Timothy Stack), his producer Mueller ( Robert Alan Beuth), a former L.A. cop and Dick's guests and studio audience. Topics included sexaholics, reuniting lovers whose only encounters had been one night stands, teenage hardbody prostitutes, and " Fatsos: Meet Them, Know Them, and Chew THe Fat With Them." In addition to the actors playing parts, a number of celebrities appeared on Night Stand, among them Rosie O'Donnell, Phil Hartman, Morgan Fairchild, Rodney Dangerfield, Garry Marshall, and Harry Anderson. Talk show host Jerry Springer showed up on 3 episodes-" Are Talk Shows Out Of Control?" " Getting Even" and " Supernatural Sex."

As on many of the daytime talk shows, Night Stand lampooned, there were several doctors who made return visits evaluating guests and offering " useful" advice. The most popular were psychologist Lonnie Lanier ( Tim Silva), plastic surgeon Hamilton George ( Andrew Prine), sex education specialist Edward Burns ( John Paragon), and Doctor Of Lesbian Studies Susan Sonspeen ( Jordana Capra). There were also a number of recurring characters, including the lady in the audience with glasses and frumpy dresses ( Lynne Marie Stewart), New Age Priest Father Chip ( Hal Sparks), angry black filmmaker Tupac Zemeckis ( Steve White), Bob the nymphomaniac ( Christopher Dargo), rapper M.C. Carjak( Dwayne Barnes), and astounding Andy, debunker of the supernatural ( Steve Valentine).

Each episode of Night Stand consisted of 2 self-contained half-hour shows. During it's second season The E Cable Network aired reruns as a half-hour series on Monday through Thursday evenings, appropriately between Talk Soup and The Howard Stern Show.

An Article from The New York Times

TELEVISION REVIEW;'Gump Fiction' vs. Stars Vs. Parody of Talk Shows
Published: October 16, 1995

Be a clown," the song says. "All the world loves a clown." But it ain't easy. The competition is fierce, especially on television these days, as cable comedy specials go up against network sitcoms, and upstarts like Fox take aim even at the NBC institution "Saturday Night Live."

Of course the veteran shows are not without their devious ploys. As Fox's "Mad TV" was having its premiere at 11 P.M. on Saturday, "Saturday Night Live," only three weeks into its new season, went into repeat mode with highlights from the show's 1990-91 season. The lineup included Tom Hanks, Steve Martin, Paul Simon, Roseanne, R.E.M., Sting and Madonna, in addition to such regulars as Dana Carvey and Dennis Miller. If the new gang on "Mad TV" didn't stand much of a chance against that lineup, well, that's show biz.

Mad TV" takes its inspiration, we're told, from Mad magazine, founded in 1952. Reaching that far into the past for an excuse to be irreverent doesn't exactly bolster confidence in the show's concept. But the credits are promising. The executive producers include Steven Haft ("Dead Poets Society") and Quincy Jones. James Jones ("The Ben Stiller Show") is the producer, and John Blanchard ("The Kids in the Hall") is the director.

The show's opening came from "Fox world headquarters," which turned out to be a bathroom, with executives heading for the streets to find a cast among the tarts, the homeless and assorted hustlers. The recruits were then introduced as "fresh off the streets of Los Angeles, cleaned up and ready for mass consumption." The studio audience was offered free beer because, someone explained, that had "worked for the premiere of 'Nightline.' "

A parody called "Gump Fiction" had Forrest putting a bullet through the head of a diabetic stranger who refused his chocolates. A rap video sendup featured Ice T and Ice Cube look-alikes doing "It Ain't Easy Being Me." Kato Kaelin -- the real one (so to speak) -- showed up to "speak his mind," an exercise that proved predictably short. And a sketch titled "Star Trek: Deep Stain Nine" explored the problems of doing laundry in outer space.

In short, there's no breakthrough material or personality as yet, but the cast is gearing up with appealing verve. The obviously talented ensemble includes Bryan Callen, David Herman, Orlando Jones, Phil LaMarr, Artie Lange, Mary Scheer, Nicole Sullivan and Debra Wilson. In addition there are first-rate cartoon segments from the inventive studio of Klasky/Csupo ("The Simpsons," "Duckman"). Will "Mad TV" put a dent in "Saturday Night Live"? Perhaps not, but then the NBC show can't have Tom Hanks, Steve Martin and superstar headliners every week.

One segment of the "Saturday Night Live" compilation found Dana Carvey in "Wayne's World," a prototype for the dumb-and-dumber world that spawned Beavis and Butt-head and various kin. Mr. Carvey does infinitely better on his own in an HBO Comedy Hour called "Dana Carvey: Critics' Choice" (next showing: tomorrow night at 11:30). Playing to an audience of delighted admirers in San Francisco, Mr. Carvey manages to be boyishly impish and smoothly outrageous, covering everything from the cuteness of his two young sons to what he labels a "sick stuff" routine about secret romances between Johnny Carson and Jimmy Stewart, and Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas. It's all finessed with a final show of exaggerated humility: "I can't believe how you indulged me tonight."

By far the season's oddest new comedy show, with the temerity to go up against both "Mad TV" and "Saturday Night Live" (11 P.M. on Channel 9), is a syndicated production titled "Night Stand With Dick Dietrick." Dietrick is actually Tim Stack, a comedian, writer and actor ("Parker Lewis Can't Lose"). Created by Mr. Stack, the series attempts to do nothing less than parody daytime talk shows.

The entire show, including moronic studio audience and confess-everything guests, is scripted, though the unwary may think they are watching the real thing. One problem: The parody can get more distasteful than the supposed original. And the oleaginous Dietrick just cannot compete with the prissy smarm of a Sally Jessy Raphael or the sanctimonious ooze of a Jerry Springer. The ways of being a clown are infinite, and sometimes frightening.

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