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Lush Life aired from September 9-30, 1996 on FOX.

George ( Lori Petty), an eccentric struggling artist with a punk hairdo, was working as a waitress at Hooters to pay her bills, while living in artsy Venice, California. Margot ( Karyn Parsons), her best friend and roommate, was a onetime actress who had left her wealthy philandering husband. Together they sought fun and romance on a very limited budget. Hal ( Sullivan Walker), was the sarcastic owner of the restaurant where they hung out, and Nelson ( John Ortiz) the flashy gay bartender. Among their neighbors were youthful Hamilton ( Fab Filippo) who thought George was wonderful, and Lance ( Khalil Kain), an ambitious restaurant manager and social climber. Margot's much married mother, Ann ( Concetta Tomei), tried to get her daughter to move back home because she believed that George had always been a bad influence.

Star Lori Petty was one of the creators, producers and writers of this flop that was the first casualty of the 1996-1997 season.

An Article from The New York Daily News

Petty Wears Many Hats & Enjoys 'Lush Life'
Thursday, August 29, 1996

LORI PETTY has already been in "A League of Her Own." Now, she has a show of her own, as well.

And so far, she looks to be batting 1.000.

How so? First of all, Petty not only stars in "Lush Life" which premieres Sept. 9 at 9:30 p.m. on Fox she also shares the top billing with her best friend, "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's" Karyn Parsons.

"What could be better than working with your best friend?" she asks brightly.

Also, the odds of having problems with "the management" seem slim, as she and Parsons are also the show's co-creators, co-producers and co-writers.

In "Lush Life," Petty plays Georgette (George) Sanders, an eccentric, free-spirited painter who favors feather boas and T-shirts, vibrant colors and one-night stands. Parsons is her newly separated, less-flamboyant best friend.

Petty whose feature credits include "Point Break" and "Tank Girl" says she's thoroughly enjoying her multi-task TV role.

"In movies, a lot of times, they just want you to say your lines and not bump into the furniture," she says. "Whereas here I have a hand in the writing, the casting, the clothing, the set, the painting everything.

"It's great being in charge of your own destiny."

One executive decision important to Petty was making sure that the cast was diverse.

"They've got white shows, They've got black shows, which is really boring and stupid," she says. "We're very inclusive. We've got every age, and every color, on our show. We've got a gay character, characters in their 50s and in their 20s, and people of mixed backgrounds. It's just closer to real life than what TV normally shows."

But she also stresses that "Lush Life" isn't a show that's purposely setting out to change the world, either.

"I mean, it's a sitcom," she says. "Hopefully, it's just a lot of fun. I don't want to set any trends or styles, or any of that crap. It's just entertainment."

A Review From The New York Times

Lush Life

''Party Girl'' may be too tame, but ''Lush Life'' is actively bad. This new sitcom (which follows ''Party Girl'' on Fox) involves two girlhood friends who become roommates. George (Lori Petty) is a struggling painter, as sexually blunt as Mary in ''Party Girl'' is discreet. Margot (Karyn Parsons) has just walked out on her philandering husband. The two actresses also created the show.

Ms. Petty tries excruciatingly hard to make her character arty. She wears a purple kimono with a red feather boa. She has platinum cropped hair, and speaks with a croaking voice and a mannered, gulping delivery. She seems to be doing a poor imitation of Cyndi Lauper, circa ''Girls Just Want to Have Fun'' (not exactly on the cutting edge anymore). This annoying performance makes the otherwise pedestrian ''Lush Life'' almost impossible to sit through.

FOX, tonight at 9:30
(Channel 5 in New York)

Created by Yvette Lee Bowser, Lori Petty and Karyn Parsons. Executive producer and writer, Ms. Bowser. Produced by Pamela Grant. Co-producers and co-writers, Ms. Petty and Ms. Parsons. A SisterLee Production in association with Warner Brothers.

WITH: Lori Petty (Georgette), Karyn Parsons (Margot), Sullivan Walker (Hal), Khalil Kain (Lance), John Ortiz (Nelson), Fab Filippo (Hamilton) and Concetta Tomei (Ann, Davis, Jefferson and Ali).

A Review from Entertainment Weekly

TV Review
Lush Life
C-By Ken Tucker

It's awfully nice that Fox, the network whose sitcoms used to specialize in male sexist piggery, should now give an hour to two new shows featuring women as strong protagonists. Alas, both Party Girl and Lush Life seem lamentably wrongheaded. Party Girl, based on last year's feature film, replaces Parker Posey with Christine Taylor, so good as Marcia in the Brady Bunch movies. As a ditz who shakes her groove thing at night and works in a library by day, however, Taylor isn't given anything to do other than impersonate Alicia Silverstone, which is disappointing as she proves in Bunch, this is an actress who knows where the party is.

Better to disappoint than to irritate, though: Lush Life stars Lori (Tank Girl) Petty and Karyn (The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) Parsons as swingin'-single roommates. You can glean that the producers had a good idea a sitcom that explores the bond between two smart, aggressive women but the jokes are meager and the whole enterprise seems curiously rushed relax, women! Then, too, Petty gives the most peculiarly stilted line readings of this young TV season. I'm being harder on Lush because it has more promise I'm interested in odd-couple characters but it's promise unfulfilled.

Party Girl and Lush Life both hope to benefit from their lead-in show, Melrose Place, but these days, the ludicrous Melrose is funnier. Party Girl: C Lush Life: C-

A Review from The New York Daily News

Ho-hum, More Fox Edginess 'Party' Crashes But 'lush' Shows Life
Monday, September 09, 1996

IT WOULD be unkind to describe Fox' two new Monday sitcoms "Party Girl" at 9 p.m., "Lush Life" at 9:30, both premiering tonight as desperate attempts to be edgy and outrageous; to be, in other words, conventional Fox comedies. Unkind but true.

The all-too-obvious goal of both shows is the kind of in-your-face attitude and tone that has characterized every successful Fox-com from "Married . . . With Children" to "Living Single" (except "The Simpsons," which remains in a class by itself). But striving for outrageousness risks contaminating the show with self-consciousness, a quality that almost always spells creative disaster.

Disaster pretty much sums up "Party Girl," judging from its first two shows. But "Lush Life," thanks to the fierce energy and self-confidence of star/co-producer Lori Petty, just might be on to something.

Think of "Party Girl" as "Clueless" (the movie, not ABC's lame new sitcom) with sleaze and smugness instead of innocence and charm. Christine Taylor stars as Mary, a young woman who lives to dance, drink and have sex. Despite an avowed loathing for work and the people who do it, Mary inexplicably seeks an entry-level job at a neighborhood branch of the New York Public Library supervised by her godmother, Judy (Swoosie Kurtz).

There are a couple of weak stabs at slapstick and some verbal sparring between Mary and an uptight co-worker, but the show's laugh lines revolve chiefly around sexual and excretory functions, including virginity, flatulence, menstruation, bondage, sagging breasts and the size of the male sex organ.

The performers seem game enough, but they are utterly undone by material that gets stuck at the intersections of body parts.

There's certainly no shortage of naughty material in "Lush Life," which teams Petty with Karyn Parsons as George and Margot, respectively, lifetime best friends who wind up as roommates when Margot walks out on her philandering rich husband.

George's philosophy of life is, as Herb Gardner wrote of one of his characters in "A Thousand Clowns," somewhere to the left of whoopee. Yet there is more to her than an undeniable affinity for wine, spirits and the occasional L.A. Laker.

There is artistic drive, genuine loyalty, a touch of sensitivity and a streak of righteous indignation that makes her darn near lovable. You can't help but admire a woman who, upon hearing the clatter of expensive shoes on the stairs of her apartment building, identifies them as those of her physically perfect supermodel neighbor, "The one who's on the cover OF MY NERVES!!"

And counseling Margot against being alone with her cheating husband, George warns that "pretty soon your panties are around your ankles, your skirt's around your neck, and you're stupid again!"

"Lush Life" has a lot left to prove, but seeing whether it succeeds at least seems worth the trouble.

An Article from The New York Daily News

And The First '96-97 Axing Is: Fox' 3-week-old 'lush Life'

Wednesday, September 25, 1996

Fox' "Lush Life" may have been loaded with laughs, but it wasn't lush with ratings, and yesterday it became the first program officially canceled by any of the major networks this season which is barely under way.

The show's last airing, its fourth, will be next Monday at 9:30 p.m., the network said.

In addition, Fox also announced that the sitcom "Party Girl," which airs at 9 p.m. Mondays, will go off the air after next week's telecast, but continue pro duction.

The programing moves are the first under Peter Roth, who just yesterday started as president of Fox' entertainment division.

Following next Monday's telecast, Fox is scheduled to air postseason baseball on Oct. 7 and Oct. 14. Replacement shows for late October will be announced shortly.

"Lush Life," which stars Lori Petty and Karyn Parsons as a pair of wild roommates, and "Party Girl," featuring Christine Taylor as a librarian by day and party animal by night, are two of the lowest-rated programs on television. Last week, "Lush Life" ranked No. 93 out of 105 shows, and "Party Girl" was No. 88.

Both programs finished last in their respective time periods Monday, attracting about a third of the ratings of their competitors.

While "Lush Life's" axing came after just three shows, it was nowhere near the quickest exits in history. Several shows have been dropped after just one episode. One of the more recent: CBS' "South of Sunset," which aired and said goodbye the night of Oct. 27, 1993. Richard Huff

'Most Wanted' back

Fox, saying it was responding to a public outcry over its axing of "America's Most Wanted," said yesterday the show will go back into production with new episodes slated for later this season. "Never before has a television program made such a clear and significant impact on people's lives," said Peter Roth, the recently installed president of Fox Entertainment.

The program was left off the network's fall schedule, which resulted in the network being flooded with pleas from law-enforcement and community groups to save the show. Since its debut in February 1988, the show has led to the capture of 430 fugitives.

Fox did not announce a return date. R.H.

To watch some clips of Lush Life go to
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